The manuscript of survival – part 406

You have by now started to access some rather interesting layers within you, and even if you might not have any clear recollections of this yourself, you have already started to tap into that magnificent reservoir you all harbour within your very being. At first, it will be like tentatively dipping your toes into a huge, beckoning ocean, but as we have already told you before, it will not take long before you all start to venture deeper and further out into this brand new cosmos of intelligence. For to you, it is indeed brand new, that is, it is new in the way that you have no recollection of ever having been immersed in all of this information before, so to you, it will be like a child venturing forth into some great and to them, hitherto unknown hall. And just like a child, you will all delight in what you discover there.

For remember, now there are no more locked doors or other hindrances standing in your way. That is, except for your own reluctance to venture forth into these cavernous and seemingly never ending halls of knowledge. For you all came into this world carrying this huge library within you, in the very core of your being, and it is not only a part of the more esoteric aspects of you. No, this is indeed information that is written into your very being, into your very flesh and bone. For this is in fact what is already stored within that vast repository your scientists have given the name of your DNA, and as such, you are truly walking, talking libraries, capable of delivering forth so much knowledge single-handedly it will far outnumber all of the information humanity as a species has collectively managed to put together already. In other words, not even that magnificent creation you are already staring at in order to absorb these words can match your ability to store and access information, for your brain and indeed every single cell of your body is capable of feats far, far surpassing anything any current man made electronic device can ever do. So yes, you have much to learn in the way of trusting your inherent properties, for at this stage, you still very much consider yourselves as more or less ordinary members of the human race. But the wonderful thing is, even the most common man, to use a concept you will all be familiar with, is such a walking, breathing miracle, you have yet to see but a tiny morsel of what any single one of you are capable of.

For remember, even if you have made choices in your lives that have enabled you to latch on to these incoming energies that have allowed you to step ever closer to that magnificent treasure you carry within you, you are no different from any human being you might encounter anywhere on your planet. For you all carry this same incredible knowledge deeply engraved into your very being, but the difference between you is simply this: your willingness to allow yourself to consciously access it all. For it is there to be taken into use by every single member of humanity, and at any given moment in time now that all of the old restrictions have been lifted. For it is there, ready and waiting for you all to come into the presence of it, and when you do, you will know that there are simply no limits to what mankind can accomplish. For then, you will for the very first time fully realize the untapped potential you all carry, and then, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is not one single troubling aspect anywhere on this planet that cannot cease to be a problem, no matter how complex or unsolvable it may seem. For these problems have all been created by you, and they have been created by that superficial intelligence you have been able to connect to so far in your development. But as you start to chart the depths of your true wisdom, you will understand that you can not help but to solve all of these crippling problems that plague mankind and indeed this beautiful but heavily scarred planet you all inhabit. For that is why you are here, to rectify what has gone wrong and to restore humanity and your home, your Mother, back into the brilliance you once were.

And do not fall back in fear from this knowledge because you think that you cannot handle all of this inherent power, “for look how badly we have handled everything we have gotten our hands on so far” we hear you say. Yes, humanity has a long history of mismanagement of every single resource you can think of, from your own powers to the once pristine planet you live upon. But do not fear dear ones, for this time, what is opened for the public does have one simple restriction put upon it. It cannot be misused or mismanaged by someone trying to manipulate others by accessing their own powers, that is simply not possible. For the knowledge we are talking about here, your ancestral knowledge, vibrates at such a high frequency, you cannot interact with it if your own vibration is not within the same range.

In other words, anything or anyone still vibrating at the lower, denser frequencies will not only find the doors locked, they will not find any doors at all, for they do not carry the right energetic frequency that will serve to unlock the doors into these great halls of wisdom and knowledge. And as such, they can only be entered with the purest of intention, the intention of doing good, not just for you, but for All of creation. And so, this vast repository of knowledge can only be accessed by someone fully committed to working for the light, and the knowledge carried within you all will only come forth when you have fully shifted from the old version of you and into the new, vibrating at just the right level. And as you have all followed this path towards attaining this new frequency so faithfully, you have also taken the steps that has made these halls accessible for the very first time.

Just remember, you will not find your way there accidentally, for you will be taken through a carefully constructed path that is there for you, and only for you. Again, this is indeed a collective endeavour, but it is also one where every single one of you will travel down your own unique path in order to cross that threshold at the exact right time, looking for exactly the right answer to that part of the riddle that is yours to solve. For remember, just like in an orchestra, you all play your own unique role, and there is indeed a score to follow that will ensure that you all fall in with your contribution at the exact right moment and at the exact pitch and tempo so that it will fuse seamlessly with this whole symphony.

For you are all playing one single instrument in a huge, galactic orchestra and as such, you may feel small and insignificant. But you are not, for without your part in this score the end result would indeed be lacking. So therefore think big dear ones, and do not let yourself squander away any energy struggling to find yourself worthy of the trust that has been put upon you. For you are all worthy of this, as you are all true Creator Gods, and now, you stand before the biggest challenge of them all: to dare to access that truth fully and start to BE what you truly came here to be.

191 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 406

  1. Just a quick update on my 55 year old wait for an apology from my mother.
    It wasn’t what it appeared to be. Some things are so far past the point of straightening themselves out, they are best left to die out. I opened an old window, just a crack and still got slapped, as what history has shown me time after time since I was a small girl.

    There is a small part of my heart left in there, that is always still yearning for a love that just is not felt, never was. I still feel it is important to me, on some level, to be a good daughter, to keep trying with her. I wanted to take the high road, use all this spiritual knowledge I have been soaking up for a few years now. I was defeated even trying in this manner to touch her heart. She does not see, or hear, or remember, or acknowledge her responsibility of being a very cold, mean, manipulative, distant mother. Someone who intentionally many times seemed to set out to hurt me, and always succeeded, until I left her the second time for another decade.

    Written in her apology: “At some point I determined that a relationship between you and I would not be beneficial in the future.” (Hell, I think she made this determination when I was about 6 years old).

    I have more baggage to let go of. I have so many painful memories to release yet. I am not as far down the road as I had thought I was. This person affects me so damn deeply. Shizzia, more to let go of?! I’m not sure I will ever be able to let it all go, there is just so much stuck to me like poo on my shoe. (I wonder, will I be waving goodbye as others rise above? Me? Stuck with this poo on my shoe, forever, stuck in the muck, down here in stinky 3D?)

    I am here at the pond, like everyday, just to share. For me, what I wanted to believe, what I thought was happening, what I prayed for was not what the apology was about at all. (It was only for her “return to sender”, opened & resealed, Mother’s Day card, 10 years ago). So, I am digging myself out of hell yet again, hopes dashed as they always are and a Zanax for breakfast. I woke in this condition this morning before my eyes even opened, Zanax was required to calm down the shaking of my hands and then endless conversations running through my head that I will never have with my mother. (A substantial list of grievance’s). It would be a complete waste of time and energy. I am just not willing to apply myself to this situation any more. (I have said this to myself how many times now…)

    The past is still as fresh as ever. (This spiral ride of crap clearing is really getting old!) All “imaginations” of ridding myself of these endless painful memories, like writing it out and burying it in the sand, tossing the memories into the river with a rock for company, asking God for the memories to leave once and for all time, using a very big pair of scissors to cut them loose, packing the memories into luggage and sending them away from me, candles, smudging, meditations, affirmations, C/D’s of guidance, burning a letter written to her…. to no avail. Here I am again, disappointed, alone with all the cell memories and useless pangs of…..?

    So disheartened…but Zanax has kicked in, so, it ain’t all bad today folks!!!

    I hugged my tree but just got a splinter. Meditation was a conversation with mommy dearest-a bust, Brushed 2 dogs for 2 hours who then went out and rolled in the 1 pile of poo I must have missed, so bathes for dogs.

    Some days, are just better off spent in bed, until you can manage to get your feet back under your dragging butt. Today, happens to be one of those days for me.

    So, this gal isn’t feeling I am going anywhere forward today, if not back 55 years to yet again relive, remember, spin & release the same of shit…This mother thing just sent me right back to the past which refuses to leave me the hell alone. (Is that anger I’m beginning to feel?)

    Thx for listening to me. Maybe someone else is having a day like mine today. Misery loves company, I hear.

    The silver lining I can find today…MulDoone (10 yr old dog) is still here, 9 months after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am so grateful for this blessing ((:

    ***My heartfelt empathy to those ponders who have said goodbye recently to their pets. Those pets of ours, leave such a vast emptiness when they leave us for spiritual realms. Your all in my thoughts & prayers as you grieve their passing and celebrate their lives.

    Hugs, Terri

    1. dear Pupma, that little girl still holds one of the keys this world needs now
      Much love to you

  2. Hi, Dear Caroline, with a wave… I hope you’re home now and being quiet/recovering your energies. Just wanted to tell you—if you’re reading the Pond missives and posts—that you are thought of often and always being sent huge Blessings of Love&JOY, to both you&Mark (by all of us).
    Loving you both sooo much, xo Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. gad! you’re a norse gaddess! haha..hey does anyone follow fulford? i don’t mean in his radioactivity-denial there in tokyo,but ruther his ongoing efforts to stop the aligarchs from ruining the ecanomy and the planet-not to mention the fragile,and tattered holiday my ass,we need a slave haliday right? we all slaves and we could do better..end of sermon…wait! don’t judge
    someone just because they’re clearly inferior–my mom’n’dad told me like 4x today,things are not as they appear…i didn’t like the tone they used–haha

    1. Hi, Arctourist… sounds like you are Blessed with great parents! 🙂 Thanx for sharing. Keep smiling. 🙂 xo Lin

  4. hey aisha! are you a sagittarius? no? i didn;t think so-haha!
    so hey…can’t wait for the next #407 right? yesssss! take your time…and hey all the readers–are there thousamds-wow! how many thousands just today right? i love that–you should do a you tube-do you?
    sorry…hey i wanted to ask,what’s this imminent event,we deserve to be tossed a frickin bone-it’s been months,months ,a looming ‘event’…is that short for eventuality? time will tell i guess yes?

  5. Dear friends! Finally I am able to connect with you again after a long silence caused by technical problems. I got a brand new modem this morning, so I cross my fingers and hope that I will be able to stay online now 😉
    Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Thank you, Dear Aisha, for the GOOD NEWS. Thank Heaven literally for the Trees to help us over/through the speed bumps! 🙂 Even Hilarion’s weekly message talks about how the Trees transmute our frustrations and keeps us on stable ground emotionally.

      Here is Hilarion’s message if anyone is interested. When he mentioned the “house cleaning” which I’d been prompted to do, clearing out all old “stuff”, I had to laugh donkey laughs. I’m still in the process of throwing out/giving “stuff” away. And of course I’ll be running to the Trees in between to calm myself down.
      Hilarion’s message for : March 23–30, 2014:March 23-30, 2014

      Wishing you JOY&Laughter as we all continue on our wonderful journey. And as always, A BIG THANK YOU to you and the CCs for all the Loving missives and energy hugs to see us thru. ❤ 🙂 xoxox Lin

  6. This boy claims to come from the stars and is scanning my environment for beings like him, coming from the same stars.

    I could never have known this would going to happen.
    It is so sweet 🙂

  7. Dear Beings of the Pond, this night, in the process of becoming one, a little boy was born inside of me. He was split of me when he was abused as a little boy by people from high society. He has to get used to living with a body now. My body, a womans body. This body hurts a lot. I know why now.
    So This is what downloading is all about.
    I think Breeze maybe you have been feeling what I have experienced all of my life on this earth: being split of from humanity, so called ‘multi personality’.
    Now I can touch this beatiful earth, the trees, the animals, the water… finally. it’ s so pretty, the flowers too.
    Thank you all, now the Love can only grow.

    1. So wonderful Willis! I really rejoice with you 🙂 Finally you are FREE – as we all will be.

      Much love & light to you ❤


    2. Bless you, Willis. You are indeed now flying free. Thank you for sharing such wonderful news. You make my Heart smile and Shine. With my Love&Hugs&JOY to you, xo Lin

  8. Our dog became 19 years old. We involved an animal communicator.
    Doggy told us that he wanted to die. That we had three last days and then,
    what an experience. Animals are much braver than us. They reincarnate as humans next time, humans probably not. He was so wise. He said: who takes on to too many journeys, never reaches his aim. A poetic being.
    and a killer, without a food brake. He is in heaven drinking beer with his friends.

    (all the knowledge of the universe inside, but no access to a personal identification number, tz tz tz )

    1. Dear michilyn!

      I reach out my hand and heart to you and your dog ❤ I am myself in a process of a loss of my best friend – though she is still alive 😉

      Although I surrender it all to love & light – it hurts. Perhaps this is something we need to undergo in order to get access to the key/s/ we need to open the doors.

      Don´t forget you are blessed and monitored when the pain takes over so that you dare to empty it out completely – to be able to fill yourself with love & light again.

      I send you my love & light ❤


    2. My Love to you&yours, too, Michilyn, for your deep loss. wow. Nineteen years! How very Blessed were you/your family. Take good care. I send you all my Love&smiles to warm your Heart(s) as you process your grief. xo Lin 🙂 I send Love&hugs to your doggy, too. ❤

    3. Totally with you here Michilyn… as you no doubt read … our dog Tizzy passed through the veil last Friday. Beautiful and challenging at the same time. We too got a clear message from her. It has resulted in some profound shifts for us. We have ‘seen’ her since and the animal communicator friends we involved gave us some great messages too. My heart is with you… in this for we have recently been there and still feel her energy. Blessings to you, Philip

  9. Hello blessed ones! What energy! LMAO!!!! Since Sunday night EST things have been intense–a very long duration flare–lasting for hours but only C class acts with long interaction with our beings–very different from what we have been experiencing before…The astrological year ends tonight with the end of the third quarter moon phase–we enter into the balsamic phase which is not of the old or the new but is filled with magic and I think this has to do with the door that the CC’s speak of…the intentions to open that door are all based on the highest frequencies–bringing with us all that got us to here but leaving at the door any doubts, fears, lower vibrational feelings of not being good enough. To claim the key we must claim our Creator God selves…

    There is a passage in the great book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand where John Gault presents Dagny Taggart with a door with no lock or key-to open the door he states a creed and it opens. He tells her that she can too open the door if she states that creed but she cannot state it without really meaning it–if the door is forced open, everything within the vault will turn to dust…

    I feel this is what we are facing–a door through which we can go if unconditional love and the highest good of all is our doctrine, our true nature and that it is perfectly fine to wish something for ourselves but that in doing so we should share that intention with all that is at the same time–I do this with my daily intention of creating a life that is an expanding masterpiece of joy with my family–I then say–I share this intention with all beings through their free will choice…for the highest good of all and so it is–thank you….

    I also had an odd day yestereday where my dear 17 year old dog went missing in the wind and snow–I walked around the neighborhood with a flashlight until 3am–and as I came in, with no dog I said, I bless your path maggie and I know if it is your will you will return to us–by 7:30am the police had brought her home, saying they don’t usually do this but she was so scared and sweet….I thanked them knowing that the angels has influenced their decision to return her to my space of love…

    Before they came, in my sleep I had a dream that the doorbell rang and someone was bringing her home. I then dreamt that my husband came into our bedroom at 1030am from work early and I got up and showed him how I could fly…I pushed off from the floor and glided as if diving into a pool across the room and i knew in my heart that I could do this–I kept showing him I could do this so he would believe me…I feel the flying will come but it is a metaphor for being my true self and how that brings miracles into my life and how he can do this as well–we all can!

    Huge hugs! 🙂 Alex

    1. Thank you, Alex. I’m thrilled at all your good news for you and your family, and very, very happy that Maggie was returned safely to you all. Sincerely, thank you for walking the neighborhood in cold, cold weather and in dark of night to search for her. One little pup is now home safe and warm. Thanx for your Loving energies, too, that are aiding and Blessing the Ascension for us all. JOY to us all, there is much to celebrate. xo ❤ xoxo Lin

  10. Prayers to Kelly today – he is with Disability Drs. He just has to get disability without a fight for it. I cant give him money for his own bills and other things he needs.
    Prayers for tomorrow: Home Appraiser is coming for my Re-fi. need it to appraise for 115k. 🙂
    Thanks all! Love you

    1. Thanks to the universe too for these things being truth – SO Be it!
      In the name of All That Is – amen

    2. Big hugs and blessings on you both sweet girl! May all unfold for your highest and best good so that you can both use that to serve the highest and best good of all! Love Alex

  11. I had an interesting experience unfolding this morning…. it was a feeling like I didn’t know anything (no thing) and did not know what to do… the realisation came that this was about living in this moment NOW and not basing my decisions on outmoded data – just living from the heart…. I had some great inspiration after that for my SOL work which I’ve acted on already.

    Just prior to this I got a new word ‘given’ to me connected with the above…. “Equibrinox” – a cross between ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘Equinox’. It came with a message that the challenge of the previous time, for me at least, was over and it was time to move forward and so it feels…

    That’s what I feel the process has done… established a new higher level of Equilbrium … though its kind of dynamic and growing at the same time… if that makes sense to you!!!

    Much love to all, Philip 🙂

    1. Beautiful Philip! gives new meaning to the term going with the flow–the new “watermark” is higher and so it’s not only a back and forth thing but an UP thing as well! Hugs! alex

  12. Thanx ALWAYS to you, Dear Aisha and the CCs. Whether you see it posted here or not, my Gratitude is eternal and held deeply within my Heart.
    xo With my Love, Light&pure JOY&Laughter, 🙂 Lin

    1. Got to Love those ambitious acts/intentions! wonderful! I look forward to how this will feel tomorrow! XOA
      here again is that link for anyone intersted in helping to create a sympathetic resonance:
      Instructions here: • View topic – Instructional Video for Average Joe

  13. Hello everyone.

    This is my 25th favourite Japanese song from
    ORIGA – The slumber of water (Released Date : Nov.21, 2004)
    (This is Japanese animation song. Singer is Russian. This sing in Russian.)

    (Lyrics is in Japanese.)
    Lyrics :
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD

    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.

    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

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