A short update on the energies – part 2

Dear friends! This strange mixture of tranquil but intense continues. I feel a little bit like a duck floating peacefully in the Pond while my feet are paddling like mad under the surface. But at the same time, this ”hidden activity” feels so RIGHT, like it is all coming together even if I have no idea what is going on. I know many of you also have a hard time trying to figure out what this is all about, for this feels very different from what we have experienced earlier. Here is what the CCs have to say about it:

”It may not seem like much at the moment, but you are currently entering a brand new flow as it were, and so first it will be like hesitating a bit at the edge, trying the temperature and the flow with the tip of your toe, but you will soon find yourself frolicking in these new and rather rapid but interesting waters. You see, you are currently in between two very different stages, and as such, you might find yourself rather bewildered, but this will soon dissipate, and you will all be able to navigate these new waters in a far better manner than you are able to today.

So do not despair, even if you find yourself looking into a wall of fog, unable to discern even the faintest of details on the other side of it. Just know that this fog is indeed about to dissipate very soon, and then, you will be able to take it all in. And we do mean ALL, as this time, much that has been previously left unseen will no longer be so, and you will learn a brand new way of connecting and indeed communing with all of this new. So until then, stay safe in the knowledge that this seeming disconnect is nothing of the sort, it is simply a pause, and a very necessary one indeed. Or rather for you, it will be felt as a pause, but for the rest of us, it is more like a beehive of activity. For again, there is so much going on behind the screens as it were, and although the outcome of all of this activity very much concerns you, at this stage, your job is simply to BE while we take care of all of the rest.

So rest assured that all is well, even if some of you are ready to scream out in frustration at the moment. Take a walk in the wild, sing or dance or simply jump up and down if you feel the need to do so, for this feeling of being contained within too small a frame may become apparent to many of you, and the best way to deal with it, is indeed to move. But for the rest, taking it easy will work even better, as you will feel the urge to simply sit back and connect with the layers that lie beyond what you have formerly perceived as the last one. For there is indeed more to discover, and as you go within, you will find yourself stepping forth into chambers that will reveal more of those hidden treasures.

So again we say, use this time well, and use it to find some of those pieces of you you did not even know was missing. For YOU are there to be found, and it is indeed only now that these pieces have become accessible to you all again. So do not miss out on anything by focusing your impatience on what is happening – or not happening – on the outside. For on the inside is where it will be found now. So shake loose if you need to do so first in order to become in a quiet and receptive mode, for then, you will be far better equipped to receive the messages that you are sending yourself, messages that have been waiting for you to discover them again after such a long time being on their way towards you.”

Much love from me, Aisha


250 thoughts on “A short update on the energies – part 2

  1. At the risk of receiving another laughing, loving lecture from JJ (the poor thing, I embarrass him so) I can not resist this (well I could, but I won’t).

    I have a good friend from Oregon who claims to not understand women. I get it. We are mercurial creatures. I bet he can relate. I sympathize.

    Love you, man.


  2. I just finished catching up on posts and wanted to share that I woke up to an awesome day. Yesterday I wept but moved on quickly as it passed. No ill feelings to the one who can triggered me… it was about me healing after all. Today a couple picked me up and took me into town to a meeting. The table excluded us but we had a great visit and plans were made for me to go with this new friend (originally from Germany) for the 3 day leave from this country together!! This takes the pressure off me of going back to Canada as I was not ready to go away for 3 days alone to another country! We then picked up their dog before they brought me ‘home’ and I was able to work with Lily and Max about not freaking out about a dog outside the gate. The dogs did fantastic and I’m so happy with them. (Earlier in the day I worked in the gardens til I sweat and felt wonderful.) It seems today that my friend (who’s comment upset me yesterday) now sees me in a new light 🙂 I didn’t ask him to explain. He will when ready.
    Oh and I saw my first scorpio today under a rock and a praying mantis baby. Such a wonderful day. The solar flash from the sun was indeed a gift for me. I don’t even know for sure what was healed but my world sure looks brighter today.
    JJ I really enjoyed reading of your experience. I enjoyed everyone’s sharing today. Amy I hope to read your blog in the morning. I lost internet tonight so haven’t posted on mine yet. Funny I’m writing silly little stories right now. It’s like I lost my old way of writing and am starting from scratch again. (I used to write a column for a website called Heart and Soul.) I guess I’m not supposed to copy my old way. Yet I am getting clear messages to start writing again! So I will humble myself and write whatever comes even if it almost embarrasses me.
    I’m still pondering a whole lot on the chaos/creating post here. Much love, Nancee

    1. Nancee!

      I so love your words 🙂 and now I see your smiling face while walking around and everyhing is falling into place 🙂

      Much love,


      1. B!! Please check something out for me. I just replied to your question about my e-mails regarding the school pictures (under a previous missive). For some reason my own reply came through my inbox. It showed my gravatar as a TURQUOISE square with 4 DIAMOND shapes in the middle. I did not do this. Did you see it, too? What on earth?!!

          1. Blows my mind! And my heart! And my soul….

            Sent from my Kindle Fire


        1. Have mercy. Lord have mercy. I checked. All my replies from my Kindle Fire on creation part 4 now show this symbol.

          I have been given a “soul gravtar” … and it is PERFECT. Amazing.

          I don’t even know what to say…

    2. Yeay!!!! All sounds so wonderful, Nancee!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


  3. Ahhhh, I was dancing along the cliff my friends and fell into the abyss last night of a profound and cathartic healing. An area of my life that i had thought was healed, still had heart energy bonds connected to it and the energy of blessed Chiron pulled them all out…big M class plasma flare today with sun moving into Scorpio facilitated this tremendous release. Feeling much lighter and unfettered now–this is all about our freedom! Huge hugs to you all as you go through your own personal process, always remembering that you are deeply and completely loved. Alex

    1. (((((Hugs))))) feelin groovy… glad ur2 (you are too)

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    1. Dear sun_of_blue, Anna Helen, THANK YOU for sharing this!! “For status quo is no longer an option for any of you” as the CCs say in the message I posted today, and David Ikce has a wonderful way of explaining why and how 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

  4. Something else interesting is when i am faced with someone who is very Ego based. I do not let it get to me as much. A coworker is very much into being right. He is also into conspiracy stuff a lot. We disagree but he always tries desparately to change my mind. I smile and say if i thought like u, i guess i would off myself today for what hope is there? I ask him what does he get from focusing on the negative? He kinda stared at me today after I presented him with that. I said ‘they’ want u to focus just how u r… that is how they control us! Think out of this box…this hologram….he thinks he IS in the real world and showing everyone the bad stuff. thats ok. But time comes when u leave that and move to what u ‘want’ to experience and so it is created. intersting conversations… i have noticed a lot more people open to talking about what was once considered strange or odd. And they dont laugh at me! not too much anyways. lol. I used to be ‘talked over’ a lot – cut off. not anymore.

    Just read that – hope u r all well today – I Am. I was thinking about this: It occured to me awhile ago when a friend of ours passed. he was just 46. Heart issues. His wife was so devastated. she is now happy and with his best friend (he would not have had it any other way). anyway… Ray give me gift of pennys from time to time just when i need them – pennys from heaven. When he departed, I had the thought that some are leaving their Earth families to assist from the other side for the times to come (time that is soon upon us now). Then i read today about ‘mentors’ being sent to Earth folks to help them with the changes. Some will be those who passed before! reunited. About two yrs ago, I started sensing beings around my house that I had not before. I think my cat does too. I started sensing that there would be beings from our star families coming to help. so, it all adds up. Great blessings to all on this day of Abundance – feel the ‘dance’ in it 🙂 Easier Breezie

    1. Tears in eyes, Breeze. BLESS you! Stay in High Heart and look for my next article that will be a roadmap of sorts of what this energy is telling me. It is time to write it. On my laptop that I kiss! The main piece of the puzzle fell into place today. This will make your day! Now, to pull all together…….IAM shall direct my hands! Time to celebrate! Smooches and HUGS!

      Love you! Lady Love

      Sent from my iPad


    2. I hope so Breeze. I hope we can feel and hear these Mentor beings and even see them with our 3rd eye. That would be wonderful to have some assistance on the days when the energies are rough, and we are passing out of one phase and into the next. I guess we just breathe in the meantime, let it all go, surrender , accept, allow, and have faith and surety that out of Chaos comes Order, and out of that Order, comes Creation.

  6. So, shall I tell you guys about my encounter with an Angel:

    It was the day before yesterday. I was on my bicycle when I saw another, parked bycicle along this bicycle path along this dyke. From above the dyke I could hear someone whaling/crying. I went up to find this person crying her/his heart out whilst laying flat on her/his back arms and legs spread out.
    I called to ask if she/he needed any help. She/he turnes on her side (it was a woman) and looked straight at me, saying yeah, come on over.

    So I sat beside her on the grass, trees overhead, on top of this dyke.
    I felt oddly at easy with this person, even though she smelled strongly of wine. (she had drunk a whole bottle, it was laying at the bottom of the dyke).
    She shook my hand and even though the woman looked very raggedy, her hands were really gentle and soft.

    She started talking, mosly about herself, not leaving much room for me to tlk to her. It seems she was on an hours leave from a mental hosptal (she als mentioned that she was’t crazy at all) and she had gotten a bottle of wine and a joint to smoke. She talked about how magnesium is lacking from vegatables these days (it’s like eating air, she said).

    She spoke of a lot of things. She also said that she was going to appear on television soon, and that she would be an example for many…(?)
    Also, she said that the world was going to change (as if I didn’t know that already), and at one point, she pointed out to me that money was only a piece of paper.

    Anyway, in the meantime a lot was going on around us (below us). An ambulance came by with blue lights flashing on the bicycle path (!). They even moved the woman’s bicycle, because in was blocking their way.
    The ambulance was not for her though, it moved along.
    Oh, she said to me: “that always happens around me wherever I am”. “Police, ambulances, helicopters, coming to get me, bringing me back”.

    Anyway, at some point we descended from the dyke, as a policeman on a motocycle was waiting at the bottom for her. I escorted her down and left her there, going on with my ride down to the Lake where I was going to have a walk. The policeman never bothered me, and I knew the woman was being taking cared for.

    Well that was probably the strangest encounter in my life….
    She even told me her name, her last name had the word cloud in it… She asked for my name too, and I told her. My last name has the word angel in it…….

    Love to you all,

    1. By the way, she had been crying because someone had died, her (former?) lover or her (former?) husband. Don’t really remember.

      Oh, and she also mentioned that she had 13 steph children…

      1. OMG! JJ, my mouth is hanging open and I am covered in goosebumps! Yes, she IS an Angel and there is now a connection between she and you. Your names even say it. Unbelievable.

        And it just keeps on getting weirder.

        I Loved this story! Just goes to show you, one never does know who is coming across our path. Powerful!!!

        Love, Amy

        1. I loved it too. It just reminded me of an experience I had last year…or was it 2 years ago now (ridiculous linear time)..

          We were driving home one night and there was an accident that had just occurred a few minutes prior ahead of us.
          My husband asks me, “Should we stop? Or not?”

          I said, “Stop.”

          It was a homeless guy in his 50’s? who’d been hit while riding his bike (and a night of drinking beer).
          He was down on the sidewalk and the man who had hit him was kneeling by him…..another woman was standing around not knowing what to do.

          My husband hangs way way back with our son, so that he could smoke & not have to participate / help.

          I go to the downed homeless man who is conscious, and check if he is able to breathe ok.
          I tell the woman standing there that I actually happen to know CPR, and she says she knows it too, but she is standing back not doing anything.

          So while we wait for the ambulance to arrive, I ask the downed man how he is doing, and then I look for something to put under his head, as he was on hard cement…. I use a type of cushion that had fallen from his backpack, and very very carefully moved it under his head, keeping his head stationary (because I didn’t know if he had a neck injury).
          Then I took his backpack and collected everything that had fallen out of it when he was hit on the bike. Most of the debris spread around the scene were tin cans that he had collected to recycle for money.

          After I found everything I went back to him with the backpack and told him I’d put everything back for him in his pack. He thanked me over and over with a huge smile.

          I asked the man who’d hit him if he was going with him to the hospital….he said “Yes”.
          {Trying to remember}……ah, I’d forgotten this part…
          …I then laid my hand on the homeless man’s cheek, and said, “I hope you are going to be all-right..”

          The man stares up at me with near disbelieving gratitude, and to my utter surprise he responds,

          “Oh THANK YOU, thank you so much — you are an ANGEL. You are a *beautiful* ANGEL.”

          Wow. Totally unforgettable.

          1. Beautiful! Beautiful!

            Time for my stray dog story. This happened 3 days before JJ came to Memphis… My friend Beverly and I went for a little walk (I almost did not go with her but decided to at the last moment). I was looking at her to my left and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this dog appear. Out of nowhere. Literally. He runs right up to me and rubs on my leg and stuff. No collar. I say to Bev, “Should I take him home and let him my backyard?” He runs off. (Oh! Bev later tells me she saw him playing with ducks in our pond!!!) I go on home and I am sitting in my garage. Here he comes!! He hangs around my front yard and I am thinking “What to do?” Bev comes back over after a while and I tell her he “followed me” somehow. We feed him and let him in my backyard. Sweet sweet boy, he obviously belonged with someone. Looked like some kind of hound dog/retriever mix. We named him Hunter. Anyway, he is a bit battered looking. I call our local animal shelter (a great place… they give care and do not put the animals to sleep). They tell me I can check on him in 3 days.

            So the following Monday, I call to check on him. The woman from the shelter says “Yes! He’s fine! The morning he came in I recognized him immediately. His mom had been calling all morning to see if he had been found. She came right over and got him!”

            This dog came to us so we could help him get home. How that’s for wayshowing? Of course, he was “showing me the way” too. Love all the angels in all their forms.


    2. Thank you for this again, my love.

      Sent from my Kindle Fire


    3. since english is not my native language I had to google the word dyke 🙂 cz I thought it ment something else end and what you wrote didnt make any sense to me 🙂 …. now it does 😀

      1. Ok, I hope I used the right word!
        I’m not sure though. It could also be dike, or dam or embarkment. Whatever. I didn’t mean the female dyke..! 🙂

      2. yes, not a gay woman. small tangent. when i remember to, i try not to use a ton of slang. …for clearer communication with our international ponders. also try to keep myself from using things like gonna instead of going to.

      3. Smooches to you Marko! 😉 I’m trying to plow through two days of messages (computer hassles) and can say that Google almost glows right now;) It takes to keep up with the flow – but how can you resist??

        Much love,


        1. Forgive me that was immature even for me. It’s just that I got such a sterling visual of a “crying woman on a dike”… god so sorry… been a GREAT but very long day and I am slap-happy yet again.

          And ana, I am horrible with the slang and “gonnas.” Thanks for making this very good point.

          Luv –ooops– love to all!

    1. “Ana” means favor or grace
      “Anathema” means curse or denunciation of grace

      …makes sense with the song…

  7. I wrote about my animals’ unexplained behavior last night. They went berserk. If any of you have answers, no matter “how far out” they seem, I welcome comments.


    I also wrote another article called Impossible yesterday. Your feedback here too,I welcome. That one is right before What in Tarnation?

    GOD, please may this day BE calm! THANK YOU, ME!


    1. Yes, thank you YOU/ME…

      ok, new word… “youme”

      (ha! OMG!!! I just plugged that into google to see if it happened to be a word already, and it brought up “believe you me.”)

      I love it!!


      1. Youme……..a new word. I am going to start googling some of the words I make up to see if maybe they are new words too. And here I go…Hehehehehehehehe giggling…….OH OH OH my new keyboard today. If I sound like a broken record, too bad. IAM so excited. Today Santa is coming to my house. Smooches

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