As many of you have noticed already, there is a sort of quickening in the air, as if something that has been long awaited has started to announce its arrival. At first, this will only be noticeable as small pockets of purer air, where everything seems to be lighter and brighter, and where you will find yourself resting as if at ease with all that exists. For there, it will be like you are truly newborn, as if you start over again with a clean slate, devoid of any scrathings from all the old world’s toil and troubles. We know that for some of you, this may sound like a far away dream, while for others, these words will ring true in all sorts of ways. But please believe us when we say that these small pockets of luxurious feeling of contentment and ease are about to start to expand for everyone of you now.

Not much will be noticeable at first, for they can come as small blips on the horizon to begin with. But just as a large ship far out at sea at night will only be noticed as a small speck creeping slowly closer, these blips or glimmers of light will start to expand faster as they seem to be approaching at high speed. So know that even if you do not count yourself amongst those who have already had their first small taste of this nirvana, know that you too will soon feel that taste of freedom in your very bones, and when you do, it will leave a sense of liberty that will linger.

And for all those of you who have already had this sweet taste on your lips, if only for a fraction of a second, know that this is indeed the true taste of freedom, a freedom that will not just stop by to say hello and then vanish as if into thin air. No, this is indeed the true taste of the future YOU, the one that will find him or herself settled into a brand new way of life, where all the bygones are just that, gone for never to return ever again. So sniff around in the breeze and see if you too can find one of these pockets of fresh mountain air around you, and we can guarantee you that even if the air you breathe feels more oppressive and foul then ever, these small pockets of clarity are bound to find your inquisitive heart any day now. Search and ye shall find as they say, or rather, keep yourself ready, for you will be found by these life-giving capsules of freedom that will start to emerge out as if from nowhere.