A message of LOVE

And so it is that we return with another message to inoculate you further with another dosage of this love-fest that is currently sweeping over your globe. For today the swirls of energetic passion that anoints you all come in one flavour only, that of love itself, and as such, take this as another layer of this cake that is being offered you on this festive occasion. For today, the dam of joy has burst and will be spewing forth a never ending flood of light that will serve to anchor you even deeper into that safe berth you have already found deep within your heart. For this is the anchorage you have been searching for far and wide, never being fully able to perceive that it is already here, under your very nose, within that deep and welcoming silence that awaits you in the very core of your being. For that is your home, that is where your heart has always known it to be, and now, as this powerful surge of light has been unleashed from its old embankments by your willingness to keep searching for that elusive target, your search has now come to completion,

For you have found your way into those inner workings of you own being, and as such you have found your home, and this is where you will abide now for eternity. And know that even if you will find yourself at a loss to feel this deep connection to yourself from time to time in the time ahead, fear not, for once this connection has been made, it will never ever let go.

For this anchorage is one that will serve you well no natter how hard the winds of change may blow in the time ahead. For you have made it all the way to that safe harbour, and from there, you will continue to expand and explore beyond any of the old limits that you may still perceive. For remember, this anchorage is not a stopping point, it is merely a safe haven from where you can continue to explore the wonder that is mankind, mankind in its very new form, the kind that has allowed love to penetrate all the way through all of the dense layers, stripping them off one by one until only this one truth remains: you are LOVE, you are LOVED and you are LOVING.

And now, you will fly away out onto the new winds out into the wild blue yonder, carried aloft by this truth. For now there is no longer anything holding you back, and now you can soar as high as your loftiest dreams and beyond, for now, you have managed to put right what was so wrong, you have mended the rift that was so wide between you and the one you are at heart. For now, you are no longer divided, you are ONE within and so, you will once again learn to be ONE without. And so it is, now and forever.

165 thoughts on “A message of LOVE

  1. Intergetic creation begins with a giving of self to thoughts of creating yourself precieved love that is given to others in a way they can see, feel, and understand with the wisdom to use in its creation. We are a special creation that has been given this love of creation to use it the best we can to duplicate it again and again until we get it right. No matter who you are or what you are doing. All one needs to do is be silent close your eyes to see the essence of our creator everywhere. We live in a soup of our creators essence. It is everywhere. There is nothing without this energized essence of our creators essence. It is a form of pure energy that is within and without everything. If you could see it you would not be able to see anything else unless you create everything as you move through this essence.

    Is this not what we are doing now only don’t know what we are really doing. We were created at the bottom of the barrel and given the task to experence life in all its forms and to find ourself as we crawl our way to the top of this barrel. Love, honor and respect is given only as earned. In the past this was given to all out of birth right. It was forgotten how this was achieved by by those who came before them. It was tould to the masses that if they had to go through this again. Even the creators would fall to the shadows of desire.

    It was said. They would have no teamwork and no desire to learn this game of life. More important would be their desire to get back to the basics. Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess. Is this not the world as we see it today. A few choose to try this and see for themself against the will of others that ask them not to. So our world begain as a testing ground to see if people could find their true self. The roots of their begining. To return home they had to win this task. I’m here not to lose this task but to find my true self and my roots. This is just my thoughts on this. Wheather you believe it or not is your choice. I’m here to rally the fallen but not forgotten and always loved who came here to help with this task.

    Just a few more thoughts from the old man

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank you for your great thoughts and words of wisdom dear Ray ❤

      "Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess. Is this not the world as we see it today. A few choose to try this and see for themself against the will of others that ask them not to. So our world begain as a testing ground to see if people could find their true self. The roots of their begining. To return home they had to win this task. I’m here not to lose this task but to find my true self and my roots."

      So it is – AMEN!

      Love & blessings back to you dearest Brother ❤
      B to B

  2. I wonder if anyone else is having electrical occurrences or dreams?

    Besides a strong feeling of electricity in/on my big toe last night (described above, in response to Aisha’s last video) on the morning after the lastest Pond meeting, I had a dream that I was sitting in a bathtub (with my friend Suma the cat) and I was just about to plug some kind of appliance in, when I remembered that it isn’t “supposed” to be, a good idea, but plugged it in anyway.

    A moment later I got a little shock, which didn’t hurt at all. If anything, it was slightly pleasant, because it didn’t hurt/was neutral. I decided I should get out of the bath anyway.

    It was one of those seemingly “ordinary” dreams that mostly stood out for me because I remembered it.

    But now I think it’s about my body accepting the new frequency, which I am pretty happy about.


    1. Funny, my right big toe was moving on its owen when i went to sleep last night. My right side was the one that was more often ungrounded in the past, it felt like resistance leaving it through the toe xD…

      1. Interesting, isn’t it? It was my right toe as well, though I have found that it is my right side that seems more connected, now that you mention it. It is from my right hand that I have been getting communication from my higher self, I recently discovered. (I think it’s my higher self/and or guides.) They/She/We move my hands when I meditate, more so more recently, especially the right one. Kind of Reiki style, I believe it helps move/heal energies. (Pretty cool eh?)

        Though I realize now, it started over 30 years ago, when I first noticed that while walking I was making a relaxed fist, with my index finger pointing. I used to wonder about that.

        Because of this, I have (re)discovered how good it feels to place my hand palm down on the side of my face, especially the right one. It’s interesting, when you think about it, how people instictively use this position, hands to their cheeks, when shocked or scared in a “negative” way and when surprised in a good way. (A built in way to HANDle emotion!)


  3. This night i had a dream where i was shown what unconditional presence and selfe love is. Now i integrate it. It is a bliss. Thank you!

  4. Aaand this all leads to Saturnalia, a master with dice next to the table; “Now you have permission, slave, to play the game”. I’ll leave it at that, master.

  5. starting a 5 day job today. not sure if there will be internet availability.
    taking care of an old friend who was just released from nursing home re-hab.
    11 hrs each day for just 5 days at her home.
    The sun is out but its still so cold. Kelly not doing well with it. And he is really nervous about his court date tomorrow. I cant drive him there now so pray he makes out ok in the cold and with the deposition. Thank you ! ! !
    XO ❤
    Have a good week All if I dont pop in for awhile.

    1. Hope you’re having a Wonder-ful week, k(now)ing that all is (We)ll!

      Felt like sending you those Go(o)d wishes and Love and Light from over here in Cold but Clear Canada!

      (With cardinals in the back, I just noticed : )


  6. Not to mention Apple, it surely prints your fractals to good condition in facebook. Religious folks everywhere nowadays. Gotta bow how cleverly installed this all is.

  7. If you work at electronics business check around you and find the terms like fractal (pc towers, as memories), xenon (visitor in Greek pantheon, as also print-paint), katharsis (media-violence)… Electronics is a history class in itself too. Merry-go-around. Lots of religious imprints everywhere. Best is Brother at your side printer-family. I mean how c’mon…

  8. i think i should just add a footnote here :-))

    it is the final egg shell dismantling that is occurring,, the egg shells were indeed “cracked” last year and some shells have surely come away during the period between then and now.

    indeed as i understand it, i am shell less myself :-))

  9. Good day beautiful spirits of diamond helix’s 🙂

    indeed Aisha, the cracking of the shells is exactly the current process, or at least a part of it…

    i shall endeavor to post a picture of the cosmic egg and how it is formed.

    The cosmic egg, is the sacred space formed during union between a twin flamed coupling. It is the space unto which a new born will create itself into, during the process of conception (maybe immaculate conception)..

    i have made some rather scattered comments regarding the wholly and sacred events that are about to unfold, over the next 48 hours. i shall try to rectify that here a little….

    The sacred union i am about to create with my twin flame will be the first (as i understand it) (i think we can say ever, on this beautiful sphere, at least for a couple of thousand years anyhow 🙂 ) and will create a sonic boom that will be heard and felt across the entire Earthly human community., and indeed will be the final shattering of ALL Earth Humans egg shells.

    This is the biggie part for me personally (as if the other aspects seem less important, which is not the case at all) if i am understanding my knowledge correct, the union between a flamed coupling also has the potential to anoint each couple and ascend them both.

    Among the various other most amazing things that have been relayed to me from Heavenly Hosts is this….

    My flame and i will have the first New Earth pregnancy, and the first new Earth Child will manifest himself from the womb (not traveling down the birth canal) I have energetically met our Son to be allready, indeed i feel his presence strongly and we have spoken many times.

    My flame and i have allready been married i think it was 3 times (in heaven) during various Earth activations and alignments which i have been a large part of during the last 12 months especially, and an incredible amount of work especially personal cleansing for both of us has been going on, preparing us both for this very special part of the voyage.

    I feel very lucky that i am in a position to be able to share this information here with such a wonderful community of Angelic Spirits. Thank you deeply for allowing me to share this space with you 🙂 < 3

    To me, spirituality is Heart Centered Communication and sacred creation is the result of this interaction, and creating sacred space for sacred life is what sacred creator "gods" do 🙂

    Hmmmm that pic was soo illusive to find, so i've posted it on my blog and can use that link for my demonstration purposes :-))

    Magnetic Blessings of Sacred Love and Peace Friends < 3


  10. Hello everyone.
    This is my 131st favourite Japanese song from ~http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    SHOHNENTAI(Corps of the boy) – Sealed LOVE (Released Date : Apr.10, 1990)
    Lyrics : ~http://j-lyric.net/artist/a003998/l0063b7.html

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    Telling one’s mind it does not need to think about it all the time to avoid but rather to let it be and forget.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ~https://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    (It’s needs 10 EUR per 1 picture of cropcircle.
    Therefore I’m investigating another ways.)
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  11. Dear brothers and sisters! I am still in a space of few words, but the space is filled up with so much LIFE. It is as if the shell of the cosmic egg has finally cracked open, and we are in the process of emerging fully from it, a process that is at times bewildering, intense and overwhelming but also filled with so much joy, awe and anticipation. I sense that the light is already brighter, the colours more luminous than ever before and everything around me and inside of me is vibrating in a very new and very palpable way.

    Last night I had a powerful vision when I connected to the Pond. I could “see” how we created a huge structure with our bodies and I felt myself hanging upside down, suspended in the air while holding on to all of you. It was such a joy-filled energy that also was very noticeable in the physical body, like a huge rush of light coming down through the crown chakra. I heard the words “The Human Chain”, my perspective changed so I saw us from a distance, and I could see that the structure we formed with our bodies was in fact the double helix of the DNA. A video I have already shared at least twice here before came to mind, and I knew I had to watch it again and reshare with you, for this amazing display is so filled with visual and energetic messages connected to this co-creative endeavour we are all a part of, so here it is again:

    I thank you all for BEing a part of this incredible “Human Chain” we have formed here at the Pond. By coming together like this, we are changing ourselves and everything around us into something even more magnificent than what we can “see” today 🙂
    With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. So beautiful, Aisha! Oh yes it feels so much as if life is filling and moving and OPENING and finally it feels like we are right in the centre, remembering how to BE it all, BE the LOVE fully awake and alive and anew…

      So joyous to share it with you, beloved sister! And all my wonderful Pond family…and ALL 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

    2. YES! Thank you!

      I definitely feel a difference too, like I can REAL-ly relax now, because I finally have this solid (yet so soft) sense of safety and comfort, which has FINALLY (once and FOR ALL!) replaced the previous overriding fear.

      I finally kNOW that what I have been studying for years is true. WE ARE totally loved and supported. We do create our own reality. (I have certainly given myself enough proof by now.)

      Your beautiful vision also reminds me that recently in moments of question, it would give me comfort to recall what was spoken to Dr. Eric Pearl (www.thereconnection.com) when he was first contacted through many of his patients;

      “We are here to reconnect strings, We are here to reconnect stands.”

      Amen to that!

      I also remember now that I had this fairly intense feeling of electricity through my big toe last night! It woke me up, I kind of rubbed it and it happened once more. It wasn’t exactly painful, but it sure got my attention. Come to think of it, I have been “getting into the flow” before I go to sleep at night, by thinking/feeling/striving to perceive how I am swimming through realities. (As per Bashar’s and others’ teachings.)

      Abraham says we are more electricity than flesh and blood. (Which got me to thinking of myself as God-Machine, which didn’t hurt either!).

      Happy Family Day! (Appropriately, from Canada) Love to All Around!


      1. ““We are here to reconnect strings, We are here to reconnect stands.””

        Yes Ann – reconnection it really is – for sure ❤ ❤ ❤
        B to B

    3. Thank you dearest Aisha for your beautiful vision of the “Human chain” ❤

      I am also in in a state of no words but that doesn´t mean that nothing is happening – quite on the contrary 😉 I just am in a state of peace, bliss, joy, gratitude, power and whatever 😉 and on Sunday I felt like just being quiet and be with myself, not to connect with anyone. After the very strong emotional experience from getting the message of LOVE on Saturday and after the HEAVY pain in my lower legs in the evening after having a long distance walk in the sun – I just wanted to be in the amazing bliss on Sunday. I was reminded to look for some stones that I have kept during the years because I was in a heavy mess during the morning hours.

      I was going to answer to your post yesterday but was suddenly so very tired that I had to take a nap – like I have noticed that I always am before I am led to do my shamanic healing and yesterday evening was not an exception. After having thoroughly cleaned, reorganized, refurnished all my apartment (in a few hours in the early morning!!! 😉 a neighbour came to have some healing support from me and she stayed for a couple of hours and also helped me to shake clean my rug that has been purified in the snow a few hours and afterwards we had a cup of tea together (when I actually was reminded that I had not had breakfast yet, which is not unusual lately because there are things going on and needed to be done – ALL THE TIME during early morning hours 😉 I use to think of Ray who said that he works all the time while healing is going on – and so do I too 🙂 My early morning tea always cools before I remember to drink it – a few hours later 😉

      After the organizing and thorough cleaning yesterday, I sat down with a very old wooden bowl (birch indeed !!! I got a picture of 😉 with a lot of burnt stamps from different owners far back in time. This bowl has laid on the lake bed for many years before it was re-found again and it is a very special property for me that makes me feel the connection to past generations and it is absolutely wonderful to hold. Smooth milled wood on the outside but pretty rough on the inside and I have kept my dearest music CDs in it durinig the last decade. Well – it all ended in a wonderful healing where I sent my light and my love to Mother who created this beautiful wooden bowl and eventually to all generations back in time – in fact to the beginning of time…

      This morning I remembered the picture I got quite many gatherings ago – an image of Anna Helen, Caroline sitting in the front seat with sunglasses and big smiles on and pressed "the pedal to the metal" on their Cardillac with me in the back seat when they turned up the highway in a hilarious though breathtaking speed ;))))

      Isn´t this a cramazing ride??? Just asking…

      Love & light ❤ ❤ ❤
      B to B

      PS. Yesterday I even cleaned my ancient hurricane lantern and thought it wouldn´t be needed anymore….but you never know… 😉

        1. WARNING to all other inexperienced riders before entering these ladies Cadillac: Fasten seatbelts and spit out all chewing gums !!! …. or maybe…. bring yet another TOY 😉


  12. Started at googling “Dark Rift” and ended up on Dionysian mysteries and vine-culture. Respeect there Greeks.

  13. Storm “Neptune” exiting…entrance to be made of “Octavia” (the ice storm).
    I just realized the word ‘octave’ indicated in that!!! nice ❤
    ~ safety and well being to All ~
    lots of action in the Tone Set In Stone month

  14. Don’t know what u ppl are trying to find but I found what so clear sound with eyes open that that voice was really new to me. With last sounds “one” got it straight to me. Sober again!

  15. Aisha is a poetist. Doctor actually. A poetist doctor. Definitely a salary raisal for her! Ebb ‘n flow. Need to send flowers and chocolate someday. Kiss! ❤ I'm hippisiesd.

    1. Agreed – not 3 days of physical darkness….instead that meant three years of going deep within. Three year purging cycle.
      Now this yr started new cycle – Magik Cycle 🙂
      and squeezing out the best of our juices :0
      Right/Left brain hemisphere ‘merge’. The merge after the purge. Divine Union. ‘The sacred space where Spirit can be held’. Lovely.
      The slowing down phase during the acceleration seems opposite – yet, we are able to take in more and it is more blissful when we allow our truths to walk us on. Good after all the untruths walked all over us! LoL.
      The weeding out took place, the shadows removed – All for the inner bloom to emerge in All its Glory – in the fullness of the higher light.
      Symptoms to be more easily ‘shaken off’.
      >It has been difficult for me to give myself true sacred rest…I am going to allow more for this.
      I am being guided as she is to use my singing voice. I have noticed my voice has become even more strong, beautiful. So maybe create new music from my own soul essence.
      ‘Linked with the awareness of the consciousness of One’ – nice – moving forward with that trust in that and in our new divine energy essence intact.
      Decisions no longer made in pieces – but from wholeness.
      Thank you – I like all of this info as well – and her energy expression.
      Re-Sonate ❤

      1. I always had problems with my voice. Until 1986, I could not speak properly.
        Since then it is released, but my singing voice still sounded like a little mouse.

        In recent weeks, I was amazed to hear that it evolves. I sing sometimes to myself and I heard that it sounds better, louder, more nicely 😀

        On my balcony grow wild snapdragons (!)
        (In Germany they are called “Löwenmäulchen”, which means “little lion mouth)

        I AM BIX 😀

      1. OMG!!!!!! Is that a piece of apple pie in Eve’s hand???? And that creepy serpent …. gives me the willies!! Haha ….. 😉

        1. The Universe is playing with us.

          Big ol’ funny-ass cosmic puppet-string pulling PLAYER….. (chewing on a succulent mouthful of Apple Pie)

          And Synchronicity has become an uncontrollable beast.


  16. Yesterday, I noticed that my Christ-mas Cactus was blooming again! (It already had a record number of blossoms late last year.)

    Co-incidence? I think so!


    1. Oh My Anne Thank You so much for saying that .. one of my ways of asking for confirmations if my prayers are to be answered led to all kinds of flowers blooming at my parents house, Mom is a dedicated green thumb and all her plants shine ❤ so Thank you for that confirmation as I was just praying at the Pond for All Life everywhere and here you bring me One of Her Plants that blooms all the time in or out of season, ❤

      1. Oh my, my pleasure! I’m so glad I posted that. I was trying to get a good photo and this is about the best.

        /Users/michele/Desktop/_Current Projects/Hahaha!/IMG-20150215-01146.jpg

        Thank you for letting me know about that, I hadn’t thought of them as a confirmations before, but now I know that they certainly are!

        Thank You, Big Hugs!

  17. .


    Shakira – “Can’t Remember to Forget You ft. Rihanna PARODY!”
    Key of Awesome #83


    SHAKIRIHANNA in “I Keep Forgetting To Mis-Remember To Un-forget The Title Of This Song”:


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