Are you listening?

Dear friends!

These last few days have been full of magic, but also so intense, so I had to take some time to just BE. For the energies that blasted through me on the Equinox were even more powerful than I thought, so I literally had to disconnect myself from everything, including this Pond, in order to get back to myself. In this exhilaration of all the love that came rushing in, it is easy to get carried away. But just as the butterfly in the beautiful video Michael posted, we need to take time to sit with all this before we throw ourselves fully into this new level. For if we act too fast, we risk crashing down because our wings are not yet fully formed and ready to make us airborn.

For it is just like the CCs said, we have been given the opportunity to find our new voice, but we can only find it if we take time in quiet to listen for it inside. Many of you have done that, and the stories you have shared here these last couple of days are testaments to that. Alex, Guerric, Iain –  you are just some examples on how these new energies have worked miracles. For you did just that, you stepped back and stepped into yourselves, fully and truly and in ways that are shining examples for us all. I thank you for sharing these profound, transformative stories with us, for you have dared to be honest to yourselves in a way that is beyond anything I have ever seen before. For you have found your new voices, and they are beautiful, soaring up to heaven, and you bring joy into the hearts of us all.

Have I found my true voice? I think I have, but my process has been very different from what others have described here already. And so it should be, for we are all unique, and only we can do this the way that is right for us. This is not about technique or following in the footsteps of others, this is all about YOU doing this for YOU in the only way that is right for you. At least I know I will make sure to give myself ample opportunity to reconnect with myself in the days ahead in order to make sure that I have ”heard” it correctly. For it is just like the CCs said beforehand, this new energy ” will push a multitude of buttons in you all, and the result can be bewildering to say the least.”

The tune of this Pond has also changed with these new vibrations coming in, and the stories you have shared show that very clearly. And when we start to connect even deeper through this Pond, as in the group meditation Philip has set up for Monday, it is even more important that we all take some time before that to literally ”tune out to tune into ourselves”. For have you found your new voice yet? It may not feel very different from the old one, but believe me, it is. You may not have to go through a deep and profound experience in order to find it, but you need to be sure that you have in fact managed to establish just who you are after this intense energetic retuning. For some of you, that process will take some time to finish, and so you will have to give it all the time you need. But then at least you will know that you are still in the process of fine tuning yourself. And that is all it takes. So please make sure that you are honest with yourself in this process, and do not rush ahead without taking the time to listen well to that inner voice.

In other words, make sure that you have managed to tune into this new vibration, as otherwise, you will find yourself out of balance again very soon. For this new level of vibration is so powerful and so strong, and if you try to ”wing it” as they say, you will be blasted back down again until you learn your lesson. For we cannot sing the old song anymore, it simply does not harmonize with the new, and you will feel the effects of being ”out of tune with yourself” even more now than what we did before. Because the energies have changed so much it will clearly signal if you are, and it will do so without hesitation. It is easy to get confused, and it can be distracting to hear everybody else trying out their own voices. So make sure that it is YOUR voice you hear, not that of someone else.

So take time, disconnect from the outside and go within. That way, you will know just what your new voice is, and when you raise it to the heavens, it will mix in perfectly with the new vibration that is already here. Remember to be patient with yourself, and ask for assistance if you need it. I had a hard time hearing myself above the noise my physical body made in the aftermath of the Equinox, and even being out in nature was not enough to help me to balance myself. And so I asked for help, and got it in the form of this beautiful dog that I was asked to look after for a few hours. This gift of love gave me the opportunity I needed to just let go of everything and just BE in the love that he gave me. And so he helped me to hear myself, and for that, I thank the infinite wisdom of the Universe. So please make sure you give yourself the same gift of tuning in, and I know you will find your way through the noise and into the new music that has started to play within.

Love and light, Aisha


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  1. Hi, I am almost loosing it. I have a responsibility of two small children alone. I don’t know what will happen if I give up. I am praying for a miracle already.


    1. Dear Lara, your team is around you waiting to help. You have two beautiful little people with you who love you unconditionally. There is nothing to lose, there is nothing to give up. We are Love. We played a game of un-Love to see what it was like. It was rubbish. Now we can go back to Love.

    2. I’m about 30 miles SW of Portland, OR
      If you’re anywhere around here I could help.

      We are co-creators of the new age which is birthing now. It will be what we make it. Please don’t bring anxiety and fear with you, any of you.

      Cling to love, truth, beauty, and goodness.
      nothing else matters.

      or if
      worse comes to worst
      Shut up, and die like an Aviator !

  2. I want to thank everyone for their sharings.. There are so many that I want to respond to individually but I have to trust you can take in my appreciation for you in this one “unipond” note. The last several days have been intense and the deepest of the negative parts of the ego/3-D have been up for me.

    I have been sorely challenged to feel the place inside that knows that this is the process and it is okay. My mind knows but my feelings have not. I am returning to feeling the rightness of Divine Timing for my own journey thanks to you all today. At least for the moment until the next wave comes!


    1. Dear Nancy, Yes, I have been having a similar experience to you.
      Also, a lot of us are processing mass conscioussness. And, I can never ell what is mine and what is not. I still am not clear on that and I may never be.
      Here is a message from Hilarian which talks about the lightworkers who are feeling the intense emotions again. I found this very helpful.


    2. For those of us who feel they are suffering issues and dense energies that they have already cleared, here is a quote from a Hilarian message. I find Hilarian’s messages very helpful.

      “This is the reason why so many of our Lightworkers who have done this work for so long and have cleared their energy fields have been experiencing a resurgence of these energies within them. It is the collective field of energetic thought forms from every person around the entire planet that is the cause. Humanity has yet to learn that each one is responsible for their very thoughts and that it is important to become responsible for them. Our beloved Lightworkers have voluntarily agreed to take on some degree of these energies again in order to facilitate the transmutation process in an accelerated manner for all and this IS being accomplished.

      Due to the loving service that the Lightworkers have been voluntarily performing, the world is in a much better and more stable situation than was possible a few months ago. Although most of you do not consciously remember this agreement that was made on the higher dimensions, know that it was done with the intent of alleviating the potential of greater suffering within the lives of each person upon the planet and so we ask that you not think of yourselves as regressing in your development, for that is not so. You are each making great strides in your personal spiritual evolution and development. All is on track and the field of unlimited potential is wide open for each human on your planet.”

      1. Gratitude and much Love to you Michael 🙂
        I read this too, and it helps and resonates very much !

  3. Thank you to all of you for your kind and comforting words. It makes me feel a lot better!

  4. Gabriella, when someone is as close to a pet as you are, there is a good chance it will re-inhabit a new body. Get one soon, they can’t wait forever.

    Last night was sleepless for me. Something new was coming through that I really wanted to find a way to wrap words around. Finally, around 5:30 in the morning I was finally able to focus on it. Even so, analogy and metaphor is as close as a can get.

    Picture the seashore and a rising tide. The energy flows in, pauses, and then reflects itself as the wave goes out. The next wave comes in a little further, goes out a little less. If it all came in at once, it would be a disastrous tsunami.
    I’ve been finding myself rejoicing when I break through into light, and despairing when I sink back into the muck of 3d.
    I don’t think we can expect anything that looks like a smooth ride.
    I won’t be so distressed as I’ve been for the last couple of weeks, when I go back into the dark.

    1. I pray you arrive at the Seashore of Deep Peace that I have, and that no matter what comes or doesn’t, this Peace stays…………Peace, Otmn.

  5. So thankful for all of you above, Aisha Phoenix, Pink Rose,janis, Nohmad,Carl and all others, sharing the same feelings as I am so I do not feel alone in this emptiness which the self is experiencing. The Bible talks about the “winepress” of God and it does describe how so much is being pressed out of us so that we can receive “everything will be made new.”
    I love you all; thank you for Being. J.

    1. Just a few more rays of light and love to shine on all my beautiful radiant brothers and sisters and something to reflect on.

      It just hit me strongly that we now have this amazing to Release all our karmic Debt, but the only way to do that in my estimation is to accept that All experience is valid and necessary for growth and learning and reflection back on all that is. The end of that thought is that we must all accept within ourselves THAT which from a human perspective seems unacceptable. We must own it all, knowing that life after life every single being has been both man and woman, good and bad, up and down etc. etc. The universe is a balance and that balance is centered in our hearts. One must except both sides of the coin if the lessons are to be learned and the karma balanced. To be a part of All that is means accepting all that is. You can choose to fight that thought, but then one will repeat it. When the Law of Love is applied, the law of Karma is removed. Remember that…so, true acceptance of all that is starts with acceptance of our selves.

      very powerful for me! Also for those who feel that they are abandoned, when one goes through the “eye of the needle” they do so briefly alone. What that means is you must find all that you need, within yourself, but don’t worry, it is THERE because You are God. Remember, WE are the ones we have been waiting for!

      Huge hugs–loads of processing going on for me lately, loads of things pouring out, both good and bad and I am working to Accept it all as perfect from an expanded consciousness perspective…

      In peace and light and tons of love and gratitude for you all! Alex

      1. OMG Alex !!!
        This chance of erasing Karmic debt thru acceptance and cleansing …
        I felt (and told my friends) the EXACT same words 2 days ago.

        This pond is evolving so much, we are coming forth a lot move. And this sharing help in so many ways. Validating some intuitions, helping, soothing, laughing 🙂

        ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂

  6. Dear Aisha and friends,

    I have been quiet because my journey this last week has been one of the toughest experiences so far.
    Always in the past, when reading the posts, they have all been confirmations of what I was experiencing, my feelings/sensations/’knowings’ put into words. Very synchronistic.

    The afternoon of the equinox is when the anger came up. Doing my tasks, running my errands, it seemed as though everyone had a personal mission to get in my way or be unkind. I reached a point where I just started sobbing, and saying (internal screaming) ‘I am not supposed to be here!’ ‘I want to go home, I’m in the WRONG place!’

    I had zero communication from ‘them’.
    I felt completely abandoned, left behind, forsaken, and a loneliness that is so dark it is to describe. The silence deafening.

    Reading the posts, which as I said earlier, had always been confirmations for me, made me feel even more lonely, because I was obviously not having the experience the CC’s were describing. I just kept wondering what I had done wrong. Why was I so ‘off’ course now? This is a very hard situation to look at when you believe you may have been abandoned by God himself.

    These feelings lasted through Friday evening, and finally started to break Yesterday morning.

    I found myself in ‘small waves’ yesterday evening, and the communication ramping back up.

    I am still not sure what has happened. The only thing I can think of is there was a post earlier this week I believe about ‘getting your things in order’. My things were NOT in order, as a matter of fact. I have been waiting for my beloved to join me for the remainder of this journey. He is on his way, and should be with me within a week.

    I can only assume that this could have something to do with my own experience. That my own free will interfered, although I was quite unaware of this, if true.

    I wanted share this with others to show that not everyone is in a state of beautiful bliss. I felt ashamed that I was not where others were. Almost like being the last pick on a sports team. This was definitely a dark night of the soul experience, but have had them before, and definitely did not expect another one at this time.

    I am much a science geek and always want to understand what is happening on a quantum level, so I will add: I feel that their frequencies are higher now, so we must ‘reach up’ a little further to connect… They have become finer, and higher. On the day of the equinox, I saw several literal signs saying things like ‘reach’ and ‘high life’.

    That’s it for now. I wanted to stop by and check in with you all. I am here, I am reading, I am with you.

    Love love love,


    1. One more thing: the anger and desperation that I was feeling I liken to a baby being birthed into a new world.
      I had forgotten that I made notes about this in my journal.

      If you think of us as children in the uterus that have grown to the point of feeling squashed and almost suffocated, trying to find the way out- Raging against the walls that were once comforting, now feeling like a prison- This is very much like that process for me, feeling as if I am being squeezed, bones being pulled out of place, and then being pushed through the vortex/birth canal, into the new world.

      It’s no wonder that children enter this life screaming at the top of their lungs.

      For those of you who have already been fully birthed and are being swaddled in the new love, the light, thank you ALL for your words of encouragement and kindness. I read all of your responses to others’ posts.

      I am not always able to write, but am here, thinking and trying to understand, listening, and being.

      1. Dear Phoenix, I remained in the dark night of the soul 13 years of my life. I know what you are feeling. What I can say to you, and also to Michael, Emma, Gabriella, Libby, Jean, Child of Light and others that yet refuse to open their mouths, is that we ALL are slowly dying to 3D. All our worst fears/ghosts/demons are being liberated from within us. That is all of the past. But yet the inertia of all of that is affecting us. Now, the energy as you have said is different, it,s hard and at the same time mild, but it,s another octave above. Until we can get to this new level, we are integrating this new level in our body/mind/soul level. It,s another little process. The Blue Beam that hit ALL Earth these days was TOO HIGH. We need time to digest all this. This is what we are all going through now.

        Our Pond is a deep reservoir of this BLUE PRISTINE LIGHT. We ALL are part of this Pond. We ALL BELONG to this beautiful POND. Our new FAMILY OF THE LIGHT belong here. We are all Brothers and Sisters of the LIGHT. WE ARE ONE.

        Our connection is improving, we all know all others by his proper name. We feel his energy when we think about him, and almost know what his mood is. We are slowly unifying, becoming one, while yet being apart. It was hard to control the rapper, but I did it. I do love each and any of you.


        1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nohmad!

          Thank you For this kind explanation of what is actually happening. I always seek to understand, I do not believe that anything is ‘random’. And yes, after reading your post and doing some reflecting, I realize that this last week and especially Wednesday thru Friday has been a cleansing of the theme ‘betrayal’ in my life.

          This theme has popped up in my life over and over. From the beginning, a parent, through the teen years, throughout my old self in the corporate world, (which died with my former self 4 years ago) in personal relationships, and on and on.

          It has been those that I loved and cared for the most throughout my life that abandoned me or betrayed me, leaving me stunned.

          I have processed all of these experiences one by one and knew how each one had helped me along my path, for without them constantly throwing me back in the water, I would never have arrived here. The only difference is that I processed them as they happened after my spiritual journey began in 1998 and not ‘All at once’. my journey reached a plateau in 2009, everything was thrown out, and the second part of the journey began. The anger coming up last week must have been residual emotion held. I hope it is gone.

          Your words of leaving 3D behind is very literal. Everyone is gone. All of the old friends and people have disappeared. And yet, the most important person , has finally arrived.

          I feel blessed beyond measure, for all of my experiences, my children, my gifts, and my beloved. I am especially grateful to Aisha, our loving CC’s, and to all of you.

          I am ready to move forward with everything that I am.

          Thank you for confirming that we are ALL here together.

          In Loving Gratitude,

        2. Hey Nohmad, Thanks for the positive energy, Brother. It just keeps getting more and more surreal. But , yes, I feel like we jumped a full Octave in the last few days.
          Sending you the positive energy as well.
          Love, Michael

          1. Michael, my Brother of the Light!. Hold on, bro, soon it,ll get fantastic! See you on the next octave! You always have known that all my unconditional love is yours. Please, continue shining your blinding light. It,s useless to fight it with others that don,t match our frequency.

            1. My humble opinion, we “go getters” jumped one entire octave and are now about ready to climb onto two up from where we last leaped off. I’ve been in between octaves before, the BIG VOID (I say that with a DEEP voice) but this? Off the charts! Surreal??? I think I got shot out of a canon to the NEXT galaxy!

              I think as I shot out like a rocket, my brains and all those neurons, went careening back of me, squeezed out of me like toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube.

              BE good to yourselves……….hopefully we will get out of this soon. How many dimensions are we weaving together as ONE? Did we “bite off” more then we could chew? See ya all in the “beam blue beyond”…….(((HUGS)))

      2. Thank you Phoenix, you express yourself beauitifully and what you have experienced is exactly how I experienced it, a strange silence, an alone feeling, feeling lost and the hardest part was the feeling that God had abandoned me. Throughout any difficulties in my life I knew I had God to guide and support me, but through this last 2 weeks I felt I had been abandoned by him and my guides. I feel I have landed on a new planet that is very unfamiliar. Everything seems so surreal right now, but Im holding on and taking any fleeting moments of bliss and holding them with both hands. I feel I may be holding on to something and must let it go. I let go and release, i let go and release….

        We will all be ok. I want to express myself more but I have to sleep. Thank you for sharing and you are definitely not alone with how you are feeling. Please keep updating us, and I look forward to hear the positive changes that you will no doubt experience in the coming days. love and light x

        1. Hello lovely Sister, it,s the first time I see you beautiful name in a comment. God is not gone. He really is most near you than ever. To say the truth He,s merging with you now. Of course, you can externally find Him always in ALL of us, your Brothers and Sisters of the Light, your new Family of the Light. So, wait just a little more. When the time is ripe you will hear His voice inside you, saying to you: ‘Hi, Sue!. I,ve always loved you!’. And by the way, I love you too.

          1. Nomad, thank you for your beautiful reply, you brought a huge smile to my face. Also you are absolutely correct in what you said, I know God is always with us, within us and around us, although the last 2 weeks tested my faith to the limit. However today is a new day, and I am feeling so blessed. Peace, bliss, love and oneness have returned to my heart after the very difficult storm of the last two weeks. I home once again. I pray all of the others currently riding to storm to please hold on a tight a little longer, your wings will spread, they will. Nomad I love you too, thank you blessed one. x

      3. Dear Phoenix, and all Pond dwellers 🙂
        Resonating a lot with all you said in this post. The ride has been extremely roller-coaster like. AND, oh my, the similarities to pregnancy like feelings too.
        Also hot flashes, then feeling cold.
        It is an on-going transition. We just went thru yet another one burst, the Equinox.
        I too have felt up, down, up, up, down and sooo down (thought I’d NEVER feel like this again, with onslaughts of anxiety, fear or anger).
        Generally still feeling sleepy, sometimes blurry vision. Still need a lot of “me” time, not wanting to go out there.
        Just to be home and BE. With my cats (wonderful and changing too), my thoughts, my transformations and communicating with you here (well, this is when I actually muster the energy to write, mostly I just read).
        There are moments of pure joy too. Been seeing blue (intense indigo) light. Of at times seeing golden light spheres at peripheral vision.

        Also wanted to share with you what hapenned last friday !

        So, friday : friends of mine we coming for a 3 days visit from another city. We decided I’d wait for them at the exit of the subway.
        I actually welcomed the walk, and left my house early so I could walk around until they arrived.
        I did. Was hoping to skywatch, but it was drizzling. So, my umbrella (ella, ella 🙂 ) and I walked, smiled at passerbys, and felt content.

        Even met a person I know, so we stopped and chatted. Eventually my friends appeared, and we started slowly walking back to my place. Chatting and catching up (they are Lightworkers as well).

        Well, after a few minutes, BAM. I suddenly felt violently ill. Like it struck me from nowhere.
        So sick I knew I had to stop and crouch (no way to sit on a wet pavement) or plain pass out. One of my friends started doing healing on me, calling Archangels. I did too.
        Just a horrible sick feeling. Completely weak, on the brink of loosing consciousness. And very, very thirsty ! Craving water !
        Plus sudden stomach cramps after a while.
        I was so aware I could simply pass out that I fetched my keys and weakly handed them, telling them to just carry me home if needed.

        I got up, manages to walk a bit more, and poof, back to crouching.
        Seemed like it took forever to get to my building.
        Finally did, and again I sat on the steps, weak and sick.
        Climbing to the first floor was a hudge willpower effort. As soon as we entered my apartment, I dropped into the couch.
        Drank some water.
        Then my stomach started hurting bad, so I wobbled to the toilet.

        After that, wobbled back to my couch, drank more water (this time with lemon and some sugar).

        Sat, and started to feel slowly better.
        After a while it all went away as suddenly as it had appeared.
        The rest of the evening I was completely fine, talking, moving about, eating. All good !
        (Pheeew, did I write a “long one” 🙂 )
        We agreed (my friends and I) that it must have been an “intense” clearing, cleansing/ releasing. Personally, I felt it could have been also a reaction to “being out there” while still very “raw” from all these energies moving around.

        I would love and welcome insight from any of you (who had the courage to read all this 🙂 )

        Today (first day back alone to BE, as my friends just left) I feel quiet. Also feel that things are still moving, and the ride is on-going. There is a better ease in dealing with bursts of emotions.
        Talk soon, pond friends ❤
        Love, Joy and Light. Thanks for being 🙂

    2. Dear Phoenix,

      Thank you for posting your experience. I seem to have been in the same place, at the same time. Friday night was the most difficult in memory. I had a “dark night of the soul” as well, in that I seem to have suffered the greatest emotional pain I’m capable of handling. Following a devastating experience with regard to someone I love almost without measure, I went into despair and it lasted all night. I was awake every couple of hours. Like Gabriella’s kitty I count this person as my same soul, in fact, as myself. The sense of loss tore me apart.

      I went into the situation knowing it would be rough. I applied every spiritual tool in my arsenal, mainly the application of unconditional love toward all concerned, regardless of what they might do to us, and still it was the inner “fight of my life”. I watched an almost unbelievable scenario play out where we had no control of the forces that determined what would happen to us in 3D physicality. And as it played out all my capability as a spiritual being seemed to come up short, and I was plunged into anger and despair.

      Now mind you, I’m one of those guys who usually “loves first, and asks questions later”. But this scenario, which has been going on now for near a month, really “did me in”. I have found myself thinking that the energies create individual scenarios for us, each one different, but which acts to create what we need for our individual progress in this path toward our Becoming. This one went to the core of my being, and it still persists to this moment.

      But something did take place which was notable. I recall in this night that at one point I “relaxed” into the pain, where in a sense I was able to become aware and objective, as opposed to simply wincing, or being reactionary. As this happened, I had an unusual sense of “making progress”, where I could actually see that the pain was in fact a cleansing process, where I could sense some semblance of light at the end of the tunnel. So often when we experience pain we simply react. But for some moments, I experienced a sense of objectivity, and what it gave to me was a sense of the purpose of this experience, and that I might in truth be making some notable progress. On this note I will mention reading on the Way of Love Blog where Jesus was channelled (March 21) as saying in essence that suffering is what produces the capacity for compassion, and that without it, it is very difficult to understand compassion.

      Looking back, I seem to recall that at one point I asked for a real good “dose” of moving forward, because I’m rather anxious to achieve the place of Being where we all want to go. Perhaps in one way or another we have all asked.

      This particular leg of the journey has one beautiful note attached to it. After a night of almost total despair, at about 5:15 AM local time the being whom I love so deeply came to me in a dream. It was the most realistic I can recall, in the sense that I feel this was a “real” event in a particular dimension, as opposed to “normal” dreaming. The clarity was profound. I won’t go into great detail, other than to say I was feeling myself being caressed, and as I opened my eyes (in the dream) I was surprised to see my soul family member standing beside me. They were talking to me, although I did not cognize any of the words. And I watched in delight as they went on behaving like the beautiful being I know them to be. And then, they gave me a sign of reassurance in a way that most fits how they are. I was kissed very gently, without words, and knew that they were saying to me “I love you”, in the most intimate and meaningful way possible.

      I don’t know what I would have done without this experience. I was at the limit of what I was able to bear, and this saved me.

      This story is not over, not by a long stretch. Inside I feel physically “raw” in the entire upper part of my body, like I’ve been “run through the ringer”. But I have to believe this is all purposeful, and most probably right on target for what I need, in order to progress. I can say this for certain. Today I feel more compassionate than I was for example six months ago. How could it be otherwise?

      My best to you all, as we share and go forward in each of our journeys toward Becoming.


      1. Carl,

        I have read your account several times now. I find it incredible how similar your experiences are to both myself and another that I know, in fact, you have helped me to understand something about a situation that I was experiencing Friday evening as well.

        I do believe that you are correct that certain events are created energetically to help ‘push’ us into doing what we need to do to take us to the next level.

        For instance, my level of anger and feelings of betrayal caused me to look at a situation more objectively, which in turn caused a ‘disconnect’, which in turn became a catalyst for movement in a situation that needed it desperately.

        Thank you for sharing such an intimate encounter as I am sure as Nohmad hinted towards, that there are many others who are still reaching and processing, but have not yet spoken.

        We are changing, we are shedding, we are cleansing, we are aligning and yes, we are Becoming.

        I still feel a bit of ‘dead space’ here, almost like the radio is completely off. I believe it’s going to take some more effort on my part to have the (almost) constant connection and communication that was present prior to the equinox.

        Blessings to you and All,

        1. Phoenix, you are not alone. My radio’s battery seems dead. All my Life I have had connection, and now this static, or this seemingly emptiness was at first unnerving, but now, of late, it is bringing me comfort of all things, which if you think about it, is odd. Not to have my guidance hooked to me should be leaving me in a panic. But for the most part (and I say for the most part for I too have had my moments when I have crumbled over these past few days) I feel a Great Peace and Calm. Strange……but true. For now, I am just BEing, in the Moment, in the Now, breathing, and just BEing. Peace, Phoenix. Peace.

          1. pinkrose you said it all, i too have been connected to source for a number of years now, but suddenly it seems to have dissappeared and left me stranded. Maybe it is a test of our strength in ourselves and faith! x

            1. …..or mayhaps we are being connected in a New Way and the only way that can be done was to have a total disconnect to begin with…….some food for thought. Mayhaps this sense of Deep Peace I have is GOD’S way of saying to me, “Even though WE don’t seem connected for the moment, I am giving you MY Peace to know all is as it needs to be and I truly am with you always!”……….hmmmmmmmm…….

              1. Thank you Pinkrose. Hugs to you too. Today was a huge turning point for me, i feel I am now reconnected and the love has come surging through me once more. Your guidance and connection will return,it really will. The hard days of the last few weeks are now a distant memory and I am thankful to have gone through them to now come out the other side much lighter and more connected than ever. Let go of everything sweet one, just let go, you are wise to just breathe and stay completely in the now, just breathe and love. Everything else will work itself out. Let go and let God. One love x

          2. Thank you for sharing this, Amy. It is comforting beyond measure to feel that I haven’t been left behind.
            Your perspective is invaluable, and caused me to think and reflect upon the value of silence. Almost as if we have been given a ‘blank slate’ to create now whatever we wish.

            Another note that I had journaled on the day of the equinox, when I was in the midst of my breakdown, feeling abandoned, that I had taken the ‘wrong bus’ to the ‘wrong world’, sobbing and begging to be sent to my home, I received very clearly:

            ‘You are now free
            You may have whatever experience you wish.’

            And I do believe the message from the CC’s the following day via Aisha said something very similar.

            I have read much about the law of attraction, quantum physics, energy, and time.

            Our plane apparently is one of the only ones that experiences ‘time’. There is a large space that we perceive between creating something in our mind and seeing it manifest in our reality. Other dimensions have no time… Therefore manifesting instantly. 3D earth would be quite the mess with no space and time.

            So my friends, we have been given a blank slate, and it feels odd. And it may feel lonely at times.

            But we may do with it whatever we wish.

            My belief is that we here in the pond, are each light workers and healers in our own way, but ALL have a common denominator, which is to Create and BE Love Manifest.

            I feel the vibration of this group increasing exponentially and my heart overflows with love for each and every one of you.

            Thank you to ALL


            1. Ohhhh, Phoenix, I just happened to be online when your post came into my email inbox. Your words are so touching, and yes I do KNOW that each one of us here is a vessel for healing, each one in her or his very unique way. I think once the dust settles and we are reconnected again, this “creating” will become clearer as to the “how”. I would LOVE to have a manual right about now, clearly stating the “what now”. I suppose this too we must discover ourselves.

              But for now, I suggest all of us nurture ourselves and get rest and eat a lot. I don’t know about anyone else, but my body is HUNGRY and wants FOOD. So, I throw out the window the “fat thought” and eat. I’ve been experiencing really challenging physical symptoms and every time I eat they abate. Hmmmmm…….there really is something to the saying, the body never lies.

              I thank you for your kind words to me. They meant a lot. (((HUGS))) Staying together here at this Sacred Pond, we will figure out the “what next”……the domino effect…….one gets an idea, which triggers something else in someone else and on it goes………

              I DO SO LOVE IT HERE! And I love you too, Sister! It feels SO good to have Family! I’ve waited a long time for this!

              1. Hello sister Pinkrose 🙂
                Oh do I hear you about nurturing ourselves right now. And FOOD 🙂 🙂 🙂
                Same here. Craving, being hungry ( even feeling a sudden hunger pang in the middle of meditating 🙂 )
                Amazing. Love you ALL, love this pond

        2. Thank you all for reaching out to me and expressing love and welcome (Nohmad, Phoenix, Pinkrose, Janis and anyone else I missed). I feel it. I’ve historically been one who flies mostly alone, and usually supports and buoys up others. I’m not so much used to being supported so lovingly by other folks. And I just today understood at a greater level the value of a worldwide community. We have the opportunity to meet peers from a much larger scope. I’ve known all along there are other Lightworkers “out there”, and now it seems incredible to be meeting them. I am humbled today.

          Today I’m feeling like a new birth has indeed taken place, at least a large segment of it, anyway. -Still “raw” from the emotional turmoil, but it feels like a new day. Today is also my new year, where upon this day I was born for the first time in this incarnation. Today you all gave me a truly sacred and wonderful present. You presented me with love and with open and welcome arms. Thank you so very much for that.

          Aisha, I want to express thanks for your exceptional leadership. I have always maintained that because of the influence of great leaders, great things happen for humanity.

          My love to all who read this.


          1. First of all Carl, Happy Birthday!!!!
            I LOVE birthdays, they are a celebration of YOU being born. So welcome again! 😀

            You are not alone, I believe that many of us here donating to the pond are probably what many would describe as ‘loners’ and the ones that are most depended on to uplift others. It is my understanding that has taken a VERY LONG time to fully assimilate that we do in fact vibrate at a different frequency from most of humanity. This is not narcissistic. It just ‘is’. Most of my life I have felt like an alien. I have read most of the ‘law of one’ material and countless other books until It all finally sunk in. I did not come from a human family that encouraged this type of thinking. It was do a job, be successful in what I call ‘the matrix’, the false world, or what some have referred to as the hologram.

            I have never had a teacher and have had to come to many many conclusions on my own, via lots and lots of research.

            We are very different. Others are drawn naturally and they don’t even know why. My biggest lesson so far, has been to get to the level of understanding so that nothing is taken personally. It’s not ME… It’s what comes through me. (Meaning, when most people say ‘i love you’ they actually have NO idea what they are saying in my language, but I thought for a very long time that everyone was just like me, but they dont love ME, they love THE LOVE feeling that comes through) There is no ego involved in being this ‘light worker’ ‘wanderer’, ‘starseed’, or whatever you wish to call us. In fact, it’s been quite the living hell! Lol. I believe that we LOVE at a level that most are unable to touch, for various reasons… Laziness, fear, comfort, etc

            Because we FEEL so deeply, it has been a struggle for me personally to find ANY one who is like me. And I had just about given up all hope until several things happened, one was finding this blog.

            One habit we tend to have is NOT reach out ourselves because we are depended upon to be ‘strong’ for everyone else. It feel foreign to ask or admit a weakness.

            Here is your source of true friends and ‘traveling companions’ as a contributor to the pond once called us.

            We are all brave here, as it is my belief that many arel experiencing the ‘rawness’ that you are feeling.

            You are a very gifted writer, I have noticed. Able to convey so clearly what you feel and what is so.

            Thank you ALL for all of your heartfelt contributions today,
            Several times today tears have overcome me with everyone’s kind, generous, and absolutely beautiful responses…

            LOVE to ALL!


            1. Oh, Dear GOD, Phoenix, your words describe me to a tee, and you have me in tears right now. OMG. I don’t know what I would do without this Pond in my Life,……….oh cripes, tears are just coming. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for understanding me, for knowing me, and for writing words that could have come straight out of my hand. To have found Family is the Greatest Gift I have ever been given. I love you so much!!!!

            2. Ever heard of the “open mouths syndrome”? Well so am I, Phoenix. How wonderful and how you express feelings reflex everyone here. TNU really are a good writer, decoder and capture ideas. Thanks for reflecting me  on these words.
              Buckets of love

            3. Oh, Phoenix! You nailed it. You’re absolutely right. The pain and suffering that has been going on was brought about because I came upon one who DOES have the capacity to love…to feel the way that we do. This being has the caliber, the capacity to relate in this profound way, such that what I would describe as ecstatic union, at the soul level, is actually achieved. And ecstasy it is, or perhaps should I say, “was”.

              The problem comes when such relationship does not fit any current conventional “box”. It then becomes a struggle to relate, or when successful, to cause consternation in so many surrounding us. This is precisely what I have been thinking about all this, that most humans do not have the capacity to feel in the way that we do. Few seemed to understand, and some thought that there must be something wrong with me. -There isn’t.

              It is my belief that what we all seek is ecstatic union with the Divine. And one way, if not the way, in which we accomplish this is in how we relate to one another. I see myself in the other, and I believe I have the capacity to love them profoundly.

              I think that we are the ones who can, do, and will set the example. But oh, sometimes it can be so difficult. They just don’t understand! I guess this is where the capacity for infinite compassion comes into play. I’m certainly not there just yet, but what we’re going through does appear to be bringing us along that path.

              The way in which you articulated this whole concept is brilliant. I feel that you possess great wisdom; borne of experience, and a lifetime of study and practice. Thank you for your words. I cried when I read them.


              1. Carl, there,s no more conventional box. There,s no more social accepted rules, there,s no more ‘Oh, what would they think about me’. There,s no more taboos/prohibited/proscribed/forbidden or any thing of the like that darkness imposed upon us to make us unhappy forever, with the only aim for us to forget who we really are. WE ARE LOVE. The rest is DOGMA/3D/PAST. Today we are free to be who we are or who we want to be. Free Will reign now again. Forget 3D and be free again. Sever all links with 3D thinking. Don,t look behind anymore, just ahead. LOVE who YOU feel LOVE you how you want to be loved and how you truly love. Carl, be free AND happy my brother, you deserve. This whole mega operation called Ascension was planed for ALL of us to be free again. The time is now. 3D is slowly dying and with it all dogmas of darkness. True Love, Joy and Union are here and will be here forevermore. Love IS Love. Nobody has the wright to tell you why you love any other being. Love IS Love.

            4. So many resonating words !
              So many similar choice of words ( “raw” is one).
              Sending Love and immense Gratitude to all here, traveling companions as Phoenix put it beautifully. And to Aisha, for creating this space, pond, where we come rest, learn, drink in, and share !

      2. Dearest Carl, you are becoming under great pressure the Shining Jewel who you truly are. There is no other way to know Compassion unless one first walks through the fires. You are Greatly Loved and I honor your Journey. Peace, my Brother. Peace.

      3. Carl, thank you very much for everything you’ve shared today, has been very significant for me.

        1. Pinkrose, Janis, and all who have reached out to me- once again, thank you. I’m beginning to feel like I have a home here, because of you.

          Emma, I too am wordless. Right now it needs to be that way, so I will just say this: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


    3. *watery eyes*…so appreciating your sharing, Phoenix… the details of my struggle are different from yours but I so identify with you…not experiencing the elation that others report and yet I still have hope…I feel that on some level the joy is true but that I just need to allow it space in me…sending much love to you…♥♥♥…janis

      1. Janis, and all others who are still struggling…..Emma, Phoenix, Carl…….and any others…..I just came back from a walk, and the PEACE I am feeling is beyond what I have ever experienced here on Earth. Communications with the Great Central Sun showed me how each of us is transforming into Gold, and we each have to honor the process each of us has chosen. WE are becoming a Higher Species, incorporating our God Selves into every single cell in our bodies. That is a process, so be gentle with yourselves……LISTEN to your Hearts, be aware of the energy around you and what it is SAYING to you, AND you can now tell the Energy what you want. IF the process is too much to handle, ask for IT to be slowed down a bit. IF you want something within you to align with Truth, YOUR Truth, tell that to the Energy. FEEL it all around you. I “see” this energy as a pastel rainbow, glistening, gentle, but powerful, pouring forth from the Great Central Sun to ALL THAT Is.

        Even IF you don’t feel it YET, know KNOW you will. I ALMOST gave up on hope last night, as I lay in my bed tormented in pain. WE are doing what no others have……..merging with GOD so that we may walk as GODS and and GODDESSES upon the New Earth. Patience, and surround yourself with nurturing. This is paramount right now. The more you try to push, the more the process will pound, as a storm on a rock. See yourself as soft and flexible and open, to allow what is to unfold to unfold. Don’t think. JUST BE in the MOMENT.

        ALL is GOOD. ALL is RIGHT. BE good to you. FEEL the Angels around you to minister to you. Get out of 3rd……get into Heart (5th).


        1. Ohhh, thank you so much, Amy…such a boost your words bring to me… maybe it’s time for me to take a walk today, too…♥♥♥…janis…♥♥♥’incorporating our God Selves into every single cell in our bodies’♥♥♥!

          1. Hehehehehehe OOPS! I’ve been notified by my Team that I oopsied. And yes I did. For you see, our God Flame (Spark) is already IN our each and every cell of our bodies. What we are processing now is turning those flames ON. There. Now I believe I got it right! Sorry about that, Janis!

            I am picturing an old fashioned key in an old fashion lock, to open it. The “substance” is in the lock, it just has to be opened in order to allow entrance into that which is before us! Now, for the technical stuff, forget it, because my brain squawks when I try to go that route, a route I used to use all the time when I was a Professional Nurse. Haha…….My Team has said uh uh, no techy,…. flowy, and fly by the seat of the pantsies…….GRIN!

        2. Amy, what I can say? You simply wonderful and yet not being on the same level as you, I feel you so close.
          Each day will keep each of your advice;). In fact I think I do, but I need to improve (be more patient, persevering and permissive with myself) I know I will, each day a little more, but get to get through this, because it has to be and it is. Amen
          I love you, always remember

        3. Pinkrose, WOW !!!
          Those were the words I needed right now. And what a beautiful depiction, this gentle yet powerful rainbow.
          You wrote this yesterday, I’m reading now. This is the magic of the pond ! We leave something here, and it remains for others to use, feel good about (or teary sometimes).

          Gratitude my beautiful sister !!!! Love you. Love the pond.

    4. Too much light in the pond today, my God!! brightness is blinding here today, I can not thank you all this light.
      Thank you very much Phoenix has been great

        1. Of course I don’t mind!!!! I live…on the Earth ;)…just kidding. For now I’m living in Spain for a while, I hope not too much…..
          Love Janis

          1. Emma, it is past your bedtime! Here I am 5, or is it 6 hours behind you and I am about ready to stumble off to bed. How are you keeping your eyes open???? All I want to do is sleep! Sending my LOVEEEEEEE to YOUUUUU!!!!!!

            1. jajajjajajajjajajajjajajajaj
              I can’t sleep till 4 am these days…it is like that…but I am trying to enjoy anyway….being good with myself and if my body doesn’t want to sleep….I don’t care, tomorrow is another day and maybe….Now I wanted to eat (yes at 12:30 am) ok….food for my body. But you know, spanish people are famous for our timetables 😉
              Loveeeee dear Amy

              1. HA I knew you would still be here! Eat, Emma, GOOD! My body has been wanting MORE food and I am doing it! Not even listening to that OLD VOICE that says…….oh oh you are going to get fat. NO! We are going through MAJOR changes that needs fuel……FOOD……

                Now, good nite! NINE hours??? You sleep when you can, and nurture YOU like a BABY….. I hug you with my wings, and I send Angels to hug you for me!! I love you, my Sister of Spain! Some day I will be able to hug you for real and I for one LIVE for that day. *watery eyes* I am “stealing” Janis’s words……I love them that much! Hope you don’t mind, Janis! (smile)

  7. Thank you for sharing that Libby. I am glad your family isl hanging in there. Your courage gives me courage.

  8. Thank you Aisha! I was wondering why I has deflated so badly over the last week! My whole lil family was sick, but not to the extent that my 12 week old angel did, she pulled through though. My partner’s dad and I experienced bad headaches yesterday and he had his left eye go blind from a persistent light for about 15 minutes. Glad to have read this post, now I know why! I know I’m still in transition, because I do not yet feel at peace within myself. Lots of inner conflict going on. But hopefully after a few meditations I’ll come through 😉

    Love and light to all brothers and sisters journeying on, as we may go through our times of disconnection, there is always the light that reminds us we are all one and henceforth, never really alone xo

    1. Libby, Luv, I still await my connection as well. I will not thrash against the process but instead have patience and know beyond doubt, that when we all come through this transition, we shall all be glowing and standing aware of who we are and why we are here. It is here. It all just has to unfold as it needs to. Peace, Libby. (((HUGS)))

  9. Aisha, that is a very beautiful dog. My own dog gives me a lot of love and energy in these challenging times.

    I’m sorry to hear about your Pet, Gabriella.

    My body needs rest & rest at the moment, even though I am not able to rest well enough for some reason. Hopefully this too will pass, but it has not been good for my nerves.

    I find myself often asking that for how long will this transition phase last? I’m both curious and impatient. 🙂

    Much love to you all.

  10. Gabriella, know that we love and are with you in letting go of your dear companion. We are here to companion with you; you are so loved.
    Michael, feel the love coming from all of the radiant hearts in this Pond of love. You are needed, wanted and just as much an important part of anyone here. Feel this truth.
    Aisha, bless you, dear One for all you give to provide a way for all of us to know we are not alone. We are loving you with thankful hearts. J.

    1. Thank you so much, Jean. I was verbally attacked today. And, on the Equinox, I was verbally attacked and threatened with violence. And, I thought I/we were past this kind of incident. But , twice in three days.
      All I can think is, have I really not learned this lesson yet? Are the Archons still targeting me? and , will this ever truly be over?
      Otherwise , I have been vibrating like a hummingbird.
      Love to you too, Jean!

      1. Michael, your Light so Bright, it blinds and binds those whose eyes and Heart are shut in fear. They cannot bear to see what lays within for they do not feel goodwill towards themselves in the least. Hence, they project, they lash out, and act just like a 2 year old having a fit and tantrum, screaming and kicking. Your LIGHT is the very medicine they need, the LIGHT that at first blinds for these souls have been in the dark for so very long. You chose, My Brother, to be the catalyst, to assist those around you who are in torment and anguish. You are a Great Warrior of Light and I embrace you with my Love to ease your hardships. These encounters will fade as long as you stand firm in LOVE, staying above the drama of 3D, and keep humming. You are oh so Loved and Cherished not only by us here at the Pond, but by GOD as well.

        Know you have done well, my Brother, and Eternal Peace is yours for always. You are never alone, even if you mayhaps feel this way. Just come to drink deeply here, close your eyes and FEEL the Love radiating from this beautiful place. Keep your eyes inward so that you continue to vibrate purely and from Higher Perspectives.

        From my Heart to your Heart, Amy

        1. Even though this is directed to Michael, Amy, it is inspiring to me this morning to read this other way of interpreting Michael’s experience…and such beautiful words of encouragement…♥♥♥

        2. Thanks Amy, I really love this last line that you wrote…
          “Keep your eyes inward so that you continue to vibrate purely and from Higher Perspectives.”
          Thank you, and Love to you,

    1. Thank you, Gabriella. I am so sorry for your loss. And, yes, I really do not understand why it has been so hard.
      But, I do feel the most beautiful energies and vibrations. I KNOW they are there for us as we release out pain.
      Love to you too!

  11. Dear Aisha, It was so nice to be mentioned on your post. To be honest, I am dealing with my extreme feelings of NOT BELONGING. I have felt it all my life. And, I even feel it when I try to communicate on this blog. I feel like I do not belong on this Earth… This is weighing heavily on me at this point. Maybe this is my core issue. I do hope it will dissipate before the full moon.
    Love to all who are struggling as well.

    1. Dear brother, you do belong, for you are us, and we are you. And I feel your presence, even when you do not announce it with your words. For you are humming a beautiful tune, and the whole of Creation can hear you. It is also heard by those who cannot bear to hear its beauty, and that is why you have been attacked. As The CCs say, we cannot stay silent any longer, so take this as a proof that your light has increased so much it triggers those who try to keep their own hearts close. They are few, and even if these encounters are painful to you, they will not go on forever. For this is only “external noise” as The CCs call it, generated to try to confuse us. But you are so connected dear Michael, no one and nothing can cut you loose from the rest of us ever again. Love and light, Aisha

      1. Aisha, My Sweet Sister. Thank you so much for your loving words. I really needed to hear this today. I do feel you, too. Thanks for hearing me and making me feel welcome and at home.
        I send you my Love, Michael

    2. Hello Michael
      I sit on the same page, and I have always been on the same page …. It is so desolate feel you do not belong anywhere, and want to do it, if it do not belong, where I belong? What have we done wrong? Why such disconnection when supposedly more connected now is when we should be …. I do not know, it seems that everyone sees some progress, in my case I do not see any, or maybe my eyes are not open enough ….
      Still searching for my light, I guess that is at the end of the tunnel, but where is the end of the tunnel …. that is the question …
      Much love to you and hope to see you at the end …

        1. Thank you Janis. I can say: “Mal de mucho consuelo de tontos” (I can’t find very good translation. But I feel your compassion and empathy, and even if is not very clever….it helps me…Thank you my dear.
          Love you sooo much, you are very important

      1. Giant hugs to you. It’s interesting that I just read this amazing book written in 1976 about the year 2150 and it is written by Thea Alexander and all about what she calls the Macro-society of the future–you could term marco to mean unity and all that is, but the book removes any “religious” overtones while speaking about the soul. You can google the book and find it via pfd for free because it is out of print.

        the reason I mentioned the book is because for so long we have all been told that all is perfectly balanced and we come again and again to grow and experience and every choice and event that happens in our lives is something WE choose to experience in order to balance ourselves. yes, we have heard that, but this book, its amazing, it shows one how this works because it is written like a novel.

        Micheal and Emma, your feeling of not belonging, deeply felt was chosen by you. My feeling of not being worthy or loved, or good enough, was chosen by me, and the only way to overcome that, is to accept that all is perfect, I take full responsibility for what I am feeling and I do not shy away from the lessons…remember, what we resist persists…

        Just some thoughts on the matter because right now, there is a huge amount of help and energy available for the removal of all such blocks to our spiritual evolution. It is scary as hell and heart breaking, but it feels so good to dip into the place that is dark and black with sorrow and shine light and healing there, knowing full well that You are ok and all is as it should be.

        Additionally, have you thought about the idea that you did not fit in or belong because you were “before your time?” That you were here to lead the way to that beautiful future that you call home? Maybe you lived in a future evolved state and decided to be of service and come Back here to serve and help others? Time exists simultaneously. Your spirit is existing as a soul focus in a body here and in all your other life incarnations at the same time, so your “soul” can be very evolved while the life you are focusing in reduces that and forgets that to learn lessons…what joy it will be when we can all remember that and feel our true selves!

        Huge hugs! alex

        1. Alex, you get a standing ovation from me! Excellent! Marvelous! Thank you, Wonder Woman! (((HUGS))) Me

          And yeah, this going in to “dissect” hurts like hell, but picking out what you KNOW doesn’t fit and then doing the opposite to show yourself and All That Is that you do fit in, or you are worthy……..YES! And then you FREE yourselves!

          I KNOW I am not from here and you talk about confusion and not fitting? But ya know what? That matters diddly squat to me anymore because I am who I am. Period! On my walk today, I FELT a huge crowd of people following me, and yep, that IS who I am. I came to show others there is a better way and that way is LOVE. Period. These laws and these rigid boxes here in this realm are ridiculous and do nothing but restrain each soul from reaching her/his Highest Potential. I see Earth as a cage, and when I see this, my stomach lurches and I silently SCREAM NO!!!! People wake up, for GOD’S sake wake up!!!

          Ooops, I seemed to have stepped on a podium. A-hem, excuse me. Wow, just where did THAT come from? HOLY CATS!

        2. Thanks guys …. all I can not say much more than you all amaze me. Thanks Alex for your support, your magic words always make me step back and look at me more closely, thank you for your recommendation (although I must say that I didn’t find that book in my language, and I think it would be important to understand all).
          Much love

    3. I am feeling the same, Michael…usually it’s ok because I know that it’s temporary but this morning I’m feeling a bit weighed down by it…appreciating you…♥Michael♥…janis

      1. Thanks Janis, I am appreciating you, too! Although, I am feeling very up and down, I do trust that we will shortly be reaching a point where our vibrations are so uplifted, we won’t be suffering these emotions anymore. Love to you!

      2. Michael, Janis, Emma and others, I think there is a big boat that we are all in with the same feelings. Thanks for sharing. We can help dispel the myth that some of us have held that we are the only ones who feel these feelings and obviously we aren’t. Isn’t it neat, that in sharing something like the feelings of not belonging that we actually transform them into the feelings that we do belong. Still have room to grow in that myself but you all are helping.

        1. Ohhh, yes, Nancy…I love how you expressed that…”in sharing something like the feelings of not belonging that we actually transform them into the feelings that we do belong”…so glad to connect with you here at the pond…♥♥♥…janis

  12. Dear Aisha and all my beloved Sisters & Brothers, My Love and Peace to you all. I have been experiencing significant sensations at the crown chakra, flashes of light occasionally upon the periphera of vision. I am so at peace. I know that all is it should be. I am so thankful to the Cosmos and to all the benevolent Goddesses and Gods who love and support us….all of these benevolent beings…I send my Love and thanks. Embrace and enjoy your time in the physical my dear siblings. PEACE.

  13. Dear Gabriella, so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet. They seem to understand or connect with a deep part of ourselves that I sometimes find it hard to connect to consciously. I am sure your cat will come to you in spirit and offer that paw, your wishing will make it so. love and peace, Sarah

    1. Thank you Janis and thank you Sarah. I know this is all in Divine Order so I trust. I know my kitty loves me and will be assisting my transformation as I remain open to his help.

      1. Dearest Gabrielle, I just saw your post today and OH my Heart went out to you immediately. I have been in your shoes. Your Angel is now fully healed, happy, chasing mousies and butterflies in golden fields of grass and flowers, knowing how much he is Loved by GOD. Once a bond of Love is created, NOTHING can break it. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and every time I light a candle, I will ask that your pain be lessened.
        Sending you all my Love, Amy

  14. I remain open to joy, bliss and lightness of being. But where is it? I am encouraged that so many here have experienced it but I have yet to feel it. I had to put my soul mate kitty to sleep yesterday and it was very painful and traumatic but he was ready to go home and I know that he, at least, has reached the realm of peace we all want. However, I feel quite left behind in the old world. I wish he would extend his little paw and help me over the bridge to bliss. I come here to keep my hope alive and I thank you all for being here to listen.

    1. I,m really sorry for your little friend. But know, Gabriella, he,s at Home now. That is where ALL of us are going, too. You know this is a slow process. But we all will do it. Fill everyday your heart with the infinite, pristine and healing loving energy of this Pond, that is also yours. We are all integrating the new energies of love, joy and union, yet. Hold on just a little more and you,ll feel much better. We all love you so much!

    2. My dear Gabriella, I am so sorry for your loss. I had to put down my Kitty two years ago, after 15 years a faithful companion. I still think of him and miss him. He was quite a special, loving being. When it’s time, why don’t you welcome another feline freindi into your life? My love to you.

    3. Gabriella, sending you love in the loss of your soul mate, Well, loss but a change of form as that connection never leaves. I am also a professional animal communicator and if i can help you with this, I would be honored. Not sure how as my website link is not up yet but there’ll be a way if it is meant to be.

    4. Gabriella, I do not know you, but we are family, sisters. I feel so deeply for you with the loss of your baby boy. I would like to recommend, if you haven’t read this already, please read Archangel Metatron’s channel explaining the true reality of what our cats and dogs are and do for us. He explains that our kitties (mine is a female named Ivy, she recently turned 19, so I really, really feel for you and my heart has been guided to share this message with you, for there is extremely comforting information about when we lose our soul-mate/guardian angel cats) here’s the link: I am sending so very much Love and healing Light to you right now.
      erin xooooox

  15. Dear Aisha,
    I have been following your blog since last summer when it spoke directly to my heart and I come back to drink from this pool every day or two. Along the way I’ve become aware of so much. When I am depleted and in physical pain I know it is time to allow rest, healing and insight. When I am feeling well, I am bathed in the awareness that we and everything in this universe is interconnected. Over the past couple of months I have been blessed to witness mystical and miraculous moments. And when I find myself in the chasm of deep psychic pain, not knowing how to free myself, I remember that an energetic download may be working its way through my system, and to give myself time. This week has been challenging on all fronts. When the Equinox was accompanied by days of staggering fatigue and migraine (also reported by others close to me), followed by a deep sadness, spending quiet time with my dog reminded me of the deep connection I feel with you, the CC’s and everyone on this site, and I know everything will work out. I listen hopefully for the voice I know to be mine. With love, light and immense gratitude,

    1. Dear Elaine! Thank you for sharing your insights. This is such a rollercoaster at times, it is easy to feel derailed during the most intense parts of this journey. So remembering to connect, both with our own center, but also with the others in this space, makes it easier to allow these “dips” come and go.
      Love and light, AIsha

    1. Dear Iain! You have contributed so much, not just to this space, but to the rest of the world as well. I love your Grass Root Sprouts idea, it is the perfect symbol of the work that you and so many other truly enlightened souls are doing. For you have not only nurtured that little seed of hope and light within and allowed it to finally emerge as a beautiful flower for us all to delight in, you have also put your energy into doing things that will help others to empower themselves as well. You are truly an inspiration to us all, and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know you. Love and light, Aisha

  16. Dearest Aisha,

    Thank you so much for sharing the truth of your own personal journey with us all here in the pond. Like all the colors in the rainbow, each is a different experience and as it should be! I too have been strongly connecting with the animals around me and feeling their unconditional love helps me to unconditionally love myself. Soothing the mind with love also assists in finding the silence necessary to hear the inner voice and asking for help on our path is a wonderful thing as much help is available! Big hugs and I am both peaceful and excited at the same time! 🙂 Alex

  17. Lots of voices and conversations all night long for three days. Sometimes I AM aware I AM awake, others in dreams. Before the Equinox, I had become accustomed to getting in bed early to just lie in the constant energies and getting up with the sunrise. Now, I AM up every hour it seems. Thank you all for BEing! Lots of Love and Light,

  18. …. just came by from having a nap under a warm blanket to find this.☺ … Am letting it snow and allowing myself to be.. a wee bit like the dog in your picture…. love golden labs… especially the feel of their paws.
    Wonderfully honest and written from the heart. I enjoyed this post so much.
    Much Love & Thanks Aisha

  19. I also felt these energies. I understand you, Aisha. I´m Indigo and star sign virgo. it´s typical that I questioning things. I filter these channellings through my heart and listen the inner voice of me. We all have the same aim. Love and peace to you all.

  20. On the equinox my physical symptoms were extreme,literally my body was screaming! I was also deeply tired and energies so intense felt I would spin off into space! nature helped but grounding was difficult. Since then things have lightened up a bit thank good ness.

  21. This new life includes moving to a homestead with friends, where there is little phone and no internet services. So, if you do not hear from me, I AM STILL HERE IN THE UNIPOND, just without the internet hookup!


  22. Oh dear I have to say that I lost my voice entirely , and I also feel these vibrations , so I made to go within and hear the inner voice . Thank you Aisha for the words of encouragement . In love and light ..roew

    1. Dear roew! No need to worry, it is not lost, it is only waiting for the perfect moment to announce its presence to you and to the rest of the world ;–)
      Love and light, Aisha

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