A short update on the energies – part 2

Dear friends! This strange mixture of tranquil but intense continues. I feel a little bit like a duck floating peacefully in the Pond while my feet are paddling like mad under the surface. But at the same time, this ”hidden activity” feels so RIGHT, like it is all coming together even if I have no idea what is going on. I know many of you also have a hard time trying to figure out what this is all about, for this feels very different from what we have experienced earlier. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

”It may not seem like much at the moment, but you are currently entering a brand new flow as it were, and so first it will be like hesitating a bit at the edge, trying the temperature and the flow with the tip of your toe, but you will soon find yourself frolicking in these new and rather rapid but interesting waters. You see, you are currently in between two very different stages, and as such, you might find yourself rather bewildered, but this will soon dissipate, and you will all be able to navigate these new waters in a far better manner than you are able to today.

So do not despair, even if you find yourself looking into a wall of fog, unable to discern even the faintest of details on the other side of it. Just know that this fog is indeed about to dissipate very soon, and then, you will be able to take it all in. And we do mean ALL, as this time, much that has been previously left unseen will no longer be so, and you will learn a brand new way of connecting and indeed communing with all of this new. So until then, stay safe in the knowledge that this seeming disconnect is nothing of the sort, it is simply a pause, and a very necessary one indeed. Or rather for you, it will be felt as a pause, but for the rest of us, it is more like a beehive of activity. For again, there is so much going on behind the screens as it were, and although the outcome of all of this activity very much concerns you, at this stage, your job is simply to BE while we take care of all of the rest.

So rest assured that all is well, even if some of you are ready to scream out in frustration at the moment. Take a walk in the wild, sing or dance or simply jump up and down if you feel the need to do so, for this feeling of being contained within too small a frame may become apparent to many of you, and the best way to deal with it, is indeed to move. But for the rest, taking it easy will work even better, as you will feel the urge to simply sit back and connect with the layers that lie beyond what you have formerly perceived as the last one. For there is indeed more to discover, and as you go within, you will find yourself stepping forth into chambers that will reveal more of those hidden treasures.

So again we say, use this time well, and use it to find some of those pieces of you you did not even know was missing. For YOU are there to be found, and it is indeed only now that these pieces have become accessible to you all again. So do not miss out on anything by focusing your impatience on what is happening – or not happening – on the outside. For on the inside is where it will be found now. So shake loose if you need to do so first in order to become in a quiet and receptive mode, for then, you will be far better equipped to receive the messages that you are sending yourself, messages that have been waiting for you to discover them again after such a long time being on their way towards you.”

Much love from me, Aisha


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  1. Bonjour à tous
    Un titre de chanson qui m’est venu à l’esprit hier soir, sans cesse, je vous mets la traduction, finalement je trouve cela très logique…
    Excellente journée à tous et plein d’amour….

    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    They left to win
    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    They never returned
    The roaring Pacific
    Swirls of wrongs in Africa
    Broke the magical dreams
    Where they fell

    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    To what secret ocean
    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    The wind swept them away ?
    They found the light

    Hellodeedo captain abandoned
    Hellodeedo put wings to your sailboat
    Ring , ring , sirens salted wind
    Ring , ring the last crossing

    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    If you know better qu’ton older brother
    Ooh, ooh, ooh
    You can always pick t’faire
    But if the storm takes away
    At a time when your dream ends
    Guard well the words on your lips
    your freedom

    Hellodeedo captain abandoned
    Hellodeedo put wings to your sailboat
    Hellodeedo captain abandoned
    Hellodeedo put wings to your sailboat
    Hellodeedo captain abandoned
    Hellodeedo put wings to your sailboat
    Ring , ring , sirens salted wind
    Ring , ring the last crossing
    Hellodeedo captain abandoned
    Hellodeedo put wings to your sailboat
    Ring , ring , sirens salted wind
    Ring , ring the last crossing

    1. “The last crossing…” wow. Merci, mon ami!!! Smooch…

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  2. Breeze – I’m so happy that you received guidance about the womb and birthing the New World. It has been a challenge for you but so happy you are at peace over your decision .

    Anna Helen, no I’m not a blond. I have dark brown hair with reddish tones. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Lin – thank you for sharing about the EMDR experience and the contract with your dad. I love The Little Soul and the Sun book also. We have all been perpetrators, much as we don’t like to think that way, but it’s true. And been victims also. So it helps us have compassion for the perpetrators and honor our contracts with them.

    Amy – the computer charger issue shows how much Faith can change our lives. Just by believing and having faith, we make things happen. So inspiring.

    Nancee – sending your friend healing energy to help him

    Karen Bishop wrote a post for oct 21st about how the current energies are creating a cleanse-like scenario for us. Before entering a higher-vibrating space, we go through a cleanse to prepare us. She didn’t use the word Void, but every time we drop old energy, it leaves an empty space for us to create and put new energy into. She mentioned physical symptoms also that go along with it. She also mentioned how our animal pets are experiencing ascension symptoms also.

    I have faith, like Susan said, that things are happening behind the scenes for us. So that if we stay the course and believe all is well, the Unseens will take care of things and we will be guided in our journeys.

      1. AH, bless you. THIS explains the HELL I have been in, and WHY my animals acted as they did last night. Oh, AH, I could kiss you for posting this. I am the one who posts things like this, and I am so grateful you are now doing so. I really have been so disconnected. It has been so awful.

        Now with the arrival of my new keyboard, this will signal my connection again!

        I Love you!

          1. Yes isnt she? I did a leapfrog… a piggyback… as Otmn said, “We stand on each other’s shoulders…”

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        1. Ha!! I know! As I did this I thought, usually these things are posted for me to look at!!! We are all the wind beneath each others wings. Thanks to all who bring so much light and love and support to each other. Love you…

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      1. Doing handstands and flips! Yes, everything made sense when I read this article. GOD bless this woman!!! I had my “LSD” trip on the 16th, the very day she mentioned in her article, and since that time, my life has been helter skelter. JJ, I saw behind closed lids in a moving car, vivid colors, symbols, shapes, star bursts, VIVID and so real, to the point I almost couldn’t handle it. All caused by the sun/shadow effect of being in a car that is moving. NEVER have I done LSD, and NEVER have I had this happen to me. Like I said, my life has been turned upside down ever since. I deliberately did not write about this experience on my blog because I did not want to scare anyone, AND because there is much more to this event then the LSD event.

        Whew! What a ride!!!!! Gotta go! I hear cats growling……

        Love, Amy

        1. I have a pretty little purple african violet sitting in my window sill. This morning as I went to open the window, I felt a ZING in my hand that POPPED into my 3rd eye. “Please move me away from this window now. It has gotten too cold for me.” The flower speaks. She now sits on a warm shelf in my kitchen. 🙂

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        2. Well hallelujah Amy, sounds like you’ve seen the light. Haha I did LSD once, and it was nothing like what you describe here. Oh no. My experience with LSD scared the living daylights outta me. I saw ACTUAL dragons. Never done drugs before or after that.

          1. I’ve only read about what an LSD trip is all about and what I saw came pretty darn near to what I have read. INTENSE. I’m sure glad I do NOT see the downloads I get because this is exactly what I was seeing. Wow!

            On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:52 AM, aisha north wrote:

            > ** > JayJay commented: “Well hallelujah Amy, sounds like you’ve seen the > light. Haha I did LSD once, and it was nothing like what you describe here. > Oh no. My experience with LSD scared the living daylights outta me. I saw > ACTUAL dragons. Never done drugs before or after that. ” >

      1. I am not able to post directly on the Pond with my laptop, and darn it, I just am not able to peck at my iPad right now. So, excuse me, Birgitta for tagging your conversation with Sunny.

        Christmas did not come today for me. My keyboard did not get delivered on time. Hmmm…..thank you Mercury Retrograde. I called the company and was refunded half my shipping costs. I should have been offered NO shipping, but I am not about to start a “discussion”. Not now. Not when I am just coming up to the surface again. My choice. So I ate the shipping costs and Santa will come tomorrow.

        Lesson…….let go of control…..Patience……choose to angst or be FREE…….hmmmm……and just kiss my laptop for allowing me to type without pecking. My hands are so sore I go from here to feed my cats, me, and then wrap my hands in hot wax.

        Love to ALL! Amy

    1. Thank you Sunny for sharing about Karen Bishop, her physical symptom list was especially enlightening. As well has been those who share that type of stuff here- Aisha and others 😉

  3. Prime example of connected consciousness …
    After posting the 3 songs above, I go into the kitchen. Someone 🙂 passes gas (the dog? which we don’t have…). My daughter says, “Thank you for that lovely serenade, Mother.” The next thing I know, she has pulled this video up on youtube!!!!

    OMG. ROTFLMAO. And yes, I was laughing so hard that I “played along” to the music a little bit more. Which only made me laugh harder…


    1. Thank you for this MyLee, loved all the heart shapes, the gracefulness, the purity, the perfect blended trinity of the 3 swans…the music… Loved all of it.
      The black swans seemed that they were sad…longing even for what they don’t have (yet).
      L o v e J J

      1. Ne rien, mon amor… infinite love ∞∞∞

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      2. I have often wondered from whence the symbolic heart shape originates. Ripley showed me something yesterday that showed it comes from 2 human hearts fused together…

    1. AWWWW YEAH!!! thanks dom… love the baptism scene… and of course George getting his chain yanked (hehehehe…)

      I love it!!!!

  4. Wow I just read the “Oracle Report” for today and it explains my day perfectly!! Chiron is about stirring the pond where I am trying to float!! This line really encouraged me: “What wounds us is also what helps heal us, and in turn helps us heal others.” If anyone is interested it’s at http://www.oraclereport.com Our dear Alex posted a comment to it on f/book that was really helpful too for me. Thank you Alex!! OHHH I just looked up and see Lin thanking Alex for it… I didn’t catch up on the last few posts. Well I join Lin 🙂 Love, Nancee

  5. Well sweet loves, you can all go into the darkness and rest in full knowing that I am on patrol. There is no void for me, I certainly tried, I really did, but found myself circling, ever strengthening the grid, the pond, my space of love…then a dear friend reminded me today that I have Chiron in Pisces in my chart extremely strong and today the energy of Chiron is huge!

    For many this means turning inward…for many this means revisiting their wounds, but the flip side of chiron is healing! I wrote this on the Oracle report and I want to post it here as well so that those who are revisiting wounds can feel how to flip that into making themselves stronger…

    As I read todays message a term from my days as a student of Biology came into my mind strongly, and that is Hormesis. This term describes the ability of a biological system to get stronger in the presence of toxins and stressors instead of weaker. Muscles get stronger through hormesis as the tiny wounds heal. The immune system gets stronger through exposure to bugs etc. I feel that Chiron’s energy, and I am Pisces with Chiron well and truly in my chart, is that Stressor…because we are conscious and fully present in our spiritual practice, we can see when our wounds come up for review, or we rewound ourselves or continue in a direction with negative talk–how about looking at this as not another OH not again moment and getting down on ourselves but as a Ahhhh here is a stressor making me stronger–time to say I LOVE YOU to my heart and body vehicle and know that yes…you guys can throw tomatoes at me now…whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….Huge hugs and come visit me and the blue jay cacaphony that is going on in my divine space of love–MY acorns bring all the birds to the yard!

    Chiron is the wounded healer…the teacher of teachers…please read the oracle report today for more on this especially YOU breezie beautiful! Feel safe those in the between spaces because we have your back!

    Susan, I was feeling on you yesterday and then you always check in so I am glad to hear from you–remember that Mercury Retrograde can cause severe headaches in addition to all the other stuff going on–and yep, it is major stuff–those left have still been playing around–a big no no and the upper floors as it were are getting sick and tired of it–no more F-ing around time I think….Yeah!!!!

    Love you all–Alex

    1. God Bless. Thank you, Alex, for your Oracle Reports. I especially resonated with the (today’s) last paragraph… helped wake up, enlarge further my pov. Such JOY/simplicity. With Love, Lin

    2. Oh yes – thank you very much Alex! I wanted to hide on the other side of that mirror. A wounded warrior retreating. Then, today I stepped right out in front! I saw, I saw. I stood up tall. Before reading your post here, I took a visit to our Lady Love’s blog site. I felt her own wounded warrior presence – then I came to finish reading here. Lovely Lady and her life blooming all around her! Her Gifts of beauty for that hardness past. All my life, I knew I would have help when ‘this time’ would come – but I had thought it would come from the star families – off Earth. U and everyone here are my family – did not have to look any further than my own back yard. Love and Blessings, Areeza. ~All souls on deck – we are going for a ride ! ~

  6. I am at peace with the process. Some months ago we talked about the rising and falling tides, the waves come in; they go out. It’s ok. maybe my boat is resting in the mud flats waiting for the tide to come in. I have no fear that it won’t come. of course it will.
    Robert Morning Sky pointed out that to be in balance we can’t just have a happy time all the time. To be in balance it takes troubles and problems and challenges. We come to this side to gain experience, both the highs and the lows. We didn’t come here for a relaxing vacation. maybe that happens on some worlds, not this one.
    Those of us early arrivals have lived through enough crap to last for many lives to come. This is a blessing. all those horror stories we have lived through, well, we made it through them.
    On the other side everyone wants to get over here to have their experience, but some just want to go back as soon as they hit the first pothole of life.
    I need my sorrows and tears in order to grow. that’s how it works.
    It’s ok to cry sometimes, to laugh sometimes.


    1. YES! to everything you wrote, Otmn. 3D life ain’t for sissies. The physical pain sometimes is bad enough, but the psychic pain, whoa, MAJOR growth and flexibility earned. Well said. Totally relate. Thank you.
      Wish much Happiness to you&your twin Lady Love.

    2. Otmn I had posted a lovely thank you note to you earlier about your post and my computer froze for the first time since I got it. (I think it was forcing me to accept an update!) Anyway it touched me deeply and reminded me of a book I read years ago (almost 40!) called “Don’t Waste your Sorrows.” I used to always remind myself of that and you reminded me. Thanks ~Nancee
      p.s. AH I’d thanked you too for your comments 🙂

  7. I think my fog got mixed up with the rain for me today. I have been feeling good, feeling lots of energies coming and going but smiling as my seeds pop through the soil down in the greenhouse. But I didn’t understand something that was told me yesterday and today I can’t seem to stop the tears that flow. What does it mean when you’re told, “I am choosing not to communicate with your “human being” because I think you’re caught in the gender ‘thing.’ (I presume he thinks I’m into some collective dislike of men or something?) Of course when I feel more grounded I will ask more questions. But how does one interact when someone is purposely avoiding ‘human’ interaction? Years of blending my humanity with spirit leaves me feeling that I don’t have a clue to feel them totally separate. I knew ‘he’ was doing this but not that he chose to do it on purpose. Why does that hurt to know? So today I weep, like the flash rains that arrive here every day. I do smile though, the rain poured down so hard while he was speaking that I could barely hear it over the roof top and we were only 3′ apart. Water/emotion always doing something in me!

    Perhaps I will write on this on my blog, when I can trust the pain body isn’t just seeking a feeding. I did go down and talk to the wee plants in the greenhouse and assured them that I loved them and asked them not to mind being watered a bit with my dripping tears!
    So today I feel like the ugly duckling waiting to discover the reflexion of the swan in the pond. (Aisha I finally caught the humour in my word usage of “ponderings” which I used LONG before discovering the pond here. It puts a whole new slant on my use of that word now.)
    ANNA Hannah: The picture on the video (Van Morrison) reminded me of the one of two regression ‘visions’ I ever had, except in mirror image. I was standing on a cliff overlooking the sea with great longing looking out. I was watching for a ship to return that was missing at sea. I couldn’t see the ship but someone I loved was on it. There was such a longing in my heart. There’s the ship 🙂
    Today I’m taking a break from working on the property to allow this flood of emotion to seep through me.
    REQUEST: My dear friend Robert is in hospital with infection complications following chemo treatments. Please join me in sending healing his way everyone. Thank you so much.

    1. Ok. Maybe it was yourSelf on the ship that you couldn’t SEE. Just sayin some more…

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    2. “When I can trust the pain body isn’t just seeking a feeding…” whoa. Whoa. How well I know that feeling. Love love love the way you described it. So very wise and articulate. I send you love and hugs. Don’t know what dude meant, but remember he is expressing his issues, too. There is obviously some defensive thing going on there with him, as well. I dunno. Just sayin. Buttin my nose in everbody’s bidness…

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      1. Ditto re first part!!! Re “Buttin’ your nose, oh, girl, pls continue. You give me fits of giggles constantly on HOW you energetically/enthusiastically express your Wisdom. The page can barely contain you. I feel only JOY for you&JJ; thanx to you both for sharing your wondrous adventure together. AH, your childhood+ pain brought us the smiling cyclone we experience today… I’m Grateful you’re sooo strong and made it thru to Freedom.
        Love, Lin

        1. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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    3. Nancee!

      Life is still going on all the way. Remember denperson who hurt you is the one who feels most bad. So – it’s not about you.

      I have sent love and healing to your friend Robert.



      1. So have I, Nancee. Healing Light has been coming to Robert since yesterday from my way! I LOVE YOU!

        Love, Amy

        On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:21 AM, aisha north wrote:

        > ** > Birgitta. commented: “Nancee! Life is still going on all the way. > Remember denperson who hurt you is the one who feels most bad. So – it’s > not about you. I have sent love and healing to your friend Robert. Love, > Birgitta” >

      2. Birgitta I’m not sure if you’ll find this note but THANK YOU for your comments. I kept repeating “It’s not about me” until I really, deep down, believed it. What a change in his attitude too. Thank you and Amy for prayers for Robert. I may not hear from him for several more weeks and appreciate knowing that others are praying. (Robert and I share a marriage in a past life.) In this one he was kind of like a Godfather to me for the past two years. I miss not having him to share with since the cancer came back. But if I was sharing with him I probably wouldn’t have found my way to the Pond!!
        Much love, Nancee

        1. Thank you Nancee!!!

          God works in miraculous ways, and it isn´t up to us to understand it all times. We just need to pray and surrender everything will be exactly as it is supposed to be because we couldn´t have done it more brilliant – right? 😉

          I think you’re a cool woman who is starting up a blog and has the ability to find your calm in the the new situation and in the new country where you are, but that basically don´t know what happens next.

          I love brave women like you Nancee!


  8. ‘ . . . your job is simply to BE while we take care of all of the rest.’ — This is EXACTLY what I feel, and what I’ve been DOing and BEing. Resting, enJOYing, relaxing . . . . and waiting for Self to call me back to ‘action’ in this realm when humanity is ready to receive ‘me’ in my new role.
    On Sunday I launched the sale of my new e-book, based on my blog of the last 2+ years. I knew that it HAD to be finished before the Mercury retrograde, the end of October, and the beginning of the Final Phase of Ascension. And so it IS . . . . My last post (Final Words, New Beginnings) has the information about the e-book. Much LOVE and APPRECIATION, Aisha, for ALL that you do — and ARE!!! 🙂

    1. Cool. Thanks! Cant wait to check it out. Hang 10, my friend…

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    1. So weird, but every time I see this reblog, I mistakenly see the words “HE dies…” it is oddly comforting… guess it’s no so odd…

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  9. While it is with me and this just happened. I was thinking of how Its good I know how to ride out these energies and how I have honed in my regime to take care of myself – thinking it has been since birth that I have dealt with it all. I realize what a commitment I made and stuck to! all these yrs of it. Then, it came to me how perhaps it all collected in my womb area somehow. Many of us took stuff in while doing our work here. All of us here know what I mean. I got tears when these thoughts came thru. and then I heard the universe say: yes and now its time to release all of that ! this is the best way to do it as they can not take me up in a ship right now but ‘they’ will be with me thru surgery and its ok to ‘let it all go’ and the womb too even – for it did serve a high purpose – no regular birth – no – but my commitment to birth a new world. Hence all the emotion I feel in that area when I think of letting it go.
    > I have to work here, and its so hard to not just sob at my desk! When I say or see the words ‘let it all go’ there is such strong emotion and caring I feel. It is passing now and I just feel calmness….and strength. In a shamanic journey – I was to go back to my very first incarnation on Earth. Well, LoL, I was with Archangel Micheal – I was a 2 or 3 yr old boy with lots of dark curly hair – and Michael pointed and said to me: “Go forth with gentleness and strenght and help them remember who they are”.

    1. Chilllllllls!! Yeah I have thought the very same thing about birth. Had one termination and Rip was by c-section. I saved the “natural” for this process. A much more powerful and profound one, if I may say so. And girl, you let it go!!! Sob at your desk!!! Let those around you comfort you. Help them remember who they are. By letting them see who you are. Love you!!!

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    2. yeah… its a really intense message and insight. I mean to let it all go and no need for the womb because the birthing has come !! I really feel it that way now – was a more externalized thought/feeling/hope before. Just clear up what we gotta clear up and move on into the newcosmicday 🙂 Hey, did u all know that our orgasms move the universe?! (I always think of the big bang – God’s great orgasm 😉 ) U know when u cry when u have one sometimes…? like u know something big just happened – or its a home coming feeling? anyways…I read that someplace – cool. Just thought I would throw it out there 😉 enjoy

      1. Yeah. “Piercing the veil.” I think Otmn posted something about this in the E-DEN literature. And I am one lucky chick cuz I almost get this feeling whenever I sneeze, too. Blessed release. Ooooooh lordy. Hehehe…

        😉 look out… i’m gettin frisky again…

        1. … you’re on FIRE! Can’t stop giggling. (JJ has his hands full)
          🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

            1. And FYI… i have placed an order for some of that juicy booty on my new body… Katy Perry’s boobs and skin… Marilyn Monroe’s (or Jennifer Garner’s) legs… Selma Hayek’s hair… and my own gorgeous face I already have… (that part I’ll keep)

              😉 😀 🙂

    3. sooo happy to hear that you feel calmness and strength. let this journey make you realize that you can “let it all go”. I’ll be there for you, my lovely

    4. Yeahhhh baby! Ok, I wont write it all here because others will miss it but the astrological energy of TODAY brings forth a very special aspect that helps you heal! Whoot whooot! When I read your message Breezie beautiful….I got chills–huge hugs! Alex p.s. look below for more

      1. WOW ! thanks. and i just made the first Appt with dr – it is for this Thursday and i just got all the paper work faxed to me (15 pages). I could complain here about paper work as this was my yr from hell and still frighting for house insurance to cover damage better (ins adjusters coming again on Oct 31),,, on and on… but…the balls are rolling. only a bit stressed and its ok. feel like i have my mind made up and it will flow now with my hearts desire for healing. Love 2 U !

    5. & a powerful request from Michael….important, challenging & ever so difficult….I do know…Bless You for BE-ing up for the task dear friend !
      LOve, Bev~

  10. Now I am in tears. I found the way how to get to the Pond on my laptop. Are any of you getting the idea how techy savvy I am NOT? OH, to be able to talk to you guys today! Thank you, GOD!!!! Now, my DAY, BE calm! Yes, I have a “list” of to-do’s, but to know I can communicate without pecking at my iPad! Oh for the JOY!!!!!

    I will be writing my story about my iPad escapade and I am having trouble believing the Truth of it all. Talk about impossible? LOL Oh yeah, impossible yet it happened!!!! Later………IF I have the time slot to do this today!!!! Where there is a will there is ALWAYS a way!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you!!!! Amy

    1. Welcome home, Amy. Applause, applause!! Releasing colorful balloons in your honor with Crystals attached. Up, up to the Sun and beyond into Magic+. Have FUN today, dear one. Much Love, Lin

      1. Lin, it seems like a century since I was last actively involved here at the POND. And all that has transpired in that time? Got a few years?? LOL Thank you for the warm welcome! I LOVE YOU!!!! Love, Amy

        On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 12:58 PM, aisha north wrote:

        > ** > Lin commented: “Welcome home, Amy. Applause, applause!! Releasing > colorful balloons in your honor with Crystals attached. Up, up to the Sun > and beyond into Magic+. Have FUN today, dear one. Much Love, Lin” >

      1. YES! Lady Love was never gone…….just invisible. Hehehehehehe I also will be showing you guys later on at my blog which key I used the most. HINT: it has to do with hehehehehehehe LOL OMG! You are NOT going to believe what my keyboard actually looks like for being not even 6 months old, and the story that I will be writing, that too, will not be believed. Yet, it happened.

        OH! Thank you, Breeze, for not being angry with me. I know I spoke out of Tough Love the other day, and I am so glad to SEE you up and going.

        Love YOU! Amy

        1. Oh god!! Sorry I can’t seem to stop myself. I just noticed that our very laughter hehehehehehe is HE over and over. We bring the christed consciousness through in every possible way.


          I love it!! Love you, LLL.

          PS god this is fun


          1. Wait until you SEE my keyboard! You are not going to believe it!! Hehehehehehe Too funny! Yep, getting all that Christed Consciousness out in the Cosmic All to bring more and more and more LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT to ALL!!!!

            Fun! You betcha, LL! From one LL to another LL. Heeeheheheheheheeeeee

            Love you! Amy

    2. Another quip on my mind lately… “Necessity is the mother of invention.” We make what we need…

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      1. Gotta love YAH! I can not believe I just found this comment right after I posted one about our hehehe laughter being the very energy of God…

        I live you.

      1. A-HA! WE are becoming connected again! Horray!!! Oh, this is SO exciting. Now to SEE what happens next!!!

        Love, Amy

        On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:01 AM, aisha north wrote:

        > ** > Birgitta. commented: “Amy! I almost feel your joy 🙂 I also fixed my > phone today and my internet is working again and I feel very satisfied :))) > Love you, Birgitta”

  11. As I sense the ‘wave energy’ today it is also making me sense a very powerful in breath and outbreath motion – (wow! ears just started ringing big time) – anyway… its like a vacuum – sucking up the yuk and giving out the ahhh – its like time for major fast clean up and influx of newness all at the same time.

  12. Ok. Been hearing this song all day. Everyone’s words finally made me realize what it was so I could find it and pass it on back to you. Check out these images, too.

    Love to all as we sail on INTO THE MYSTIC.

    1. Jumpin’ jeepers, crawlin’ creepers, that is one awesome song, and those visuals…….out of this world.
      Babe you SHINE!

  13. FOG? I have no keyboard and for some reason I am not able to post via laptop here. Frustrating? I am about ready to pull my hair out. Tell me this is not happening. Pecking at the iPad keys are way not cool.

    I MISS YOU ALL! Oh will I kiss my keyboard when it comes tomorrow.


    1. Dear Amy, looking forward to SEE your words here again – in the meantime, I FEEL your presence as strongly as ever 🙂
      Love and light and a little helping of “anti-frustration” from me! Aisha

    2. I match your ipad keys with my kindle’s (tho haha mine is bigger)

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  14. Thank Aisha CC’s,
    This photograph is again, stunning.
    Thank you for the missive. I feel movement today, moving forwards, there’s no stopping it. I feel happy for it, I feel happy! I’m moving!
    Love you,

    1. Dear JayJay – good to see you in the flow 🙂 I am so happy to see that my pictures touch people, I am always guided which one to choose. This one is from a trip two years ago to the most magical place I’ve ever been, Spitsbergen far, far up in the arctic 🙂
      Big hugs and much love from me, Aisha

    1. Dear Birgitta! Sending you much love and light in return for your big hug from last night 🙂 You asked about the “solo journey” I mentioned, and the image I have, is of myself floating through space safely inside a space suit. I am alone, “flying solo”, but I also “see” thousands and thousand of others “flying solo” on all sides, like a whole fleet of lightworkers floating through space, all going in the same direction 🙂 It is SO beautiful!
      Big hugs from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha!

        Precisely because this is a solo journey for each of us it is so vital that you started this blog Aisha where we can support each other. How could we have done this alone, and how strange it is that we all got here?

        Love and respect Aisha!


        1. Brigitta, I find it amazing that we are finding each other now. When we all got together and PLANNED what we are doing now, we overlooked, my opinion, how spread out we all would be due to our “solo” positions. We designed this huge Plan to cover the globe thereby connecting via our energies and by doing so, lifting the vibrations of ALL. BUT! We didn’t realize how lonely a journey this is, and to have this Pond to gather together is a godsend in my life! We were all so separated, due to distance and space…….3D world. And many of us, coming here for the first time, didn’t “understand” fully the space distance thing, because we had never before experienced it. Yep. We sure do now though, don’t we????

          Loving you! Amy

          On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 10:48 AM, aisha north

          1. Yes Amy – now we understand, and now I can look back and think “How on earth did I manage to do this “alone”? Because this has been the most lonely road I ever walked and I went my whole life to get to this amazing moment. What a great motivator I’ve had!!! What incredible strength I had to have accomplished what I have done! Today it seems incredible! OMG!

            Much love,


              1. Yes – isn´t it amazing? And now we all solo walkers met here…..Puh! I think we are really worth to be cared of at that spa that Cristina talked about….;)))

              2. I second that emotion…

                Sent from my Kindle Fire


                  1. Ohhhhh B!!! Goodness gracious, you!! I would say you have me in tears, but you really have me in SMILES!! I will pass this song on to my own daughter. You are a glorious shining angel on my shoulder at all times… 🙂 So much love and gratitude from ANNA HELEN FOSTER!!

                    Sent from my Kindle Fire


            1. We all patiently waited to meet each other, didn’t we? I have had “unseen” friends on and off throughout life. Very strongly so the last few years. But with other “humans”… this is the first time I truly feel not alone. Thank you all…

    1. Wow. Just noticed your 101 for the first time at exactly 1:01 on my clock. Big message there for me. I am in the class “New Energy 101″…

      I love it!! Thank you…

      😉 AH

  15. Dear Aisha,

    This message was very much needed today. Thank you for anticipating and getting in an extra channel. I try to keep going as much as I can but last night and today have been rough. I don’t have the lack of focus/brain fog but there is constant pounding in my head and through my heart chakra. Really don’t feel well. One of those “I have had it” days.

    I know I am in the minority here but whenever there is a day when I am on the verge of tears, there is something going on and I would bet my last shekel that it has to do with another cleaning operation. As I’ve said before, there is only ONE thing that can set me off….. When they say “things are going on behind the scenes,” I am absolutely positive of that. I see, hear and feel things 24/7. It is anything but quiet! It is all for our own good of course. I just wish they would wrap it up!

    Last night, I went to my women’s meditation circle and I got a brief message that all is going well and what we are feeling is the release of negative energy and “preparations.” There have been 4 or 5 small earthquakes this week in Israel and Cyprus and these are also letting off steam. The guides did not go into any details but reassured me that the pain and constant headaches will let up shortly and NOT TO WORRY. I felt a large wave of love.

    My yoga teacher advised getting out of our heads now and doing more grounding, especially in nature. Get the hot chi going down. This is probably the reason that I have felt the need to get out of the house more than ever the past week or two.

    I DO feel that all is well and we are quite close. Still, I could definitely use some hugs from the Ponders so I can get back to work!

    Love to ALL of you,

    From Susan – 30C today and Municipal Election Day.

    Aisha – send SNOW!!!

    1. Hugs hugs hugs and kisses and love and SNOW!!! 🙂 I will refrain from posting the song, but you reminded me of “Wrap it up… I’ll take it.” Thanks as always for the update, Susan 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Big hug from me Susan. I have heart pounding going on today. Headache last night. I know too that it is the behind the scenes cleansing or whatever when I feel this way so i try not to let it get to me. I feel like I am riding a very large wave – up and down, up and down. There is that ‘woooahhh’ and then… ok, back down ok. A book I read yrs ago by Chögyam Trungpa (http://www.shambhalasun.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3457) . I always think of the one chapter about “Riding Windhorse” when i feel like i do today. Just keep riding it out ….staying above the turmoil, not getting mixed up in it. Like if on a ship – keep focus on land (connection to Mother Earth) so the waves do not make us sick 🙂 Soul On Deck !

    3. Dear Susan! Thank you so much for sharing this update! It IS busy now, especially during the nights. It is very difficult to get any sleep, it feels like I have my head stuck in the “beehive” the CCs mentioned every time I go to bed. My head gets bombarded with a blur of information and energy, but I cannot make out any details. The feeling I get though, is very positive. A huge hug coming your way from me!! Wish I could send you some snow, but all I see outside today is rain – and fog… 😉
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Dear sun_of_blue, your words bring tears of joy to my eyes and so much love in my heart! Thank you, dear brother, for walking your path and for lighting the way for us all with your wise words and your love!
        With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

      2. We are making honey… “the land of milk and honey” (you guys are giving me all these insights…. thank you!!!!)

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


    4. Big hugs to you Susan! I feel it all too. And am now in the process of moving….so much work to do and I’m so tired. So nervous about moving to a new state where I don’t know anyone. But praying that I’m on my way to my “tribe”!!

      Much love,

      1. You are, Leslie. I absolutely KNOW this move is the most divine thing!!! Gonna bee busy moving to a whole new country myself soon. Glad you’ll have experience packing!!! If I help you now, will you help me then? 🙂 😀 😉

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Oh boy Anna Helen! Wow, how amazing! Hmmm..I wonder where you could be going :). When??? A big yes on the mutual support!
          I love that you wrote “bee” instead of “be”. We are looking for homes near Bee Cave (an Austin suburb), and the past couple of days I have seen license plates that begin with BEE….!
          BTW I noticed you put “Into the Mystic” up….I know I say this all the time but that is one of my favorites! I just happen to have a lot of favorites :).


          1. Yes there is alot of “bee” activity going on everywhere, it seems. So glad you liked the song. I have many favorites, too!! 🙂

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. BIG (((HUGS))) coming in right behind Brigitta! WE are ONE! We are right there with you, Leslie!!!!!

          Love, Amy

          On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 10:53 AM, aisha north wrote:

          > ** > Birgitta. commented: “We are all with you Leslie – you are never alone > 🙂 Love, Birgitta”

    5. Oh Susan, I second the motion! Let get to “Wrapping it up”!
      You put into words how I am muddling through days lately.
      Wonderfully worded and terribly accurate.
      Hugs to you sister, Terri

    6. Susan!

      Thanks for your message. I have had some hard days too since Monday morning (woke up with headache). Feeling so heavy and worn out just being in the silence as I also lost connection to internet until noon today. Realize how important it is to be able to connect to each other these days, but in another way it was good for me to just staying in the fog that Aisha’s picture so clearly demonstrated and also in the space between seasons.

      Feeling harder and harder to focus or plan something, though I have been trained to be in the NOW during the last couples of years.

      Interesting journey indeed 😉

      Lots of HUGS and love to you Susan!


  16. With all of us as we float on the Pond while our “feet are paddling like mad,” as Aisha expressed it. Love to us all always in all ways. I love you. Jean

    1. Jean… thanks for pointing this out… such a vivid vision of it popped into my head again… 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Dear Jean, my dear “duck sister” – or as Philip said , swans to be 😉 Sending you much love and a big hug from me as we float along in this beautiful Pond!

  17. What this describes, is how I have been feeling for what seems like a very long time!!! I’m one who constantly feels like jumping up and down!!! Thanks, Aisha!!

    1. Hi jlcmom! Something amusing my hubs always says (in a Gandhi accent) is, “I am standing here beside myself.” So hey! I am jumping up and down beside myself!!

      Love it …


  18. Had a dream early this morning. I was in the middle of a pond. I felt heavy and for the first time knew what it could feel like to almost drown. I have always been a good swimmer so i was confused. Something in my middle was pulling me down. (interestting). I called out for help. I saw faint figures around the edges. It was misty all around. I knew i had to become ‘light’ – had to get myself out of this situation. I ‘thought light’ and floated to the edge. talked with someone there – do not remember the rest.

    1. So cool. I had a meditation at the pond last night/this morning… saw you there!! (description under Aisha’s previous post toward the end)

      Luv ya!!


      1. yes! the dragonfly 🙂 Interesting as I saw (and held one) drangonflys over the weekend… one i pulled off of the front grate on my car! uggh… but it was still intact and alive! what a ride it must have had! and, yesterday while visiting my mom a bird flew into her window near the bird feeder. the cat ran and got it! I quick pounded on the glass and ran out. the cat dropped it. Bird was a yellow finch – it was on its side – picked it up and said ‘come on you can get up on your feet ‘ – and it did – kept talking softly to it and brought it out front door (to fool cat). craddled it and soothed it and it perked up and flew onto a branch 🙂 🙂 – then it returned to back yard to be with its family in the apple tree. love it that i was there to rescue it. my guides come on the winged creatures I think i mentioned that before. Love Areeza

        1. Yeah girl!!! You saved ’em. And what times, like you, they are having. 🙂 I saved a stray dog a couple of weeks ago. Oct. 8. Cool story. It was around the same time you saw the bear and a reddish brown dog. I’ll share later maybe. Hugs to you…

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


        2. so wonderful you saved him…I so LOve these kinda stories…I wish more people would help the little creatures of this world…big ones too !….& Yes I remember….’Wings’ are important, & eventually All will know why !….& I LOve dragonflies…fascinating little creatures…but I think I see you more as a big bright & beautiful Mama BEE … an important & vital part of nature’s balance & harmony as you buzz about touching, bonding with All the beautiful blooms surrounding the clear sparkling water !….so glad you are gaining back your strength dear friend !….Love, Bev~

  19. “And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.”
    (Genesis 1:6-8 KJV)

    I Love the fog/mist/firmament – always have – so peaceful, still and mysterious too – where we find our own muse and dance with it.

    1. so nicely put….& I too LOve these misty settings especially this time of the year where the early mist is gently flowing on the lakes as the morning sun rises…so heavenly…so magical…LOve to go out & take lots of photos on these mornings…well…when I’m not working !!~

  20. Oh yes!!!! Yes yes yes! Take me NOW!!! love everyone and everything everywhere everywhen

    Jumping up and down here!!! And clapping!!! Little girl squealing…

    Thank Aisha!! Thanks CC’s. Thanks US.

    gorgeous photo of the fog

    1. Excuse please, but F*ck me!!!! I did not watch that vid before I posted it!!!! I only knew the song. Was that absolutely perfect or WHAT?????!!!!!

        1. 😀 (please inflate to fullest expansion possible)

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


    2. Oh crap….I thought the blond cutie was “Tidus”.

      Alas, he is instead someone named “Cloud”. Ah well, they could be twins…

  21. All resonating Aisha… gratitude as ever… love your analogy of the duck… perhaps you/we are becoming swans… ha, ha… 🙂

    Much love to All even though I don’t get to read all of your comments all the time! 🙂

    I am being guided from within to press on with my new website Gateway Location (the domain for which I was given in a dream 8/9 years ago now but never used as it never felt right ’til now!) will use SOL of course but will be deepening the creative aspects it seems… more unfolding…

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Dear Philip, my fellow “swan to be” 😉 I am so looking forward to see the results from all of your work! Promise to share the link to your new website as soon as it is finished 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. I will … it may be a little while… though some magical things are unfolding in the process… including, in a meditation the other night, a blessing of a white feather landing beside the image higher consciousness was encouraging me to choose that will be the newly created logo for the site… and when I chose it a shower of white feathers creating a nest was formed… Beautiful Philip 🙂

    2. Hello Phillip, so funny you say “swan”.. I’ve been getting black swan all week. The black swan book was also a novel I read years ago. Beautiful resemblance to our journey.

      I too got a vision of snow falling gently, it felt magical. 🙂

      1. Beautiful… thank you Diana…

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. Hey! Otmn taught me that if you just press “watch on youtube” it’ll take you there to see it. (Big message packed into that little lesson, huh? …)

            Flow around it … there is always another way to get where you need to be.


  22. Thank you so much Aisha for your faboulus job of transcribing it all into words. Not that I get it all through this windy fog, but hey, that´s the new me,
    mayhaps. Now I jump up and down to get inside and find things I haven´t even missed. It all feels strange, but there have been weirder times, so what?
    I go inside under the water with my yellow submarine into the pond.

    1. well that’s very interesting you mentioned ‘Yellow submarine’…I’ve been humming – singing that tune for several weeks….but the line that connects with me the most is….”so we sailed into the sun, til we found a sea of green” I think somewhere inside I seek to find that perfect serene pristine spot where Mother is still healthy, pure & undamaged….I’m still looking….~

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