A short update on the energies

As many of you have already attested to, this last Gathering of yours was indeed a resounding success, and even if the outcome of it may not be perceivable to all of you just yet, know that what you accomplished will indeed have far reaching consequences, not just beyond the shores of your little Pond, but in the realms beyond yours. You see, what you did was nothing less than a complete anchoring of a vast field of energetics, and as such, you have in many ways created a cloud of energy that will be permanently based around your globe, much like that electronic “cloud” many of you utilize whenever you access your electronic devices. In other words, you have helped to format a frequential layer that will be utilized not only to store but also to download vast amounts of information, information that hitherto only has been accessible by individuals, but that now will be used for mass upgradings and collective efforts, such as the one you have just completed.

So what you have helped to engender, is in fact a tool that will have far reaching implications, for this tool will foreshorten the time and distance if you will of this whole operation. As you know well by now, time and indeed distance are something very different from what you humans perceive, but this energetic “cloud” that you have helped to put into place will enable a lot of information processes to bypass the old and more cumbersome way of singular downloads. This can in many ways be likened to the arrays of radio telescopes all hooked up in a grid that enables your scientists to study the depth of space in far more detail and accuracy than what they could if they only use the signals from one single of these dishes. For what you have helped to establish, is in many ways a similar synchronized group of receivers and transmitters that will literally envelop his whole planet of yours within a layer of energetically enhanced particles that will simplify the transferring of information between the two sides of the veil, to put it in a simplified term. In other words, you have just completed a task that will be of enormous help to all of those like minded souls out there who are already immersed in the turnaround process of this entire planet, and for that, our gratitude has no bounds.

Not only that, but as you all connected through the hours that this energetic distribution took place, you also enabled your own individual setup to be optimized in such a way, your own “direct line” has been upgraded exponentially. You see, the clearing of debris that took place during that get-together was indeed a thorough one, and now, you truly stand ready and enabled to push ahead with your new tasks. For as we mentioned in a previous message, you have by now entered that next phase of the proceedings, where your own personal clearance will have been completed to such a degree, you can start to let your true tasks begin to unfold. And so, what was set into motion this last Sunday by your generous assistance will start to come into fruition very soon. And what you set into motion will also touch the very core of so many of your fellow men and women, for what you did acted as a kind of trigger that will serve to set a lot of inner circuits into full power mode. This is turn will engender quite a spectacular set of events, but again, do not expect to see something akin to what has been presented to you in all sorts of dramatized offerings from your entertainment media. Again, the human mind has been set to expect a very defined set of events taking place in order to make this world as if new again, but we would like to remind you that what you can currently envisage, bears little resemblance to what will actually take place, and even if the kind of event you might expect to take place would be a global one, it might actually be a global event on a very different scale than what you think. You see, what brings change on a large scale often takes place on a very small scale, for in this it is as in everything else in Creation; a fragment of interaction may become a whole, but a whole lot of fragments can also become a seemingly chaotic soup before it all simmers down to a grand new and viable version of itself. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that your entire world is about to change but it will change from the inside out as we have mentioned before, and as you are amongst the pioneers, you are the ones who will embody this change first.

And that is what you are already doing, as you have changed your entire setup, not just once, but several times over since this whole operation turnaround was set into motion, but even if you look at yourself with a quizzical eye, you may still fail to detect anything “new” at all about your person or even your circumstances. That may be so, but to a trained eye, you could not be more different than the one you used to be. And you all have that trained eye, for as you know so well by now, that “eye” is the internal one, the all-knowing one, the one that knows just where to look in order to take in the full scope of what is going on. So again we say go deep within, and connect with that part of you who knows just where you are at, and who will rejoice because it can attest to the success you already are. For you have managed to lift yourself out of the old dross, and now, you have helped to lift your entire world that tiny little increment higher in vibration that will literally make a world of difference, not just to you, but to all. For we see this in grand terms, and we see that what you accomplished on a molecular level will ring out all across Creation, and with it comes a brand new level of interconnected signatures that will trigger embedded sequences lying dormant in so many of your kin, and these again will start the ball rolling in so many ways and in so many settings – and some of them rather unexpected even for you.

So again we thank you for allowing these frequencies to take you into their embrace, for by doing just that, you enabled them to literally embrace this entire planet with a brand new set of coordinates that will be utilized in the manner we described above. So thanks to your generosity and your willingness to stay the course on behalf of All of creation, you helped to create this broad field of transmitters that will serve to maximize the linkup between your “station” and us, and in addition, it will serve to amplify any signals coming through in such a way that any collective efforts will become vastly more powerful in the time ahead. So what you did will make all of us better equipped to help you to help yourselves, and it will also make you far better equipped to engender the response you seek to get from your creative endeavours. For this energetic cloud in the sky will in many ways serve as the repository for your dreams, and now, by attaching yourself to this cloud you will make those dreams become manifest one by one. Both as individuals but more and more as one cohesive unit of souls, all working together for the betterment of this entire planet, and for every single being living upon her. And for this, we cannot thank you enough.

239 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Dear Friends!

    I have no ambition to be able to reply to all your wonderful comments being left here during my stay with my dear ones. I can only say that I have read many of them and my heart has rejoiced with yours all the time πŸ™‚

    My gathering started directly when I read the message from CCs and I saw myself embracing you all and threw me into the river and were united with all the light which flowed into the oceans surrounding around mother earth. It was a feeling of immense pleasure and an impatient “finally we are heading” to be involved in this process. I also had physical contact with a river and saw a circle of light that swept away while the rain filled me with energy as well πŸ™‚

    I have had the need to stand by and just watch all this time while I joined with my family and also have been aware how difficult it can be to pass on my way to see the “reality” in a discussion with my son who works in an inhumane organization where everything is just “harsh realities” and all of the employees feel bad. I really had to remind me of CCs words that it is enough to just put my intention to light and love, exist and that my light is spread through my mere presence. But sometimes I wish I could do something more tangible …

    Thank you all for being here and sharing your stories even if I cannot always respond to them .Looking forward to this Pentecost weekend where nature reaches its peak and also the newly hatched students celebrating their freedom πŸ™‚

    Love, light & gratitude ❀

    B ro B

  2. Thank you very much for you amazing reading and i. Did not read this one untill today love joy peace and harmony Jacqueline

  3. i suppose some folks don’t understand the nuances between Bernstein and Toscanini
    but then
    you are welcome to underestimate me at your peril

  4. never trust anything less than source data

    Beethoven Symphony No 9 D minor Leonard Bernstein

    1. Perfect for watching the sun rise here Otmn! I’ve been up since 3:30 AM! πŸ˜‰
      Time to rest the eyes. πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi everyone! What an uplifting page to read through tonight. I’ve been feeling down emotionally the past couple of days but our good friend, Lin reminded me to relax and let the jet lag phase pass. I’m picking up tonight!

    I danced the first 3 days back and my sister and I kept observing how people that don’t usually stop by her table came to say hello to her… it was really noticeable that some change was in the air! (I also had two men fussing over me. I thought of you, Aisha, mentioning a little more romance might come my way.)

    Today I walked in a little park while waiting for my daughter and people were approaching me or smiling as they passed by. My daughter’s marriage came to an end while I’ve been gone and she is facing leaving her beautiful big home yet we’ve enjoyed two days and nights in very good sharing… including healing from past sexual abuse as a child (from my 2nd husband). I am encouraged by her own strength. Her brother (my son) and her dad arrive tomorrow and her husband returns from his work trip. It is a very interesting time with us all under the same roof! She and I both need new homes… I need an income source before I can settle elsewhere. My choice is to do something different than I was doing in the last ‘job.’ 48 & 72 hr. shifts make my life too unsettled! I’ll let you know how creative I am… feel free to assist πŸ™‚ Love, Nancee

    1. Sending you and your family love dear Nancee. All these endings are new beginnings. My sister and mother are both moving as well. My sister leaving her home after her husband just past and my mother has finally decided to leave her lovely large home we have so many memories from the last 35 years. Big changes, but hoping for more joy. My heart is with yours, Denise ❀

    2. Dear Nancee, what a powerful transformation and healing your whole family is going through! I am so glad that you can already see signs of how the light is helping you through this intense phase πŸ™‚ I am sending my light and my love to add to this shimmering circle of light that is protecting you all!
      Aisha ❀

  6. Hi All !…just so wonderful to hear All that has recently transpired in these last few hours ! Thank you Dearest Aisha for your fabulous vision & I AM pleased to hear ‘Dream Weaver’ being repeated by others…words latched on like the grains of ‘Pollen’ that HS has often spoken to me about !…..Now it is a great Time for you to see ‘Me, my (higher) self & I (Creation)…..the New world is unfolding, but has been for quite some time ! This is just one of my many wonderful visual experiences that Creation takes me upon & in these visions, ‘Me, Myself & I’ are joined into ‘1’, into a beautiful & blissful bond of harmony that is here right now for All to See & experience ! HS says do not just Open your ‘Eyes’…but your ‘Heart’…All of it wide Open !…. See through my ‘Eyes’….as this is for All to See !…..

    Earth Love & Celestial Light to You All !….Bev~

    ~Higher Self~

    1. WOW Bev, this is exactly what I saw last night! I had just read Celia Fenn’s description of timelines as spirals, but what I saw, was this rolled-up fern like the ones I see out in the forest this time of year, just like the one in your photo πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing this image, and thank you for your words πŸ™‚
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  7. Both videos are very, very beautiful, dear Philip.
    β™ͺ β™« … β€žthe love we shareβ€œ … β™ͺ β™«

    Heart greetings ❀

  8. Philip!!!!!

    Today’s message from GaiaPortal:

    — Galactic energetics permute all remnants of dark intent.

    Shadow statics are eliminated as blue Sol expands —

    Jumping with joy!!! Literally!!

    This past Christmas morning will be etched in my heart for eternity!

    Saying “I love you” doesn’t even come close! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Caroline

    1. How wondrous Caroline for I know and feel from what you’ve shared before how important that was/is to you… When we see life as it really is we cannot help but feel blessed… and it goes beyond words as you well know. SOL / IS is with you forever. Philip πŸ™‚ ❀

  9. Thank you, dear sun_of_blue, dear fellow “cloud maker”! You make us sound like a rock group πŸ™‚
    LOVE, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

    1. Dear sun_of_blue! I am sending you a warm blanket of light and a big, big hug of LOVE, I hope this will help your cold ease off and make your body stay 100% ON. Many new doors have opened, perhaps you are only feeling the wind coming through one of them? I will sit beside you while you sit with this, so just give me a nudge if there is anything I can do for you!
      LOVE, Aisha ❀

  10. Dear friends! I wanted to share a powerful vision I had last night. When I went to bed, the time was exactly 00:00, so I knew it was a sign to connect “deep within” as the CCs said in yesterday’s message. I had also read part of Celia Fenn’s “Time travel 101” (thank you for sharing this, Alex!) and I was thinking about how she explains the jumping of time lines as a frequency shift. As I tuned into my body, I started to “see” this shift as something that is incredibly small, like literally just shifting one single molecule in your body in one “direction” and that this in turn would make your whole setup “jump a timeline”. I suddenly felt this jolt going through me, like when you wake up because it feels like you are falling, but I was fully awake, and I realized that I had made myself stop. I started to tune in again and try to go even deeper in , but this time, I started to get some vivid images instead. What I saw, was those magical, floating islands in the clouds from Avatar (thank you, Bixie), and just like in the movie, I jumped up and grabbed hold of one of those long, hanging vines and started to climb all the way up. My body felt so incredible strong and full of life, it felt really good to do this. When I got to the top, I found myself at that pristine beach I have seen in earlier visions, but this time, I was not alone there. You were there as well, the whole group of us, and we greeted each other and hugged each other in celebration, and I suddenly understood we had literally “jumped a timeline” and now we were in the New World. It was such a beautiful place, and as we started to walk up a hill, it got darker so we lit up some torches to find our way. As we walked, we could see more and more lights approaching from all directions, and soon, we were a huge group of people gathered in this wonderful place.

    Next, I saw us seeding the “field of dreams”. We were in a large meadow, and we all carried seeds – dreams – of different shapes and sizes in our hands. I saw children running around in joy, helping to plant these seeds and water them with a watering can, and afterwards, we gathered in a circle around this huge meadow, holding hands. The energy was incredible, and one by one, more people joined this circle, and we welcomed them all by looking deep into each other’s eyes. We just stood there in silence, looking out over this meadow, and I realized “we are breathing LIFE into these dreams”, and one by one, they started to sprout and grow into different “plants”. Then, the scene shifted again, and I was shown a series of “snapshots”, of meetings taking place on this New Earth, but also somewhere “off Earth”, as different groups came together to make sure that everything ran smoothly. The energy and the look of these places was very different, but the one thing they had in common, was the deep love and respect between all the participants, both humans and beings from other parts of Creation. Some were working with crystal energy, others were discussing some kind of practical solutions, some looked to be in the middle of teleporting themselves from one place to another because they went more and more transparent, while others again were cleaning up some old “garbage” in an extremely efficient way that left no trace at all. I saw cities with tall buildings covered in greenery where people grew their own food where they lived, and smaller communities in rural areas. In every place, the same beautiful, loving energy. The last thing I remember, was a group of us standing at the same beach where we had “landed” earlier, and I saw us pulling together on a huge vine, like the one we had climbed to get there in the first place. But this time, we actually pulled in another of these huge, floating mountains, so that all of the people on that island could come and join us. When I checked the time, it was 01:02 πŸ™‚
    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

    1. Dear Aisha, magical island ❀︎ big hug & Love from a frequent time traveler teleporting friend❀︎. wonderful !! avatar ❀︎❀︎ with deep love & respect million times to you & all ❀︎ love tomo

      1. if one is not sure one ask or wonder.
        If one has experienced since childhood to now there won’t be any question.
        one knows if you don’t know from soul you can’t even imagine of it.
        it is not from media, books, music, & all, it is from your soul telling you that you are everywhere,

      2. Dear Tomo, magical sister, thank you for “beaming down” here πŸ™‚ ” it is from your soul telling you that you are everywhere” – YES!
        LOVE, Aisha

    2. Hi Aisha,

      This is an amazing and wonderful experience the land you describe sounds as beautiful as the place I saw when I first walked through the curtain of water/veil/whatever it was in the lead up to the IS insight … and I when I went back and saw crowds too!

      I love the imagery of the dreams being planted and watered and growing for surely as you say ‘we are breathing life into these dreams.’

      Interesting you mention Avatar again. As I stood outside barefoot late yesterday afternoon on the grass in our garden I was looking towards the magnificent Oak Tree we are blessed to have in the garden and it came to me that it reminded me a great deal of ‘Hometree’ in Avatar a powerful giver of life. Blessed I felt and blessed was your experience.

      I feel we have shifted to a new place and ‘more of us’ is being experienced and expressed and this process is unfolding more rapidly now.

      Philip πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Dear Philip,
        And as I stood outside with my bare feet in the grass looking at the towering, old oak tree in my neighbor’s backyard, I realized that the beautiful blue sky was completely clear. Not one cloud or blemish. Just the late afternoon crescent moon directly overhead. I immediately realized that we now have a “clean slate” to begin our dream-weaving, both personally and collectively. Such synchronicity! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Hugging you and Sue! πŸ™‚ Caroline

        1. Wow! Synchronicity indeed. “A ‘clean slate’ to begin our dream-weaving both personally and collectively.” Yes, yes, YES!!! Hugs back you both too. Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      2. Dear Philip! These are wondrous times, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this magical process that is unfolding faster and faster now πŸ™‚ We have definitely shifted to a new place – and space now! Thank you for sharing from your joyfilled experience of these new energies πŸ™‚
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

    3. Aisha and all I feel called to share this song here by Deva Premal and Miten. The references to Avatar, trees, beauty, nature and the journey we are on is all expressed in this song: It is called Free Spirit (Ashes to Ashes). There are two links to the same song I will share the first sung in english (but with the lyrics in Spanish on the video but with some beautiful images of nature which spoke share!). The second in another post is a ‘live’ in concert version equally beautiful. Philip πŸ™‚ ❀

      1. Thank you, Philip.

        I feel totally “off” today. Your song helped me lift a little. πŸ™‚

        Love, JJ

    4. Wonderful, Aisha. Thank you for sharing. I got chills while reading this, but at the same time, my mind is going: how is that possible, will it be possible? I just don’t see how all these things are going to BE. Lot’s of people have beautiful visions, but is any of it real? Will it ever be real? I’m just so confused.

      Love, JJ

      1. You probably know this already JJ but you won’t get there with your mind on this journey. Mind is not who you are. Truth comes from a higher place and through the heart/soul. These visions I’m sure you know are metaphors speaking to us of what is unfolding and they are presenting themselves in ways pertinent to the experience of the individual having them. They are not the actual reality but a Signpost to it. If you/we follow the signs – we follow the journey smoothly.

        This may be helpful: Just notice that ‘Confusion’ BUT do NOT become it. Confusion is an illusion. Observe the Confusion as in Oh I see ‘Confusion’ is here whilst knowing it is NOT you. If you do this effectively it will dissipate.. . especially if you have invoked SOL beforehand. Trust this helps. Philip πŸ™‚

        1. reminded me also of ‘con-fusion’ indicating being against the fusion.
          ~ Let It Be ~
          I hear u JJ – I think the same thing some times. how will it come to actually “Be” — all this that we have known in our heart souls and our visions. We have always known of the truth and have the courage to pursue it and see it to fruition. You are not alone in your wonderment and as we still sit at work and all that part of life, we can get confused – what is this stale place we still seem to exist in? – the survival mode place. Its not thrival mode as I would like ! πŸ™‚ My body is not where my heart/soul visions want to take me. I still hold the vision and listen less to my mind and more with my heart. And the tone keeps me in line too — which is back to “So” for the most part.
          thanks Philip JJ and All ❀

      2. Oh and it may be of further help to know that confusion is like a ‘bridge’ to understanding. It is formed from ‘con’ (meaning against) and ‘fusion’ (obvious meaning) so ‘against fusion’ – against a fusion to a higher understanding… by observing it as described above you ‘fuse’ into understanding, you cross the bridge into a new experience. Philip πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    5. Dear Aisha,

      I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling right now, as if I have to keep pinching myself to even dare to believe that our dreams are coming to fruition on a planet-wide scale. All of the hard work on both the macro and micro levels, the abject exhaustion and the pure joy. A new era is truly beginning. Dream weavers. WOW!!! I think you can feel my immense gratitude and love for You and All here. WE did it!!! Let’s start the magic!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Think I’ll go play in the warm rain now. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Caroline

      1. Dear Caroline! What an immense, powerful river of light we are a part of! I have just come off the phone with a very close friend of mine who has been through such a profound and transformational healingprocess these last 48 hours, I can only say YES, “A new era is truly beginning”!! Now we are truly free to create, to weave our dreams into BEing πŸ™‚ And WE are the stuff that dreams are made of πŸ˜‰
        With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

    6. I often smile at reading some posts, because I find myself in them.
      I loved the movie avatar …
      We have many common views …
      Often a song air arrives that starts with me: he told me up there on the mountain, come pick me a little bit of rosehip and at the time I write this I have tingling in the neck and now it is in the left arm …
      I would like to share more with you because you are all important to me and to my HEART.
      I agree BEV when he wrote that we were already all connected and maybe I’m wrong but I think I’ve known Aisha in another life without memories that just a strong intuition …
      ONE OF ALL

      1. Dear Lysiane, I also think we share deep connections, and I think that this is why we have all gathered here πŸ™‚ As The CCs said in a message before the last Gathering: “For you are indeed old acquaintances all of you, old souls that have spent many a lifetime connected in diverse ways, but now, you have all come together with one purpose in mind: to connect what has been severed and to heal what has been tainted.” And that is what we have done πŸ™‚
        Love and blessings to you, dear sister of the light!
        Aisha ❀

    7. Absolutely blessedly wonderful! We have indeed shifted and now, in this new land we plant the seeds of love! Whoot! πŸ™‚ big hugs! Alex

    8. Wonder Full! πŸ™‚
      So much here. I loved this movie. Everything is coming together! It is ALL ready here! So much joy. I was reading earlier on Denise La Feys transitions and highheartlife sites. Trying to find the info on geometrical shapes for Lin. She has a lot about blue beings….ha..that’s what I found looking. Cracks me up how one searches for one and then finds another. All is as it should be! These blue beings are from the higher dimensions!
      Much love to you Aisha!

    9. Dear Aisha1

      I took note of your vision in the shuttle bus on the way home yesterday and it gave me a feeling of deep joy and gratitude for what is happening now.

      Thanks for sharing ❀

      Love, light & gratitude,


  11. First of all Big hugs to everyone and everything! Whoot! What a wonderful message after our gathering, but I certainly got big chills when they started speaking about the cloud being a repository for our dreams! I had shared that here I think a few months ago–that very concept explained in that very way when discussing the history of creation. I love when things coalesce like that and I am seeing it more and more in the sharings here. i wish I could comment on every single persons’ wonderful experiences but life right now is busy with family and wonderful work and spring and a daughter graduating from highschool. I know I love you all and support all of your journeys! More hugs! Alex

  12. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    “…You see, what you did was nothing less than a complete anchoring of a vast field of energetics, and as such, you have in many ways created a cloud of energy that will be permanently based around your globe, much like that electronic β€œcloud” many of you utilize whenever you access your electronic devices. In other words, you have helped to format a frequential layer that will be utilized not only to store but also to download vast amounts of information, information that hitherto only has been accessible by individuals, but that now will be used for mass upgradings and collective efforts, such as the one you have just completed.

    So what you have helped to engender, is in fact a tool that will have far reaching implications, for this tool will foreshorten the time and distance if you will of this whole operation….”


  13. ❀ wave to B… and hope to see you soon! Safe travels. ❀ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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