A history of Creation – part 6

Let us delve further into the mysteries of creation, as this is something we gather you are all more than eager to learn more about. Well, let us just say that there are not many mysteries of this left, however, we would like to give you some “technical” details as it were. You see, the basics have been well described for you already, and as such, you are more than prepared to have a go at this magical feat yourselves, but we do understand the need to learn a little bit more about what is going on.

As you know by now, we talk of the process where a field of possibility becomes energized by consciousness in such a way, in enables manifestation to commence. In other words, to a field of particles, an order is being sent out to gather in such a way something will BECOME,  and when it does, it springs forth and starts to interact with the rest of Creation, as no thing can stand alone. And so too, it is with you, as you are all connected back to this vast field from where you once came, and as such, you are in constant communication with it. So what seems to be a major step for you, is actually no such thing. It simply means that for you to be able to consciously create, all you have to do, is to reopen that old and faithful channel that is already there. For you ARE a part of Creation, at the same time as you are THE Creator, and we know that this duality may seem to be somewhat confusing to a human brain. Still, this is in fact nothing more complicated than what you are already doing 24/7, every single day. For you ARE, yet you CREATE at an astonishing rate, and as such, you have been doing this for ever, but your creations are about to take an about turn.

For mankind has been busy creating all sorts of things that do not serve them any more, and as such, the need to re-create not only your environment but also yourselves have become a pressing one, and you have been hand picked as the pioneers that will ensure that this process of co-creational forces once more will be used in the way it was intended. Remember, All of Creation is created in order to manifest an aspect of the potential that is within this large field of vibrational energy that awaits commands from consciousness, and as such, all things created carry equal value. We know this will raise more than a few hackles, but that is in fact the case. So, no light without darkness, no joy without at least a tinge of sadness, and so on. In other words, there must be a balance, and in order to for it be a balance, at times there must be imbalance, chaos if you will, and so a correction will ensue.

Make no mistake, you planet has become impossibly imbalanced for reason already well known and so, this task of re-balancing has been handed you all on a silver platter. Yes, it is indeed a chore that may seem more than a little daunting, in fact even too overwhelming to even contemplate for many of you. But still, you have been hand picked to undertake this mission from a huge number of entities all vying for the same possibility to come down to this planet and relight the light as it were. For that is what this is all about, a huge maneuver that will recreate the wonders of this planet by correcting the erroneous imbalance that has accumulated over the years, as the masses of negativity have pushed you all into a dark corner from where you had no chance of ever getting out where it not for outside intervention.

Again this is a topic that will have more than a few voices raised in protest, but for now, let us leave that discussion behind and simply state the obvious: mankind needed help, and so did that wonderful entity you all live upon, your Mother, your cohabitant, the one that was created to become a laboratory for mankind. For that is what this was originally, an incubator that was seeded with the seeds that would in turn create mankind, and then, it was up to mankind to bring themselves further along the creational path by creating themselves and their environs. But as you all know so well by now, parasitic forces intervened, and toppled the balance in a direction that has been harmful not only for you, but for All there is. And so, outside intervention in the form of a decree was issued, and so it was decided to re-balance what was so wrongfully imbalanced, and this is where you come in to the picture.

For as we have talked about on so many occasions, you are the foot soldiers, the ones that bridge the dimensions. But until recently, you only saw yourselves as humans, as beings bereft of any real powers, forever trapped in this cycle of life and death amongst your brethren here on Earth. But as you awoke to the fact that you are so much more than what your mere human outside should suggest, you are also awakening to the fact that you are here to change what has become and turn it into the brand new. For status quo is no longer an option for any of you, and together, the push from your creative force will serve to drag the rest of mankind with you in your wake, as you have already started to interact with the magnetics that surround you all. We speak in parables as you see, but that is in fact closer to the truth than you perhaps have envisaged already.

Let us return to that field of opportunity to call it that, the sea of energetic particles that awaits your command. This sea is already being influenced by your ”command”, and these commands are nothing more than intergalactic emissions of  information in the form of electromagnetic fields or capsules if you will. Even without you being consciously aware of it, you are already emitting a steady stream of these capsules, all directed to this vast field of creative particles ready to become whatever they are being instructed to BE. And so, you are already talking to this field, quiet at first, but still in ways that are already having an effect on your surroundings as well as on you directly. For you are setting into action a huge operation that is already becoming visible for us all. Perhaps not for your human eyes directly, but somewhere within you you can already hear the murmurs from this constant traffic to and from your own being and the rest of Creation. For you have the blueprints well and truly under your skin as it were from before, and as such, you are all well aware just what your role is in this magnificent project. And so, you are already sending out your bits and pieces, or rather, bits and bytes, into the ether, and by that, you are already seeing your part of this plan coming to fruition. And so, rest assured that it is all well on its way, even while you have been more or less feeling as if disconnected from it all, and even more so from yourself.

For as we told you, there is indeed a beehive of activity going on, and your efforts in all of this have not gone unnoticed. And now, you will all start to notice how things will start to change, as your creations will indeed start to come into the open more and more. For you will start to SEE, as you have by now been set up with a whole new set of ”eyes” with which to see them. And do not confuse these ”eyes” with those apertures already in your head, as we talk about sensors of a very different kind than the physical ones you are already using to peruse the scene around you. Make no mistake, all of your human senses will still play a major part in this, but you will now also incorporate so many other aspects or talents if you will that have now been reopened within you all, and you will use them all in tandem to better be able to read into this brand new world you are already setting up.

For as we said, you are already busy sending out instructions to this huge field of fertile energy, ready and waiting to be set into motion by your intervention in the form of those intelligence capsules that contains the parts of this enormous blueprint. It can be likened to the toys that some of you have build by gluing objects together following a detailed printed instruction. Well for this, you will all be kept busy producing the individual parts and pieces that go into this huge construction, and as such, it will at times be very difficult for any of you to get a clear image of what ”part” it is your are busy setting into life. So therefore you will at regular intervals be asked to tune into this whole field of activity in a way that will help you to see the ”picture on the box” as it were. In other words, you will be asked to connect to the collective in such way you will be better able to get a detailed image of the completed construction, the end result, the realization of your dream as it were: Mother Earth in all of her splendor, a living, breathing paradise, where you are an important and indeed vital member.

As we were saying, it is so important that you remember to take time to step back a little from this process from time to time in order not to get lost in all of the “nuts” and bolts” as it were that goes into constructing this whole project. For you need to be able to get a good view of it all from the finished perspective. In other words, take time to step back and tune into the ”finished product” as it is already there for you to see if you set your heart to it. And please try to do so at regular intervals, otherwise you might become as if bogged down by all the intricate parts that is such a bewildering part of this whole process. For it takes a courageous heart to be able to take in this whole process, and as such, we suggest you give yourself ample time to try to SEE what the end result will be like. For it will indeed be just like in your dreams, but even more so, as what you can envisage today is merely a small taste of the real “end product”. So as you go about creating in your everyday life – for remember, you are creating with every breath you take – try to keep your focus on what is becoming light right in front of you. It will take some time for you all to become aware of it all, so for now, just focus on the small details that might not register or go undetected by you all. For much is indeed happening already, but it can be deemed as unimportant or even be overlooked completely if you do not open your “new eyes” to it. And when we say “new eyes”, we mean of course those brand new “sensors” you have all been outfitted with that will enable you to pick up even the faintest traces of this magical change. For now, it is more than a faint whiff of change in the air, it has already started to manifest all around you, in the most unexpected of ways. For remember, mankind has a habit of thinking in very limited ways, and as such, when we say change, you will automatically start to define it in human terms. But this time, please try to overstep those borders of limitations and open yourselves to the magic that is already HERE, as it is indeed you who have created it, and you are doing so at a steady pace each and every day now. So look around you, and use your whole being to sense that what has been talked about for such a long time is finally BEcoming.

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  1. Channeled by Anna Merkaba — November 22, 2013




    Excerpts from,



    “We the ascended masters of the 33rd parallel, the 33rd decree and the 33rd dimension are here to quench the inquisitive minds of your human selves, for we look upon you with delight, for we look upon you with understanding and unconditional, unyielding and eternal love.

    For you all, are the children of the creation of the minds, that have come and gone before you, for you who dwell upon GAIA bring forth such awe within us, that we shall share the mightiness of the informational decree that is about to unfold on your GAIA.

    And so, let us begin the venture of explaining to your minds the true history and the idea, and the informational powers, and the codices hidden within the one that you call ISON.

    …..And so, upon the close encounter with your sun, the ISON shall pass through the outer ridge of the suns’ holographic self, and shall recode the sun’s energies and the suns codexes in the sequence of the directional womb, and redirect such energies in the sequence all too familiar to your earthly selves, the sequence of the fabionachi codexes, and once such sequences of the binary codexes enters your psyche, and is absorbed by all that sustains you on GAIA, you shall incorporate these energies into your very being yet again.”

    ~ Channeler: Anna Merkaba




    1. Etymology 1 [edit] ‘Wow’ is Scottish in origin. It appears in the poems of Allan Ramsay the poet (1686–1758) and of Robert Burns as in “And, wow! Tam saw an unco sight!” – ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ poem. The word is probably a contraction of the interjection ‘I vow!’. The word travelled to America where it took root and returned to the U.K. probably in the 20th century.

      “An expression of amazement or awe.”

      I was just curious as this is so often the only thing I can say…

  2. P.S.

    There is something else that I am not clear on….
    The word “Elohim” in Hebrew means “God” as in the One (Source.)
    On the other hand, the letters yud-mem (im in English) is the suffix for plural so it would literally translate as Gods.

    I am wondering if this is another example of how our ancestors misunderstood. Perhaps the Elohim are the next “level” under the Source – archangels or creator “gods” or even ETs?

    Love, Susan

    1. http://www.outreachjudaism.org/articles/elohim.html

      Susan, I love the way you think!! I have wondered the same thing!!! As to how this relates to ET’s and Annunaki, I would highly recommend David Icke and Zechariah Sitchin (sp? mybe no t). If you have not already seen it, Icke has a vast website decribing all of this.

      I am so fascinated that you had/have “galatic school” with your guides. Must be quite an amazing experience!!


  3. Kiera,

    Thank you so much for providing the link to Stankov. I did get into it. Perhaps you could explain it to me in easier terms? I understood that the energies last week which were quite difficult had to do with a combination of the sun but also some magnetic event? I did not understand what they meant by “nuclear” or time lines? When there is an explanation of what is going on, it gives me great comfort. First of all – it verifies my gut feelings. A lot of the channels say the energies we are feeling are a result of the incoming Light. Well, I can’t understand how Light can cause vomiting, nausea, splitting headaches and irritability. I have no doubt that the Light is coming in but what was and what is still happening has to do with much more – cleaning and something magnetic or radioactive. The skin irritation, itching, vomiting – all signs of something “electric.”

    I am confused about the word – time-line. If time is malleable in galactic circles and not linear, how can there be time-lines or parallel ones?
    Would appreciate some insights!

    Thanks so much in advance!!!

    If you don’t want to post publically, please feel free to e-mail me at lactsusa@bezeqint.net.


    1. Enjoy, the video is pretty cool.

      Oh by the way. Vive is in her chemo-week. If anybody could send her some comfort, please (thank You)….


    2. You ding-a-ling!!! You had to find a clearer crisper picture and sound didnt you!!!! The first one was not only good enough but perfect as it was. This is just like the “sun throught the trees” photo!!! I liked the first one better because its very lack of “clarity” gave it more depth of feel to me. But then again, the moon likes the soft shadows. The sun likes its blazing definitive light!! Oh my goodness … WE crack me up. Smooch.

      Iloveit!! Iloveyou!

        1. Hahaha! Yes. After you told me to!!! I was just calling myself a ding-a-ling, because not only did you “improve” it, but you showed me more. As usual. Oh, my. Yes. The first was perfect on its own, but this one adds to it and makes it even more powerful and complete. WE crack me up. SMOOCH!!!

          Iloveit!! Iloveyou!

    3. I see your golfer and raise you a pitcher/hitter.
      This is one of my favorite movies of all time.
      Another one that I have always watched alone…

      1. Ha ha, by first looking at what video you sent, I thought the guy was holding a snake in his hand.. !

    1. Ohhhhhh!!! JJ. That was so perfect!!! Perfect!!!

      It chooses you.
      It’s not some dragon you have to slay.
      That moment of harmony when all becomes one.

      Thank you so much for this!!!

  4. Dear Aisha,
    I finally read the missive.
    Grand stuff, thank you and the CC’s!
    The Field, the end product, the small signs of change. Yes, that all speaks to me.

    1. Just happened upon this gem. I very clearly remember the first time I really listened to the words. I was a young girl, sent away for a couple of weeks to girl scout camp. I was terrified!!! One night our cabin sat out on the dock in the lake and the camp counselor played this on her guitar and sang it. I can still see the silver river of moonlight that ran its way sparkling across the water. I was sooooo mezmerized.

  5. Hey – arent you all so glad that our Joy is here before the ‘event’!!? I Am. The event did not bring it to us – we brought it all on to ourselves – was within us all along. We are in tune. Thats beautiful

    1. Rephrasing: there is no time. All is Now…..so how do I say what I just said. LOL. The timeline or vibration of ‘the event’ opened up from a portal that was always there and we are fortunate ones to Be Being with it. Still In Tune 🙂

      1. Vibrating at home frquency…

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      2. Love you Areeza…

        :)ALee (I have found out sooooo much more about my soul name today… its is perfect, amazing, beautiful and sacredly divine!!!!!)

        1. I know !! I Love your name ! its so pleasing – the sound aahhh Lee !
          I know you! And to see your picture; I could not stop looking at it. You are a true familiar to me. U do have a beautiful face – It is full (not fat – lol – I mean containing much) and keeps one looking 🙂

          1. EYE SEE YOU TOO…

            And I feel you. I am having similar experiences tonight. I took a brief nap and when I woke up, I felt a powerful pranic opening all up and down my core. Then I felt two new ones open on either side … like a pranic trinity … a merging and yes, new/old/eternal presence. My love vibe skyrocketed. I am cooking dinner for 3 girls who are sleeping over tonight. JJ always says “make it with love.” It is like a ceremonial harvest. Oh thank you corn, smell you onion and look at all those layers tears so welcome, green pepper “pop” as skin breaks all those little seeds, tomato fruity juicy so red and vibrant … etc. etc.

            These girls!! I am listening to them commune with each other. They are ALL. They giggle, they shout out laughter, they become serious and quiet. Their conversation is amazing. Games, music, philosophy, politics, boys and birth control!, giggle giggle, mysticism, why? why? what do you think life is about. It is incredible. One of them just answered that last question about life … “learning to be kind and accepting of each other…”

            Life is…

            1. PS… i still dont know how to get to your profile to see your pictures… will someone please assist me with this??

              1. well, i just ‘hovered’ over your gravatar and then click view complete profile. try it and see for mine. think i have to hit the sheets now. my guy is tossing.

                1. Ok!!!!! It worked. We have the same body type and shoes! Hahaha.

                  Peace out. G’night… go toss 😉

            2. Oh my word…
              They have on the Disney channel. The show Ant Farm comes on. It’s theme song goes “And I am, you are, we are, exceptional, exceptional…” and they all sang it together then collapsed in laughter.

              Then my daughter is also playing Nintendo DS … she just yelled out “OMG! I can walk on water!!”

              🙂 😀 😉

        2. I picked this video at “random” 😉 I just saw nature in the first frame and it felt just right. I posted it without watching it. What a treasure!!! It is some of the most incredible videography I have ever seen. Beautiful earth, beautiful creatures, beautiful life…

  6. Hi,

    Here’s something that’s been crystallising in my awareness for a while. I think others have touched on it in different ways too.

    It started some time back though a more recent event moved it forward. I was in a deep meditative state and part of my awareness asked out of the blue (as I wasn’t focusing on this) “Who am I?” Instantly, I hear a phrase from a song “ain’t nobody”… I get a lot of messages in song lines… 🙂

    This felt good and it was followed by the deepening awareness that’s talked about a lot about being NO THING…

Somewhere in this unfolding… I felt very definitely in a kind of neutral state for a day or so. A kind of pause whilst something else was going on.

What became clearer on reflection was a feeling ‘this body’ being in what I can only describe as loose collaboration of energetic particles that was forming by some INTENTIONAL agreement between the Self (as in Higher Self) and the Creator! It feels a bit like ‘this body’ isn’t anything like as solid as it has mostly felt in my life! Strange but OK. 🙂

    Exploring this more deeply in my awareness… it seems increasingly inaccurate to use terms like I and my and that is one reason why the term ‘this body’ is used above. It’s rather like a video Alex (Hi Alex :)) shared recently (the I and Roman Numeral I (One) – is it “I” or “One” is it “One and the same thing”).

    This process has been unfolding for some time. At first it may have felt slightly disconcerting in a sense of loss of identity though as time as gone on that has transmuted in more aware moments into a ever deepening calmness (and generally I very calm anyway), and building inner joy (still and undisturbed) and a sense of just going with a flow. These awarenesses are becoming a more consistent wide awake feeling. Hard to put an estimate on it but a lot.

    It all fits with the sense of raising consciousness, vibration, lightness or other similar terms. It also fits with this creation/creator theme. For in a lot of experience with energy work a key experience is the ‘higher the state of joy say’ one is in and feels totally in tune with in ALL parts of ones being the more powerful and rapid are one’s creations. This could be anything from renewal of oneself in some way to physical manifestations.

    Trust this makes sense. Perhaps this will resonate with you? If you can get a handle what is tricky to put into words! 🙂 If not take what works and leave the rest 🙂 Anyone else experiencing any aspects of this?

    Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    1. Philip, by JUST recent experiences, I can relate to your comments re: “this body” vs my body, “collaboration of energetic particles”, and “higher state of JOY” when creating. Thank you so much for your input. I, also, embraced Alex’s I/Roman Numeral I video (with belated Gratitude). Lin

    2. Yes, thanks Philip. With my upcoming operation, I have relaxed because I feel like it is only the body that needs some work done – simple as that. My current vehicle needs fixing and so it is. I dont feel so much a part of it. i have not really thought it out but your comment made me think on it. Hope i can maintain this calm thru-out!
      Love, Areeza

      1. Ah that’s a good way to look at it Areeza … remember that calm feeling you can feel and you can always tune into it with awareness.

        It took a while to put into words what I was experiencing so glad you could relate in some way.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. I had commented awhile back here about an experience I had during meditation. The phrase ‘bottled but not contained’ came thru. re the body/vehicle. Also, when the nurse took my blood pressure yesterday (110/70) she said “boy, u must be one of those people who are always calm!”. LOL.. yeah… not! If my guy as there, what a laugh he would have had with that one. But…I can get there with awareness as you say…when i let go and feel taken care of (and trust it.) Thanks Joyful Philip for your Joy!

          1. Ah I remember that comment ‘bottled but not contained’ and I think I may have commented on it at the time either way it registered!!! My wife (retired doctor) says 110/70 – very healthy for BP … so that’s cool!

            You know it’s good/great to share JOY. My wife asked me a while back when we were chatting before a talk about SOL… Why are you doing this talk?.. and from within came… “because I’d burst if I didn’t” … it’s just flowing out of me! She said you should say that… 🙂 I did. 🙂

            1. I get it. My ex was in Joy so much it actually bothered people~! I never used to get it then either. When u r in it, it is hard to hold back. Thanks for sharing all u do

    3. Uh, YEAH! HELLO! Experiencing all aspects of this. So glad others are able to put it into words. I bow to you. 🙂

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    4. I want to make an attempt to put into words what I am experiencing this moment as I sit here on my couch with my cat. For a couple of hrs now I have felt a slight dizziness but its not disturbing. It just energy within and around me. I dont even want to say ‘me’. At first I thought there was a me and another me alongside that one. Both are me or more so they are presences. Seems there is an old one and new one so I say it plural. Sometimes there is just One. Things are more lucid and real for lack of better words. Like my ceramic tea cup. As I hold it I really enjoy it – all that went into making it – how it holds my drink that I enjoy. There is that ‘mindfulness’ – here in this space I remember how it is to be mindful – to Be present. I feel total calm and a power too. I was listening to my boyfriend play his guitar earlier and I was mindful of him and what he was creating more than I ever was before. I realize how i Love anything that is ‘creation’ & joyful use of energy. I felt and feel a deeper Love of All – a deeper Gratitude. I feel that this space could change into something else and that it already is something else maybe. There is that other sense besides the ones we were used to. I can see why the CC’s said we would have difficulty putting things we experience from here on into words to describe it. I want to say something like this newness is going to stay with me….yet ‘me’ does not fit and ‘stay’ does not fit. The word ‘presence’ fits best right now. I am also reminded of a poem I wrote that had the line: “I want to Be as something lovely arising from the depths”. Areeza – in present mode

      1. Beautiful Breeze and I resonate with what you are sharing… you’ve done an excellent job in expressing the virtually inexpressible into words… to convey the sense of what you are experiencing. Wonderful… thank you. Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    5. Dear Philip! Thank you for sharing this, it really resonates with what I have been experiencing lately. The sense of “separation” of body and spirit, but at the same time the feeling of connection, but on a very, very different level than before. I have had several powerful episodes of feeling “myself” tethered precariously to the physical body, but the “body” was simply a swarm of single particles all perfectly co-ordinated like a flock of birds. This video shows exactly what it feels like:

      So it is a sense of becoming ONE in a way that is actually so incredibly complex and magical 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Aisha!

        What an amazing video! Couldn´t be clearer – it shows US and It moves me into tears. Thank you so much and thanks for the message as well.

        Things are happening and yes Veronica – I feel anger too, ang yes Amy – pressure cooker = me.

        If it wasn´t for the rain I would go for a long walk tonight to let off some pressure.

        Once again Aisha – I really admire you for your ability to always convey these messages to us – regardless of the weather;)

        Love and respect,


        1. Dear Birgitta! So glad you liked this! To me, this is both on a micro and a macro level: it shows how each individual particle of ME is “dancing” with all the rest to form my physical form, and it shows how I am a single bird flying solo but at the same time, I am part of a huge flock of “Ponders”, all beautifully connected 🙂 If the pressure is still high, I recommend putting on some loud music and dance! That really helps me to get a smile back on my face and the restlessness out of my body 🙂
          Much love from me, Aisha

          1. Thanks Aisha for “pushing” me to dance tonight. Most needed. As always I prepared with joy, light and love to all people I would meet and it all came back as a bumerang to me too;)

            When I close my eyes tonight I will have your video with the birds on the retina. So amazing! 🙂

            Much love,


      2. Thank you for sharing this stunning video Aisha and what a great description of what we are experiencing! Visuals always help 🙂

        It’s a phenomenon I have witnessed before and it never ceases to amaze me. There is similar footage produced by the BBC in a documentary called A year on Dartmoor (which covers more than just the starlings)… but in that one they estimate its a million starlings that come together…

        Nature and natural phenomena are so beautiful… and for me that’s what we are becoming our ‘true natural selves’ again (as opposed to normal – as judged by society)…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

      3. Oh, I just remembered something else about the starling flock… that’s profound…

        Beautiful, awe inspiring and as complex this flight pattern is there is also incredible simplicity in it…

        So there is the pull of flock to be together as One incredibly beautiful flying and ever changing pattern.

        The pattern itself though is created from pure simplicity! It has been discovered and modelled with powerful computers that each bird monitors the movements of its nearest (two I think it was) neighbours and adjusts its flight pattern as they adjust theirs. They of course are also monitoring their neighbours and so on and so on…

        Plotting this out it is shown that this incredible complexity and beauty is produced by following a SIMPLE pattern…

        This kind of thing (simplicity/complexity/oneness) happens throughout nature as we bear witness… fractals, sacred geometry etc all start from the simplest of premises yet produce astonishing beauty and complexity and depth…

        Thank you once again Aisha for prompting me to share this… 🙂

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

        1. Oh and I should have added… all we need to remember or more accurately be aware of is the simplicity … like in Spheres Of Light … just your INTENTION… the Power and the Beauty flow from this simplicity… and I feel the CCs are guiding us deeper into the experience of this… 🙂

          1. Dear Philip! THANK YOU! Yes, this is so important, the pure simplicity that is the basis for all these complex patterns and connections. Our brain is so busy trying to make it difficult, but at the core it is all so uncomplicated and PURE 🙂
            Love, Aisha

            1. I’ve been a big fan of simple. Simple works.

              Thank you, Philip! This story of the geese is awesome! So much to incorporate and when the fundamentals are understood, all is so easy.

              Love, Amy

        2. Had to see what you were sharing here. Amazing! A post below where I found this read “starling flocks behave like flying magnets.”

          Thank you, Philip

            1. Oh thanks for telling me!!! Thank you Aisha!!! Leapfrog! We have a veritable pyramid (wink) of leapfrogs. 🙂

              Sent from my Kindle Fire


          1. so glad you All are homing in on this very real harmonizing realm of nature ‘murmuring’….I posted a similar one a long while back….under the surface of nature’s seemingly ‘chaos’…lies structure & order…interesting how birds, BEEs, even fish schooling know this sacred power & movement…we used to know, but have forgotten…~

    6. Philip, I Intend you find this post because it is a L O N G ways down from your post. What you are describing is exactly what I have been experiencing as well. A sense of dissolving as ALL around me is as well. 3D seems to becoming a “memory” and nothing more. This body, as you say, IS, just IS, and IS becoming Lighter and Lighter.

      When I go for my walks and see the molecules I now speak to them, calling them “by name” and laughing in sheer JOY that they in turn are overJOYed that I “recognize” them. What names do I call them? My brothers and sisters that I know from the Pond!

      I truly am not alone. ALL of you are with me every MOMENT. There is NO separation, none, and it is THIS highway of energy that we will learn how to connect, how to communicate……We are just now beginning to understand. It is the HOW that we have to “remember”.

      Energy to energy. This IS All There Is. Energy.


      1. Dear Amy – wow! I just posted my comment to Philip and then I see yours! This makes it even more interesting, thank you for sharing this!
        I think you’ll like the video I posted in my response 😉
        Much love from me, Aisha

      2. Ha Amy love it to bits… 🙂

        Just as well you intended because I may have missed it otherwise. Your words I INTENDED leapt out of the page to me…

        Love the way you are talking to them and the joy you describe and feel…

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

  7. Communications break downs do signal coming change I have heard time and again. Bring it on! Soul on Deck ready here… just please keep the power on in the hospital for my surgery 11-18! I believe I saw a UFO today. On my run, I silver disk object hovering and then it just vanished. I know when the sun hits a plane it shimmers for a time, but this did not look like that to me. “Feeling” the star families around us big time.

    1. Hey, Breeze! If the “Party” begins before your sked surgery on 11/18, then you may not need it after all in the NEW! In any case, A LOT of Love will remain with you now…and on the 18th. IF, it comes to pass, like you, I fought it for years. After surgery, I felt delightfully better. Still do. Keep smiling. P.S. HOpe it was a UFO. They’re here, and you got to see one.
      On 18th, I’ll hold you and all in operating room in White Light/Love. Will they allow you to choose to have your favorite tunes playing throughout?
      xo, Lin

      1. hmmm dont know re tunes. did not think about it. Let the doc do what makes him comfortable I am thinking. he said he likes St Lukes – Allentown PA (so u know my location 🙂 ) he has it all set up the way he likes. thats important. I held off for yrs too so time is right and i will have relief finally and not carrying around a 1/2 term fetus in there ! thats what he said and i have thought about it that way sometimes myself – time to let it go. Thanks so much for keeping my safe in your thought! Love, Areeza

        1. lol. ‘keeping my safe in your thought’ hmmm. keeping me safe in your thoughts. safe keeping either way! holy smokes either – i first typed ‘wither’. funny times we are in. trying to do old human and new humurus liberitus freedus. LOL. whatever. fog brain and slight headache. but its all good!

              1. Dearest Breeze… I’m hoping you mean’t feeling silly “happy” and not feeling silly “less than”. My intent was to send you Love and Support–even JOY. I hope your Heart/your Soul received THAT message… and our typing fingers seem to have a force all their own lately, and that’s ok. 🙂
                In any case, I look forward to a message from a loved one on the 18th that all went extremely smooth–ly, and it’s done. (I hope you’ll allow someone/a loved one to update us here afterwards) xo, Lin

                1. Yes… my sister can as she checks in her regularly. Or maybe I can myself. If not 18th, the next day. I should be taken first thing in the morning and home by afternoon. yes… I meant joyful silly! all taken the good way.. no worries dear one

  8. “X-FLARE UPDATE: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected a second X-class solar flare on Oct. 25th. The X2-class eruption at 15:07 UT followed an X1-event at 08:01 UT. There is no reason to think this fusillade will end soon, so stay tuned for more flares.” etc. on spaceweather.com

    “fusillade”… 😐

    1. Synchronicity ALERT — Lot of Old Souls have their peepers on spaceweather.com today. Our guides keep on bringing it to our attention today.

      Just last night the damn thing showed up out of the blue in the story book I was reading to my son at bedtime. One of the characters in the story said they had “checked out SpaceWeather.com for any galactic disturbances.”

      My crystal/indigo son stops me from reading, peers at the spaceweather.com reference, and asks, “Does that actually exist?”

      I said, “Yep. I’ve used it myself.”



      “There may be more to this flare than meets the eye. Watch this movie of the sun’s entire disk. The X1-flare was bracketed by two erupting magnetic filaments, each located hundreds of thousands of kilometers from AR1882. In other words, the X1 flare might have been just one piece of an interconnected global eruption.

      More flares are in the offing. There are now three sunspot groups on the Earthside of the sun capable of strong eruptions: AR1875, AR1877 and AR1882. NOAA forecasters estimate a 55% chance of M-flares and a 10% chance of X-flares during the next 24 hours.”

      1. “Interconnected global eruptions”…. wow.. I really like how u say that Kiera! I Love looking at the sun these days. It is saying something very wonderful.

      2. Yes, Kiera, global eruptions are interconnected with human emotions too. When I have very unusual feelings for a few days, I double check my dreams and I watch the behavior of the sun. It seems we all do, these days..

  9. I’m sure there are a number of schools to learn the creation skills of the magician and some may have been given here earlier—-which I’ve missed.
    There is a wide network of churches however, formerly known as the “Science of Mind” churches, founded in the early 1900’s by Ernest Holmes—-who, interestingly, lived and taught at the same time as Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”—also about manifestation /creation. You can now find Napoleon Hill teaching on U-tube.
    The Science of Mind churches have been expanded and renamed, “The Centers for Spiritual Living” if you’d like to look for a teaching center near you. We have all manner of witches, wizards and shamanic practitioners in our large fellowship in Santa Rosa, CA. Blessings to ALL

    1. Thank you, George!!! Appreciate this…

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  10. A short electric outage here yesterday – a few seconds, with nationwide problems – a few hours : traffic lights, railway,…

    Active Sun…
    Elementals too…
    Comet of the century approaching…

    1. Ha! Was just replying to a friend’s email. I typed “Novovember” by accident… 🙂 😀 😉

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  11. Heard this for the first time today. It was on my regular “modern music” station. Toby Mack is normally considered Contemporary Christian. Love all this crossover pollenation going on. We are merging!!

    I thank you, each one, that you “Speak Life” …

    With so much love to you all from AL(of m)ee.

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Well, kids – there was a NATION WIDE electrical outage this morning. Over 7 million people were out of electricity this morning. Luckily it was less than half an hour but of course there was “no understood explanation” for the crash this morning. I was warned that there could be electrical disturbances around the time of the “event” so I prepared batteries and candles in advance.

    Amy – I am wondering if you have any physical explanation for the constant urge to pee when the energies are intense. Do you think it does something to the kidneys? I thought it was my imagination but it has happened so many times to me and a lot of people I know.

    A.H. – I have never studied Kabbalah. It is quite popular here with religious and secular students alike. We have a Kabbalah station on T.V and I stumbled on it by “accident” (not) the other night. There is a lovely city called Safed in the Galilee which is considered the center of Kabbalah and spirituality.

    Breeze – I have also been told that crossing anything – if it is your arms or legs – interferes with the flow of energy. The guides also told me once that the cross is the sign of crucifiction (msp?) The Romans put prisoners (not just Jesus, contrary to public thought) to death slowly and painfully in this manner and therefore they do not see this symbol as “loving” or “spiritual.” (Their words.) They prefer to focus on the words and deeds of Yeshu (Jesus) who they said had a purpose to advance the earth. They often said he was like the world’s first “social worker” – bringing in social justice and healing during a time of much corruption – both from the Romans and the Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court.) John Smallman channels him. I have just recently found his blog and his words are just beautiful. No matter what your religious affiliation is or is not – he has a lot of wisdom and reassurance.

    With love and best wishes for a peaceful weekend! Let’s HOPE that the party will get rolling soon!


    1. Dear Susan! Thank you again for all that you bring to this Pond! The Sun is extremely active now, perhaps that is some of the explanation for all these electronic and electrical disturbances? Take a look at spaceweather.com
      I have also experienced this constant urge to pee during periods of intense energy, and I know a few others who frequent the bathroom a lot in the same way 😉 To me, it seems to be a combination of cleansing and grounding, and a way of balancing and connecting with the “local” energies when I am in a energetic “hotspot”.
      Wishing you peaceful weekend too!
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. Hey lovely ladies–any intense energy is going to create intense biological activity in the body and water is used in most of these processes. The Kidneys are the blood balancers and create a sterile blood filtrate that removes excesses of anything from the blood stream. Contrary to popular belief urine is not really a waste product but a product of excess…anything that is toxin related is taken from the kidneys and filtered through the liver for excretion in the bowel.

        Since the energy is creating activity in the cells it is quite possible it is pushing out water as well and the biproducts of our cellular upgrades and removing them from the body. I find I have to pee all the time, but I am also wanting to drink a lot of water daily…

        hugs! 🙂

        1. Good to know. The last week or so I have been retaining a lot of fluid. And yes, today it releases… thanks, Alex!!!

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


        2. was thinking same re water as our bodies are mostly water. I know my barometer goes off with weather/Earth changes – bladder/heart/head/neck. thanks xo, Areeza

      2. seems like a usual symptom can be water retention. like, no matter our exercise or diet, we’re not losing the weight we want. so i love it when i peepeepee. and it is weird to suddenly do that. then my jeans are looser! ana

    2. Always a Thank You, Susan. I have added John Smallman’s blog to my reading list… If I’m not careful, I won’t get anything else done for all the reading!! 🙂 With Love&Joy to you for an uplifting weekend, Lin

    3. Excellent! Thanks for all of this, Susan. The “event” I experienced on the 13th was planetary power outage. So fascinating…

      It comes. We BEcome.

      🙂 0-13-333-1111

    4. Thx Susan,

      Yes, we’ve been watching John Smallman for quite some time…..and I happen to agree with Georgi Stankov’s assessment of him:

      “…John Smallman, whose typical characteristics is to channel nice, good-will messages, but empty of any factual content.
      Not this time. Saul tells for the first time, what we have been discussing now for months, if not years:”

      But see Georgi’s post just 5 days ago, where he puts up a rare John Smallman link (I recall only 1 or 2 other times in the past 2 years, that he’s linked to Smallman)

      More importantly, look what Smallman is also saying — “Be alert.” The grand event is very close…”:


      1. Oh thank you thank you thank you…

        Sent from my Kindle Fire


  13. Amy I have some lovely wordpress emails from you all in a row in my inbox!! Thank you for liking my posts! Also I have a “follower” who came via your website… a lovely dog rescue woman from the UK! I hope your computer issues resolve quickly. OHHHH and would you believe I have those tiny little ants LIVING in my wee MacBook Air!? (a gift from W before we went our separate ways) They got in over 2 weeks ago and still have one appear once a day on my screen!! SO somehow they really do have an important message for me which is why I wrote about them 🙂 ~Nancee

  14. When is Mercury going direct again? I have never had so much computer trouble as I am having now. OK. Either I can grin and bear it, or have my chin on my shoes. I will go with the grin. And see what else I can do. Still unable to acces my email on my iPad. Having fun yet?

      1. Let’s see if I can possibly get a keyboard today. And what is up with my wordpress not coming through, nor my email working? Cripe I am laughing so darn hard. I asked a while ago, um, what else could go wrong? I got my answer. LOL Now I ask what can go RIGHT? Come on, show me!

    1. Arrrgh!!! Amy – you are not the only one having technical problems! My mac is crashing constanly now, no matter what I do to try to fix it 😦 Seems like these energies – perhaps with a little help from a VERY active Sun – are having fun with the electronics…
      Love – and a rather strained smile – from me, Aisha

  15. Could someone just answer this post? All my comments in wordpress were shut off and that is why I was not getting any posts from here or my blog.

    Thank you,


        1. Shall we try again? I love you too.

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. I first heard this at the end of “Finding Forrester” (forrester… wow) as Sean Connery rode off on his bicycle (… wow) and I thought then how amazed I was that I could ever really love this song in any other form than its original (… wow).

      So just WOW. Thank you, JJ.


    1. Wow. She was so moved she could barely sing!!! So beautiful!!! Love the sunflowers…

      Gorgeous voice. Gorgeous song. Gorgeous experience to witness…

      Merci, my love…

      1. I could just weep for the JOY! I now have my mail working right. I have no idea what the conversation is all about but just had to pop on here to say I AM BACK! And then some!

        LOVE!!!!!!!!!! Amy

        1. I will email you the english translastion of this song…

          Sent from my Kindle Fire


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