Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

I am finally online again after a prolonged silenced caused by what turned out to be an unusual malfunction in my old modem, but now I have been set up with a model that is so new, it was the first one of its kind the technician who delivered it had installed. I cannot help but think that it is not a coincidence, for the similarities between this and what has happened to me while I was offline are striking.

For yesterday, while I was doing yoga, I went through something that I can only describe as a switch from the old and outworn to the “brand new model”, and it felt like my whole “operating system” was rebooted. I was on my back doing a deep, slow stretch when it happened, and it felt like not only my heart, but everything inside of my chest flipped over completely, first once, and after a few seconds, once more. At the same time, I saw something that looked like a data cable being pulled out from a plug and a brand new one inserted instead. It was very powerful, but not frightening in any way. My sister was right beside me, and when it was over I just said wow, something incredible just happened, and she told me that when I said those words, what she heard in her head was “I just died”. I have been through many intense physical reactions triggered by these energies before, but this was really something else, and I spent most of the day trying to digest it all.

It feels a little bit like I have been travelling through a black hole these last couple of days, so it is probably not an accident that I could not go online at all while all of this took place. For this black hole is not dark or negative in any way, it is more like there is such an incredible amount of light compressed into such a small space it makes it impossible to discern anything, you just feel yourself going through something that changes you completely, but is very difficult to explain. I also think it will not be the last “black hole” we will encounter in time ahead, for I sense that there are more of these intense energetic “reboots” on their way.

Information is pouring in now as I continue to search for the “hidden inner treasures” the CCs talk about, and a whole string of synchronicities have manifested in the form of words and images, links and books popping up on all sides. I have shared some of it here already, it is about the “reactivation of our ancestral DNA”, also referred to as “time capsules” in these two interesting channelings from Kryon, and I have been guided to repost these links: The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 1, The Nulls and Nodes of the Earth part 2

I know I am not the only one searching for these “hidden treasures” at the moment, for last night in a vision I saw us all as bees (hello, Bev!). We were busy collecting pollen, and we must have been very good at it for our bodies were all covered with golden yellow pollen. And the wonderful thing was, we were all collecting pollen from the Flower of Life. This potent symbol is one of the images that keeps popping up for me at the moment, and I have also been guided to include this image of it here, for I am certain it will serve to trigger something for many of you as well.



So let us all continue to “collect pollen”, and let us continue to share what we find. Not in order to see if what we find “measures up to” what others may come across, but to connect the individual pieces we are being given so we all can start to see the bigger picture. For as the CCs like to remind us, we must all travel our own unique path and find our own inner treasures, but it is also important that we share what we discover along the way. For this is truly a collective effort of rediscovering our magninficence, not just for ourselves, but to “rectify the wrongs” on this planet. And the only way to do so, is to pool our energies in a very new way. So I wish you all the best for your continued journey, may we all find the treasures that I know are ready and waiting for us!

With love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

184 thoughts on “Rebooting

  1. I just broke this night
    in so many pieces
    There were no solutions
    for this unbearable pain
    of a little child
    in a heartless world

    I cracked open

    Het is alsof er een grote zachte adem van boven
    Naar de aarde komt
    Om mij op te nemen
    Uit mijn benauwde toestand
    Zachtjes blaast die als een warme wind
    Over de ondraaglijke pijn
    Van dat kleine jongetje in mij

    Zachtjes daalt de pijn in mij neer
    Het voelt niet meer als een stekende open wond
    Ik aai langzaam met mijn hand 
    over mijn warme midden
    Met gesloten ogen
    En ik voel berusting
    Een krachtige rust vloeit uit mijn midden
    Mijn hele lijf in

    Dit is God
    In mij

    Vervult van

    Thank you all
    I know now
    We are
    We are a unity
    of endless Love

    1. Thank you, FA, for this very lengthy informational article. I’m going to have to circle back a couple of times to finish reading it. Intriguing!! ❤ 🙂

      1. I’ll be going to one of the big locations, the one here in Brazil, this sunday. If I find anything interesting I’ll share it here =]

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      1. Lin, thank you so much!

        This just could not be a coincidence!

        Ok! I’m back on the horse!

        Your a rock star Lin!

        Love, Terri

  2. Dear Aisha,

    Yes rebooting ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & most of all I am so happy to read your fascinating wonderful experience 🐬🌺

    One master taught me they love us just because they wanna love, and miracles are not miracles when we live in love.

    synchronicity is too may be not gonna be called synchronicity soon ( may be , may be not )for more people just like I did now to your experience you just had !! Thank you aisha 💗

    1. Thank you, Adolfogiurfa… (again) I’ll have to circle back to read/comprehend the link you’ve posted. ❤ 🙂

  3. I would like to say about the High-dimensional idea and the low-dimensional idea.
    Root of the tree is one(State of High-dimensional). There is one self=GOD.
    Above of the trees are countless branched(State of Low-dimensional). There are many persons.
    Here is Mr.A who studied about Mathematics in Alexandria Library many years and returned his country this year.
    High-dimensional mind will think in an self-integrated manner and will say “Let’s study about it”.
    Low-dimensional mind will think in an self-collisional way and will say “I see. You are great about mathematics”. Next day they forget all.
    Tomorrow I am going to describe about good and bad.
    Love & Peace.

  4. Dear family of light! I just got this update from Mark, Caroline’s husband: “Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers. Caroline is progressing in her recovery. Will keep you posted.”
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. Thank you, dear Aisha 🙂 for the very nice word`s. I was very touches, because I experienced this also too. I wrote about my experience on my page … and other people say, that the also “new born” ;-).
    That`s so beautiful! We all can build the new world, that`s true!
    Very greetings and thank`s for your “work”!

    1. Dear Heike! Welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here and for BEing a part of this wonderful re-building of our world!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  6. Crying happy tears again. I see now that all of us together are giving back a voice to all of the children that got lost in the big fight

    1. Dear WillisFlyingFree, what you have shared in these comments makes me cry from joy. Thank you, wonderful, shining soul for the work you do to heal so much pain and sadness! Your beautiful voice is sending out such a powerful song of LOVE across this planet and into the hearts of all of the “lost” children.
      Wih all my love and gratitude, Aisha

  7. Shared it. piece of cake 🙂
    it is a drawing about energielines that were distorted by child abuse networks that are being restored now worldwide.
    If this sounds familiar I can send you my piece of the puzzle.
    Thank you Aisha the flower showed the boy the way.
    we know now it is good to go where we are going.

  8. This boy made parts of drawings of flowers this night.
    Don’ t know how to share it.

  9. I resonate with your “forced unplug” by your modem not working. A week and a half ago, my computer charger friend itself. I could not use my computer. I felt it was a sign of the Universe to pay full attention to the organic world around me. I have had so much magic and INCREDIBLE synchronicity enter my life and I have been saying all last week, we are being recoded and rebooted! Hah! I wanted to share with you my download of the bees two days before the Spring Equinox.

    I had been notified about the petition to overthrow the use of stronger pesticides for the bees on my FB wall. I signed and went out to visit my friend. He then tells me that just yesterday he had saved a bee from drowning, and a day after a ton of bees were covering his front house windows. The lady in his house then sprayed Raid all over them to get them off :(.
    That same day after visiting him and went to go visit Aly. Aly then randomly told me that yesterday she too had a ton of bees under her bathroom window and in the house… Her brother had killed some of them to get them out. I had not said anything about bees to her yet. I exploded with the message!

    THE BEES ARE TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH US risking death and arrogance from those who fear being stung, too blinded to see that they are SUCH an essential part of natural life on this Earth. They are so brave and are being so disrespected. Please take some time to send them love by putting awareness into the sacredness of our living unity on this planet.

    Through your vision I feel we have come through the wormhole in positive effect. Much has happened in the last week and I feel these light codes are just gonna keep gettin brighter and brighter.

    Starship Leela

    1. Dear Starship Leela, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light to this space and to this world! And thank you for sharing these powerful stories about the bees, they are an important reminder for us all to start to acknowledge the role the bees play as multidimensional messengers.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  10. Hi all~ Love and Light to all gathering here and so much gratitude to Aisha and everyone who convenes. I see a group much as Aisha has described of those gathering these energies within and then sending them out in a healing circle of shining radiant ones, and hearted connectedness. I believe we have this communion for good purposes and loving intents, so I am asking that you read this posting, and following this, join in sending LOVE and LIGHT into the whole atmosphere surrounding us all individually and as a global family. I am inviting others to chime in, tone, chant, dance, call upon unseen benevolent helpers to render harmless what had been used for harm, knowingly or unknowingly. The Divine will be manifest for complete healing and balance in all realms and spheres I pray and meditate upon every day and night. Peace, love, joyful service to all, Monica

    SEE us all interconnected with the flower of life, all our roots entangled and deeply rooted with the Tree of Life, reaching ever upward, kissing skies and winds, balancing, loving, healing, rendering harmless, cleansing, clearing loving enfoldment and unfurlment. 🙂

    1. oh i see it now…. so much love, so much
      all of us together we can break in a thousand pieces and gather even more light to heal even the biggest wounds of this beaurifull earth

      1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This contributes to my peace of mind, knowing others are directing love and light for the highest good of all. It is quantum this field, and we are affecting this profoundly in this shared collective, collaborative community. LOVE, Monica

  11. Just a update on my 55 year old wait for an apology from my mother.
    It wasn’t what it appeared to be. Some things are so far past the point of straightening themselves out, they are best left to die out. I opened an old window, just a crack and still got slapped, as what history has shown me time after time since I was a small girl.

    There is a small part of my heart left in there, that is always still yearning for a love that just is not felt, never was. I still feel it is important to me, on some level, to be a good daughter, to keep trying with her. I wanted to take the high road, use all this spiritual knowledge I have been soaking up for a few years now. I was defeated even trying in this manner to touch her heart. She does not see, or hear, or remember, or acknowledge her responsibility of being a very cold, mean, manipulative, distant mother. Someone who intentionally many times seemed to set out to hurt me, and always succeeded, until I left her the second time for another decade.

    Written in her apology: “At some point I determined that a relationship between you and I would not be beneficial in the future.” (Hell, I think she made this determination when I was about 6 years old).

    I have more baggage to let go of. I have so many painful memories to release yet. I am not as far down the road as I had thought I was. This person affects me so damn deeply. Shizzia, more to let go of?! I’m not sure I will ever be able to let it all go, there is just so much stuck to me like poo on my shoe. (I wonder, will I be waving goodbye as others rise above? Me? Stuck with this poo on my shoe, forever, stuck in the muck, down here in stinky 3D?)

    I am here at the pond, like everyday, just to share. For me, what I wanted to believe, what I thought was happening, what I prayed for was not what the apology was about at all. (It was only for her “return to sender”, opened & resealed, Mother’s Day card, 10 years ago). So, I am digging myself out of hell yet again, hopes dashed as they always are and a Zanax for breakfast. I woke in this condition this morning before my eyes even opened, Zanax was required to calm down the shaking of my hands and then endless conversations running through my head that I will never have with my mother. (A substantial list of grievance’s). It would be a complete waste of time and energy. I am just not willing to apply myself to this situation any more. (I have said this to myself how many times now…)

    The past is still as fresh as ever. (This spiral ride of crap clearing is really getting old!) All “imaginations” of ridding myself of these endless painful memories, like writing it out and burying it in the sand, tossing the memories into the river with a rock for company, asking God for the memories to leave once and for all time, using a very big pair of scissors to cut them loose, packing the memories into luggage and sending them away from me, candles, smudging, meditations, affirmations, C/D’s of guidance, burning a letter written to her…. to no avail. Here I am again, disappointed, alone with all the cell memories and useless pangs of…..?

    So disheartened…but Zanax has kicked in, so, it ain’t all bad today folks!!!

    I hugged my tree but just got a splinter. Meditation was a conversation with mommy dearest-a bust, Brushed 2 dogs for 2 hours who then went out and rolled in the 1 pile of poo I must have missed, so bathes for dogs.

    Some days, are just better off spent in bed, until you can manage to get your feet back under your dragging butt. Today, happens to be one of those days for me.

    So, this gal isn’t feeling I am going anywhere forward today, if not back 55 years to yet again relive, remember, spin & release the same of shit…This mother thing just sent me right back to the past which refuses to leave me the hell alone. (Is that anger I’m beginning to feel?)

    Thx for listening to me. Maybe someone else is having a day like mine today. Misery loves company, I hear.

    The silver lining I can find today…MulDoone (10 yr old dog) is still here, 9 months after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am so grateful for this blessing ((:

    ***My heartfelt empathy to those ponders who have said goodbye recently to their pets. Those pets of ours, leave such a vast emptiness when they leave us for spiritual realms. Your all in my thoughts & prayers as you grieve their passing and celebrate their lives.

    Hugs, Terri

    1. Dearest Terri… My Goodness, how you’ve tried. I was wrong; I had thought her offering you an apology after 55 years took (assumed) Wisdom to finally see deep hurts/damage personally caused, along with (assumed) lack of ego fortified with (assumed) strength/courage to admit terrible wrongs done to a child in youth and also in adult years would be a sincere attempt to take responsibility.

      I offer you my genuine Love&Understanding. My own mother never offered an apology for same behavior—perhaps that was a Blessing. I don’t know why we chose to be born to mothers without the capacity to Love and Honor their own children. All that said, I sincerely hope you can find a way to heal or at least step aside this horrible wound. I will hold you in Golden White Light and visualize you experiencing and permanently embracing your remembrance of YOU/your Oneness/your Greatness. The latter is already there; there is nothing you need do except accept it. You know you are of the Stars, Terri—it is your destiny to Shine brightly and boldly and Lovingly. THAT IS TRUTH.

      (I hope you’ll ask for Guidance and help from the CCs)

      With my Love… Lin ❤

    2. Honey, stop torturing yourself…release all that is left regarding what your mom “did” or “did not” do with you, to you, etc. When those voices come up in your head, stop them immediately, they do not serve your greatest good. Forgive yourself…you are meant to be in joy…hold ceremony…release this mucky much once and for all!!!

      Remember that your Mom is YOU…she is a reflection of YOU…you create this experience to learn and grow and go!!! I don’t know if I am getting my point across, but I do want you to know I am coming from a loving place and enough already….let’s move on!!! There’s Fun to Be Had!!!

    3. I waited 78 years for an apology from “dear ol’ dad”
      he died, I never got one.
      On the other hand, it was he who offered me ultimate choices, ascension or materialism, selfish greed, or loving service.
      you can learn alot from negative examples.
      I think I understand, why.
      you are strong enough, that’s why you are chosen to carry some of it.
      I carry some, many of us do.
      oh well
      go play in the dirt.

    4. Terri,
      I give you a big hug with utmost compassion. Your story sounds a lot like my story as I’ve had mother issues also. I figured it must be some sort of karma from the past that I had to learn how to heal. I used to be a nervous wreck around my mother until one day in my 20’s I had had enough with her trying to run my life, telling me what to read, what to wear, what to do, etc. and told her no more and drew the boundary lines of what was no longer acceptable. She went into a yelling rage and was on the verge of attacking me and my husband then told her to leave (which she wouldn’t do). After that episode I wrote her a letter and told her she was no longer welcome and I would not be speaking with her again unless she was willing to see a counselor to work out our issues because I was not going to be subject to her yelling again. She refused so I didn’t speak to her for 7 years. I had always wanted an apology too, but she never thought she did anything wrong in her eyes.

      I finally decided to forgive her completely–she is who she is, and I forgave myself completely for whatever part I played in this drama–I am who I am. I stopped having any expectations of how she should act and I do visit now, but on limited amount of time, I always bless her with light and love through the ethers before I go over and we seem to visit ok most of the time. I try to steer clear of talking about religion or politics. She’s a very strict Catholic and plays by the book, so we have disagreements in that area especially.

      I’ve stopped trying to please her because I could never get anything right anyway in her eyes so why bother anymore!!! I just be me and if she doesn’t like it then that is her problem, and I still have my boundaries set if she tries to tell me what to do. I think by acknowledging the drama, forgiving, blessing the situation with love and light and then releasing the whole situation gave us a chance to have the relationship come back in a new way. It’s still not the best relationship, but at least I don’t get nervous when I visit anymore and I can hold my ground now when I used to cringe in fear, so it’s better than it used to be.

      Anyway, blessings to you,


    5. Terri you are right misery loves company. Sounds awful but I was relieved to read your post and know I am not the only one having a hard time. My internal upgrades have been nothing short of incredible lately but after 16 years of awakening and holding my trust I have finally given up and decided to leave this earth and my body. I am an animal empath surrounded by animal abusers, cruel farmers and shooters, and have lived as a squatter for over two decades and spending all of my meager welfare income on looking after dozens of rescued animals and feeding over a hundred starving kangaroos whose last grazing land has been destroyed by development and hoons in 4wheel drives along with drought. The owner of my ‘squat’ is the most lovely man who has not hassled me for money, but he is almost 100 years old and not much longer for this earth and his family will kick me out when he goes, and I don’t blame them for that. After 16 years of awakening with nobody to talk to about it I have tried to cope with alcohol and drugs but have started self harming and cant keep going much longer and don’t want to. Having the ‘other side’ so close that I can see and taste it makes it even harder to stay here in this harsh world. My rage at being trapped here has lately become out of control and I can’t seem to even pick up a coffee cup without throwing and smashing it against a wall. I really thought that by now I would have created a reality I wanted but I seem to have no clue. Even going to see Kryon lately did not help, it even made it worse because I felt intense upgrades which catapulted me even further into the other realms making the shock of ‘coming back’ too horrible to cope with. It feels like everyone else is all love and light and I live in this twilight hell barely in this world. I have mother issues too, but in reverse from you Terri and Brenda. I have the best mother in the world who has never judged and always supported me as best she could and it breaks my heart that I will leave and she will not know why. I do not want to commit an obvious suicide as it will hurt my parents so much so I am hoping to find more ‘natural’ means to leave. The more I hear I should allow and everything will manifest wonderfully and I can create anything I want, the more a failure I feel as I have been so hopeful over the years but nothing changes on the outside where I need it to. I guess its all ultimately for my highest good, even my death, but that doesn’t make it any easier. By the way I am over 50 years old and have endured for a very long time but I have nothing left and feel so weak. Sorry for this dark post, I just felt compelled to write it somewhere and this is the only place I could write it. Thank you so much Aisha for your posts in my inbox over the years they have provided me with so much support I cannot tell you as have all the people of the pond who post their thoughts.

      1. Dear Simmy:

        We have both been around long enough to have built up some solid stuff inside us, we had to. Our options were so limited. We had to put the pain someplace very deep, where it was as hidden as possible. We have coped through a life that never felt “right”. One of my earliest memories is me thinking & I have never forgotten this, I remembered thinking, “How did I get here?” I don’t even think I could talk I was so young and desperately wanted out, that early in the game.

        We get darn tired of the beautiful words of inspiration when we are living in hell day after day after day. But, they do help us on some level. We are here today talking….(:

        I am holding your hand right now. My heart truly feels what your expressing so clearly, honey, we are so tired of fighting. But the race is just about won. We are so close now that I want you to remember how strong you had to be to make it this far. It must be true when they tell us that we were chosen for this special time. Only the very strongest could possibly do what is expected of us right now. I want you to be here to celebrate the long hard haul of this last life in 3D. They tell me, it is to be one hell of a party.

        Can you make it hour by hour? Some days for me it is minute by minute. Some days are good but I always seem to find the low end again which infuriates me because enough IS enough! But it isn’t our turn to call the game. We are in this alone yet, look around the pond, we aren’t alone at all!

        It is no coincidence that you chose to write on this site for me to feel my heart reach out to you. I was never a cheerleader but I’m cheering you on right now. You CAN do this….just a little longer.

        Hold my hand, let’s breathe deep a few times and go sit together by the pond. Let’s see who else shows up to give strength, fortitude and endurance so we can make it that big party all together, the party that has been planned for decades, just for all of us!

        You matter Simmy. Your life mattered. Everyday of your life mattered. I don’t know how I know this, but I KNOW this.

        Finish this race with all of us?!

        With so much love, wet cheeks & sweaty hands too,

        1. Dear Terri, thank you for your light, thank you for your love, thank you for your compassion and thank you for your honesty! I send you all my love, my light and my gratitude in return, and I have a hand for you to hold on to also.

      2. Dearest Simmy… You are Loved and a part of this Pond. Your 3D story hurt to just read it, let alone live it. I hope you’ll consider hanging on just a little longer. Perhaps all the anger surfacing now within you and outwardly is the last of your cells’ old 3D memories—to make room for the NEW 5D energies. The simple Truth is you are Loved and appreciated here.

        I ALWAYS ask the CCs for help as well as my Guides… I’ve never been disappointed. I hope you will, too. I will be sending you my Love. xoxoxoxoxox Lin

      3. Dear Simmy, thank you for allowing yourself to share your pain, your rage and your desperation here. For that is what this Pond is for, a place to lighten the load and a place to find love and support. You are not alone, and I am grateful that you have stepped forward so we can reach out to you. For you DO matter, just like Terri says, and I hope and pray that you will find a way through this dark hour and step into your light again. Your light has carried you through such a challenging journey, I know it must be more than strong enough to help you through this painful part also. I hold out my hand and my heart to you, and I hope you can feel the love flowing out to you from your brothers and sisters standing by your side here in this sacred space.
        With all my love, Aisha

        1. Thank you so much Terri, Aisha and Lin and the Pond for hearing me and giving me your loving support, I can FEEL it so strongly and I am so glad I wrote my piece instead of keeping it to myself as I usually do. I will try to keep going hour by hour, I guess that’s all any of us can do when going through tough times. You are all so open and honest and I have always had difficulty being open as I am so used to hiding and pretending to fit in. One day all this suffering we have been through will seem insignificant and so worth it, I am sure. I have invited my guides, higher self etc to come back after telling them in no uncertain terms to #*@&%! off yet again (they always come back no matter what I say!). Love you all

          1. Dear Simmy! I send a big, big hug and a thank you to you and to your courageous heart for coming here and daring to share your brilliant light with us all. By sharing your deep and painful struggle, you have helped not only yourself, but many many others as well, and I cannot thank you enough for that. What an amazing family of light this is, and what an amazing family member you are! I am so glad you have given me the chance to welcome you here 😀
            LOVE, Aisha

            1. Thank you heaps and heaps. I got through another day today because I could feel you all holding my hand. It was like a warm glow through and around me giving me the strength to keep going. You are so supportive even while going through your own tough stuff. As Adamus Saint Germain says, EVERYTHING coming up is about and for our enlightenment and is serving us in some way even if we can’t see it at this time, and as KRYON says, we should stop needing it all to make sense. Onwards and upwards…

          2. That’s it, Simmy, THAT’S IT!

            Call your friends back and keep them working on your behalf, that is what they are dying to do. but you have to ask. (I have a hard time asking for help, always have.)

            You have their help and all of ours here at the pond. Make sure to join us Sunday. Personally, I do not usually have experiences as others do at the pond gatherings, however, I always can feel the changes and know I am in contact with those who have the inside track, so to speak. This gives me hope, patience and assurances that I am not completely bonkers and completely alone in this great time of change.

            When your having trouble, let us know so we may send you our love and support. (It worked last time, it will work again!) Just a little longer my dear dear friend. Your NOT alone in how you feel or how your life has gone, you aren’t!

            You have found the one place on this planet to get your feet back under you, with so much love & light directed your way, right here, with Aisha and the rest of us Ponders. ((:

            Sending you such a big warm hug this morning. I am thrilled to hear back from you. I sent you love and light all weekend & a little Reiki also!

            Now, off to get through another Monday…..(:

            Love, Terri

            1. Thank you Terri and Pond. Something has shifted a bit since I shared my story and received your support as I have not had too bad a day today. I managed to wash the dishes and some clothes which I have not done for weeks. I think your Reiki is working on me.
              I really appreciate that we are allowed to express our negativity here. After all we are all still dealing with duality. I remember once a few years ago I wrote on one awakening website that I was disappointed in something, and was told that my disappointment was not accepted and only positive comments were allowed, which I thought was not at all helpful.
              I urge anyone visiting and reading to pop in here at the Pond and say hello if you are having a rough time of it. The people here can really help.

              ps love this blog from a lady called Christine

  12. Dear Aïsha,

    Thank you for sharing.
    A couple of days ago, it happened to me, too.
    It started when I switched my laptop on during the evening.
    It was if It was brand new, (it is several years old) .
    Icones on the desk appeared again (the ones I deleted as soon as I bought that laptop (you know publicity and unacessary links…all were back and what I had done since then (pictures, music and more)…all gone…
    Stangely, I felt no emotion except peace and a very balanced state I have never felt before and certainly not for the last few months when things have been very tough…
    Anyways, I went to bed and knew that things would be just fine.
    Next day, when I woke up, I realized that I had just made a quantum jump but so much bigger than others I have gone through before.
    Next day, same state (peaceful and balanced) and then I started to feel emotions again but peaceful and balanced ones).
    In the evening, when I switched my laptop on, everything was back to normal.
    Waouw. I undestand when you say amazing. it was for me too…

    Thank you and thank you to the CC’s for the beautiful job you do to help us all…
    Love and Light from Belgium to you dear Aîsha…


    1. Dear Danielle, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and thank you for sharing your story! It is a wonderful confirmation of what we are going through now 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  13. Beating after beating pretty much sums up the process. Have yet to have what you describe….mine is mostly felt in my neck and shoulders still. and solar plexus from time to time…….real shaky.
    Blessings to all and much love, Crazywolf

    1. I have to post that I am VERY excited for you, Sun. Your path of perseverance and focused straight-and-narrow passion&Love for the Light has been Inspiring and Joyful to be a part of through your kind sharing.

      A tip of the hat with my Heart’s applause (not from me, but from the Heart—the Heart of Oneness). With Love&Respect&JOY, Lin

  14. dog is back.
    Dramatic, but unnecessary.
    Daughter sent me e-mail:

    Always be yourself.
    Unless you can be a unicorn.
    Then always be a unicorn.

  15. Hi Aisha,
    This is the first time I am commenting, but I have been getting your alerts for the last 2 months and have LOVED the regular updates. It’s great validation for the feelings I have been having, and the changes that have been running through me. I actually was given this same image of the tree of life during a meditation just yesterday. It is so awesome to truly KNOW, there are others coming through the tunnel with me…with love, blessings, unity and deep gratitude. -Zina

    1. Dear Zina, welcome to this Pond and to this family of light! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for sharing this confirmation 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  16. Beautiful Wondrous Ones!
    It is so exciting to read personal stories from all over the world!
    The synchronicities make me believe we are truly on to something.
    Discovering and understanding the collective as we ‘connect the individual pieces’ is a blast!
    I’m so happy we’re Alive!
    Loving every moment and Every One of You,

  17. Big hugs Aisha baby! I had a similar experience the other night where codes and geometry flashed before me and I woke up feeling as if something HUGE had happened within me and within the grids and as I was in the etheric realms I kept reminding myself to remember what had happened but when I woke up all I knew was that something amazing had occurred and would continue to unfold! Just a note about your black hole imagery, Lisa Gawlas has been speaking about this, as if we are being pulled through this magnetic resonance tunnel, quite a bit over the last few weeks. I love how all the information confirms that a HUGE shift has occurred for us all on an individual and collective level!

    More hugs to all and really enjoying all the bits and pieces of information incoming–its like we have this huge blank canvas in front of us and we each have our own paints and brushes and we are adding to the masterpiece of joy we are creating and each brush stroke is important and individual but the collective visual is breathtaking! Love Alex

  18. Hi, just had a very deep and long meditation a while back and like all of them it seems these days when I come back whilst at one level I know where I am sat and which chair etc… it doesn’t feel like I am in that chair or that room… more like nowhere at all… (may be now here! 🙂 ).

    I was then given a something I liked a lot… a word popped into my head:


    Which I knew was a particle accelerator but I’d forgotten it’s precise meaning so I looked it up and bingo:

    “a cyclotron (particle accelerator in other words) in which the magnetic field strength increases with the energy of the particles to keep their orbital radius constant.”

    Cool… this was an affirmation for me that we are a kind of particle accelearator and our magnetic fields are increasing proportionally as our energy increases benefitting not only us but the planet as well. How cool is that!!?

    There was something else as well but need to be with this a bit to be sure of its meaning. Trust I can share this later.

    Philip 🙂

    1. Hello Philip, long time no write,
      I have found for a while now that whenever I come out of meditation I have to take a moment or two to conciously work out which day of the week it is and what the time is to figure out if I should be at work or not. Sometimes I also have to work out exactly where I am. This I find acutely entertaining. I think of it as ascension symptoms.

      1. Dear Phil and Philip, this sounds very familiar! Let me add another interesting experience: a strong feeling of having suddenly become less than half my normal height. Everything looks the same, but it feels like I have shrunk. And the particle accelerator is exactly the same image I have been given earlier, I even saw us all in lying in a circle with our heads towards the center and felt the particles rushing through us 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Sounds very interesting about having shrunk Aisha… can’t say I’ve noticed that but who knows in the new weirdness that’s normal! I like the circle thing… come to think of it I am sure you have mentioned this before and I love the image!! 🙂 🙂

          What I particularly liked about the Synchrotron was the magetic field increasing as the particles gained speed. It seemed a great metaphor for our vibration and field or more accurately our Sphere Of Influence.

          1. Dear Philip! Your insight about the Synchrotron resones very much, and what you call our “Sphere Of Influence” is a perfect image of the “lattice of light” we have created now. I was shown in a vision last night that we have all connected just like skydivers, creating a web of hexagons – once more an image connected to bees and to the Flower of Life. 🙂 It felt just as amazing as this:

            Love and light from me, Aisha 😀

            1. Sooo much FUN, Aisha. I am unappreciative of standing on skyscrapers and next to their windows, but Love to fly… I’d love to do this, of course with proper training. Thank you. ❤

        2. Aisha,
          I’ve had that same experience where it feels like I have shrunk and also some where I felt like I grew taller and the counter tops were way lower than they were supposed to be. Very strange feeling, like Alice in Wonderland. Can life get any weirder???


          1. Dear Brenda, what a perfect description – it is exactly the way I experience it! And yes, I think it definitely can get weirder 🙂 My friend and I joke about the fact that “the weirdest of it all is that the weirdness is always weird in a brand new way”.
            Love and ligth from me, Aisha

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