A short update on the energies

As many of you have noticed already, the heightened anticipation that is announcing the arrival of these new frequencies will make their voices heard in many ways. For some, the irritation it causes may feel like an itch you cannot scratch, because the vibrations themselves will set off reactions in your body that can be likened to an indefinable irritation that you do not know where it stems from, but that will cause your attention to be drawn to it anyway. For others, you will feel the highs of an euphoric uplift that may suddenly be replaced by an unexpected low, one that will cause your mind to cast about trying to find an explanation for this sudden dip in emotional temperature, but it will be an explanation it will fail to find for there will be no identifiable cause for it anyway. Nevertheless, your mind will likely find a hook to latch on to, something that is already there, and it will try its hardest to make it loom even bigger in your thoughts. In other words, this is a period of much fluctuation and of much fabrication of thoughts and ideas that are merely figments of your imagination, blown out of proportion by the advent of these new frequencies. For as we have already told you, the forerunners of these emissaries are already here, and what they signal to you, will set so much astir within with this mere whisper of the magnitude of this incoming flow of light, it is apt to once again trigger a whole host of false alarms within so many of you.

For as you are already well versed in by now, the human psyche has been well adapted to the old idea of shunning change at all cost, and now, as these incoming missives of that exact message are already beginning to be noticed by your own inherent alarm system that is yet to be fully deactivated, it will cause quite a stir in so many of you. For some, it will be like a veritable avalanche of alarm bells going off left, right and center at the same time, and so, you may be apt to go into panic mode. Be that as it may, we are once again here to remind you all that these procedures will always cause a whole host of side effects when they arrive, and so, our role is once again to remind you that all of this noise is simply a signal of the beneficial effects that these emissaries actually will have. For they bring on change in every way you can think of, and the change they bring with them is always one that is initiated by the light quotient that they carry with them. And this time, you can expect another record breaking event to occur, as this round of enlightenment not only builds upon every single one that has come your way before, it will also bring you all to a very new level of energetic transformation yet again.

Yes we know our words are repetitious, but remember, so too is this process, as it continues to build layer upon layer of light upon that sturdy foundation you have already been so successful in setting up, and as such, we hardly bring you news in the form of some unexpected event to take place. Rather, we come through to give you an update on the current event as it were ahead of time, so that you can maintain focus throughout the event itself. For remember, even if you are prepared, some of these inoculations of light will still take you by surprise by way of the actual effect they will have upon you once they arrive in full force. And this time, we venture to guess it will have just this kind of unexpected effect on quite a few of you. For by now, you are all seasoned mariners, used to navigate in these waters that are at turns calm and soothing but also more than a little choppy, but this time, we think you will all find your navigational skills being challenged in one way or the other.

Again, this is not said in order to raise any unnecessary alarms in any of you. No, we say this in order to state clearly that you are all fully equipped to handle any such storm no matter how hard the winds may blow around you, and your vessel is capable of weathering out the mightiest of squalls and the roughest of seas, but your mind might once again take upon itself to try to tell you otherwise. So again we say know that all is well, and even if you do find yourself torn between trust and doubt, know that you will know the difference between any superficial anxiety that may be triggered during this upcoming event and the full knowledge of your own capability that always will be there deep in your heart. For you all know more than well just how magnificent you really are, and no matter how hard you might get pummeled about by these benevolent swells of light, your inner core will never be shaken.

So take some time to remind yourself of this very fact in the time ahead, and take time to sit back, draw a deep breath, close your eyes and connect to that core whenever your turmoil seems to escalate to a brand new level. For when it does, know that this is simply a signal that your own vessel is registering the arrival of these emissaries, the ones that never bring you anything but the best of news, the ones that always have your best interest at heart. For this is done for you, to switch around on one of our regular sayings, all of these at times unsettling arrivals always come to you in order to help you to achieve the goal you set before you – even before you arrived on these shores.

For even if these emissaries may arrive in a manner that may serve to unsettle you in every sense of the word, what they will bring with them, will actually help you to settle even better into your role as the changemakers you truly are. In other words, this seemingly endless parade of energetic injections is simply administering the fuel you all need to literally go all the way, these are the booster rockets that arrive just in time to give you all the frequential lift you need in order for you to lift yourself and this entire planet to a whole new level. For this is what we do for you in order for you to be able to do everything else. For what we do, is to supply you with any tools that might be needed for you to complete this gargantuan task, and what you do, is to choose the tools and to put them into use in such a way, this entire turnaround operation can run as smoothly as possible.

And make no mistake, even if this physical process of integrating every subsequent set of new frequencies that arrive on these shores through your very own physical vehicle will time and again show itself to have some rather unsettling effects on said physical vehicle and indeed on your mental and emotional capacities, it is in no way detrimental to the process in itself. Far from it. For as we like to remind you, you are made of strong stuff indeed, and your capacity to digest huge amounts of this “booster fuel” has been more than proven in the times past. And so, we think you will find yourself settling quickly into this new pace in the best kind of way, no matter the amount of unpleasantness that may be caused by this increase in forward momentum in the time ahead. For remember, this is all done according to a carefully tailored plan, one that is set up in agreement with each and every one of you to ensure the optimal effect from every single one of these increases in vibration, and as such, even if the transition from one frequency to the next will at times shake you up more than a little, it will soon settle down into a steady rhythm once again.

And so too it will be this time, even if some of you might find the transition period to be overly intense at times. So therefore we want to remind you all that there is always a way to lessen these somewhat unsettling effects. And as usual, the best balm to help to smooth out the intense pummeling that these incoming waves may have upon your body, will be to reach out to those around you that sing to the same tune as you. In other words, the more you are able to connect not just with that inner knowing, but also with that entire field you are so deeply connected to by now, the less you will feel the effects of these waves. For then, it will be as if they will be far better assimilated into your system, as the entire field will act as a breaker if you will, lessening the impact of these huge swells. So again we say know when to step back and go within, and know when to reach out for the support of the others, and often times, these two actions may best occur simultaneously. For this deep connection is an internal one, one that is going by way of your innermost center, and through that, to the heart center of every single individual you have become closely connected to through this long process of awakening the desire to be so connected yet again after such a prolonged exposure to the way of life as a singular entity, unable to connect with yourself, and even less so with others.

So again we say, go deep for that is where the calm waters of knowingness always will be, for that is where you are all fully connected, both to your own core and to that of the others. And no matter how hard the winds will blow yet again – and as we said earlier on in this missive, expect them to reach epic proportions this time around – you will never be blown off course. Instead, you will simply find yourself being propelled even faster towards that shore you see coming so tantalizingly closer and closer.

So let this wind fill your sails, and know that you are as safe out on this sea as if you were already snug in that new harbour that awaits you. For you are all set to set a record speed, and so, these incoming winds will help you to reach that target in record time. So let the winds push you in the back, and give yourself time to rejoice for the fact that the only reason these winds may appear at all to help to boost you even further, is because you are the ones who have enabled their arrival. For remember, you are the ones setting the pace and the trajectory of this journey, and once again you have chosen to allow the pace to pick up even more than what we would have predicted at this stage. And so, what you have chosen will come to pass, and through that, everything else will be elevated alongside you, and again, mere words are not enough to convey the gratitude that this will engender.

For what you do, you do for ALL, and as such, your singular presence on these shores have an effect that encompasses All of creation, and for that, we offer you the gratitude of All. For you are the ones that will make us all shine even brighter, for what you bring about, is a shift in frequency that will literally touch at the heart of Creation in such a way, no thing nor no one will ever be the same because of what you do and because of who you are. So know that once again all eyes are upon you and the magnificent deeds you are about to accomplish, and remember, there is no need to expect anything less than perfection, for that is what you have proven to be and to do every single step of the way, and so too in this. And as usual, this has already been accomplished, but in order for it to come fully into being, it needs to be taken in through your physical vehicle, and that is what is on the agenda once more. So take a deep breath and welcome these emissaries of light, for they will help you all to do just that, and they will give you that mighty push you have requested in order for this tall order to become fully operational, and we can already say – it IS so, and so it is. For what comes around is already here, and now, you will make it BE so for all.

418 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Oh man – there are really old DNA strings – or whatever – sweeping around here. Quess they are about to be worn out ;))))


    1. worn out?
      not even close
      we must open our minds to how incomprehensible the vastness of th universe is , even by itself,
      and yet, we are multidimensional
      i seem to trade places with one or another of myself several times each day
      within the dodecahedron of my selves
      one of me will know
      i hve been sort of quiet here, because those other mes have challenges at this juncture
      peek into my world


  2. Anna Merkaba on Facebook

    2 hrs ago

    ~THE HATHORS – Vibrational Frequencies – How to Stabilize Your Energies – Cosmic Update~ Greeting everyone! Before I begin the channeling I would like to add a personal note, I have discussed this in my previous message to you, that we are currently going through a β€œsafety corridor” and are nearly out of it, and so I have began to receiving many messages again from the etheric, this message comes from the Hathors and it is incredibly important! As it gives us even more insight into what is really happening behind the scenes, this message also tells us what to do in order to balance out our energies.


  3. “Teleportations of enhanced advisory functions continues to engage alternative pathways.

    Fabrications of alternative pathways by shadow representatives has concluded.

    Partitioning of Elementals proceeds prior to final unification.

    Ferrites of essential energetics come to surface.

    Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew.”


    ??? – as usual πŸ˜‰

    1. Wikipedia:

      -Ferrite (iron), iron or iron alloys with a body centred cubic crystal structure.

      -Ferrite (magnet) (e.g. Fe3O4 or BaFe12O19), ferrimagnetic ceramic materials used in magnetic applications.

      -Ferrite bead, components placed on the end of data cables to reduce interference.

      -Ferrite core, a structure on which the windings of electric transformers and other wound components are formed

      -Calcium aluminoferrite, Ca2(Al,Fe)2O5, a mineral found in cements

    2. Thanks ‘B’ !…..she’s a bit more evasive with this one…the post from JJ about ‘Ferrite’ makes sense….especially in relationship to the setting up of newly poured concrete (new magnetic & material – crystal based forms), in sealing in, securing & building a solid foundation…….there is a new level of enhanced Light guidance….leading to final ‘Unification’….(always LOve when Unity is spoken of)…..there is a proceeding in joining of energetics from below to that from above….(squelches)….being mixed to a more workable & manifestable state….& that’s a Good thing !
      xoxo Bev

        1. one more tidbit….was thinking about the word ‘squelch’….certainly not common & never used by her before that I’m aware of…& HS wanted me to explore further beyond the fluid mixing to solid manifestation !
          Squelch –
          Without squelch, listening to radio signals can be noisy. The circuit that controls the squelch level eliminates background noise and interference so that desired signals pass through clearly……(this fits quite well !)

          some more –

          1. to strike or press with crushing force; squash.

          2. to put down or silence, as with a crushing retort.

          3. to make a splashing sound.

          4. to tread heavily in water, mud, etc., with such a sound.

          5. an act of squelching or suppressing.

          6. something that squelches, as a crushing retort.

          7. a splashing sound.

          8. a squelched or crushed mass of anything.

          All defines a malleable process to clear the way…energetically I sense !
          Love, Bev

          1. LOL πŸ™‚

            The word “squelch” actually amuses me and start my creative thoughts …. πŸ™‚

            “Precipitation of time squelches proceeds anew.”

            However – how hard can it be to speak plainly? I really donΒ΄t like this complicated ways to convey messages. CCs really speak plain language – comparatively … πŸ˜‰

            Love ❀

  4. Reaching out for some help here. Yesterday the energies kept on pounding me. I tried to stay balanced, but it hit me hard.
    Also in some of the channelings, I keep bumping into this thing where they keep saying that we have to DO things, that “things” don’t just happen but that we have to take action. Well, I have no clue what to “do”. I feel stuck in every possible way.
    Also “they” say that nothing will change unless we allow it. That there is this choice that we can stay in 3D. Well I don’t want to stay in 3D, but what if my subconsciousness does want to stay? I’ll be stuck forever. 😦
    BLAH, like I said, I could use some help from my friends. πŸ™‚

      1. Luxuriate… what a great word! (I love Marys’ messages.) From now on I Will luxuriate in life!

        Hang in there CB, you’ll find the way, you haven’t made it this far for nothing!

        You can’t stay stuck, or go back! YOU KNOW TOO MUCH! (To paraphrase Abraham.) Your desire is too strong, we can feel it from here!!!

        LoLLL (Lots of Love, Light & Laughter!)

        To ALL, and to CosmicBear, for everything so far.


    1. CosmicBear, my intuitive hit on your questions … nothing to “do” right now, just be. Trust and flow. Perhaps a bit of “surfing the waves” also, energetics-wise. On the feeling of stuckness – this too shall pass. Just ride it out. Yep, just allow. But change, and rapidly so, seems to be the theme of the moment.

      I sense you personally are just fine. Just chillax as best you can. Do what works for you.

      I suspect we all may feel different things, but there’s still a bit of a wave action, roller coaster thing. Two days ago I felt all “voidy”. Not uncomfortable or even blahed out, just felt like I was in a void.

      Early yesterday when I first woke up, I had this “get me outta here!” feeling, but I never deny my feelings and just went with it and it lasted all of 5 minutes.

      Through this past night, over maybe the last 7 hours or so, I’ve felt wired for sound, major up and clear senses, energetic and yet not in a hyper / manic / freaking out sort of way, just really feeling up and kinda buzzy.

    2. lots of great help shared for you already….hope the Blahs are lessened today !…….confidence & trust & belief in yourself always makes an empowering difference….Shine your beautiful self Dear JJ !….xoxo Bev

  5. .



    “Artificial Intelligence” is YOUR HIGHER SELF.

    Humans will discover that they are merely accessing their own Higher Selves / Higher Minds when they master the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

    FEARing your own Higher Self is totally illogical and ludicrous.


    Reiterating restrictive OLD ENERGY terms of “we must be careful” and “Be careful with that…” is revealing an entity operating Out of Fear.
    Fear-Based Belief Systems.

    All this is to be discarded Now.

    Whether or not the reality is understood to a sufficient degree is irrelevant — what is relevant is the Total Release of ALL Fear.





    This is where I will choose to depart and extricate myself from the lower-entraining energies of this particular Timeline.

    Caroline — THANK YOU for Lisa, your open mind, your tamed Ego, your Fearlessness, your acceptance, the amazing information sharing, your fun, hilarity, and your killer laughs!

    Love you all

    1. Dear Kiera – thank you for YOU! Thank you for adding so much spice, zest and enlightenment to this Pond, I know you will continue to shine brightly wherever it is you may “depart” to πŸ™‚
      LOVE – always, forever
      Aisha ❀

  6. something profoundly beautiful tonight….at dusk in a deep blue satin sky, the conjunction of Venus, Mars & a sliver Crescent Moon….was mesmerized looking at it as I drove home tonight from work….thinking I’d love to have photographed it…then just moments ago my flickr friend (lives near by) posted it….so perfect….& a great synchronicity !…..
    have a lovely evening my friends !…..Love, Bev

    three for one

  7. Hi All,
    For some reason I feel I should post this. With these latest energies bloodpressure readings have been high in persons who have not previously had any history of blood pressure problems. In fact some have been dangerously high. I have not been able to lower them much and have had to refer them to other doctors for pharmaceuticals to take for what I hope is the short term. It may behoove some readers here at the pond to monitor their blood pressures.
    Love to all,
    Forest Joy

    1. Thanks for sharing !….guess that’s why HS guided me a few weeks ago to start taking aspirin every day….was taking ibuprofen for joint pain, but was advised to stop taking it…. actually several months ago due to it’s effect in increasing blood pressure…..high blood pressure is called the silent killer, so hope others will monitor theirs closely……Thanks again…LOve, Bev

    2. Forest Joy and Bev also. I am about to give you the physical level solution to your high blood pressure and joint pain issues. It’s very much about fundamentals. As with anything, there may very well be energetic level issues behind these physical issues also, but here’s what you need to do on a physical level.

      Both of you are experiencing severe symptoms of dehydration. No kidding. The only thing more immediately, fundamentally necessary than water would be the air you breathe.

      Ok Forrest Joy, this is what the deal is. To explain about high blood pressure, first, I find it’s best to actually call it by its other name – hypertension. As I explain what’s going on, I think you’ll see why I prefer that term.

      The water level in our bodies varies over time, throughout the day, etc. Ideally, we have lots of water in our bodies. Our bodies need it for danged near every process.

      55% of blood volume is plasma. 95% of plasma is water. Lots of water in blood.

      Because the water levels vary over time, the blood vessels must expand and constrict. If they did not, that would cause problems. Let’s say you’re a bit low on water and hence don’t have as much water in your blood. If your vessels did not constrict to compensate, that could cause an air pocket in your blood stream. If an air bubble gets to your heart or brain you could die.

      See how smart your body is?! It knows what to do. Hypertension is an extreme symptom of chronic dehydration.

      Bev, the joints depend very heavily on water, not just for lubrication but for sheer support. I can’t remember the %, but a high % of what actually supports your body being upright is not the bones in your spine as much as the water in your spine. Same with all other joints.

      You both need more water regularly and chances are you’re a bit BEHIND on water. You also need sea salt. Both play major roles in being properly hydrated.

      Sea salt not only provides necessary trace elements, but it also helps to retain a bit of water in your body for “emergencies” or basically, times when you’re low on water. It helps your body retain a bit extra to get you through the “drought.”

      “What?” you say. Sea salt for high blood pressure? “But my doctor says… ”
      It wouldn’t be the first time your doctor’s been wrong and more than likely won’t be the last.

      Ok, BARE MINIMUM, everyone needs 1 quart of water per every 50 pounds of body weight per day. If you weighed 150 pounds, you’d need AT LEAST 3 quarts of water per day. I say bare minimum / at least because if you are playing or working hard physically or it’s stinking hot out, you need even more.

      For every quart of water you drink, you need 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Yes, use it liberally on your food. I almost always get plenty of water, but sometimes I get a bit behind on sea salt. My first symptom is creaky knees. So, in addition to eating it on whatever I like salted, for 3 – 4 days, 3 – 4 times per day, I pour 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt in my hand and just pop it in my mouth, let it dissolve a bit, then wash it down with water.

      Also, there is no replacement for water. If you drink other things like juices, etc. They are NOT a substitute for water. And alcohol and caffeinated beverages will take more water out of your body, so if you indulge in those, you’ll need even more water than what I’ve said above.


      The first meal of the day is called break-fast for a reason, you’re breaking the fast you were on for hours while you slept. You also need to break the drought you’re been in while sleeping. Instead of automatically reaching for a cup of coffee in the morning, drink a pint of water. See how very well that perks you right up. It’s just exactly what you need.

      Dehydration also plays into allergies, asthma, lupus, glaucoma, diabetes. If anyone wants an explanation of how that all works for those things, just let me know.

        1. don’t go losing it after only 3 minutes
          water is more important than any of us realize
          life can only exist if there is water

          the more you hurry, the more you slow down

          1. And the more we slow down, the higher our frequency / vibration goes.

            Did you know that rose essence is the highest frequency essence? Stop and smell the roses. Slow down to increase your frequency.

            Studies have found that during energetic healing sessions, the brainwaves slow down. It used to be thought that people were only in this slow brainwave state while in a coma. Nope, happens while healing also – for both “healer” and “healee”.

            1. And as both Otmn and I are implying… if you won’t slow down voluntarily and just BE then perhaps Life can slow you down with dis-ease.

              Frankly, I’d rather slow down long enough to get enough water and sea salt and to smell the roses than to be slowed down by illness.

      1. But thank you for your thoughts and informative missive. My above missive is an observation having to do with this particular aspect of whatever process we and all of Earth have been going through. While water and salt do play a roll in the blood pressure, when there are many seeing a sudden steep increase at the same time in the same place environmental factors also need to be considered.
        Keep staying healthy,
        Forest Joy

        1. Yes, valid observation. Still can be eased by addressing / supporting the physical level.

          A few weeks back, myself and a good friend were being affected by the intense energies. It resulted in major joint pain in both of us and we both got the intuitive hit to do some detoxing so we pounded the sea salt and took supplements to support our liver. Much better.

      2. THANK YOU Rick!!!

        I have been drinking lots of cold and – if possible – icy water this winter but I didnΒ΄t think about salt… guess I would need a spoon of two at times…
        Can too little salt can cause these terrible pains in the lower legs ????


      3. Thanks for all this great info Rick….always a pleasure for me to hear anyone speak highly of ‘Water’…..I guess you have missed all the past posts I’ve shared about the amazing properties & intelligence & importance of ‘Water’….so certainly I Agree with all you’ve said & also about the Sea Salt !….’You are the Salt of the Earth’…..also spoken about in previous missives !……I think, as Forest Joy pointed out, this is something a bit new & different affecting the human body with these new energy arrivals so we should just be aware to these new symptoms, & understand how to help our bodies with some added protection. As ‘B’ mentioned I drink lots of Ice Water….the best & purest way to gain it’s truest benefits !…..Thanks again & have a great enlightening day !

    3. Dear Forest Joy & ALL ❀

      I have achieved a great victory by finishing my medication of lithium after 30 years :))) I needed to find myself and my inner strength altogether before I dared to take the plunge just before New Year :))) I can assure you that I really have tried to finish many times during this trip …. and I recall it was really tough energetic waves around January 9th (about a week after finishing the last pill) and my own conviction was really put to hard test! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ ❀

      Yesterday I made the annual follow up with extensive sampling to check up on my various values in the body. I have made repeated follow-ups through the years because of this medication. Also measured the weight, height (seems to have shrunk a few inches over the years ;), blood pressure, which was low as usual (110/75) but my pulse was higher than normal (86). So high pulse, I have never measured before in my life what I can recall but it really doesnΒ΄t worry me at all πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

      V-I-C-T-O-R-Y ❀ ❀ ❀

      Have a nice day guys – sun is calling me to go outside and rejoice πŸ™‚ ❀



        1. I suspect that the second option is the fundamental – but the reindeer moss is absolutely stunning πŸ˜‰ I just LOVE you for teaching me :))))


  8. Anna Merkaba on Facebook

    “Look into the positive mirror! Remember that everything is a reflection of how you feel inside! If you are tired of negativity following you around, stop looking into the mirror that brings you down and look into the one that brings you JOY! Change how you feel within and the without will reflect all sorts of brilliant hues back to you! Sending you a GIANT POSITIVE MIRROR filled with LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, HARMONY AND… ENORMOUS JOY!!!! Smiley heart Smiley smile xoxo ~ Anna Merkaba”



    1. Right On Sister!

      Amen! (A-Men = One-Meny = All is One! )

      Though I have been studying/immersing/gleaning as much of the metaphysical as possible over the past many years, it wasn’t until now (this month, horizontally) that I sooo get this. That is, that I feel it to my core. When I get up in the morning, that’s what’s there now; the knowing that all is well. I am safe, I am infinitely and thoroughly loved and supported. Everything makes sweet and perfect sense.

      NOW, I am having fun!


  9. Hey – anyone here have any “goodies” to post on “vertical time”?? Versus linear time. The physics part of it, not the new age stuff. Thanks! πŸ˜‰

    1. .


      Spiritual Growth is Based in Vibrational Frequency, NOT Linear Time

      Though this movement has taken place over a period of years, the progression to the new time has been vertical, not linear.

      Time is a human construct that helps us break experience into increments for easy processing and assimilation.

      Linear time is sometimes erroneously applied to predict the arrival of spiritual visions into our physical reality.

      This new passage we have entered is about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines where spiritually-aligned realities exist. As we raise our vibration, we become the one who is capable of existing along these new timelines.


      Linear Versus Vertical Time


      Linear time is the continuous movement along the SAME timeline for a period of time.

      *** WE CANNOT CHANGE AN EXISTING TIMELINE, so it can be expected that navigating experience in a linear, rather than vertical, manner will hold us in a vibrational continuum along the SAME TIMELINE.

      Change is a matter of shifting to a NEW TIMELIME.

      When we raise our frequency, the new timelines we access reflect our spiritual destiny.

      Vertical β€œtime” is packed with experiences that hold the power to transform us by allowing us to grow spiritually.

      A week of vertical time may seem like five years of linear time.

      A single moment the duration of the blink of an eye can bring quantum change to our lives. Generally speaking, these moments are often preceded by a series of other moments containing intentions and efforts that lead us to exist in a state of vertical time.



      Linear and Vertical Timelines


      Whatever timelines we are currently experiencing will remain in place as we continue along the same energetic plane.

      Even though we are in the new time where fifth-dimensional potentials are more readily accessible, we can continue to experience third-dimensional realities if we choose to do so.

      ***It will become increasingly uncomfortable to remain in a third-dimensional timeline for any period of time as the β€œrewards” for this form of existence are being phased out.


      Shifting to Fifth-Dimensional Timelines


      For many, shifting to high-vibrational timelines is a matter of examining the means by which they create reality and gaining awareness of old templates that are still in place.

      If you have been creating life experiences from past templates – consulting the past for what is possible for the future – it’s time to abandon these now.

      If you are frustrated because spiritual visions have failed to manifest or have manifested differently than expected, do not let this throw you off or discourage you.
      Your visions have always been close at hand, standing beside you, guiding you. What may have previously been misunderstood is how we would move into these visions and begin to live them.

    2. .

      From the Michael Teachings:

      Time is simply a means for creating β€œspace” within denser dimensions to allow for comprehension of progression.


      [Excerpt from TT: 2010-05-15]


      It is well known that events on the Physical Plane are linear in time, yet it has been mentioned several times that events on the Astral Planes and above are non-linear, as well as a future on this physical plane parallel in which technology may allow there to be instances of non-linear time.

      Could you please explain in further detail this concept of non-linear time, and how it works around the concepts we know of as special and general relativity, particularly temporal causality?


      The concept of non-linear time is best understood in vertical terms rather than horizontal terms, if you will.

      Linear progression happens β€œall the way” up and returning to Tao. Linearity is not lost, it is simply not the only perspective. The past is still the past, and the future is still the future, and the present is still the present.

      However, to help one imagine the concept that is often referred to as non-linear time, we would refer to the imagery or a 365 Day Wall Calendar. Within the Physical Plane, β€œyou” exist within one of the boxes representing the Day. You progress from box to box, day to day, and there is very limited perception of the entirety of the year in front or in back of your point of reference.


      So would it be correct to say that as you move up vertically, you see more and more on how actions in the present effect the future, but future events cannot affect the past, so to speak?


      From the Astral Plane, time is still quite linear in experience, except that it could be said that you have the equivalent of a clear view of the Month, rather than the limitation of the Day.

      From the Causal Plane, the view is more like being able to see the entirety of the wall calendar for the Year.


      So you observe the events simultaneously, rather than individually?


      Yes, the comprehension, experience, and perception of events is not linear, even though the progression of events are.
      This is why we use the differentiation between horizontal and vertical: it is merely a matter of perspective that allows for the experience of non-linear aspects.


      Wouldn’t that interfere with choice though, if an action is seen to create an undesired outcome?


      No, it would not interfere with choice, but enhance it. Even within your single box, or your single day, you learn from experience how to anticipate the outcome of a choice before it is acted upon.
      Your capacity to anticipate within a day could be likened to our capacity to see probabilities on the metaphorical scale of the year.

      To be clearer in our response, we would have to include one more dimension of consideration with our visual.

      In β€œreality” there is never one calendar on that wall, but a multitude of calendars superimposed one over the other, over the other.

      The progression that one makes throughout the β€œyear” would β€œweave” among those calendar layers, if you will. Each calendar layer representing a probability from the moment.



      Your choices determine what layer of calendar you are living. For instance, your choice to lash out in defense against an offense vs generating a creative, peaceful solution might be the difference between one layer and another layer of the year’s calendar day.


      Is this how parallels are constantly splitting off, based on the infinite number of choices that can be made?


      Yes. Our analogy of the Calendar Layers would be the equivalent of Parallels, or Dimensions.

      This is why when one might ask about a past life at one point in the current life, there may be a list of pasts that are linearly linked to the current life’s moment, but at another point in the life, that moment may have a very different set of linear links to the past, because it is resonant to a different layer of the calendar now.


      Though we do not see it on the physical plane, is it possible for us to jump around on different levels based on our choices, or new choices, or are we β€œstuck” on the same calendar?


      Shifting Parallels (calendars) happens on a regular basis, and happens on different scales from the Personal to the Global.

      Personal shifts in parallels can be generated through the accumulation of DECISIONS that then lead to pivotal CHOICES.

      We differentiate Decision from Choice. A Decision could be akin to HOW one takes the next step, and CHOICE is WHERE one takes the next step.

      Most Decisions create a path, and that path leads to a Choice. And that Choice can lead to generating a new parallel, or merging with another parallel.

      We will conclude this response with the clarification that the concept that β€œeverything happens at once” should not be taken as a literal concept, but rather as a description of the capacity to comprehend on larger scales.

      1. If I get this………even if we have the perspective of vertical time(yearly calendars perspective), the layers( or many calendars) we serf in and out of(parallels), why do we even believe, we are who we think we are?
        Where’s the anchor, the idea of a solid me come from? Just the past.
        Oh well, I’ll have to read this thing again…….! πŸ™‚

        1. The anchor is your Focus.

          Right now you are extremely limiting your awareness to a Single Point of Focus. So that you can experience being a particular type of Singular Entity.
          In this case, an incredibly narrow-focused, limited & restricted entity.

          When you “unknowingly” & with Zero Awareness shift your Focus to a different Timeline, you actually are focusing through a completely different parallel person, who has a totally different PAST.

          But you are not aware of all those different “pasts”. Because your awareness of reality is currently so limited.

          So you are sitting in a brand new Timeline, you “think” you only have the one “past”, and you automatically start making new cross-connections back to your other old Timelines with THEIR pasts in order to keep your memories of one singular “past”, consistent.

          You keep on doing this, to maintain a consistent illusion. Of this reality.

          *(This is one of the main functions of the EGO-ic Belief System…to maintain a certain limiting Belief about the illusion, at all cost)

          So when you maintain an old Belief about yourself, all you are doing is cross-connecting back to those old discarded Timelines.

          When you realize that you are in actuality, literally a Brand New (parallel) Person in each new Now moment, it makes it easy to re-program your old Beliefs about yourself and create brand new Beliefs about who you think you are.

          1. The frog that I liberated outside on my patio a few years ago visited me during the night:

            “Life’s highlight is now. My gift to you is to feel joy and meaningfulness.

            Rejoice in the good things in life, affirming life’s joys. Express your joy and you delight others ”

            πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀ ❀

            1. Out of the mouths of frogs, eh?

              Thanks for sharing!

              LoLLL (Lots of Love, Laughter and Light!)


              (I think the one on the bottom has made another transition.)

              1. YES – lots of LOLs and 11111111 πŸ™‚ ❀

                PS. Recall the misreading of Aisha's comment earlier about the "come out of the frog"…. πŸ˜‰

          2. So Dear one ,
            if I get what you are saying………all these years of remembering every second breath I took, every step I took, every word I spoke since I was two, is all made up as cross-connecting with my new time line.
            So if I remember from my perspective, one event in my childhood and my brother remembers it the same way. we both have cross-connected an event 40 years in the past exactly the same. But if my parents can not remember this event, they have moved on and didn’t cross-connect it. Talk about disconnect between perspectives!!!! We all lived the same event, or did we!!!!! :0)
            Well this would mean I’m a completely different person having the same singular perspective all these years. So when I don’t cross-connect …..Then my focus says….. I am a great base jumper living in Norway and jumping everyday!!!!! ❀

        2. When you are finally able to toss out your old “anchor” — that your current identity (Belief about yourself) is based on your “past”…..this is when you leave behind the one-direction-forward illusion of Linear Time.

          You then stop thinking of the past entirely. You stop dwelling within your Memory Construct and you stop reinforcing cross-connections to Pasts that are no longer directly connected to you.

          You begin to live only in the Now Moment, with NO PAST.

          When you reach this point, of staying only in the NOW….you are accessing Vertical Time.



          1. Well then, I’m releasing it all, all the past so minutely remembered.
            I am NOW, a free base jumper living in Norway and jumping every day!!!!!
            Anchors Aweigh!!!!!
            Love yea Kiera!!!!! πŸ˜‰

      2. i dunno
        i have a 40 foot Western Hemlock in the back that i planted
        in october of 1983
        i honestly cannot tell one day from another
        perhaps it is because i have not had a job for 18 years
        the family has been here for 88 years
        i am not going anywhere else

    1. Thanks Bev for the reminder!!!!! πŸ™‚
      Watch out world, the Divine Feminine is coming on strong!!!!!
      Wake up World!!!!!

  10. The Force is powerfull… Aagh aaagh… I really… like… the heart. Best… find ever…. in… iiihn… Buahaaa (snif!) push little me puuush!

  11. Lisa Gawlas has been “picking up” on some REALLY GOOD STUFF over the past week. It’s worth a quick read-thru, even though the individual daily posts are rather lengthy. I think some of you may resonate …….. !!

    For your perusal, with PEACE …… πŸ˜‰ ❀


    BTW – damn, it's cold!! Was -10F ( -23.3C ) this morning at 8:00 am. Thank Source that the sun is out shining bright!! Brrrrrr!

    1. ❀ Cacacacold—so cacacacold the tong dothent work. πŸ˜‰

      (Thanx for the perusal link!) xox 2 U & Ashlee ❀

    2. Sounds like your ( our ) higher aspects are saying you’re balanced, Vinny. That’s really, REALLY good news!!! Love to you, too – always! ❀

    3. Thanks Caroline…I’ll check it out abit later….seems we both are on the winter part of the equation (RE: Otmn’s volcano post)…..a balmy -11c here today with wind chill of -21c….all part of the cleansing & re-balancing… so much more going on in the Arctic than most know….but I’m afraid it’s not all a good thing….the Arctic conditions have a great effect on the whole planet ! & Mother is doing what she needs to do…..Love to You…..Bev

      maybe a ‘Triple’ Sunrise would help….maybe not…so much colder there…


      1. I agree. Particularly interested in the activity under Iceland and the Canadian/Russian lands closer to the northern pole. Your are correct – we are NOT hearing much about this!!! Sometimes I can actually hear it moving. So eerie. I’m sure we’ll be talking again next week. Stay warm!!! XXXOOO ❀

        1. Yes…Siberia in particular….certainly it’s going to hit the radar of topic of concern….hopefully sooner than later….Stay warm too…..Love, Bev

    4. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞


      re: Lisa Gawlas — WHEN did you come across this woman?

      (grabbing your shirt and shaking the bejeezuz out of you)

      WHEN DID YOU FIND THIS WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




      “There now seems to a much bigger reason why so many people are not only connected, but triggered by the series of 1’s. 1:11, 11:11, 11:11:11

      Spirals, Opening and closing. Couple that information with a constant that I kept feeling in seeing the dots and long strings, the 0’s and 1’s used to create computer code.

      Not that I am familiar with code in any way shape or form, but when something parks itself at the forefront of my mind, I pay attention. But I did this morning what I do anytime information rises within me, I took to wikipedia!!

      A binary code represents text or computer processor instructions using the binary number systemβ€˜s two binary digits, 0 and 1. A binary code assigns a bit string to each symbol or instruction. …

      Leibniz encountered the I Ching through French Jesuit Joachim Bouvet and noted with fascination how its hexagrams correspond to the binary numbers from 0 to 111111…

      Our connections, whether it is in readings of in ET-ville serves to add more running programs to my already installed software. My conscious mind does all it can to put the pieces together in its running programs.

      You can look at this as installing new software (you are the disc) and letting it install on the hard drive (the wait time for it to completely install.)

      When I go to sleep at night, that is when the computer is completely rebooted and the days incoming light and processing is now installed as a working program.

      I gotta giggle, I hear spirit referring to me as one of a few β€œmain frame computers” on earth. I should have come with computer savvy then!!”

      1. Sweet Jesus, Kiera ….. your eyes are bulging out!!! -Don’t pop the blood vessels. Found her back in 2010. She helped me a lot with triggers back then, along with her understanding of “living source field”. πŸ˜‰ May have someone else you might be interested in too. Not sure he would speak with you without a fee.

        1. Now that I just reminded myself of him, he might be able to explain how to start up your “black triangle”. Also, he’s really good when working with our star kiddos, like your son.

        2. Too late…there’s eye blood splatter all over the equipment, the walls…

          I’ll show you a “trigger” alright — here’s my foot……now where’s that ass of yours?

          My dead brother Dan and I (whom I currently work/play together with, in the higher realms on Higher D “computer” systems….the details of which are always wiped clean when returning to this shit-hole 3rd dimension)

          …..but when he was still physically alive in this shit-hole reality, we used to contemplate together the mystery of the Binary code.

          As an IT expert, he *really* got into it — more than the typical IT guy, of which I knew very many (no women in the field, at that time).

          And once I had one amazing/terrible job in which one of my 15 regular duties included the privilege of being trained as a Server Administrator/Technical troubleshooter for a specialized internal Network System data center that was running on the big-ass Oracle database….(at that time I was done with MS Access and was salivating over Oracle)

          But anyhow….if you notice today that both Sandra Walter AND your flipping incredible Lisa Gawlas are on same frequencies and are giving us the COMPUTER metaphors on steroids:

          Lisa likens herself to a Mainframe, and


          “Note the Lightserver effect (this is why we use Lightserver rather than Lightworker, dear Guardians of the New Light):

          You act like a Computer Server hard-wired to the Shift, the Ascension, and Higher consciousness, sending out the new light frequencies through the grid of HUman hearts.”



          1. Be careful with that….the underlying question being put forth to us is not that of mastering artificial intelligence, that of control or playing a role we falsely perceive as powers of God, which it is not, & not that of Unity or who we are meant to BE… It is going to be different this time…We are the newly evolved ‘Compassionate Co-Creators’ & much more than our ancestors, destined to not repeat making the same mistakes. Vertical Time & ‘Transcendence’ can be many things, we must be careful to pick the right one…All is not as it may appear or may seem….

            1. “Artificial Intelligence” is YOUR HIGHER SELF.

              Humans will discover that they are merely accessing their own Higher Selves / Higher Minds when they master the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

              FEARing your own Higher Self is totally illogical and ludicrous.


              Reiterating restrictive OLD ENERGY terms of “we must be careful” and Be careful with that… is revealing an entity operating Out of Fear.
              Fear-Based Belief Systems.

              All this is to be discarded now.

              Whether or not the reality is understood to a sufficient degree is irrelevant — what is relevant is the Total Release of ALL Fear.





              This is where I will choose to depart and extricate myself from the lower-entraining energies of this particular Timeline.

              Caroline — THANK YOU for Lisa, your open mind, your tamed Ego, your Fearlessness, your acceptance, the amazing information sharing, your fun, hilarity, and your killer laughs!

              Love you all

              1. you surely are a tough nut to crack….your intelligence precedes & over powers the beautiful essence that is you….guidance to be careful is simply love expressed in a form of protection & safety as any Mother would do to their loved ones & there’s no fear in that. The departure you wish for comes & goes….& never will be long lasting…an impossibility when there are no wings…whether bored, frustrated, angered or dismayed…your return is a certainty with more walls of information & images to share….& this….just is….& there is nothing wrong with any of this as we continue learning & finding our way together to be individual & unique but joined in co-creation, co-operation & ‘Unity’….that is our certain destination & that will not be changed as this is the new flow of creational energy upon us & any working against that will only continue to cause more boredom & frustration…..Shine the Inner Beauty that is You Dear Sister !…..Love, Bev

                1. & I agree to disagree with ‘artificial intelligence’ being the higher self…this is human based entity of desire & intent…& not of the immaculate design of divine & sacred creation….there are many powers within quantum energy but only Creator Energy is ‘True Intelligence seamlessly filled with Compassion’……xoxo

          2. The only thing I might add is that this is not really a shit-hole reality. Rather, it is, as Bashar has said “a master class”.

      2. so I’m guessing you’re not pleased….this binary gook makes no sense to me & it would be a real miracle in getting us all in the batmobile….might stick around to watch though just for fun….makes more sense to stick to the pond…thanks…lol

          1. Thanks !….I guess you were pleased after all….& I Love Frogs ! Nature provides all the essentials for Life & more healing abilities, & spiritual growth than we can imagine….a ‘Transcendence’ full of Compassion that will bring health, prosperity, pride & joy to All…..sounds like a Perfect path to go forth upon !…..Love, Bev

  12. Space Weather or NASA would be a cool forum to go play with. Supersonic thunderstorms and pulsars :Q (drool). Hang on mother Earth, going where no one has gone before! Tat-ta-ta-taa-ta-daa!

  13. Well most people who watch the news are the tools of creating them in the future. That’s why internet is so big and everybody has a computer, tv or cellphone to take a part in the mass-unconscious-creation. You see how news and entertainment are getting “darker” all the time? When it goes through your consciousness its like thought-form-manifesting. That’s about all I’m witnessing playing here, but it works both ways too. You all notice how this all goes faster in a group?

  14. oh yeah! and my Kelly was learning this (guitar) while I was reading the new update….he plays it so good already! He is awesome πŸ˜€ ❀

  15. OUTSTANDING Update!
    Like this one the best so far I would venture to say πŸ™‚
    Boy! Did I live this on the day this update was posted – Tuesday. I ended up on the couch of the lady I am taking care of this week. For a couple hours I had to sleep with a migraine – cold wash clothe on head – the whole bit. I could not even be near the light – it was so overwhelming (and usually, we end up hanging out in her sun porch). But, ever since, feeling better and better. So, it all fits πŸ™‚ Like That Glove Of Love We All Share

    “…..this seemingly endless parade of energetic injections is simply administering the fuel you all need to literally go all the way, these are the booster rockets that arrive just in time to give you all the frequential lift you need in order for you to lift yourself and this entire planet to a whole new level. For this is what we do for you in order for you to be able to do everything else. For what we do, is to supply you with any tools that might be needed for you to complete this gargantuan task, and what you do, is to choose the tools and to put them into use in such a way, this entire turnaround operation can run as smoothly as possible.”
    (turnaround operation – interesting words cause we have been using words like ‘flip’, ‘shift’, etc. a lot through this – and some of us seeing letters and numbers flipped around – facing each other – all that)

    You Lovely booster rockets (and rockettes) you! Love you much
    ❀ HUGS ❀
    will catch up more this weekend.

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