The greatness within

Dear friends! I have been guided to share this film with you, because it has given me a very different perspective on “the greatness within”. For this film shows the unbelievable complexity that is within just one single cell in our body, and when you think of the fact that every one of us are made up of billions of these diverse cells, all collaborating and communicating with each other, it makes you realize that this intelligence, this Creator that we are a part of, is capable of creating wonders that our human mind cannot even begin to understand.

Our human mind cannot even fully explain our DNA, for it contains such a vast collection of information. But what they have found, is that much of that information seems to be “dormant”, the scientists have even referred to it as “junk DNA”. Perhaps now is the time to wake up this Sleeping Beauty, this dormant DNA?

This is what the CCs have to share about this: “The film you saw was indeed an important trigger not only for you, but it will be so for others as well, and you were indeed guided to see this at this exact time for a very special reason. For now is indeed the time to activate all of those hidden treasures, the codes that have been lying dormant within each and every one of you for eons. You see, mankind has already been fitted with every single ability it needs in order to be able to make this planet into a veritable paradise, but as yet, you have not had the ability to fulfill this potential. And that is simply because you have not had access to this inner greatness, as you have in many ways been disconnected from this, as you have been disconnected from Source. But now, as you have allowed yourself to be reconnected to Source, you will also be able to reconnect yourself with all of this important information that is essential for you to be able to fulfill your task of resurrecting not only yourselves, but also this planet. For this is indeed what this is all about, tapping into that hidden potential, potential that is not hidden anymore, and that is no longer off limits to any of you. Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now.

For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, so even if you may look upon your physical body as merely a lump of flesh, know that it is indeed indispensable to the work you have come here to do. For by YOU, we mean your consciousness, but without being in this physical body, you would have no way of releasing the potential that is stored within this body, this whole body of knowledge if you will, that has been put at your disposal so that you can utilize it to change everything. And yes, we do mean everything, for you are not here to simply step into your own greatness, you are also here to make this whole planet capable of doing the same. So again we say go within, for that is where this treasure is hidden, and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it. For when you do, it will come into being, and it will be activated by your consciousness and by this ceaseless bombardment of energy that is raining down upon you. For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more. But now, you are here to make it all come into BEing by adding your consciousness to this potent mix, and out from this, will rise a literal army of advanced beings, clad in a human body that no one has seen the likes of before. For you will finally be able to step into a physical vehicle that is capable of making miracles come true, and that is why we say that these oh so important inner changes will have far reaching effects on the outside as well. For you are not simply here to liberate that hidden potential within yourself, you are here to assist the rest of the world to do the same. But you are the pioneers, and so you have to do this job for YOU first, and then, all the rest will follow.

We are all like that single cell portrayed in this film, complex and capable of amazing feats. And when we connect and communicate and cooperate, like the cells in a body do, there are truly no limits to what we are capable of achieving. As the CCs said, we have “existed as the old kind of humans, the humans running on one single cylinder, functioning on barely a fraction of their own power. But now, you will be able to rev the engine and utilize its full powers.” So let us do what we can to unleash that power within 🙂

Love and light from me, Aisha

153 thoughts on “The greatness within

  1. 657 I dwell in Possibility —
    by Emily Dickinson

    I dwell in Possibility—
    A fairer House than Prose—
    More numerous of Windows—
    Superior—for Doors—

    Of Chambers as the Cedars—
    Impregnable of Eye—
    And for an Everlasting Roof
    The Gambrels of the Sky—

    Of Visitors—the fairest—
    For Occupation—This—
    The spreading wide of narrow Hands
    To gather Paradise—

    “I dwell in Possibility…” by Emily Dickinson, from The Poems of Emily Dickinson. © The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1999.

  2. Before we were awake, there had to be some protection – veil – as I have said too that Earth was quarantined even because things got so corrupt here. Now, we have awakened and done our ‘intention work’ and it is time to align the chakras – – there is something to plug into now too. Its a two sided thing going on here as we know ….this activation/ascension. I feel excited and emotional about it because as a very, very small child I asked “when do I get my light body back?”. I asked a few things… no answers… i kept quiet, went within and spent a lot of time in my rocking chair. I know I had to have the recent surgery to remove what was ‘blocking’ energy inside me. I feel much more freed up energy now within my body – to align properly. I was told this and I trusted it before surgery… that it was necessary for something that was to happen soon. soon alright. so I am ready. This, to me, feels more ‘normal’ than my whole life before this did. I have never felt this balanced though I tried over and over. Lightworkers took on a lot with little to really help them. We always knew what we needed, but it just was not there/here… until now. God Bless every awakened breath

    1. wonderful !…& Heart-felt…& somewhere within All our childhood I’m sure we All can relate to what you said !….& isn’t it great looking back now that this surgery was necessary & it has helped to release this old part of you for the new you ! LOve You….Bev~

  3. Quoted from Our Last Update: ” In Our Previous Update we shared about some important Energetic Portals and now what is unfolding is way more then just that. This All begins on 12~12 with the Portal opening for the Activation of the Light Body. This day ignites a Series of Powerful days leading up to the Most Light this Planet Has Ever Seen Before. From the 12th Forward until the 25th Of December and then even through until January, a Series of Events will be unfolding which will be an Acceleration of Light Energy. Currently, We are in the Process of deep core issues of not only ourselves but the collective as well, as We Prepare for the Most Grandest Wave Of Light To Ever Hit this Planet. This has been a collective effort including all of Yourselves and of Many Beings from Throughout Creation who are here with You Now and have been for Billions of Years, Humanity’s Family….”

    The Galactic Free Press Newsletter

    1. Thanks Areeza for this….All these pieces coming together is really wonderful !….& as I said before you alone are an important piece in all of this too, & are irreplaceable !….LOve to You !…Bev~

  4. Hey Bev, this came through for me this past summer–I think a bit of what you are speaking of in resistance and breaking through to the next level involves the “veil” and what I was told is that the veil is a very real physical membrane that we can circumvent…after re-reading this message which I will post in its entirety I believe the initial waves were “circumventing” the veil and furture waves will either come in and not develop it or we will be able to blast it away using resonance technologies…I hadn’t shared this previously because it felt to “biological” and now obviously we know that everything is working together–excited to be able to share this…its from an email so its a bit choppy but you will get it…
    Ok, so, we come down through the gates and into gestation in the womb. When we come down, there is NO veil, the brain is unshielded and the child takes up residence in the womb among the mother’s energy. Obviously the mother and child choose each other from the soul perspective and so they get to know each other’s energy. The veil is not present at this time and the heart center beats first, the brain develops later, but if you look at the brain development of an embryo, the frontal cortex is HUGE and the reptilian brain is rather small. The soul of the child may not come into this body initially, I would feel it comes in during the last few months, but the baby body and the mother body bond in the physical during gestation, with or without the soul of the baby being present. Biological bonding.

    When the baby is born, it is born Without a Blood/Brain Barrier…not there, does not exist…it only develops after the child is at least 6 weeks old and why babies born early can get menengitis easily. So, initially the child has no barrier, but as soon as the child is born, the reptilian (unconscious responses, automatic responses of the body, instincts) comes on line…this comes online before anything else and brings in tons of information about the physical world.

    The spinal column contains fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and there is a current to it. If you sit quiet and put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, you will feel the center of the palate and two indentations on either side. As time progresses, these indentations gently swell and recede. The flow of spinal fluid. This is what the brain is bathed in and it comes from the base of the spine (The seat of the Kundalini energy) and up to the crown and back again–IF the human has worked on the core and the energy is flowing, there is an information super highway going on–energy coming in from the crown, energy coming in from the root, all coming through the center of the heart with the brain being able to interpret…

    Now, put the blood/brain barrier in there–no incoming crown energy–remove the kundalini–no creative energy coming up to the brain–and so, the brain has a vacuum. It is literally cut off from source and the only voice it hears is the ego and input from the reptilian brain which is based on biology/instinct…The world becomes ONLY what can be seen, touched, felt, tasted…because lacking any spiritual energy or heart intuition the brain can only rely on the ego. The veil is complete.

    As children, many kids naturally flow energy, see auras, see spirits, have secret friends, etc. and as they age, they lose this ability if it is not supported by those around the child. They have this sense but nothing supports it in their brain. If others question it, the child simply throws it out, or worse if they are told it is only their imagination. The society supports this block by telling those who have a weaker block or who still have incoming energy flow that it is crazy.

    So, long story short, the veil exists, it is the blood brain barrier that surrounds the brain. It is filled with fluid that was meant to be infused with spiritual energy and knowledge, but since most people have no clue how to work on their core, they exist with a brain separated and most likely only a root chakra that is active. So the brain and the energy and the heart are separate.

    The good news is this. The veil is not gonna be removed, but it can be completely deactivated! Excited about this! Work the core like You said–get the torus of inner and outer field flowing and what happens? The pineal gland, at the top center of the spinal fluid column will then receive information directly from the HEART CENTER! and the pineal then radiates it out to the brain from the inside out! No need to remove the veil because nothing is blocked! The heart receives in the information/energy, the core and the spinal fluid bring it to the pineal, which uses the power of the brain to do some stuff like storing the knowledge for future use and a bit of interpretation of data, but with a pineal and brain literally bathed in light and energy it is no longer in a void! The voice of the ego can come into balance and then the body, the spirit and the brain (mind) begin to work as one. The brain, with some practice finally realizes and gets comfortable with their being MORE than the senses and it gets excited, it wants to learn, and the fear is dropped and the process of expansion begins.

    The blood brain barrier and the ego mind act as a fortress with the ego mind as the gate keeper. Anything that approaches the brain in the way of energy/ spirit/expansion was met with FEAR and thus the invader (in terms of the repilian brain that was happy to have the human as it was) was turned away. The only way to start this process is to calm the ego mind and allow the gate to open–work the core–the pineal comes online and then BAM, the veil is useless…

    Again, after re-reading this I feel that this was and is the work around for those beginning to awaken and with the new energies I feel that the veil properties of the blood brain barrier shield will actually thin and become as paper and then as filament and then completely disappear…LOL a lot has changed with the energies since this message came in last February! Hugs! alex

    1. Thanks so much with this valuable, readable & explainable information ! I sensed you would jump in on this as a collaborator !…with your back ground in biology combined with your spiritual depth & insight, as well as your gift in explaining & wording things, I knew you would help in expanding on this & it does make a lot of sense to me !….but may I impose on you, if you can, to tell us about ‘Thymine’ & how this add on tag of ‘H3C’ is the most distinct marking difference between RNA & DNA….I “Really” feel it holds great significance in the biological & molecular change we are to go through & it is linked to ‘H30’….I Strongly feel this too…I was told along time ago that this change would & must begin at a molecular level & then the full ‘Knowing’ would come….Do Not Fear it or Doubt it…Trust, Accept & Allow it as this is the sacred work & loving embrace to you from the Divine Mother. It’s complexity will be revealed to you, but it must be done in increments, & this is necessary & the only way for you to understand.

      I’ll add this link on nucleic acid & the visual between DNA & RNA, as I have been urged that this may help in your response…..Thank You Dear & Loving Alex !….Bev~

      1. LOL OK, you wanted to get deep, we are gonna go deep.

        when I looked at the rna and dna I realized that Thymine is the only base with a methyl group. This is significant because methyls can be a weak spot–they can go through what is called deamination…so I looked up DNA repair as I was drawn to do that and I found information here:

        that shows that Thymine and Pyrimidine (U) sometimes mismatches between replications and we know that U is only usually a part of RNA…So, quite possibly the Thymine is the weak link in the DNA where most of our mutations were common to occur and its quite possible through environmental pressures that more mutations were forced at this weak link…

        now…going “even” deeper on the Hydronium cation (H30)…I tried to think if water affected methyl and it really doesn’t because water is pretty well a stable compound, or so I thought but then I started to look about the properties of Hydronium and well, in aqueous solutions there is pretty much a balance of h2o and h3o because there are a lot of free floating protons…the more acidic the more hydronium cations are present….interesting but not really mind blowing…but then I asked the question–what does hydronium do to methyl groups….

        and I found this page about Onium compounds–now I don’t know WHAT these do, but what jumped out at me was this–they exist profusely in outer space…interstellarly…they do not exist at present in any appreciable quantities on earth…but maybe….they will soon and maybe these will affect that weak thymine linkage and help to eliminate not only mutation but make the DNA much stronger and remove the possibility of back breaking, which creates great mutation…

        Going to link the whole page here:

        You see, H3+ does not exist normally on earth in any significant quantity… but it does exist interstellarly….and it is called Hydrogenonium. it contains two additional protons and I think that is most likely because it is blasted with light and radiation from outside the earths atmosphere, thus creating the trihydrogen cation. Could debris from Ison be bringing this into our atmosphere????

        Methanium or protonated Methane (Ch5+) is also abundant in space which would really be a reacted methyl group CH3 that interacted with a hydronium cation H3O and created Methanium and an -OH or hydroxyl (alcohol) molecule…

        How does this all fit together? I was jazzed by the fact that methyl was the central difference in the amine bases then found that T and U sometimes switch in mutations during replication…then found it interesting that methyl would react with hydronium and that trihydrogen existed is relative stability in outer space and it could react with methanium which is also in outer space to create…methyl groups…so….could Thymine possibly be a galactic amine base? That here on earth was found to be a weak link and pushed on? Could new materials be delivered via Ison or via more light to strengthen and heal Thymine?

        round and round 🙂 I am sure there is more but thats what I got…Hugs!

        1. Bev, Alex – thank you both for letting all of this flow forth 🙂 I knew some important doors would be opened by posting the message above and that film, and you have certainly proved that!!! Your words will make many a head spin – including mine – but we do not have to understand it all for it to have an effect on us. To quote the CCs: “it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it”, so by YOU seeing it and acknowledging and sharing all of this complex information, you are opening these doors for us all. THANK YOU!
          With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

          1. Hi Aisha !…it is You that has opened this most magnificent door to create this place where it can BE Possible…Together We Share, We Grow & Thrive ! & We All are so very Grateful for this ! I Know that much of this information will BE complex for many at 1st, but soon it will not…& like BEing touched by pollen & sprinkled by stardust they are trigger points that will settle in & will activate & BE expanded upon when the time is ready !….Mother-Earth has been patiently waiting for a very, very long time for this….she has become tired, weak & so very ill from our disconnection to her for millennia & Now, she is anxious to finally SEE her children BE RE-BORN & AWAKEN to Who They Really Are !

            Lots of LOve & Gratitude Back to You !…..Bev~

        2. this is so thorough as well as most interesting & I deeply Appreciate You & your time in putting this all together !…much of my own journey as been in…. “one thing leads to another” & you most certainly have given me tons of avenues to…as you say ‘go deeper’ !…I will bookmark this & see where it leads me !….Again Huge Appreciation !.. but I feel this was important to peruse, not only for me, but for you too, Aisha & to share with Everyone ! My HS also urges me to peruse the Thymine & H30 link…& stresses it’s importance….LOve to You !….& instead of ‘You Rock’…I’ll say ‘You SHINE’ !…….Bev~

          1. Oh…& this weak link may not BE necessarily weak at all !…it may BE nature’s back door to enter & right the wrong, & re-activate Us !…& I LOve how you found the outer space connection….that’s very important, but I don’t think it’s with Ison…it’s going to BE much bigger than that !…..Love, Bev~

            1. Ohhh, the backdoor! Yes, what I see is the methyl group quite possibly being a holding spot, like when an enzyme connects to the surface of a cell and blocks all receptors so other reactions cant occur–maybe methyl was the place holder and now something else is gonna come (related to the hydronium cation) and replace it and upgrade it baby…making that back door look like a weak point–of course, priceless-hiding it in plain sight!!!! …Ison is bringing in various new components into our sun and also will be dropping various materials on planet through the debris field so that’s why my mind went in that direction…as a precursor–certainly its MUCH bigger but all of this flows together and what is important is that if its interesting to you to “understand” then go down the rabbit hole but it isn’t “necessary” for you to understand, it is simply necessary for you to trust that all will unfold as it should…Hugs everyone and I join you Bev in thanking Aisha for this wicked rockin space to share and grow in! Alex

              1. Alex, Bev – again SO much that resonates here! I do not “get” all the details you share, but I do get a strong YES to “the backdoor”, and what you say about ISON echoes very much what I have been given too. “There are no coincidences in Creation” as the CCs keep telling me 😉
                LOVE, Aisha

                1. ohhhh…..those sneaky CC’s…I love it, they are talking behind our backs! 😉 Loving you Aisha for your support and enthusiam and well, for everything that you are! Alex

        3. Dear Alex and Bev… yep, my head is spinning as I eat yet another chocolate Tootsie Roll Pop. I think I’ve gotten some kind of gist or other, but I’m mostly stunned by the beauty of your individual and combined intellects, imaginations and Hearts.

          Thank you both for your time and energy here… and your great Enthusiasm in bringing us all on board with the lovely information you dispense! You make it all delightfully FUN!

          Much Love, Lin

    2. oh & I was asked to share this with you…when you spoke of ‘imagination’…this is key…’it is your imagination that will save you’ !
      I was asked to post this to my site almost a year ago…
      ~Imagination 2013~

      1. Oh the picture and message here is absolutely wonderful sweetie! I do find that my imagination is one of my most wonderful and cherished havens inside my heart! 🙂

        1. Thanks so much Alex !….& if you have some time over the holidays, I hope you can watch ‘Polar Express’…if you’ve seen it before, see it again & if you haven’t seen it….you are in for a delightful treat ! I think I’ve watched it 3 times already & plan to again !….Love, Bev~

  5. I asked the team this morning about another wave of feeling hungry! They said it is due to the need for extra energy/calories during this process. A great excuse for chocolate. Was anyone ravenous today?


    1. been ravenous past two days now. feel like i could eat junk food all day. Just had more chocolate 🙂 My energy seems able to accept it which is interesting…never could tolerate chocolate very well. Enjoy!

    2. I’m so glad you shared that Susan. I’ve been going crazy. Unfortunately I paid my $500 at the start of the month and they needed it on lawyer bills and the fridge is empty. I ate the last of the chocolate there this morning. (Always turn to chocolate though when hurting.) I am sitting here 3:33 thinking it’s 2 hrs til supper and my stomach is sure growling!! I’m a total chocoholic 🙂 so it’s hard being without when this hits. If it wasn’t a 4 km walk (8 return) I’d walk to town for a bar… they actually have my favourite Ritter bar here… otherwise their chocolate is scary awful.

      Maybe I have some beans ready to pick in the green house!! Worth walking down for 🙂 ~Nancee

    3. Dear Susan! Oh yes, the body burns through so much during this process, and that is why it will crave all sorts of things at all hours of the day (and sometimes night…) I know of two others who get exactly the same cravings as me at the same time, and we like to call it “space food” or “rocket fuel”, for it is always things with lots of sugar and carbs. Guess I am not the only one with discarded chocolate wrappers and empty coke-bottles in my house now 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  6. Hi Aisha ! I wanted to let you know that I watched the video & thoroughly Enjoyed it ! & there was something that stayed with me about the ‘Cell Memory’…it’s evolving & learning & remembering, it’s continual focus on survival & protection from foreign invaders or even any ‘Unknown’…& then what the CC’s said –
    “”For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more””
    That got me thinking ! I started looking up information on DNA, proteins & amino acids…& there it was…something I found interesting in ‘Thymine’, the blueprint BEE honeycomb marker with a special add on tag ‘H3C’ that makes our DNA different from other life forms ! This started a little chain reaction in how does H30 fit into this, cell memory, existing energies & vibrations of life adjusting to the new incoming transformational energies, us BEing conduits & anchors of the Light…& it popped… ‘Resistance’. (AH has 1st spoke of this word & her feelings about it awhile back, & interesting how I had said at the time I was sure it would be elaborated on !) so I firmly BElieve ‘We’ are All here for a reason & that things happen for a reason, what We even share here is for a reason !…& in accordance with the awakening step by step process we have reached this point of ‘Resistance’. We question so much about everything ! From within to from others, Our Truth, their Truth…do we sink or swim, or why are we here in this deep Water anyways, if we don’t even know how to swim ? We want, we need, we insist…that’s how we have grown…from the very BEing of our cells, to the various perspectives in Truth, & what We each Believe is the right Truth ! I have to say I have been feeling this ‘Resistance’ from many others these days, not only from my circle, but from the pond too…..& somehow this opening up within myself in Seeing Creation Truth was rather troubling, but I knew it had to BE for a reason !…so the AHA moment came this morning, as I received a newsletter from the ‘Children of the Sun Foundation’..(which I am a member) & it explained a lot !….not completely about the Thymine transformation (that will come), but a lot about this ‘Resistance’ & the how & whys…even about ‘The Event’ (as many are calling it). I BElieve in one thing leads to another…’Water H30′ (Healing Transforming), ‘037’ (not only a means of spiritual communication, but also is a building block protein of life), ‘DNA’ (the mapping of Life), ‘Anchors Of Light’ (the Between, unifying Divine Creation with the physical realm), & ‘Greatness Within’ (what we are, & so much more than we know) & now ‘Resistance’ (how to unblock this pre-programmed existence) !…in order for us to pass this very biological as well as mental blockage of ‘Resistance’ we have now come to, we have to focus on this inner communication within ourselves, & ACCEPT & ALLOW this Energy Transformation to happen right from our Cells, our DNA, & ALLOW a Loving embrace of All Truths to BE shared with Open Hearts & Minds, even if we don’t Agree…& that’s Everyone, including ‘Lightworkers’ …we must do this as individuals, to fully Awaken & Transform if we are to each move forward from here or we will stay the same ! We must understand that these complexities of building & creating life are far more than we are able to understand…the birthing & stabilizing of mankind & All within our 3D world alone took millions of years !
    (I’ve attached the 2 links below)….LOve & Unifying Blessings to you All !

    1. Bev thanks for this and the links. The second I had already seen some months ago and is really powerful. The first was a new one to me and makes sense and is very powerful too!

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. “Dubbing these types of interactions “RNA-bridges” for their capacity to link distant regulators to their targets…” >>I like this part 🙂 thank you, Areeza

      1. the fact that they do not know what 97% of the genetic material doing there is shocking. love to you all friends.

    2. God bless you Aisha (Bent)

      I cannot describe how much I love you, even though we live half a world apart. How can thet happen? It’s amazing and we all FEEL it. Because of YOU sweetheart. You are a true Godsend.

      And the CC’s, such love do I feel and send back to you!

      Love Always


      1. Dear Jeff, thank you so much for this huge blast of LOVE 🙂 I send you so much LOVE in return! I thank myself for the day that I opened my heart and started on this journey, the journey that has brought me here to this place, where the love is overflowing every day. Thank you, Jeff, for taking that first step that brought you here as well 🙂 For we are all here because we dared to see that light inside of us, and even if we have created magic already, I know that this is just the beginning 🙂
        LOVE and gratitude from me, Aisha

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