The manuscript of survival – part 377

As you have perhaps already noticed, the speed with which things are happening now has increased exponentially, and many of you will find yourself holding your breath at times now, as the view from within will seem to be one of motion blur. Let us explain. As we told you, utilize that small breather you were given over the weekend, for now, things will once again take on a new speed, and indeed direction. For now, you will all feel compelled to stop hanging around as it were, and even if the view from your current station may be construed as a pleasant one, it is not the view you have come to see. For you have far loftier goals, dear ones, and as such, resting on your laurels will be a thing of the past.

We know this will raise more than a few hackles, as you have certainly not been resting any of you, but what we wish to imply with these words, is simply the fact that there are no limits to your exploration, and as such, it is indeed imperative that you continue to feel that hunger within as to how far you can really take yourself. Remember, this journey is in the hands of yourself, and as such, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to decide when to take your foot off that pedal we have already referred to so many times. And even if your physical body may be imploring you to do so at this stage, it will make you feel far better if you decide to keep going.

This is not any kind of threat, rather, it is indeed a reminder that you have all come to this place with a specific task in mind, and we can safely say that so far, no one has yet to finish off the list they brought with them when they came. We know that this will elicit more than a few groans of despair from many of you, but as we have already talked about, there is still much work to do before this planet has become the place you all wish for it to be, and as such, the work is not over. But as we have also told you, the work we refer to, will be work that will make your heart sing in every way. So know that even if you all will feel more than a little battered and bruised at this stage, and that our reminder that the end is not yet reached will make you feel even more so, please remember that what you have ahead, although it very much qualifies as hard work, also will be events of such a nature, it will not be looked upon as work. Rather, it will be looked upon as a fulfillment of a dream, for as you continue to push ahead, you will start to see some very gratifying effects from all of your hard work. And yes, we do refer to effects that also will be noticeable on a global scale, and even if most of this work will be taken on an internal level, the external effects of them will become more than noticeable.

Remember, we have told you to search within so that you can find all of those halls of magic that awaits your arrival, for what you will be able to accomplish once you have set your foot within these doors, cannot be described as anything less than magic. Therefore we say, do not think that all of the hard work is over, but also, do not make the mistake of convincing yourself that you are not strong enough or able enough to accomplish anything more at this stage. For you are all more than ready to take up the challenge we give you today, of not stopping before you find what you have been looking for for so long. For it is indeed already here, ready for you to find it. And when you do, you will instantly know that from that day on, no task will ever to be too big or too complicated for you to do. For then, you will well and truly step into your old shoes again, the ones you wear whenever you claim your true role as a Master.

So do not let a weary body and a perhaps somewhat befuddled mind hold you back more than necessary. We do not say this in order to make you feel less about yourself if you find yourself at a very low ebb at the moment, for this is not to be taken as any form of chastisement or criticism. Rather, it is to be taken as a confirmation that you have so much more to gain from allowing yourself the chance to press ahead and not stop before you too can fling open that door and jubilantly enter your hall of treasurers. For we want nothing less for you than to achieve just that. In our minds, you are already true Masters, but for most of you, you still cannot grasp that fact yourself. Therefore, let us repeat that it is up to each and every one of you to verify this fact by accessing your own greatness, and even if a weary body might induce you to slow down for a little bit, do not let it hold you back for too long.

For there comes a time for all when you have to decide whether to achieve that goal of reaccessing your own greatness, or to step back away from that quest altogether. Again, no one but you can decide this, but we are all rooting for you and hoping that as many of you as possible will choose greatness over despair. So again we say do not let this chance pass you by, and if you need to take a short break, please do so, but use it wisely. And reach out for support if you have to stop, the better to be able to continue your quest afterwards. For we want you all to attain your old glory, but we cannot put that crown back upon your head. That can only you, and you alone. So we will be standing by your side and cheering you on, and we are more than ready to celebrate you when you finally take that crown in your hands and step into your very own true self of Masterhood.

127 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 377

  1. Rubidium 87 half life is 48.8 billion years. That is more than 3 times the estimated age of the universe. Rubidium, H3O, DNA, peace, spheres of light, cell matrix, Akashic Record. Could there be a connection?

  2. I have heard it said no man can resist a beautiful woman dancing to this music. Not even god himself. Beautiful music that creates a vortex in man and woman in two becoming one in a creation of new life.

    Love and blessing to all

  3. Question: Does anyone know, or sense etc. what the name/word, “Ishlay” means (most likely in connection to myself)? I heard the name 40 years ago during one of my early spiritual ‘awareness moments.’ Since I’ve never forgotten it and can’t find it anywhere I thought I’d ask here. Thank you for any input. It sounds like “Ish lay.” I’m guessing at the spelling.

    1. Arabic: ish means “god” and le means “radiance”
      Hindi: ish means “god”
      Hebrew (confirm with Susan, please!) ish means “strength” and is maybe root word for “man/woman”

      I dunno, just sayin. It’s a start. When I first “heard” my soul name ALee, I only had the sound and not the spelling. I spelled it “lit or lys” due to the sound. It took a little while, but the meaning started pouring in once it did. Strange little coincidences and stumbling across this or that continues to bring more all the time.

      When I first asked this same question here at the pond, the only response was from Amy, who said something like “Shut up and go within” (in a nice way, of course, hahaha). At some point, this Dutch Virgo guy I know just looked up the word “lee” and there it went.

      🙂 have fun with it…

      1. Nice to see you again Anna Helen:) I missed you.

        Lots of things happening today: Tribute ceremony to Nelson Mandela, who collected most of the world leaders ever!, dividend of Alfred Nobel’s prize for talented researchers and so – not least – this video I have to plan to see – when the baking is finished;)

        I hope all is well with you! I don´t feel the strong energies at all today – yet 😉

        Love you Anna Helen – always 🙂


      2. Anna my grandmother ask me when I was a young child what name would I pick for myself if I could have named myself. I told her Ismael would be my name. She ask me what this named means to me. I told her it means god is my all. Later in life I found out what it means. To me it still means god is my all. She told me that my given name means One who dwells in a cave that shines his Ray of light all the way to Mars.

        Love and blessings to all

  4. Well holy moly A Lot has been happening around the pond, I can’t keep up! I want to respond to so many posts over the last 3 missives from Aisha , but I do not have the current space or brain power. Gravitars changing colors in their own, ponders real easing (auto correct of releasing) so much it amazes and is so beautiful to witness all the love and support being shared.

    Thank you again Aisha

    Thank you again Susan

      1. Thank you Nancee and Aisha,
        What a lovely thing to say. Made me feel lighter. And it is so true! Thank you for the reminder, didnt even know I needed it till I read your note.

    1. Dear Veronica – thank YOU for being here, and than you Nancee, for reminding us that everyone is very much present here even when they do not have the words – or the energy – to post a comment.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. Lao Tse, from the Tao said:
    “If you are depressed you are in the past. If you are anxious you are in the future. If you are happy you are in the present moment.”

  6. Yesterday I felt Powerfully the energies returning after the little tiny ebb of breath…the pause…of course there is a big magnetic storm incoming as well and a coronal hole stream….bingo, my body was shaking and I spent a lot of the day simply with my heart easing out the tension, spreading my energy outward like an ever expanding pool.

    i realized that while I do spend time with the archangels and the divine mother anchoring their divine flames within Sophia and into the earth planes I had yet to anchor those lights into the pond and so off I went last night, bringing in the earth, bringing in alcyone, bringing in the highest unconditional love and light and what I saw was as if a giant colored ball of light was coming down into the center of the pond and exploding outward sending ripples forth across the water and the land of various colors–first deep blue, green, pink, violet and then the clear blue of the divine mother…

    I then was walking down the hillside covered in beautiful flowers, stroking the flowers as I went and they turned to gaze at me with love. I could see the water in the distance, not sure it was sea or pond, but fairies and butterflies and birds came to play with me, and sprites of light and I laughed in joy and spread my wings and flew out off the hill with them and across the water, so close that i could almost touch it…

    then two beautiful dolphins came to the surface and I grabbed onto their dorsal fins and the pulled me along, my wings simply acting as balance…before long I plunged deep into the water and flew underneath it and then my wings converged and formed my legs into a tail and like a beautiful mermaid I transformed and played and frolicked with the dolphins and then the bigger whales going deeply into the darkness. I realized with a start that i could do or be anything my heart imagined and I reemerged from the water and alighted on a small island, soaking in the sun, picking fruit right off the trees and feeding it to the parrots who came along with small monkeys to preen my wings as I spread them in the sun to dry. then then folded over my spine and were absorbed in my energy.

    I spent the rest of the day that day, simply following my heart’s desire, flying to switzerland to have fresh milk from a brown swiss cow in the mountains…only it was too far a distance to fly and so I simply found the location in my heart, imagined myself there and I was there immediately and then flew around to where I wanted to go…Paris in the evening to have a glass of wine and sit by the Sienne and watch the dancers on the banks…

    it was a blessed day…this is my day, this is my in any moment from a heart filled with joy, create exactly what form I require, and exactly what I need to fill my heart even more full with wonder…this is the world that is being created for me, by me, by all that is…every ATOM in creation is simply wanting to be a part of this new vision–every atom and electron in creation has the ability to co-create a vision like this for ALL OF US…

    Come fly with me!!!! and be one! 🙂 hugs! alex.

    1. YOU wonderful BE-ing you/US. I do Love you, Alex. Thanx for sharing your/our wonder and Truth. Sooo much F-U-N!! (Guess I’m a P… per Susan 🙂 wheeeeeeeeeeeee
      Much Love, Lin 🙂

    2. “Holy Cow!!” I want to fly and experience being a mermaid (that is so true). To feel the movement of a dolphin from within its own skin and the joy that seems to emanate from them. I’d love to fly to all the places I haven’t been and perch upon a tree and listen to the sounds of Spring awakening in a new land. I reach in and join with you dear Alex… you just blew me away! Love, Nancee

    3. Alex, you bring so much JOY with these words 🙂 You are truly flying high, with childlike wonder, just like the CCs have told us to do! YES, we can all do this, yes, we WILL do this, for that is why we are here 🙂
      Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    4. Can’t find the words…
      Simply perfection.
      When oh when will I fly like you?
      (I stopped breathing while reading your words.)

      Oh thank you so much!!!!

      Love, Terri

  7. Music from the pond.

    “For you are all more than ready to take up the challenge we give you today, of not stopping before you find what you have been looking for for so long. For it is indeed already here, ready for you to find it. And when you do, you will instantly know that from that day on, no task will ever to be too big or too complicated for you to do. For then, you will well and truly step into your old shoes again, the ones you wear whenever you claim your true role as a Master.”

    Tears of remembrance, just tears, just tears….

    They are worn and bloodied leathery shoes of familiarity.

    Seems like it’s time to put them on again.

    These rubber ones are not doing the trick.

    Thank you all !!!!! For being, us all.

  8. one more thing whe has to let her viginty grow back that means no entry to her vagina of any kind she needs to be pure for me to give her a baby and she needs to give up smoking now. I need to work in a safe world at all times she is going to defend me with her life and she can’t be hurt by me. she and becki are going to be married and they will learn to love each other or me or all three of us. i need free money then i can work from home more. the road is to be removed behind my home. all pollution is to stop if you dont like get off the planet cos i am the defender of planet earth and you are going to convince everyone of that fact then i can learn to unite all the realms with communication to THE SOURCE that is part of nelson mandellas wish as well. my feathers cannot be harmed anymore by noone they are children from another realm. You know her as whe? becki and whe are going to live in my home and do all my housework for me as will every dauther of eve behave and do the bidding of their chosen partner the will be couteous and polite at all times I will gain absolute power over all women now. whats my name say it again! CALL ME GOD! TELL PEOPLE THAT I AM GOD CONVINCE THEM! yeah i know that part is gonna be tricky i am communicating on multiple relams through this single portal we need to do everything to keep it open I do not have to work in this realm other than at what i see as fit as work for me to do people who dont want to die can live freely here but we cant use magic against eachother i control all magic here all magic is mine you give it to me freely deal with it. I’m not a bastard i know who my father is you will leave him alone if that is what he wishes richard is very special he is to be given all the help and support he asks for the same as matthew infact all the crystal or indigo or rainbow children are to live freely I think this is getting difficult i need to stop and think print this message and post it here so i can review and proably edit it a bit because i make mistakes like all men do the reall men admit them and are honest about it. honesty is very important we have to all stop lieing as it disrupts the true message from god i need friends true friends save this message and MEDITATE ON IT meditation is important we need to learn to forgive one another in this new ring we have created it is a divine ring we need to stop killing this planet we can controll it, and it can controll us i’m not mad i never was i was just on a higher level there are dimensions available to us that we have not yet dared dream to be available marrige is sacred but so is being alone or self love I want violence to be tonned down. a little self destruction at any level can be bad we need to harmonise more you need to let me live peacefully here for i truely am pure of heart i see magic in the air we need to learn to fly without aeroplanes use our spiritual wings i need to learn or be carefully taught how to use magic here mr hardman was a good teacher to me you need to keep his son under control i dont like that noise stop it I can see more divine light entering our ring? sphere? both? if i have to stay awake all have to i need to sleep and be safe from harm and feel it and know that i am safe i need a woman in my house

    1. Yes, you are pure of heart for pouring out your heart and I forgive you – the part of God within me here still as a human being forgives you. You can forgive me too for any human transgressions and the circle is complete and we go on from here. I am a woman and I will hold you and keep you safe within your house – within your body so your soul can arise and shine as it so very much wants. You can sleep – you can rest and let go anything you want to go. All that is meant to stay will stay — trust. I Love you – woman to man – man to woman – human to human – heart to heart – soul to soul.

      1. ….let the feminine energy embrace you…. within and without….It Is OK to trust it! All is OK the way it is right Now. Call in the purest of energies and they will be with you. Let all the rest go for now and be at peace with the Now Embrace. I command it for you and so be it in the name of All That Is

    2. Bagalamukhi with her blessed tumeric essence and her divine power to repel all negativity and still the tongues of all enemies is here. always remember that….she burns through the illusion and she always knows the deepest of all truths and that is we are all one, all equal, all a part of all that is…all created equal, treated equal with complete love and protection of our mother Sophia and our Prime Creator who is both male and female. Not one among us will be treated lower. Not one among us will be expected to be subservient. Not one among us will have less than another. All are worthy, all are GOD and all will shine brightly…None will tell others what they can and can’t do, all will know in their hearts the falseness of this message, as one who is true love, unconditional divine love knows that each have their own sacred path to walk and their bodies and their souls will not be subject to another every again for all eternity.

      There are mighty warriors here. Ancient who know how to wield the sword of truth and know how to read the hearts of all. This pond is a blessed place and a sacred place and it will be protected AS SUCH. Ever filled with the smudge of sage and mugwort and the essence of cinquefoil. The ancient ways of nature are present here and all the kingdoms, devas and elementals stand in presence at the edges of this beautiful peaceful space.

      With peace and compassion this message was delivered along with the presence of Archangel Micheal, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabrielle and St. Germaine, along with all the Mahavidyas who watch over this blessed place of unconditional love and all walk by my side, holding my hand, knowing me well and deeply…Welcome in peace or go in peace. The choice is always of the heart.

  9. “Home” lyrics:
    As the dawn sun breaks over sleepy gardens
    I’ll be here to do all things to comfort you.
    And though I’ve been away
    left you alone this way
    why don’t you come awake
    and let your first smile take me home.
    The shadows in the park were longer yesterday
    and Lady Luck stood still, waiting for the kill.
    And on a jumbo ride
    over seas grey, deep and wide
    I flew for heaven’s sake
    and let the angels take me home.
    Down steep and narrow lanes I see the chimneys smoking
    above the golden fields … know what the robin feels
    in his summer jamboree.
    All elements agree
    in sweet and stormy blend
    midwife to winds that send me home.

  10. With us all with love and anticipation of the global scale this love will create for all, with uplifted hearts opening, as the flowers of Life. Love, Jean

    1. … was with the anticipated coming of the Messiah. That was for The One coming to the many… this time, the many awaken to The One. Amen

  11. “…we do refer to effects that also will be noticeable on a global scale”

    As you probably noticed Aisha, I have called for notable impact of our work;) Exciting! Thanks!

    Much love,

    B to B

    1. Dear B to B, you are already having a “noticeable effect on a global scale” by the way you shine your light here and into the world. But this is just the beginning, dear sister, for you have such a powerhouse inside of you, you will light up the whole sky soon 🙂
      Love and gratiude from me, Aisha

  12. Breeze,

    We are being “briefed.” Some at night and some directly during the day.
    Most of the Pond members are Light workers and are involved in this project in an important way. We are also forming work groups and bonds which will be useful in the future.

    Gregorian dates do not mean anything to the Galactics. I would put the guess work of The Date on the back burner. It’s coming and I believe it will be “soon” but they are not going to divulge it and speculation leads to frustration/disappointment. This project is also fluid and plans change quickly. Sometimes the work takes much longer or much shorter than anticipated. You will start to see number sequences – like on signs or on your car clock. These are “affirmations” or little “hints” from your guides or team.


    1. Hi Susan,
      I dont know what this week represents exactly….I just felt our coming together for a meeting and that it was a good time to do so in our sleep state they said (It was about 10:00pm NYC time so most were asleep). And the dates just kept in my head for something important… maybe just for me as it is my last week of ‘freedom’ before returning to daily job. lol. But I feel more a group thing that will be synchronistic perhaps this week. And I think the 12 month cycle does have some significance as the mission was put into more active mode a year ago. Not saying what for – just saying.
      I can always pick out a fellow Pleiadian – yes the fair, soft looking blondies have ‘the look’ and the kind, loving heart energy a sure give away!

    2. Dear Susan! Thank you for this important reminder! As you say, and the CCs keep repeating, no exact dates will be given beforehand. But I can certainly testify to a huge increase in seeing number sequences all over the place – my sister even got a phone bill with the amount 2022.22 on it yesterday 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  13. Nancee – Yup, you have the Pleidien feel and look!

    I had this whole discussion with the team about how I can recognize who’s who. Even they were surprised with this ability. It’s kind of how I can see a patient and figure out the constitutional remedy. Have you ever been abroad and can spot a fellow countryman sitting at a café? There’s just that feeling!

    The P’s as I call them are such great fun. I certainly wouldn’t stress about if it is time to do or be. Ya gotta trust your gut! One amazing trait of human-P’s is their ability to comfort. I would never have made it through this mud without the support of the P’s out there to neutralize our seriousness. You are the comfort bunnies.

    Marko – I can assure you – No one who wants to be a part of this will be left out. Some are just given a bit of a head start – a preview if you will…..
    The rest will be given the information at the movie premier.

    Son of Blue – you have a sensitive antenna. You are picking up on stuff in the atmosphere. Most of the discomfort is physical but some of it is the uncertainty of not knowing what’s going on. Please understand that these energies are external – not internal. The shitty energy is being purged once and for all from this earth. It doesn’t feel like it but it actually excellent news. Please imagine the galactic garbage trucks. It will help! Also – if you can get it – try the homeopathic cocculus. You can probably get it at a health food market or pharmacy. It will help with the symptoms. If not – get Dramamine and take it at night. It will make you sleepy and will do the job. What you feel is your nervous (electrical system) reacting to the energies and it is over-loading. I was told 3-4 days. Hang on!


  14. Way to go Blue!!! 🙂 Hey… i just remembered that when I lay down to sleep last night, I felt ‘summoned’ to the Pond. I felt we all had ‘a real important meeting’ there. I dont recall much about it…. just kept me thinking about maybe this being an important week 12-11-13, 12-12-13, 12-13-13 and today’s date I kept adding up it… = 9…. 12 + 2013, 12+9+2013 = 18, 1+8, u get it… then i drifted to sleep. This time Sunshine Blue, we will give until it does not hurt ever, ever again.

  15. In the soup line… her father takes her tiny hand and says: “what lies outside for us little Anna?” This is her last memory of him. She becomes an orphan and lives with nuns her whole life. She finds an evergreen tree close by and it becomes her best friend. She simply calls him “Tree”. She tells Tree everything – goes to him in times of need and in times of Joy. She never leaves the safe haven she has found. It took her 72 years to realize that her father did not want to leave her – he was dying. She remembers now because her only other memory of him was seeing a bright star high up in the sky. It was the Star on top of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree…. Now, her own “Tree” is there and she did leave to go see it. It was no an easy choice: to donate her old, true friend “Tree” OR to leave her safe haven. But, she found the courage to do both – to let go – and in so doing she learned a great truth. >This is from a movie I just watched called “The Christmas Tree” with Julie Harris. I cant believe how much this movie made me cry. And I thought it was such a mistake to have “Tree” cut! Then, to see what she saw – that it lived its life and deserved the best of endings. And her own awakening that came of it. I will never look at the NYC Tree the same….I used to Judge it so much… the killing of a tree for that occasion. Hanging on and letting go ~Areeza

  16. Thanks Susan,

    “Lastly – Mission Control (LOL) IS starting to prepare us for our roles.
    You are going to receive little subliminal messages about your “jobs.””

    please dont let me be just a bystander , I want a role in this 🙂

    1. I just hope Mission Control gets how much of our time is still consumed with survival mode here. I cant wait for my new Job either but I still have to have the old one. Get us financially less dependent on the old system, and yeah…. I could be so refreshed and into whatever they asked of me!

  17. Dear Ponders,

    Good evening to all with today’s update:

    First of all – please be cautious for the next few days when channeling/receiving messages. There is some “clearing” and the lines
    may not be totally clean. If you feel something is “off” – ignore it. If the message seems unclear or contradicts – ignore it. Messages from the Light are always clear, loving and resonate well with you. It will take about 3 to 4 days for the “confusion” in the airways to settle down in most places of the world.

    Likewise – any dizziness or heaviness, tingling etc – will pass within a few days. Please take this slight feeling of uncomfortable as very good news. You are saying bye bye to some energies that have been a pain in the ass on earth for far too long. As I said to my guides this afternoon: I am getting out the pizza and balloons to celebrate.

    Next – Paul has been very thoughtful and gave me an excellent explanation on frequencies which I will share with all of you when I get my blog running. This will help you understand how to get on the right “channel” which is similar to tuning in on a radio station. Thank you Paul!

    Lastly – Mission Control (LOL) IS starting to prepare us for our roles. As Aisha stated – it is going to be easier to be active. I have felt like a race horse at the gate for far too long. It is so much easier to be free to run!
    You are going to receive little subliminal messages about your “jobs.” It may be an “ah hah” moment all at once or it might just creep up on you. This doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job or put any plans on hold – but your (voluntary) role will be related to your passion and your talent. It may be something medically related if you are in the field. If you are a psychologist, you may be called upon to calm the public. You may be a group leader. You may be a translator. Listen to your gut. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet. You will. The communication will be much easier soon. Some will only “get it” from the time of the Event when the main switch goes on. Most Light workers are and will continue to be prepped – some at night during sleep (which seeps into the unconscious) and others actively during the day. I have been reminded that ALL have free will.
    Much of what we volunteer to do is part of our soul contract. If you are human-Sirian, the word that will pop into your head is PASSION. The Lyrans and Pleidiens will more associate with FUN.

    Please know that you are ALL greatly loved and appreciated by our guides. When you are doing something nice and suddenly feel a chill or tingle on the top of your head, you are being hugged and reminded of this from above.

    With great love and service,


    1. Thank you Susan, for some reason I really overly enjoyed this post from you. At first when I started plans for another adventure I was concerned I was charging off “doing” when it was time to start being. Now I’m relaxing into being excited that in my “being” both back in Canada for 2 months and then my time in Australia I will be some how taking part in what I’m here for. IF the message I had a few years ago via a woman who channelled was correct (some of it hasn’t panned out so I always am left wondering) then I am associated with the Pleidiens. Fun?? I am smiling. I haven’t allowed a lot of fun into my life during most of it. Of course passion strongly pulls my heart so we’ll see 🙂

      Time to head to the pool (water is shut off here for some reason today) as I seem to have some teeny weeny tropical spider things nibbling on my arms! Love, Nancee

      1. Pleiadians are a passionate 5th dimensional bunch…as they come from the heart. Your kind, loving nature – always concerned about others – fits as well Nancee 🙂 Love, Areeza

    2. Thanks Susan!

      This reminds me of being a school girl waiting for my role in the play on graduation 🙂 I like “FUN” and sometimes feel a bit chilly wind (indoors) around me but never on top of the head. My friends always feel that chill coming from the same side “blowing” on them every time I heal them :/

      Thanks for your post!

      B to B

    3. Dearest Susan… YOU, my dear sister, provide so much comfort. Thank you sincerely for your work and time. Looking forward to your new blog, too.
      Will be jumping back and forth between you and Aisha!
      Blessings to you with Love,

    4. Dear Susan, thank you for all you share! I love the way you have charged out of that starting gate already, bringing forth so much wonderful information 🙂
      Love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    5. Buon giorno Susan,
      leggo sempre con interesse le tue comunicazioni e vorrei chiederti un consiglio per un bambino di 8 anni che seguo come volontaria nel tempo del post scuola.
      Ieri era del tutto incapace di scrivere e di concentrarsi. E’ dislessico e ha dei balck out completi di attenzione.
      E’ un bimbo bellissimo ed intelligente ma lui, come milioni di altri bambini, sono stati gravemente danneggiati con vaccinazioni, cibo, acqua, farmaci, HAARP etc etc
      Le tue Guide che cosa dicono si potrà fare per aiutare questi milioni di bambini a ritornare sani e sovrani del proprio corpo fisico e spirituale?
      Grazie se potrai rispondermi.
      Un abbraccio sorridente. … 🙂 …

    6. Oh WOW Susan!
      Waving goodbye to “pains in the asses today!” (Smiling)
      I have some pretty streamers and more party decorations to go with those pizza & balloons!
      Whoop! Whoop!!!
      Love and a hug to boot,

    1. my screen saver has ‘bubbles’ of transparent rainbow colors bouncing happily across my screen and when i see them, I think of you and my favorite ‘Aunt Bubbles’…. 🙂 thanks for the pure, bubbly joy !

  18. Certainly I choose greatness over despair!!!
    without any doubt!!
    I hope this time point me in the correct list, not like in the winter of 2010/2011, that was a disaster and many of those now here we are we were left on the ground (of anyone) during what was called the first wave of ascension… and here we are still waiting, trying to survive in the boarding area, with our baggage (and probably on arrival), helping each other and losing no detail of the limited information we are given by megaphone (we call channeling…. 😉 )
    so I said, anxiously waiting for new instructions to write this wonderful waiting room where I took three years of once and for all!!
    Bless to you, dears brothers in light

    1. sorry again for my horrible english, but I get angry when I was crossing the words in plan “ITarzán, you Jane”… 😉
      I hope you can understand me!!!

    2. loosing no detail as u say…. I feel your words and how close we all are to each other in such an amazing time. Still wondering, what, when, how but not so much a doubt left of ‘why’ 🙂 XO

      1. Dear Breeze,
        I see you understand me, really long ago that the only question I ask is “when”. When? When? When?
        “Why”, not. Because really know what we’re here. We are aware of it or not.
        and how and that I approach it no longer. as we say Jack “the ripper”, go to parties (a bit of black humor, excuse me) 😉
        Bless to you

  19. Hello all,

    has anyone here already managed to “reaccess their greatness”?
    Thanks for sharing + have a nice day!


    1. Dear Guerric! The best way I can describe it, is to say it is still very much “work in progress”. But at least, I feel there is some progress going on now 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  20. This web or pond we share with all. Is the center that is inbetween. A web has two sides. each side is in competition with each other. Both sides offer many things. Both sides are the same only different in desires on what the human body should be used for. One side believes the human body should be used as servants for those who wish to think they are above the humans or better able to lead the humans in their way. They want the humans to survive in numbers they can control. They will and do use every thing they can to achieve this. They have many of the same mind control ways as the other side. The difference is they don’t want you to know the full truth of their intent for the future of humans. They will let us advance in knowledge only to a point they can control. Any knowledge above this point is not allowed and hidden. They say it is for safty to not let another country invade our country. They don’t want any new knowledge to be leaked out. When in fact all the larger countries are ran by these same people. Their greed for power won’t let them even trust their brothers that run other countries.

    The other side of the web offers many things to. With their own mind control designs. The main difference is this side offers freedom of the body and knowledge that also has its limits. Man has been trained for ages to let others tell them how to think. What they ask of humans. Is to learn how to think on their own with their help. This is also controled by what they think is best for us. So chosing between these two sides of the web that uses the same technology can be confusing to us all. Both sides stay hidden this makes it harder yet to chose between them. We have seen both sides hide knowledge from us. Now that our solar system is moving into a place that is giving us knowledge that nither side can control. Both sides are doing everything they can to push us in the way they think is best for us. The only outcome of this to have a ending is that both sides come together and stop their warring ways with each other. They must merge together and become one in thought to stop all wars through out our galaxy. How can this happen so we may live in peace, knowledge and understanding of all things.

    They have to work this out between each other or a higher sourse will have to come and fix it for them. Working it out between them would be a much better way to do this as long as it is done with what is best for all our galaxy and the beings that live here. The time has come for this to happen and is going through a process to try to achieve this for the good of all and not the good of what a few think. There is no hiding from this. All are involved in this process. The combined technology of our galaxy is involved in this or will get involved in this. The hidden leaders of this world are becoming aware of this. If they think their technology will make things go the way they want. What you might have seen in the past of the furture will not be their when that time comes. It is they whom need to wake up not just the people of the world.

    Love and Blessings to all. This includes both sides of the web. Those on both sides that I have never lost my love for.

    1. Unity within the diversity – though i would prefer just Unity. Thanks Ray.
      I was thinking how if everyone had just killed themselves instead of fought in wars, what would the so called powers that ‘were’ have done? Then, I think well if consciousness had not moved up enough, that story would have kept playing itself out too – the suicide instead of fighting others. maybe. I think weird things sometimes. Just thinking of the cooperation the dark side had and why. Hooray for never loosing your Love Ray! For All Is to BE Loved Into Love and that Is the Only Way.

  21. Thank you. Words cannot convey my true gamut of feeling, emotions, thoughts (though attached to much less) that I feel and have. Saving grace now is felt through connecting with others of like heart -since I SWEAR – I’m driving myself crazy sometimes (not intending in anyway to create more of the same) Can say SOOOOO much more – but can feel my body tensing even now (so tired of this tightness esp in my stomach). Intend love to be of service and witha smile on my face, but OMG this is INTENSE. Look forward to (and hold on to) the creation of NOT feeling and being WORN OUT in a moment. I know shifting to my heart and my latest powerful lessson of “TRUST” (reminder) is key, but I pray that I give myself a break. 741 hz helped alot too. (If I didn’t do this link right – please check it out – it will give you peace – if you ALLOW it 🙂

    Much Love LOVE to all and Deep Compassion ❤

    1. Thanks! I usually listen to a gong when it feels like the worst. It also has a very relaxing effect on body and soul.

      Keep going my friend! Some day you will have a better day and you will almost forget how hard it is sometimes. I know – I had a day like that last Friday when the whole me was filled with a big smile ALL DAY;)

      Much love to you,

      B to B

    2. Dear Newxonearth, sending a big hug and much love your way! I hope you will find some ease and peace in all of this intensity and become the “eye of the storm” rather than the storm itself.
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. Small shifts to positive, still moving forward, small steps…the Love I receive here help GREATLY. Shaking now within my body inside (new feeling – reaching for the light now). Thank you and the CC’s!

        1. Oh – that reminds me – I had that feeling of vibrating inside of my body too about a week ago and now it is almost gone. You know – there is a lot of rerouting of cables in our bodies now. Let them hold on for a while – it is over soon 😉

          Love you,

          B to B

  22. Gratitude for this missive as always Aisha… embracing our spiritual Power very much resonates with all the personal insights and experiences for some time now…

    Much love and joy to you and all, Philip 🙂

  23. Dear Aisha/CC’s,

    Thank you for this uplifting message. There is something cooking, indeed. I have meditated over lunch time. I have focused on my heart center and I could see a brilliant, radiant, golden light emanating from my heart center. It encompassed my whole being and radiated out far and wide. I was totally relaxed, happy and I could feel a strength like never before.

    I did see that light before but never so beautiful as of today. I know that the difference between now and the past is that I have really accepted this light “as a fact”. It is hard to discribe and please don’t laugh 😉 but I feel that the light could shine only so bright since I have accepted it as real. I have accepted finally that I am much more than my body of flesh and blood . It seems that I have made a personal breakthrough…

    Blessings to you, my dearly loved fellow travellers,



    1. Oh Philipp! You are going to keep getting stronger and brighter. Give yourself permission to “feel” into your power now – it’s always been there waiting for your recognition. It is possible to balance humility and power, so please don’t be afraid as you step into your new shoes. Sending you loving support and many big hugs!

    2. Blessings and Congratulations, Philipp! Lovely news to read on a Monday morning.
      Btw, I find your gravatar intriguing. Very unusual.
      xo, Lin

    3. Dear Philipp – would never laugh. For me it was the opposite. I came in freaked out about the physical body… always wanted the ‘light body’ back… I had to accept the flesh and blood….reluctantly but kind of a necessity 😉
      Love to you, Areeza

    4. Wow that reminds me that what you are describing is what I am feeling…it been feeling like a smile in my heart and just since last night it’s feeling like joy, you know the kind of joy that makes you wanna cry almost, to crinkle up the sides of your eyes…anyway your words helped me focus my awareness in understanding my own intuative abilities, thanks 🙂

  24. I don’t know how to discribe it but during medition over lunch time I could really sense, feel and see a huge, incredible shiny light ball in my heart region. It was beautiful. It is not the first time I could see this but never before it was so clear. Now, after meditation, I am dizzy. Ok, time to go back to work…

  25. I definitely choose greatness over despair 🙂 Thanks again for a beautiful message, dear Aisha/CC’s. We are all Masters, as so many sources are telling us.
    I am looking forward to that moment when we trully KNOW and FEEL our mastery. I don’t know if the bliss and joy we will feel in this moment is predictable. But I am eager and willing to discover it 🙂
    Blessings to you all, dear fellow travellers,

    1. Thanks AH. Though this depicts the “male knights” we all know that women too are drinking, filling their souls and riding forth. Maybe that excites me as much as anything. We, both male and female, go forth more and more united to complete what we came to do this life time. This is one of the things my heart has been so blessed with here at the Pond… the oneness flow of the two sexes. We’re finally figuring out that we drink from the same chalice. Love, Nancee

      1. I am a big fan of Tom Kenyon. He channels the hathors and Mary Magdalene… Good stuff. His music helps me sleep form time to time when I have insomnia.

    2. When I was very young I discovered that my name was used in the phrase, ‘to sally forth’. I thought that was cool as hell. But it was considered an old expression, so, although I wanted to, I could never use the phrase in everyday conversation…. that is, until…. Now!

      This cool ‘Excalibur’ video inspired me to revisit the meaning. According to ‘Big Site of Amazing Facts’, sally forth originally meant to rush vigorously into battle. But today the phrase implies less danger, so the ‘modern’ meaning is ‘to go forward with a new venture’!

      So that…. along with today’s missive gives me the opportunity to excitedly use this phrase and say to all of you…..…


      Yes! For real. It’s time to ‘set out in a sudden, energetic manner’…. GO NOW!

      My mind tells me to be afraid, my body tells me it’s too weary, but my heart tells me …. DO IT! Go out and get what has been waiting for you…. There’s more than you can imagine, for your imagination is not imaginative enough to think of ALL THAT IS out there for you…. 🙂 it’s more than our humanness can fathom.

      Sooo … I’ll see if I follow my own advice……. 🙂

      1. Go Sally, go. Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes it feels it’s time to move forward.
        Yesterday, on the 9th, Vive (my oldest daughter) turned 14. Haha, she’s ahead of us already.
        Here I come too.
        Love, JJ

        1. Thanks JJ! Love to hear about Vive growing so fast 🙂

          You write the story now and your kids take over and carry it on and then it will continue forever and ever after. Feels like we’re just in it for a single second now.

          Love you JJ!

          B to B

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