The manuscript of survival – part 289

Today is another great day indeed, but one that will be met with indifference from many, for this day will be all about integrating what you have already been injected with, but also one that will bring with it new and improved levels of understanding. But again, this does not pertain to all humans, as this only pertains to those who have already opened their hearts to this, and who are welcoming these heavenly injections of light and hope. For the rest of humanity, it will seem to be more of the same old, same old, as they continue to drag themselves through another day of this mortal coil.

Make not mistake, life can seem to be much less than bleak for many of your fellow men and women even without these injections from above, for all is not pain and unhappiness. But their joy cannot be compared to the joy that is yours, as soon as you have opened the doors within that let in these heavenly emissaries. For then it is as if the volume has been turned to max, and the mufflers have been removed, and as such, the exhilaration will be multiplied many times over. In addition, when you reach out and connect to other open souls as you are doing here in the space that has been set aside for such a purpose, you will feel that this also heightens the intensity of all of these positive vibrations another notch or two. For that is what this truly is at heart, good vibrations. But if you refuse to reset your receiver and tune into this new channel, you will not be able to pick it up, and all this heavenly music will literally pass you by.

So again we say stay tuned, for there is more to come, and even if it at times can be a little bit taxing to receive these heavenly signals, know that the outcome is certainly more than worth it. For the choir you have set up has already acquired many new members, but the roster is about to multiply even further as you yourselves have started to emit this wondrous voice from heaven from your own hearts. And now, this song is being picked up by more and more eager ears, or rather hearts, and they will be attracted by this tune and come knocking on your door, ready to hear more. And as long as you keep singing in tune with this new vibration, you will be able to make even more join in and harmonize alongside you. And they again will entrain others with their new vibration. And on and on this goes, like a veritable train of love where new cars are being hitched on one by one.

And so again we say look around, and see that you are already swimming in a sea of love, created by each and every person who has had the courage to open their own heart and pour our the contents within, increasing the size of this beautiful pond beyond belief. But this is only the beginning, dear ones, and know too that there are other ponds just like this, already brimming over with the love that has accumulated there. And soon, these ponds will start to merge and intermingle, growing outwards and covering more and more of the surface of this little blue planet of yours. And soon, when you look from above, the waters of these small ponds will have outgrown even the vastest of oceans you can see from outer space.

So we thank you all, for doing what you do, and for being what you are. For you are the ones making all this happen, step by step, song by song, choir by choir. So sit back and listen well, for you are indeed already an integrated part of this heavenly choir, already being heard near and far throughout the lands. And the song that you sing, is indeed the song of freedom, finally being sung by those that have attained that freedom. It is not a song of longing any more, it has become a song of being. And with that, we will leave you for today, but we will return again and again to continue to sing your praise. For it is well deserved, more than you can know, and so we stand here today, applauding your efforts. For the sound you are all making is soaring through your universe and beyond, carrying with it the confirmation that mankind is about to break out into a song that will break all the records hitherto set by this human race.

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  1. Oakbridge University – Jeshua Online
    Message of the Day

    Beloved one, there is no “should”. There is no guilt. There is only life and life energy, and as you will bless anything that comes to you to be ingested—and by blessing, I mean to know Oneness with life energy, you are One with it—everything is all good.

  2. No offense, Aisha, but are you sure that what you are channeling is still clean and pure? Is the sender the same that you think it is or is the messenger changed? I mean are you sure that these messages that you are receiving are from unconditional love and Christ consciousness? I’ve been reading these channelings in recent days and it seems to me that these messages have received slightly negative shades. You are good soul and I support you, but something has changed.

    1. Using the internet has had a new meaning through the years. It’s like changing channels and you connect to the collective energy of it and you get little peaces shown to you. This one has had the most interesting one. Serenity all over. Could it be used to create new realities or something. My “out there” experiences with the “force” are it coming in and it going out. What you put out comes in and vice versa. Little bit confusing getting used to the idea for me. Need some experimenting… hang on if my posts may seem little… akward. Just following my programming here.

    2. Everything has changed under the Sun…
      Why don,t you feel it? Are trying wrong?…
      Is just with the heart that you feel it…
      Not with the balls above your nose…

      No offense.


      1. Yeah you are right about heart leading the way. I simply wish to explore the galaxy as it is. I had this great experience where I took of above a green ocean, sun reflecting from the surface of it. Felt the acceleration on my stomach, keeping my eyes on the ocean as it seemed to get bigger. Went as up on that takeoff ;). My heart remembers that forever. Biggest dream ever coming true, literally. You know those feelings when the heart feels burning and all the limbs feel shaky and nausea in the head… I guess that’s the price to pay those takeoffs, in my book the cases when I realize I do not know anything, but had just an asskicking lesson. Now I’m hooked.

  3. Hey

    What a wonderful today has been for so many I imagine. A whole bunch of demons have been shead from my life and new realisations are plentifull.

    The energies have really taken off, the spring has brought about my most joyous breaths for months! (I usually love winter)

    I finally feel the real me bursting from the shell ready love, share, co-operate and most of all have fun building up a new from the old crumbling existence.

    I feel so many other people suddenly coming to realise that actually, we are the majority, we are life and we are right now here to help each other create a better future!

    For the last six month I have been retreating back more and more, hibernating, detoxing and examining the darkest portions of my brain.

    Words can not describe the feeling of lightness I have today. I have just made my first cash in a couple of years (I live free) by selling some seed and bean sprouts which have my local community in a huge excited buzz waiting for me to roll more out.

    Everybody is telling me to make a business out of it, but I am thinking a not for profit/charity/volunteer/community run initiative to create a seed sprout food bank to donate the produce to the needy, while showing people how easy it is to have your own fresh food in your home in a couple of days! I have all of the resources around to do it!

    Grass Roots Sprouts!

    I just really felt the need to share that because it has been the help, guidance and energy I have recieved from hooking up with this pond has been a huge part of me pulling myself together and clearing my mind enough to gain my initiative.

    Now is the time!!

    Peace to you all!!!!

    1. Master, Iain, what a True Wonder you are! Love is a Miracle and your “dip in the Pond” proved what you needed to bring LIFE to you! Tremendous, exciting to see a Bright Star realize his worth! I am SO happy for you! I bow to Thee, Master Iain of Iain’s Life. My Cup overfloweth! Rejoice, for he has risen from the ashes of grey and awoken to the bountiful color of GOD. BE Blessed!!!

  4. I am grateful and send my love unto the Cosmos. Thank you my dear Aisha & Constant Companions. My heart remains open. I will hold the frequency. PEACE.

  5. My above missive also applies to our beloved Earth. Our planet needs not only love to thrive, but success and peace. Let us “see” peace and success for each of us, our various peoples, and our Gaia.

  6. Greetings,
    There are two very important visions to implement into our meditations and thoughts. PEACE and SUCCESS. Many physical symptoms mentioned stem from the inability of the corporeal body to support the ethereal body during this very trying voyage. This is from the Taoist tradition concerning the intrinsic relationship between these two spirits within each human being’s spirit body. Both of these must be nourished and supported by the zhi or will, our will to persevere for not only for ourself and others, but also for the will of God. It’s been a long ardorous journey filled with many ups and downs. The will is getting weary. It needs help. It needs to “see” something at the endgate to “see” the fruition of change catalyzed by love. Each of us was reprogrammed with love, peace, and success in our new bodies. We have seen, nurtured and felt much love. NOW we must see, nurture and feel PEACE & SUCCESS!

    1. Ohhhhhh, Joy, your words are beautiful! Yes, yes! How we all require nurturing, and LOVE, and Peace and yes SUCCESS in ALL we do! Bless you for sharing your words with us. Thank you!!!!

    2. I’m so glad you said this, Joy. I’ve had to do some clearing around the word “Success” and also “Power” as these energies have been so misappropriated in our culture. I found that if I started with “Accomplishment” and spent some time feeling and reflecting on my life, that it gave me the courage to own my power and to really feel my success on many levels.

      Am still working with it. When I feel on unsteady footing I try to shoot to “Happy” before I land on my butt.


      1. Magpie, how your words resonated with what I am doing within today for I too stumble on those words, “success” and “power”. My life has been anything but these two words, and in order for me to create from these golden eggs, I must first FEEL fully the meaning of them, and incorporate them in me. Thereby, I kick out the deceptions and lies that have been programmed in one whose true nature is Innocence and JOY. We work together, my Sister. As I Journey today, thoughts of you in my Heart will come with me. (((HUGS))) and so much LOVE to you……..

  7. May the force be with you all.
    my little pebble into the pond of open hearts.
    Just returned after a week of circus with children,
    Beautiful, funny, inspiring.
    Let´s dance to the music of the new world.

    1. Hi, sweet Michilin!…
      I see that you,ve integrated a rapper too…
      I don,t know more what to do…
      To take him from inside me…
      The more I try… The more…
      He plays his art within me…

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    So Here we ALL Are. Iam just getting used to my ability to Create whatEver I want. I EnCourage You to do the same for that Option is Now available to ‘us’ and WE= ONE.

  9. Hello all my beautiful brothers and sisters of water and light–I have so much to share today! Firstly I realize that as our hearts are opened WIDE and we consciously choose to accept more and more of the energies (and in my case, my prayer, even as a young child was to be a cup overflowing with love so this is a part of my divine path and role)…all that is not love much come out for cleansing. I was So open wide and accepting of the energies on the Equinox and I even did a ceremony where I took some blue crystal elixir made of the past few months and visited each of my guardian trees in my space of love and poured libation for them, honoring them and their place in my circle of love. I felt it important to begin making new elixir as the ritual of finally releasing all old patterened energy and welcoming in the new as important. I went to bed feeling marvelous!

    the next day, after intending to release all things that do not serve me, as you know Rosie my path and motherhood issues are similar to yours, my mother presented me with all the letters I had ever written her as she is “cleaning house” the rejection I felt was intense and as I read these letters from a girl who no longer exists, who was bending over backwards to please an untruthful woman, my heart choose to ask that girl to leave with all her baggage and drop it far away and return if she so choose to intergrate back into my being. The path of my life, and probably previous lives became clear. I am worthy, I am protected, I am powerful, I am perfect as I am and my own self acceptance is all that is necessary. I am also loved beyond time and words and worlds. It was a difficult situation because I needed a witness and my beloved is often uncomfortable with my emotion and in my release he tried to rationalize my parents actions throughout life and I simply stopped him cold and said, I need you just to listen and to love. it was a difficult lesson for him as well as me, but after releasing oh the lightness in my heart returned! I chose to burn mugwort (like sage) and apply the divine violet flame of St Germaine to cleanse it all out really get my heart space clean and remove everything that would take even a small space away from the love I wish to embody.

    That night, I could not sleep and went into visioning and firstly I was diving into the river of life, in and out over and over and then became a dolphin and entered a pool, I then became a winged being and came out into a circle of beings. Some were animal, some were human,, others were star beings, all individual, but all had heart centers alight with love and they beamed it into the center of our circle to light the fire, which was multicolored and spun to life like a giant vortex going up and up like DNA helix and then spun faster and faster and turned into a giant web of light over the earth. Then I was above and noticed node after node of light coming on like tiny beacons on the web that shot down through the earth and then back up again, so above as below! All of a sudden, I realized I was having AISHAS vision of the blue light penetrating the earth and coming back around and how then that progressed to lighting up one after another heart on the earth and that love was then reciprocated to the whole in one giant loop of love, never ending return!

    I was shivering and had spirit fever at the same time and I tried to sleep but finally just gave up and lay there and went into vision again and Rosie!!!!! I entered into a giant sapphire crystal in my mind! So, I too was hit by the blue beam of which you speak! It is interesting because right before this, I felt the plug go into my third eye and I always itch it to see if its just a stray hair, but nothing was there, and then I was asking to allow, but wait, back up, I had tried to connect with the spheres of light and you know what phillip? They told me that now as not the time! That they knew something else was happening and because of their blessed love and allowing they backed away and allowed what needed to occur to happen! these spheres are so benevolent! They remind me a bit of the CC!

    Well, anyway, today I am tender and simply allowing myself to open and soak in the love but darn it if I havent been listening to music and singing at the top of my lungs in the car before reading this! Rambling on and on but it feels so good to share with folks who understand! much love and light to you all and blessings on all uniponders! Alex. P.s. philip, I am in on the meditation on mondays! Much love to you for catalyzing that! 🙂 phewww this is long LOL.

    1. Goodness Alex what a process you have been through. Take it easy on yourself…

      That’s fascinating re Spheres Of Light during the process you were experiencing – it is very/intelligent/benevolent as you say!! Obviously did not want to interfere with your process.

      Look forward to as many as possible engaging on Monday.


    2. Ohhhhhh, Alex, what a glorious Journey you had! How tremendous, moving, and powerful! To release is SO powerful which only makes more room for the Light! Sounds like things are moving at Lightening Speed for you right now…….let it all happen, making sure you stay Centered. You FREED yourself! How much more empowering can that be?? This is what this is all about…….FREEING YOU! I use many Masters to assist me, I use Light to assist me, I use Gaea to assist me. I have come to realize it is all individualized, and that is how it should be. WE are learning to walk as Masters and we need to custom make a way for ourselves to communicate with God within OUR WAY! I have stayed clear of anyone trying to tell me how to reach GOD.

      It even goes back to when I was a child. Hehehehehehe Here I am 7 years old, honestly not understanding why I had to go to a priest to confess sins (and WHAT are sins??? I had NO clue!) and to be able to talk to Jesus. I came right out to ask a Nun, (oh oh) why I had to go to confession because I talked to Jesus all the time and I know I don’t have sins. OH BOY! Not only was I pulled out of line (I remember lined up in front of the church door about to go in with the rest of my school mates), and told I was to be punished for even saying such horrible things. I was told I just couldn’t talk to GOD and that I was born with sin. HUH? I was made to stand in a corner later on in our classroom, facing the wall to think about “my sins” and my “lying tongue”. Hmmmmmm……….

      So, as you can plainly see, even as a child I REFUSED to allow anyone to take from me what I innately know. My reception was less then cordial. I just laughed and sighed at the same time…….oh yeah, did I ever come across resistance!!!

      Back to YOU, Alex!!!! I encourage YOU to do what feels right to you, and to just allow what unfolds to unfold. Go with it! NO THOUGHT! There are many ways to GOD, MANY, and the one I have is mine, and the one you have is yours, and the one the next guy has is his……etc……….

      OH OH OH!!!! Overjoyed for you!!!!! Thank YOU for sharing!!!!! I LOVE YOU, my SISTER! ^^Amy^^

      1. I completely agree Rosie, my path is so eclectic and I absolutely love it! It feels so very right to me! I too had the same issues you have related to the confessional…and my dearest earth friend relates being tied to her chair in parochial school and told her father she would no longer return to school and I think she was 6 at the time. Sending love and light to all who have been affected by and who administered those lessons of separation from all that is…huggles! Me!

        1. Those memories are no more. They have been washed by the Light of the Moon and the Sun and the Stars. WE boldly walk forward into the New as ONE BODY, ONE with Gaea.

          Sending you my Heart to merge with yours, my Sister of Holy Light.

    3. Goddess Alex, how could I have forgotten YOU when I was saying all my thank yous to everyone when I was in the depths of hell these past few days??? I was JUST falling asleep, and you came to mind. I love you, Alex. Our New World has arrived! (((HUGS)))

  10. Hey Friends!
    I will be out of techno connection for a while (on the other ocean), but I will be lifting you all each day.
    Highest good for all–I love it Philip. So be it. And as Dickens’ so well concludes: God bless us–every one.


  11. Nohmad, I HOPE you are documenting your words somewhere! This poem is beautiful. Oh wow! I just sang the last stanza! Oh, how cool! Oh boy oh boy! I’m still in the simmering pot. I wonder I wonder I shall be when I am fully cooled??? Speaking of heat…….I am flying back to my covers. I feel SO cold! Yikes!

    1. I don,t need to do nothing…
      ‘Cos I know you already did…
      When you take the Pond’s energy…
      My words, my love and my energy…
      Also go with thee…

  12. The ocean of love is here…
    Liquid energy, indeed…
    Fallen to us through a Blue Beam…
    Many are swimming happily…
    Many did not even perceive…
    Breath of sea air is present…
    Impossible not to breath…

    Our Pond is overflowing…
    Come, clean, heal and go…
    Take away all you want…
    This limpid ocean never dry…
    Given birth by Aisha…
    For, with the help of CCs,…
    To take care of all of us…

    Vibration is always great…
    Very often we return…
    To meet dear friends,…
    Support troubled souls…
    And nurture our souls…
    Golden Age has begun…
    The best is yet to come…


    1. You do get inspired with this Nohmad! I’ve just spotted Amy’s comments above too – good idea to document them but then again – who knows you may have totall recall!! Philip 🙂

    2. Dear, precious Nohmad! Your magical words reflect the beauty of your soul. Thank you for setting words to the song of love!
      Love and light, Aisha

  13. Yes. I definitely feel like I am emerging from the underworld back into the spring, and i have attained many many insights and gifts. i cry sometimes because i am so incredibly grateful. peace and light to all the spirit warriors

    1. I am grateful, too, my Sister of Light. To be alive at this most Momentous Time is incredible. Peace and Light to you as well. I keep saying the war is over, we can all put our swords down, YET, the few, yes I am saying FEW, regiments of dark that are left, rear their heads to wreak havoc. I don’t know about you, but once my sword of Light is sheathed, I would like it to stay that way. Gee, another sigh out of me. Yes, this war IS over, only some hard heads don’t know it. (yet) And yes, they will………. (((HUGS)))

  14. Hi there! This post is really hitting home with all the references to frequencies, tuning, ears, receivers, songs, etc.
    Twice this week I woke with what I imagine is “celestial” music in my ear. It was just a few soft lovely notes. In stark contrast – I’ve had a few experiences over the past couple of months, and also twice this week where I’ve tried to nap and as soon as I drift off there is really loud music in my head! Like a whole rock concert. If I was truly dreaming of a concert I figure I’d know the music, but this was stuff I don’t know. It is totally bizarre. And I have pressure in my ears, which I attributed to TMJ which I’ve had on and off for years.
    I don’t know what to make of this other than I’d really like to “adjust my settings” and get some nice music or messages that make sense!
    Curioser and curioser!!

    With you all,


    P.S. And thank you all for your responses yesterday! I’d love to join in the group meditations as well.

    1. Do nothing. Your Team is working hard. You are integrating the Blue Beam, that was really hard. Give just a little time. All is O.K.!

    2. Leslie, I “hear” music all the time, both in my ears and my Heart. I actually SING to this melodies I hear, and truth be told, it is Celestial. My voice too, has undergone a change, for the notes coming out, the vibralto, just the way I am singing, amazes me. Try singing to what you are hearing! Magic will happen, I do promise you!!! My cats LOVE the songs, and I have SEEN magic unfold at the sound of my singing!!!!

      1. So far it’s only happened while I’m asleep…I’ve tried to remember lyrics/tunes but can’t yet. I don’t think my sons will have the same joyous reaction as your cats, lol, but I’ll sing anyway.

        1. Leslie, try it, you might be surprised. I “hear” a musical note or tone and as I match it with my voice, I begin to sing, or tone, or sing in my “Heart Language”, these awesome songs. As you sing, Life begins to grow within and around you. It’s magical. Just magical. You’ll never know unless you try! LOL I sing my best when I AM outside….at the top of my voice! I am passed the stage in my life caring what others think! Mayhaps this music is just what is needed for others to hear (as In all Sentient Beings) to connect to LOVE once again! Anything is possible, yes?

    3. Cool Leslie – I’ve heard of others hearing stuff and come to think of it I might have had something like that a couple of times… but seemed strange…

      Glad to hear you’ll be joining the Meditation.

      Philip 🙂

  15. Aisha, there are some have been some disturbing posts showing up on your blog in the past few days. I am not referring to people simply complaining about symptoms or saying they don’t relate to your posts. I know you can’t immediately read comments, but I do hope you look into as soon as possible. The energy has been nice and supportive, but now that has begun to change. If you need to contact me privately to understand what I am talking about, my information is on my avatar. Thanks, Naomi.

    1. (((HUGS))) Naomi. I’m not sure what you refer to, for I have not been here for a few days. Just wanted to reach out to tell you, you are SAFE, and LOVED, and nothing will tear this Pond apart. The LOVE here is stronger then anything that would want to come against anyone here! There is a HUGE Sphere of Light around this Pond. Those of lower vibrations will have life altering events as a direct affect of the LOVE that just pours from here. So, have no fear…….all is well. My hand I hold out to you, my Sister, so hold it if you need to. (((HUGS)) again!!!!

      PS I can tell you from personal occurrences in my Life from these past few days, the Light is adversely affecting some whose hearts are afraid of Love. And I can also tell you, those people are beginning to settle down and come to their senses. That was ONE big sigh of relief on my end! Stay centered and let the storm rage around you. You are the Eye of the Storm. I love you!

      1. This latest energy that came pouring in, Naomi, is turning the apple cart upside down, so to speak. Just hang on to the LOVE here. You will see. LOVE is THE most powerful FORCE in existence, and once touched by LOVE, one is forever changed!

        1. Amy I was wondering where you had been and if you were ok. These last three spring equinox days have been so transformative! we are all trying to catch up and assimilate the energies so we can move forward, and leave our old selves behind. And we all do it in different ways. The pink rose quartz I programmed is still sending energy to you and your husband. In fact I’m going to program it to send ascension and creation energies to everyone who reads this and cocmments here. There is strength in numbers and we can help each other on our path. Hoping your sweet cats are well. My five cats inside and the feral outside are well and happy, despite snow and cold weather here in salt lake city.

          1. Oh, Sunny, I am SO touched. I was dealing with a very troubled soul who roared at the Light that came in, and I had to focus all my energies to keep things in a semblance of balance here. Today, he has come to the surface in right mind. I am SOOOO grateful to you for programming your pink quartz for me and my husband. Tears prick my eyes in the Love I feel from you. My cats too, are fine, although they as well, had a tough time getting through. After I attended to all here, I finally collapsed today in a heap sleeping for hours. I AM WELL! More then well! And yes, I embrace ascension, my Sister of the Pink Flame. I am ONE with you. Your Sister!

          2. Holding YOUR hand as we ascend to create our New World of Peace and Love. I love you, Sunny!!!

          3. Sunny, one more thing. In the storm that raged around me, I lost my Center and broke, like a broken rag doll, thrown across a room only to fall in a heap, on the floor. Yet, I was not smashed beyond repair, for I attest this day, that the LOVE here at Aisha’s Pond, sustained me, gave me Life when I most needed it, in a time of Great Duress. GOD bless you, my Sister, for following through with what “felt right to you”. I am most grateful to you and for ALL of you who thought of me in my absence and sent me a LoveHug. They were felt, even though I could feel nothing. I honestly am having difficulty in looking back to compare where I am this day, to where I was a few days ago. How do I still live? That is how great this storm was.

            I bow to Thee, oh Holy Pink Sister. Without your assistance, I don’t know if I would be writing these words. I love you, Sunny! And Janis. And Nohmad. And Naomi. And Philip. My Eternal Gratitude……

            1. ……AND Aisha, and Lissie, and Jade……and Emma…….and ALL my Sisters and Brothers whom I love so much!!!!

              1. Ohh, my lovee!!!!!
                Thank you for reminding me….such a tough period to me….
                Love you so much my SIs

                1. BeLoved Emma, my Bright Sunny Sister. I feel you and know the place you are in. Do not give in to what is roaring to tear you down. Stay strong and keep holding on to the Pure Love here at the Pond. I am with you, my Love. I am with you. WE will get through this together and walk into the Promised Land side by side. So wishing I could hold you. You are in my Heart forever and forever. Sending Rainbows to you!! ^^AMy^^

              1. Brother Philip, I mean no disrespect to you but there is mayhaps a misunderstanding on your end when the it comes to the protection of myself and my family. No one knows this for it has been created by me, the Masters I am familiar with, my Team, my Guides, and Pure Light from the Great Central Sun. This way has been taught to me over many years of trial and error on my part in not only attempting to understand, but also putting what I am learning into action. This way has been created by Master Amy as she learns to create New Life in her Life first, in order to be able to heal Mother Gaea and all Sentient BEings associated with her. I know I have stated here and there in some of my posts SOME of what I have learned, but I have come to learn, we all have our own way of coming back Home. We are all coming back into the ONE, each one of us unique, beautiful, and a Master in her or his image. Since a child I have walked to the beat of my own drum, that Song to which I dance to, is my very own.

                Again today, I must integrate, for I am still not finished processing. I shall not attain all the “pearls” that I have been given by sitting in front of my computer.

                I send you my Love from my Heart. I mean you no ill will. Time for all of us to realize we have a right to be Who We Are. Peace, Brother.

      2. Thank you Naomi and Amy. This Pond is precious and protected by all the light that is here already, and it will always be so.
        Love and light, Aisha

  16. OK my fellow Uniponders… it seems there a big Yes to the Unipond Activation Meditation or whatever name we choose!

    Some suggestions to get us going and we can see how it unfolds:

    Your INTENTION to engage in this is the fundamental thing…

    Time is an illusion so in if the time I suggest is not practical for you… just do it when you can… FEEL the connection!

    I share with you the Profound Gift of Spheres Of Light which is powerful beyond any words I care to choose…

    I have been blessed with insights that:


    It is intrinsically connected the metaphor of the Golden Egg (Hiranyagharba: The Golden Egg of Creation)…

    It both IS and forms a energetic bridge to pure consciousness…

    … and much more…

    I have been honoured to witness many a miracle with it for myself and others.

    Intrinsic to its nature is that IT ONLY WORKS IN THE HIGHEST GOOD/INTENTIONS … no exceptions… what your mind may wish for and what is the HIGHEST INTEREST may be two different things…


    So, how about we set a specific time for this to start once a week?

    Not sure if weekday or weekend best but how about to start that we just integrate with the Worldwide Engagement I do:

    Each Monday at 8pm, UK time (currently Grenwich Mean Time)… or if you feel inclined start straight away – there are no limits here.

    Very, very happy to do an alternative or more if that what the Unipond desires… it is YOUR CHOICE… I am a catalyst if you like…


    The Group Intention I suggest to start with is for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL DRAWN TO THE UNIPOND… now or in the future (whatever that is)…

    Spheres Of Light automatically comes with a resonance or chain reaction effect innate to the Universe…

    … that is as your consciousness expands it automatically impacts others… with no limits to this…

    HOW TO:


    Simple, profound, beautiful… a gift beyond measure.



    Which is the foundation website (non-profit & unincorporated)

    There are many insights I’ve been given as to why it is so simple so if your mind needs to know more feel free to visit the Spheres Of Light Foundation site… and read the: Home Page and I would suggest the Oh, so simple blogs Parts 1 & 2 and also the Purity of Intention and Trust Blogs… and possibly the Lightening Conductor Blog.

    Know that ‘in truth’ none of these are necessary because one thing this energy does is ‘teach’ or ‘open you’ to your own insights – not mine… but for some they may be helpful starters…

    You will see on the site that it is: OPEN SOURCE – you are free to share it with the world…

    Honouring you my brothers and sisters of the Unipond for sharing my joy in this… and very happy to clarify, adjust or whatever is in the highest good.

    Blessings and know that Spheres Of Light are with you,

    Philip 🙂

    1. Your words are blessed, dear Philip.

      Your work will become Unipondersal ;).

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂

      1. Oh there’s no need to wait… you can start engaging now though we will do Monday was set to give more people time to catch up with the posts etc in the pond…

        …. and I would like to reassure everyone and Joy in particular that the Highest Intention with Spheres Of Light intrinsically includes everything in its highest form…

        I’ll send out a reminder post on Monday…

        In Joy, Light and Gratitude, Philip 🙂

  17. Sorry about tsaying this but this one was a biiiit too cheesy for my dark soul. My song is thunder blazing, explosions tearing eardrums out and… pretty please? I’ll be on the machine gun. I’ll synchronise my machinegun along rest of the band, no worries; I won’t know what I’m doing!

    1. Time to put the guns away and pick up roses instead (Guns and Roses). You are OK, just like Nohmad said, integrating. Keep the faith and let all that needs to check and balance, do so. Stay here. You are SAFE.

  18. I love you, Aisha, beyond the scope of human language. My Heart if your Heart, my Soul is your Soul. Bless you, CC’s, for always being here to help guide us along a Path many of us stumble upon. Peace.

        1. This caterpillar had quite the metamorphosis. Still processing much. Emerging slowly…….

          Thank you for thinking of me, Philip. 🙂 (((HUGS)))

            1. Thank you again, Philip. My first priority is to my self and to my family and if all is not in order, I will not be able to function in my Highest Capability. There are moments on The Journey when it is imperative to pull back, and BE with Self, to integrate, to process, to assimilate. That requires inner and outer Quiet as well. This morning I knew I had the “go ahead” to proceed “in the world”, so here I am….sprinkling Pink Roses in Aisha’s Pond. (smile)

                1. Yes, mayhaps I was hit by a Blue Beam. And it seems I am still “integrating” for in the waking of this morning, I felt surges of Great Strength and Balance, ( and I thought yipppeeeeee, the process is finished!) and then a few hours later, weaving on my feet sent me straight back to bed. The moment I crawled in, I fell asleep. Where is the floor? My feet don’t seem to know at this moment……..Just got up to answer a nature call and going right back to bed!

                  There is this “surge” coming from my Heart, fingers, (hands), 3RD eye, and now I shake, first so hot, now freezing……..These surges are interesting…..seems to be related to my heartbeat. Back to bed I go.

                  Love to you, my Brother Blue. Do I sense a wee bit of humor today?

      1. Dear Amy! I can only say that you are truly the sweetest of roses, a radiant flower that brings us all so much wisdom and love. From my heart to yours – thank you!

      1. I love you, Janis. This Butterfly is still processing……….I did manage to get here a little bit today…….

          1. Holding hands with you, Janis! The first couple of days were tough. I didn’t hold the “center of the storm” too well, and the raging that was very evident around me, I caved to. Whew! This was a tough one! We will see where this leads……I KNOW major changes will be evident in all of us!!! Loving you, my Sister! ~ ^^Amy^^

            1. Loving you, too, Amy…I’ve been pretty much a hermit for quite a while and my simple exchanges with you give me such a boost! Sending you lots of ♥♥♥, you beautiful butterfly, you 🙂 …janis

              1. Slowly coming to the surface, Janis. Now that I have my household all in good running order again, I can breathe and BE HERE. I LOVE YOU!

                  1. I love you, Janis. I am going back into Solitude so this may be the last posting from me on this Day. I take you with me as always, here in my Heart. I love you, Janis. ^^Amy^^

  19. Thank you again Aisha and the CCs – the voice of the choir is getting stronger and I feel when we start our group meditation – stronger still. Will post something soon on this with suggestions!

    In Joy, Light and Gratitude, Philip 🙂

  20. Two Buddhist Monks were on a journey, one was a senior monk, the other a junior monk. During their journey they approached a raging river and on the river bank stood a young lady. She was clearly concerned about how she would get to the other side of the river without drowning.

    The junior monk walked straight past her without giving it a thought and he crossed the river. The senior monk picked up the woman and carried her across the river. He placed her down, they parted ways with the woman and on they went with the journey.

    As the journey went on, the senior monk could see some concern on the junior monk’s mind, he asked what was wrong. The junior monk replied, “how could you carry her like that? You know we can’t touch women, it’s against our way of life”. The senior monk answered, “I left the woman at the rivers edge a long way back, why are you still carrying her?”

    The moral of the story: The senior monk had broken rules but for good reason. Once the purpose was fulfilled he put her down and continued on. He never gave it a further thought. The junior monk however did not touch the woman but he had brought up the actions of the senior monk when it was an action of the past. Therefore the junior monk was carrying the burden of what the senior monk had done as emotional baggage.

    We have little use for the past except for the purpose of learning from our experiences, good and bad. Just like in the Buddhist story, we need to let go of any burden the past may place on us. It’s happened, it’s over, it cannot be changed, we can only move forward and create a compelling future.

  21. I misread your latest messages Aisha – in hindsight I understand everything happened at night, which is why I noticed less.
    Now I remember having fought a dragon 2 nights ago.

    This early morning I was crying of joy as I felt a massive release of old memories. I also understood a couple of things about my childhood and my parents, and managed to let go old child fears – it suddenly became clear to me that in all my childhood I was fearing for my mums’ death, which prevented me from childhood joy and innocence, and left me with a heavy burden to carry, whereby I had to care for her and was always anxious and worried.

    Today, 8 eight years after her actual death (I will be 40 this year), I understood I could let go of her – I no longer have to worry for her, and I can get back my own life, in security and let go all the worries, anger and related frustrations. Wonderful!

    I hope we will have a chance to meet for real and not through internet when all of this is over.


    1. Dear Guerric! I am so touched by your story, I cannot thank you enough for sharing it. I know your journey has not been an easy one, but you have been brave enough to share your frustrations along the way. And you have dared to finally open up to what has been inside of you all along, behind the sadness, anger and tears. What a gift you have given us all by sharing your journey with us these last few months, and what a gift you have given yourself. For you have finally found your core, you have finally tapped into that endless pool of light and love you carry with you always. I embrace you, dear brother of the light!
      Love and light, Aisha

      1. There has been a lot of releasing old bonds and forgiving parents/relatives from sometimes old griefs.
        I was visited by my mother in dreams and finally did a teary and love filled forgiveness and release (and I thought that had already been done long ago, but seemingly some strong ties were finally released just now).
        A friend of mine had a similar experience with her late husband. Very moving. I keep hearing or reading such stories.
        So this special Equinox was also about clearing up all the “burdens” we carried in our hearts. Consciously or not.
        As many might still feel, things are settling, symptoms are still lingering (fatigue, aches), but the heart is light 🙂
        Sending Love Joy and Gratitude to all ❤ These are exceptional days 🙂
        I will post about funny things happening over here. Love Aisha, Love Pond dwellers ! 🙂

        1. Tender (((HUGS))) Brianna! Much LOVE!!!! I am SO proud of you for letting go and FREEING YOU!

          1. ((( Hugs ))) back Pinkrose 🙂
            Thank you for commenting. What a crazy ride this is these days. Really pregnancy-like is some physical point of view.
            Really roller-coaster like emotionally. So much energy shifting, being, bursting 🙂
            Love Light & Joy

  22. All I know is that have lost my voice and my left ear is ringing really loud and i feel very weak and I wonder if any one else is having theses symptoms ….roew

    1. Roew, I’ve had a minor sore throat the past few days but I’m not sick. I think this energy carries a lot of heat, and for me the heat tends to settle in my throat and head (causing some pounding headaches). I’m actually feeling kind of hyper, not weak, but symptoms seem to be very individualized at right now. Water, rest, relaxation, and meditation are the only things that seem to help at this point. Naomi

      1. “Water, rest, relaxation, and meditation are the only things that seem to help at this point.”

        Right on, Naomi. This transformation is not over yet. Our wings haven’t been dried yet. No flight is possible with wet wings. (((HUGS)))

    2. Roew, welcome o the “ringing club” 🙂
      It did get louder in the past days. To the point I sometimes have trouble hearing people who mumble or don’t speak loud and clear ! Makes me feel silly in some situations. But it doesn’t affect (at all) meditating and sleeping, so haha 🙂
      Sometimes I welcome the “buffer” it offers to street noises or chatter !!!
      Lots of Love 🙂

  23. Hello Aisha, Thank you again for doing what you do. I am a little puzzled by, “many of your fellow men and women even without these injections from above”, and, “this heavenly music will literally pass you by.”, because I thought everyone was being given this Light, indiscriminately. I guess it disturbs me that it is not there for all of us, as we are all One. Thank you.

    1. All depends upon the heart and its readiness to embrace what is being given. If the heart is closed, these Gifts shall pass on by. If the heart is open, much will be given. There is still the Law of Free Will in affect. No one can be forced to do anything. One must be willing of free choice to accept what is being given.

    2. Dear Viki! As I see this, we are all given the opportunity to receive these gifts for they are there for us all, but we all have a free will to choose whether we want to open up to them or not. They cannot be forced on anyone, just as no one can be denied the right to access them freely.
      Love and light, Aisha

  24. Yes, I can really feel this today, after these last 2/3 harassing days!!!

    Thanks Aisha and please keep on – you’re doing a fantastic job to pass information on to us!


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