The manuscript of survival – part 290

The song inside of you have changed its tune now, and even if it might be difficult to decipher between all of the clamor these new energies have created, it is there, and it is constant. So do not fall into the trap of thinking that these last few days intense upheavals have thrown you off the track, far from it. But as we told you earlier, the buttons would be pushed by these incoming energies, and pushed they have been. To the extent that for some of you, a sudden breakthrough has suddenly arrived, as if out of the blue. As breakthroughs goes, these have been so profound, they will literally change the whole landscape around you, as you seem to have been walking on a foggy moore and then suddenly emerge in a very different landscape where the air is crystal clear and sharp, and everything stands out in vivid detail. This is not an easy journey for any of you, but for some, these last few days have been more challenging than you can mayhaps ever remember, and as such, this process will for quite a few of you still take some time before it all settles down, and you too will be better able to discern all of the details around you.

For this is indeed that last stage in the desert if you will, when you will all start to see something shimmering on the horizon, and this time, it will not be a trick of the eye, but it will be the first sight of your final destination.

And what is your final destination? It is not a city of gold and treasures, inhabited by fleet footed maidens and handsome warriors. No, what we talk about, is that golden city within, the one that has always been there, but one that for years and years has been neglected. Not out of spite, but because you were not even aware that it was there. But last week’s intense shower of love has washed away all, or at least the majority of debris that have been covering up this fabled city, and now, it cannot be hidden anymore. Not from you, nor from others. For the lights in that city are coming on, one by one, and they are starting to draw your attention, whether you like it or not. For some, they are already dancing in the streets in a happy reunion with themselves and this inner city of gold, while for others, they have still a little bit left on that road towards it. But you have all, in some ways, been made aware of this fabled place, and you can feel it beckoning inside of you as an irresistible force.

Remember, each one of you have your own way of arriving in this city. For some, it will be through an almost traumatic and painful recovery of the memories that are kept within the walls of this place. For others, it will almost feel like you stumble upon it by sheer luck, and the list is long. So again we say, do not follow in the footsteps of others if you want to rediscover this fabled city. For then, the road will quickly peter out, and you will leave yourself stranded in the desert. So make sure that you are very present in yourself, and seek the ways that will help you to do this. For only you will know how to look, if you have not yet arrived. So again we say that all is well, no matter on what stage of this final journey you all are. For you are just where you are meant to be.

So breathe deeply, and celebrate, whether you know you have arrived, or whether you are facing that final hill where you know you will be able to set your eyes upon that final resting place. For this is where the true you reside, and this is where you will be reunited with yourself once and for all. So again, we wish you all god speed, on this, the final push within. And if you have arrived, you will know so, because then it is as even the colours start to change hue, and the light will brighten, and so will you.

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  1. mum forgot you? I send your mum all my love because she obviously needs it. Being let down by your mum is the most painful pain ever. I don’t think this is about a trip, it seems more like your mum cannot handle your rising independence.

  2. Really hard times came to me. It’s definitely related to our global awakening. I am the unlucky one. Shit happens.
    Thank you Aisha for your blog, it’s one of the things that are fuelling my faith!

    1. Big hugs Jihn, Messages have been coming through from other channels related to Lightworker contracts to help clear and transmute negativity from the collective so this may be what you are going through. I honor your path and thank you for your service and sending love and light for a peaceful heart! Hugs!

      1. If doctors will fix my sickness (which, I suppose gonna be really painfull) I’m gonna be the happiest man alive, so yes – right now I’m ‘transmuting negativity, ‘detoxifying’.

        1. Jihn so brave,
          yes, really seems you are detoxifying ans transmuting.
          It’s (I recently found out too) necessary steps in our growth. Really hit me by surprise, as I imagined my path would be “feeling love all the time”.
          Then came this new surge in march. So I was so upset at first. How can I possibly feel negativity again. Or anxiety.
          Reading your comments has helped tremendously. We all go thru this. So, big hugs to you Brave Jihn.
          Remember this : as you move on it is not only negativity until coming back to light (released and cleansed). It’s a mix of both, or there are moments of “stillness”. Take a deep breath, and go on 🙂

          Pamper yourself ! I’ve been saying this a lot lately, and we all need it 🙂
          Joy, Love and Light to you.

  3. Hello Dear Unipond!!! 🙂

    I’m fairly new here, but I’ve been following Manuscript of Survival messages on Youtube since January this year until I found this blog a couple of weeks or months ago lol. And I have to say that CC’s messages and Channeler’s delivery is so intelligent and how can I put this, so spiritually objective + it talked to me every time I read it. It’s like it was designed for my ego lol. That’s why it’s just home away from home! And the people here are lovely and very wise. Thank you so much Aisha & the Unipond! You’re a blessing! So far I’ve concluded for myself these messages, Hilarion Weekly and Angela Peregoff messages to be creating the most resonance within me. Reading everybody’s comments is just so healing for me; to know that I’m not alone, that I’m on a same schedule of this “No Time” paradigm but more likely “Yes! it’s all about the Timing” paradigm. Oh man it’s been Craaaaaaazzzyyyy! I read some comments and the impression I get it’s like we are all a one being experiencing the same thing but in different interpretations; too bad the religions didn’t get it! Duduk Tsh 🙂 (in Brooklyn Accent) Ow! they could’ve applied the same concept, no?! Oh well who you kiddin’! 🙂 Anyway (in serious tone) I think I got a Jackpot for ya. From CC’s messages and everybody’s comments I think it’d be fair to say that the dark & light is merging back to Oneness within every soul, especially on this blog. But also almost for everybody including me it’s like operating yourself with eyes closed and no doctor around. I think I got the elixir of Epicness that will turn you into Super Surgeon! Ok I’m 100% sure every soul on this website is pretty handy with their energy manipulation, either it’s intent, visualization, meditation etc. Are you familiar with Sacred Geometry and Flower Life? Ok I bookmarked this video a while ago. I was having a major hard time with operating myself u know what I mean, so I was desperately trying to reestablish a this new current connection with my source but I was failing cuz my mindset was no match for this new level that just totally destabilized my current ego filter or ego perception or mind perception. My father used to say “Life is a Struggle” which I beautifully inherited from him but thank God I graduated into belief system of “Life is a Puzzle! Figure it Out :)” So as I was connecting some pieces it finally came to me, I remembered I had this video. As I watched it, it was like BAM, I’m out of this Cage! The Flower of Life structure which was depicted and coded for us from crop circles is actually a Formula of Integration from our Personal Duality back into our very personal Oneness LITERALLY! It’s energetic that’s why you can do this perfectly anytime anywhere. The minute I started doing simple structures of the flower of life through my energetic field, aura using intent and visualizations ohhhhhhh man I was about to fly off this planet. I could feel my negative and positive merging into ONE as I visualized and intended the structure to spin like it said in the video. The trick is that YOU are the flower of life, and you’re inside the structure, you are it! it’s like your shield, your decorated bubble and there is no limits how you can manipulate it with power of sound or colors anything, magnificent! Imagine what you can do with this?! Ok here is the video! If you want to watch it from the beginning go for it I’m sure you’d enjoy it! But The most important part is from 1hour and 15minutes 50seconds into the video till it’s end. So 1:15:50 to the end of the video 🙂
    I’m so ecstatic to share this cuz it’s that bridge to reconnect with any higher level energy we are challenged to integrate! Bless You and This Earth for the blue light that is flowing through the sun into the earth, and Sun being the one of the quadrillion chakra points of the Prime Creator i and us being it’s recipients, is truly Magical!

    1. Welcome Golden Eagle! Glad you found the pond and joined in here! Your flower of life meditation sounds interesting! All the best energy to you for merging into oneness! Alex

  4. It has been really hard and a painful journey, but I feel that we are close. I feel that in the end all of this has been worth it!

  5. SPACE. That is what I got with our Uniponder/Shperes of Light meditation. That there is more space opening up inside of us. Good, I want to live exhaling on the inside. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  6. I tuned in about meditation time and saw the Pond turn into a brilliant white light. It had a quality of unstoppable power that can never be extinguished. I saw that Gaia was dotted with such ponds, small in size but here to stay and growing irresistably. I felt the words ‘Critical Mass has been reached’ ( I think this happened a while ago but I’m a bit slow like that!)

    Here is some insider trading tips. Invest in Love. Its stock price is about to go through the roof! Dividends will be paid in torrential bliss. All competition has been wiped out as Love now has a monopoly on LIght.

  7. I am heartened to hear of everyone’s enlightening experiences. I am doing my best to find my way into that Lighted City and it is a challenge to keep walking. I miss my kitty but I know he has found peace and I wish I could be with him to share it

    Lara you are not alone. I have yet to experience any bliss. Negative emotions are my button pushers. Love to all.

    1. Hang in there Gabriella. You can see the journey’s end. Now forget the idea that it is a journey. There is no where to go, you ARE bliss. Joy is our very nature but we forgot as we enjoyed playing a game of duality a little bit too much.
      Kitty has not gone anywhere and is with you in ways that he never could be before. He does not perceive of any distance between you now and does not want you to be sad.
      Im reminded of the words of Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, “Reach out with your feelings” and “You’ve taken your first step into a larger world.”

      The energy of bliss and the energy of negative emotions are one and the same. One is like a beautiful river that flows from the Source to the Ocean
      and the other is like a man made dam which chokes the river causing floods on one side and drought on the other. One day the pressure gets too great and the dam bursts causing devastation and destruction. And the river asks, “why didnt you just let me be? I knew where I came from and I knew where I was going. I had enough water for everyone but you wanted me to be different.why?”
      This is what we do to our bodies every day. We say,” No! I wanted it to be another way than it is!” And another brick goes on the dam of the River of Bliss.

  8. First of all deep gratitude to you all in the UniPond…

    There were several things I felt, images I saw and messages:

    The first image was us all joined by a heart connection and in a large circle – white light coming from everyone’s heart to the people adjacent and then to a central point where the light was incredibly intense and shot out in rays back to everyone and then creating a huge pearlescent/transluscent Sphere Of Light!

    Throughout I had this intense loving energy in my heart and I was wrapped in wonderful warm cocoon of energy. At one point I felt an energy moving anti-clockwise until I realised it was giving me a message that actually ‘Time’ was stood still…

    Various lines of songs came to me which I often get as messages:

    I was standing, you were there
    Two worlds colliding
    You’ll never tear us apart

    and another:

    Another day for you and me in Paradise

    and a line from a hymn:

    Freely, freely you shall receive, freely freely give

    Sue saw that she was like a new born baby – akin to a new born calf or similar – legs a bit wobbly and learning stand!

    In Joy, Light and Gratitude

    Philip 🙂

    1. Beautiful Philip, thank you for your loving intention, I’m most grateful. I couldnt stay long as I have the attention span of a gnat at the moment! I had a similar experience with white light though -summary below. I got a clear message that time was completely irrelevant so i will pick it up later.

      I had just done some reiki on my wife Sarah and saw her as a new born baby. I was tired and having trouble focussing so I asked for help and two angels came in – one was Raphael. I held up the baby and she was suspended in beams of golden light while they helped with the healing.

      Love to you and Sue:-)

      1. Beautiful everyone! Philip, you reminded me that all in my meditation had those glowing heart center beams as well. I am just giddy that many also found the essence of being new born in various ways! So cool! Thanks for all the great connections and things to think about!

        I was also lead to share that in the sharing of our stories we are being wayshowers. Also cool but the 100th monkey applies as well, that all may not experience each aspect of the shift but as One in the group does, the others all benefit equally from the energy as we are all one! Loving on you all! Alex

  9. really beautiful ‘Alex’ !….thought dreams such as this brought up in meditation have great symbolic meaning….the sacred revelations with especially ‘Water’, with winged spirits, with birthing… & within & around Mother-Earth will play an important part in the coming of the New Earth….you were told much truth, but in a metaphorical way….have a great day….& keep dreaming….believe in these dreams & keep sending your intentions of great LOve for Mother-Earth & ALL the Blessed Life upon her ! Strength & Healing….see it in the grandest way you can imagine, make it real ! & so it shall be……Bev

  10. Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I wanted to share with you the vision I received when participating with the spheres of light meditation because it was simply heartening and joyful!

    I first decided that it was going to assist me to bring in some tibetan singing bowl music into my meditation and the one that came to me from a random selection included the sound of running water and a thunder storm.

    I set my intention to connect with the blessed spheres of light and all in the Unipond with the intention to meditate on and send love and light to the highest good of all in a Genisis fashion as Philip had described.

    As my meditation proceeded, I could sense flashes of light with a beautiful deep blue cast and I felt myself approaching the Unipond. It was dark out but very warm and so I slipped into the water and then noticed that other beings were entering the pond and all were as they were at birth, naked and each washed in the clear blue water. We then formed a circle and held hands and focused our love in the center of the pool and suddenly, the entire earth appeared above us and slowly decended into the clear water to sit halfway within the pond and halfway above.

    The sun came to observe the process for a short moment and shined down his love upon Gaia. Then all the stars in the heavens drew near to observe as well. Behind each being appeared a winged angel, as if the guardian angels or higher beings of each appeared. They handed each person a beautiful shell and each person dipped the shell into the water and poured it out upon blessed Gaia. Some handed the shells back to their Angels and the angels flew up into the sky and poured the water down on Gaia from above. We all held hands again and circled around the beautiful planet in a dance and then came to a stop and each reached deep into the water and pulled up a beautiful, perfectly formed and brilliantly radiant baby. Each person nursed their baby and held it and gave it tender love and presented it to their Angel which shone down radiant love upon the babies. There was much smiling and love shown to each other’s babies and there was an air of celebration.

    Then each being placed their beautiful baby within the cradle that was the earth and stepped out of the pond. The babies were content and felt safe and at peace. Then groups of indigenous beings came to the edge of the pond and began to play ancient music that I felt related to the love of nature and Gaia. Each being was given a beautiful white robe shimmering with light and then all began an undulating dance, using all parts of their body to show love for the music and for Gaia. The Angels also danced and flew around and danced with the stars that were also dancing and shining down love.

    Then as one, all began to breathe deeply and blow their sacred breath upon Gaia and she began to rise up, taking the blessed newly born spirit babies that were formed through us in conjunction with All that is and our inner beings with her. She began to turn slowly and spin into the sky and we all watched with love and continued to blow the sweet breath of light and life into her as she spun away onto her new orbit among the stars.

    The feeling of bliss and rebirth during this meditation was awesome for me personally and i feel that we are indeed being reborn with the help of each other and our Angels (CC!) to be completely new and without stain and comfortable in the love of Gaia.

    Much love to you all, I also intended for the highest good of all in the Unipond and my love for you all grows each day! Dance to your own song–do your own thing and know that all is well and as it should be! Blessings on Philip for initiating the meditation and on Aisha and the CC for their constant support! Love and light! Alex

    1. Wow Alex – Sue (my wife and I) loved this! Sue was reminded of a similar image of a Sphere in water half below and half above too she had in a meditation a while back – wonderful!

      In Joy & Light, Philip 🙂

    2. Tears are flowing.
      This is breathtakingly beautiful oystergirl99.
      Oh I wish I could have these type of experiences.
      Maybe soon.
      Blessings of love and light to all, here at our lovely pond.

  11. Well, I felt compelled to share some experiences I had too ..
    It all started in 2010, I was waking up, and I felt that my body was floating in the clouds, I heard a female voice telling me something about the energy of the sun, just do not remember what it was … I visualized and the sun revolving around a castle …
    On another occasion, I woke up as if listening to some sounds, you know when you are tuning the frequency of a radio, heard the shrieks and many voices, I confess that I was scared … was very real … Another day I saw a bright multicolored be on the edge of my bed.
    As these things were happening I was trying to seek a way, trying to understand what was happening to me, I was reading, internalizing and today I no longer feel the fear I felt silly … 🙂 I was just getting little messages for my awakening …
    Lately I’ve been dreaming of fire and hot … Also in my dream I was shown a book, except that I can not decipher that code or language are …
    I imagine that the process is being done in us, and if we do not remember because it has no problem, work is being done through us, we are antennas in the service of greater light. So today understand the importance in the spheres of concectar with ligths, simple receipt.
    Smiles 🙂 Karina

  12. Philip said:”I was told at one point a couple of months ago to my surprise that 90% of the energetic stuff I am processing is not mine – the sense I had it was almost like some kind of general cleansing helping everyone and I think I read something about this too. I wonder if this is the case for other UniPonder?”

    Yes, Philip, I know this must be true,that we are helping everyone in this cleaning which feels like loss.

    There is the statement in the NT about there being no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another, and to me the only real life there is to lay down is the one of our spiritual identity which most of us can agree can feel lost through this process of “washing the robes clean.”(sigh)

    Love and comfort to us all. J.

  13. Same story. It started in 2001. It has been asymptotic since, with a very strong acceleration from the begining of 2012. I record all what I see in dreams. Always instructive, loving and funny. And time is still speeding up… 🙂

  14. Dear Aisha….it’s so wonderful to hear the excitement in your words as you are becoming more tuned in to these awakening energies, as well as many of the others that are posting their awakening experiences ! Everything is indeed moving forward as planned, maybe not as quickly as many would prefer, or seeing miracles on past specific dates, but creation moves in a rythmn, balance & flow, action & re-action to the vibrational energies that are growing as we engage with the power of spirit, with Mother-Earth, with the Universe…All so beautifully interconnected & intwined ! I find it quite interesting that much I have commented to you in the past is now being reverberated through so many others & this is wonderfully pleasing to hear ! As we continue in our efforts to fine tune our instruments, when we begin to hear our hearts sing, when we strive to focus away from ourselves (the ‘Me’ syndrome) the Light of Creation will shine brighter & brighter ! Do you not find it interesting that when you focused LOving intent to this little dog, your heart grew…this is the truth & beauty of the essence of LOve…when we give of ourselves it returns tenfold, strengthening & clearing the eyes of the heart…”Eyes wide open to those that see with their Heart” ! We must not stay fixed on seeing a jaw dropping miracle displayed before us, we must tune our sites to the real miracles that are part of our everysay lives right now….Nature is a miracle, the birds, the BEEs, the animals, ALL life & the birth of life a miracle ! Mother-Earth is the physical embodiment of the Divine Mother…ALL that IS…when we truely understand this, LOve, Appreciate, Respect & Protect what already is, Heaven will be made manifest on Earth alot quicker ! Do you know that 30% of the Earth is solid mass, & 70% Water…Do you know that ‘We’ as most life upon Earth are 30% mass & 70% Water….when Water changes, ALL Life will change….think about it….if you don’t understand now, you will soon understand…~ Blessings to you All, & keep shining the healing Light, the birthing Light of Life from within your heart ! Bev

    1. Yes. There’s water in every-thing and it allows the instantaneous communication throughout the entire universe(s) with all forms consciousness. Faster than light..

  15. wow, deep metaphor…..and this is exactly where I am!! I want to say, almost no one would believe my “city” (which is more like my scenario/situation/process) if I tried to tell them, yet it is a beautifully complex tapestry and now I can see all the threads and how they fit into the whole. I see the path ahead and know it and trust it, yet at the same time, even if it changed completely in an instant, I would still trust it and laugh with joy. A tiny part of my old 3D mind tells me I am absolutely crazy, again, I just laugh. Past no longer matters, future no longer matters. It’s all good. I can hardly believe how perfect it all is, yet it seems to keep getting better as it is revealed. All I can say to others is, trust in your own process, no matter how crazy it would seem to others. There are no limits!

    Trust the Process, Enjoy the Ride!!


  16. Me again!


    I went back to the beginning of your postings over the weekend and started reading. I hadn’t got round to this before being fairly new to the UniPond as I had been focussing a lot on understanding, experiencing and sharing the gift of Spheres Of Light with world!

    A number of things really struck me that I am delighted to share with you:

    If I’ve understood it correctly you started receiving sporadic messages for some time then main postings of the manual started on 16 August 2011. This was amazing to me as I got some sporadic insights for a while and then on 21/22 August 2011 Spheres Of Light was brought into my conscious awareness. August 2011 seemed to be a key point from what the manuscript said and I saw elsewhere recently from another source saying the same thing!

    The words in the manuscript about roles we’ve agreed to play could not have described a part of the insight I received better: “Some of you will come into contact with beings in a very physical manner, others will meet only spectrum-like appearances, almost foglike, that will connect with you in a quite different way.” Mine was the latter “spectrum-like, almost foglike…” – the energy of this describes what I saw in a dream.

    Nothing else I’ve read has come anything close.

    There were lots of other things to I have not seen affirmation of before:

    “The downloads, like being re-programmed and re-booted” – exactly.

    Another one, I have seen on many occasions in that state between sleep and awakening what seems like streams of data almost like a printing press going so fast past my eyes. One time I managed to get it to stop so I could read some the title: “LIFE IN THE GRIDS” in gold lettering – it seemed like a manual I was being given at a terrific rate to digest. I’ve also seen symbols and signs that currently I’ve no idea what they mean. Has any one else had this experience?

    I was told at one point a couple of months ago to my surprise that 90% of the energetic stuff I am processing is not mine – the sense I had it was almost like some kind of general cleansing helping everyone and I think I read something about this too. I wonder if this is the case for other UniPonders?

    I am only up to 50 and I came in around 256 I think so I’ve more to read but I wanted to say a big thank you for the channeling again for it has affirmed quite independently stuff I had been getting for what seems to be about the same time period and this also seems to be a great affirmation of the process the CCs describe as really kicking into action around that time. Amazing!


    1. Philiip – makes me think I should do the same and go back and read!

      August 11, 2011 was a memorable day for me…..around or on Lions Gate if I remember correctly.

      I got a bunch of light codes in March 2011. Mostly they were patterns of dots, just a flash before my closed eyes in the early morning, not quite awake, not quite asleep. I intuitively knew they were a coded message, what exactly I don’t know. (I also see lots of numbers on license plates and such during the days, the way I think of it is, my Higher Self or whatever part of me that needs to see them knows what they mean, so I don’t worry about it or try to figure it out with my mind.) But the light code things were really only that month. Only one time that month, I saw a page full of binary code, 1’s and 0’s. Again, don’t know what it meant, I just know I got it. And I described these things to myself as downloads, that’s exactly what I knew they were.

      I have not been told that I am processing for others, but I would not be at all surprised. I have actually asked/prayed that if that is appropriate, to give me others’ stuff.

      My process definitely goes in a cycle, different parts of the year have almost a theme, similar things happen at the same times. March seems to be downloads/revelations each year. After that is a quiet time, processing alone time, summer starts a re-connecting, fall is a closeness, winter a separating.



      1. That’s great to hear Meg! I had a strong sense it couldn’t just be me and so it was good to see in Aisha’s work and now yours too!

        For me it is absolutely fascinating and I have this sense that if I was to be totally conscious of it all right now it would blow my circuits! It kind of feels like its being stored for later retrieval at the right time and probably also as a kind of “transponder” as the CCs say!

        Think I may have had some binary stuff as well now you mention it.

        I haven’t looked at it as a cycle but that makes a lot of sense to me!

        Will keep open to it all.

        Thanks again for sharing your experience above as well!!

        In Joy, Light and Gratitude,

        Philip 🙂

        1. I totally agree about the blowing circuits! I had a moment of huge love energy hit me in 2010, and it felt like the total unconditional love of God all at once. It was so overwhelming and the result was that it changed absolutely everything for me, made me question everything. Although I know I have always been working all of this in the background, that experience totally woke me up. It was almost too much energy to bear. Any more, something would have exploded. ANd since then, I feel I am being challenged to withstand more and more. I consciously work with this process and expose myself to it on purpose, just to get used to it and better able to handle the energy (love). ANd my head and my heart have been working/growing together to be able to understand and integrate it.

          It feel so great to share, doesn’t it?!!!

    2. First time I post here. So for a start many thanks to you, Aisha. :-)))

      Yes, Philip, I’ve had this experience at waking up times. It is a bit like a computer screen (probably because I spend lots of time on my computer). Trouble is, the letter are all different in size, fonts also different, some bold, some normal, and… to make it even more enjoyable !!! the letters are jumping up and down, like those naughty little smileys ! and really fast, for that matter. I just can’t “catch it” yet. Words disappear JUST when I am about to grab them. I say “hey Guys, slow it down!” but they don’t care !

      I am not bothered. And may be the purpose is not “understanding” with a logical mind, but catching”up” instead of catching “short” and reading. It is frustrating but is is fun, and of course, I thought, is it my imagination blablablah… Yes, “rebooting” came to my mind…

      So I am glad that it happened to someone else also. Also images of compter screens when you are a programmer… Datas upon datas going through the screen at high speed,

      On the other side, I accept to be different, and, for instance, I do not like meditation, it bothers me, dot !!! I suppose I have my own ways, like anyone else… I am lucky I have free time and I can go within myself, so to speak, just because I am on my own quite often.
      The idea of “rebooting” came to my mind.
      I want to add that I do not consider myself like a very sensitive person to energies, compared to many others. It is the way I am and it is perfectly OK.

      Love to you all, guys and girls !

      1. Thanks Miz this sounds quite similar! I have the distinct sense I was not meant to be processing it at a conscious level but I was allowed enough of a glimpse just so I had a sense of what was going on… and on one get the title.

        I think it was to Meg I commented that it would have blown my circuits otherwise!

        In Joy and Light, Philip 🙂

  17. Unipond Activation Meditation!!

    Your INTENTION to engage in this is the fundamental thing…

    Time is an illusion so in if the time I suggest is not practical for you… just do it when you can… FEEL the connection!

    I share with you the Profound Gift of Spheres Of Light which is powerful beyond any words I care to choose…

    I have been blessed with insights that:


    It is intrinsically connected the metaphor of the Golden Egg (Hiranyagharba: The Golden Egg of Creation)…

    It both IS and forms a energetic bridge to pure consciousness…
    … and much more…

    I have been honoured to witness many a miracle with it for myself and others.

    Intrinsic to its nature is that IT ONLY WORKS IN THE HIGHEST GOOD/INTENTIONS … no exceptions… what your mind may wish for and what is the HIGHEST INTEREST may be two different things…


    Monday at 8pm, UK time (currently Grenwich Mean Time)… or if you feel inclined start straight away – there are no limits here.


    The Group Intention I suggest to start with is for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL IN THE UNIPOND WHO WISH TO PARTICIPATE… INCLUDING YOURSELF!


    We must honour the path of others – whatever it is!!! This is the point that was strongly reinforced to me over the weekend. I already knew it but its easy to overstep the line in enthusiasm which I had done!! So please take note.

    Spheres Of Light automatically comes with a resonance or chain reaction effect innate to the Universe…

    … that is as your consciousness expands it automatically impacts others… in ways THEY CHOOSE with no limits to this…

    HOW TO:


    Simple, profound, beautiful… a gift beyond measure.



    Which is the foundation website (non-profit & unincorporated)

    There are many insights I’ve been given as to why it is so simple so if your mind needs to know more feel free to visit the Spheres Of Light Foundation site… and read the: Home Page and I would suggest the Oh, so simple blogs Parts 1 & 2 and also the Purity of Intention and Trust Blogs… and possibly the Lightening Conductor Blog.

    Know that ‘in truth’ none of these are necessary because one thing this energy does is ‘teach’ or ‘open you’ to your own insights – not mine… but for some they may be helpful starters…

    You will see on the site that it is: OPEN SOURCE – you are free to share it with the world…

    Honouring you my brothers and sisters of the Unipond for sharing my joy in this… and very happy to clarify, adjust or whatever is in the highest good.

    In Joy, Light and Gratitude,


  18. Good morning Uniponders!

    Not been here as I chose to follow my instinct and the post “Are you listening” (thanks Aisha) to integrate and process a few pressed buttons!

    A little bit of a challenge though thankfully I got the affirmation that I could see clearly where they were coming from and how wonderfully I had created them! Phenomenal stuff this energy – the most profound I’ve experienced to date.

    My love goes out to all whose buttons have been or are being pushed… it is an essential part of the process to cleanse us.

    For those who wish to take part in the meditation it is planned for tonight 8pm UK time (Currently Grenwich Mean Time). You can convert here:

    I was struck by the lines above:

    “…So again we say, do not follow in the footsteps of others if you want to rediscover this fabled city. For then, the road will quickly peter out, and you will leave yourself stranded in the desert. So make sure that you are very present in yourself, and seek the ways that will help you to do this. For only you will know how to look, if you have not yet arrived…”

    So this tells us that is essential to go with what is right for us! So only take part if it feels right for you!!

    I am re-posting below the essence of my previous post of the meditation with a few tweaks to draw out some important facets that I feel would benefit from reinforcement – and from a very important lesson/insight that was reinforced to me over the weekend!! Ha, ha – I can laugh at it now! 🙂 🙂

    In Joy, Light and Gratitude,

    Phiip 🙂

  19. Today we leave for Portugal. Icecold sun is shining in a beautifilled heaven.
    All is well after a hard week of living on this wonderful planet.
    What is it that we look for inside? The hope to arrive in a blissful state of mind never fades. On the road to a peaceful life. Together with two friends,circus equipment,bycicles,dog, we drive in a 7.5m Van into the light.
    Won´t you come with me?

    1. Home, we want to find Home again…
      We lost our way, a lot of time ago…
      Became dark, and we could not see…
      Became cold, and we had no shelter…
      We were hungry, and had nothing to eat…
      Thirst, and nothing to drink…
      We were forgotten, complete alone…

      Walking as blinds, through deep abyss…
      Lives and lives passed, without we find…
      Darkness was complete, reign absolute…
      Everything was vain, rotund the pain…
      We asked everybody, nobody knew…
      Hidden answers never turn up…
      It,s unbelievable that all that is past…

      Now we walk with, confident strides…
      The answers, are coming up…
      All is more easy, as never before…
      We find friends and new family have…
      Unsuspecting occurrences, come our way…
      Surreal ‘things’, happen everyday…
      We are going Home, It,s at eyesight again…


      1. Go Nohmad!

        I just saw as a comet blazing across the sky setting Love Fire to everything in it’s path.

        Go Comet Nohmad!

    2. Michilin,

      You post resonated with me-“all is well after a hard week of living on this wonderful planet”…..indeed. May your (and everyone else’s) path toward and into the light be one of joyful remembrance, healing and walking together as one into the peace that permeates all else.

  20. Hi,

    I am the ones whose “buttens were pushed” and I am really hitting the low spot. I was “having a conversation” with my mind few minutes ago “whether to go crazy or choose light and go to have a walk outside”. This is just awful.

    I had a great session of healing on Friday and I thought I was getting better already. Well, one big fat button got pushed yesterday again. I have not been ANYWHERE on my own since August (ok, for 4 hours for a class union in January). I am a Single Mom with two kids. I am really in a very hard situation and completely alone. The idea of “all being one” does not really help me in my struggles.

    So, what happened yesterday? My Mom had promised to take care of the kids for ONE night that I can get to travel to my best friends birthday party abroad. This was 2 months ago and I bought the airfare. So yesterday I was asking about it assuming that all was ok. She had forgotten. She is working during that weekend and it is very difficult for her to change the shifts.

    So she forgot. I know that she is always jealous of the nice things I get. But come on. This is just too much. She is just rubbing salt to my wound of being alone and abandoned. I am always helping so readily everyone. I am putting so much effort on peoples growth towards light. Why is this SO HARD???? I am dreaming, manifesting, wanting, healing, praying, releasing, letting go, meditating, drinking water, purifying my thoughts, helping others ect ect. Here I am alone in the cement floor again. Unable to fly. Crashed. Tears are pouring and I am literally fighting for my life.


    1. Dear Lara, those that push our buttons do us the biggest favour of all. They show us where we forgot to love ourselves.
      Your tears are pouring, that IS what you have been praying for.
      They are priceless gold.
      You dont HAVE a life you ARE life.

      Last years leaves have turned brown and fallen to the ground where they will nourish the new shoots. Should we paint them green and glue them back on the tree?
      Let go, your team are waiting to catch you.

    2. Dear Lara, my love goes out to you carried by an angel with a dove of peace.

      Oh, one of beautiful dogs has just come for a cuddle of love – so I share that with you too…

      I don’t know if if this will help but I share it for you to see… the words that come are ‘feel into it without fighting’ and observe the feelings… it is energy looking for a path to flow out of you…

      Each has their own way so go with what feels right for you…

      I see the angel and the dove landing next to you.

      Much love, Philip

        1. You are very welcome Lara! As many have said – there is much love here to share and I guess we’ve all been there at some point! Love and Light Philip 🙂

    3. Lara, all I want to say is that I am sending you hugs. I know the feeling of being completely hopeless. It’s awful. But it is true that if you let yourself feel it completely, it will flow out of you. It’s definitely a process, longer than you want it to be. Oh, I wish I could take it on for you, but I know I can’t……just know there are many of us here and everywhere cheering you on ❤

    4. Lara, i have felt the same over the last days but today was a turning point, and the light has returned brighter than ever. One thing you must try and do right now is to not take all of your thoughts so seriously, if you have a mantra (maybe a sanskrit mantra) repeat it over and over. What I found over the last days was my mind was creating all sorts of fears, worries and scenario’s but the Liar (as my friend calls the mind), needs calming and taming during these energy shifts. We really dont have to take our thoughts so seriously. Focus of your heart chakra, be kind to yourself, and breathe deeply. Let go and let God do everything else for you. You will get there, let go of it all, surrender… I send you love, peace and harmony, trust the process, all of what you are going through is for your highest good. The people that test me the most are the ones I am most grateful for as I would not grow without them. Be strong, you will get there, you will. Sending you much love x

    5. Lara,
      I don’t think you are not alone as there are many who have experienced the energies as of late as feeling more difficult and oppressive than ever. It is easy to question this path, especially when one really IS doing all the right things.
      This energy seems to have liberated some butterflies from the chrysalis but for others the emerging is slower. I have to believe that what has felt like the worst birth pains is indicative of the birth that is coming. You may not feel it but the loving responses to your post tell me that it is coming – for all of us who haven’t emerged in great fullness.
      I am taking in some of this love for my emergence, as I think it is for all of us.

    6. L,
      Feeling impelled by the feelings of love and joy on reading Aisha’s latest, to write something, I read yours and here I pause.
      Sending love. Been there, felt that, I think all of us have. You were looking forward to a special event only to have it snatched away by the turn of events. At times of extreme loneliness I have remembered the story told by an ancient Greek ECK Master of what led him to mastery. His city was overrun by war, his family either killed or sold as slaves he never saw again, and he became a slave-tutor himself to the children of a noble family. He said his extreme sorrow and loneliness brought his heart at length in touch with Divine Spirit, the Light and Sound of God. That story taught me that at such times I could reach out with my heart to let it be touched by Divine Love, even thinking as I did, “This is an experience not to wasted – I certainly don’t want to repeat i!” The book, by the way, was “In the Company of ECK Masters,” by Phil Morimitsu. I just Googled to be sure of the title and spelling. In my case the love is in the form of the Mahanta. That’s the part that’s individual. What is universal is that love is all around. Sometimes we need to let go and just accept it. Oh, and chanting the ancient name for God, HU, pronounced “hue” aloud or silently on the drawn out breath you may find a good way to reconnect with Divine Love. Thank you and Aisha and all here for this “pond.” Personally I think it’s connected to an ocean vast beyond the conception of even the galactics and angels, but here we can call it a pond for convenience as some of us do the mighty Atlantic.

      1. Hi, Tobiwan, thank you for your caring and good advice. I will look them up.

        Thank you all for the caring and love you give and gave.

        I was in low point of my life yesterday. I really had to choose whether to go crazy / die or to move on with this journey. I chose the latter.

        I realized yesterday that I was clearing the karma for the whole family. My grandmother’s father got missing (yes, nobody still knows what happened) I think around the time she was 6. She had to go to live with her granddad to help him out (yes, a strange thing, I know). My grandmother had a horrible, horrible life. A beautiful talent wasted in misery. She got my mom out of wedlock. The misery continued to the point (many different VERY BAD happenings) that her twin sister said a nasty remark on her way to a holiday and my grandmother just “snapped” and lost her mind (scitsoprenia). My mother was 6 and saw it all and had to go to the orphanage after that. Her mother never recovered even if she lived long and died 23.3.2012 (!!!!!!). I was raised my a mom who has such a background.

        When I was 6 my best friend died. I blamed me for it and that was the end of my childhood. (I had nothing to do with his death but like in a puzzle I was bicycling with my mom next to his house and he joined us going to his other friend where this accident happened). Nobody really saw my pain and feelings then.

        So, my daughter turned 6 now.

        Her father has actively tried to ruin me for the past 2 years (his mom almost killed herself when he was 6 and this has had (and still) a major impact in his life). My mom has watched from a safe distance my struggles to become free. Now it felt like “I am finally pulling myself to the pier (after almost drowning) and she is stepping on my fingers”. I fell back, went deep but got back up, I swam, with the last strength I had, I did survive this.

        I hope it is all cleared now, this karma of misery, karma for the family. That I stop something from my children and others. But you know, it was skin-deep, I could have made the other choice. But I did not. I chose to live. I chose that I will be happy with my kids.

        BTW. When my grandmother was in her deathbed she suffered greatly. It was physical but also very much going through her life experiences. She looked like she was tortured with electroshocks or so. She was “out of this world”. I went to sit beside her. I took her hand and prayed. I told her that now it is the time for her to let go of the suffering. I prayed that angels would take her pain from her to Gaea. And that Mother Earth would transform the misery into beautiful flowers. I asked the angels to take it to the sun to be burnt. I was repeating this and I felt her to calm. After I left, my mom called me and said “they finally found the right medication for her as she calmed down and slept”. After that she “only” had the pain for the broken bones with her but she seemed at peace.

        I am praying the angels to take away my misery and my mothers misery. Take it to the sun where it all burns to ashes. I want my misery and my mothers misery to go (she has a choice, of course). I want Gaea to take the very rest of it and transform it to beautiful flowers. There the butterflies can fly freely in the sun.

        Thank you!


        1. Lara, you are so strong and brave, to be able to recognize all this and face it head-on is no small thing! I have recognized, too, how issues can run in families….but nothing to the extent you have had to deal with! We are all cheering you on! Appreciate yourself for all you are doing. Also, remember your daughter knew she was to be born into this … you are doing your part to break the cycle, and doing it well. Give yourself a big pat on the back! XO

  21. I feel the song. Love and light to everyone here on this pond, to you dear Aisha and to CC. Ale

  22. Dear friends!
    I could have danced all night, as they say in the song, but my body feels too worn out at the moment, so all I will do is let my fingers to a little bit of dancing. Is it because I have ”arrived”? In some short bursts of overpowering joy, it certainly feels like it, but then, my body intervenes and it is as if the fog descends again and I must continue to process and assimilate these new and extremely powerful energies. But what REALLY makes me want to sing and dance for joy, are the words and the energy you have shared in this space during the last 48 hours or so. Yes, the colors have certainly changed hue, and the light has definitely brightened to such an extent in here it is impossible to describe with words. I cannot even being to list the names of those who have contributed to this, for you are so many, but I just want to say to anyone who have not yet had the chance to read the latest comments that have been posted here make sure that you do. The wisdom and insights, the honesty and bravery, the love and compassion contained in these words are so profound and transformative. It is like this huge repository of love has opened wide, and we can all drink from it, and never go away thirsty ever again. Thank you all, for lifting your voices to the sky and singing out this pure and powerful song of joy, love and compassion. I cannot wait to hear more!
    Love and light, Aisha

    1. Dear Sister, I share in your joy. I feel like I have woken up to find I have 7 billion brothers and sisters who love me. They are laughing and saying, “Did you forget?” “Did you think you were alone?” Ha ha No! you never were, it was a dream. A dream of unLove. You wanted to know what Love was so you played a game of unLove to see the difference. Its time to put those pieces back in the box, maybe we can play it again someday. Maybe I’ll just watch next time!

      1. Pash, sometime ago I offered to share with your wife Sarah a link to a story of using Spheres Of Light with Children for her teaching when it was published. Well finally I’ve published the story on the website.

        You/she can find it here:

        I hope this gets to you both and I send you lots of love and Spheres Of Light of course!

        If you or your wife has any questions or would like to clarify anything – you can can contact me via the Contact Form on the site – it will come direct to me. It would be lovely to hear from you both.

        Joyfully, Philip 🙂

    2. My heart is exploding with love, gratitude and appreciation Aisha whilst reading your post. Thank you for bringing to together through the pond, i feel the loving energy from each word that is written by each beauitful sould, it is incredible and it has been such a source of comfort throughout the dark days of late. Now we can rejoice in oneness togetherness and eternal love. Thank you Aisha, thank you. Sue x

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