The manuscript of survival – part 434

By now, so much will have been irrevocably changed within you all, and as usual, the outside phenomena accompanying this internal turnaround may be hard to perceive. But again, what you see through those apertures in your head you call eyes accounts for only a small percentage of what is actually there to be perceived, so once again we will remind you that what you see is not all that you get. For there is a way to see beyond this small superficial presentation of “reality”, and that is by way of your heart to use a phrasing you are more than familiar with by now. But as you already know, we are not referring to that actual organ, those cells whose main function is to literally run this show that is your physical vehicle. No, what we refer to, are all those parts of you that do not actually belong inside said physical vehicle, but who have chosen to begin to interact with it in such a way, you too will begin to see beyond the physical limits.

And what is it that we are trying to convey in this very roundabout way? Merely to remind you all that now, you will be given the task to literally go beyond the limits of your own body as often as possible and in as many instances as you can devise. For you see, these limitations imposed upon you by your mind are still very much confined to these fleshy boundaries, but unless you manage to transcend that, you will still be governed by this small acreage of space allotted to you by way of this vehicle. And what do we mean by that? First of all, this is not in any way an encouragement to start thinking that the very idea of transcendence implies a total disconnection from the more tangible parts of you, for there are still those still set on thinking that this is the case. For to them, there is nothing they would like more than to leave this “mortal coil” behind once and for all and simply drift away up into the ethers.

Well, let us simply said that this is in actual fact a gross misrepresentation of why you are here in the first place. For you are not here to complete this prolonged process simply to allow yourself to shed this physical vehicle once and for all and return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth. No, you are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while still residing within it.

In other words, your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective. For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. For only by being within that physical vehicle can you manage to manifest all of the changes that need to come into being in order to change the “outward appearance” of this entire planet. In other words, you will change this entire planet only by changing YOU, but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way. And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word, as awakening literally means being fully present – within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way.

And so, your upliftment is a profound one, for it will take place while you still walk around inside of your physical body, but a vital part of this process is to become emotionally detached from it. Not as in becoming neglectful, callous or uncaring about it, for your body is indeed the one reason that makes all of this possible in the first place. No, what we are trying to convey is that you must learn to think beyond the confines of your body and to realize that your identity is not in any way connected to this physical vehicle at all. And why is this important? Because everything you have ever experienced on this planet has been experienced from within such a body, and so, your entire identity will hinge upon what you see when you look in the mirror. For to your mind, that IS you and no one else, but now, you must all train yourselves to see beyond that face, those limbs and that corpus and further out – by going all the way in. Again, what you seek will be within, but once you reach far enough IN, you will see just how far a reach you really have. For you are a truly limitless being, one that has no home except for that we call your heart. For your heart is that single pinprick of light that is set to your vibration, the one and only thing in existence that carries just that one signature tune, and that is where your heart is. For your heart is a photon of light, one singularity that was split off from that vast, shimmering ocean of singularities, given the task to cast about to see what would happen once your frequency started to interact with that of all of the other singularities you came across on your endless journey.

And now, your journey has taken you here, to Planet Earth, to be within a human body and to interact with countless other beings encased within a human body or within an animal, a plant or all of the other endless variations of life you find here. And for you, the task this time around is simply this: to finally allow that innermost part of you, that singularity of light that has no equal no other place in All of creation to come out from hiding so that you and everyone else around you can SEE you in all of your glory. For then and only then will others be able to finally release all of their own inner fire as well. And it is only by allowing that fire to burn brightly while still within this miracle of a human body you inhabit that all of these seeds of life encased within all of the other physical carriers on this planet can come fully to life once again.

So allow yourself to let go of the idea of you as simply a body, but also renege all of those old ideas of the necessity to escape from that physical vehicle once and for all by simply casting it away like a discarded piece of clothing. For if that is your choice, you will step away from the path you have already chosen by coming there, and as such your job will not be terminated. Rather, you will begin anew in a new version of you as a human. So stay true to you, and stay true to your calling to let the light begin to shine out from every single part of your human being by allowing that one single part of you that IS you to come alive again by saying YES to who you really are, and by embracing the very fullness of your being. For when you do that, you will feel endless, limitless and borderless, but you will never ever feel homeless ever again. For then you will know that home is where the heart is, and the heart is where the light simply IS. And now, it is time for that light to BE here.

276 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 434

  1. Exactly THAT I needed now! Thank you dear Arcturians ❤


    Quote: „As you are likely aware, they have had a very long run through all of the years of the Kali Yuga, which is the final cycle of the “darkest night before the dawn.”That dawn has NOW awakened.“

    Gamma Wave Journey YouTube and transcription:

    I AM BIX 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Adele and commented:
    ” …. return to that place you once came from before you started to manifest within such a corporeal existence as you have chosen to become a part of here on Earth.
    No, you are in actual fact here to BE here in that physical vehicle, but to transcend BEYOND the limits of that vehicle while still residing within it.”
    Ahhhhhh ….. what a treat!
    I hope that this “elementary concept” become aware in all!
    Thanks Aisha dear and thanks delicious Constant Companions.
    A hug smiling to the One People of Mother Earth … 🙂 …

  3. Helloo my super talented brothers and sisters :-)))

    Thank you Aisha and gifted beings of light (that’ll be you pond settlers) 🙂

    thought i’d just drop in and say thank you and hello 🙂

    my current state is sooo blissed out i can barely co ordinate to to write, it seems such a dense thing to do, when once it seemed so natural 🙂

    i am love, i feel it and know it 🙂

    flow is the theme for we 2 here in the states,,,almost seems seamless now,, lol nowness has become Wowness, indeed if at some point i am drawn to blog again it may well be titled,,, the wowness of now 🙂

    There most surely is a crystaline atom in our heart space that is different from all the other atoms in our body/avatars,,, to me this reality is a hologram and this crystal is our doorway out.

    To me,,,,, we may enter this universe perhaps through this same crystal in Gods heart space, and perhaps also to enter Gaia/Sophia’s Heart Space to experience in joy this reality.

    i believe (in a very broad sense) every atom has at it’s center a zero point field,, ISIS,,Isness, nowness, stillpoint, threading the needle, the eye of the atom,, the eye of the special crystaline atom in our heart space’s,, the doorway in and out of this holographic reality…..We may perhaps even pass through this eye in the form of a photonic particle/wave at the miniscule size less than that of an atom, in one great long energetic ribbon of cotton.

    Aisha posted the pyramid of Sophia if i am not mistaken,, ,, one of Thoth’s pyramids indeed :-)) Thoth has a very big connection with Merlin :-))

    Merlin has a crystal cave,,, a special one tooo :-)))

    Much like our very own Crystal Heart Cave, there is a connection there for sure :-))

    Magnetic fields affect zero point fields methinks, suns magnetic field and earths magnetic field affect how zero point fields work among other factors,,,,soooo when the magnetic field of our sun is shielded or aspects of it are altered so too these affects alter states of reality, broadly speaking 🙂 an eclipse should do the job quite nicely methinks 🙂

    a few moments ago i popped into merlins cave (etherically) and met up with him,, it was hazy and vague, but i imagined him to offer me a drink,, which i drank and then he seemed to say that crystal should begin melting now….

    i thought that’s cute, as i also read i think on Aisha’s link there, pyramid number 9 was also melting away quite merrily; so here am i picturing melting ice blending into maybe the waters of life ?

    Sunday should be kool,, very kool actually :-))

    (((( i’m using the word kool,, and message just recently mentioned superconductors, which i know work when super kooled :-)))

    Magnetic Blessings of Kool Wowness’s Folks < 3 🙂

    universe of 3×9 😉

    1. this is no time to feel sorry for yourself, we have never been closer
      here in oregon we get over 40 inches of rain, i have boots and a raincoat and stuff,
      if the storm needs to continue it is alright by me.
      whatever it takes


  4. Aisha,

    Outstanding perspective, thank you!

    As for the sacred wonder that our physical vehicle truly is. and the central role of the human heart, are you familiar with the ground-breaking science and artistry of Frank Chester?

    Frank’s video presentation, The Chestahedron/ The Wonder of Seven, 1 hr. 12 min. long, can be viewed at

    Frank is master geometrician and sculptor, among many other accomplishments, and in his presentation he displays how the human heart is a multi-fold masterpiece of sacred geometry, and that the geometry of the heart is a microcosm of the heart at the center of the planet.

    This is no frilly New Age hype. Frank’s work is a meticulous blend of the most precise geometrical proportions coupled with astoundingly beautiful artistry, and totally redefines the form and function of the human heart.

    Also, Frank’s beautiful works of art based on his discoveries in sacred geometry can be seen at i want to add that i am not financially compensated in any way by promoting Frank’s work. i highly recommend viewing his masterpieces.

    Again, thank you, Aisha, and i will share your insights with my elderly friend who is nearing “death’s” door, and who will be inspired by your words.


    1. Dear Tim! Welcome to this Pond! Thank you for everything you have shared, I have only taken a small peek at it but it is enough to set off so much inside me. But most of all, I thank you for bringing your light here and to this world! I send you my love, my light and my gratitude in return, and I hope you will share it with your dear friend on your next visit.
      With all my love, Aisha

      1. Thank you, Aisha, for your welcome reply. Hello to all in this community.

        Absolute stillness and peace, the release and relief of all chaos and trauma, and the loving embrace of those we hold dear, in the infinity and eternity to be realized within the innermost sanctum of our Heart, individual and collective.

        Let it be so!


        1. hello
          what a splash you make as you surface the pond.
          i can only think of one other with such an impact.
          if someone can search back to the first time ‘hugs’ was used as a salutation to a comment, they will find that i wrote it
          as i recall in my very first comment, i was admonishing the cc’s for something, maybe, jumping to conclusions or that ilk.
          smooch and giggle started here also
          hugs just for you

      1. WOW B! Your choice of and the timing of your new gravatar could not be more appropriate – take a look at about 17 minutes into the film Tim has posted!!!
        Aisha ❤ ❤

          1. Everything just happens nowadays – and SO much happens all the time. Really feel like that old policeman in the crossroad that I described earlier and I feel so EXCITED – and sometimes I blow the whistle out of pure joy :))) ❤ Thanks bev~ !

            Love ❤

        1. Yes – indeed :))) I had a long distance walk in the sun to a supermarket last Sunday and took this pic on the busstop on my way back – just seconds before the bus arrived :))) Coincidence? Nope!

          As I so much wanted to show you the picture when I read Tim´s post I just recalled what Michael said (thanks Michael 🙂 about putting the picture in my gravatar – and here it is 🙂 HAPPY! 🙂 ❤

          Love, light & joy ❤


    2. Thank you so much Tim for adding this yet another wonderful piece of the puzzle ! I Love sacred geometry & especially when individuals like Frank excel their creative talent & wisdom in bringing it together to expose real live sense so others can ‘See’ how all of creation fits & has a Master Plan ! I so wished he had spent more time in tying ‘Water’ or I should say ‘Ice Crystals’ into his discoveries, as I believe he would see further expanded amazing revelation links to the hidden powers of Divine Intelligence within Creation !

      Snowflake-a-Day #44

      I Love how he used the analogy of Artistry (Spiritual Expansion) to Science (Math, Geometry & Compression)….but the real hidden explorational wealth is in the creative Artistic mind (Limitless Expansion to Seek meaning in the unknown)….I always believed that when these 2 opposing mindset fields come to the ‘Ah Ha’ moment where they both say ‘Look how my piece of the puzzle fits perfectly into yours’….that’s where the true visible real life magic is revealed !…We still have much to learn & to discover & to unite in making sense as an energetic strong & understandable ‘Unified’ form of existence, but we are getting there & it is speeding up ! We want to know the Truth & Creation wants us to know the Truth & is more than happy to strategically & masterfully provide as we keep our desires & intent on working with the Divine Creational Sacred Plan….becoming One with Creation…working with her, & not against her !
      Thanks again !….& have a beautiful blissful heart expanding day ! Bev

      The sacred geometry of Spirit has been known for thousands of years, but has been hidden, concealed away from humanity. It’s beautiful sacred form is expressed within the Star of David, a strong iconic symbol that most recognize it with no understanding of it.
      The power of ’37’ & of ’73’….is born of the ‘7’….& a sacred expanding part of the hexagon – 6 pointed star – merkaba
      (posted this before)

      1. photo is by Don Komarechka….my photographic friend & scientist exploring the scientific properties & wonders of snow flakes….but also a great guy !… & I believe….a becoming Artist (creative Expansion) !

  5. Hi, Aisha, Caroline, Elven, and all,
    There seems to be all kinds of stuff coming over the ley lines here today…up and down and all around. Some really good, some not so good. Yesterday for awhile Gaia meredians were perfectly balanced as well as in many patients. Today not so much, but it’s mostly just the earth. There seems to be a lot zig zagging back and forth with human consciousness. I have been beaming love to try to help earth and humans balance. The sounds have been very interesting. While I often hear bangs and booms, today there were 3 single big booms exactly 1 hour a part coming from earth and were different that before. Even the whirring sound is different. Are any of you sensing anything similiar?
    Forest Joy

    1. Well, something is definitely beginning. The structural noise I’m hearing is, once again, south and east of here. Magnetics are wonky everywhere. Gates on many levels are opening and closing. Have been for a while. Perhaps the final dress rehearsal?? I don’t think it will be much longer before we’re all in place for the opening ceremony and performance begins.

        1. The gates on all levels are like the valves in a physical heart, which both function as sound in a similar way.

      1. “By entering into resonance with the core of the earth you become more conscious of the earth as a living conscious being. Through this link, you receive a type of energetic-solidity—even in the midst of earth’s increasing chaos.”

        Great link – thanks Johannes ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. Dear Forest Joy and Caroline! I am being shown this again and again:
      Total solar eclipse on Svalbard and North pole March 20, 2015
      On March 20, 2015 a total solar eclipse takes place on Svalbard. The totality zone will also reach the North pole and this is the same day that the Sun rises after 6 months of winter. This will become a celestial event of exceptional spectaularity, beauty and rarity. At the same time it will be the most accessible total eclipse in several years. On the mainland in Norway more than 90 % of the sun will be hidden by the Moon.”

      This is linked to the 9. Pyramid of Thoth :
      “There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is
      balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness
      once frozen in time now melting down and shifting on all levels.”

      Aisha ❤

      1. GREAT! Thanks Aisha and all Sisters ❤ ❤ ❤
        There is a lot of melting down now – in more than one way and in every sense of the word ….
        Love & light ❤

      2. I have been thinking about the coming solar eclipse on the 20th March 2015 which will be also over 90% covered here in Northumberland. I had read that Svalbard and the Faeroe Islands will experience the 100% eclipse, but the message you just put up evoked such a strong resonance within me. It already felt like it was an important event, but the Arctic pyramid makes it feel so much more so! Love and light – Barbara

      3. Thanks Aisha !…certainly an upcoming important event & will have purpose & connection to the 9th pyramid also known as ‘Meru’ & she is in the Arctic specifically for a reason & she has leadership over all other pyramids & the grid of the Earth & Consciousness ! You’ve posted this link before…a great one in which I saved !
        This message from Thoth is worth repeating & lets take a look at how the things we have been discussing, Frank Chester’s discoveries, & Sacred Ice Crystals all fit into this….our sacredly designed human bodies also fitting into this powerful healing alignment in respect to numbers, geometries & measurements in assisting the living magnetic energies upon Mother-Earth !……have a wonderful creative thinking day dear Sister !….Love, Bev

        “There does exist a pyramid above the Arctic whose purpose is
        balancing the poles of the planetary grid and of consciousness….
        For it is in her matrix that the souls
        understand the connection of all things
        to this matrix,
        to the 12 pyramids,
        and to the central Source
        that acts as a hub in the center of all of this,
        the creational energy that gives life to the 12 pyramids,
        and all that they create as expressions of the geometric design.
        It is now time to travel to the Halls of Knowledge
        created within this Pyramid of Ice and Light. You will
        combine your mind and consciousness with the matrix.
        Then you will understand all things in your world.”

        1. ‘9’ is also a very special magical number !….the added sum of any number multiplied by ‘9’ = ‘9’ !
          ex. 9 x 145,679,345 = 1,311,114,105 add these numbers & you get ‘9’
          you will always end up with ‘9’ ! that’s quite Amazing I think….

          1. ‘By focusing on number you will be led to high truth and a powerful description of nature and time. Understand number and mathematics so you can see the higher level of how the creation of GOD emanates from what we call number into manifestation and then into words and language.’ –Jose Argues

    3. Thank you all for the above intriguing information and insights. For Curiosity’s sake I almost jumped into the flow of a most widely dancing ley line hoping to see for myself what the heck was going on. However, two steadfast and bonny companions, intuition and common sense, advised me to step back from the bank and take a more measured approach. “Perhaps,” they said,”you might need all your faculties in optimum condition to maneuver through these particular currents.” Since several faculty gauges measured low, of course tis to our Pond’s Well of Wisdom I came. As always there is much for me to draw from.
      Forest Joy

    4. I had a lot of big issues coming my way yesterday about Monsanto and what they are doing in Argentina. The pesticides they use, they have to be increased every time because the weeds get immune to them. The pesticides are causing cancer and genetic deformities in the communities that border the fields.

      Also everything that preceded the Snowden affair was highlighted to me big time yesterday, the way the Bush administration lied to the public. Blah, lots of garbage….maybe needed to be sluiced away. I dunno. I normally don’t watch any of this stuff.

      1. not to worry JJ….all harmful things must come into the mind’s view of all to see before appropriate & effective solutions can be put into action. It must be this way in order to learn from our mistakes.
        Interesting you mention ‘Monsanto’…this was the video I posted ‘Dead Seeds’ under the ‘Transcendence’ trailer you posted. Keep shining your beautiful self my friend, being & showcasing the inner wonder that is You !
        xoxo Bev

    1. Thanks ‘B’….a great one…I Love all these nature films & videos (BBC, Nova, etc)…I think I’ve seen just about all of them !….the Blue Planet series are favourites !….

      always fascinated with the plentitude of life in the ocean, especially at a macro scale….they have so much to teach us all !…Love to You….Bev

      1. Could CC be talking about a etheric energy flow?

        “For to your mind, that IS you and no one else, but now, you must all train yourselves to see beyond that face, those limbs and that corpus and further out – by going all the way in. Again, what you seek will be within, but once you reach far enough IN, you will see just how far a reach you really have. For you are a truly limitless being, one that has no home except for that we call your heart. For your heart is that single pinprick of light that is set to your vibration, the one and only thing in existence that carries just that one signature tune, and that is where your heart is.”

        Go into the heart spark and go out to the universe!!!
        Anyone have an idea what the process is!!!!!

          1. forgot to tell you….this is fabulous !…seen it before as well as most of the spirit science videos…all great !….Thanks & it does fit a big section to the answer of your question ! Keep Shining & Flowing !…Love, Bev

            1. I like it when I ask a question and get a quick response. Or the response was waiting for me to finally ask the question!!!!! 🙂

        1. i do not know of any ‘process’ to do it
          hmm no not a recipe
          not like that
          i would say it is more like trying to remember
          the real question is
          if you should not drink and drive, then why do taverns have parking lots?
          or more simply said, things do not add up in the end
          it is

        1. xoxoxoxo ‘B’ (& a great new gravatar !)
          they really are fascinating !….this one showing their natural bio luminous abilities is so amazing too !…..Love, Bev

  6. Been feeling it today. It is intense, but remember you pick the energy, the direction. Had a great and then Rough morning, but called a friend and she helpef me “smooth out my energy field” per my guides. Hoping you are feeling the love being sent you and re-centering now. ❤

    Blessings and Beauty,

  7. Dear brothers and sisters! “….squeezed, sucked while being pulled & stretched…” – thank you Bev for describing this continuous process of passing through the “eye of the needle”, for I have to say I am at a loss for words to describe what is happening now. I think the closest I can get is weird, but wonderful 🙂 So as we continue to ride the never ending surprising twists and turns of this energetic rollercoaster to the stars and beyond, I send out my love, my light and my gratitude to every single one of you for making this ride even more wonderful with your words, your energy and your presence in this here and now 🙂
    Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. I was discussing the importance of “not settling” anywhere too “comfortable” in this NOW moment a night ago with another who happens to be one “level up” from me. We both agreed that for MANY of us – but not all – that a new silent “motto” has been whispered ~~ “DO NOT SETTLE”. I believe you will understand, Aisha, along with those for which these words will resonate.

      And in the second it took for me to open my eyes from their closed state, a commercial was ending on the muted television in front of me. This is what I saw!! 😉


      Eternal Love to All on this Journey, ❤

      1. Love it. I keep getting that same nudge so to speak. Although I easily try and ‘settle’ back into the easy life 😉 even though what the future holds will be even easier and more amazing
        (Sneaking a comment in b4 I go back into hiding 😉

    2. I feel like my container/body has bursted like a bubble and definitely “feeling weird, but wonderful”, like you say. At passing over, it felt like an energetic layer was peeled off of my heart and it became calm 🙂 The energies are now free and close contact with beings are more evident.
      Think it was Sunday night, not sure… Much love to you and everyone else ❤

  8. I cant lay dormant these days either Vinny and B 🙂 ❤
    I still have to get much better at easing up inside.
    I am so ready for all this. Its not that.
    It can still be a challenge to trust for me – still having things to take care of in life, etc. when all I want to do is fly around with some fairy dust!
    I can see how loosing my job was so meant to be – and perfect timing! I would not have done so well if i was still in the 10 hr position 5 days per week.
    Being here on the ground with the people is where it is at. Where we shine and do our stuff. I always know just what to say and how to say it. I trust that.
    There is a flurry of energy inside that can be taken as being disconcerting in these times of extreme change.
    hang in! Love you!

    1. Spirit still talking to me about this 😉
      saying its not about balancing anymore
      (because today I could label my energy as hyper and I could fall into ‘how do I get this in check, etc’ mode)
      It is about letting go and trusting the Heart
      not easy, but simple!
      and Dear Caroline, B and others – I have been using your and my own ‘toning’ aaaaaa eeeee (aaaaa ommmm works good for me )— this helps greatly with the in/out breaths. thank you

      1. Yes, you have it all in there, even the hyper energy; letting go, trusting the Heart and deep breathing. Reeelaaaaaaax 🙂 ❤

  9. We are all in tune!

    From today:

    What a good day! Enjoy! After the long journey you’ve finally managed to get to the other side of the night.

    There’s no need to be shy – express yourself and let everyone see you smile.

    You have confidence now and boundaries no longer pen you in. Creativity carries you forward as if in a dream.

    Focus your imagination and you can manifest what you will. Be open, free and alive.

    Let’s see you shine!

    1. I had a poem of mine published in a book called “The Other Side Of Midnight”….along with a bunch of other amateur poets 😉
      thank you
      Love you ❤
      The Heart sure wants to Get Up And Go doesn't it?!!

      1. Spirit is talkative today 🙂
        Re imagination creation in action 🙂 It now just said “the universe will be talking back – In Full View it will be playing with you – Enjoy It !”

        1. Wow, that sounds exciting!

          Again to paraphrase Bashar; it’s all one energy flowing through us, it’s how we filter it, with our beliefs and perceptions, that colours it!

          Much Love and Excitement, in the Now,


          P.S> Congrats on Be-ing published!

    2. This reminds me of my favorite sentences:

      „We don’t going home until the day dawns …”
      „And an infinitely beautiful, new day begins”.

      I AM BIX 😀

  10. OMG Vinny – “It’s like everything just falls apart in front of me”
    What do you really mean??? Please clarify!!!

    All my love & light I send to you ❤ ❤ ❤

  11. Hello everyone.
    This is my 134th favourite Japanese song from ~
    JHETT a.k.a.YAKKO for AQUARIUS – Get Ready-Nite 2 Remember- feat.Sowelu&BIG-O (Released Date : Feb.09, 2005)
    Lyrics : ~

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === We can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~ )
    === We can “READ” the meanigs of Crop Circles ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  12. In my life the Transparent Matter has arrived.

    I don’t know much about it, but at night I had severe abdominal pain, in the morning they were gone.

    My body is probably just very transformed.

    I AM BIX 😀

    1. under constable rule in Gaia grid ? Long Term. by Who?
      a body of constables of a district is a definition of ‘constabularies’.
      (not sure how i feel about that – have to mull that one over – only because I would like to know who the constabularies actually are and in what form exactly — there still being a need for guardians sounds ok – but not rulership and all that)

      Fending off is good – can no longer stop the Higher Spirit In Operation 🙂

      Arcs of connection and placement of flight paths sounds very cool. I always see us traveling from planetary system to planetary system. Universal High Way 🙂

      ❤ Peace

      1. simply means Mother has re-gained long term mastery & stability of the energy grid…..not meant to imply human perceived military implications.

        1. yes… I never thought human military in my questioning.
          as long as Father/Mother/Spirit is the constable its is all good ❤
          'have taken form' is still intriguing me

    1. Thanks for posting JJ !…..Transcendence & Artificial Intelligence…a mismatch of misguided, misinterpreted desires & intentions of mankind….not of balance, not of Unity & not of Compassion….we are supposed to work with the sanctity & existing true divine intelligence of Nature which is Creation …. not against it….or re-design it.

      ‘Dead Seeds’

      1. Haha, you’re right. I just watched the whole movie and it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be like. Some parts were really good though, consistent with the idea of creating Paradise, clean air, drinkable waters everywhere. 🙂

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