A short update on the energies

As the time changes, you too are accelerating your growth in every direction. And so, as night becomes day and you awaken, what you will find will be something very different from the day before. Let us explain. By now, you have grown accustomed to this ever increasing speed of light, and so, as you continue to hurtle ever onwards, carried forth by this increasing flood of light, you will find yourself as if new, almost from one moment to the next. And so it is in every aspect and in every way. For you are no longer those pillars of petrified matter you used to be. No, now you are shimmering, omnipresent fields of energy that continuously transforms as these energies continue to shift at an ever increasing rate. So now, here is no good in looking back, for if you do, you will not only become dizzy because of the speed, but you would also lose sight of that horizon that comes zooming ever closer. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that bygones are bygones, and now, these bygones keep accumulating at an ever increasing rate.

For as you speed ahead, what was your truth only a moment ago is no longer that. For you are evolving so fast, you will have a hard time trying to fix a grip on what is, for this will no longer be the next moment. And so, this flux continue to pick up speed, and so too do you, and even if this will leave you grasping at straws at times trying to keep it all together, your best bet would be simply to allow yourself to let go completely. And so, you continue to grow, in rapid spurts and in all directions. For here is still so much of you to embrace, and for every second of the day now, you continue to widen you grasp on just who it is you really are, and why it is you came here in the first place.

So allow this growth to unfold, even if it may leave you feeling as if you are falling into pieces. For you are not, you are simply beginning to encompass yourself completely, step by step and piece by piece. And even if you at times will become less that convinced that you are making progress, you cannot fail in advancing now. For the pressure from this light is making every particle of your being vibrate in response, and it is vibrating at such a rate, it can no longer be contained. So your growth will indeed continue to accelerate, as this light itself will, and together you will break through any resistance there still might be. For you are indeed an unstoppable force of nature now, and not only that, you are also a part of the nature that is evolving at the same speed as you, and so too in this do you have a formidable ally.

So again we say know that all is well even when you yourself fail to make heads or tails of anything at all. For we can see the full picture, and what we see, would make your hearts sing out in rapture too. For you are magnificent dear ones, as you continue to push ever onwards, building up momentum with every breath you take. So keep on expanding in the knowledge that you cannot break apart now. For you are becoming stronger by the day, as you manage to incorporate more and more of your etheric self into your physical body, growing out of your old definitions as indeed your entire world is doing the same. So stay unfettered by your own expectations and simply allow your inner growth to continue in every direction it wants to take. For there is a part of you that knows where you are going, and it will indeed take you there, even if you may think that it is making the journey overly convoluted. But it is not, it is simply giving you the best possible route ahead in order for every single compartment of your being to unfold to perfection. So simply allow the flow, and allow the growth, and take a deep breath to release any residual tension you might feel whenever you try to think too much of the consequences of your growth.

For as you evolve, change inevitably arrive alongside of it, but do not strive too much trying to figure out where you are heading, for that will simply narrow down your own abilities to float freely in this river of light. So again we say give yourself permission to simply be, and that inner part of you, that all-knowing one, will make sure that everything that needs to be done, will come about in the best possible way, and at the most auspicious of timings. So again we thank you all for doing what you do and for being who you are, no less than magnificent already, but starting to surpass even that as you continue your expansion in a formidable manner and at a magnificent speed.

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  1. Yes ~ giggle ~ the multiple meaning of „Serve–r”

    Ja ~ kicher ~ die mehrfache Bedeutung von „Serve–r”

    Bixie 😀

  2. Almost every morning when I wake up I hear or see something.
    But it is only a short moment and I have no chance to ask what might be meant for.
    So then I have always the honorable task of to find an explanation by myself.

    This morning I looked in mirror writing the word „SERVER” (?)
    During the morning then I had found for me an answer:
    The heart center is the server and the head is the individual computer.

    Funny 😀

    ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

    Fast jeden Morgen beim Aufwachen höre oder sehe Ich etwas.
    Aber es ist nur ein kurzer Moment und Ich habe keine Chance nachzufragen was denn damit gemeint sein könnte.
    So habe Ich dann immer die ehrenvolle Aufgabe Selbst eine Erklärung zu finden.

    Heute Morgen sah Ich in Spiegelschrift das Wort „SERVER“ (?)
    Im Laufe des Vormittags dann hatte Ich für mich eine Antwort gefunden:
    Das Herzzentrum ist der Server und der Kopf der Einzelrechner.

    Lustig 😀

    Heart Greetings
    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

    1. :D…. will post what you reminded me of on the new missive page…. u always ‘trigger’ my nightly, early morning experiences! thanks Bix! ❤

  3. I found an old entry in me scratch book. You are the
    Way-showers and not the
    Shepards. Anyone reminding?
    However, Michilyn ( male )
    Lbgt-klm.;p has another exiting
    weakend( sic) at hand.
    We present our exibition titled
    Circus during Nazi dictatorship
    in germany. A kind of Anne Frank story were jewish artists
    were hidden in a circus mobile
    from the secret police, so that
    they survived the gas chambers.
    The exibition was concepted
    for a museum, but today we show it on the street during
    a street art festival.

    1. reading this evoked some tears with strong heart feelings… interesting….. thank you Michilyn
      >>was funny when I thought you were a gal in the beginning…. u were one soulfully cooky, down to earth, to the point, wise cracky one! 😉 u still are as a matter of fact… but I have adjusted my vision of your true looks!
      Much Love, Areeza

    2. ❤ You&yours continue to spread the Awareness and the JOY, Michilyn. You're Guided by a strong and powerful Spiritual Heart to raise vibrations in our World while living Light-ly and lightly on Mother. Thank You Sincerely for all that you all do / are doing. Thank you for BEing an example, especially for all the little ones. LOve&Light&JOY to you. Lin ❤ 🙂

    3. Dear Michilyn, thank you for all the ways you continue to shine your bright light into this world! And thank you for sharing this powerful story of love from the past, it is a potent reminder that the sparks of inner light cannot be extinguished even during the darkest of hours.
      With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

      1. I love you so very much deep in my heart. Glad to be recognized for what i am.
        Full speed ahead now, together
        with the ever intensifing beauty
        of mother nature. Let’s make the souls of our nvisible co mpagnions shine brighter every breath

        1. My dear frirend! You touch my heart deeply with the mission you are performing with your friends. God bless you ❤

          Love, light & gratitude ❤


    1. The movs are actually quite similar to the ones we use in the gospel choir 😉 Never mind my friend – here we go with the disco :)))


  4. I HAVE a bed!! As I shared I decided to spend the money necessary to honour my body and give it a bed after 3 months sleeping on the floor on a pile of different size/shaped foamies. It turns out I have a bed for free!! My friend decided to upgrade his queen size bed to a better quality mattress for his RV he is living in so I got the old mattress and the new box spring!! (His RV doesn’t use a box spring.) I’ve thrown foamies on top and can go pick up my old bedding from storage soon. I don’t know how long I’ll be living here but it feels good to be fixing up this room for what ever length of time. I also was given some plastic storage shelves in lieu of a dresser.

    Some times we just have to be willing to look after ourselves for ‘the universe/source’ to help things fall into place for us. The people I just finished dog sitting for this week gave me and extra $40 when they saw how calm and not barking their little maltese is now after I worked with her for 6 days. I took the week off dancing but will be out again tomorrow. A trip to the coast via my old town of 2 years will start as soon as I get organized. After this one I may have to settle down for the winter :). Vicki may buy out her husband on the house but prefers to move… of course it will be nice for me to stay put now that I’m fixing up my room so I am opening my heart to flow with what is best for her. This is no time for me to be selfish, at least not in regards to this house!!

    Thank you to all who responded to my prior posts. I so appreciate your encouragement. Since I just wrote a fairly long post Aisha will probably receive a message soon… I often write late in my evening to discover a new post from you Aisha when I wake up 🙂 Love, Nancee

    1. Oh – I see you happily dancing in the meadow with the wind in your hair and a big smile in your face. Wish you all the best and much love my friend ❤ ❤ ❤


    2. What a courageous human being you are Nancee!
      I’m so glad our roads crossed. I hope we can dance together some day. In the woods somewhere, on a beautiful April afternoon with birds chirping around, colorful wild flowers to smell and a shining sun, heating our bodies and making us feel so alive and happy. That’s my dream today. Loving you with my dancing soul Nancee 🙂

      1. Oh I LOVE this picture and caption Tijen!! I am adding my energy to this dream. I also am deciding right now that I am going to play my drums also with my soul and bring ‘my’ dance to them. Love, Nancee

    1. B !!!!!!! 😀 What FUN to wake up to this vid ! My kookie, absolutely JOY-filled, Magical, truly Spiritual, Rock Friend. And, yes, my first donkey-laugh of the day. Loving you always with Gratitude for All you are, All you B. I’m saving this vid along with Caroline’s Camp Fido vid for those days or moments when, you know, one just needs a huge pick-me-up energetic Loving Sunshine donkey-laugh.

      Be well, our Dear Lovely Lady. xox Lin 😀 ❤

  5. asteroid close pass
    i don’t know if this means anything, but it is happening on Sunday.


    “Guess who’s dropping by for a quick visit this weekend? On Sunday, a 60-foot-wide (20-meters) asteroid named 2014 RC will skim just 25,000 miles (40,000 km) from Earth. That’s within spitting distance of all those geosynchronous communication and weather satellites orbiting at 22,300 miles.

    Size-wise, this one’s similar to the Chelyabinsk meteorite that exploded over Russia’s Ural Mountains region in February 2013. But it’s a lot less scary. 2014 RC will cleanly miss Earth this time around, and although it’s expected back in the future, no threatening passes have been identified. Whew!”

    1. I saw this earlier. And a super moon coming up on Monday, I believe. Could turn out to be an interesting weekend with Sunday’s Gathering! 😉

  6. Hi again All

    Just wanted to drop a quick line. I’ve been reading all the comments on this post and the last one and just want to say how beyond grateful I am for all your LIGHT and I apologize for not answering any comments directed to me

    It’s been a busy bunch of days and I’m just feeling completely out of it…I’m not really feeling these energies like you guys all are so I don’t want to say too much while in this state

    I do however want to say that I saw your video Tijen and it was SO exciting to see you! What a warm and brilliant and loving Being you are. Did my heart much good to see and feel you. Thank you!

    And Bixie your stories about your male side are SO fascinating and I can tell something is trying to reveal itself to me through what you say…what it is I don’t know yet

    I do know I love what you said about our star SisBretheren being androgynous…and some of us here too! I always considered myself a tomboy until a customer at work, who only came in one time, informed me while I was sweeping the floor that I was androgynous (didn’t know what that meant at the time) and that I had a whole conglomeration of different ETs working with me (I knew what that meant and it was an EXCITING confirmation!…and now that I think about it…I think it was right after that I first came across the CC messages on YouTube)

    God I love my workplace for that! About the only place in the city where people know and talk about this kind of stuff…oh and! This customer said she saw me with a white horse which is to do with Christ Consciousness…a white horse…a white unicorn!

    I first started jiving with the Unicorns a few months ago when the CCs were talking about these tiny beings of light that were coming to us or into us?…something like that…and when they called these light beings interlopers, Unicorns popped into my head and never left 🙂

    Anyway my beautiful Lights I hope I can soon get back in the swing of things with you all. I miss being here with you all! But perhaps I just need a season of honing my skills at being with you on an inner level…I don’t know…either way I hope I can get back in

    Love you all SO MUCH

      1. Dear Tijen
        When I heard speaking the language ( about a food),I found myself understanding some words. Long time ago as a child
        I played with a children of the neighbours. There lived more then three families around. I called them aunties and uncles and they were so good people… memories… I’m still cooking patladzan
        for my family.(don’t know how you spelling it).

        1. Hi Maria, I think you shared about these people when I stayed at your home in Australia! I enjoy seeing you post here often think fondly of you and your family and my time with you all. Love, Nancee

          1. Dear Nancee,
            yes, I did. The lady who took me under her wing gave me the biggest lesson in my life: not to live today’s work for tomorrow.

            I’m thinking of you too, Nancee. All my people asking how you are doing. What about me, my daughter pushing me to do an exhibition and I’m preparing material for it. I love to do drawings and watercolours. Oil is too heavy for me right now.
            I’ll send some pictures later this year.
            I wish you easy walk through the life, dear friend, and just say something time to time, you have my email.

        2. Dear Maria,
          It’s wonderful to hear that you have some memories about our food culture. Well yes, patlican (eggplant) is such a specialty for Turkish people. There was a chef who was collecting eggplant recipes (and he said there are hundreds) to write a book but he died before he could write it. So you’re in Australia. There are so many Turks there that I know. And you know what, my dad, when they were very young wanted to move to Australia but my mom didn’t want it. If they did, may be we would be neighbors and you’d be eating in our house? I like to think about that. Makes me smile a big smile. So yeah, I’m loving you with my big smile today.

          1. I know 4-5 recipes, Tijen
            my family love patlican menue. And yes, as a children, we could eat in every house we find us to play. It was peaceful time end of 50s and the beginning of 60s.
            Yes, I’m here now but I lived in three countries (this one included), so I’m comfortable with every ethnic group, no differences to feel.
            Thank you for loving words, love back to you.

            1. I was not in this world in my present body at those times but even in my childhood, it was like that in our neighborhoods Maria. When I was 7, we moved to an apartment building, it was a cooperative, started by people working together. It was joyful. In summers, all 14 families would go to picnics together, we’d eat, play games etc. Of course things changed now but in small towns and villages, they still live quite communally.

    1. Dear Amy, I see almost every morning when I wake up a white unicorn, but it does not look like a ‚horse with a horn’ but like a chocolate–marshmallow–being that emits a light beam 😀

      ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

      Liebe Amy, Ich sehe fast jeden Morgen beim Aufwachen ein weißes Einhorn, aber es sieht nicht aus wie ein ‚Pferd mit Horn’ sondern wie ein Schoko–Schaumkuss–Wesen das einen Lichtstrahl aussendet 😀

      Heart Greetings
      BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

        1. Lol Bixie! A white chocolate Unicorn…doesn’t get any better than that! It’s funny just yesterday I was looking at the sky and the beautiful clouds all looked like marshmallows and vanilla ice cream and I almost expected a candy unicorn to come flying through them 🙂

  7. ***only have a couple minutes.. but thank goodness I back track here sometimes (usually) !
    nice to see the TJ, JJ, B, etc conversation in its entirety. Very moving and I send my hugs to all of it.
    Thank you Nancee…. did not check emails yet! LoL. cant do it at work anymore… so I am lax in that area now.
    Thank you ALee! for what Nancee passed on re Passport and local places to obtain it. Man,,, its a tough one,,, should I go? for it? Will look into the passport place… I believe my local court house is the place… for pics and
    all. either way. ok.
    Philip – yes ! u have my permission like said: either way . OK. 😉 I can do my ground work from my home energy spot here – or in Crete.
    Kiera’s comments and lovely pictures! and the ‘night sticks burned’ confirmation ;0 😉
    and…. lets see…. oh, I enjoyed much the conversation of the dragon and blue eyed lady between Bixie and Amy ! just fascinated ! 🙂
    and… so much more.
    oh yes and this from Jimbo and friends:
    I have moments when I feel an incredible sense of freedom, like I used to feel as a kid, when a summer storm was blowing in, right before MOM called us kids to “come in”. And I knew I wanted, more than anything, to stay “OUT IN IT”, to experience the energy, the unexpectedness of the moment, “the WHATTHELLISCOMINGNEXT” of it all. We are there now, and “WITHWIDE-EYEDWONDER”, We go down the rabbit-hole. Laugh, and Dance, jim ~jimbo said this on September 3, 2014

    Thanks for the clear parable 🙂 ~Love, light & anticipation >> this is something I have been trying to put into words so it means a great deal to me! It is really important and the softness of this energy is just so complete when we are In It. I want it to take over when I feel it. A peaceful balm of Love it is and I recall locking it in as a child….. so… thank you for this!
    I Love getting to share all this and to know you all more and more thru our Pond… and some day…. face to face
    and always… heart to heart ❤ hand in hand
    your Areeza***

    1. and Aisha/CC’s/Sister — can not even say enough to tell of my true gratitude. Love you with All of my heart’s pure soul energy – always, forever, Areeza

    2. Dear Areeza,
      In one of the messages I read that you gave up on Crete. I assume you have not. Please do not. I know this will be a life time experience for you. I don’t know why but I feel this trip will change your life. Pls listen to me and write a beautiful letter to friends and family for the funding. This will be the best gift they can give to you. And don’t worry about the trip, you’ll be allright.

      1. This sounds lovely Tijen – truly and I am torn a bit. I only have one sister as family and her boyfriend was just laid off from work. My friends are certainly in no position to help me with this either. Nice thought – really it is but I dont have that kind of backing. And I do not think I can make it in the time frame anyways – passport, etc. if i had a couple of months it may have been more possible. Its a very long trip from where I live too. I dont even have a cell phone… so it all just seems too crazy. I know,,, anything IS possible. thats the torn part.
        Its Ok. It would mostly be great to see and be with you ponders in person! 🙂
        Hey…. on that note: It was so wonderful to see you! finally 🙂 ahhhh… Love you TJ!

        1. It’s up to you my sweet and loving friend but the Areeza I know would do it. Ask your higher self to see if this is your calling or not. If it is, there won’t be any obstacles, you can handle everything in time an make it. Again, it’s up to you. Would be lovely to be hugging you in real life. Love you too, with my salty self 🙂

  8. Dear brothers and sisters! These energies certainly continue to make themselves heard… Today, both my sister and I got such a strong urge to get rid of some “stuff”, so we dived into our closets and pulled out most of the contents. Anything that was too worn was thrown away, and a lot of the rest was packed up and delivered at one of the Salvation Army’s collection points. We both agree that we are not finished with “lightening the load”, so I would not be surprised if we have another go at it tomorrow! To me, this is such a powerful signal that we are getting ready for another huge shift in the energies, and the body is also sending out the usual signals of cleansing and clearing and making space for the new, so I think we have some interesting days and nights ahead. And not to forget, a new Gathering coming up this Sunday! I’m off to join my sister’s yoga class soon, she has promised me it will be a nice and gentle one today with lost of deep stretches, just what this body needs. Sending you all a big hug and some extra love, for I think I am not the only one feeling the incoming light saying “hello!” loud and clear 😉
    Aisha ❤

    1. I just wrote the words “cleaning and clearing” as a positive point for me in my job performance review. 🙂 I am good at those tasks! keeps the flow going here at work. Send the vibe out that they appreciate me here! Thanks~
      Love and happy cleaning and enjoy those stretches! I too have been urged – by my own body – to get back to the Yoga. It feels different doing it this time around – more energy moves & it moves faster. Its like the meridians/channels for the energy flow are larger or just more open, not sure. ❤

    2. As I am having a real flu/cold (whatever?) it is difficult to distinguish what is what. I walk around in a haze anyway 😉 Hope you get some energy of the yoga session 🙂

      Love ❤


      1. dear JJ & dear B ❤︎ plz rest well & take lovingly care your bodies, I am not sick at moment but always kind of feel earthquake dizzy when no one really feeling them, aging 。。。。

    3. ❤︎ thank you & I love you dear aisha ❤︎ you are always shinning so brightly beautifully showing guiding me in me thank you deeply from my heart ❤︎

    4. Getting rid of stuff…enjoy it as well as your yoga! Last few weeks have been extremely challenging and rewarding at the same time. I would so much like to tell all the stuff that happened to me but I could write a book only from the happenings of last 4 weeks. While getting rid of the old I have got to taste the new…and how wonderful encounters it has brought up!

      By the way I started to feel the energy of Norway while writing this. I visited Tromso 2 years ago and I liked the trip and Norway a lot…including Norwegian people! Big hugs! 🙂

    5. Dear Aisha and all dear Ponders,
      Inerestingly today, when I was passing by the town’s cemetary, I thought I should be an organ donor. Up until now, even the thought of it was scary, as if a dead body would feel pain but thinking that my soul won’t need my dead body when I die, I thought I should do the paper work (not that I’m planning to die soon). In Turkey it’s customary that people have a grave when they die but today, even that sounded so unimportant. I mean who cares what happens to the body when the soul gets back to the source of eternal LOVE. Also I thought of giving away more books/clothes and stuff when I get back to the winter house. These were my thoughts today. I think we were affected by the energies similarly. 🙂 (PS: I didn’t write any of this in negative mood, on the contrary, I was in bliss. Is it the energies?)

      1. It reminds me of a story about a man who received a donated heart of one who was a writer and poet. After heart transplant, he also took over the literary gifts of the donor 🙂

        I think we all develop our sense of sharing with others now. Thought about it when I today via FB suggested that our community center in the neighborhood can be used as a “recovery room” for furniture, clothes, all sorts of stuff that is nice and clean and can be used by others – for free.

        Love ❤


        1. Tijen,
          Share the abundance!!!
          And when I go….. I’ve told everyone on my side that a sheet and a hole in the ground next to a TREE!!
          Sing some songs and I’ll be singing with you!!!
          Happy thoughts only!!!
          Maybe a big greasy food spread for the neighborhood!!!
          Make it fun.

      2. I’ve loved walking in cemeteries for as long as can remember! For me, they are places of peace and solitude, particularly the older ones. I speak with the souls that are still lingering behind, always assuring them that love and healing awaits them on the other side and invite them to cross into the doorway around me. Most are simply confused and don’t realize they have left there physical bodies. I imagine there will no longer be a need for land to be used for burials over the next few generations. I agree with you, Tijen – there is no reason to have them, or the association of sorrow that comes along with funerals as there is no “death”. Only transition.
        Enjoy your evening!

        1. Dear C, I do the very same thing! I Love the older ones too. Some folks call me morbid with my fascination but I could spend quite a while there and u do get ‘a feel’ and you can assist them with your energy and the exchange and acknowledgments are good.
          I passed this creepy old cemetery that I usually avoid just this morning. I have always had this ominous feeling around it. Something not so happy exists there. It was a detour and no other way so I had to go by. I say a prayer and don’t get attracted. Someday, maybe I could go into it and see whats what but probably not.

      3. I will share something you stirred up for me on this subject of organ donning. I was placing a check on my license application for that. All of a sudden, I had this strong feeling of no, no way! I do not want any piece of my energy living once I am dead. It was odd but powerful feeling for me… so I unchecked the box and felt much better. I don’t mind my ashes being here and actually, I could never see myself dying at all….just ascending 🙂 🙂 rainbow, light body simply taking flight. I am not against organ donning,,, just not for me to do. My heart beats for this body and this one only for some reason. I take heart meds so they probably would not take my heart anyways! LoL. and the parts of the eyes… nope… can ‘see’ that either. Or feel comfortable about it. Just me. I want all of me to go wherever. Like when I moved 5 yrs ago… never have I returned to the old place to see it.
        I have passed graves and at different times felt just down right sad that death exists at all… even saying “I’m sorry” to all the folks buried there….sorry about this stupid death thing…. like its a huge mishap in creation. Suffering most absurd to me always. Ascending.. yes… that’s cool for all things in my opinion. changing form, yes. not suffering and death. so ,, anyways,,, there are other times I feel like ‘you lucky bastards, you got out!’. I could swing hard in both directions. More mellow in the middle – swinging more gently nowadays 🙂 ❤ Still expecting my original visions to come true.

        1. Interesting experience Areeza! Well yes, so far I’ve never thought of doing it but yesterday, I just felt like I should be doing. I don’t know, may be I’ll do, may be I won’t. We’ll see how I’ll feel in the near future.

  9. Thank You ‘Tijen’ !…she’s been prompting me…& she just nudged me thru You !….so I’ve brought her back out from the archives…she shines again, my re-awakened gravatar !
    Also not sure if this interests you, but I was curious as to why your presence indeed does come across as more masculine than feminine as was just recently discussed, so I asked my HS who apparently does know you quite well & she said it ties directly to the ‘T’ in your name….each one of us is given a very specific energy signature within our name, (I think some of us even talked about this here before at the pond)…’T’ has a strong masculine signature & is more assigned to boy’s names, then girl’s names…..& how many girls do you know with their names starting with ‘T’ ?….not sure if this is relevant or not, but apparently you were originally supposed to be a boy. Hope I haven’t intruded in on anything personal….if I have, I am sorry…but HS wanted me to tell you….that’s it…~
    much Love to You !….Bev

    1. Bev dear I’m speechless, thank you. In case if I need to ask something, can I direct it to you? 🙂 reading your comment, I asked mom if my dad wanted a son or not and she said yes but then he loved you so much (I know he did, he was my love) but more interestingly my mom named me. Perhaps she didn’t know about the energies of names. Oh so that was your avatar? I didn’t pay attention to your comment last night. Isn’t it interesting I saw that image and got attracted to it? Is it a coincidence? I guess not. Loving you with my new moon self.

      1. Just put 10 girlie names on the web, but it disappeared, for good reason?
        I suggested that order you were born in was a factor.
        Tessy!!!! Tallulah!!! Tijen!!!
        Also you can be involved with the Good news network that will be started in the future. (kryon said!)
        ❤ 🙂 ❤

      2. k….so there’s more if you’re interested & I believe you are. Letters carry either a masculine or feminine energy or some in particular carry both duality…you come in this world assigned as a specific energy but being a part of both parent’s lineage & their hopes & wishes, say you were supposed to be a boy but they really prayed for a girl, you are assigned a duality energy…for insistence my name is Beverly which can be both a boy’s or girl’s name & although I am a girl & have a strong masculine side…never was a girly-girl & always preferred the boys games & interests even when I was a child. My mother prayed for a girl as she already had 2 boys. I find it all rather interesting & although it was your mother that named you, she intuitively knew your father wanted a girl…so both their wishes were manifested in you ! There’s no right or wrong in any of it…it just is ! & I think if you searched your soul, remembering all that you are, your interests, your past experiences…you will have a greater insight on the name chosen for you. The names chosen for each of us carry a specific energy signature & say a great deal about who we are…..& this gravatar image is very meaningful & powerful….I truly hope she will speak to you & tell you why……just BE open to receive her message & I’m sure it will BE something very special just for you !
        Love, Bev~

        1. LOL – I wasn´t a girly-girl either – never played with dolls 🙂 There were both a boy and girl before I came. Loved to be like a boy, played with the boys etc. Very interesting!!!

          Love ❤


          1. I think I was a good mix of both. I like my barbies and climbing trees and doing tom-boy stuff. The older Barbie dolls in the pool – not a good idea as some kind of oily stuff would come out of them! Uggh. LoL. Once I was a young woman, I hung out with the guys. I could never seem to relate to the women and their chatter. I’d rather shoot pool with the men! 😀

              1. HA!!! 🙂 I cannot handle women’s chatter, either. And now I’m looking forward to hearing about this pool game prize!! 😉 Just sent you an email ……… looking forward to hearing from you!
                Love to you and Kelly!

                1. thanks for the well wishes… I passed them on to my guy 😉 whom I was giving a back rub to while reading here at the pond last night.
                  I will look at my emails this weekend and ‘e’ U 🙂 Love, A

        2. Oh I certainly wasn’t girly either! I was playing football (soccer for my American friends) with boys, climbing trees… Even now, I like men’s clothing more than women’s for ex, also shoes.

    2. Just for fun Bev……..Tiffany, Theresa, Tina, Tammy, Tallulah Tess, Tatiana, and of course Tijen!!!!!
      This is another theory, …Are you a first child!!!!

      Just expanding my mind forks!!! You all bring this out in me!!!!
      Wow Tijen, what a strong women you are to do that reporting for a Whole year!!!!
      Thank you for practicing for the Good news network this world will have in the future!!

      ❤ 🙂 ❤

      1. Michael yes I’m the first child. God, I don’t know what’s happening here. It’s like psychic orgi! Ok pals, open the Pandora’s box y’all 🙂

        1. Ok my take on this is that,
          what ever name you have you are special beyond compare as a first child.
          I have known many first children in my life and they are amazing folks.
          They have balanced the parents and the other siblings energies to make peace. Mostly they complain that the task is to great for their young minds to take. Especially if there are many brothers and sisters involved.
          I think they are the ones in the families that grow up the fastest and want out of there the fastest too.
          They see the unschooled parents go through their slow maturity and feel resentful for the pressure put upon them.
          OK I admit it I was a first child. But wouldn’t have it any other way (now)!!
          The box opening Tijen is your heart, that knows who you are always.
          You are love period and loved always!!!<3 ❤ ❤

          1. Dear Michael,
            My task was even more difficult. I wasn’t only the first child but I experienced the loss of my dad when I was 14. He had a car accident and hospitalized, paralyzed for 14 months. My mom had to stay with him, I stayed with neighbors not to change schools, my brother (who was 6) stayed with my aunt at another city. My mom and dad were in another city, in the hospital. So yeah, I had a difficult task. I had to grow up so early and so fast since my mom wasn’t able to handle everything. I had to undertake many responsibilities at that age. Well, I wish my dad was alive and I can’t say I had an easy life but when I look back, whatever I experienced at those ages, I can see they strengthened me.
            It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I’m loved.
            And you too, you are also loved, by all of us.

            1. Tijen I knew we had something in common I left home when I was 15. I traveled for 8 years exploring the world and the people that live here. Its wasn’t easy at times growing up at that age and on my own. When I look back those were some of my happiest times in life and some of the hardest times. I found out all I needed was a fishing pole to make it in life anything else was just something I had to carry with me. I’m most at home in the wild by myself. Now I’m old and it would be a hard life to live that way again. Everything I have learned in life was learned on my own with help from kind people I met on the way. I found that a person can always get by as long as you expect nothing from others you are lead to a way to survive. You just have to keep your honor and respect for all life that comes from the heart. Even if you seek death you will find a friend to help you survive.

              Love and blessings to all

              1. Dear Ray,
                You touched my heart deeply this morning. I can see you had a more difficult life than me but also one of the most joyful one. I always thought hardship not only strengthens us but also makes us special. Many years ago, a guy I met accused me of not taking life seriously and snubbishly said “you probably had a good life and didn’t have any hardship!” I was furious (if it was me now, I’d say, yes I had a very easy life, how about you) and said, “how do you know?”
                I agree with you, being on the road is such a wonderful thing (also one of the most difficult but rewarding life styles). I wasn’t that courageous like yourself, leaving home at 15 because I felt responsible for my family. I’d always wanted to live abroad and I could do it when I graduated from college but I said how can I leave my mom and my brother, I have to get a job and support them. And I did, until when I was 29 years old. It was like a milestone in my life. I felt if I want to do certain things in life, it was about time and moved to the US. It was the best decision of my life. 🙂 I give you a big warm hug and wishing you a miraculous day. ❤

                  1. Dear B,
                    You know the best ideas come while showering, after reading Ray’s message and writing back, while on the shower, I thought we all have special life stories, stories that brought us here and now. I thought we’d make a great novel. 🙂

        1. Darn “Breeze” ,never watched that movie. Seemed a bit sophomoric by the revues. And I’m not a fan of cursing. So I can’t laugh or chuckle by you statement. Those words if I was pledgerizing would have been sourced!!! Peace my love. ❤
          Maybe they read my mind for the movie, or it is pretty common for first born. 🙂

          1. It was actually Kelly who I was sitting by while reading here last night who said it… in ref to the movie , “Ted”. you know, he and I would have never watched that movie either… but we heard some other reviews of just how funny it was. So, we gave it a whirl and man! laughed the whole way thru! It was good to laugh out loud together like that. So so so stupid,,, LoL,,,and when Ted is hooving on the bong and being a chik magnet and all that and,,,, just stupid fun. So, no, your “T” names are probably not related to the movie at all. 🙂 ❤

      1. Thank you oriharu359 !…..that is ‘interesting’ !, but does not surprise me as the moon holds many secrets & powers we are not aware of !
        She is very ‘Special’ !!…..Love, Bev

        1. Strange phenomenon caused by water that increased the number of electrons had been pointed out earlier.
          (I knew this article from ttp://www12.plala.or.jp/gflservice/Melchezidek140725MiraculousWater.html)
          How to make electron charged water ?
          “on a negatively charged lithium tantalate surface”
          Deryagin Academy of Sciences of Russia made the water does not freeze even -50 ℃ by using a quartz plate or capillary of quartz.
          Thank you for reading.

  10. 12.84523 Not far to go until 13 comes into existence. Just some math I’ve been playing with. It is based on 265 elements in what is called dark energy. !3 lets them be discovered. 13 represents a new creation of all things.

    Love and blessings to all

      1. You can even change the mood and heat or cool a room by changing the frequency of charged particles in a room. The earth can do the same thing by interacting with solar and sun particles to adjust the environment. To boil water you just have to make the water particles move fast enough to boil or break down. You can use heat or other means to do this.

      2. The secret of creating compound structures from particles is to make them work on the same frequency so they work in harmony with each other. To maintain the form desired. The different frequencies with other particles is used by interacting in a form to create energy to maintain the form. This difference is what makes a form self aware. Without this different frenquency the life of forms made would be much different and not self aware. Within every form their is a hidden energy that is self aware. All froms are a form of energy that has been changed from one form of energy to another form. Every form in reality is alive and self aware in its inter core. Some forms have managed to become aware of this inter core and interact with it. I could talk about stuff like this all day. Just not many to talk to about things like this in depth.

        Love and blessings to all

  11. Dear Tijen,
    Thank you for your question.
    1. The way I’m listening to about 70,000~80,000 songs, songs of my own sensibility is attracted comes out.
    2. I have called the operator of wired company(USEN[pronounce : yuhsen]), and was taught in one by one from operator the singer name and song name.
    3. I have accumulated the information list of the song (text file).
    4. To be record in the same file by examining Lyricist, composer, and arranger of the database of JASRAC by my Perl program. And searched Release Date in the internet by manually.
    5. I requested the songs one by one.
    6. To record it in store in MD.
    7. There were split signals entering automatically between songs, I do the MD operation to remove unnecessary these signals of the front and rear.
    8. MD that was recorded has become a hundred and several tens of pieces.
    9. Played all MD, (for myself) to capture the music data to the PC while I was sleeping a hundred and several tens of days.
    10. Mp3 file of a hundred and several tens of pieces that I have now, I have set song name and singer name in all files while dividing all songs by the editing software.
    11. All about 5000 songs. I have performs normalization processing to clear the noise for the song of the mp3 files, was placed on the list of songs.
    12. I made by myself all by simultaneous parallel processing. It takes about 10 years. Of course my home page has been constructed simultaneous parallel. I am delighted to know me even a little about me. However, it is doubtful is whether English of what I was able to accurately describe. Thank you Google Translate. Thank you Tijen!

    1. Thank you dear Oriharu, for doing so much to help to spread LOVE in so many ways, through your words and through music, perhaps the most powerful tool of them all 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

  12. Hello everyone.
    This is my 76th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Miho Karasawa : 0℃~stay with me~ (Released Date : Oct.18, 2000)
    Lyrics : ttp://petitlyrics.com/lyrics/1014635

    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

    1. Oriharu,
      You amaze me with your long list. If someone asks me, I cannot even make a list of three. How did you make the list? Love and light to you. ❤

  13. Aisha/CCs: So allow this growth to unfold, even if it may leave you feeling as if you are falling into pieces. For you are not, you are simply beginning to encompass yourself completely, step by step and piece by piece. And even if you at times will become less that convinced that you are making progress, you cannot fail in advancing now.

    Roswitha: Also, lass’ es einfach geschehen, erlaube diesen Energien dir zu dienen, auch wenn du dich streckenweise so fühlst, als würdest du in sämtliche Einzelteile zerlegt werden. In gewisser Hinsicht ist dies auch der Fall, doch ist es vielmehr eine Selbstschau, auf der du dir Schritt für Schritt und Stück für Stück selbst begegnest und beginnst, dich wahr- und ernst zu nehmen. Und auch wenn du der Ansicht sein solltest, keine sichtbaren Fortschritte gemacht zu haben, so können wir dir sagen, dass du gar nichts anderes tun kannst, als erfolgreich voranzuschreiten.

    That’s right.
    I surprise myself every day even with new findings that are seemingly different topics, but then they complement each other perfectly.

    Das stimmt.
    Ich überrasche mich jeden Tag Selbst mit immer neuen Erkenntnissen, die scheinbar unterschiedliche Themenbereiche sind, sich aber dann perfekt ergänzen.

    Heart Greetings
    BIXIE ♡ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ ☼

  14. Last weekend I was with my friends in the city center. There was a food festival with good athmosphere. Just when we were leaving I saw a public painting spot. Immediately I felt like I want to paint something. I started with only knowing that I want to paint some triangles, but no other idea. So I let the paint the the picture to lead me and here is the end result. I felt so good while doing this. Now I feel like I want to share it with you! 🙂

    1. Dear Kalle, so wonderful to SEE you too – and to see you create! I pick up some very interesting vibrations from your picture, and I really love that bird! Thank you for sharing this!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank you dear Aisha! The woman who was responsible for that spot named the painting as “Phoenix bird”. I had no idea what phoenix birds looks like and I didn’t even have any idea that there would be a bird in the picture. Then I came home and checked phoenix from the internet. “Phoenix is red and has yellow feathers”.
        I it was red and I had put some yellow in it as well. I was astonished.

        Another story connected to the painting. I made Oneness course 2 weeks ago. ( here I could tell another story, but I try to keep this compact;) Because of that I realised I want to go to Oneness university in India and I told that to my friend on day before yesterday. About 10 minutes after that after that her phone rang. One Indian Guru who’s often visited this city called her from India. He had seen the painting in facebook.

        He told to my friend: “Tell Kalle to fix his flights to India”. We were stading in the middle of market square and can you imagine how amazed we were? So for few days I’ve been figuring out where to get the best insurance, how to get the visa and where to get the money to go.

        Here’s one thing I would like to ask. I thought I want to ask for crowd funding to kickstart my life and to get to India. I want to ask whether it would be acceptable to post link to that site when I get it finished? Would you guys be willing to help me out?! 🙂 If not I totally understand that!

        Here’s another picture with my face on it. Now I’m going public! 😉

        Hugs for everybody! 🙂

        1. Wow – you look great and happy :))) Go with your flow and I wish you wonderful experiences in India. Good luck my dear friend ❤

          Love, light & much joy ❤


        2. Dear Kalle, what an amazing, wonderful story! And what an amazing smile 🙂 Please feel free to post a link to your site when it is up and running, I am sure you will get the chance to go to India 🙂
          Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

        3. Kalle, India is one of the most incredible places in the world. It surprises you every minute. It’s so colorful, special and amazing. I hope you’ll make it. We’ll be happy to support you. I mean at least I, within my small budget 🙂

    2. Lightened me up just to see it and feel the playfulness and freedom of it.
      Thanks & Love, Song
      Btw, I have loved and appreciated Finland and you Fins ever since I traveled with a Finnish friend visiting his relatives in 1969. It seemed to me that there was a real spirit of fun in everyone I met there.

      1. What an amazing day one can have just by staying at home almost the whole day! Thanks to you dear brothers and sisters! ❤

        It would be nice to have some sort of chat where you could directly talk to people real time. Where did you go back in the days Song, do you remember? 🙂

  15. If anyone is interested how I look like (AND STILL THINKS I’M A MAN) :), this is a short video, an introduction to my documentary tv program (food/travel) we did few years ago:

      1. No, not anymore. We traveled around Turkey for a year and filmed at more than 40 cities/towns. It was hard work, too much traveling and doing the work of at least 4-5 people (deciding where/what to film, finding/calling the contact people, making appointments, hosting, writing the scripts/press releases, and much more…) I learned a lot from it but had enough of it at the end of the year 3 years ago.

    1. Tijen!!!!!

      You’re energy is simply EXUBERANT and you have a brilliant GLOW around you!!! And it is odd, but you feel very familiar to me as if there is immediate recognition. Enjoy your evening! 🙂

      Love & Blessings,

      1. Dear Caroline, may be we met before? I mean the times we do not -consciously- remember? There must be a reason why we gather here. Perhaps we had similar missions in other life times? It makes me smile to think that way. 🙂

        1. EVERYTHING is possible, Tijen! That’s the beauty of being here during the time of this Shift!!! Could be parallel lifetimes or in our other dimensional aspects. I believe we ALL will be learning much more in the next coming weeks about ourselves and “relations” on many levels here at the Pond! 😉

            1. Dear B!

              Actually – much is really a mystery to me!!! 😉 Other than a few, it’s all about to become more clear. I’ve been intuiting this for quite some time now. I have been busy with my husband’s family from Florida here with us for a few weeks and never properly welcomed you back from your surgery and am so happy the procedure went well. And I’ve wanted to tell you for quite some time that I hope we will be able to meet in person some day. Never been to Sweden, and when I imagine us walking through the birch trees together and the pure joy of nature!!!! WOW!! And somehow, I just don’t think that the spoken language would be a problem of any kind for us!!!

              Love you!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

              1. Wow Caroline – you are so very much WELCOME – any time :))) We would have a very awesome time together – I just know it :)))

                Thank you for your caring thoughts and love to me as well ❤

                Love & joy ❤


    2. Thank you all for your beautiful comments. I take them with much love to all of you. Just look at yourself, see how amazing you all are and love yourself more:

  16. This is from Ascension: Soulstice Rising facebook page (September 2nd):
    “Stay grounded; stay in your body. If you do not, your body will get your attention by losing balance, stubbing your toe, getting sick and anything that pulls you back into the Now.

    Soon we will be flowing with even more energy; high dimensional energy, so it is so important to stay in our bodies. You can help by Earthing (standing or walking barefoot on the ground), sun gazing (only when the sun just starts to rise and/or just as it’s setting), eating root vegetables and other grounding foods (let your body guide you).

    Remember, we are ascending here on Earth and in our bodies, so let’s not forget about them or create situations that get our attention back to our bodies. You can also use visual grounding like seeing roots going deep into the Earth from your root chakra and feet or attaching to the Earth Crystal Cluster at the center of Earth with your grounding cord.

    Staying in your body also keeps you in the Now; absolutely essential now. And you will know when you aren’t in the Now; your body will let you know. ~Kara”
    And this is her newsletter published on Sept. 3rd (sorry if someone else shared it here, I haven’t read the latest comments yet):

    1. I like the way you say my name dear JJ. And you know what, most of my life my friends called me TJ.
      Lin and B,
      Loving you in my “tree self” (don’t know why I wanted to say it this way, perhaps because I just got some energy from a beautiful nut pine tree few hours ago…

        1. Dear B,
          Trees have amazing energy don’t they? Today I was waiting for the bus to go to town and decided to stop when I saw swallows suntanning on the wires. They were so beautiful and serene. I started watching them. I then realized that I’m by that tree and put my hands on it. Immediately my hands started buzzing. Then I told myself to do this more often. When I came back, I laid down and did my tree ritual I used to do daily years ago. I feel great 🙂

          1. Good Teijen 🙂 Yes – The tree has a great energy – I would not do without them. And maybe the swallows were on the way from Sweden to Africa – who knows?

            Love ❤


            1. I don’t know. They make homes here and seem to live here. I see them in winter too since I live in mild climate. They make nests at the balconies of unused apartments. Watching them joyfully fly in the mornings is something that make me smile daily.

              1. I love swallows but there are fewer of them these days compared to when I was a child. When I was with my daughter they flew in and out of the stables all the time with enviable precision 🙂

                Love ❤


                    1. I wish dear B, I wish! May be my higher self is but I’m not a happy person in general. I am very happy when I’m with you guys, though that’s for sure. You cheer me up with your loving light 🙂

          2. Tijen – do you realize that you are doing just what the CC’s suggested a few missives ago… in sharing the pictures along with the stories! its really cool and en-Lightening 😉 ❤

              1. True,,,Yes,,, thanks to your both! ❤ so joyful to see all the pictures and photos. I really wish I could see what everyone looks like though….come on folks, dont be camera shy! ;0

    2. Dear Tijen, I can SO relate to this 😉 Yes, the body is great at letting me now when it is time to slow down and really CONNECT, it is really our “greatest ally” as the CCs like to say.
      LOVE, Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Aisha,
        Hope you’re doing fine. You know when you told us that you had a long walk after the download, I once more realized that spiritual people always have a good relationship with the nature. That’s the way to be. It was a reminder to myself to be more in touch with it.

    3. great reminder! ~Make of yourself a mountain~
      remembering that grounding technique from a wonderful healer friend. Sitting with legs crossed and, yes, sending your energy cord deep down into Earth’s crystal core.
      >If you feel too much energy, this same healer had me stand with legs slightly bent and hands together forming an imaginary sword pointing down into Earth. You can ‘shake’ yourself up and down while doing this and breath ‘puffs’ outward from your nose as you do it and it ‘loosens up the energy for better release/disbursement’…. cleansing too.
      >If you need more energy – pull it in from crown chakra as well as from Earth’s core — and if you want you can disburse it from your center out thru your heart and hands.

  17. “Let bygones be bygones…” Love it Aisha! “…all the earlier troubles, chaos, pain are things of the past to be forgotten. Look ahead with Joy. Anticipate what I’m creating….sheer joy…pure delight…no weeping….no anguish” (Isaiah 65:17-25.) Yay yay yay for love love love! Thank you!

  18. Thank you, Aisha, for this missive. Thank you. I wish I had the time to read all the comments, but I do not. What has unfolded at Petals is just blowing me away as it continues to expand in ways undreamed of. Lori, I owe you so much for encouraging me to do this. I mean that with All I AM. I am so grateful to you.

    Things, Life, keep speeding up ever faster. I just am not even able to keep track of the days. I blinked and August is gone. Along with August being gone, the heaviness that was so prevelant is gone. Thank God! There seems to be a newness, an eagerness to go, create, to do. It is as though the binders that were on, are gone, and the urge and the strength to go and explore and create presses me on. I am not able to sit still lately after going through a period I could barely move the next foot.

    And as for the past. I recalled a circumstance in my life recently regarding someone, which occurred not all that long ago, and no matter how hard I think about this, I am not able to remember what happened. It’s as though this situation and this person just disappeared! It at first freaked me right out, but then I just let this go as well. It is as though I have developed amnesia about certain things, and in its place, is just BEING.

    Again I say to you, Aisha, this missive both clarifies and comfirms what I have been experiencing. I really didn’t think I was going to make it, I just came that close to collapsing. Yet now, OH I just want to do this and I want to do that, and play with my camera.

    In closing, I wish all of you here LOVE is securely in your Life and that you are truly Happy. I have no explanation for how I am feeling or why and I cannot even tell you where I am going … yet it is as though I have broken all chains and fly free. Perhaps my waterfalls photos are doing it along with the powerful words I heard just recently that I put to these waterfalls. All IS GOOD!

    Bless you, Aisha, and friends! Bless you!

    With Love, Amy

    1. Dearest Amy,

      So much love to you! Thank you for being here to share your powerful light. I/we love you so much.

      I am lost for words.
      Love, JJ ❤️❤️

    2. Dear Amy
      don’t even think about collapsing…Who will do those beautiful pictures? And cats? Forget about it. We, who know you, we need you.
      Good to see you here.

    3. Dear Amy,
      A beautiful waterfall photo to ligt your spirit up and bring some color to our day. Loving you with my rainbow colors dear sister. ❤

      1. Ohhhhhhhh these are JUST gorgeous!!! I hope you have time to see my waterfall photos. They don’t have color like these yet, they are truly Powerful! Bless you! Love, Amy

          1. OH, Tijen, you touch my Heart ever so dear. Thank you so very much! I LOVE Mother, and She me. I am allowed “IN” in a way that is different from most. I honor Her and respect Her, and also commune with Her. I seem to step into another world somehow when I am behind my camera. I also just get lost when I am still gazing at the beauty all around me. Bless you for seeing my work. That really means so much to me. (((HUGS))) Amy

    4. Dear Amy! Kepp doing what makes your heart sing – that is why you are here 🙂 And when you do that, you put a song in the hearts of so many others as well!
      Love and light from me, Aisha ❤

    5. Bless you dear Amy — so good to hear from you and know you are All Good 😀 >>>
      Love to you always, Areeze (you were the first to greet me here last October and I will fondly remember that and cherish it!)

      1. LoL — there was a bit more in my post about a ditto to amnesia (before the arrows) and welp, its just gone. so there you have it! 🙂
        Hugs ❤ Areeza

        1. lol… I knew u would take it that way… silly, sweet lady. I was just being sentimental me 🙂 ❤
          you said you asked for a breeze… and in a blew ! 😀

    6. Bless You Dear Amy & much Love back to You !….so nice to See Your visit here !….you should pop by more often & I’m glad you are feeling FREE !
      Love, Bev~

      1. Time is of the essence, Dearest Bev. Between LIFE and my photography, my blog, taking care of me and my home, my cats …. helping hubs …. WHEW! I know how to dive in between time but I must practice more so that I actually do have more TIME. (smile) (((HUGS))) Amy

  19. A fun event is coming for me ❤︎
    ” ~ Bashar will be using the Interstellar Enneagram this month to explore the historical, present and future relationship of Earth to various extraterrestrial and interdimensional civilizations including the Anunnaki, Grey, Orion, Reptilian, Pleiadian, Essassani, Sirius, Arcturus and Shalinaya civilizations. ~” http://bashar.org

    some say recruited, abducted, experiencee, contactee, all names are out there to fit for each experiences & my case has been positive experiences since childhood and those experiences sure have lead me realize that I am a spirit with body and I am happy and grateful. I love you all family of light and great appreciation to aisha & brothers and sisters who allowed me to talk about this for my growth.

    I don’t know what is Interstellar Enneagram but This sounds fun and interesting to explore ❤︎

    1. Dear Tomo… your Heartfelt energy and Lightness upon the world shows the long-term devotion you have dedicated to Spirit every time you comment. It’s so very nice to bask in… Thank you for sharing it! Smiles & Hugs to you. xox Lin ❤ 😀

      1. I love you Lin ❤︎ more than word I always have felt so much love from you that is so incredible, unlimited, unconditional love to each of us. I want to say that love is what I felt and I remember before I came out this life time when I was a light floating among vast other beautiful lights in love and harmony where I used to wishing to go back when I was a little girl. I am very fortunate to feel once again receive your deep love & this unconditional love we all deserve and we all are. Like a father a big source watch over us no matter what. Thank you dear lin❤︎

        1. & we are all now going to and be already in co creating the true loving, harmonized, compassionate, unique exciting new world.
          I imagine and act upon more to color my now!

        2. This song just came to me when I read your post Tomo. The song is to both of you Lin & Tomo. Guess if I was surprised when I saw Aisha’s name in the lyrics ??? 😉

          Isn’t she lovely
          Life and love are the same
          Life is Aisha
          The meaning of her name
          Londie, it could have not been done
          Without you who conceived the one
          That’s so very lovely made from love

          Love to both of you my dear Sisters ❤


          1. I so appreciate & love you, feel so fortunate and very happy to feel your beautiful pure heart ❤︎ Thank you it is so beautiful

        3. Dear Tomo, I was so very fortunate that my mother ‘consciously’ placed me – or kept me – in God’s care during the entire pregnancy. She told me this. She had had difficulties with the other 3 before me – lost the only boy a couple yrs before me – was told not to conceive again. she had me and my younger sister – 6 yrs apart. but, what a blessing for me – a great entry point right ?! Kept in God’s Loving care – I was able to retain my true soul beingness – consciously. ❤
          Love u much

          1. Ahhhhh! ❤︎big time consciously ! Breezie you came force so powerfully with all you brothers in amazing breezie in lightning loving speed. I sound like Disney ❤︎Thank you dear areeza? ❤︎

          2. Breezie… you were / are Blessed. I guess, in Truth, we all were no matter our circumstances… but you especially so, to come in that way. 😀 ❤

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