The manuscript of survival – part 356

As you have mayhaps noticed, the intensity of this stormfront may have left you breathless in more ways than one. We hasten to add that this is in no way a signal of anything negative, far from it. Rather, it is indeed signs of a cleansing and restructuring that will give you many a cause for celebration in the time ahead. We know that during these storms, celebration may seem to be the furthest thing from your mind, as the effects of these lashing winds of high voltage energy is not to trifled with. But again, this is only a signal of the thorough upgrading and indeed reconstitution this whole planet of yours is receiving at the moment, and a such, celebration will indeed be a thing on the agenda not far from now.

You see, these beings that go by so many different names, most of them with very negative connotations and rightly so, these beings are now no longer able to withstand the pressure of these storm force winds, and as such, they will have to relinquish their hold on the hearts and minds of everyone on this planet. For now, the high pressure hoses have been put into action, and no one trying to escape these jets of light will be able to do so. As we have said earlier, anyone already facing the sun as it were, will only feel this as a mighty push in the back. But for those scurrying to find a safe hiding place, these jets of high powered light will serve to wash away any hold they might have on the surface of this planet once and for all. For now, the light is coming in at such a speed and with such intensity, it will be like a merciless battering ram against any closed door, and as such, the effects will be more than noticeable.

These words may sound harsh, but remember, the light IS powerful, and it will have seemingly devastating effects to anything not build to tolerate these high vibrations. But again, the light is not out to destroy, merely to rebalance, and as such, whoever is tuning into the light, will be supported by this, not shaken apart. So find a steady ground on which to put your feet, and feel how you are being pushed ahead by these strong surges of light, pushing you ever closer to the Source. And the closer you get, the more you will find yourself at home. For you belong there, as that is where you are all from. And only those still set on turning their back to their true nature will find these times to be almost unebearable.

To everyone else, they will be perhaps more than a little challenging, but they will also be full of exhilaration and joy. For you will shout for joy into these powerful gusts of wind, and you will raise your arms to the heavens and rejoice in the fact that now, you feel yourself lifting as if floating over the ground from the forces that are battering you, reminding you of where you came from. You will not return there just yet, but you will understand that this source is what will be carrying you ever forwards in the remainder of your sojourn here on this planet. For you have much to do ahead, but the travail will be more than outweighed by the joy you will feel whilst undertaking it.

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  1. Incoming big HUG for all of you who were standing with me as I faced the fear I had managed to nurture this past year!! I wasn’t able to read your comments until I arrived on the other side but I am so appreciating all of them. At some level I do believe I also received them. I was so calm yesterday.

    Nayon and Michilin I thank you both for your lengthy posts… educational for myself and others reading. Nayon I will be copying your words to keep handy for anything else that arises from a fear place. They remind me of who I am. Michilin you worded so perfectly what I started to realize yesterday. I looked at so many helpful people, some must have been TSA who assisted me in Vancouver, Houston and Costa Rica and realized that my fears arose from the negative experiences I’ve read (and know of personally). Hundreds of travellers passed through those 3 stops yesterday and I didn’t see any thing to even trouble me! I left my passport sitting in a scanner at my first stop and had to run back for it after I got to the custom booth in Vancouver! Returning the fellow quizzed me on a Spanish phrase saying it was in the book I’d dropped on his counter (thinking it was my passport!). Then we laughed as he told me the fellow standing there was the best person to learn Spanish from. I parted feeling so confident as I said, ¿Como estas? and he replied and then told me in Spanish to go through the door ahead. What a grand start!!

    I so appreciate the lesson I learned yesterday. I was at the wrong counter for my luggage and was assisted on finding it… and didn’t panic when I was the only one left without it at the first spot. (Learning daily Nayon about accepting what I may have created to learn from.)

    The moon appeared outside my plane window last night. (I’m so thankful too for having a window seat for that leg of the journey.) She was pretty full still and shining way up there above the cloud line. I felt her welcoming me to this new country. As the 20 min descent began a lightening storm started to light up huge stretches of the coast line. WOW!! It went non stop until after I landed. I have found lightening storms have shown up a lot for me in the past two years when I’m somewhere special. Today, we woke up to rain… an unusual thing for Atenas. Last night before sleeping I was encouraged via a faery card to take it easy… no rushing. So today I am relaxing visiting and now having quiet time in my room. Without the rain they’d be dashing around showing me things on the property etc.

    My friends are returning to health. The two german shepherds are 3 and have never been on a leash and are a bit scattered in energy but delightful. I look forward to creating a connection with them as Jan would like chickens and the dogs are prone to kill anything non human that moves! If I stay long enough I will have the pleasure of setting up the chickens! This became a long post so I thank you for your patience. I plan to get my blog going and will switch my sharing of adventures and lessons there!

    Anna Helen I read your post and thank you for sharing your ‘story’ in such a creative way with us. Being vulnerable is something Avtar and I were discussing this morning. I thought of you and others who have started opening up lately, here at the pond. With the incoming shifts of energy our stories will be more and more a faded memory as we marvel more and more in newness of the way we see our own beings!! I look forward to that. I am smiling… so many new bird sounds coming through my open screened door!! Oh joy… soon I will be able to meet the ones behind the song and chatter! May be they will help me understand why I am here in CR!!

    1. Oh Nancee jow beautiful. All is perfect all is divine. You are such an inspiration to me as we face past fears and new life challenges together. I am so happy for you. So proud of you and for you. I admire you so much!! From my heart to yours. 🙂 AH … feel the perfect song coming on to celebrate. Gimme a sec here…

        1. Thanks Anna Helen! I just discovered there is a whole new post that didn’t show up for me earlier so I will catch up to it later. The bird sounds are amazing here and the sun isn’t even out yet! I’m playing the song now… so perfect.Thank you. Hope you find this post! The rain has stopped and it’s time to go see what’s happening at the main hub here. If you ever want to write:

  2. Transportation Security Agency. The TSA employs around 47,000 Transportation Security Officers (TSOs), often referred to as screeners or agents. They screen people, property and control entry and exit points in airports. They also watch several areas before and beyond checkpoints. TSOs carry no weapons, and are not permitted to use force, nor do they have the power to arrest. They lead you directly into the duty free shops, without using violence, only fences.
    The salary for a TSO is currently $25,518 to $38,277( per year ).
    Costa Rica : salary per year US$12,600 (2012)
    below poverty line 21.3% (2010 est.)

    and there is a hidden 23 in the 5 but it got flagged instantly.

    Good luck in the old spanish colonies Gringo.

    Prust the trocess.

    1. Michilin I responded below… but had to mention I have a big smile on the “Prust the trocess.” Silly me was putting it in a translator when I “got it.” My ego did a bit of a stutter being called a Gringo… but such I am… though my heart longs to be so much more. Most of my life I lived at “below poverty” for my country. It can have an ‘interesting’ affect on the heart and helps keep one focused differently than those on a “more money based” life style :). I always appreciate your posts. Thank you for engaging in mine. ~N

  3. Wanting to share more about twin soul reunion since so many will be experiencing this themselves…

    Earlier as I posted that Phantom of the Opera clip (and most of the other “love song ” clips ive posted), there was this 3D voice in my mind screaming “co dependent bullshit!” Here’s the thing. Been there done that. More times than I can count. Victim/perpetrator, heal me/heal you, save me/save you. I have played BOTH sides of this game and lost every time. However, all along I was actually winning. Why? Cuz that’s how I evolved into wholeness.

    Each half of the twin stumbles and triumphs in its journey to completion within itself. Each half heals itself, merging masc/feminine energy. Then and only then is each half ripe for the harvest. Then and only then does each half get the gift of partaking of the fruits that the other bears. Each half sowed the seeds, nurtured and grew life within itself in such perfection in such divine timing to be ready for this …oh this reaping.

    It is then that the whole idea of true sacred love finally makes sense. The 3D version of love is a mere shadow. A mere preview. When the two completed halves unite, there is a sense of being absolutely catapulted into …. and this is not big enough … into TRUTH.

    All these answers and understandings and epiphanies and access to the very secrets of LIFE and PURPOSE and … NATURE OF BEING just FLOOD your entire consciousness. Everything, everything makes sense.

    It is a quickening… an access and entry into an entirely different plane of existence.

    I wish you all so much joy om your journeys. And I thank you for letting me come along with you. Side by side as we each walk into the LIGHT.

    with sincerity honor and love from my heart to yours

        1. What you write is absolutly beautiful dear sister. Here is another one for you from Lionel and me….and a big smooch!

          1. Oh dear brother thank you!! How PERFECT!! I had never heard this one. Je t’aime et je t’embrace. :)AH

      1. Thanks AH!

        You make me cry looking at the video and some other interpretations of it trying to understand what you´re experiencing now, but I don´t have to understand – you know I´m a grounded taurus 😉 – I can feel you, embrace you and be by your side my starsister/daughter. I´m happy for you, and I love you – that´s all.


        P.S. D.E.

        1. Oh the good lord guides you, dear B. How I needed a mommy like this. But there was only silence detchment and withdrawal. And oh how I drifted. But oh what I learned. Just so…just so I could pass these very things on to my heart, my Ripley. She will have her own “missteps” (there are none!) but she will NEVER doubt that my hand is held out to hers.

          Love you so much sister/mother

          There is something deeply personal i want to share with you. It’ll take a bit for me to write up. :)AH

          1. Set scene: lost desperate woman in bathtub empty pill bottle on the edge one wrist cut too shaking and weak to get deep enough into the other hurting everyone around me cant do it to them any more cant do it to her anymore i am ruining her like i ruined myself everything i meant to give her seems to backfire everything i touch i defile

            I hear her little girl childs voice in my mind calling “Mommy ….mommy!! Can I leave her? Is that better? Such confusion and despair. Am I doing the right best thing here? Thinking so clouded soooooo tired. Just let me go. I hear a little girls voice again from the heart drenched in longing and need “Mommy………” Something clicks. Can’t do it. Crawl from the tub. Crawl to Kevin. Help me I’ve made a mistake. He slaps both sides of my face and leaves. Dont know where. I crawl back into tub. Can hear activity behind me. Suddenly he is there behind me. He grabs my hair in his fist and yanks my head back. “What have you done you stupid bitch?! ” he hisses in my ear.

            3 days later coming to in the hospital I finally recognize that second little voice calling out from my heart. That one was not Ripley. That one was ME. It was with tgat recognition that I began to want to live. To choose to live. It was then that I opened my heart fully to spirit and all the help and live and healing. I suffered and I allowed and I saved mySelf.

            Thanks B. Your spirit guides and nourishes. And I overflow with love for you.

            1. Anna Helen!

              I am so overwhelmed and grateful. Thank you for opening your heart – I am honoured.

              I will be back. Sorry to have some 3D things to do today but I´ll be back – Ii promise.

              Love and respect for the wonderful person you are,


            2. Dear Anna Helen!

              Thanks once again for telling me your story.

              Many years ago I supported a friend, having been heroin addict, alcoholic, dysfunctional family, mother to her own alcoholic mother and siblings at 16, beaten by men, self-harming – all those horrible things you can ever name. We met in the forest where I was with another friend, healing each other. You can say we lived in and came from different worlds but we stuck together for 2-3 years anyhow. This woman was very demanding, knew what she wanted, but had a brick wall to fight against in every step. I asked myself many times – why am I doing this? Mother Teresa-syndrom?

              I couldn´t just leave her and go. In some way we were soul sisters and me and my guides have always felt love and sympathy for vulnerable but strong women who are fighters in all ways.

              I love you Anna Helen.


              1. Oh its all good, B!! None of us can really save each other. We can only witness I guess. Wow… I just had gigantic breakthrough tonight. Finally got to the real root of this whole issue. I had thought previously that I’d gotten to the deep of this barrell. Forgot the bottom of the barrell itself. There was one more layer and I know NOW that this was the final layer to clear. Feel like a miracle happened. It did!!! Soooo great is GRACE. Wow.

                Love you B!!! Thanks for holding my hand. 🙂

                1. You´re so right about that we cannot save each other, you have to walk by yourself, but by love we can allow ourselves to connect to our inner strength and when unfolding it, miracles can appear.

                  Tried to explain to my neighbour over dinner last night about what is happening now with people and Mother Earth, and I must say it really isn´t easy to explain what you hardly understand yourself 😉 When I told him that no man is a blockhead, my microowen suddenly stopped – just to continue after a little correction. I have noticed those things happen to that oven when strong energies are around. Strange 😉



  4. For those of you (that’s many I think) that arrive at the pond before 5 a.m. Pacific Western time Saturday I’m asking for help AGAIN!! (Wow I’m getting good at being able to do that.) I had one big fear for the past few months… the TSA. Today I found out that they have flagged my ticket so I can’t print out a boarding pass. I have to show ID and I take it they may want to go through my luggage. My g/f thinks it is because I rerouted from Eucador to Costa Rica so they were flagged. So… I start my journey via my fear. How cool is that. I’ll be counting on many of you standing with me… I can do this with poise and light!! YES…
    Love and Light ~Nancee

    1. Nancee I walk beside you. These emotions keep coming up again and again for me. I just think I have released them all (the dense ones) when boom! another hidden pocket erupts. I keep finding that the more I simply try to “let them go” the tighter they cling. For me, the only way to it is through it. When they are there, my first instict is to kick myself and say, “You’re stonger than this! ” (meaning I should not be having these emotions at all) Now, another voice follows… “You ARE as strong as this! ” (meaning I can have these emotions and flow through them).

      Big breath… its all a process. 🙂

    2. Nancee, I believe the more we are able to really live in the NOW, the less we are affected by the ‘curve balls’ of the matrix. Dreading some hypothetical situation beforehand is a slippy road because there is only a slim chance in a million that things happend like we imagined them. We have to trust that we’ll be inspired by spirit when the time comes, and not a moment too soon.

      Jesus talked about this, ”not to worry about what we would have to say before the ‘government’ figure”. We have to have faith that our primary mission in this life is to learn from experience, and if this one is in your life, that is because it was taylor made for you, and at least partially, by you. Now one of your roles is to go thru this scenario with your ear against your spirit and see that beautifull lesson that has been put on your table by those who Love you.

      We are going thru an epic hystory moment and I am certain your guides have nothing but good intentions for you. Let your history unfold itself, and be your witness. Many teach that at some point, our stories become accessible to any in the higher realms thru the Akashic records. One of our roles is to record thru our feelings what the experience ‘feels’ like, so it can be shared. Fear from dreading any particular outcome only takes away from your hability to really ‘feel’ the experience and find the ‘teaching’ in it. For centuries to come your brothers and sisters will want to know how it felt to go thru the TSA during this magical time, and you will be able to tell them about it. Unless you plan some nasty stuff, I am sure your gardian angels will se you thru in no time. Have a safe trip and leave traces of light along your path!

      1. Oh Nayon thank you for this. The energy of truth prefection and love in these words just swept through me in a whoosh of chills and knowing.

        You’re beautiful. I love you. :)AH

  5. another hush fell over the crowd.
    I dig
    slow down lighten up
    here you go,
    slow is okay, but you know it will never stop
    adapt or die

    1. What a day! Off and running to a rehab pick up neighbor “let’s blow this popsicle stand!” precious cargo off to home base.

      Off and running to pharm drop off scripts for neighbor back home gulp breakfast down give Molly meds.

      Off and running to Dent Neurologic hubs’ appointment distain, anger, hate, criticism, prejudice oh yeah, bam a wham a damn! Light LOVE Light D/A/H/C/P no longer exist!

      3 hours total in that building in room number 5 saw a baby girl angel who saw me first Ah my Heart lit up Hope in a desert! Bless you, my Luv!

      License plates back and fro 333, 777, 1119, GOD, 222, and yep, 444, zombies galore on the roads how are they driving? remote control?

      Back screaming, stomach starving and ready to blow again with the Big Bulge Joints all aflared, sinuses packed on body massager ahhhhh heaven! close eyes nope can’t head a twirling.

      Reds blacks muck trench stench now all Gold now all White now all Yellow Hurray hurray the good cop is in town tired, pushing 5 come on elevator 5 dammit! too much 3D too much, come on 5 COME!

      Another victory too bright to behold Team Light in the lead with Angel Amy All in a good day’s work I say Amen to hell turned to heaven Amen Amen from Prime Diretctive! ME!

      And the tsunami gains speed and power washing all away that holds not Love The twisters faster and faster uprooting all that is not of Light Hurrah Hurrah Amen for ME!

      Life. The Eternal Process. With a little help from the Angels here on earth. Shooting like a shooting Star back to magnificence away from 3D grime.

    2. Oh otmn you’re the greatest! I of course smile just seeing the name Robin Wiliams, but this one really got me going! :)AH smooch

  6. Hello Angels, my Brothers and Sisters of Love, of Grace, of Hope, of Faith, and of Trust. You thought I left, and I have been here all along. It is an blessing to be with such brave souls. I Love You All…


    -Your Brother Mark

    1. Mark, OMG! Mark! I AM in tears! It’s been so long, too long! Where have you been??? Have you been sleeping all right? Have the nightmares stopped? Are you getting through these blasts of energy OK?

      I MISS you! My Angel Mark Brother! This is the second time today an Angel passed my path. The other one was a little girl of about 1 year old, who without me knowing it, was staring and grinning at me. When I felt eyes on me, I looked up from rummaging in my purse, and saw before me a Golden Glowing Child, with blond curls, blue eyes whose Light shouted I AM AN ANGEL! Of course I stopped immediately what I was doing and grinned right back at her which only made her giggle. OMG! What a feeling that struck my Heart!

      Same one when I SAW YOU here today!!!

      And the THIRD touch from God today, I saw a license plate pass me by in the car, as I was saying a grateful prayer to GOD, that said, GOD-and some numbers. Yep. It’s true!

      SO SO SO good to hear from you! I wrap my arms and wings around you and hold you close! I MISSED YOU!

      LOVE, Angel Amy

    2. Mark!!
      I’m doing the happy dance!
      Amazing what just happened … I was supposed to read 357 comments and for some reason were the comments of the 356 … I had not realized until I posted a comment to you that was not posted … Charge the page again and do not find it … I, for some reason had to have read this and, as I did at the time … here I am.
      Original Post: I’m doing the happy dance!. I’ve missed you so much, just the day before yesterday afternoon I was thinking about you and your sweet comments …. synchronicities or you hear my call??
      (I think while I thought you were publishing in you) I’m just freaking out
      I love you much MArk.
      Of course I’ve always been here, at least in my heart.

      1. Hello Angels, my Brothers and Sisters of Love, of Grace, of Hope, of Faith, and of Trust. You all show me so much Love, well have a big dose of mine, for there is plenty for all. I’ve been just fine, dreams the same way, for the most part I’m doing great! Now on the too the energy, it’s been quite intense as of late, but I’m hanging in there. It’s one heck of a ride, up down, up down, but I’m sure you all know that.

        I never left, I just sat back and watched this lovely pond grow. Did I go out and find others, of course. there everywhere. But not like this one, this one is my home.

        In all, thanks for your Love and Support though all of this. I have cleared a path for those who came under the spell of the dark energy, needless to say they are not happy about it. 🙂

        Just wanted to thank all of you for everything you do for all of Creation. You are my Fathers gift to this planet, each and every one of you.

        My Brothers and Sisters it is an honor to be here with you.

        Love and big Hugs.

        Your Brother, Mark. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh, Areeze. Here is more more. I received a soul name or word that i did not comprehend until this moment. “A lee” i thought it had something to do with light, but that never quite fit. I was sharing this with JJ recently. He had just been on this awesome sailing experience and he said, “You know there is a lee side of a ship.” I tucked this info away. Ohmygod now I get it. I was being told all those months ago to hunker down on the leeward side of the ship so that i would be there and ready when the wind blew up filled my sails and carried me to my destination, this shore of paradise. I bow to you I bow to you..

    1. Breeze i cant get to your last comment to reply… yes so cool the farm would be. We are already there in consciousness. I am so spent so overwhelmed añ overcome inam weak and vulnerable as a newborn babe. I lie naked on the alter. Oh god. O am going to go outside into this lovely rain, prostrate myself, and allow this baptism.

      “…must be born of water and the spirit…”

  8. Flowing tears of such Joy as I see and feel the radiant beauty of all that is: our Lord, our God, our Universe, our World, Us, and all of Creation. Oh My! To experience this Heaven on this Earth at this time with all, I am on my knees with arms raises at such Glory!!!!!!!!!

  9. My heart is just spewing and blazing out this golden light, which you know is connected to her. So glad so glad she is feeling it. It is also her own, of course, which she is igniting along with me, returning it back a thousandfold…

  10. here are several short inspirational talks that someone put all together. thanks
    this is so much easier than finding them all individually

    best taken in, in small doses.

      1. I Love you, Otmn! Long challenging day for me. Just catching my breath and getting my equilibrium back. Thank you for BEing YOU! That is what I needed to say to you just now.

        Smooches, Pinkie

    1. Whoa… just had another big memory download. In second grade (6yrs old) a friend of mine said to me, “I dreamed last night that you were Sleeping Beauty. You had on a pretty dress and you were walking barefoot through the forest with all the animals and birds swirling around you.” I’ve always kept that tucked away like, well……maybe…..

      We are awkening from this sleep to our natural pristine state of Beauty.

      1. I keep having this scene from the show Cheers run thru my mind. Remember Fraser and Lilith (oh god Lilith!) … she always seeming so cold, rigid and intellectual …when she is pregnant, she comes waltzing into the bar one night and practically sings out,

        “I AM MOTHER EARTH.”

        1. I keep feeling like I am in the space I was as a child. It is really nice. What is the saying – only as a small child will u enter the gates of heaven. I used to sing all the time to All That Is when i was small… walking all around the outside of our victorian house… I made up sweet songs 🙂 and….i ‘knew’ that God was listening! and so was everthing around me. Love to us all. Lilith — ah yes lol

          1. Ahhhhh… hello, Breeze… how i LOVE your name and feel you, soft and refreshing gently caressing….

            And yes, suffer the little children to come unto me…. I so remember the moment of impact when I learned that “suffer” meant “allow.”

            1. You reminded me of what else was creeping around in my mind. I had this great, great experience with a healer who guided me on a Shamanic Journey quite a few yrs ago. I was ‘suffering’ with Lymes Disease terribly then. so, on this Journey to the ‘Upper World’, with the intention set at my meeting with ‘my teacher’ – I literally became “All That Is”…. and the main thing that I came back with was “God Allows” 🙂 It was such a huge experience. I luckily have it on tape and every single time i even talk or type about it, It is here again. It is the best and most powerful thing that has happened to date in my life. And, I had such a hard time getting back in my little body after expanding into that (I kept thinking of the pop n fresh dough boy lol!) – that the healer had to get her large home made drum and drum me back ! Even after that , it took about 40 more minutes before I could really open my eyes and be back in my body. Areeze, my soul name means “breeze that blows thru the ages’. i dont share that often enough.

              1. Your sharing here is the very breath of god. I called out for the breath of heaven just the other day, dear one, and here it is blowing through me filling me pressing me ever outward…

                toomuch notenough justright

                1. It’s like a boomerang because it is going out of me… coming back to me. I have pretty much kept quietly in the back ground most of my life – not really revealing how much I know or remember of who I Am (perhaps that is what a gentle breeze does though?). Timing is everything and you folks – u kindred spirites – are drawing things out of me that is for sure. I got my hook into all of u when i dipped into this pond! The fishing is great here ! When I am in my kayak on my lake by my house, I put my hands in and just become part of the soothing/healing waters. I can feel the life of it. So it is here too. I have been contemplating a website I have kept the name – newcosmicday – going for yrs – paying for it with not one thing written. so much to say. So many poems of long ago and then ‘silence’ came for a long, long time until now. In one poem I remember a phrase I wrote that says: “reference points are no more than dust particles disappearing with the wind”. ahhh so true.

                    1. Love u back. Can u just imagine all of us on a farm together 🙂 taking it all in every minute of every day. caring and sharing. by God, we would/will change this world just by being the Love that we are. Gandhi said that : ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. I always wanted it to come to me. but it is to come from me/us. so we all just keep it coming – in breath I say each night ‘I breath in the Love of God’ — out breath, ‘I expell any and all discomforts/disturbances/dis-eases/fears(whatever u want to put here)’. when i am really balanced, i breath in and out Love/God. We can do this ! 🙂 As tentacles of God, we know what to do and it will come from us with gentleness and strength – balanced and beautiful.

            1. I hold your hand as this grace this salvation flows into us, through us and out to all those around us….

              How I love you how i love u

                1. Is this the one you heard this morning??? You know I completely surrendered under the moon last night. I feel like my body is just being blasted apart by this glorious light. The expansion is just so …exponential…quantum…no words. I am humbled down to the heart of the earth. Baby im amazed.

          2. Breeze I just read your posts and I agree with AH that you’re like a breath of fresh air. I hope you start writing all that is flowing inside of you in that blog of yours. There is healing in your ‘words’ and comfort for many. I felt that before I even read that you have an “unused” blog. I’m so glad that you spoke up here at the pond. I enjoyed the exchanges between Anna Helen and yourself.

        2. Oh boy… here’s another… the hits just keep on comin…

          This pond is the amniotic sac of living water in which our new selves have been protected and nourished, developing and emerging.

          I am so on my knees. Not sure if I can get back up. Not sure if I want to. Never never do I want to lose this feeling again.

          1. Vive is sitting on the couch, smiling and talking away. I’ve never seen her like this during chemo-days…
            I love thee so…

    2. A H this is one of my most favourite songs ever! In my late teens and early 20’s Cat Stevens was the only artist I really listened to. I used to really belt out (and I’m not a singer) his “Hard Headed Woman”… See my post at the end of today’s post… I’ll be playing this song on the Airplane after I deal with the TSA!!

    1. My soul sings to yours. We are a Golden/Silver spiral….

      Dear pond, the first time I saw this video, when I saw the egg splitting open at the end, I was thrown back into that moment of the now when he and I separated. It was unbelievably powerful. Utter complete loss. To find him again and begin to reunite is the most precious treasure I can fathom at this point. No doubt there will be another union even more profound and ecstatic when we ultimately return to Source.

      Thank you ALL for being a part of this re-union.

  11. Click to access tyberon_9_19_13.pdf

    this is well worth the time it takes to read 3 pages.
    it gives a good explanation of what is going on and gives dates and strategies.
    It’s got an prominent copyright notice with stipulations so I won’t quote it
    and it’s pdf which is hard for me to deal with

    1. This is the one I meant!! Why does spirit keep bringing that other one on line for me??? CRAZY! I DID NOT EVEN CHOOSE IT. AGAIN!!

    1. Oh please excuse me! I only meant to put one picture up there! Some stuff so inappropriate. Forgive me Aisha and all…

  12. Ohhhh… nausea extreme sensitivity to smells lets start this labor i think my water just broke somebody call an ambulance hysterical crying laughing…

  13. May you all be blessed from the Equinox energies! Let’s celebrate that team dark is soon vanishing into “nothingness”. I am sending you all my light and love, from Switzerland, Philipp

  14. “oh my goodness”
    — Shirley Temple

    I just found a very wise website. I had to tell you.
    It is full of wisdom at wit.

    There are so many good ones besides the one i post

    The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.

    Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

    1. Wow. Not sure what to say about all this stuff going on. Certainly is a wake up call on many levels, many issues.

      1. when the coyotes howl around here, both my dogs bark like crazy, sometimes they come and get me.
        yes, I do speak dog

      2. What a cutie – so lovely – and it acts like we do when we try to understand what happens and needs someone who loves and to talk to :)))))



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