As many of you have already attested to, this last Gathering of yours was indeed a resounding success, and even if the outcome of it may not be perceivable to all of you just yet, know that what you accomplished will indeed have far reaching consequences, not just beyond the shores of your little Pond, but in the realms beyond yours. You see, what you did was nothing less than a complete anchoring of a vast field of energetics, and as such, you have in many ways created a cloud of energy that will be permanently based around your globe, much like that electronic “cloud” many of you utilize whenever you access your electronic devices. In other words, you have helped to format a frequential layer that will be utilized not only to store but also to download vast amounts of information, information that hitherto only has been accessible by individuals, but that now will be used for mass upgradings and collective efforts, such as the one you have just completed.

So what you have helped to engender, is in fact a tool that will have far reaching implications, for this tool will foreshorten the time and distance if you will of this whole operation. As you know well by now, time and indeed distance are something very different from what you humans perceive, but this energetic “cloud” that you have helped to put into place will enable a lot of information processes to bypass the old and more cumbersome way of singular downloads. This can in many ways be likened to the arrays of radio telescopes all hooked up in a grid that enables your scientists to study the depth of space in far more detail and accuracy than what they could if they only use the signals from one single of these dishes. For what you have helped to establish, is in many ways a similar synchronized group of receivers and transmitters that will literally envelop his whole planet of yours within a layer of energetically enhanced particles that will simplify the transferring of information between the two sides of the veil, to put it in a simplified term. In other words, you have just completed a task that will be of enormous help to all of those like minded souls out there who are already immersed in the turnaround process of this entire planet, and for that, our gratitude has no bounds.

Not only that, but as you all connected through the hours that this energetic distribution took place, you also enabled your own individual setup to be optimized in such a way, your own “direct line” has been upgraded exponentially. You see, the clearing of debris that took place during that get-together was indeed a thorough one, and now, you truly stand ready and enabled to push ahead with your new tasks. For as we mentioned in a previous message, you have by now entered that next phase of the proceedings, where your own personal clearance will have been completed to such a degree, you can start to let your true tasks begin to unfold. And so, what was set into motion this last Sunday by your generous assistance will start to come into fruition very soon. And what you set into motion will also touch the very core of so many of your fellow men and women, for what you did acted as a kind of trigger that will serve to set a lot of inner circuits into full power mode. This is turn will engender quite a spectacular set of events, but again, do not expect to see something akin to what has been presented to you in all sorts of dramatized offerings from your entertainment media. Again, the human mind has been set to expect a very defined set of events taking place in order to make this world as if new again, but we would like to remind you that what you can currently envisage, bears little resemblance to what will actually take place, and even if the kind of event you might expect to take place would be a global one, it might actually be a global event on a very different scale than what you think. You see, what brings change on a large scale often takes place on a very small scale, for in this it is as in everything else in Creation; a fragment of interaction may become a whole, but a whole lot of fragments can also become a seemingly chaotic soup before it all simmers down to a grand new and viable version of itself. And just what do we mean by that? Simply that your entire world is about to change but it will change from the inside out as we have mentioned before, and as you are amongst the pioneers, you are the ones who will embody this change first.

And that is what you are already doing, as you have changed your entire setup, not just once, but several times over since this whole operation turnaround was set into motion, but even if you look at yourself with a quizzical eye, you may still fail to detect anything “new” at all about your person or even your circumstances. That may be so, but to a trained eye, you could not be more different than the one you used to be. And you all have that trained eye, for as you know so well by now, that “eye” is the internal one, the all-knowing one, the one that knows just where to look in order to take in the full scope of what is going on. So again we say go deep within, and connect with that part of you who knows just where you are at, and who will rejoice because it can attest to the success you already are. For you have managed to lift yourself out of the old dross, and now, you have helped to lift your entire world that tiny little increment higher in vibration that will literally make a world of difference, not just to you, but to all. For we see this in grand terms, and we see that what you accomplished on a molecular level will ring out all across Creation, and with it comes a brand new level of interconnected signatures that will trigger embedded sequences lying dormant in so many of your kin, and these again will start the ball rolling in so many ways and in so many settings – and some of them rather unexpected even for you.

So again we thank you for allowing these frequencies to take you into their embrace, for by doing just that, you enabled them to literally embrace this entire planet with a brand new set of coordinates that will be utilized in the manner we described above. So thanks to your generosity and your willingness to stay the course on behalf of All of creation, you helped to create this broad field of transmitters that will serve to maximize the linkup between your “station” and us, and in addition, it will serve to amplify any signals coming through in such a way that any collective efforts will become vastly more powerful in the time ahead. So what you did will make all of us better equipped to help you to help yourselves, and it will also make you far better equipped to engender the response you seek to get from your creative endeavours. For this energetic cloud in the sky will in many ways serve as the repository for your dreams, and now, by attaching yourself to this cloud you will make those dreams become manifest one by one. Both as individuals but more and more as one cohesive unit of souls, all working together for the betterment of this entire planet, and for every single being living upon her. And for this, we cannot thank you enough.