The manuscript of survival – part 418

You have by now surpassed any and all of your predecessors, dear ones, as you have indeed accomplished a feat few would have thought possible. For if it were not for you, none of the imminent changes that are about to start to unfold would be coming about, at least, not in the manner and at the speed that they will be appearing at now. For as you anchored yourself fully into this integrated new level of merged energy, you automatically opened up a new and much faster lane if you will for these energetically charged particles, these small but ever so powerful harbingers of change, and now, you stand before a veritable smorgasbord of opportunities. For you have come to the shores of the sea of potential, and now there is nothing stopping you from taking the plunge and immersing yourselves completely in what lies before you.

For what you stand before now, is that vast and inviting open sea of potential, the never ending source of opportunities to re-tune and tweak whatever it is that is out of sync and out of line, and now, you will slowly but surely be guided to step further and further out into this ocean. And as you start to find your bearings and learn to trust your ability to float freely in all of this liquid light of potential, we are sure that you will all start to feel at home real quick. And as you make yourself at home in this vast new field of energetic raw material at your disposal, you will also be prodded into action it what may seem to be some rather odd instances of surprising alignments and opportunities that will come unannounced. And so, you might suddenly find yourself on a trip to somewhere unexpected or off to meeting someone hitherto unknown, or you will find yourself in the right place at the perfect time to come into contact with someone you may not know before, but to whom you will feel an instant connection to as soon as you lay your eyes upon them. You see, the threads that you have been so busy spinning will now be pulling themselves tighter together, creating a much firmer foundation on which you can all stand. For now, what has been a loose connection of intertwined strands of light will become a shimmering, glittering whole that will enable you all to truly commit to the tasks you have been given. For as we have told you again and again, what you have been enduring up until now, have simply been the preliminaries, the all-important preparations that has been necessary in order to prepare you all, not just as individuals, but also as a collective. But now, you stand poised to not simply BE, but also to start to DO – in every sense of the word. For you will become as busy bees, continuously collecting your treasures of information and energy, and you will continue to fill your collective hive with more and more of this golden trove, whereby you will construct your very own paradise. And this paradise is none other than the world of your dreams, the place where all who dwell there do so because they have chosen to immerse themselves fully in the light.

For as you all know well by now, this path is not for those who cannot commit, this path is for those who make a decision on their highest level to truly lift themselves out and away from the old for good, and as such you are the ones who are amongst that first group of pioneers, the ones who were the first to set sail for virgin territory, following a calling in your hearts to leave behind the old and go and seek your Arcadia on a very new shore. And now you have set foot on that shore, you have arrived dear ones, and now, the building of your very own paradise will ensue. It will not be without its hardship and toil, but this time you will find yourself singing as you continue to construct the land of your dreams bit by bit, piece by piece.

For this is not a case of arriving into something that is ready made and fully constructed, where all you have to do is to put the key in the door and let yourself in to your brand new abode. No, this is the place that you will make come alive, by adding the bits and pieces of your dreams into a seamless construction of love. For there are millions upon millions of things to do, but there are more than enough of you to take on this wonderful task of making it into BEing, now that you have accomplished the task of demolishing the old limitations that kept you from doing what you are about to do. For what has been stopping you, was the very idea that you were incapable of doing this in the first place, but now, that old idea of powerlessness has completely lost its power over you, and you stand as if new again, ready to finally unleash those awesome powers you all carry within. And this is what you will do, in all sorts of ways, and in all kinds of places. For some, you will be brought into some very new and for you totally unfamiliar territories in every sense of the word, while for others, you will find yourself thriving in what used to be an old and stale environment, but now, it will be as if it too has been set alight by this incoming light.

For remember, what you will make come into being, is on this very planet where you have spent so many lifetimes, and so, your new abode will be in the same quadrant on the firmament as the old one, but it will be in a very different energetic environment. And so, what some has construed to be a flight away from this planet and into loftier and friendlier spheres far, far away out in the unknown space, is in fact all about something much closer to home. For you have created the necessary shift that has brought this very planet into alignment with the coordinates that will engender the brand new time lines that you have chosen to inhabit. For as you stepped away from the old, you also stepped across the chasm that divided you from these new and far more fertile layers of energy that will help to not only sustain your dreams, but also ensure that they come into being. For you are not here to dream of a better life anymore, you are here to make it come alive in every sense of the word, by making decisions and by initiating actions that will enable every single aspect of this hitherto imaginary world come alive. And this you will do, with every breath that you take and with every step that you make, and you will begin to put the pieces together that are already out there, ready to become manifest by your willingness to SEE them and acknowledge them.

Remember, this is not like the pioneers of yore, who brought with them their meager belongings and staked out a claim in the wilderness, and by the blood of their hands heaved out a primitive existence in a small glade in the wild forest. No, you are here to do the opposite, for you are here to simply open up the stores of treasures that are already there, waiting for you to find them, and these stores include any and all tools you might need at your disposal in order to make the new world not only new, but a fully functional society in all its glory. For you will not be asked to step away from the old and into something far simpler and less developed, far from it. You will be asked to step away from the old and crude ways of thinking and doing and into the new and complex but far, far more intelligent way of going about life. For as we have told you earlier, all of mankind’s problems can be laid at the door of mankind itself, for you have created every single one of them by your inability to see things in the right way, and by your refusal to see how everything is deeply connected with each other. But now, you have not only opened your eyes but your very hearts to this truth, and so now, you will begin to do things in the best way. Not just for each individual, but for All, and most of all, for the benefit of you home, you very own Mother Earth.

For she will be your greatest ally in this, for she knows that you will be the ones who will give her a new lease on life. You are the ones that will embrace her fully, and you are the ones who will understand the true treasures she is offering you. For this world will become a paradise once again, where the vitality of the very air you breathe and very ground you step upon will become so ingrained into your everyday lives, you will no longer fathom how you could live as disconnected from it all like you have been so used to. And together you will make it all come alive again, by pledging your lives to the reconstruction of this paradise, and by making this dream of it come fully into being.

This task may seem insurmountable to many of you, for as you look about, you see the ugly scars of pollution, mismanagement and greed on all sides, but remember that is only skin deep – in every sense of the word. For what you as a species has created cannot taint the very core of your Mother, it has only blemished her outer skin, and now what you will apply will not only serve to soothe this tainted skin, it will actually help to heal it fully and completely in every way. For you will learn how to work magic, in ways that we are used to looking upon as everyday and normal, but to you will seem almost too good to be true. For you will learn – or perhaps we should say re-learn –  to re-tune and refashion every single substance that needs to be removed from this planet is such a way, no traces will be left of them.

Remember, everything in existence comes from the same source, there is nothing in All of creation that is not made of the same simple building blocks. For everything that exists is made up of these two elements: energy and consciousness. And so, what has been created can also be recreated, dismantled and reassembled is such a way, what has been harmful will become beneficial. And remember, what makes green things grow better than anything? Manure – the very stuff that can be dismissed as waste, the very stuff that is the best fertilizer of them all. So as you look around you and see waste and pollution on all sides, know that what you truly see is potential – in a very literal sense. For you already possess everything you need to build the new, all of the building blocks are here already, but they might be in a form that you will dismiss as an inconvenience at best, or a hazard at worst. But it is neither, it is simply energy in a form that you have yet not been able to utilize to its best advantage, but that is what you will learn to do now, in some very surprising ways we might add. For you will be tutored by the experts, and you will learn that what you as humans think of as impossible, is in fact nothing less than simply a matter of refocusing.

For you will learn how to bend and twist and shape anything you need into the right stuff – no matter what kind of wrong stuff it may seem to be at the moment, and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to turn “wrong” stuff into even worse stuff. For the frequencies that controls these functions, the very vibrations that makes this possible vibrates at such a high frequency, nothing not vibrating at the same high level will be able to literally tune into them. In other words, you cannot create havoc in any way, and you will not destroy anything at all by your inability to understand the complexity of this process. For what you will do, will be as simple as ABC for you, and you will go to the task with a lightness of heart that will assure success on every level.

For even if these processes themselves can be construed as extremely advanced and complex by a human brain, this is not something you will have to study hard at science school for years and years in order to master. For you are all Masters of this already, and so, all you need to do, is to retrain yourself to master your own doubts as to how and when to do this right. Again, there is no way to do this wrong, you can only do this the right way, and you know the right way already. And this is what will start to resurface in you all now, as you bit by bit allow those old ideas of limitation to finally fall to the ground. And as you do that, you will start to see how things literally start to come together around you, and more and more the bits and pieces of your dreamland will become visible. Not just for you, but for anyone how chooses in their hearts to refocus on the light.

Remember, even if you are the pioneers, there are millions upon millions out there ready to step across the same divide that you have managed to bridge, and as soon as you start to furnish this new world with the necessary constructions, they cannot fail to notice what is going on. And so, they will add their light to these proceedings, making the ball roll faster and faster and this tight weave of light grow bigger and bigger, again catching more and more from falling into the deep crevasse they have been contemplating falling further down into. In other words, this will be a spiral of light growing forever outwards, touching more and more hearts as it goes, and this in turn will make this spiral pick up even more speed. And do not think that you have fallen off the tracks if you fail to see some changes in your own life in the imminent future. For they are already there, but as these complex patterns also allow for individual journeys, remember that your path may be a far more complex one than that of your neighbour, but they are all adding the same incredible momentum to this ever growing spiral of unfolding light that you have all set into motion by your unrelenting push to get away from the old densities and into the fresh and uplifting airs of tomorrow. But now you are finally here, and now it will finally start to unfold in all of its glory, and we cannot wait to see just what you will “stumble across” first. For as we told you in an earlier missive, let your curiosity lead the way, for it will indeed lead you to all of these hidden treasures that awaits you all, ready for you to discover them. So seek and ye shall find – in every way and in every direction, and what you find you will use to create the New, the place for everyone that seek to start to live life to the full, thriving out in the full light and no longer hiding in the deep and dark shadows of yesteryear.

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    SO BE IT

    I AM



    ….what we imagine… what will be…
    … love…….love, Ed

    = imagine.educe.materialize.repeat =

    1. Dear Ed, welcome to this Pond, thank you for sharing these words, and thank you for bringing your light here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  2. Dear aisha & everyone,

    Love and gratitude from me always, thank you for making me grow..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:love is what is & I thank you

    This is quote I found to share :

    *Space is necessary. Without space there is no freedom. We are talking psychologically.It is only when one is in contact, when there is no space between the observer and the observed that one is in total relationship, with a tree for instance. One is not identified with the tree, the flower, a woman, a man or whatever it is, but when there is this complete absence of space as the observer and the observed, then there is vast space. In that space there is no conflict; in that space there is freedom.
    Freedom is not a reaction. You cannot say, ‘Well, I am free’. The moment you say you are free you are not free, because you are conscious of yourself as being free from something, and therefore you have the same situation as an observer observing a tree. He has created a space, and in that space he breeds conflict. To understand this requires not intellectual agreement or disagreement, or saying, ‘I don’t understand’, but rather it requires coming directly into contact with what is. It means seeing that all your actions, every moment of action is of the observer and the observed, and within that space there is pleasure, pain and suffering the desire to fulfill, to become famous. Within that space there is no contact with anything. Contact, relationship has a quite different meaning when the observer is no longer apart from the observed. There is this extraordinary space, and there is freedom.

    1. & There are so many more other meaning to this & I am not to smart enough to describe.

      (I am sorry for those of you who was hurt looking at such a view. I learned so much since the tsunami.
      it is very true & It was in my bone what you said because it always lead to cow story. I myself is not looking at or more like avoid all sad events & varieties of contrast.

      Contrasts, options, experiences make us grow. Filling gaps is what We are so good doing so. I love my dreams. Creating bright new instant creations is appreciation and fun. One shine for own joy with compassion, love & appreciation ) thanks Tomo♥︎

  3. Dear Aisha and CC’s love and thanks from my heart for today’s message. Holding all of your hands in Oneness of Us.

    To B from Jean. No, B, believe me, you are not alone in what you are feeling, experiencing. Love, Jean

    1. Thank you for your love jean <3<3 ❤ I hold your/our hands too ❤

      It seems to me that I will have to walk like this for a while, feeling unconnected, weird and alone as my usual feeling of joy, love and gratefulness is pausing before entering the next step. Until then I will go on using my autopilot 😉

      I woke up with the english words "relinquish" and "unleash" and something showing me that I have to reconnect all the time to keep the process going.

      Thank you very much for your words jean! I appreciated them and I appreciate and love you very much ❤

      Love & light,


    2. Dear Jean, dear B, dear Bixie – so much love and a big group hug from me to you – to us! It is like we are feeling everything that is not there any longer, but we cannot feel ALL there really is, or we cannot feel at all at times. But as the CCs remind us, it is ALL a sign of us movig fast forward at an ever increasing speed 🙂
      LOVE – always, forever!
      Aisha ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. I wonder when we reach the top speed? A tsunami of love is probably a fairly high speed, but I refuse to let go now for the love never gives up 😉

        Thank you Aisha for your always wonderful support ❤

        Love & light,


  4. The last couple of days I have felt so emptied of myself like I never felt before. Like being twisted in and out and nothing familiar to be found. Very weird! Don´t know what to do actually – having a lot of green tea with honey and fresh ginger for my very sore throat and just waiting to be filled up again as I can´t find myself any longer. The only thing I can find is a critical and not too nice copy of the person I use to be 😉

    I suppose everything is exactly as it should be but wonder if I am the only person feeling like this? In the meantime I send you all my love & light wishing you all the very best and nice Pentecost weekend. I hope a night’s sleep will help now.

    Love & light ❤


    1. Greetings to you B and All,
      I felt something like that in the last few days.
      I thought that was that I had hardly any communication from the universe as in the beautiful days before.
      I was sometimes quite angry and then sad and empty.

      This morning I knew: the ALL-one wants to feel.
      The ALL-one wants not only to think but also to feel.
      I AM, I think, I feel.
      In this evolutionary cycle, it’s not about thinking but about feeling.
      We were born from the thinking of the ALL-one and the feeling is the next evolution cycle we just complete ~ happy ~.
      Well, we did it probably soon ❤

      ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

      Grüß’ Dich B und alle,
      Ich fühlte mich in den letzten Tagen so ähnlich.
      Ich dachte das läge daran dass Ich kaum noch Kommunikation aus dem Universum hatte wie in den schönen Tagen zuvor.
      Ich war manchmal recht ärgerlich und dann wieder traurig und leer.

      Heute Morgen wusste Ich: Das ALL–EINE will fühlen.
      Das ALL–EINE will nicht nur denken sondern auch fühlen.
      Ich Bin, Ich denke, Ich fühle.
      In diesem Evolutionszyklus geht es nicht mehr um das Denken sondern um das Fühlen.
      Wir wurden aus den Denken des ALL–EINEN geboren und das Fühlen ist der nächste Evolutionszyklus den wir gerade vollenden ~freu~
      Nun, wir haben es wohl bald geschafft ❤

      Heart greetings ❤
      I AM, I think, I feel
      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Yes – and as I am a feeling person – more than a thinking one – it is rather empty when one cannot feel so much either at the moment. However – I accept it all as a part of the process and appreciate very much your reaching out to me because it feels good to have some company in this emptiness 🙂

        Thank you bixie ❤

        Love & light,


        1. Dear B, yes,
          we fill “the void” and our inner emptiness
          with love ❤

          Bixie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

  5. I thought I knew what Love and Light was. Not really until today. New Born today.
    ❤ Liberated One ❤

    1. “Glorious ‘A’ “….I feel you are on top of the wave now….so wonderful !!…now on to BEcome the wave as we All will BE Doing !….Enjoy !LOve, Bev~

    2. Dear Sun,
      you are the manure and the growing flower from it!!!!
      I’ll shake your hand in a little while……flower. 🙂

    3. ♥︎ New born every moment in my case *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* thank u, dear sun of blue, Tomo

      1. Thanks so much dear sun of blue ♥︎ & you, too ♥︎ please also take excelent care yourself & your metaphors are so kind always and beautiful thank you learning lots !!

  6. Hello everyone ! This is my first time, when i feel need to wrote a few words on this beautiful site. First, sorry for my bad english, but i think you will understood what i mean. Every time when massive energy came to earth i feel very bad. My mind is very confused, i have some negative thoughts of fly very far away from earth, I do not feel that anything kept me here, but when this massive wave of energy the lowers, then everything making normal. Then i feel happiness and rapture of everything. I think we have to survive this uncomfortable feelings. This is probably part of this sacred process. Love with you everyone ! Greetings from Poland ❤

    1. Dear Jurek, welcome to this Pond, welcome to this family of light, and thank you for bringing your light here! We are ONE, and together we will make this planet a place of happiness and rapture forever 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  7. Dear family of light! I am still in a “quiet mode” as I feel the need to step back and just BE, but I wanted to try to put into words some of the things I have been shown. To me, the current energies are extremely intense but they also signal something very new, and yesterday I had such a powerful experience of having finally left the “old world” behind. It gave me an almost overwhelming feeling of sadness at first, but then I realized that it was because I have stepped away from the old, I have climbed up to that new world, that “island in the clouds” from Avatar I saw in the vision I shared earlier.

    This morning in meditation I saw myself as tealeaves being brewed into tea, and I understood that I was both the tea and the one drinking it, the taster and the taste. This brought up another vision I had a while back, where I saw the Earth from out in space and when I knew I had to go back there I got so upset and I asked “why do we have to go down there again? There is so much going on down there that is so terrible, why is all that happening? Is God bored?” And the answer I got was this” it is because God wants to taste it ALL”, and I realized that I am part of God, and so I was the one that made the “tasting” possible, I was the observer and the observed, and I saw in a flash from many different lifetimes some of the things I had “tasted” while in a physical body, from wonderful to horrendous.

    I also saw the incredible gift it is to be in a human body and experience all of the wonderful things we can experience here on Mother Earth, a planet that has been so mistreated, but one that we will now help back into becoming a Paradise again. A paradise for ALL, where we will taste freedom, love and joy, where there is no longer the need nor the want to taste the taste of greed, hate, violence and war. A paradise where we are once again deeply connected to all the “spirits of the forest”, the seas, the mountains and the winds, to each other and to the worlds beyond these shores. The wonderful thing is that we can already taste this, and the joy we get from these small “samples” we are given both in our daily lives but also in our visions are just “the tip of the iceberg” compared to what we have in store as the CCs say. What an incredible gift it is to be AWARE of this profound transformation we are going through, for in this, we are amongst the few, the pioneers who are both the “observer and the observed”, the taster AND the taste 🙂 Thank you, dear brothers and sisters, for sharing what you “taste” and for helping to change this world into the paradise we so long for!
    With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❤

    1. Thank you dear Aisha for your love. I would like very much to embrace all with our beautiful planet earth & finally and we already are, we all are creating beautiful world in harmony in unity in compassion in love*\(^o^)/*as who we really are. Love Tomo

    2. Thank you Aisha,
      Your deep internal sharing of your thoughts are of course, Devine .

      This sharing we all do is like a kentic energy ball. Our thoughts and intentions building up, and building up. The light quotient, brighter and brighter, with higher vibrational value. …..
      Please fill in the action we are building this energy for…….

      As in a over cast day and our shadows have so little darkness as to be barely be knoticeable. That seems to me to be the balance I seek.

      Blessings for our intentions!

    3. Blessed we are Aisha – One and All
      It is interesting that I too went right to my first incarnation on Earth today. Coming full circle 🙂
      On my ride today, I saw this Universe as the farthest out as was said in what Oriharu posted << A great read if anyone missed it !!
      I asked why it was this way? This Universe so far and closer ones not having all the issues experienced here. I saw Gods very long outbreath — I saw the edge of where a watering hose reaches — I saw the edge of where a ball is thrown. very interesting stuff and so much more to come.
      I have said it before that I sense the In breath – the Drawing All Back To Source.
      All answers are here and yes, all shadows are going away very fast now with all this Light shining ! Beautiful New World with perfect, puffy clouds today 🙂
      I started a saying yrs ago : "To sleep amongst the angels who lay their consciousness upon the clouds". Our consciousness is there now.
      Love you!

    4. Aisha: “I was the observer and the observed”

      Very interesting.
      In my dream this morning I also was “the observer” and I observed all this people outside on the street.
      I was very good covered in my red hoodie, so only the eyes, nose and mouth were free and nobody realized me 😀

      BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Observer and the observed:
        I remembered that once I had observed myself.
        In front I cried, had gone into a drama, right behind was I, totally calm and wondering what is going on there.

        Beobachter und Beobachtetes:
        Mir fiel wieder ein dass Ich mich einst selbst beobachtet hatte.
        Vorne war Ich, weinte, war in ein Drama eingestiegen, direkt dahinter war ICH, völlig ruhig und wunderte mich was denn da los ist.

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    5. Dear sun_of_blue, thank you for this confirmation! I have seen this ball of light once this week, with my eyes closed, but it was like seeing the full moon come out of the clouds for a few seconds before it went away again. It was up and to the left of me, and after that I have seen light shining to my left when my eyes are open, but not as a defined object. I think I will ask it to show itself to me 🙂 I will send another large helping of balancing love your way!
      Aisha ❤

        1. Thank you Sun!

          I have slept well but continue to walk around in nothingness. It’s very quiet everywhere outside today. Went to the forest to meditate among the trees but it was not a good idea because the Swedish mosquitoes have high season now 😉 Will try a place at the lake instead. Picked some vitamin C-rich spruce shoots that may be good for my cold while waiting for the winds to turn 🙂

          Thanks for asking 🙂

          Much love & light ❤


          1. Ah B, I hope you feel better soon. Sending you healing love. ❤
            And here you have another friend of the forest helping you to heal. Spruce shoots. What do you do with them? I think you need to teach your tree medicine. I would be a happy student under your guidance. 🙂
            Love to you B!

            1. Today I made spruce shoots soup for the first time ( I admit that I was a little suspicious at first – but really good) and additionally spruce shoot syrup, which you can use in coffee or on ice cream, for example. A healthier version of the syrup simply. Contains vitamin C and minerals. I am fortunate to be able to go outside patio in the morning and pick a handful of herbs for my morning tea. Was also reminded that it is high time to make drinking on the black currant leaves – a wonderfully fresh summer drink 🙂

              For me, this spring’s different harvests of nettles, leaves of rowan and birch are important partly because they are useful, partly because it is a way to take advantage of the amazing gifts that nature gives us in abundance. It feels to me even as a way to pay homage to Mother Earth. But – as I said before – I’m certainly no expert – just a happy amateur;)

              Thank you for your interest and love – very appreciated especially today, and welcome for a cup of herbal tea 🙂 But I’ve become very cold right now so we’ll maybe wait a while 😉

              Love & light,


      1. Much love to you, dear sun_of_blue! I am glad to hear that you have been well looked after, and I think you will find that your little “problem” from the Gathering really is no problem at all.
        Aisha ❤

    6. Love the taste and taster image! I had gotten years ago the same thing as you that god wants to experience all things. I can’t say that I get it. It is still beyond me. I am reminded of a thought from the Kabbalah book “God is a Verb”. As best I can remember it described god conscience as a continuum. One of light and dark. Good book. Just pulled it out and I believe I need to give it another read. Sending love your way! ❤ Denise

      1. Sun it may take me some time but, I will try my best to post some from the book. So many thoughts running through my head now and sleep seems to just be work in overtime. The brain is holding too much to put into words. This brain/consciousness needs a vacation! Maybe like pollen it is about to implode as everyone is saying. 😉
        Much love sun!

    7. Absolutely beautiful Aisha and absolutely true. As ONE we are the doers and the Be-ers of all….chills! 🙂 ❤ alex

  8. I wanted to leave a post to the people of the pond. I am looking for energy donation or thoughts of good will or anything that might help. I met some psychic people years ago who were very unkind to me. They are focused on me and preventing me from sleeping in order to destabilize me.

    From here on in until ascension it could be a hard go so I’m asking for help.

    1. The other rule of thought is that what you resist persists. So I’m really not sure the best way to handle this.

    2. Shadow side is going away… Let it go Mike. All is Well
      No strong winds needed to blow them away anymore – even the gentlest of Loving breeze can do it. They have the choice too – to join in that Love if they so desire.
      Draw energies to you that you want and so it is ❤

      1. I wanted to say a deep THANK YOU to my fellow ponders. The past couple of days have been intense for me. I’m feeling much better today so thank you for your gifts of energy and intention!

  9. Realize now that when u meet All with your/the divinity, your/the Bliss stays put.
    ~ Anything brought to me, I greet with Love Divine ~
    I was thinking the other day how Nature acts in Oneness with its Divine Source because it knows no other way. It has divine intelligence in its Oneness state. We humans got stupid somewhere and took ourselves ‘away’.
    Just some thoughts from One brought back To Life and who is melting into Bliss right now

      1. the clouds are funneling Lovely Light to us ! The air is so Full that we do need these cloud filters ! ahhhhhh AHHHH !

  10. “All questioning is a way of avoiding the real answer which, as Zen tells us, is really known already.”
    ~from my calendar for today
    ~ remember that after enlightenment a mountain is still a mountain – yet – One is so much more grateful for it 🙂

    1. Oh Breeze… I awoke yesterday to the words “No more questions. Only answers.” As you said answers are already known. My favorite word has always been WHY. 🙂 drove my parents and teachers nuts!
      Loving light to you Breeze!

    2. really ‘Love’ this Zen quote ‘A’…(questioning, doubtfulness, impatience & more is purely Avoidance to All the Truthful answers that come from Creation)…& that’s the Truth !….Creation always answers us Truthfully but often we super-impose our own ego answers, the ones we think suits us best….a big hurdle for all of humanity to over come !….& ‘Love’ your mentioning of ‘Implosion’ as this will most certainly be spoken of so much more in coming time !
      Love to You !….Bev~

  11. I will always remember this day for it is the day I stepped so consciously In To Life. With All My Love, I busted on through and pulled This One’s Beingness Out ~ In To Life
    With this occurrence, I place it consciously into All. Feel it and enjoy !

  12. “But now you are finally here, and now it will finally start to unfold in all of its glory………”

    How many times we have seen constant companions giving this type of messages and has anything significant happened so far? Nothing. Cheaters.

    1. Has to come from inside – not out. No one is gonna crack you open. I have not liked it so much myself. Now that I have done so much clearing – intentionally – I am glad for all of it because I am cracking open my own egg! You too! Love you! Please don’t cheat yourself Dear One. Same eyes, newly open and they see so much more. Same hands fully open,,, and they touch SO Much More! Same Heart Fully Loving ❤

  13. Hello everyone.
    This is my 49th favourite Japanese song from
    Takako Uehara – GLORY~Cause you are here~ (Released Date : May.22, 2002)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( )
    (Thank you for the warm heart.)
    (However, I would like to J. Peace be with you.)
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  14. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! This is beautiful! I’ve always felt that we would be working together to co-create the new world and solve the problems we now face. It’s lovely to read the CC’s explaining so much that I feel I have always known. What we create is shaped by what we believe and how we see ourselves and our world. When we choose to believe in tge beauty and sacred nature of all that exists we manifest a beautiful, sacred world to live in. Indigenous peoples all over Earth from the most ancient times til now have done this so it’s not like we are facing a totally mysterious task. The good patterns of creation are still sleeping in our bones where our ancestors left them for us.

    1. “The good patterns of creation are still sleeping in our bones where our ancestors left them for us. ”
      This is just beautiful! thank you so much ❤

  15. Very powerful message and that of the C.C., especially in these phrases that remind us of something we often forget: we are one consciousness, one energy and nothing will ever be lost, but always will be transformed and transmuted into a positive, light and love! !
    Thanks Aisha and Constants Companions, I embrace you with all my heart! … 🙂 …

    “Remember, everything in existence comes from the same source, there is nothing in All of creation that is not made of the same simple building blocks. For everything that exists is made up of these two elements: energy and consciousness. And so, what has been created can also be recreated, dismantled and reassembled is such a way, what has been harmful will become beneficial. And remember, what makes green things grow better than anything? Manure – the very stuff that can be dismissed as waste, the very stuff that is the best fertilizer of them all. So as you look around you and see waste and pollution on all sides, know that what you truly see is potential – in a very literal sense. For you already possess everything you need to build the new, all of the building blocks are here already, but they might be in a form that you will dismiss as an inconvenience at best, or a hazard at worst. But it is neither, it is simply energy in a form that you have yet not been able to utilize to its best advantage, but that is what you will learn to do now, in some very surprising ways we might add.”

  16. Strange nights. No communication.
    I dreamed in the morning by tidy cellars and a camping group with motorcycles and camping vehicles, all entirely in glossy black.
    I went on my balcony and tied together very closely in the face the hood of my bright red hoodies, so only the eyes, nose and mouth were free.
    They stood in front of the House and rang the doorbells everywhere, they wanted not to me but to someone on the other side.
    Then I went back to my apartment and closed the balcony door.
    When I got up I knew: „complete awakening. All my parts are waking up completely now.”

    ❤*¨*•.¸¸.• ♥✿♡✿♥•.¸¸.•*¨*❤

    Seltsame Nächte. Keine Kommunikation.
    Ich träumte am Morgen von aufgeräumten Kellern und einer Campinggruppe mit Motorrädern und Campingfahrzeugen, alles völlig in glänzendem Schwarz.
    Ich ging auf meinen Balkon und band die Kapuze meines leuchtend roten Kapuzenshirts ganz eng im Gesicht zusammen, sodass nur noch Augen, Nase und Mund frei waren.
    Sie standen vor dem Haus und klingelten überall, sie wollten nicht zu mir sondern zu jemandem auf der anderen Seite.
    Dann ging Ich wieder in meine Wohnung und schloss die Balkontüre.
    Als Ich aufstand wusste Ich: „Vollständiges Erwachen. Alle meine Teile erwachen jetzt voll und ganz.“

    Heart greetings ❤

    1. … also posted in the wrong place (for some strange reason)… should have appeared a few posts below 😀
      Bixie 😀

      1. dear Bixie, ❤︎”complete awakening. All my parts are waking up completely now.”❤︎ it is indeed beautiful it sounds, thank you tomo❤︎

        1. Dear Tomo,
          heart greetings from me to you ❤ ❤ ❤
          ♥ ❀ ❃ ✿ ❁ ☆ ♥
          Bixie εїз

  17. Hey babys, when I read this message this GREAT song popped into my head and I had to laugh cause it’s easier than learning your ABC’s! Zing!

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