A short update on the Gathering

Rejoice dear ones, for what you have accomplished this time around by allowing yourselves to take part in this collective event is something that will go into the annals, not just of mankind, but of All of creation. For some of you, the experience in itself did not perhaps seem to amount to much, but again we say that what you can perceive, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg, so let us try to give you a few details to perhaps fill in the picture somewhat.

You see, what you accomplished this time, is something that will literally help to drain the boil that this world has been suffering from for eons, and this dear ones, is nothing short of miraculous. For this festering wound of negative energy has been trapped within the hearts and souls of so many, and not only that, it has also served to pollute large swathes of the Earth’s atmosphere, and yes, we do mean that in a very literal sense. But yesterday, you successfully managed to lance this boil, as you opened a passage for the putrefaction to come out and for the light and air to penetrate all the way into this old wound.

And so, what has been infected will now become forever healed, and even if this process in itself will take some time, what you established through your devotion to the cause is literally like a medical tube being inserted into the wound so that it cannot close itself up again. And so, the final healing has begin, and your world will never be the same again. For now, that old putrification will not and cannot be continued anymore, and so, it will no longer seep into the very lifeblood of your planet and of your fellow men and women. And once a boil has been lanced such as you did last night, it cannot re-form again, for the light that you let into this old wound is magnifying even as we speak, and so the effects from it will continue to increase in the days and weeks ahead.

So once again we say on behalf of All of creation, if it were not for you, this process would never take place, or it would not come about until some time far into the future. But thanks to your perseverance and you incessant push to bring the light all the way back to where it belongs, the light has yet again conquered a territory that for far too long has been a battleground of opposing forces, and now peace will begin to reign and equilibrium will once again be restored. And so, through your action, healing can take place, and for that we cannot thank you enough. So once again we say do not forget to give yourselves the kudos you so deserve, for through you, the light has once again been brought to these shores, light that will enable a new and healthy growth to take place, in soil that will be cleared of any and all contamination. So step back a little bit and survey your surroundings, and we think you will all find signs of deep relief and indeed release today.

346 thoughts on “A short update on the Gathering

  1. Oh my…

    What have we done? 😉

    Just in from Gaia Portal:

    “Supremacy of Higher Light transformations remains a constant as Gaia arises in consciousness.

    Separation of lower vibrationals from Gaia ascendant occurs via quantized steps.

    Lower vibrationals can not subsist with Gaia ascendant and are being left behind as Hue-Beings and hu-beings travel the ascendant path.

    Extraneous constructs fall rapidly as currents rise.

    Cross-dimensional realizations occur within each species, and in grand rapidity, at this moment.”

    Hold on cherubs, this could get curly.



    1. Paul:
      „Lower vibrationals can not subsist with Gaia ascendant and are being left behind as Hue-Beings and hu-beings travel the ascendant path.
      Extraneous constructs fall rapidly as currents rise.“

      In my almost-forgotten dream experience, as I stood with the human in the garden and the strong tide outside the garden looked I saw dark beings of the flows are pulled down.
      I avoid to write such ‚creepy’ details because
      1. (at that time) I don’t yet know what it means and
      2. I don’t want the scare anyone 😀

      ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

      In meinem fast vergessenen Traum–Erlebnis, als Ich mit dem Menschen im Garten stand und die starke Flut außerhalb des Gartens anschaute sah Ich dunkle Wesen von der Strömung hinunter gezogen werden.
      Ich vermeide solch ‚gruselige’ Einzelheiten zu schreiben weil
      1. Ich (in diesem Moment) noch nicht weiß was es bedeutet und
      2. Ich niemanden erschrecken will 😀

      Heart Greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. ah yes! the so called “local channels” – the lower vibratory channels shut down! nice. Premium channels opened up! thanks Paul !
      Kelly laughed at my ‘Premium Channel’ reference
      I do think things may get real messy now. its ok. just learn how to duck well and catch only the balls of light 😉

  2. Today I know why we had let ourselves in it, to go voluntarily into forgetting: To re-experience everything NEW.
    (Humanity had forget too much – we are going to fix it again.)

    Also God gets bored when he experienced billions of years over and over again the same things.
    As humans, we came back totally new on Earth, our mind was a blank paper.
    My sheet of paper is now filled with beautiful pictures, experiences, miracles and knowledge of the Earth.
    (It was shown me a sheet of paper on which all my ballpoint pen drawings were painted on)
    Now it goes on – after we have experienced as a small child and as an adolescent so many very first times and now we are really well–versed on earth, we can now again re–experience and marvel the universe for the very first time.
    Our not incarnated friends were always with us and experienced through us the very first times with.

    ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

    Heute weiß Ich warum wir uns freiwillig darauf eingelassen hatten ins Vergessen zu gehen: Um alles wieder NEU zu erleben.
    (Die Menschheit hatte zu sehr vergessen – wir sind dabei das wieder zu beheben.)

    Auch Gott langweilt sich wenn er Jahrmilliarden lang immer wieder dasselbe erlebt.
    Als Menschen kamen wir wieder völlig neu auf der Erde an, unser Verstand war ein unbeschriebenes Blatt.
    Mein Blatt ist jetzt gefüllt mit schönen Bildern, Erlebnissen, Wundern und Wissen von der Erde.
    (Mir wurde ein Blatt Papier gezeigt auf dem alle meine Kugelschreiber–Zeichnungen draufgemalt waren)
    Jetzt geht es weiter – nachdem wir als kleine Kinder und als Heranwachsende so viele allererste Male erlebt haben und uns auf der Erde nun wirklich gut auskennen, können wir nun wieder das Universum zum allerersten Mal erleben und bestaunen.
    Unsere nichtinkarnierten Freunde waren immer bei uns und erlebten durch uns die allerersten Male mit.

    Heart Greetings
    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    1. in reading, I saw a pen going over the same spot on a piece of white paper – over and over and over — until….. until it made a hole 😀 ❤

  3. about 15 minutes from when i write this will be the moment of the full moon


    i hear so many describe how they go next to the pond during a gathering.
    i suggest getting in the water.
    it’s like bacon and eggs for breakfast.
    the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed
    commit yourselves to it.
    life is not a spectator sport, you are a player.
    better yet realize that you are the pond/water/light
    it is not separate from you
    tag you’re it!
    i have decided to limit my comments, it takes half a day to keep up with you chatterboxes. so i will follow Mr. Ed’s advice and “never speak u less i have something to say.
    well it is more like 5 minutes to go, now

          1. i thought it was cool so i made some art out of it. this original image was later as the moon began to climb
            but i tweeked it some

                1. Now I realize I am able show you the Masterpiece of the Web Master that I´ve been talking about 🙂 This photo has meant so much to me and now I realize why 🙂

                  Note – it was photographed in September 2007 and the grid had a bit more damages by that time 😉 Hope I can find a complete network to photograph today 🙂

                  Much love, light & happiness 🙂


                  1. Beautiful, Dear B… what gorgeous work that “Web Master” did. I’m going to have to up my appreciation for spiders… all spiders. But not until after Crete. 😉 Love U, Dear B, Dear Friend. ❤ 😀

          2. oh, my… my Heart is flip flopping from the beauty of it all… and look at all the TREES!!!!! Thank you so much, Otmn. well done. xox Lin ❤ 😀 😀 😀

    1. Otmn, I can’t keep up here either. Hate missing so much. Enjoy the moon! I am about to go out and check it myself. I have three moon flowers blooming tonight! Very exciting as the vine has taken forever to grow this year. Hugs!

  4. For me this gathering changed even the situation of my biological family, here was like a war in my house these days, and now suddenly everything is ok with everyone (thanks god !!) and peace was everywhere I’ve been today in the city where I reside (Belo Horizonte), I am very grateful to these energies, thanks and love to all ponders, very grateful, Eduardo.

      1. Thank you tomo! I really enjoy this version of the song that I think JJ introduced to me quite a while ago and I surely rejoice with you dear tomo ❤

        Much love, joy & happiness ❤


  5. The post brings tears and a deep emotion. I did not notice much, apart from an aquamarijn crystal pilar coming down from the sky into the pond and reflecting into the world, but my Inner Voice told me to stay put. My body wanted to move almost all the time, but I held my horses untill the hour was full. And some five minutes before the end quite suddenly I realised I was being rejoined with my other Half, the part that never entered this duality and has been waiting for my return ever since I did, aeons ago. ONE, once again! And I am sure I’m not the only one this happened to! Yes, it IS time to rejoice. :-)))

  6. Hello again beautiful ones!

    I just want to add another note. As the CC’s said, “So step back a little bit and survey your surroundings, and we think you will all find signs of deep relief and indeed release today.” After I wrote my previous comment and read many of your amazing experiences, I stepped outside of my yurt studio to air that had been cleared of the smoke of the fires. Revealed were delightful and joyous cirrus clouds dancing in the blue sky!

    love and blessings to you all! ~Stella

    1. Yesterday, the colors of the nature seemed deeper and brighter to me. I couldn’t take my eyes of the yellow, purple, pink and orange flowers in our little garden.

  7. Thank you so much, everyone. My experience had me slide into the pond with everyone, rather like the crystals in the picture, and from then on it was an hour of swirling blue, many different shades of blue, white and filaments of gold. My cat, Wizard, who often accompanies me on deep meditations, was in my lap the whole time, and that had me open to whatever Sirian Blue being I may have connections with, and I extended that to Arcturus, Andromeda, the Pleiades and Orion. I have never seen any of these beings but know they are there. We all travelled to the centre of the Earth and out, in a figure eight, connecting above and below. Whatever else happened, I cannot recall. I felt tremendous expansion and freedom. I am blessed beyond belief. Thank you, and my deep love to you all. ❤

      1. Haha, you did, Stella, my name is actually Margarita, my surname Wynne… so lawynne (in Spanish, for I live in Mexico) means The Wynne (as in the one and only!). Silly games we play, we ‘humans’! Love to you. ❤

  8. Dear precious Aisha and wondrous ones of the Pond!

    Thank you, Aisha, and the CC’s for this post, it brings tears of gratitude as I write you. I will share my experience of yesterday before I delve into the comments.

    I sat to enter into meditation and connect with the Pond. I connected and experienced this connection through my pelvis, as I often do, a rooted connection to this amazing grid of Light. It is always comforting to connect. I was very open and was consciously opening my physical body as well, to receive and welcome the incoming energies. I asked for and saw the Violet Flame of Transmutation burning with the Silver Flame of Grace and Harmony. My intent was for it to assist in burning/transmuting the dross that arose from this influx of Light. This was for myself, for the Pond, the Earth, and beyond. I have been very aware of the “backlash” of clearing from our bringing in these awesomely beneficent energies of Light and Love. I felt as well that this would assist me in relaxing any physical resistance to receiving and anchoring this transmission of energy.

    Almost immediately there was a sense of pressure to my heart, region of the three fold flame. It was not uncomfortable but noticeable. After a time I felt a huge download of energy; a column of Light pouring into me. I felt warmth. This went into the center of the Earth as well as through me. I welcomed it into every part of my body, even into the depths of my bones, beautiful crystals that they are; then moving outward, radiating. Bubbles start arising in my body and I found myself belching, releasing the dense energies that arose.

    After a time I felt called to listen to a sound meditation done by Tom Kenyon with the Hathors, The Aethos. This sound meditation is the sound of a space of non-duality, no conflict, centered. (For more much more detail on it and/or to download it for free here is the link which I hope works http://tomkenyon.com/the-aethos-sound-meditation) I felt that doing this meditation as part of the gathering brings that vibration of non-duality to all of us in the Gathering, but also to the Earth. Almost immediately after beginning the sound I saw the Great Pyramid of Giza with its capstone highlighted. The sense of connecting with the pyramid for it to radiate out the vibration of Aethos. I did this meditation for 35 minutes. There were some downloads and various cycles of different breathing. Near the end there was a sending it into the core of the Earth. I also sent it out through the mantle of the Earth and through Her tectonic plates to ease the pulls of the Super Moon. After the meditation there was such a sense of calm, stillness, while feeling very alive and awake. Deeply welcome. Deepest gratitude.

    This morning, after reading the post, I realized that in connecting to the Great Pyramid it also connected to the complex of pyramids that grid the Earth, a communication network. How awesome to have the energies and field of non-duality, vibration of much higher dimensions, relayed through the earth plane! WOW! I am humbled.

    The week before this Gathering has been trying indeed as I was overtaken by breathing issues. I found myself with much congestion of lungs and sinuses, asthma symptoms I thought were laid to rest long ago. It was distressing to again have such difficulty breathing. I tend to do much work through my body which helps clear for the collective and knew this was at play again. Yesterday after the Gathering I was in such a state of peace and bliss. My breathing was clear and at peace as well, despite the smoky air from nearby forest fires! Now after the post I can see the analogy of the boil. I can see how much crud, putrification, was being cleared from lung and heart. I could see it being cleared from the Earth’s lungs, including our precious trees that assist us in our breathing.

    Thank you all for your amazing part in this amazing and miraculous journey. There was such a sense of US as I participated in this Gathering. There was such a sense of OUR growing strength and skill. Beautiful HEARTs that you/WE are. Thank you! Waves of Love and Gratitude flowing your way1


    1. Dear Stella, I’m so far behind in reading everyone’s comments here and from the Gathering, but will play catch up. Just wanted to ask you, is your birthday the same as Nancee’s, on August 31st? If so, a much belated Happy Birthday to you, Dear One. xox Lin ❤

    2. Stella, thanks for sharing your experience. It somehow felt like my own experience. Then I thought of course it was because she is also me.

    3. thank you Stella ~ ❤ I felt I was able to really see and feel your essence in this experience you describe here so well, Love, Areeza

    4. Pyramid energy! All these triangles and diamonds. Wow, thank you for sharing. I hope you are breathing well now. Cobra pose helps me with the breathing. ❤

  9. Dear All, I joined last night for the first time. As soon as I tuned in, I immediately felt a deep, borderless peace. First I saw my energetic self as a streaming blob of light surrounded by other light-blobs (you!!!). Then I got image after image of turtles – I was the turtle, enjoying an unhurried and peaceful existence. Turtle in Native American traditions is Mother Earth, wisdom, protection, heaven/middle/underworld, and much more. The wisdom of one’s own true pace.
    This is clearly what we all need in these crazy-busy times; turtle-energy to unite with the slower pace of Mother Earth, the deep feminine. We, humanity and the Earth too, are suffering from a toxic overdose of yang energy. If our Gathering made an opening for all of us to return to the peace of Turtle/Great Mother energy, then I am deeply moved. My mind cannot grasp it at all!
    Love to all,
    Golden Eagle Feather

    1. ” If our Gathering made an opening for all of us to return to the peace of Turtle/Great Mother energy, then I am deeply moved.”

      So am I. Thank you ❤

      Love & light ❤


  10. So inspiring to read about the experiences around the Pond. I want to share mine too:) First were semi unconscious agreements/plans being made in the nights prior. The sunday Gathering for me started in front of a big Shiva statue i Bangalore. I asked to join the Gathering and connect to the Pond. I also asked for permission to be a flowing channel for the love, light and thruth energy. I was then asked if I could handle the power being connected during the day? I said yes:) The power of the blue and purple energy was STRONG!!! I was almost actually literally falling into the Pond behind me (laughs). The day was amazing filled with laughter and joy, everything was at the right place at the right time. In the evening I reconnected with the Pond and the Gathering. Then we were Gathering around the pond like an orchestra where everyone play their own instrument in the tune of love. We started making a childs game, in Sweden its called Raketen:) basically everyone clap their hands faster and faster, finishing off sounding like fireworks and shouting. Dancing. I felt we were building up energy and celebrating together. I experienced various other scenes flashing by, visions of building new powerplants, bridges and cleansing. I was practicing how to cleanse and heal. A lot was going on and I probably forgot half of it… It will take some days to fully sink in. Goodnight and sleep tight wherever you are:) Linneanna

    1. I love love love the heart we all are explaining and the play that is being described. Our children’s spirit is flowing wonderfully. Seem like we are set to En-Joy this next phase. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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