The manuscript of survival – part 355

As many of you have been made aware of already, the immensity of the incoming waves are certainly not diminishing. Rather, they are growing by the hour, and as such, many of you will find it hard to keep your focus in the days ahead. We say this in order to prepare you for a huge influx of light coming your way, coinciding with that time of the year when your planet is perched seemingly in balance in the heavens.

As you all know well by now, this time of the year is marked by a congruence of the light, whereas all parts of your little blue globe seem to be receiving the equal amount of light and dark at the same time. This happens twice a year, and this time, it will indeed be a time that will be remarked upon by many of your fellow men. Not only all those already focusing their vision on the light, but also by all those still seemingly uninfluenced by the effects these heavenly missives have on you all.

For now, it is as if all the floodgates will open at the same time, and as such, the blast of light that accompanies this auspicious time will make its mark on you all. So fret not, even if you might feel ready to implode or fall to pieces in the time ahead, for it is only a signal that heaven has heard your cry for freedom, and it will give all that it have in order to speed up this process as much as possible. For now, there will be no holds barred, and we hope you will all find solace in the fact that although your physical body may be crying out in anguish because of this, your spirit will be soaring higher than ever.

So keep breathing, and know that this will not harm you in any way, it will simply transform you into that brilliant diamond you have already started to see the contours of. And now, the final polishing is about to begin. So batten down the hatches and lay low as it were, the better to be able to receive these heavenly gifts without too much strain on yourself.

261 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 355

  1. Welcome to Radio Free Pond. We have a request. This one goes out from AH to …ha! You already know who it goes out to… πŸ™‚

  2. We are all part of this incredible universe!
    and we all live in every part of it.

    – How did it all start?
    – The thing is that it never start and it will never end.
    – This is the concept of Universe
    – ItΒ΄s in constant feedback
    – And itΒ΄s accelerating, always learning.
    – We all learn together

    The start and the end theory is a human concept! ;))

    //Nassim Haramein

    1. Oh my…the other day I had to avoid expaining to my daughter the meaning on a t-shirt we saw. “Paddle faster. I hear banjos.” brought a much needed smile to my face (thanks spirit!) even though there is only one banjo and no dueling going on here. Deliverance! πŸ™‚

  3. Me alone in the pond… under a moonlit sky…. think I’ll strip bare and enjoy these healing waters. Long night ahead…. day far away…. i will just glide gracefully around until dawn….

  4. it’s about time things quieted down]
    i’ve been wanting to tell this story all day
    i went outside to see if this one variety of apple was ready
    i was talking outloud to who?
    there was no one within shouting distance
    after a while i realized i was talking to
    i thought i heard her laugh
    “this is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” sort of thing
    and then it began
    The opening to the hummingbird dance began by getting my attention
    a hummingbird flew close by my cheek
    close enough so i could feel the wind of it’s wing beats, but not touching
    and then it flew up and around, a second one joined in
    they soared, they hovered, they chased each other
    it went on for a few minutes, almost like mating displays,
    well, a little different
    they disappeared to my upper right
    while I was scanning the sky trying to see them
    from my left I was pulled by the toe
    have you seen a hummingbird streak across the yard so fast you cant see them? and then suddenly stop in mid-air in front of the feeder.
    the hummingbird swooped me
    it came in so fast it could not be seen
    It put on the brakes and stopped a hand span from my face
    I was zinged
    the hummingbird laughed and
    Gaia was chuckling while she hugged me.
    it’s too late now
    i can’t ever stop

    1. Chills chills chills, man. Love communing with Gaia and all her (our) life. The hummingbird in particular has really DEEP personal meaning to me…whoosh…so I love you for sharing this so beautifully. As you always do.

    2. Love these encounters with Gaia through her messengers. Wish we had hummingbirds here. Amazing graze. Plenty of other good stuff around here though. All equally amazing in their own unique way.

  5. Let me see. Now that I had a weeping party for one this morning, acted as though a nutcase gaga over clouds, acted like a fool gushing about my qualities for my Twin Flame, was immersed in low density pea soup today all day…….gee, feeling a tad bit foolish for this all over the place place I seem to be in, and feeling as though stuck in the mud and sinking….

    I think I will call it a night and go to sleep.

    Good night, Ponders. What a really screwed up day. At least in my corner of the world.


      1. forget the ‘s by the way, not supposed to be there πŸ™‚

        I am so there though (in a good place), so love it…

            1. Well damn boy, that kinda makes me worry about you….you don’t know where to put what now? …… haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa

                1. Speaking of control… i am about to lose mine with this kindle…battery about to die…can’t get to my email…..restart browser…..i am about to lob it 50 yards across the street into my pond…i am 50 shades of red. πŸ™‚ ha ha

        1. Amy this is for you. For you. I believe in you. I believe in love. And I belive in you in love. πŸ™‚

    1. Bravo!!
      hmm, how did you know I’m a Beethoven fan.
      The pictures displayed here were taken in my part of the world.
      The Pacific Northwest on the Left Coast.
      Some of them I recognize. I’ve seen some of those views
      welcome to my world what you see here is where live.

      I’ll see your Beethoven and raise you Nicolai


      1. I’m a loving that country yeah. Love this ‘place’ I am in. Never wanna leave again. Only one more thing to do. Follow my path/my heart to the One of my heart. Now let’s see where you’re taking me with this Nicholai you pulled…

        Wow that’s some Ace. It’s bringing all this country and love together. Never could figure out what you were playing at, but now… Thank God I’m a country boy. Must have a fireplace, that’s that.
        Thank you Otmn

            1. i am not a qualified judge
              i can’t judge you
              i cant judge me
              thats not my job
              it was not me
              it was you who did not think much of you
              real life gets complicated

    2. Oh what lovely pictures!!! I am soo overwhelmed !!! Like I choosed them myself – in MY neighbourhood (though not that quality). My computer overflows with that kind of pics from nature.



      1. Well the pictures were like a bonus to the music that came through. Yeah I love that kind of scenery.
        Love ya

    1. the milestone this girl reaches brings a tear to my eye
      but i don’t like the idea of projecting your identity into something other than who you are.
      no, i don’t like the song, but I have to love the singer

    2. I feel your soul in these performance choices. Not just the songs. The stories behind the people. The fact that they are taking that chance in grabbing the brass ring. Hesitant, scared, got it! Whoops…slipped, dammit, down in the muck….keep plodding on….there it is…got it!! GOT IT! Victory! I ROAR! πŸ™‚

    3. OMG JayJay!

      This girl cut right through my heart. I realize that she can represent very many of us here who after a hesitation casts off and unfold its grandeur and fragility without fear of how she should be treated or assessed. You do not always see your own light until it gets mirrored.

      Smooches JayJay!


    1. JayJay isn’t this girl amazing!? So much passion and love flowing. I saw this a few days ago and ran to share it with my sister. Did Vive see her? They’re so close in age!

  6. the above was the start this is the finish

    You will most likely not be able to maintain more than a few moments’ connection on your first try to reach this twin flame energy (if you do reach it). But do not give up if you do not reach it the first time.

    Once you have reached it, it will become easier and easier to establish the connection.

    Fair warning, however, there WILL come a point where you will find yourself slipping into this energy frequency without the need of meditation; when it becomes a part of your life and you can feel the presence of this energy at all times. Once you have reached this point it means that the twin flame energy meditation has been successful and that you are now ready to start manifesting your energy for the good of humanity

    1. I am reading, I am immersed in what you are saying and what the information you are sending is saying. From my point of view, if one is not clear who he or she is in totality, one’s true Twin Soul will not come into your life. That is a piece of cake for me, because I really know myself. And this is where I stumble, for to have two of me, to see me radiating back at me without lenses, and to see that Ray of Truth no matter what……..I ask myself am I ready, or am I “big enough” to handle it?

      To have someone in my life with my sense of humor (dry, smartass, usually one liners that have you splitting your sides, dry with usually a “message behind it), my ability to laugh and to cry, my intensity, my bottomless desire to talk and also the must to be quiet with my own space; to have one whose ability to “know” parallels mine, to have one who is wacky yet serious, to have one who walks as strong as a Lion, to have one who is fearless yet vulnerable, to have one who respects another when in the bathroom (GRIN), to have one whose passions mirror mine, not necessarily in the same areas as mine, to have one who knows how to reach out with Heart and tenderness, to know tough love and not be afraid to employ it; to have one whose intelligence matches mine, to have one be his own boss, in other words independent and able to function 100% without a woman, hmmmmmm…………(a man in my case), to have one know how to have FUN and how to relax, to have my same likes and dislikes, or rather what I don’t like to do he does and vice versa…….

      Have I got the right idea, Otmn???? Am I on the right track? I’m pretty intense to be around, yet if one is flowing in high gear I am a really cool person to be with. πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the homework, Teach!!!!

      Smooches!!! Pinkie

      1. child you are dreaming
        desire has nothing to do with this, in fact it can’t be done through desire
        omg, now I sound like a buddist
        It has to do with eternal intentions and attentions
        It has to do with experience.
        Perhaps you have an austere husband to balance another lifetime when you were the abusive father.
        nothing is omitted
        we are here to do it all.

        You are confusing soul mate with the flame
        there is nothing to “do”
        there is everything to”be”

        i wish i could rub your shoulders
        i know it is oh so hard to be alone in a crowd

    2. hmmm…..and yes I get angry and tired and crabby and discouraged…….but then I pull myself back up by the bootstraps to drive in 5th gear. And that’s right, I really don’t know much about cars. Does that count? Hehehehehehe Don’t know much about plumbing either or how to run a table saw. Lots of things I still don’t know. Am I still in the running?

      Giggles, PinkGlow

    3. Thanks Otmn! So amazing knowledge you can get at this Pond.
      Just imagine we are twin flames all of us here around, who were drawn to this amazing energy… OMG!

      Think me too have to giggle πŸ˜‰


  7. What is a Twin Flame Energy Meditation?

    When you meditate on your twin flame energy, you are not (NOT) meditating on your twin flame; on an individual person or being no matter how badly you want someone like that in your life. What you are doing is meditating on that energy that (if you are a twin flame) is at the core of your existence; that energy which, when you tap it, connects you to the very heart of the universe.

    By focusing on this energy you bring your own personal energy into alignment with your core twin flame frequency (which is pre-existing and is (if you will) on a dedicated frequency. It cannot be fiddled with, changed, adjusted or manipulated by anyone or anything).

    IF your twin flame has already come into alignment with this twin flame frequency; IF they are living authentically and have already committed themselves to their mission and to bringing their lives into alignment with their soul purpose, then while you are meditating on this twin flame energy you may very well feel their presence.

    oh my gawd, now he’s just piling the homework on.


  8. OMG LMAO. Set scene: 10 mins before school this am. Car won’t start. Big fat 3D to do with hubs. Kid misses school. Whatev. No big. Big worry from hubs all day re car. Phone calls, attempts to fix car by proxy etc. He gets home. Has to be back at work in 15 mins. Rushing to fix while there’s time, blah blah. Turns out…dear lord forgiveme…the damn thing is just outta gas. (so embarrassed but in 5D we don’t always need gas, right?) Hubs is PISSED!!! Understandably. I am over here laughing. Of course making it worse, b/c really…could it be a better example of separation of worlds? I am so detached from this one, he literally does not see me anymore. Informed me of this last night. Technically, actually can not see me there sometimes. What I have put this man through over the years!! Bless his 3D Anchor heart, I love him so for helping me become ME. For most of the 15 years of our marriage I have pulled a Bob Dylan. I’m Not There.

        1. IΒ΄m glad you are feelinΒ΄good πŸ™‚ and I have thanked God many times for living by my own in this process with no one to take care of but myself :):)

          Love you AH,


          1. Love to u , B!! I keep seeing in my inbox where you and Amy and sun are talking about something about your life story but i can’t seem to find it on here. Can you give me a hint? Like is it near a particular video post or something. Id really like to know more about you. DS :)AH

      1. Oh, AH! How you make me laugh. That is the best you can manage “stepping out of 5D?” Hehehehehehehehe My husband only understands 3D so I speak it. In his language. Man’s language cause once again, this man’s heart is being so resistant to love. Hence fear rules, and from fear, the tongue speaks harshly. Yep I sure do get his attention when I match his words with hands on hips. And yep, I hardly ever look at the gas tank gauge. And yep my head is up in the clouds, especially today.

        I’m discovering when I laugh and smile it becomes contagious to those around me. Yep there are exceptions to that rule. Hubs seems immune to smiles and laughing. I think he thinks his face might crack if he dare smile. Oops did I say that? Hehehehehehehe

        Just sayin’ it like it is. Yep the man has taught me how to be a Tower of Strength. Yep. And this is good.

        Love ya! Amy

        1. For me, this hard tower became so hard and resistant and I thought this was the life I would live, could even feel myself happy about the amazing life I had. Life has so many components but my candle flame needed fresh air to burn and eventually the tower crashed with a bloody bang.

          I remember you earlier called me quitter Amy, but I have never been – in any aspect (I am a Taurus as well as my husband was) – I am a survivor from a ship that sank after my children had rescued in lifeboats.

          Love you my dear Sister,


    1. Anna Helen, I read your ‘car’ story to my sister and we both laughed together so hard. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does such things! Thanks for the entertainment today πŸ™‚ I leave in 2 1/2 days!!

  9. Had the intention to see this one, but too tired. Take it or leave it. Good night my friends!

    What a wonderful day it has been – again! Thank you beloved friends!


  10. Keep dipping in here to the pond. Seeing all these beautiful bright bold multi colored fishies darting around!! Reading absorbing processing loving supporting sharing BEing. Thank you all for your words. Can’t begin to respond to each as I’d like to. Too much…
    Namaste πŸ™‚ AH

    1. great song, spirit leads me to most of the songs I put up here, too.
      I never knew that Joni, Cass, and Mary ever sang together until spirit showed it to me. Nor do I have any idea why I got up to post it around 2:30 AM my time.
      But we don’t need to worry about what we do when spirit is the guide.
      We don’t need to know what we are doing. I’ve found that I get better results when I just leave my ego out of it and flow like the water of life
      fear and doubt are stumbling blocks that we put in our own way
      hugs and a smooch

    2. I love being so self – rePLYant. πŸ™‚ just had to watch this vid one more time…. what an incredible vision this director has… amazing

  11. What a beautiful day, I got to see my twin flame for three and a half hours.
    She is an alternative health care provider with two offices, one in SW and the other in NE Portland.
    If you knew her spirit, which you do when you get a sense of mine (it’s the same one), you would understand that she wants to heal everyone just as much as I want to wake everyone up.
    And so when I want to see her, I have to make an appointment just like anyone else.
    She really is a wonder. She is a walking human anatomy encyclopedia. She knows every bone, every nerve and every muscle and how they interrelate with one another.
    At one point while she was massaging my brain, (now that looks weird when I write it down) we slipped into a mind merge (in the words of Spock from Star Trek) We went into a dream state together. As we came out of it we realized that we had just cleared the junk and fixed the potholes in our telepathic connection. And then we knew that we had just cleared the path for everyone.
    It’s probably a good thing that we don’t get together often, we tend to overwhelm ourselves.
    I’m being called away, now.

    1. Overwhelming things going on here now and then. I feel like a spectator who does not really understand what’s going on …. have you forgotten the music Otmn? πŸ˜‰ Anyway I love your message πŸ™‚


            1. So glad you are laughing my Sister.

              “When you can see the comic in a hard situation, then you have won”



              P.S. I have seen so much comic situations here tonight, but you know – Γ­f I burst out (as I almost was going to do) – then I think I am gonna be fired from this blog D.S.

              1. Birgitta, I honor who you are in any given moment. OK? You are a part of this incredible Family. We love you! Simple as that.

                Now Otmn has given me some homework to do while I eat. Hmmmmm……thanks, Otmn!!!!


                  1. And wherever you stated, Otmn, that we are coming to the ascension, we seem to be walking right into it.

                    Or I think that is what you said. I AGREE.

                    Still giggling……..

              2. Luv, those who are resisting this energy……well let me just say……they are acting ugly. Angry. Mean. Nasty. Don’t get pulled in. All around me I am seeing this. Whoa………….

          1. What is a Twin Flame?

            Twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. Ideally, this happens in both of their last lifetimes on the planet so they can ascend together. So you probably haven’t had many lifetimes with your twin.

            Each twin is a complete soul, not half a soul. It is their task to become more whole, balancing their female and male sides, and ideally become enlightened, before reuniting with their twin. This reunion is of two complete and whole beings. All other relationships through all our lives could be said to be “practice” for the twin, the ultimate

            we had not met in the flesh for many lifetimes. A, long, long time ago we agreed to meet at the end of the age
            and here we are.
            and now we giggle like little kids.
            Don’t worry about your twin. You will meet when the time is right for you.

            1. Thanks Otmn! I appreciate you describing the twin flame in your own words. To tired to read your link tonight.

              As I feel tonight (laughter crazy) I think the surroundings would prefer that there are no more me for the moment… πŸ˜‰


            2. All this sacred relationship stuff is endlessly fascinating isnt it? Thanks for the link, Otmn. As I was reading it, I got this really intense message (just re me & JJ…not speaking for anyone else) that said “Dont try to label it. Be in the flow.” We have both wondered WTF is going on here. It is simply too immense and powerful to be put into mere words.

              Everything. Everything. Falls into place with a big ka-chunk and the dominoes follow henceforth.

              Blessings to all. :)AH and JJ (yes I am actually signing his name on this, Amy hehehehe…but he already knows πŸ˜‰ )

              1. that could very well be the case. twins may be each others parents sometimes, or brother/sister, or bbf or enemies.
                We giggle when we come across those memories from previous times when we murdered each other
                we didn’t leave anything out
                neither will you

                1. Oh Lord, now I really don’t know if I am ready for a Twin.

                  And to think there are TWO Otmns in this world? Heaven help us!

                  Just one of you is bigger then life!

                  Just one of you is so bright that sometimes you blind the eye!

                  Yet, I bet she doesn’t have a bald head that I can put PINK smooches on!


                  Didn’t leave anything out.



                  True. A lot can happen over thousands of years………

                  1. Heaven help us!

                    yes, that is right
                    d’ya think? I would live through all this unending stream of crud for for any lesser reason
                    oh yeah for the not American d’ya is a contraction of “do you?”

                    1. Otmn, you are more precious then a 10 carat perfect blue diamond.

                      You make my heart sing.

                      D’ya think I would have agreed to be in this “It’s a Mad Mad World”

                      to accept anything less?

                      Just like you?

                      Not too far behind you earth years wise.

                      So yep.

                      There is most Hope for me.


        1. Otmn, you are positively precious beyond words. I get the biggest kick out of you. Your energy. Your words. Your YOU-ing-ness. GRIN! Smooches on the top of the fabulous head!!!

  12. I’m getting hit hard since this afternoon. Ohhhh… Too much, too much…It’s right in the belly area, spreading,… ohh…

      1. JayJay, I’m getting hit emotionally. All I want to do is ball my eyes out for the anguish and sadness I am feeling. Hold on, my Brother. I am out in my gardens and that usually lifts my spirits, but this, man, this just doesn’t want to lift. It is as though the whole world is crying. My skies are so blue here today and the weather gorgeous so where is this sense of intense sadness coming from? I don’t know. I just honor this moment, and know it IS happening for a reason. Same for you. It’s going to be OK!

        BIG (((HUGS))), Amy

        1. Love you Amy, thanks for reaching out!
          Important to know we’re all in this together….we’ll come out at the other end, shining, being together.
          I so long to be with her…….

              1. ALL will fall into place when it is deemed to do so. Until then, I know what I know, I am who I am, and IF it is to be, I shall. I create. I Love. I AM. I BE. I walk in Peace and Strength. I do my best in all I do, even when scrubbing a bathtub. I AM happy with me. I LOVE me. I treasure ME. And as I walk in that space, ALL that is Who I AM comes to me.


                And so it IS!

                Loving you, JJ!! HUGS, Amy

          1. JayJay, I will let you in on a secret. Now, on the days I feel more vulnerable this is very challenging to maintain…..what I am about to tell you.

            FEEL and KNOW and ACT as though that Heart Yearning is already manifest in your life. BE IT. Live as though that Heart Yearning is right there with you in the physical 3D reality. And this is what you are telling the Universe……I AM this Heart Yearning and when you show the Universe this, IT is attracted to you like magic!!

            Now, I must admit, the bigger the Heart Yearnings, or so it seems, the “longer” it takes to manifest. BUT, in the meantime, feeling as though that Heart Yearning is no longer a Heart Yearning but an actual IS in your life……..LIKE attracts LIKE. The yearning in fact, shows the Universe a negative, so a negative is what you attract. It’s confusing to say the least.

            When you ACT as though that which you desire is already in your life, that is what you shall have.

            Hope this helps………..

            Love, Amy

            1. Ahhhh, yes.
              You see, for a minute I thought I would loose her forever and yeah, I guess at that moment I had. God, you women are so…(smart?) thank you for showing me the way, how to manifest this feeling of ….being. It is already there and here and real and now. Wow
              Love yah!

          2. OMG OMGOMG OMG OMG I just came from outside and the CLOUD formation in the sky is OUT OF THIS WOLRD. I took a whole lot of pictures and I am going to try to post them on my blog. Just pics. OMG! OMG! You have GOT to see this! And all the sadness when I SAW these clouds IS NOW GONE!

            OMG OMG OMG OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            But now I must do my thing in 3D. When I get to my blog I get there. I haven’t felt this excited since a KID! Holy CATS!!!!!!!!!

            Otmn, it must be your brain massage! You are bringing the New World in. And FEEL the Power of MOON! Can you tell I am excited??? OMG! SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE!!!!!!

        2. Amy, JayJay and others. Remember the Oracle Report for today:

          “So today, all things are shaken by vibrations that rectify. No matter what transpires, everything is directing back to a proper course. The course of our lives is correcting.”


          Wish I could help you more…



            1. Oh, Ponders, what is coming in is beyond comprehension! OMG! I must settle down. Whew! Where am I? Oh yeah, I have to go feed more cats in the barn! All I want to do is get lost in those unbelievable clouds! Think I will just that on the walk over………

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