Welcome to the September Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 7

Dear family of light! This Sunday, at 21:00 Oslo time, it is once more time for another Gathering around the Pond. I think many of you can agree that the energies have already intensified, and it looks like we are in for another powerful event. This is what the CCs have to say about it:

“Once again you stand before one of your wonderful get-togethers when the collective energies that you represent once more will be brought to fruition in a very new way. For many of you, this will be another chance to dive ever deeper into this wonderful pool of amassed light, while for others, it will be the first time they venture out into this shimmering Pond of energetic filaments, all woven together into a harmonic whole, one that resonates far and wide. For as you come together, you ignite another level of this huge and complex energetic construction, and as we have told you beforehand, every single instance of these get-togethers is firmly anchored in the previous ones, and so, what you bring into this pool of light every time you connect like this, will be unlike anything you have attached to it before.

And so too it is with what you take out from it, for this is in every way a reciprocal event, one where the energies are circulating constantly, and not a one way street at all. For what you put into it is fairly small compared to what you can take with you as a parting gift when this connective event starts to sizzle out. For even if this is an event that stretches out over considerable more time and indeed space than you perhaps can imagine, it is also an isolated event in that it serves a very distinct purpose, and now, this time around, you will all be brought to a very new level as you simultaneously serve to bring the whole to another phase of this frequential processing. And so it is a pleasure for us to invite you all to connect once again, and to all those coming here with their brilliantly shining light for the very first time, it is indeed an extra delight for us to be able to welcome you as well. For you all come to this space when you feel called to do so, so again, nothing is left to chance, and everything happens when the time is right for it to do so.

So again we say find some time to congratulate yourself for doing what you do and for being who you are. You are shining examples of souls who have come to this planet in order to make a huge difference, not just in their own lives, but in the lives of every single human being currently inhabiting this blue planet of yours. And as you all know so well by now, you will all contribute mightily to the task at hand, whether or not you carry with you any clear recollection of it afterwards. For you are not here by chance, dear ones, you are here by design, and an intelligent one at that, and so, whatever it is that you are here to carry out, it is a project of the greatest importance, and one that will have an even greater impact than you can imagine. And now, you all come together with one single purpose in mind, to boost the effects of these energies in a way that you have not done before.

For make no mistake, this too will be an event of majestic proportions, and it in turn will link into a whole lineup of similar events, all taking place on both sides of the veil during the same time frame. For now, you have once more come to a fork in the road, and once more, you have chosen to take the lane of fast forward, and as such, the push you will all give during the proceedings this upcoming Sunday will result in a mighty push back, one that will indeed help to propel you all even faster forward. And not only that, it will also serve to ignite some other “booster rockets” out there as well. So hang on to your hats as they say, for we think you will all find that the speed and action of this upcoming event may take you all a little bit by surprise, even if you come well prepared. So once again we say thank you to each and every one of you for allowing yourself to be immersed in this wondrous river of light, and if it were not for you, this river would have become a far more sluggish one a long time ago. So remember to take some time to connect with your center beforehand, for that will help to make this Sunday’s trip an even more enjoyable one.”



I am so looking forward to connect with you all, both all of the seasoned “veterans” of these Gatherings but also those of you who take part for the very first time! I can already feel the “boost” from these energies, and I am certain that we will all benefit from what we help to activate during this Gathering. I just had to use this photo of the quartz vein my sister and I returned to again and again when we visited our parents two weeks ago, for I think it is a wonderful representation of us. Just like this shimmering crystalline substance, we have emerged and made our way out into the open, pushing through layer after layer of dense and dark rock. And now, we are shining brightly for all to see, and the light we carry with us is pouring out and interacting with the Sun, the air and the water and everything else that surrounds us. I thank you all for being a part of this field of light, and I am so grateful to once again be allowed to welcome you all to another powerful manifestation of our combined energies.

With love, light and eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

Here are some examples of local time that corresponds with 21:00 Oslo time:

London: 20:00

Helsinki: 22:00

Sao Paulo: 04:00 PM

New York: 03:00 PM

El Paso: 01:00 PM

Los Angeles: 12:00 PM

Singapore: 03:00 AM Monday

Tokyo: 04:00 AM Monday

Sydney: 05:00 AM Monday

You can find your local time here: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

As always, you can do this whenever you feel it is best for you. All you need to do, is to sit down and connect with this energy with an intention of being a part of this Gathering.

651 thoughts on “Welcome to the September Gathering around the Pond, Sunday September 7

  1. My “musings” are always SHINY, because they are present and aware.
    Last night I meditated for good good 50 minutes on various topics that interest me very much.
    1 – There were a few (as we will be in Crete October 19?) In the center of the Pond and in our midst, white light.
    Then, the central light is transformed into heat, surrounded by “dark figures”.
    Only at the end of the meditation I thought about this fact extravagant and unusual and I wondered where they were the “white figures” which usually saw.
    And so the white figures literally explode around the central light, but I’m back to a very high figure with brown coat and the “white figures” send the beams and beams of light.
    I experience myself, out of my hands, as did others.
    Thinking that this was the “task assigned” to this Gathering, I have finished my meditation.
    3 – About the Spheres of Light (see Philip Wade), this is the explanation-reason that I was given: “The Spheres are energy systems that serve to hone your individual potential. You need to learn how to use the Spheres to get the information you need. Spheres are tools for that, like any other instrument, are personal and are manifested and realized in a way suitable to each person. ”
    A bright and smiling hug to all Ponders! … 🙂 …


      1. There is something speciel with number 8 for me too and yesterday when I looked at pictures from ducks that swam near the shore, I saw that they formed eights with seaweed as they swam in. Very cool;)

        Love ❤


      2. ❤ Wishing you a happy birthday, too, Adele!! … and a happy birthday New Year that will knock your socks off with JOYful Abundance. 😀 ❤ xo Lin

    1. Thank you Adele for your story!

      There is some similarities in my experience to what you tell but I do not quite understand what it is. It is more like a feeling.

      I had a brown long, old-fashioned cloak on me when I sow in the field and the white figures who very quickly came in and overturned the tombstone did not feel quite ok – but they did not feel malicious to me either – just strange strangers. They wanted to act before I reacted. Wondered if they were disguised figures …

      Love & light ❤


      1. Dear B,
        I had read here on your experience you told us …
        Other times I have had the knowledge, during my meditation, to see situations with others Ponders had to be resolved.
        As well last night, “I knew” that it was the duty of “other Ponders” address and resolve.
        We are all aware that, by joining forces, we help the “light” to take root and, at the same time, we help ourselves to evolve in our journey of realization soul!
        No situation that we see, or that we live in everyday life, it is frightening to us!
        We need to have a deep conviction that EVERYTHING is consistent and good in the great universal puzzle!
        A hug smiling. … 🙂 …

        1. Thanks Adele!

          I find it very interesting to be a part of this puzzle – and nothing frightens me any longer. We are all blessed to be cooperating and co-creating and on this sacred journey 🙂

          Love & light ❤


        2. I enjoy reading your comments so much. I feel these comments help me.us get the energetics about us, We see light and yes, web around our globe is what I see and the purplish, bluish white iridescence I am not supposed to see but do, and this light is subtle, but is being picked up by my camera I think.

          Like Kurlian photos showing plant auras. Philip for years I joked that I’d like getting around like Belinda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz~
          There is definitely a lovely lightness in the air. ❤ Monica 🙂

          1. Dear Monica,
            as we say today … Constant Companions
            “You CAN NOT go back!
            Thanks to the intervention of Ponders, the festering wound that takes eons to serious illness in the whole of humanity, was opened … and is purging all its fetid pus! ”
            A hug smiling. … 🙂 …

      2. Hello dear B. I don’t usually notice time stamps, but the 11:11 on your message was very apparent to me and even before I read your post, the words “give this information more attention” bubbled up. ❤ With so much love ❤

        1. Oh – nice 🙂 I didn´t notice but during the last year these kind of number combinations show up all the time 🙂

          Thank you Anita – much love back to you too ❤


  2. My experience started whilst out on the moors earlier in the day. Sue and I had gone out for few hours to a place called Brimham rocks and as I lay on the rocks I knew I had connected. Our dog went scurrying off and I as rose to see where she was going I suddenly realised there was a purple (and you could say Purple/Blue) light everywhere and I mean everywhere – eyes open. The eyes/brain quickly edited it out as not what ‘should’ be there but it was. I had a few more flashes of it after that.

    In the evening it was just a deep sense of pure connection. No visuals. Just connection to ALL. Beautiful.

    In the night there was endless transmutations passing by or through or I was observing that all was completely non-personal.

    Blessings, Philip ❤

    1. Good morning Philip!
      During my connection to the Pond, about the Spheres of Light (see Philip Wade), this is the explanation-reason that I was given: “The balls are energy systems that serve to hone your individual potential. You need to learn how to use the balls to get the information you need. Balls are tools for that, like any other instrument, are personal and are manifested and realized in a way suitable to each person. “

      1. Works for me Adele … we are Spheres Of Light (consciousness) and we experience things in the way that is perfect for us in the moment. Philip ❤

      2. I call them ‘my light serving balls’. 🙂 they are always around,,, simply awaiting instruction from us

    2. Thanks Philip!

      I think there was much happening unconsciously throughout the night for me as well and it ended in a wonderful dream (with personal content) in the morning when I went back to sleep.

      I feel so different and physically tired today. But very satisfied 🙂

      Love ❤


  3. I had a funny night.
    Ron wrote to me „Mausi“ (Mousie) and as I layed laughing on the back, I saw about ½ meter above me a kind of black and white ,field ‘.
    I saw it with closed eyes and when I touched it with my physical hands it prickled strong. It was just after midnight

    Then I saw again the marshmallow-kiss-beings, they elongated and twisted together.

    ☼ + ♡ = ◇

    Ich hatte eine lustige Nacht.
    Ron schrieb mir „Mausi“ und als Ich mich lachend auf den Rücken legte, sah Ich ca. ½ Meter über mir eine Art schwarz–weißes ‚Feld’.
    Ich sah es mit geschlossenen Augen und als Ich es mit meinen physischen Händen berührte kribbelte es stark. Es war kurz nach Mitternacht.

    Danach sah Ich wieder die Schaumkuss–Wesen, sie zogen sich in die Länge und drehten sich gemeinsam.

    Heart Greetings
    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

  4. Today I went to a Spiritual Centre for my 3rd visit. Afterwards two friends asked to join me for the Gathering so off to the beach (lake) we went… sitting there in a small public place for 30 mins. It was the best meditation time I’ve experienced in a long time. Otmn perhaps I was colouring in the lines and shapes on the grid during part of it because the trees kept appearing in the most brilliant greens… the sky so blue and the clouds so whisky and white. Many times I’d be drawn into the clouds and sky to find myself minutes later in the ocean/lake? depths. The sun must have been shining through as the rocks were lit up in golden hues of brown from the growth on them. I travelled above the trees and looked up from beneath them. It was a continuing change of vivid colours. (This is exciting as I usually sleep in meditations.) I remember calling in my friends and Ponders in Australia from their dreams as it’s EARLY there… Maria, Elle, Kathy and Paul. I reached out to as many Ponders whose names I could recall to help anchor myself in the Pond energy so I thank you all for being a part of my experience. For a few moments I saw little “ice” gingerbread people all lined up touching hands… otherwise I was happily alone… yet I didn’t feel alone. The sound of gentle waves from the lake about 15′ away made a beautiful backdrop of music.

    My friends had uplifting experiences also. I talk about the Pond often to them and they were happy to join with us. Tomorrow I begin my journey back to Kamloops to visit then I’ll drive to the Coast through the mountains on Wed. There I will visit and dance with my sister again. I might visit the Island and my grandsons. I have cancelled this trip twice but somehow it took on life of its own so I will go. Please send energy of wakefulness… I have been falling asleep at the wheel again lately… often as a passenger.

    I feel a momentum building within… what for I’m not sure of yet. I continue to wait fairly patiently for my daughter’s life to take on direction so that I am freed to move on in my own direction… or officially move in here to help with the mortgage.

    The door is open to study with the “Science of Mind” Spiritual Centre here. (http://csl.org Kenn Gordon is the leader here in Kelowna B.C. I see his face on the right side of the link.) I was asked through a personal channeled message from a group in Spirit about 3 years ago to get special credits so that I could work with teens. This is the first ‘door’ I’ve seen that could be linked to that request. The classes start in two weeks. I am asking for confirmation before I sign up for any. I do know that when I stopped resisting visiting this centre (I kicked and screamed hard my first time as it felt like I was returning to my past church life) I started feeling very good inside… and STRONG when I was there. I realized today that I loved gathering with others and it was the ‘christian type religion’ I promised myself never to return to. I felt my energy going out and enlivening the singing time today… of course I was practically dancing in my spot 🙂 My argument with ‘spirit’ that I am now 62 and past the age of pursuing courses that take 4 years to reach ‘practitioner’ levels are being ignored. I almost feel that they are laughing about it. A part of me resists joining any ‘group’ yet I love being part of the Pond. May clarity come on this subject.

    Just reading through some of your experiences and I must get back to packing so that I get a good sleep. I am most curious about what this trip will bring forth.

    OHHH: My friend and I drove up in the mountains yesterday, spread a blanket/chairs in a thicket of trees and played our djembes together… a first for me! Today after the Gathering/lunch we visited a Japanese gardens and the huge coy gathered beneath me on the bridge. When I moved to the other side they followed. I am excited by the energies building in such a positive way during this full moon rising!!
    Love, Nancee
    p.s. I didn’t mean to type so much. Perhaps it is time for me to return to my blog writing!

  5. don’t you know?
    there is no coming and going
    we are all one we are all a little piece of god
    we are gathered, what use of a gathering when we are all here all the time, anyway?
    welcome to those who are now awakening, hurrah
    i can’t move the damn thing without your help

    my gathering experience started with a cacophony of others asking me questions
    then i saw two black funnel clouds that were trying to descend upon the light web you call a pond
    to me it looks more like a net, anyway
    the black vortexes became frustrated and annoyed tht they could not penetrate the light
    we scared them

    meanwhile back on the farm i just took 10 minutes to take care of my dogs
    and myself
    but then isaw things i have no words for
    geometric things
    phillip i saw globules of light
    sorry kid, (you announced your age the other day, you will always be a little kid to me) it was more like the things one sees in a lava lamp than it looked like spheres.
    strange things happened which go far beyond words
    it ended up with the whole world covered in a net/mesh of light.
    we have completed the entire web
    now we cannot be lost
    it is only left to do that we color it
    so hey kids, try to go slowly and carefully fill in the colors with your crayons?
    the lines have been drawn.

    shake it off
    i see for the first time what my fingers write at the same time that you do
    i am astounded at myself.
    no, i am not possessed
    i just let them borrow my fingers and keyboard sometimes.

    1. Ahhhh…but the ‘Light’ will fill in All the colors….more than We can possibly imagine !….The web part was our responsibility…..Thanks & Smooches to You Otmn….do hope your BEEs are back to BEing your Loving gentle friends again !……Bev~

      1. thanx
        the bees are doing fine, i was just talking with her just before sundown, you do know about the hive mind? i hope
        the hive is a single entity even though it has thousands of independent individuals
        sort of like us, maybe?
        so when you connect with one bee you are connected to all
        try to stay inside the lines

        1. Oh Yes I do understand….like when one BEE comes across a great find of pollen laden flowers she/he goes back to the hive & gives all the exact directions to the others….can be even miles away…so Amazing !….Love your mind !….Bev~

    2. Possessed? Oh no – you are openhearted – and I appreciate it 🙂
      (You taught me to be restrictive with the word “Love” in your case ;)))

      Smooth my dear friend!!!


    3. Nice one Otmn… and I used to be called the Milky Bar Kid by my elder sisters when I was younger… may be I could go by the name The Milky Way Kid now with all this talk of the Great White Way from Areeza, Forest Joy and I!!! 😀

      1. Philip! i have dreamed a couple of times lately of milky bars. So you are the lovely soul who hands them out! lol

  6. after….
    its about 4:04 and I just got inside to get a drink of iced tea. I hear “go out now and find your nature gift”.
    I went out to the side of my house to find a white, hairy caterpillar on a large stone. I went right to it! It had light lime green/yellow body.
    to bed now…. so sleepy…
    Love to All

    1. Dear Breeze, I have been hearing and seeing souls joining a Great White Way for 12 days now. I have watched as a great white spiral formed and continues growing. These and more souls join the tail as it swirls and extends longer and longer. There are old and new souls. I see and hear them come from the depths of the Earth and was told they are all that have lived. They are all still awakening….present, present, and new, All Souls forming this GREAT WHITE WAY. There are great Spirits and Masters, angels and other lights and beings. They are singing and weaving in and out of the human and hueman souls. Riding on the head of the swirl is a woman smiling and waving all on. “Come on”‘, SHE hollers, “Come on.” SHE is the one who carried me like a babe over the Rainbow Bridge” back in early 2013 when we experienced that glorious day. Only this time she is wearing a short very deep blue almost black shirt waist dress adorned with gold stars and trimmed with gold bands. The sleeves are like short wings.

      Yesterday, I was caught up in it, this Great White Way. Amorphous and swirling like clouds it formed all around me, through me, and with me. There I met God Almighty. I remember telling Great One, “All I want is to stay here forever in your presence.” Then I remembered all on and Earth herself and all the beauty and did not WANT to leave it all behind. Ah, I did not half to. We are always there in the Great White Way.

      Loving you all, Forest Joy

        1. ” There are old and new souls. I see and hear them come from the depths of the Earth and was told they are all that have lived. They are all still awakening….present, present, and new, All Souls forming this GREAT WHITE WAY. There are great Spirits and Masters, angels and other lights and beings.”

          So fascinating that there are all others before us on that Great White Way as well. Maybe that’s why they overturned my son’s headstone ….

          Love ❤


      1. OMG another Great White Way… I saw this after my post about the Great White Artists (something below) – surely we were seeing the same thing! Philip ❤

    2. I’m very struck by the words The Great White Way for the other night I was given a very similar phrase… The Great White Artists… (something) I can’t remember the something word… though looking at yours it could be ‘way’ – sounds to pointing to exactly the same thing! ❤

      By the way (that word again) I don't know if you saw my note to say I had invoked SOL IS re highest good for Crete for you following your permission. Philip ❤

  7. >part 2<
    The channel has changed
    The dove takes to flight
    Every One, Every Thing will celebrate the Great white way
    Saw white crystals placed high in mountain tops
    people picking up star dropped crystals
    saw us all holding hands sitting around a large white crystal pyramid – swinging, swaying clockwise around it.
    Caroline – saw your lovely smile 🙂 your eyes were closed. I think I was to the left of you.
    Caught Tijen's smiling eyes across from me – and many others I wanted to focus on but our movement at that moment became more Tribal like as the pyramid started glowing. Our arms out straight – hands on each others wrists – still sitting in a circle – heads tilted upward now – eyes closed. All Smiling.
    A sound is present – oo wahh – oo wahh – oo wahh – oo wahh
    Then we settle to a slow hummmm
    Pyramid formed under the ground – facing down into Earth – bottom connected to the above ground one.
    Light from the tips – one deep into Earth's core – other high up to 'Prime resonating Creator'. All one resonance together
    Now, the light is shooting out like a matrix grid connecting all Prime, Core resonating Crystals in All planets & stars
    Then the lighted pathways (connecting all this) appear larger with openings like worm holes – ah, for travel.
    The Doves are now flying thru them – the missionary messengers (those wonderful harbingers!) This is the Great white way I hear again.
    Follow it – flow with it's essence – resonate with it. Keep to the Great white way – it will never burn out. Wherever you are, it is there too. It will build from here.

    1. Hey dear lovely Areeza, it’s so great to be part of your vision. Thanks for inviting me to it. What you’re telling is so beautiful. And funnily, I hummm… Humming breath, I learned in India, calms me and my breath so when I’m trying to concentrate on smth (even sleep), I practice it. And I did it at the beginning of the gathering. I wonder if you heard that?

  8. I think I will type my raw notes. I was so sleepy. Most of today I was in this odd sleepy state. The day started out with my feeling very angry. Irritated by just about everything. Messiness in the house, u name it. I could not contain it. Settled down about noon time.
    So when I saw outside for the gathering, pen and pad in hand here is what came out of it:
    The Great White Way
    Pendulum swinging hard back and forth
    Many making the momentum stronger and stronger with their movements
    Evening out
    Erasing past and future
    there is only now, there is only now, there is only now
    Spot on
    Freshen up
    This is the Great white way
    Sing the freedom song – heard many church bells ?
    saw myself inside coiling, spiraling light cords
    slowly moving and I am suspended in it floating upward into the star light above
    now going head over heals still suspended inside the coiling light – around and around in it like a wheel turning – spinning wheel of light rolling in space.
    I wondered where everyone else was – I saw only me – silently in my own experience
    It/my container then looked more to be a Star
    I see the floating white sea foam from Aisha’s picture — the Great white way I hear again.
    As above, so below, as above, so below
    And it is done this day – the path is cleared – a new wind steers the stars
    Wind of freedom
    Everything Knows, Everything Knows (my cat crys out at this moment – the sound of crickets seems very loud – and oh so Joyfully, the Wind kicks up!!)
    The wind actually turned the notebook page – to the fresh, next page….
    >end part 1<

    1. Thanks Areeza!

      “I wondered where everyone else was – I saw only me – silently in my own experience”

      That´s my feeling/experience too, everything was so quiet and calm – nothing bad or sad about it. Still a lot of intensity.

      Love ❤


  9. I started feeling the energies yesterday and felt them very strongly throughout the day today. I had challenges in front of me today but they were handled with a loving acceptance that seems to be more and more a part of my identity. I tried to follow Aisha’s format and sink myself into the pond and float. I felt peace and love. It was very beautiful and I enjoyed the feeling. I am new to the pond but not to energy and this form of receiving the energies appeals to my sense of loving nature and the peacefulness that exists within her. Thank you all for your participation in a very loving experience and for sharing your energies with me. Namaste.

  10. I too saw us performing music together and organizing some of the finest orchestras in the world, I started out lying down on my futon in my room and I heard orchestrations of music and choirs and us all together at the Clam Shell or the Hatch where the BSO performs summer concerts. .. in Boston near the Charles River and we were singing and dancing and the crowd went wild with us. We touched our crystal diamond together and we soared like angels in the sky, tumbling around like bubbles, like big toy clowns blown up as in Romper Room years ago, the program many of us watched in kindergarten.

    I saw Aisha and Tijen coordinating shots of live video feeds from other parts of the world all adding their strings and orchestras and choral groups and men, women and children were singing and dancing as the live video feeds harmonized under their direction. Breeze was there too, a core group of East coasters were there and everyone looked marvelous!

    It was AWESOME~

    1. Monica,
      I’m so glad to be part of your vision.
      You were in mine, in the form of endless love.
      Thank you my dear. (And you made me miss my Boston so much. I spent some of my best days there.) ❤

  11. Dear Friends!

    Before I went down to the Pond I sowed seeds on a field in the way my dad used to do sometimes; seeds in a basket on my stomach and threw a handful to the right and left alternately. In the end, I threw up the rest and let them spread by the wind. It felt peacefully while I was influenced very emotional and my tears ran constantly. Felt a pressure on my head almost like a headache.

    Then I went down to the pond and sat down, hugged bixie and thanked for her explanation (before the gathering) and it was very quiet all around. Mirror blank water and large full moon reflected in the water. Suddenly some men in white overalls came running, they overturned the tombstone for my son’s grave and like chopped off something around the edges. I hesitated whether I should allow them to do this but did not really reflect before they disappeared again. I got a sense that they came from a UFO or similar. They came again and did something else as well but I can not remember what they did.

    When I looked up, only 15 minutes of the gathering had passed but it had been very intense and I was really tired. Apparently everyone else was too because I saw you all lie stretched out on the ground around the pond and everything was quiet. I lay down on my couch and slept for 10 minutes and when I woke up it felt like it was a hive of activity amongst you again. Saw a picture of empty shelves and cabinets that it can look like when you move out of an apartment.

    I have felt tired and nauseous afterwards and am still affected.

    This was a strange experience where I can recognize a lot of Alex’ story. Last night, I sent a picture of a spider web to Aisha with the Web Master in the middle. That photo has meant a lot to me and I photographed it 7 years ago. It was long before I knew I would be involved in this web of light 🙂

    Love & light ❤


      1. Yes – and I´m feeling more strong than ever lately 🙂 Life is waiting for us – go for it 🙂

        Huge hug to you my lovely web master who spins your net all over the world ❤


      1. Dear Kalle!

        I tend to mostly not experience much during the gatherings – so this time it was very rare what I experienced.

        Sometimes I think it is the best thing for me to fall asleep for a while – who knows what’s going on anyway ;)))

        I hope everything will work out easy for you regarding the India trip 🙂

        Thank you for your reaching out to me 🙂

        Love, light & joy ❤


    1. B,
      I’m speechless. How special.
      It sure was an intense experience for you.
      My love is with you, always, always.
      Hugging you, tightly

  12. Also wanted to say that I also look forward to being able to read the community comments, videos and songs and view the art work on this site. What an amazing community and resource. Thank you Aisha for being the focalizer for this!

  13. Dear family of light! WOW – how can I describe my Gathering? The two things that stand out the most was such a sense of exuberance and joy on one level, while the other one was the feeling of the energies, unlike anything I have ever felt before. It was as if it was so “pure” it did not feel like a vibration, it just WAS. So at times I was really enjoying myself with a whole group of Ponders, one time I “saw” us playing a fast game of ice hockey, another time we were riding in an open car, at one time I even heard the pop of champagne bottle being opened. I also “saw” us all on a stage, holding hands, and one line of people at the time came to the front to receive applause from the spectators and the others on stage. It was FUN! Then, I felt myself going UP, like I was in an elevator of light, I was not alone this time either. This was a completely different atmosphere, totally silent, I just WAS in this amazing energy, and I saw myself and others as bluish white light beings, looking a bit like tall, slender flames coming together as one. I also remember lifting my “hand” and placing my palm flat onto another hand, like I was standing in front of a mirror, except there were three of us and our hands just melted together as one. I can still see those large, dark, beautiful eyes in a face that was all light, and when I looked at them, I knew that I looked just the same. What a wonderful Gathering this was – thank you to each and every one of you for adding your light, your joy and your magic to it!
    With eternal gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Magical…..Yes !…..& Confirmation that our hopes & wishes will BE manifested with each step we make in Saving~Loving Mother-Earth !
      Thank You Dear Light Sister !….Love, Bev~

  14. Ahh, Aisha and fellow pond divers, this was my first time formally diving in the pond with all of you/us. From deep in the heart of Boston I came. I’m just out of the hospital from a successful surgical event – but have not been able to enjoy the outdoors. I’m home now recuperating.
    Wow, I splashed down into the clear refreshing water. The big blue sky overhead poured high vibrational streamers of light, love and community. Ahhhh, I bathed, splashed, dove, expanded and was cleansed from the city dwelling / hospital tones that needed to be released!
    Deep nature, beloved Mother Gaia, Ocean, Father Sky, gathering of us all. So expansive. I felt the cleansing high vibrational energies descend from my crown and make its way through all my chakras. My ‘wound’ area was especially and lovingly caressed, bathed, held and invited to be lifted up into this new day of ‘anything is possible’.
    I then sat in the sun, feeling the sunkissed rocks under me. My face and body warmed by sparkling rays of light and my whole body and being held in a near breathless ‘Ohhhh’ of being surrounded by the beauty of nature and all of us.
    I so needed vast / deep nature. This day I physically could not get to it. How wonderful to have this new venue of adventure and community! I love you all and thank you for the wonderful welcome! Love, Grace

  15. Dear sisters and brothers,
    I want to write my feelings before reading other experiences.
    My intention was to contribute what I have to/can contribute and receive whatever I have to receive. I didn’t try to see/feel/experience anything, I just let myself BE.
    I’m talking to you from my heart.
    And my heart is the heart of the creation.
    My sisters, my brothers,
    There is only LOVE.
    And LOVE is the key to everything, everything.
    It was pure joy, pure bliss.
    Hope you felt my love to you.
    I’m so grateful for this.
    And I just let myself BE.
    Accept love, once more realized that I AM LOVE.
    That’s all I can say.
    I love all of you so much.
    It was really beautiful.
    I’m so high now.

    1. Bless You and thank you with all of my Heart dearest Aisha. I follow you with such gratitude. I am so grateful to be here on this beautiful Earth on this amazing journey. With love, Elizabeth

      1. Dear Elizabeth, I am so delighted to have the opportunity to welcome you to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and to this Gathering!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Thank you all for sharing/accepting my love. After last nights ecstatic feeling, I couldn’t fall asleep. It took me a long time to sleep. For a while I thought of staying awake but had to sleep to be able to go to the farmers’ market early in the morning. At night, when I woke up, these words came to my mind: PURIFYING LOVE SHOWERS. I bet it is purifying. It was a special experience. Sorry I didn’t see anyone during the gathering but I didn’t have to since you were all in me anyways.

  16. NoticE tHERE was a SPIKE in SuN act-.I.V.-ity while WE were sitting aROUND the PonD … 1 + 1 = ThrEE = ” C ” … third eYe, to SEE IN )))

    here is screen shot of from the GOES x-RAY FluX )))

    … our sit st-ART-ed at 1900 )))


  17. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I think because the moon is so close to full and I am in my moon as I thought about the pond last night and the meditation, I was drawn already to the shores of the pond and many others were as well. Instantly I was sucked under the earth next to the shore where the blessed waters and earth meld as if being dipped like a candy apple into caramel. We all surfaced, completely coated in mud from top to bottom, everyone looking the same and we simply stood there, drying in the beautiful heat of the sun. It was as if two things were occurring–firstly it was like the earth was detoxifying our bodies and infusing us with minerals and energies that we needed to finalize our transformation into our new beingness and also because the earth was drying on our surface, it fostered stillness–now is the time to open up to the stillness of the universe, it is a time for Beingness and not doingness…

    Over the last week or so a huge barn spider has come to live by our light over the garage. Her presence to me, as an animal totem represents the weaver of worlds, the creator of the new. What was interesting about her was she placed her web perfectly and after weaving it all she had to do was sit still and her food came to her. While this is generally true of most spiders, this one had the perfect placement and what she needed flowed abundantly to her. I felt this was a strong message for us all to listen to our intuition and know that we will be placed on our paths exactly where we need to be in order to receive what our souls and high hearts desire.

    When I was preparing to enter the meditation today, I started to think about just how many souls would be present from our current reality and their placement on the planet and how we were all joining with one heart to be in this sacred space that we have created along with spirit. It felt vast just on a human level, then understanding that ancestors, soul families, guides, animal totems, all the deva’s, kingdoms and elementals would also be present along with the legions of heaven! Such joy!

    When I dipped into the pond today, expecting to find us all drying in the sun by the pond, I was surprised to find myself in a dark tunnel and at the end was a starry night as far as the eye could see, with millions of stars and the moon overshadowing a very small pond. The light reflected beauty as if silver shimmered across the top of the water, and as I looked up, there was my spider friend, only she was enormous and I knew tied to the indigenous history of creation of our world.

    She was dark but sparkled with points of light as she methodically weaved a giant web over the top of the earth. It was vast and filled with points of light, but she then made connections to secure it, finding purchase in the hearts of each of us who were then present, still drying in our new earth mud. She worked ceaselessly for what seemed like eons and also seconds as she connected us all in the stillness of our hearts together.

    When she was done, as if on cue, we each started to sing our soul notes and with that action and choice the gossamer anchoring chords of the web, to our hearts set to vibrating and the giant web, the crystalline grid that surrounds our planet set to vibrate in undulating waves, as if sine waves.

    As this occurred another cord dropped out of our hearts, to the center of the pond and braided together as one, diving deep below the pond and through the giant crystal that Aisha had placed there. It went down deep and anchored into the crystalline heart of our divine mother Sophia-Gaia. Another cord dropped out of our hearts and stretched upwards to join togehter and braid together, glowing with light and I feel intuitively intersecting at our Sun Saboath and then flowing up to the central sun Alcyone. I wish I could find an image to represent it, but after reading others bring up octahedrons and pyramids, imagine something like that but with a giant spider web bisecting it.

    When all connections were made and all were singing their own unique soul tone the entire sacred geometry created began to spin…and faster and faster and then the term centrifuge came to my knowing and as we spun faster and faster all that no longer served us was spun out of our beings. We sang louder and louder and the tone reached the point where it shattered all the dried mud off of our beings and we presented as shining beings of light, newly born, completely clean and pure.

    That which did not serve us was scattered upon the surface of the spider web and the giant spider quickly and lovingly spun these things into silk cocoons and ingested them, returning them to pure positive energy. When the web was completely clean, the spinning changed a bit as the whole shape started to spiral upwards in a cork screw action as a host of light beings joined to pull the earth one octave higher. Even our soul notes, which are are signatures were now expressed in a higher octave. And then, it was complete.

    WE then celebrated, enjoying delicious food, each feeding another and dancing and singing and laughing with joy! I felt that we will be able to sense and feel energy on a much more subtle and interpretive level and additionally feel much more drawn to and interactive with the cycles and messages of our blessed mother Sophia! Whoot!

    Much love to you all! Alex

    1. … so M-anY sp-ID-er-S aROUND my hOUSe riGht nOw ))))
      … seeing so man-Y waves in the clouds NOW toooooo )))

      ha ha … oysters from the PO-ND )))
      A-WE-SO-ME !!!! – )))

    2. I just want to say Alex – OMG
      you will read my own experience and see why this is so cool
      I would be hardly able to contain the energy this brings in such a connective – home spun way 🙂 to my own heart — if it were not that I truly am exhausted… but I keep wanting to read everyone’s experiences.
      thank you so much my sister in the Light of the silvery moon!!! ❤ ❤
      and… to the spider…smoochy kisses for a sweet night too

      1. Breezie baby, as I went to go outside tonight and put the grill away I opened the door and there, hanging in front of my face was the giant lady barn spider! I took her gently and put her in a safe spot…but another sign that this message was powerful and true! We are weaving worlds! 🙂 hugs and rest my dear! Alex

    3. Tremendous Vision !…..I wonder how many more of us had ‘Light Weavers’ enter our thoughts today !….this is also a reflection of my day…as well as a photo taken this afternoon & seems appropriate to post it here with you Dear Alex !….& Thank You Aisha for hosting another wonderful Gathering !………..Love, Bev~

      ~Light Weaver~
      ~Light Weaver~

      1. Today I imagined myself as this busy confident little Spider & I envisioned us All Weaving rainbows of healing strands of creation energy through Sun & Light unto & around Mother-Earth keeping her Safe, Loved & Protected !

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