The manuscript of survival – part 406

You have by now started to access some rather interesting layers within you, and even if you might not have any clear recollections of this yourself, you have already started to tap into that magnificent reservoir you all harbour within your very being. At first, it will be like tentatively dipping your toes into a huge, beckoning ocean, but as we have already told you before, it will not take long before you all start to venture deeper and further out into this brand new cosmos of intelligence. For to you, it is indeed brand new, that is, it is new in the way that you have no recollection of ever having been immersed in all of this information before, so to you, it will be like a child venturing forth into some great and to them, hitherto unknown hall. And just like a child, you will all delight in what you discover there.

For remember, now there are no more locked doors or other hindrances standing in your way. That is, except for your own reluctance to venture forth into these cavernous and seemingly never ending halls of knowledge. For you all came into this world carrying this huge library within you, in the very core of your being, and it is not only a part of the more esoteric aspects of you. No, this is indeed information that is written into your very being, into your very flesh and bone. For this is in fact what is already stored within that vast repository your scientists have given the name of your DNA, and as such, you are truly walking, talking libraries, capable of delivering forth so much knowledge single-handedly it will far outnumber all of the information humanity as a species has collectively managed to put together already. In other words, not even that magnificent creation you are already staring at in order to absorb these words can match your ability to store and access information, for your brain and indeed every single cell of your body is capable of feats far, far surpassing anything any current man made electronic device can ever do. So yes, you have much to learn in the way of trusting your inherent properties, for at this stage, you still very much consider yourselves as more or less ordinary members of the human race. But the wonderful thing is, even the most common man, to use a concept you will all be familiar with, is such a walking, breathing miracle, you have yet to see but a tiny morsel of what any single one of you are capable of.

For remember, even if you have made choices in your lives that have enabled you to latch on to these incoming energies that have allowed you to step ever closer to that magnificent treasure you carry within you, you are no different from any human being you might encounter anywhere on your planet. For you all carry this same incredible knowledge deeply engraved into your very being, but the difference between you is simply this: your willingness to allow yourself to consciously access it all. For it is there to be taken into use by every single member of humanity, and at any given moment in time now that all of the old restrictions have been lifted. For it is there, ready and waiting for you all to come into the presence of it, and when you do, you will know that there are simply no limits to what mankind can accomplish. For then, you will for the very first time fully realize the untapped potential you all carry, and then, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there is not one single troubling aspect anywhere on this planet that cannot cease to be a problem, no matter how complex or unsolvable it may seem. For these problems have all been created by you, and they have been created by that superficial intelligence you have been able to connect to so far in your development. But as you start to chart the depths of your true wisdom, you will understand that you can not help but to solve all of these crippling problems that plague mankind and indeed this beautiful but heavily scarred planet you all inhabit. For that is why you are here, to rectify what has gone wrong and to restore humanity and your home, your Mother, back into the brilliance you once were.

And do not fall back in fear from this knowledge because you think that you cannot handle all of this inherent power, “for look how badly we have handled everything we have gotten our hands on so far” we hear you say. Yes, humanity has a long history of mismanagement of every single resource you can think of, from your own powers to the once pristine planet you live upon. But do not fear dear ones, for this time, what is opened for the public does have one simple restriction put upon it. It cannot be misused or mismanaged by someone trying to manipulate others by accessing their own powers, that is simply not possible. For the knowledge we are talking about here, your ancestral knowledge, vibrates at such a high frequency, you cannot interact with it if your own vibration is not within the same range.

In other words, anything or anyone still vibrating at the lower, denser frequencies will not only find the doors locked, they will not find any doors at all, for they do not carry the right energetic frequency that will serve to unlock the doors into these great halls of wisdom and knowledge. And as such, they can only be entered with the purest of intention, the intention of doing good, not just for you, but for All of creation. And so, this vast repository of knowledge can only be accessed by someone fully committed to working for the light, and the knowledge carried within you all will only come forth when you have fully shifted from the old version of you and into the new, vibrating at just the right level. And as you have all followed this path towards attaining this new frequency so faithfully, you have also taken the steps that has made these halls accessible for the very first time.

Just remember, you will not find your way there accidentally, for you will be taken through a carefully constructed path that is there for you, and only for you. Again, this is indeed a collective endeavour, but it is also one where every single one of you will travel down your own unique path in order to cross that threshold at the exact right time, looking for exactly the right answer to that part of the riddle that is yours to solve. For remember, just like in an orchestra, you all play your own unique role, and there is indeed a score to follow that will ensure that you all fall in with your contribution at the exact right moment and at the exact pitch and tempo so that it will fuse seamlessly with this whole symphony.

For you are all playing one single instrument in a huge, galactic orchestra and as such, you may feel small and insignificant. But you are not, for without your part in this score the end result would indeed be lacking. So therefore think big dear ones, and do not let yourself squander away any energy struggling to find yourself worthy of the trust that has been put upon you. For you are all worthy of this, as you are all true Creator Gods, and now, you stand before the biggest challenge of them all: to dare to access that truth fully and start to BE what you truly came here to be.

191 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 406

  1. A Prayer in Spring
    by Robert Frost

    Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today;
    And give us not to think so far away
    As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
    All simply in the springing of the year.

    Oh, give us pleasure in the orchard white,
    Like nothing else by day, like ghosts by night;
    And make us happy in the happy bees,
    The swarm dilating round the perfect trees.

    And make us happy in the darting bird
    That suddenly above the bees is heard,
    The meteor that thrusts in with needle bill,
    And off a blossom in mid air stands still.

    For this is love and nothing else is love,
    The which it is reserved for God above
    To sanctify to what far ends He will,
    But which it only needs that we fulfill.


    1. Thanx, JJ. Karen speaks about “spontaneous healings”. Early last year I began receiving healing for my lower back/sacrum which had been problematic my entire life. It has been healed completely, all on its own, for about 6 months now. My back is STRONG… I can pick up our 19-pound pup easily now without discomfort or consequence. Food allergies are gone or much improved also (although I’m still careful to usually eat organic/healthy foods/water).

      As B2B said above, it is Christmas Eve [and all our presents are under the Tree just waiting to be unwrapped, in fact, energetically beckoning us to unwrap them, maybe even bouncing up and down to get our attention! 🙂 ]

      [in fact, we just unwrapped our new iMac last night… sooo FUN! … Love, Love, Love, JOY, JOY, JOY, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…
      I KNOW, I KNOW, it’s not about physical “stuff”, but our own Gifts within… sure does make it easier to communicate/READ on a big screen than a tiny laptop though 🙂 so I’m grateful for it all, every single little thing, even the little discomforts that lead me to metaphorically look up, change a thought, physically move, etc. As you can tell, I’m simply in Love with Life and everyone, everything.


      1. Thank you Lin! OK – now I know why I missed you here – there was a Macintosh coming around 😉 I have always used Mac professionally but not last years because of the higher price. So happy for you 🙂



  3. Hi All,

    Someone needs me to post this, I don’t know who, but here it is.

    Hate is hate.

    I had an insight yesterday into the nature of emotions. It occurred to me that, on the whole, they should not be classified as transitive verbs.

    The statement “I hate that”, or more frequently, “I hate you” is grammatically correct but energetically misleading. Emotions are not something you can “do” to someone else, they are something you feel. You FEEL them. YOU feel them.

    They are not experienced by the object of your emotions. It’s an exclusively inside job. Anything “they” choose to feel in response to the expression of your emotions is their emotions, not yours.

    So, when you decide (yes, it’s a choice) to hate something, anything, you mostly harm yourself. It doesn’t matter how justified you think the emotion is, whether you are hating baby seal hunters, murderers, racists, politicians, whatever, you experience the pain, not them.

    You have a choice how you want to feel, and when you decide that you don’t like how it feels to hate, and that how you feel is more important than “being right”, you have taken the first and most important step towards loving yourself.

    And that’s what this is all about, really. Learning to love yourself. Love, too is an inside job. Just like you can’t give someone your hate, when you feel love for someone else, YOU feel love.

    It was recently pointed out to me by someone I feel great love for that for a long time I haven’t really liked myself very much. I have chosen to change this.

    I have decided to love me, I like the way it feels so much more.

    I still see others doing hurtful, hateful, harmful things, but I choose to no longer be fooled into feeling hate towards them. The cost to me is too high.

    I love you all, but more than in a long time, now I love me too.

    In humble and joyful service,


    1. Paul!

      This is simply BRILLIANT my dear, lovely friend. So true, so well expressed and so beautiful and awesome.

      I cannot hate any longer either – it doesn´t work anymore and why should I?

      My heart rejoice with yours ❤


        1. This song is so wonderful JJ – thanks 🙂

          “Because the greatest love of all
          Is happening to me
          I found the greatest love of all
          Inside of me
          The greatest love of all
          Is easy to achieve
          Learning to love yourself
          It is the greatest love of all ”

          So true but not always easy to achieve – until you get it all 😉

          Much love, light and joy ❤


    2. Dear Paul!

      This was a brilliant description of how we can act/think regarding hate. Many times people don´t even think about how destructive hate is – it is done routinely many times, they just fall into the lament so to speak.

      I read your post once again and would ask you if you would give me permission to publish your words, in your own language, on Facebook? I think your words will be awakening for many people.

      Of course I will respect if you do not like, but I really think that your words may be an eye-opener for many.

      Love & light ❤


      PS. Of course I post completely anonymously – if you prefer it, and select only the "core text" DS.

      1. Dearest B,

        Use my words in any way you wish, they were gifted to me by my spirit, and given in love, for the benefit of all.



        1. Dear Paul!

          I so appreciate your generosity to share your words. I know they will mean a lot, just know it 🙂

          Much love & light to you,


    3. I always agree with Love being the answer – the intended focus alway..
      Re Hate feelings – I must say it does affect that which u focus it onto just like Love affects. Like Dr. Emoto’s water crystals being affected by either Love or Hate.
      I was so fortunate to have my Paternal Grandmother who taught us forcefully at a very early age never, ever to say you hated anyone or anything. She would get so upset if she heard u say that word. So, it stuck with me and it turned to ‘i dislike that behavior’.
      Love to All, Areeza
      thanks Paul! enjoy your new found Love for U!

  4. i have been trying to practice and exercise my new consciousness like a muscle. Intending to talk to my selves.
    Today I receive some insight on the proper technique of scooping things up with the front-end loader on my tractor. I had a tendency to gouge it to deep.
    one of my selves showed me the right way to do it.
    some of you are wondering when it will begin to happen for yourself.
    it will happen when you do it. no one is coming to save you.
    oh well
    let it flow as it will or as it won’t. It is perfect either way.
    relax and just do it, worrying only slows you down.
    trust “nothing”

      1. Hi Nancee
        where are you? I’m fallowing your journey and understood that
        you haven’t a contact in Sydney…is that right? So how you managed your stay there? I’m just worried, that’s all…
        Wishing you a good travel.

    1. What a wonderful, educational, and nearly grounding metaphor Otmn! Love it 🙂

      Smooch ❤


      PS. This "smooch" reminds me what we in Swedish are saying when something fits like a glove = it fits "like a smäck"

  5. Haha, everyone is pretty exited about opening the treasure doors, including me! 🙂

    Love to us all,
    JJ, feeling like a little kid. 🙂

    1. Kidding? I can´t even sleep 😉 When I woke up in the middle of the night I started to think about this new situation and it feels like there will be Christmas eve all the time from now on. Maybe I will need less sleep too? 😉

      Love you ❤


      1. Hi B,
        Perhaps you are feeling some mighty forces arriving. I can feel it also. Could be kinda like a second coming for many of the spiritual greats throughout the ages….Coming to us differently than their first earthly sojourn. Wouldn’t that be literally awesome?!!! Peace and happiness it is.
        Love, Forest Joy

        1. Yes Forest Joy – wouldn´t that be awesome? “Peace and happiness it is” – for sure 🙂

          I always love your wise words because you have the ability to understand and explain what is happening. I AM and experience but without being able to explain in words what happens 🙂

          Sending my love & light to you ❤


          1. You are such a beautiful Light, B! I wish you could see it yourself. I recognize what you are doing (takes one to know one). It’s high time to step into your/our own! To love who we are! To acknowledge ourselves fully! You/we are great. Each of us is “doing” something different. Love what you do, and love who you are. You are perfect, B! Perfect!


        2. what if the spiritual greats are coming into some of our physical bodies? just a thought
          We are all doing so good – I see the changes in myself – in you B and you too JJ ! Forest, you are always such a bright light ~ hugs!

  6. Thank you once again, Aisha.
    Such a wonderful missive. I was just wondering today when it would be that I/we would be able to access that hidden knowledge. 🙂
    I feel that anything could be possible!


      1. oh boy – someone has slipped me the giddy pill.
        I came here to meet the perfect English Muffin of my dreams.
        I know, I know. Hey – but I get to go home soon 🙂

        1. You are so nice, pretty and wonderful:) “‘A Dinna Kin!” hahaha – try “Jag bryr mej inte”.

          Now time for SBF in 7 min.

          See you!


              1. Dear Areeza!

                SBF = Soul and Body Fusion that I explained and addressed to Caroline in part 403 – but was meant for everyone – of course 🙂

                Woke up for about an hour ago and cannot sleep. I wonder what´s going on now? I mean, as Jennifer Hoffman said yeserday – we are not light workers any longer – we are awaken now. Sure I am ;)))



                1. Oh… ok…. i might have missed it or forgot. thanks for reminding me!
                  I feel like i am being strangled this morning. circulation not working as I would like or some such thing.
                  being squeezed thru those rings again. hmm.
                  Love you! — see below…

                  1. Of course it was not so easy for you to know – sorry. I could have written “Soul and Body Fusion”, but in the rush I used the acronym.



  7. As Aisha and CC alluded to…..We are the Orchestra, as we step up to BE.

    Lets enjoy the music we each play, lovingly…..All of it!!!
    We are love, we just are.

    1. In beautiful music like that enlightenment has always been present on this Earth.
      In beautiful people like that enlightenment has always been present on this Earth.

  8. thanks Aisha & CC’s!
    “…for this time, what is opened for the public does have one simple restriction put upon it. It cannot be misused or mismanaged by someone trying to manipulate others by accessing their own powers, that is simply not possible. For the knowledge we are talking about here, your ancestral knowledge, vibrates at such a high frequency, you cannot interact with it if your own vibration is not within the same range.”
    >> so, I was at first thinking ‘why in the heck was this restriction not put in place to begin with!’ LOL. It is like a kid who touches a hot stove and learns I guess. And we dropped in frequency ‘for some reason’ – and now climbed out way back up. Just glad the restriction is there now! 🙂
    “…and the knowledge carried within you all will only come forth when you have fully shifted from the old version of you and into the new, vibrating at just the right level…”
    >> this intrigues as I had that ‘shift’ thing yesterday and said I felt a new version of ME come in. So, It made me wonder if in the morning – what I was ‘mourning’ – lol – was the emotion associated with the final destiny of the old self and its return home. mixed feelings in other words. This blows me away! (no pun intended for breeze to say this) 🙂
    >>and they dare us at the end! coolness – Love a good dare!
    Happy trails galloping thru those Halls of Knowledge and Wisdom Everyone~! Sequel to Paradise Lost to be found in a Library near you!
    Love, XOA

    1. You are so wounderful Areeza :

      ” so, I was at first thinking ‘why in the heck was this restriction not put in place to begin with!”

      A very logical question/statement 😉 Sure it had to do with the free will… Hope we’ll make it this time;)

      Feel so happy today – nema problemas 🙂 Made a new acquaintance at lunch today – a light worker who just started a business on “Development & inspiration”. So glad to meet new light workers coming to the surface 🙂

      Much love,


      1. cool – your new found treasure. See, a door closes – another opens! 😉
        Love that you are having nema problema – lol – can feel your giddiness.
        for some reason that phrase made me recall what my grandmother used to say : ‘A Dinna Kin!” — i thought it was Swedish… tried googling it – is it Scottish? I guess it means I dont understand where I thought it meant “I dont care”. lol… oh well, whatever. HI gram! Love you!
        Have a great day/night all! Love, ~A~

    1. my cat and I just finished watching the whirling derviches! he loved it! we had to watch another. He is into videos now 🙂 sitting this time in the crook of my arm. what a nice sharing we had – I think he is ascending right before my eyes! He wants to take in more. thank you!

        1. Lets do it at the next gathering ! 🙂 dance like the sufi’s 🙂

          “The dance has been performed for over 700 years by the Sufi, a rather mystic order of the Islamic faith. A story is told of a tradesman in a small village in the East who sat on his knees in his little shop, and with his left hand he pulled a strand of wool from the bale which was above his head. He twirled the wool into a thicker strand and passed it to his right hand as it came before his body. The right hand wound the wool around a large spindle. This was a continuous motion on the part of the old man who, each time his right hand spindled the wool, inaudibly said “la illaha illa’llah.” There could be no uneven movement or the wool would break and he would have to tie a knot and begin again. The old man had to be present to every movement or he would break the wool. This is awareness. This is life. Sufi means awareness in life, awareness on a higher plan than on which we normally live.

          The Persian word darwish (literally: the sill of the door) is accepted in Arabic and Turkish (dervish) to describe the Sufi who is the one who is at the door to enlightenment.

          Some say the label Sufi (in Arabic suf means wool) grew from the wool cloaks worn by these holy beings. Others like to think that its origin is from the Greek word sophos that means wisdom.”

          Read more:

          1. I read it a few years ago a book “Sufi, my love”
            written by Elif Shafak novel. This book transported me in time and imagination.
            Maybe this would not have awakened old memories …
            You’re curious like me, you would say, thank you for your research …
            affectionately …

        2. Now I am having a memory. I was at a buddhist meditation retreat around the Autumn of 1999. This one woman kept asking the teaching if we could dance like the Sufi’s! please ?! she kept asking to no avail. no one backed her up. At the time, I even was thinking.. oh no, I dont want to get up and dance… and like who? what? There sitting quietly on my zafu cushion…with my mexican blanket wrapped around me as if to keep myself safe and contained. lol.
          Well… the Me that I now… heck yeah … i would be right alongside her… please! Please! lets dance like the Sufi’s !
          🙂 thanks for this memory! and to that woman and her joyful spirit – wherever she is!! now placing her in this pond too.

  9. I really want to move forward now, almost impatient. Will there be a new message tomorrow? 😉 I knew I should probably go that guitar course anyway – I have completely forgotten how to play.;)

    Thank you Aisha and CCs for this amazing message ❤

    Much love & light,


      1. “These are the good old days”…..Nice song Areeza – can imagine you and your sister singing it 🙂 I wonder what we are going to sing in the future? 😉



    1. so much Love to you ‘B’ !….our impatience can often keep us from the actual movement of going forward….I understand & sometimes it sure isn’t the answer we want ! Keep tuning that instrument of your heart & keep doing what you feel is right for you….you will know ! The things that matter & mean the most to us are always there, highlighted in the fore front of our thoughts !…….Love, Bev~

      1. Love your flowing words filled with so much energy – it is like a wave cresting! You are a wave cresting on an ocean of Love! I am riding on this wave of yours – Love it! thank you, your forever sister, Areeza

        1. and I cant see videos from work — so isnt it cool that the one above from lysiane has all those huge waves! 🙂
          I was trying to find the right words and that was the energy I felt

      2. Dear Bev!

        The first thought I had when reading your post was “What answer?” Next thought was that CCs just gave the answer today:

        “For that is why you are here, to rectify what has gone wrong and to restore humanity and your home, your Mother, back into the brilliance you once were.”

        This is what it all is about – isn´t it?

        Much love, light and joy ❤


  10. GLORIOUS GLORIOUS Missive !!!
    Thank You dear Light Sister & CC’s !
    This is so well known to me & what I Believe….this confirmation comes with such wonderful sounding Assurance & I AM so Grateful !….Love to All !

    these….My favourite words of Truth……

    “For these problems have all been created by you……….For that is why you are here, to rectify what has gone wrong and to restore humanity and your home, your Mother, back into the brilliance you once were……….the knowledge we are talking about here, your ancestral knowledge, vibrates at such a high frequency, you cannot interact with it if your own vibration is not within the same range. In other words, anything or anyone still vibrating at the lower, denser frequencies will not only find the doors locked, they will not find any doors at all, for they do not carry the right energetic frequency that will serve to unlock the doors into these great halls of wisdom and knowledge. And as such, they can only be entered with the purest of intention, the intention of doing good, not just for you, but for “”All of Creation””. And so, this vast repository of knowledge can only be accessed by someone fully committed to working for the Light” !!!!!

        1. what always has Amazed me…is that thru our pure intentions & Unity with Creation…many of these doors will open with a gentle touch of one finger or a single exhale from the breath of our mouth, or even standing before them in silence beaming thought intentions of Love & Gratitude……Amazing !…All Perfect Love Unity with Creation is & has never been meant to be a struggle !…something we will come to know as we gain our memories back…..Everything that exists within Creation has been birthed & expanded for the beneficial purpose of union & harmony…..the Tapestry of Life !…the distortions, the sufferings & untruths arise from humanity…nothing more, nothing less……Love, Bev~

    1. well thats us! I only ever cared about the good of All like the rest of you here. The best of company is right here and I look forward to walking – no dancing! – thru those open doors with you guys! Love, A

    2. that’s why it’s so important to Know Thyself ~ Love Thyself ! Creation knows All that resides within your Heart…there’s no hiding or tucking it away….All Hearts, All Doors are visable & ready to BE found & opened by those who choose Love & Light, for the Betterment for All of Life….for All of Creation….it’s just the way it works !….there are vast closed door treasures upon Mother-Earth, here & now, always have been…but any doorway or any portal opening will not fully release unless it has this specific energy activation from a physical human heart touch….it is our sacred connection & why we are here…it is a kin to awakening the many sleeping giants & the real beauty of it is that once these doors open they stay ‘Open’ & All the powers they contain are set free to flow, spread & multiply…All in healing & nurturing work for the Health, Betterment of Life within All of Creation !

      1. ~ We Are The Keys ~
        When other people open their hearts and Intend with Love, they can now walk thru what we way-showers have unlocked. how beautiful!

      1. Finally a song that tells it like it is,,,,,, We are the Lord we seek.
        Wow we really are, Amen!!!!
        You brighten my day folks, you just do, (tear 🙂 Thank you all.

  11. My inner core resonates with this and I feel how the shift of frequencies already are creating a really..happy -crazy energy!
    Sitting in a café eating waffles as it is the waffle-day here in Sweden. And the vibes here are wonderful! People are feeling good..the music we are playing in this orchestra is Be Happy-Crazy..♡♡♡

    1. Hej Mimmi!

      Jag glömde bort att det är våffeldag när jag åt lunch med en vän idag. Lite sent påkommet nu….;) Håller med dig om att vi verkligen har en “Be Happy-Crazy” orkester här. Är du redo för konsert? 😉 ❤



      1. Hej B! Visst är jag redo för konsert!
        Jag känner mig fylld av en inre känsla som inte kan beskrivas..bara upplevas..
        Ska försöka sova nu..Stor kram o sov gott..

          1. Sov gott. Väcktes runt 3-tiden av en rödhakes kvitter , av regnets smatter mot fönstret o vindens vinande..mediterade en stund..Om jag varit en katt hade jag spunnit!
            Somnade om o vakna 7..till en ny var tar tiden vägen? Lever visst i tidlöshet..

  12. I am getting blasted with such a loud noise in my ears. that I causes some pain to my ears. It only last for about one minute at a time. I have heard this tone before but never this loud. It seem as though I’m being scan with this for some reason. I have tried to follow this noise but it just fades away like a plane flying over as it fades away as it gets to far away to see. But the noise is still there just not as loud. I pop my ears like You do when scuba diving this stops the pain. It is like this noise causes a pressure on my ears. Just wondering if anyone else is hearing this noise.
    Its not a new noise just much louder. The old noise that has the same tone is like a whisper. This louder tone is like someone blowing a horn in my ear from a inch away.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. I get this ‘noise’ 24 hours a day. Imagine standing next to a jet engine at full rev and having that for three full years. Count yourself fortunate it is only for a few minutes.

      1. Thinking of you with Love, Sadee. I have no answers for you, just my Hugs&Light&JOY… continually. Be well, Dear One. xo Lin ❤

    2. I do not have the sounds in my ears – though I used to have clicking and some sort of wavy noises.
      What I do want to say something about is the plane you likened it to.
      This is so interesting to me because whenever I hear that flying plane noise ‘drifting away’ – and you kind of stretch to keep hearing it – that has been with me since my earliest memories and it carries me off someplace. I have never spoken of it – and i was thinking on it again just yesterday. Always felt it meant something important in the future. So, will keep this on the back burner too. Love, A
      Hope you and Sadee can cope with this and it eases up (esp. u Sadee! I feel for you on this!). Send u both a Love tapping !

    3. Yes, Ray , the very loud comes and goes now. Tonight it is loud and pressure in the ears. My blood pressure is normal. How about yours? When it gets this way I know there are some mighty forces in play and more coming our way. When I asked about this mighty roar I get I am hearing in high 11-14 dimensions. It is quite a ride we are on! Enjoy, for the very best have been called back to our planet.
      This morning the ear noises were a hmmm vibration in different pitches, really quite peaceful. The loud raring, humming and whirring started again about 2 hours ago.
      Peace, Forest Joy

      1. My blood pressure is good and has been for the last few years. When I was younger it was high all the time. I have learned to control it as I got older. I was very hyper most of my life. Now I have learned to relax all the time no matter what happens. I catch myself anytime something upsets me and just think through it to make me and all around me stay in a better mood. Sometimes it is better not to go with the flow of others by letting them see another way of thinking. I am trying to work through all the different spirits that I have come in contact with in the last year. Some friendly and some not so friendly. Once four came to me in the forms of a Ram, human, cat, and bird. When I ask what they wanted the ram replied. We want you. Then I ask for what purpose and intent do you want me. Then the ram said I don’t like you and the human said we will be back to see you again. All were in spirit forms simi transparent in body form. Very colorful. They haven’t returned yet. What bothered me they would not tell me of their intent.

        I have had other meetings with different spirits of body form that were very friendly and have answered all my questions and given me their full intent of what they want me to do. I still stay in communication with these. Three of these are very helpful in helping me think through things. One says he is not allowed to tell me of some things I have ask him. This brothers me in a few ways of why he isn’t allowed. Maybe I just don’t know enough yet to use what I ask of him in the proper way yet. This just makes me want to learn more and to stay focused on love for all to help me learn more. Without love for all I can go no further in my quest for knowledge. Some of you may be going through this stage to. It is fun for me to keep going as far as I can to gain knowledge wisdom and enough understanding to use this in a loving way to help myself and others. I will keep doing this the rest of my life and never give up. I am allowed to see some things of what we may do as we gain more knowledge in our communication with these spirits.

        We can only see what we are able to understand and use for the good of all with love for all that is. So I keep trying to see what is unseen by humans so far in my quest. The things I have seen is so much different from what people do now. It is all done mentally. Things from communication to working with all the elements of our universe. Every particle can be worked with in every way you may thing of just through thought. It isn’t that you control them. It is a understanding between you and the particles for the creations of a thought that is shared between both of you. You become the particle and the particle becomes you and through both of these thoughts you create as one. It is a total pure love for each other and all that is in a creation of particles of love to make a form that every particle in this form works together as one with one thought. This is where my quest for love and knowledge is at this moment. It is one of the most complex process of thought I have gone through yet when understood it becomes simple. The human thoughts have no limits on what it can do. Thoughts have created everything in our universe. Just keep your love for all that is and your intent pure to gain more knowledge. It will come to you. You don’t have to try to find it. This is in all of us to be creators of all that is as a whole. We are all equal in what ever stage we are in. In our quest for knowledge. We just need to remember what and who we are with love for all. Everything we can know is within us all.

        Love and blessings to all

        1. I love that Ray – “Just keep your love for all that is and your intent pure to gain more knowledge. It will come to you. You don’t have to try to find it”. I love the pure and simple 🙂

          Love ❤


    4. Dear Ray.
      This is my experience about consciousness. It is said in the world of philosophy that there is an aspect of the three consciousness.
      1st is “I’m seeing” consciousness. Active consciousness which based on ∞.(The infinitely distant)
      2nd is “I am seen” consciousness. Passive consciousness which based on 0.(Here)
      3rd is the consciousness that is aware of both.
      I express this understanding using one figure 卍. This meaning 0 and ∞ are looking at each other. This figure means Temple in Japan during perhaps a few millenniums. It have also found from the ruins of Troy excavated by Heinrich Schliemann.
      I can say the current humanity, remains 2nd and 3rd consciousness. 1st consciousness degenerate yet. Until now we have been seen from Higher beings. Until now we can’t see.
      But I experienced the consciousness of “I’m seeing” at Oct.27, 2013. Perhaps it was the consciousness of Ashtar access to me. Then I have such a consciousness. In that situation of consciousness I have focused on a location then I was able to see the events including the psychological events. I have confirmed directly to that person. Psychological content also did the same. In other words, I “saw”.
      This 1st consciousness is like “all 3D plotted on my brain which I can access”.
      When I read your sentence “It seem as though I’m being scan with this for some reason.” then I noticed it. Perhaps it might have to practice moving with the “sound” in all space in the brain which connect to the real 3D somehow. Anyway near future, when we close our eyes we can focus real one place that consciousness based on ∞. Until now our normal cosciousness is based on here(0).
      Love & Peace.

  13. Thank you Aisha! I enjoyed this one and feel like I’ve already tapped in a little tonight during sharing. I enjoyed a lovely day at the beach today, walking in the ocean, watching waves crash and surfers (thought of wave rider) and noticing how different the sea gulls were and sound. Love, Nancee (with the sunburned face 🙂 )

    1. I can feel the happiness in your words….& how could anyone not enjoy a beautiful warm sunny day at the beach with All that Glorious Water !!….
      Happy Ozzie Trails of Love & Adventure to You Nancee !…..Love, Bev~

  14. Aisha
    Does this mean if you are totally open and willing to create from the heart with creator you will be led to the information inside when needed? Sorry if that sounds a little silly but they talk around in metaphor a great deal. I was just wondering how on earth you find all this intell inside.

    1. My dear friend 🙂

      You really made me laugh out loud!!!! :)))) because your words could be mine 🙂

      “I was just wondering how on earth you find all this intell inside.”

      As I understand it, all we have to do is to “love your neighbor as yourself”, and JUST BE and accept that you are the amazing person you are Paula. We have qualified guides who will guide us forward, step by step (just drop the control 😉 We are chosen for this mission, Paula! 🙂

      Now I start to understand it all – and still not;) I really need to point out that I have never experienced anything like this in my whole life ;)))) Just enjoy!

      Raise your hand if I’m wrong! 🙂

      Lots of love & light ❤


    2. This is where the “ask and you shall receive” comes in. Everything is within you, written in your DNA and when you ask, it’s like googling on the computer, your inner computer kicks into gear and you will then receive the answer to your question in some way or another (while in meditation, dreaming, while reading a book or just getting an intuitive knowing or Aha moment).


    1. It really takes both an accomplished surfer and photographer to be able to convey such amazing pictures. Thanks Lysiane for your sharing!

      Love ❤


    2. Wonderful photos..I shared this one fb..I hope you don’t mind..Life is so full of magical beauty..if we open our eyes to truly See it..and Receive it.. ♡♡♡

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