The manuscript of survival – part 354

As many of you have noticed already, there is a sort of quickening in the air, as if something that has been long awaited has started to announce its arrival. At first, this will only be noticeable as small pockets of purer air, where everything seems to be lighter and brighter, and where you will find yourself resting as if at ease with all that exists. For there, it will be like you are truly newborn, as if you start over again with a clean slate, devoid of any scrathings from all the old world’s toil and troubles. We know that for some of you, this may sound like a far away dream, while for others, these words will ring true in all sorts of ways. But please believe us when we say that these small pockets of luxurious feeling of contentment and ease are about to start to expand for everyone of you now.

Not much will be noticeable at first, for they can come as small blips on the horizon to begin with. But just as a large ship far out at sea at night will only be noticed as a small speck creeping slowly closer, these blips or glimmers of light will start to expand faster as they seem to be approaching at high speed. So know that even if you do not count yourself amongst those who have already had their first small taste of this nirvana, know that you too will soon feel that taste of freedom in your very bones, and when you do, it will leave a sense of liberty that will linger.

And for all those of you who have already had this sweet taste on your lips, if only for a fraction of a second, know that this is indeed the true taste of freedom, a freedom that will not just stop by to say hello and then vanish as if into thin air. No, this is indeed the true taste of the future YOU, the one that will find him or herself settled into a brand new way of life, where all the bygones are just that, gone for never to return ever again. So sniff around in the breeze and see if you too can find one of these pockets of fresh mountain air around you, and we can guarantee you that even if the air you breathe feels more oppressive and foul then ever, these small pockets of clarity are bound to find your inquisitive heart any day now. Search and ye shall find as they say, or rather, keep yourself ready, for you will be found by these life-giving capsules of freedom that will start to emerge out as if from nowhere.

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  1. I just read about body extremities affected at this time and was happy to see fingers and toes on the list. Half my foot and all my toes and fingers went partially numb all the way back on the boat whale watching. Just some minor adjustments going on lol.

    1. Nancee, thank you!! My fingers have been so swollen and painful lately and stiff and I am saying HUH??? Shooting pains in my right foot as well. Whew! I am not falling apart after all! That is GOOD news! LOL

      HUGS, Amy

  2. Sun!

    I so love you my dear friend! Can you feel me pushing you forward on your immense journey? Step by step you find your way – admirable:)))

    You know – for a couple of years ago a man told me he had to eat crap food to be able to lower his energies. Otherwise he wouldn´t be able to be out among people and dance like he did 😉

    Love and respect,


    1. Tell Ripley, it made my tears flow, this new generation I just am so impressed by them, and tell her that I put in on my facebook page.
      Maybe she saw this movie this also made my tears flow, otherwise here is a preview, now the old fessor can’t help adding that eudaimonia in Greek can mean happiness.

    1. You are turning into such a beautiful butterfly.
      I forgot to mention that earlier I spoke of the birchseeds. I looked at them closely, and they are actually just like the tiniest litlle butterflies! They actually have this tiny pair of wings. Incredible!

    2. AH:), no words. I may have busted out, …… words for the time being have eluded me. I am still in the process of getting it strongly across to Team that in order for me to succeed in the direction I am pointing in, I cannot keep transmuting because it just takes too much out of me.

      Thank you, AH! HUGE (((HUGS))) from a very touched Heart.

      Love and kisses,

  3. At this very moment, my JJ is at this man’s concert in Holland. He is sharing it with me here in Memphis. I am sharing it with you there in the pond. And so it goes.

      1. Àmy, been meaning to thank you for Ain’t No Mountain High Enough the other day. Whoa… So I send Dianna back to you, Petals Unfolding. I am so proud of you I could burst! 🙂

    1. great song
      it’s almost the story of life for all of us
      except in my case
      the speeding car actually hit me
      oops I told son-of-blue I wasn’t going to talk about that stuff.


      1. Yeah, I remember… while my guitar gently weeps… And hey, about the stuff, talk about it or not, whatever works for you in the moment, man.

      2. Otmn!

        It heals to give words to what you experience/-ed, just have to tell someone. To give it a kick to its ass to disappear. In telling you do.

        Love you.


  4. I feel like Jodie Foster in the movie Contact, when she is traveling through the wormhole, making CONTACT. She breathes out in wonder and amazement,


  5. I didn’t get a chance to post a message yesterday to all you lovely beings of light because I had some human plans but I did read the message and immediately shared it with my daughter…you see the day before we were observing the sky and the air and the clarity of vision and saying just how dramatically different it all was as if we were IN a new reality–and then this message…whoot whoot!

    What I love the most truly is that SHE saw it an mentioned it to me while I was also experiencing it–to share this birthing of the NOVA Gaia with my children is spectacular for me to say the least and hopefully what all of us will be able to experience within our family groups or soul groups.

    I spent the day in the middle of a vineyard drinking wine and listening to music and eating delicioius food and spending time with wonderful friends and it was like a dream come true day–PERFECT in all respects–everyone was happy, all the older folks dancing in the pavillion had big smiles on their faces–everyone was IN joy–and I thought–this is the world we are entering…this is it~~~

    I also wanted to note something that I think is wonderful here–how folks are connecting to assist each other in doing their work. i was very blessed to have a dear friend here assist me to shift out of some very dense material that needed relieving and in the process I was able to assist him as well. Being that perfect mirror with absolutely no filter is simply amazing and such a blessing for those interacting. Keep it up folks! You will naturally find the right being to share with if you open your heart and follow the way! I believe its all predestined by soul contract!

    HUGE hugs folks and loving you all from my space of love here on the island~ 🙂 Alex

    1. Dear sister, once again your words bring a big smile to my face! What a huge gift to be able to share all of this with your children, and what a powerful confirmation this is for us all. Your experience with the assistance you gave and received from your friend is another important reminder of what the CCs keep telling us; this is not intended as a solo journey, but one where we are encouraged to reach out for help and to help any time and any way we can. That is how we all grow stronger.
      Much love from me, Aisha

  6. My Dear Friends!

    I had an ambition to go the gym this evening but I must say – I am too exhausted to do that. Exhausted by energy work – yes – but even by love, laughs, music, light, gratitude and joy. You ever do something “makes sense” made nowadays? I mean something 3D? I don´t – LOL – and you know – I don´t care, and I take it ;))))

    Love you all so much!


    1. Dear sister! Our bodies are struggling hard to accomodate all of this new energy, so I do not feel like a “spring chicken” either 😉 And yes, it is easy to get exhausted even by all the wonderful things we are experiencing. I feel like I am walking on a trampoline when I move about, it’s like nothing is solid any more, not even myself. And no, not much makes any sense any more, but like you, I do not care for I know everything will fall into a brand new place soon anyway 🙂
      Much love from me, Aisha

      1. I can relate to that, body is totally shaken. No legs, no mind, hardly eating, hardly sleeping….shivers, shakes, seeing 3D so clearly from where I’m standing… finding glorious 5D capsules…it’s all too much, but I can’t stay away from it…
        Love, obviously,

    1. Stephan, dammit, you just don’t know. My god, the meaning this song has always held for me. Once again, I am blown away by how we are all connecting in this glorious web of light we have created here.

    2. Oh, Stephan, this is so perfect. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. I will say instead, “I am an innocent woman”. I’ve had a very challenging day.

      I Love you, my Brother. You are awesome!


      1. Thanks my friend, now I think I am gonna do like my friend the Grey whale and take a deep breath of air, and submerge myself into the deep blue waters and just be, I love You Amy my sister

    May your journeys be as golden as OURS is.

    With such love, honor and gratitude,
    🙂 AH

    1. I’m out of control, it feels like this great big jet engine is started to roar up in me. I’m all fired up….

    2. This young man’s voice and personna are truly of God. I have his music. Thank you for reminding me, for I am going to play it today. His voice sends me to the heavens!

    3. Thank you AH!

      This is one of my most heartbreaking songs.
      You know – I really love you – though I don´t always tell you. I hope you can feel it.


      1. Oh B, of course I feel your love, and I hope you feel mine, for I am sending it to you all the time. Every moment. You are sister of my heart.

        P.S. I love you… D.S.

        I carry that one around with me and take it out and hug it every day.

        xoxoxo hugs smooch 🙂

    4. Oh Anna Helen… I just found this and tears are flowing. This is one of the “musics of my soul”. I looked at the many cultures represented in the video and thought how perfect for our pond, our world. I found my arms stretched out in response to the lyrics and the voice… then I went within to the fullness of my own heart. Some day I may write in my awaiting blog about the feelings and ‘message’ that I sense is forming within about my reaction.

      Some times I wish this blog had “like” as f/book does on people’s comments. I nod to so many of everyone’s comments here at the pond. You all touch my life. I realize that I can pause and have so many of your names come flowing through my mind in seconds.

      1. Dear Nancee, a big LIKE from me! I am nodding in agreement, and I feel your energy pulsing through your words and into me. Thank you so much for sharing YOU with this Pond 🙂
        A big hug and much love from me, Aisha

    5. Having challenges with phones and YouTube today. I wanted to post another of Josh Groban’s songs called, “You are Love (Don’t give up)”. THAT is my song in a nutshell!

      I am listening to Josh all day today as I clean. There is always a time between the transmuting and when I fly again. Perhaps 3 days? I chop wood and carry water in the meantime. And I clean.

      And yep, I must take something for pain. This body still is not back to 100%. All for the ALL of the Good!


  8. Well, it seems as if I landed again. Since last mid-week, I could not get enough to eat. It was as though I had a tape worm and no matter how much I ate I was starving. I ate the like I have never done in my life. To feel that hungry even after I ate, and then eating more, and still having that deep ache in my stomach, was driving me bananas. I could not get satisfied.

    Then, the weekend. The memorial service. The pocked of heaviness, the pocket of low vibration was intense. I did not feel it emotionally, thank God, but it hit, for some reason my physical self. The pain was too much. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Every “chi” point that was touched was blocked so all that energy was not going anywhere. The “process” unfolding. No matter what I did, that energy would not release. I thought I was going to explode from the pressure.

    Last night. I fell into bed not even remembering. This morning sat on the “throne” and what is now in “sewage” is the biggest “portion” I have yet “discharged”. Hehehehehehehehe My “delivery” was massive. GRIN

    Now, I feel connected again, now I feel myself again. Holy Cats! I really hope what Susan heard is correct, because this last transmutation process, nearly did me in.

    Yet, how did I manage to open my own blog? I barely remember doing that!

    I also had a dream this morning. To me it had two meanings. I dreamed the dominant male aspect of ourselves has died, yet in the dying, death has been overcome. I saw a man I know face down in a puddle, dead, and I gently turned him over and cradled him in my arms. Later, we were talking in the flesh as though nothing had happened.

    Interesting times we are in. Now I am going to find one of the pockets of freedom today. I deserve it. I truly am requiring a vacation day this day!

      1. Bless you, Stephan. Just looked deeply into one of my cats’ eyes as I played this song, and I can feel the bubbling up from within, my essence, that which is called Love. 🙂

    1. Dear Sister!

      You really make me laugh!!! You are so brilliant in your descriptions of what happens that I can´t find words for it :))))) Wondering what this last transmutation was about……;)

      Hugs, smooches and all the best for you my Sister 🙂


      1. Birgitta, I try my best to find a sense of humor in describing what I go through, for the process itself is brutal. I never am told what the transmutation is about, and I have just learned to go with it, for in fighting it, it just gets worse. I sigh a huge sigh of relief when I get to the “throne room” for that is my signal that the process, for now, is over.

        I could feel sorry for myself. Why? Because it always seems I am in the trenches when others are flying high. I seem to be the caboose. Cleaning up the yuck. In fact, there was a day a few years ago, that I was bemoaning the fact that all I seem to do in this life is to clean up messes. Hmmmmm…….as within, so without.

        I’ve learned a lot while on my knees. A lot. But I really do want to spread my wings and fly. I really hope “poop management” is over with. Hehehehehehehehe

        MUAH! I Love you, Sister Violet! Sister Pink

          1. Brigitta, just this day again I have had a discussion with my Team. I have told them repeatedly I am finished with transmuting, of being in the ditch. It is hard it is painful it is brutal, and not only that it is discouraging as well. Haven’t I done more then my share? When is enough enough?

            I really do not want to do this anymore, especially for a race, a species who don’t know the Truth if it bit them in their asses. Yes, I have seen “improvement” in people, some, but the ones closest to me, how I would just love for them to poof, disappear. Yep, I feel very discouraged right now, downright beat, and saying Enough to Those Who insist I stay in the trenches. This woman says NO!

            And I will write what I had wanted to write here in this space. This Pond is the only place that I resonate with. This is the only place I feel safe, loved, understood and embraced for who I am. This is the only place I have that supports me and which does not roll “its” eyes when I say what I say and do what I do.

            Before this Pond, I had Source. And only Source. Sometimes my husband during the times he becomes lucid or when he actually sees me. For the most part he is so busy playing victim in his world, he does not see me.

            I cherish the Pond. If I could I would jump in for real, because the people that comprise the Pond I desire with my entire BEing to BE in my life. To have this connection in the physical, to BE loved and accepted in every way, in life, to have THIS what I have here, in the flesh and blood, OH this is my Highest Desire.

            This Pond is the Greatest Gift I have ever been given. Ever. I do not know how to get through one day without dipping in here at the Pond. I require this Pond like I require air to breathe.

            I Love you all so much. And, Aisha, my Heart just about explodes when I think upon you, for you have given me this Pond, your Sisterhood and Friendship, and for this, you have given me something rare and priceless.

            I need you guys. You truly have become my Family, my very Heart Beat. And I thank each and every one of you for BEing in my life. I am so honored that you even like me, that you listen to me, for that is just the opposite of how I have been treated in 3D.

            How I managed without this Pond in my life, I do not know. Oh, yes, my connection to Spirit is very strong, yet when you all appeared in my life, I realized how empty my life really is.

            You fill me up beyond comprehension. I bow to each one of you. And to say, “I Love you for all Eternity”.

            From my Heart to your Heart,

              1. My Friend, I couldn’t take my eyes from this video. It has made me reallize how I have gotten away from dance and song, in my life. I went for a walk the other day, and in listening to my music, I lifted my arms in honor of the sky and sun, and I “danced” as I walked, not caring who saw.

                People are so rigid here, Stephan, and when I do break out to act in ways that are “natural” to me, I am looked at as being “weird”, “strange,”, “that cat woman”. How sad, for…..

                In the ecstasy of dance and music, ONE finds Self. Total connection to All That Is. BEing ONE, re-membering we are Spirit, Divine in Nature.

                Thank you for the reminder, to dance more often.


                1. I have begun my old boxing training, You know, I had a very good teacher at that, he had being training the Young ones for 25 Years, and with him training was play, it was never the same, sometimes he would do some dance training because dancers are better fighters he said, so the other day after my deep healing, I began training, actually I felt so week and was on my way in bed, but then a spring had loosened itself so I could not rest, and I asked, do You really want me to run in my condition, they said Yes of course, so now I run and from that my body remembers the training. My grandmother had a saying “Die anderen stehen im stahl” which literally means that the others stand in the stables. You can only change Yourself, the cattle-mentality people will follow, I admire You for being that cat woman Amy, strange and weird that I am too, give it a name, I had them all, try to explain the consept of timelessness on a University, afterwards doing a drum Journey, for the majority that looks outlandish, but for the few select that dare it really means a lot, of joy and wisdom gained at the expense of being ridiculed, I pay that price gladly my friend, normality sucks and they now it, so You go proud now My Lady, and I off course apologize to cattle for using them in this metaphor, they now what I mean so I guess it is alright.
                  love and a big hug Stephan

                  1. You don’t know how much you have encouraged me, Stephan. I am crying as I write this. Those around me lately have become impossible to be around and the low energy that is constantly attempting to grab at me and drag me down has been atrocious. I have gotten broken sleep for two nights now, and every day the pulling at my spirit, and the theatrics that I am exposed to, the little brat kid syndrome ……… I look around and ask, “What is going on? Why is the resistance trying so hard to break me?”

                    And I shall dance this day, my Brother. I shall raise my arms in ecstasy in spite of the weariness, in spite of the onslaught that has been coming my way, and while I dance I command the Universe to STOP this resistance from any further movement. Freeze it. Annihilate it. But is shall not come near me again! And so it is!!!!

                    I will be listening to one of Gabrielle Roth’s CD’s. Probably Bones.

                    I Love you, Stephan! You keep on dancing, you keep on BEing the “whaleman” and don’t allow anyone to stop you from BEing you. On account of the intense resistance that has been coming my way, I can truly say, what is coming is magnificent. And I am not about to miss it for anything! Are you? I doubt it! In fact, I know I shall see your smiling face break into a bigger grin when this whatever is here. And it IS coming, for I can feel the edges of it!!!!

                    Love and HUGS, Amy

                    1. You, ever seen a Gray Whale grin my friend, You can take a nap in that grin if you try it on for size. You are beautiful my friend, don’t let anyone suggest otherwise, they don’t get it Yet, but they will, some sooner than others, the shift will reverse their energy and they will wake up of that illusion very puzzled, and then we come into the picture helping them gently taking those babysteps. So You hang in there, and I will hold my end up here in Svendborg, whalehugs Stephan

                  2. I think our universitites would be much nicer if there were more “fessors” like you.

                    My contribution to “my” university was to introduce healing to a workgroup – assuming that I absolutely could not tell outwardly that I was a healer, because it could damage their reputation (they worked with IT things). But that “little boss” told – what you then do inside the doors I do not care about. This boss got several treatments from me – and he really enjoyed it 😉



                    1. Ya, taking that step and ignoring what others might think really pays of in so many ways, You find allies and like-minded people the strangest places 🙂

            1. Amy!

              You make me cry!

              You are the most honest, sincere person, who skins the skin of you in your truth, which of course also cause burns to time (or any time) – but that after each round gets up, brush off the dust and say – that’s it, so it is.

              You are admirable! I will never ever meet such a wonderful person you are. Well – you know you are an angel on earth, who come here to help the rest of us to dare to take off the blinders and let in the light, and you do it with a love that few can provide.

              I am forever grateful for what you have done for me.

              Love and Respect,


              1. I am “moving”. I have “begun”. Go see what I have done at Petals Unfolding. 🙂

                On the downside, two days ago I lost my original posts and ALL comments. So, when you go there, and do not see your comments, you will know why.

                I really have asked the question of myself…….IF I don’t share my Life with others, what meaning has my Life? I desire meaning, to have lived in order to share what I have “remembered” and what I have experienced, in order to help others on their own unique Path.

                So many here I would love to reply to. So many. Again, you guys seemed to have sprouted over night. 🙂 That’s what happens when the world is here at the Pond……different time zones. 🙂

                1. Amy, my Dear Sister,

                  I have read the comments and everything at your blog is OK.

                  I can be wrong (YOU know I have been before 😉 – but I feel a great tiredness in your comment back to me here. I think about how quickly this blog has become and how suddenly all “responsibility” is on one’s shoulders when standing alone with a task instead of collaborating in a team as we are around the Pond.

                  Amy – I know you will lift hundreds and thousands of people by your blog. You know we all support you, but allow yourself just to BE for a while now. Many transformative things have happened the last couple of weeks and everything has its time. Close your garden for the winter and take a couple of days at a spa and then deal with your new task with the elegance that only you can do.

                  Amy – I say this in Love for you, because I care about you, and because the world needs you, but I think even Angels have to be taken care of sometimes.

                  Love and Respect for you Amy,


                  1. Dearest Sister, I shall take your advice. You really are picking up things about me that are true. Lately I am truly having a difficult time with my husband, the energies have been brutal, and IF I allow myself to see what is around me, that “needs to be done” I would scream. Just getting my gardens closed for the winter is no small feat.

                    I will leave what I have begun and take some time just to BE me. Thank you. I must stop to smell the roses. And then some. 🙂

                    Love, Amuy

        1. Oh Sister Rose how I love you. You would be amazed (or maybe not) at how the flow 🙂 of your words here and me coming across this clip melded together.

          I am LMAO (or out) right now. Huge dumps being dropped all over.

    2. Dear sister! My body seems to be behaving much like yours, so I can relate to those extreme tensions and pressures, the weird feeling of never having eaten enough and certainly to those “transmuting visits” to the toilet… I am thanking my body daily for all the hard work it does for me – and for the whole Universe it feels like at times 😉
      Hugs and love from me, Aisha

    1. Look at the length of this video!!! 4:11 new foundation 2 beginnings….


    2. Ah, here’s the magic song that I just could not find myself!
      You complete me so perfectly!
      Love all of you,

  9. JJ thank you for speaking for US and expressing OUR humble love and gratitude for our pond family. You know that at the moment I am so far beyond being able to communicate. I am prostrate on the floor overwhelmed and overcome…. too much… too much… in the best way.

    Saying I love you to all my soul family here is just not big enough.

    1. That comment posted at exactly 1:55 … new foundation in 5D times 2 …
      Oh god, it is too too too much…

        1. Look at that. My god!!!! Even our “mistakes” are perfect. Divine. They are not even missteps, because we are forever moving in the right direction, NOT MATTER HOW IT MAY SEEM. Making our way to this, to Paradise.

          1. And perfectly we fit together.
            Love all the flow you create for all of us!
            May I bow to, this once?
            Love, JayJay

    2. Congratulations my dear friend, seems like we are going to need a lot of Champagne, love You so my friend and wish You and my man JJ the best of luck, and this song is for You both, just substitute DJ with JJ, You’ll get the idea 😉

  10. Dear friends! I am finally coming up for air again after an intense and painful squeeze from the energies, and what do I find here? 119 new comments, all overflowing with love, support, connection, power and most of all JOY! Wow, have you tried to take a small step back and really SEE what is going on here? Have you seen just how powerful you are becoming? Have you seen how much you learn from each other, and have you seen the great teachers you truly are? I am in tears today, tears of joy, tears of gratitude and tears of pure, simple, overwhelming LOVE for you all. What a powerful circle of empowerment this has become, as each and every one of us gather our own strength by sharing it with everyone else, and by using our personal challenges to guide ourselves and others to find a way step above and beyond these challenges. I urge you all to take a good look at this Pond, and see for yourself what it has become. For this Pond has grown into something that is almost beyond words, WE are growing into something that is beyond words. It is so immense, so powerful and so beautiful, and it is expanding and evolving at an astonishing rate. And it is US, it is the true essence of who we really are that is emerging, and this is what we are feeling when we feel the JOY that is finally starting to come into our lives. Stephan, you are so right, it is time for a celebration 🙂 A celebration of who we are, and what we have accomplished. The work is not over yet, but what we have made ourselves into already certainly deserves a big “thank you” party! Thank you, brothers and sisters, for making magic happen each and every day!
    Love, joy and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. I so love you Aisha,
      What is happening between me, my Counterpart and all (of us) around us is just beyond anything I could have dreamed of. We all complete eachother and make us expand in a way that can only be described as being perfect.

      So much Love…

      1. Dear brother! Yes, SO much love, and this love we are feeling is only going to grow stronger and reach further and wider than ever before. We are perfect, we are ONE 🙂
        Big hug from me, Aisha

    2. Oh, Sister, I AM SO ready for that celebration party. What I just came through, I really, and I mean really, did not think I was going to get through. It was THE toughest pocked to negativity I have transmuted to date.

      Going through my boxes in my closet to pick out my prettiest dancing shoes! How is that for FAITH!!!

      I Love you!

      1. And to keep seeing my life NOT change, yet feeling this newness, despite that, I will not loose hope. Today for some reason, I have to take some quiet time to manually push that elevator #5 button. I’m not feeling “Love” . How can I be not who I AM? Impossible. Yet the clearing I did, was so intense I now I have to find mySelf again, even though it has never gone anywhere.

        In other words, push that #5 button and step into Flow. And so it is.

      2. I love you, Amy, and I thank you for shining your light here and for helping us all to shine our light even brighter! And so it will be 🙂
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Dear Amy – I forgot to congratulate you with your wonderful blog! thank you for adding even more light to this planet of ours 🙂
          Big hug and much love from me, Aisha

          1. Oh, Aisha, I bow to you for recognizing my blog. Thank you so much! This writer is a bit shaky at the moment, yet over time, the confidence I shall have. Just like I did here, and will continue to do so, I jump in with both feet and allow my Heart and HS to guide me! In all things I do, this is how I live!

            Big HUG right back! Amy

    3. Aisha!

      So glad you feel fresh air again 🙂 I also staggers me up on the legs today though feeling very fragile. Really needed my best friend today and we had a long walk with her dog talking about all that happens now.

      As you say – this Pond has really become a Pond beyond words. I never knew a place so full of love, knowledge, support, joy, light and much more, than this Pond. I think it is Heaven on Earth – so far 😉 And you started the process, and my heart will always pay tribute to you for this powerful circle.

      Blessings Aisha!

      Love and Respect,


      1. Dear Birgitta! Your light keep shining so strong no matter how fragile you feel. Thank you, dear sister, for always being here and for always pouring your love and wisdom into this Pond!
        Much love from me, Aisha

    4. Aisha, I have attempted to express to you and the pond so many times the depth of my gratitude for this most sacred space. I still can not recall how I was lead to these comment sections. These ponders who read your and the CC’s words, take them in and process them in unique yet similar ways. The ones who comment and the ones who read, we all put energy and love into this space. We all refresh ourselves from it.

      I realized just yesterday that the first initimate words I shared here that had anything to do with my feelings, with my state of being at the time, amounted to me saying, “I am ashamed.” And do you know, my god the wonder of it, it was JayJay who responded to me. “It is not about shame. There is only love.” That one little exchange opened the door for the blessed healing waters of this pond to flow right into the core of my very very Self. And all through this year’s birthing process, each ponder has been a midwife, a doula, there supporting and loving me as I give birth to ME.

      What miracles we all make together.

      1. Between your words AH, and Alex’s words I find myself weeping. OMG! The miracles that are unfolding in this place and continue to do so! To be a witness to this, to be experiencing this, to be a part of this, is such a great honor to such a great magnitude of quantum expansion…….get the idea??? This is HUGE, Ponders. In more ways then we can possibly even know right now.

        Love to ALL, Amy

      2. Dear Anna Helen, your words touch me deep in my heart. Thank you for sharing them, and thank you for daring to open yourself up to this Pond. For by doing that, you are also assisting so many others who are in the middle of their own process. So as you are giving birth to YOU, you are also being a midwife for countless others 🙂
        Much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

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