Dear friends!

These last few days have been full of magic, but also so intense, so I had to take some time to just BE. For the energies that blasted through me on the Equinox were even more powerful than I thought, so I literally had to disconnect myself from everything, including this Pond, in order to get back to myself. In this exhilaration of all the love that came rushing in, it is easy to get carried away. But just as the butterfly in the beautiful video Michael posted, we need to take time to sit with all this before we throw ourselves fully into this new level. For if we act too fast, we risk crashing down because our wings are not yet fully formed and ready to make us airborn.

For it is just like the CCs said, we have been given the opportunity to find our new voice, but we can only find it if we take time in quiet to listen for it inside. Many of you have done that, and the stories you have shared here these last couple of days are testaments to that. Alex, Guerric, Iain –  you are just some examples on how these new energies have worked miracles. For you did just that, you stepped back and stepped into yourselves, fully and truly and in ways that are shining examples for us all. I thank you for sharing these profound, transformative stories with us, for you have dared to be honest to yourselves in a way that is beyond anything I have ever seen before. For you have found your new voices, and they are beautiful, soaring up to heaven, and you bring joy into the hearts of us all.

Have I found my true voice? I think I have, but my process has been very different from what others have described here already. And so it should be, for we are all unique, and only we can do this the way that is right for us. This is not about technique or following in the footsteps of others, this is all about YOU doing this for YOU in the only way that is right for you. At least I know I will make sure to give myself ample opportunity to reconnect with myself in the days ahead in order to make sure that I have ”heard” it correctly. For it is just like the CCs said beforehand, this new energy ” will push a multitude of buttons in you all, and the result can be bewildering to say the least.”

The tune of this Pond has also changed with these new vibrations coming in, and the stories you have shared show that very clearly. And when we start to connect even deeper through this Pond, as in the group meditation Philip has set up for Monday, it is even more important that we all take some time before that to literally ”tune out to tune into ourselves”. For have you found your new voice yet? It may not feel very different from the old one, but believe me, it is. You may not have to go through a deep and profound experience in order to find it, but you need to be sure that you have in fact managed to establish just who you are after this intense energetic retuning. For some of you, that process will take some time to finish, and so you will have to give it all the time you need. But then at least you will know that you are still in the process of fine tuning yourself. And that is all it takes. So please make sure that you are honest with yourself in this process, and do not rush ahead without taking the time to listen well to that inner voice.

In other words, make sure that you have managed to tune into this new vibration, as otherwise, you will find yourself out of balance again very soon. For this new level of vibration is so powerful and so strong, and if you try to ”wing it” as they say, you will be blasted back down again until you learn your lesson. For we cannot sing the old song anymore, it simply does not harmonize with the new, and you will feel the effects of being ”out of tune with yourself” even more now than what we did before. Because the energies have changed so much it will clearly signal if you are, and it will do so without hesitation. It is easy to get confused, and it can be distracting to hear everybody else trying out their own voices. So make sure that it is YOUR voice you hear, not that of someone else.

So take time, disconnect from the outside and go within. That way, you will know just what your new voice is, and when you raise it to the heavens, it will mix in perfectly with the new vibration that is already here. Remember to be patient with yourself, and ask for assistance if you need it. I had a hard time hearing myself above the noise my physical body made in the aftermath of the Equinox, and even being out in nature was not enough to help me to balance myself. And so I asked for help, and got it in the form of this beautiful dog that I was asked to look after for a few hours. This gift of love gave me the opportunity I needed to just let go of everything and just BE in the love that he gave me. And so he helped me to hear myself, and for that, I thank the infinite wisdom of the Universe. So please make sure you give yourself the same gift of tuning in, and I know you will find your way through the noise and into the new music that has started to play within.

Love and light, Aisha