Dear family of light! This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time, it is once more time for another Gathering around the Pond. I think many of you can agree that the energies have already intensified, and it looks like we are in for another powerful event. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before one of your wonderful get-togethers when the collective energies that you represent once more will be brought to fruition in a very new way. For many of you, this will be another chance to dive ever deeper into this wonderful pool of amassed light, while for others, it will be the first time they venture out into this shimmering Pond of energetic filaments, all woven together into a harmonic whole, one that resonates far and wide. For as you come together, you ignite another level of this huge and complex energetic construction, and as we have told you beforehand, every single instance of these get-togethers is firmly anchored in the previous ones, and so, what you bring into this pool of light every time you connect like this, will be unlike anything you have attached to it before.

And so too it is with what you take out from it, for this is in every way a reciprocal event, one where the energies are circulating constantly, and not a one way street at all. For what you put into it is fairly small compared to what you can take with you as a parting gift when this connective event starts to sizzle out. For even if this is an event that stretches out over considerable more time and indeed space than you perhaps can imagine, it is also an isolated event in that it serves a very distinct purpose, and now, this time around, you will all be brought to a very new level as you simultaneously serve to bring the whole to another phase of this frequential processing. And so it is a pleasure for us to invite you all to connect once again, and to all those coming here with their brilliantly shining light for the very first time, it is indeed an extra delight for us to be able to welcome you as well. For you all come to this space when you feel called to do so, so again, nothing is left to chance, and everything happens when the time is right for it to do so.

So again we say find some time to congratulate yourself for doing what you do and for being who you are. You are shining examples of souls who have come to this planet in order to make a huge difference, not just in their own lives, but in the lives of every single human being currently inhabiting this blue planet of yours. And as you all know so well by now, you will all contribute mightily to the task at hand, whether or not you carry with you any clear recollection of it afterwards. For you are not here by chance, dear ones, you are here by design, and an intelligent one at that, and so, whatever it is that you are here to carry out, it is a project of the greatest importance, and one that will have an even greater impact than you can imagine. And now, you all come together with one single purpose in mind, to boost the effects of these energies in a way that you have not done before.

For make no mistake, this too will be an event of majestic proportions, and it in turn will link into a whole lineup of similar events, all taking place on both sides of the veil during the same time frame. For now, you have once more come to a fork in the road, and once more, you have chosen to take the lane of fast forward, and as such, the push you will all give during the proceedings this upcoming Sunday will result in a mighty push back, one that will indeed help to propel you all even faster forward. And not only that, it will also serve to ignite some other “booster rockets” out there as well. So hang on to your hats as they say, for we think you will all find that the speed and action of this upcoming event may take you all a little bit by surprise, even if you come well prepared. So once again we say thank you to each and every one of you for allowing yourself to be immersed in this wondrous river of light, and if it were not for you, this river would have become a far more sluggish one a long time ago. So remember to take some time to connect with your center beforehand, for that will help to make this Sunday’s trip an even more enjoyable one.”



I am so looking forward to connect with you all, both all of the seasoned “veterans” of these Gatherings but also those of you who take part for the very first time! I can already feel the “boost” from these energies, and I am certain that we will all benefit from what we help to activate during this Gathering. I just had to use this photo of the quartz vein my sister and I returned to again and again when we visited our parents two weeks ago, for I think it is a wonderful representation of us. Just like this shimmering crystalline substance, we have emerged and made our way out into the open, pushing through layer after layer of dense and dark rock. And now, we are shining brightly for all to see, and the light we carry with us is pouring out and interacting with the Sun, the air and the water and everything else that surrounds us. I thank you all for being a part of this field of light, and I am so grateful to once again be allowed to welcome you all to another powerful manifestation of our combined energies.

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here:

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.