A short update on the energies

As many of you have already noticed, this quickening cannot be likened to anything you have experienced before, as you are now well and truly walking on virgin ground. For you have shifted your very being out from the old and dense energetic environment you formerly belonged to, and as such, much will be perceived as unfamiliar and perhaps also somewhat unsettling.

That is indeed understandable, for you have reached some lofty heights that will take some time to get used to, much like those intrepid mountaineers we have mentioned in earlier missives. For these changes that this entail are of such a profound nature, they will leave no part of you untouched, and we do mean that in the very best sense. But as usual, a human body and mind such as the ones you are so intrinsically connected to at the moment have been used to shy away from the very idea of change, and when it arrives in such an all-encompassing form such as this, it will have a profound effect on you all. Be that as it may, we take it that for some of you, this cleansing of the air has already shown itself in some interesting ways, and the newness that you experience will help you to help others to navigate through this for some, intensely challenging transformation.

For even if this shift entails an end to so many of the former restrictions, the very sense of limitlessness may be more than a little overwhelming for some at first, and like an animal trapped too long in a cage, this sense of wide open spaces may seem more like a challenge than a relief. But bear with yourselves as you start to explore these brand new spaces, and take the time you need to find your bearings and your equilibrium yet again. For as these doors were flung open, you will all find new areas to explore and new subjects that will vie for your attention, and at first, this may seem more confusing that enlightening, even if the latter will be the actual result from all of this.

So again we say stay centered, and stay grounded, for in this, the more you have been lifted the easier it is to forget to stay attuned to that comforting and indeed settling vibration that your very own Mother Earth is constantly sending out to aid you all. For as we mentioned, she is your greatest ally now. Like you, she has also been uplifted but unlike many of you, she has already settled well and truly in to these brand new and so much more beneficial vibrational fields of enlightenment. So if you need a steady hand or you feel the need for a safe corner to sit down and wait out those first unfamiliar undulations of the new, seek to her bosom, for there you will find that unshakable and steady support you need, no matter how high the waves seem to be or no matter how untethered you may feel from everything, both within and without. For she will be there for you, literally every step of the way, and from the very ground beneath your feet she will keep sending out signals of love, light and homecoming that will help to soothe even the most frazzled amongst you.

159 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Not getting this Clearing of the air.
    Sky is full of chemicals and white lines.
    People in Northern Arizona and in the Phoenix area are having 2 days of vomiting, diarrhea, no eating or drinking and a lot of sleeping.
    What are they spraying and WHY is this STILL going on?
    It appears to me that today is just like yesterday, same old thing.
    I am overly tired & exhausted, sick physically and spiritually feeling empty.

    I do not feel or see any type of headway toward a new and better world.
    I am not in the mood today for sunshine to be blown up my skirt.
    I see nothing to even hint that better times are on the horizon. (imminent/soon) The Event? More like The Non-Event.
    I see nothing to encourage me to believe in, yet more, of what I can not see, hear or feel.

    I am not in any mood to entertain a sliver of a silver lining. Could be all the physical/mental/emotional symptoms bombarding me or could just me waking up to the simple fact, that nothing has changed for our benefit after all. We just have active imaginations and are searching for hope anywhere we might possibly find it. We know at a gut level that all is pretty much lost at this point and the future is iffy at best.

    Suffering, euthanasia of animals, torture and death, illness and destruction continue today as it has for the previous decades.

    Going back to bed (negativity wins today) since I quite frankly can’t handle the world as it is. I am also sick to death of trying to believe and have hope when nothing ever materializes in our physical reality.

    It appears that showing us any outward sign, that the great changes to our benefit is just over the horizon, is not something able to happen by the most powerful and enlightened. I am just so done searching for who I really am or for answers all inside me. Some of us work hard and get no where with this. I am so ready to throw in the towel but will settle for just covering my head today and disconnecting.

    Sorry for this rant, blame it on all the chemicals I am inhaling, drinking & eating. (They know we are bombarded with chemicals which make our brains & our bodies work poorly and still we are expected to rise above?) URGH (sigh)

    Signed today by: Debbie Downer…………): (Terri)

    1. I can concur and resonate with all you have written- I just don’t understand why we can’t have SOME tangible evidence

        1. Hi Pupma,

          The symptoms your describe sound similar to what I went through exactly 2 weekends ago – I had 3 days of not being able to eat and vomiting every 3 -4 hrs for that duration, even when nothing was there to come up, yep around the every 4 hr mark i was trying to throw up regardless.. It was a very odd sickness for me because i am never typically sick in this way and i had eaten very light the day before, eating nothing that was dodgy. Normally with a gastro virus / bug I have a lot of pain and vomit maybe once if at all and that is it. With this though there was no pain, not one cramp but i felt sicker and THE most toxic that i have ever felt in my whole life.

          I posted about it here about how before the sickness or purging came, as (my higher self put it ) i was told about how i would have to find a way to “traverse the feeling” it was put in a way that it was a energetic thing like a shift that had to be made by traversing, something different from previous shifts. I was given this message a couple of days before the sickness came.

          It then came together that it was like water, that we were “to be like water” and this would be the key to helping to traverse the feeling and move out of this old current. Higher self said sometimes it is necessary to be the tree standing strong into the earth and sky like we had been, and sometimes we need to be just like water, so we can move around and past the currents hurting us. I hope passing this on can help you a little bit. You may may never find an explanation for the sickness but at the same time don’t dwell on it as blaming the chem trials or whatever is keeping you from traversing where your going to now. Your bodies are purging and you will feel a hell of a lot better afterwards.

          When i started to feel better i started swimming in the pool every day, which was all last week and this week so far too. I noticed that the water was giving me a buffering shield and a strong pick me up that would last all day into the next day. It was also taking care of the aches others are talking about recently like the wrists, legs and neck. Higher self told me that water was helping to heal the density. They showed me that in a large body of water, no matter how hard one area gets hit, the water can always move and transverse / counter the damage. It’s kind of unique in that any other body of being can only take so much of a hit before the whole body is affected.

          Hope you feel better soon, it shouldn’t go on past 4 or 5 days. All the best.

          1. OH~ THANK YOU SO MUCH Elven777!
            I will visit my spa more often with all you shared with me.
            I read and was so excited to learn yet something new to help me transmute all that is coming to me. I appreciate your information very much.
            Blessings, Terri

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