The greatness within

Dear friends! I have been guided to share this film with you, because it has given me a very different perspective on “the greatness within”. For this film shows the unbelievable complexity that is within just one single cell in our body, and when you think of the fact that every one of us are made up of billions of these diverse cells, all collaborating and communicating with each other, it makes you realize that this intelligence, this Creator that we are a part of, is capable of creating wonders that our human mind cannot even begin to understand.

Our human mind cannot even fully explain our DNA, for it contains such a vast collection of information. But what they have found, is that much of that information seems to be “dormant”, the scientists have even referred to it as “junk DNA”. Perhaps now is the time to wake up this Sleeping Beauty, this dormant DNA?

This is what the CCs have to share about this: “The film you saw was indeed an important trigger not only for you, but it will be so for others as well, and you were indeed guided to see this at this exact time for a very special reason. For now is indeed the time to activate all of those hidden treasures, the codes that have been lying dormant within each and every one of you for eons. You see, mankind has already been fitted with every single ability it needs in order to be able to make this planet into a veritable paradise, but as yet, you have not had the ability to fulfill this potential. And that is simply because you have not had access to this inner greatness, as you have in many ways been disconnected from this, as you have been disconnected from Source. But now, as you have allowed yourself to be reconnected to Source, you will also be able to reconnect yourself with all of this important information that is essential for you to be able to fulfill your task of resurrecting not only yourselves, but also this planet. For this is indeed what this is all about, tapping into that hidden potential, potential that is not hidden anymore, and that is no longer off limits to any of you. Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now.

For you are made of the same stuff as the stars, and we do mean that in every sense of the word, so even if you may look upon your physical body as merely a lump of flesh, know that it is indeed indispensable to the work you have come here to do. For by YOU, we mean your consciousness, but without being in this physical body, you would have no way of releasing the potential that is stored within this body, this whole body of knowledge if you will, that has been put at your disposal so that you can utilize it to change everything. And yes, we do mean everything, for you are not here to simply step into your own greatness, you are also here to make this whole planet capable of doing the same. So again we say go within, for that is where this treasure is hidden, and it is waiting for you to acknowledge it by observing it. For when you do, it will come into being, and it will be activated by your consciousness and by this ceaseless bombardment of energy that is raining down upon you. For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more. But now, you are here to make it all come into BEing by adding your consciousness to this potent mix, and out from this, will rise a literal army of advanced beings, clad in a human body that no one has seen the likes of before. For you will finally be able to step into a physical vehicle that is capable of making miracles come true, and that is why we say that these oh so important inner changes will have far reaching effects on the outside as well. For you are not simply here to liberate that hidden potential within yourself, you are here to assist the rest of the world to do the same. But you are the pioneers, and so you have to do this job for YOU first, and then, all the rest will follow.

We are all like that single cell portrayed in this film, complex and capable of amazing feats. And when we connect and communicate and cooperate, like the cells in a body do, there are truly no limits to what we are capable of achieving. As the CCs said, we have “existed as the old kind of humans, the humans running on one single cylinder, functioning on barely a fraction of their own power. But now, you will be able to rev the engine and utilize its full powers.” So let us do what we can to unleash that power within 🙂

Love and light from me, Aisha

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  1. Now we are trying to use what is called channeling to talk to someone that may help us to learn new things about life. What happened to universal knowledge is it out dated to the point that it can’t be used anymore for new knowledge. Every thought of mankind is there. Who can help us add to our universal knowledge. Universal knowledge only gives what you can take learn and understand. So it is us that needs to be updated not universal knowledge. Everyone wants to help do this even if they don’t know what they are doing. Where is the universal knowledge of those that that are helping us from other solar systems. Is it that they share our universal knowledge but we are not allowed to share their universal knowledge. Or is their knowledge the same as ours only we have to learn to update our self to access this.

    In the past we could all access universal knowledge if we took the time to learn how to do this. Now our universal knowledge has turned into channels that are not of universal knowledge but from those who wish to control what we recieve from the use of technology they use to control the waves our brains can use. Its more on a person to person level. Those behind this have rules they are going by and over seen by others that know the intent of what they are trying to do. Is this good or bad for us. It is both depends on what you let control your thoughts. We have free choice yet some even try to control this with ill intent. Others are truly trying to help us.

    I am a free soul nobody owns my soul. I am under no contract to anyone. I am here to learn all I can in my own way. I will never be a slave to anyone or anything. I come and go as I please and live my life by my choice alone. I obay the laws of our earth and heavens. I will only talk to those of true intent of all things. I have talked to others but no longer will I be subject to the ill intent of anyone or any thing. I grow daily in knowledge of many things. My mind is open my heart is pure and I wish nothing harm. I will always send out what love I have for all that is. What will come will come. It is up to the people of this earth on what they want. I accept the will of the father mother of my light not those who wish to control it. To father mother alone I will answer for my life. What I learn from the father mother of my light is what I will be blessed with. This is all I want and will accept nothing less.

    Love and Blessings to all

    1. okay by me,
      why not?
      shrug it might work
      what do i know?
      personally , I’ve tried that. It might have helped climb over a steep step, but in the long run
      it makes no difference
      take your time.

  2. lots of us have been doing this for a long time
    please, relax and go play in the dirt.
    seriously, touch soil in a playful way

  3. Good morning friends,

    Just a quickie as I am off to my “human” job….
    Can any of you talented souls translate Gaiaportal? This morning’s posting seemed really exciting. “Codes” being activated…. Don’t understand this hue-man thing. Is it my English? Morphology?

    Not much to report since yesterday. The skies are very crowded with craft. The Sirians said they are finishing up the “deportations” shortly. I would imagine another day of heavy energies and computer problems are in order….

    Oh yes – I feel a lot of movement.

    Love, Susan

    1. Good morning to you, dear Susan,

      I have to admit that I usally don’t understand the “coded” messages from GaiaPortal. However, my gut feelings tells me that this new message from GaiaPortal (message see below) is an important one. I am excited about it!

      Have a great day,



      Message from GaiaPortal:

      Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process…
      11 Dec

      Expect initiation of events in short order.

      Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.

      In-Lightenment is at hand.

      Gaia Freedom follows.

    2. Hi Susan,

      I felt the message was quite exciting too. Felt being the operative word! I find the messages always carry an energy imprint that means more than the mere words can express. Even as someone with English as a first language they can be tricky for the ‘mind’ to get.

      I tend to feel the truth of them and then the mind tries to catch up!

      Here’s the full message for those that have not seen it with a few suggestions on interpretation:

      Gaia Portal said:

      “Master codes have been enabled for Global Gaia Ascension process.

      Expect initiation of events in short order.

      Inner application of Higher Intention and Higher Principled morphologies has occurred to a sufficient degree to provide this opportunity for Gaia and all inhabitants, Hue-Being and hu-being.

      In-Lightenment is at hand.

      Gaia Freedom follows.”

      “Master Codes……..” is probably pointing to a level of vibration that have now begun or initiated that is essential to the Ascension process as the time is right for these. It feels like a ‘state of readiness’ is in place.

      The initiation of events would naturally follow this readiness state… i.e. everything starts at the fundamental level of vibration then manifests at the physical … at our level it appears as a time lag between the enabling and the initiation.

      Hue being in my understanding is a reference to higher vibrating, awake beings consciously leading or aware of the process of ascension. The ‘Hue’ has been defined previously having multi-level meanings:

      Hue – as in a shade of colour… e.g. the coat had green hues to it…

      Hue also referring to the ‘God’ or ‘divine nature’ of the being.

      You could ‘argue’ that anyone consciously following the Ascension process may be in the Hue being category – that would be one interpretation anyway.

      Hu being would in this context as I understand it is referring to Humanity in general … still of divine essence but as yet asleep.

      Higher Principled Morphologies could mean many things… but seems to be pointing higer forms/structures/nature within.

      I particularly like the In-Lightenement as pointing to the lightening or lighting within.

      So in summary it seems to be saying:

      A new level of vibration essential to ascension has been enabled. Expect to see effects of this manifesting soon. Then going to say this is applicable to ALL Inhabitants and Gaia itself. Leading ultimately to an expression of freedom.

      That’s my suggested pointers… take what works leave the rest.

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      1. Dear Philip, Thank you for your and Susan’s attention on this. I have been feeling strongly about the dates 11th, 12th, 13th this week (started a few days ago – this msg for me) so I feel this is confirmation. I ‘felt’ it was another move up in vibration to be taken advantage of by us to move things up even faster. I think of Hue as what is ‘about us’…our essence/aura field and it is growing – lighting up more and more – to reach/touch more and more around us. As within, so without 🙂 as above, so below – Heaven on Earth. Our own personal imprints of what we think of as heaven that we brought here with us re-connecting with “Home”. All Souls On Deck – time to drop anchors 🙂
        Love 2 U and All, Areeza

      2. Thanks so much for this great analysis’s….& might I add the ‘Morphologies’ are explained even more in the post I just made moments ago….I always “”LOve”” GaiaPortal, but had not read her latest….so interesting that my 2 recent posts are resonating quite nicely with hers !….I have been made aware & shown that the main frame matrix grid is up & running & the fine tuning details ‘Icing on the Cake’ is still BEing worked on……. LOve to You !….Bev~

  4. Hi Breeze,

    Yes, I felt the same, it resonates with what I read and what I feel. I am glad you loved it.
    All my heart goes to whoever is losing loved ones. I could never accept such ordeals, just thought it was just not fair. I am longing for a world where this is going to be a thing of the past.
    Bless you all .:-)

    1. so truly sorry…. but i really felt that immediate feeling come to me about Bandit wanting to Be with you in spirit form… with you is what I heard loud and clear – he can now Nancee! Love, A

      1. Thank you Breeze. I must have a lot of tears stuffed inside still about re-homing… and about mom’s passing the same weekend cuz I can’t stop crying here. (Well I stop then start again.) I phoned my kids one at a time so I could hear a loving voice. The couple I’ve been with for 3 months don’t do “emotions” and don’t overly care about animals so I’ve been here in my room. I talked to my oldest grandson who loved Bandit. He will be 12 on the 20th. He was so caring and considerate and for the first time ever initiated the, “I love you Nana.” More tears 🙂 Makes everything bitter sweet.
        I’ll just have to learn to sense my dear companions in spirit form. I just found out that they’d moved to Alberta and I wouldn’t have been able to see him again. As for ferrets I had the opposite to Kelly. Little Meashe was the independent one until a year after I brought Bandit home (rescued him on his way to the pound). He fought her to be more loving. Bandit would curl up on my lap or in my sleeve. I used to walk them past the high school at lunch break and he’d happily curl up in the teenager’s arms, especially if it was cold. We used to dance together at the park too on a slow song. He spread so much love and during her last year so did Meashe. I’d love to have seen Kelly with a ferret on a bike!! How cool.
        Thank you to everyone that responded… thank you to the rest who are patient with me writing about him here in this space. I appreciate it. Times like this I really do feel isolated. I am so grateful for my magic jack that I can phone Canada/states on for free.
        Love, Nancee

        1. Really…so very Sorry for your loss…I know how attached we BEcome to our little furry children…I have been there…..LOve & Healing to your Heart !…..Bev~
          (PS. hope you have your winter coat…the snow has arrived here & it’s cold !…will be a big adjustment !….)

    2. Oh Nancee
      I am so sorry. He is with you in another way, and you can still share your heart and voice with him (as u know, just felt it should be spoken) Sending you love and comfort.

      1. Thank you Veronica… tears are calming down and I will soon sleep. I appreciate the reminder. We have been a part since May and I often talk with him in my heart and Meashe who passed in 2012 so really what has changed? I got another email saying they’d moved to another province 2 weeks ago so there was no chance of seeing him again in person either. I am grateful that I was spared the vet trip at the end. I still have to say good bye to Max and Lily in a week sigh. ~Nancee

        1. Big hugs Nancee…this may have nothing to do with your sweet ferret but 2 nights ago I dreamed of finding a dead one all curled up and peaceful…I am sure his lovely spirit is back with the group consciousness and better for the love you shared with him! Love you!

    3. Much Love to you, Dear Friend and Sister, Nancee. I wrap my arms around you and fill your Heart with soft Golden White Light. Let your tears fall. I Love You. Lin

  5. “A literal army of advanced beings”. Wow! I like the image of that phrase. An army of advanced light warriors. All with loving hearts and shinning ever so brightly with golden energy! I can’t wait to see this and soon. I think I can already see it, them, you! May the light be with you, in you, of you! We are one in the light!

  6. Dearest Aisha,
    Sending you so much loving, caring thoughts for all you do to let us know we are not alone. I love you, Jean

    1. Fantastic!! thank you miz! Much of this I have put forth myself and much that I have not yet….so, more confirmation which gets me even higher in vibration. Blessings! This is a good read – lots all in one place. I will be passing this one along. Areeza

  7. “The forms of snowflakes and faces of flowers take on their shape because they are responding to some sound in nature. Crystals, plants, and human beings are music that has taken on visible form.”……. from:
    “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” ― Albert Einstein
    “Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein
    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” — Credited to Einstein or someone close to him but actually Unknown. Enjoy the day/night! Off to do some sewing/mending 🙂 Areeza

  8. Ahhhh the joy of the cell! Seriously as a student of biology I would study the cell for hours upon hours through a microscope and then through an electron microscope..the nucleus, the tiny organelles, they all reminded me of small cities all working as one-intereconnected, Way back when I asked Cosmic Awareness if we were not all like the different cells in the body, all the same, but each one different as well and all connected to source, they said that this was indeed the case and explains how we can all be equal and each also diverse…without the brain cell the heart cell cannot function–without the gut cell the muscle cell gets no food…all interconnected perfectly!

    when I hear the term junk DNA I have to laugh, seriously God/Goddess does not make JUNK, everything is perfect! We all know that its only because the genome cannot be mapped for things that are not expressing (showing themselves in the general population so they can be observed and recorded)…certainly we can map for blue eyes and brown hair and that baby toe that turns under on some feet but oh how many are going to come out previously and say–oh, I can astral travel…hmmm, I can speak to animals…hmm, I have prophetic dreams…A lot of these things have already been activated and are being expressed but no one sees them as genetic expressions–they are all “magic” and meant to be kept secret…

    of course, nothing could be farther from the truth–our encoding gives us gifts and we strengthen them with use. I am sure if you go back and read some of the first CC messages the voice is very different than it is now–because Aisha wasnt so used to it–Susan gets more and more from her connection–philip becomes more and more adept at spreading spheres of light–Breeze and AH more concise in their messages, same with Rosie and Ray and everyone who is actively working with “diffferent” energies…my ability to read energy used to be kind of unconscious. We knew in our family we could do it because my dad did it (medical empath) but now, its a constant part of my life–in every moment like a 6th sense…this will become so for all of us–all potential will be possible and then by following our joy we will become adept at some and keep others maybe on the shelf or develop them all and become jack of all trades and master of none…the choice is of course ours and the time is of course, now…

    I am in deep gratitude for all of these gifts–one of my prayers as of late for my physical body has been to thank it for its help during this incarnation and saying it deserves to feel good, to be healed, to be healthy, to be young and beautiful and flexible and vibrant and to integrate the new 5D skill set…and I wish this for all of you! Hugs! 🙂 Alex

    1. All of us are accessing our high self which always has connection to the Akashic Records. I Love Edgar Cayce – here is info from his interpretation:
      “The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” can be equated to the universe’s super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth. More than just a reservoir of events, the Akashic Records contain every deed, word, feeling, thought, >and intentMuch more than simply a memory storehouse, however, these Akashic Records are interactive in that they have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives, our relationships, our feelings and belief systems, >and the potential realities we draw toward us.”‎

      Isaiah 55:9
      “For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” so…to meet my goal of bringing Heaven to Earth, we just needed our higher vibration of frequency to match up….to Heavens…! Like attracts Like… we are ready for this kind of Like 🙂 Lets real/reel it in!!! oh yeah, Areeza

      1. Hmm, reminds me of a dream I had as a child. Night after night I would climb this tall ‘mountain/library book shelf, hard to describe’ anyway I would almost get to the top, reaching for One book, the book that held everything. I often think now when/if I have that dream again, I will reach the book, and will know what has been accomplished. Fun to think about

    2. Breeze, Alex, Veronica,
      You are wonderful! I love your thinking. Is it Akashic Records Cayce says are beneath a front paw of the Great Sphinx? This somehow brings me to rubidium, water, peace, light spheres, cellular matrix? Could rubidium with water be part of the storage aspect? What is in the strata or water or sand or whatever beneath the Sphinx? How does it connect with all of the world including us?
      Thank you!

  9. During the night (sleeping in short spurts again) I kept hearing the word “Troubadour.” looked it up just now: ‘One of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians, often of knightly rank, that flourished from the 11th through the 13th century, chiefly in Provence and other regions of southern France, northern Spain, and northern Italy. They wrote in the langue d’oc of southern France (see Languedoc) and cultivated a lyric poetry intricate in metre and rhyme and usually of a romantic amatory strain reflecting the ideals of courtly love. Favoured at courts, >>troubadours had great freedom of speech<< and were charged with creating around the court ladies an aura of pleasant cultivation. Their poetry, often set to music, was to influence all later European lyrical poetry.'
    OK… very interesting that yesterday I answered a post here saying how I always wanted to write music… and it got me thinking of how I had once dreamed of putting some of my poetry to music… as they did in olden times. Never did I know what this word meant. LoL… all night I just kept seeing a bull fighter ! thats funny as it is Matador or Torero – Troubadour sort of a combo of both. Life is getting more and more interesting. XO Areeza

    1. Breeze your message got me all excited for you. Waiting to hear your first poem in music form 🙂
      Thank you for the message about Bandit. If I wasn’t leaving Canada again I’d take him while I’m there. (I’ll be 3 hrs away across a mountain so can’t visit more than once if he pulls through this.) Ferrets are known for visiting the “underworld” in their sleep… not sure how that affects him being with me sigh. Meashe came back via a friend to give me a message when she passed and I have an even stronger bond with Bandit. He was basically my only friend my last year with mom. We went for walks along the river (him on leash). I will have to blog about him and post pictures.
      Love, Nancee

      1. yes.. def post pics and keep us informed about Bandit. I Love creature of all types. Kelly had a female Ferret that used to ride with him on his Moped when he was a teen…. lol… cant u just see this critter peeking out from his hooded sweatshirt ! Her name was Weasel. He said the females make better companions in his opinion. The first one he had would not sit with him on his lap…And it bit him too much. So, he traded him for the female. much nicer. All the best to you Nancee! Love, Areeza

  10. Aisha and CCs!

    After twenty minutes, I realize that this video is not going to bring me that much because it’s hard for me to understand the spoken language without subtitles. But I have at least worked in a department that does research on cell biology – as an organizer;)

    Thanks for the message anyway!


    B to B

  11. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! My Mom used to tell me if you haven’t been amazed at least once before breakfast you aren’t paying attention! We are surrounded by wonders and miracles all the time but we have been taught to take it all for granted and just skim the surface as we struggle to survive. As interesting as et’s will surely be, most in colonized society haven’t yet learned to communicate with our own bodies much less the myriad magical amazing living beings all around us-from lizards and dragonflies to great oaks, mountains and rivers. Madeleine L’engle wrote fiction books, one of which “A Wrinkle in Time” I think, or possibly “A Wind in the Door” that had a young boy who was ill because his mitochondria wouldn’t settle down. In the story he and his siblings end up dealing with both tesseracts and his mitochondria at a personal I-thou level.

  12. Prayer Request: I haven’t had time to read all the posts but I just received word that my dear Bandit, the kindest most loving Ferret you’d ever meet, is not doing well. I had re-homed him at the end of May to a good home but she didn’t tell me that he moped around for several months… seemed better but today she is considering a vet. That is usually a last resort. I will go and see him if I can get there on winter roads when I return the first of Jan but ferrets, when ill, usually don’t last long. So please, for Bandit and for me and his new owners could you hold us up. He is only 4 1/2 and life expectancy averages 9 year… 18 is possible. I am facing leaving the dogs here in CR in 9 days so my emotions are already rocking pretty hard over that. Thank you for your support. Yes I’d like to hear he recovers and it isn’t the dreaded Adrenal Tumour that took Meashe… I will let you know.
    Love, Nancee

    1. Prayers for your little Bandit. I really think the animal creatures are having a difficult time right now with the extreme energies coming in. My cats and dogs are all having different issues. Most nothing serious, but my one cat with health issues has been having an extremely difficult time of it. He is back on insulin after having pancreatitis. I think animals and people right now that have underlining health issues are really going through it. My husband is sick too with diverticulitis again. Last year over thanksgiving weekend he came down with it on into the winter solstice and then around the fall solstice he got it again and now the week of thanksgiving again and still not over it. The second bout of meds are going to take him into the winter solstice again. Hmmmm. I always see more when I write these thoughts out. Looks like some big energy connections. I just saged the house today and feel so much better. I have been having extreme aches and pains for at least a month. Not sure how I have been moving at all. I really don’t know if I can keep things up and I don’t know if people around me can either. We really need a great change of energy here. I think the S.E. USA has always had difficult energy. I feel so much better in other places. Well not to be a downer here. It is just what I have been experiencing. I still see much that is being broken down and I do see the need for it to be done, but it is difficult to watch in others and to experience.
      I am enjoying all the wonderful things happening here in many lives and it brings me hope. Thank you all for sharing. Much love as always to everyone on these dear pages and especially to you Aisha. Denise

      1. Dear Denise!

        You really need to tell when it feels heavy and I appreciate you doing it because I understand that there are many out there who feel the same – and what do we have friends for? ;)))

        When I look around talking to friends there are a lot of people having hard flus now, going on and on and never ends, and so have I. I think there is a kind of cleaning going on among people.

        As to the clumsy, heavy and achy feeling in your body, it eased considerably for me for a short while back (to specify WHEN things have happened is almost impossible for me nowadays;) Last Friday I nearly danced by the ease with a smile on my face too, but on Saturday I realize that it was not right for any “expeditions”. It is not particularly helpful to plan to go shopping, I can say;) I’ll send up the desire for fixing of Christmas gifts and computer hassle to the universes and hope / know that it’ll work out in the end, just don´t know how. Just set my intention.

        We need some relief now and I really hope you and your family and pets will have it soon. I send my light to you.

        Much love,

        B to B

  13. Aisha,

    I don’t see the name of the film. I googled The Greatness Within and found nothing.

    Please give me a link to the film.

    Thank you, Janie Cooke


    1. Dear Janie, welcome to this Pond 🙂 The film I am referring to is called “The hidden life of the cell”, you can see it towards the end of the post above.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  14. This poor little chicken winged virus attacked by tons of chewing gum popcorn. I mean everything has a right to exist and is handmade by god_dess.No? We humans have grown so fast that we destroy living space of so many beings. Biodiversity bye bye Kansas. They are RNA and simple and machine is not what they are. Such primitive things only Earthlings can develop and take serious.
    Complexity is not superior just because of that. Whom shall a virus take for a living, when extinction is the menue of the day?
    When animals move into cities for a better living, like everyone
    with a 2strand DNA does too?
    Seven billion humans, jammy jammy.
    Often human cells are a dead end for the virus, I just learned.
    Chimpanzees in Cameroun are responsible for HIV1 pandemic with 30 million deads so far. Zoonosis. Yes google the word.
    The next big one may come, but even a virus knows when she got her fill. They are not like neoliberal banksters.Why are we not dead after all?

    This BBC CNN ARD information is not the change I expect from scientists today. Too much war language. Cataclysym. Pah. You or the virus. Burroughs is dead. Emmerich too.
    For fairy tales I prefer Sponge Bob, Avatar,Matrix and Anna Helen Foster.

    1. Dear Michilin! I am no big fan of the “star wars” approach in this film either, but I found it very interesting that during evolution, the viruses have played an important part in the develpoment of our sophisticated immune system. So they have been vital for us, as we have been for them. Nothing in Creation is by accident 😉
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Michilin, Anna Helen will get a kick out of you/this response. Always enJOY your postings. Very thoughtful.
      xo, Lin

    3. Michilin,
      I agree that part of it felt yucky. I loved the excitement of the scientists, and the last 3 min was my fav- how far back out lineage – cell – DNA has come from. To me that is why we carry so much of the ancient baggage with us, we just need to release the neg imprint from the cell, but the strength gained from it remains

  15. When beings can see into the nucleus of dark energy. They will be home and a new journey will began. Thanks for the link Aisha.

    Love and Blessings to all

  16. Gratitude for this post Aisha and the CCs for it resonates with a reminder I had whilst away in the Forest Lodge about the DNA re-acivation and also fits with another I shared here some months ago that this process had begun.

    Looks like it’s a BBC documentary which are usually very good so looking forward to watching this…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Will say more about this probably on 378… but have people coming for a SOL share tonight so catch up tomorrow may be… Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  17. You have no idea how ‘Happy’ you have made me today with this !!! although I haven’t seen this film yet…I’m so sure I’ll LOve It !!…as this is what I’ve been trying to convey for a long time, but even beyond this insight into our own bodies… but how we fit so perfectly into & with nature….’We ARE the SAME’ !!! My most favourite thoughts from the CC’s are ~

    “”mankind has already been fitted with every single ability it needs in order to be able to make this planet into a veritable paradise””

    “”For this is truly a heavenly cooperation between you, your physical body and these energies, as you need all three components in order to release all of this untapped potential. For without the one, the others would simply be a potential, but nothing more””

    Exactly PERFECT !!….so much going on with me right now, & I find it most difficult to put it All into words, but might I just say I understand so much more now in what I was once told “You are an Emissary of the Heavens’ . I see the Truth in Creation even more clearly now, & Truth in others…I have been allowed to go to See & Feel the New World Matrix BEing made REAL, & it is beyond any words could describe…& I know most will not BElieve me, but I’m o.k. with that…but I must tell you the colors glow with such vibrant life, the warmth of belonging, the gently flowing mist & clear clean water is so perfect as others I know have described before, but one of the times I was allowed to linger for more than a few minutes, I felt I had to drop, face down, stretched out into this spongy soft rich green carpet of life that seemed to cover everything as far as I could see ! It was not like any grass, & I was told it was a New plant species designed to soften & bring more harmony to nature’s landscape…& it was just one of many things that was challenging in perfecting, as there are No sharp or Pointy edges in the New Matrix…everything is as the Divine Mother wanted…soft & feminine…smooth & flowing ! They knew I would want to See Nature 1st !
    I wish You All a most Glorious Day & Perfect Beautiful Eyes to See the Truth !……LOve, Bev~

    1. Wonderful Bev… I was given that exact same word ‘Emissary for my joy ‘work’ with Spheres Of Light” amongst other things. Your visions sound truly beautiful… thank you for sharing the essence even if you cannot put them into words…

      Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. Bev, Philip, I know you will both find so much here that will resonate for you as well 🙂 And thank you for sharing your inspiring vision, dear sister!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Thank You Aisha…it resonates more than you know !…& I think it has been mainly difficult for me to fully describe the matrix I was shown as it was the main grid only…they are still working out the ‘icing on the cake’ details ! We really cannot comprehend how complicated this All this & it is the 1st time to ever be done !…….LOve, Bev~

  18. Dear All,
    I am glad to read that I am not the only one feeling these rather confusing energies. My body is weak and wobbling, I am sick and dizzy. I get relive by focusing on my inner light. In this very moment, all is well. But as soon as I have to shift my focus, there is this wobbling, unpleasant feeling. Let’s get through this and see what these energies have in store for us.
    Much Light&Love to you all,
    P.S.: In reference to Susan, I feel like I am the Jacuzzi…

  19. There’s always a big sigh after reading your posts. Thank you! Great confirmation for the work that is being done. I’ve experienced a lot of DNA shifting/changing and chemical changes in my body. The connection to spirit just keeps getting stronger. Sending love and light to all.

  20. Dear Aisha, Thank you thank you! I’ve only gotten to the motor proteins in the video with so much left to go and there is such an excitement within. My attention to “junk DNA” has been alerted over and over during my adult life and now I’m starting to understand why. To know that humans have carried it forward in their births/rebirths all these years, for such a time as NOW… I literally shake my head in wonder. I had an instant “knowing” that this video will help focus me on going “within”… it will light my path to the CC’s encouragement to go within… I’m sitting here realizing that I have learned all this in just a few minutes of the video. I ask myself why I am here typing this when the video awaits. I smile, I often leave my favourite part of a meal until the last, holding off eating it as anticipation grows. (Especially when eating the cake first and leaving the chocolate icing til last.) So I pause to type this while that anticipation grows within to finish the video. So much love releasing in this moment… interesting that I use releasing which is the same word we use for clearing unwanted memories and fears. (Something else to ponder on.) Love, Nancee
    p.s. Did you know that if you right click on word “You tube” under the video that you can copy the link at the time you stopped it? Then paste that link in another tab and carry on the video. (and therefore stop to make a post while in the middle of watching here without losing it 🙂 )

    1. Dear Nancee – I can so relate to your exitement! This film triggers something major, and it is far, far bigger than just the marvel of the beauty and complexity of the human body. For I see what you see, that the messages we have been given about “going within” is about the dormant parts of our DNA. A friend of mine who also saw this film yesterday said to me “we have been waiting to “receive” a light body for so long, but it has been here all the time, waiting for US.” I can see that path you see lit up too, and I am so looking forward to explore it 🙂
      Love and light and excitement from me, Aisha

    2. Thanks for adding this… “I often leave my favourite part of a meal until the last, holding off eating it as anticipation grows”….I so LOve this part too & I Soulfully Agree !…so much LOve to You & Releasing til you find the Real You !….LOve, Bev~

  21. Yes, indeed. I was told about the junk DNA being reactivated. I haven’t seen the film yet but was given some insights about it. All now that is needed is the “master switch” which will “ignite” the consciousness. In some people it has already happened.

    Nancee – Perhaps you have heard Ishai? Sometimes spelled Yishai. A common male Hebrew name. Ish (pronounced eesh) is Hebrew for man as well as adam. Same thing. Yishai is the Hebrew for the English name Jesse. It is found in the Bible. Perhaps there is a link there? Ask your guides.

    AH – El is the word for God in Hebrew and Arabic.

    The energies are mighty strong today! VERY achy and dizzy. To be expected. I was given the heads up that there will be a few days of this.
    Am going to sneak off to the gym to use their Jacuzzi.

    Love, Susan

    1. Dear Susan, thank you for the update and enjoy the jacuzzi 😉 The energies are SO intense today, my body feels very much like “a lump of flesh” that just wants to go and hide under the covers…
      LOVE, Aisha

      1. (riportato dall post Manuscript 377)
        Buon giorno Susan,
        leggo sempre con interesse le tue comunicazioni e vorrei chiederti un consiglio per 1 bambino di 8 anni che seguo come volontaria nel tempo del post scuola.
        Ieri era del tutto incapace di scrivere e di concentrarsi. E’ dislessico e ha dei balck out completi di attenzione.
        E’ 1 bimbo bellissimo ed intelligente ma lui, e milioni di altri bambini, sono stati gravemente danneggiati con vaccinazioni, cibo, acqua, farmaci, HAARP etc etc
        Le tue Guide che cosa dicono si potrà fare per aiutare questi milioni di bambini a ritornare sani e sovrani del proprio corpo fisico e spirituale?
        Grazie se potrai rispondermi.
        Un abbraccio sorridente. … 🙂 …

        Grazie Aisha, forse nel video che ci hanno suggerito i C.C. c’è la risposta e tutti questi bambini che soffrono così tanto guariranno da soli in breve tempo!

    2. Dear Susan, still feeling the 11th, 12th, and 13th all important energy intake days this week. I would say all at the Pond have been utilizing more of the junk DNA for awhile now.

      If you look at this video and see how neurons function, it makes me think about the micro/macro functioning of our bodies and our Universe. Its all the same blueprint. How our cells ‘travel’ in our own body is perhaps the way we can travel thru the entire universe… thru wormholes which would be likened to the Axon which conducts or carries information to other neurons. There is even an Axon ‘Terminal’ which ‘transmits’ the information in our brain…. again,,, likened to the wormhole to ‘transport us’. just thinking out of my normal box 🙂
      love this part of the msg Aisha: “Remember, there are no more limits now, and unless you choose to not receive what has been given to you from the very beginning, there will be no stopping you now.”
      Thanks Susan!!… Thanks Aisha!! Much Love, Areeza

      1. I just love to see how our lit up cells mimic the lit up Universe! how the branches of our cells mimic tree branches, etc. on and on we Are the microcosm of the macrocosm (In Gods Image)… Mandelbrot “fractal geometry” ….everywhere!

        1. These are amazing times and I feel lead to things immediately – like I know what to trust right away. all the while with that cool energy whirring around my head! oh geez, and again when I feel this high energy (this time as soon as i wrote and felt the word ‘trust’ ) – my ceiling fan light turns itself on! coolness 🙂

    3. Thanks Susan. I was involved in the ‘born again’ Pentecostal type for 19 years from about 21 to 40. When I went for the “laying on of hands” for the infilling of the Holy Spirit I only ended up with 2 words. One, I forgot over the years. It was the repetition of the word “Ishlay” that lead to a beautiful powerful flow of HS months later and a rich “unknown” language that I have still today… though I’d guess I have several now that come and go. So I’ve always wondered what this word meant that opened such a big door in my life that never closed. I may have left the church 20 years + ago but the happier I am the more the languages flow back through me. (Animals love to hear me speak as I know call it.) I may have misunderstood it originally but I have always ‘repeated’ Ishlay. Some things I may not get answers to. Heck I don’t really understand the whole language thing that I still partake in when ever I don’t feel like expressing in english! ~Nancee

      1. Nancee – I have had songs come to me – in I dont know what language. One came when I was out walking during a 9 day Buddhist Meditation Retreat yrs ago…. It has never left me. It went like this: Ahh – Jee – Ana – Kana – Ya, Ah – Jeee – Akana – Ya. It was great walking to it. I was lifted up in Joy and gained more strength. Another I have sung mostly around my cats for some reason (and to one that was dying) goes: (and this one is sacred to me so I hesitate to share it for some reason) : Shee – ah – ya – shee – ah – ya, aah – aah, aah – aah. If u could hear the tone that goes with it, you would cry. It is like my sacred soul song to me. Animal children love it 🙂 Areeza (noticing the Sun is ultra, mega bright today !)

    1. Hello Marko, I wasn’t expecting a post today either 😉 I know this film will have a lot of impact on a lot of people, and I love the way we are being guided to “accidentally” find this kind of information 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  22. Aisha, thank you so much for this post and for sharing the video. I always resonate with what you write and looking forward for the next mail.

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