The manuscript of survival – part 286

As many of you have already ascertained, it is as if everything is holding its breath now. If you try to feel into it, you will feel a great stillness, as if in a void, and you will mayhaps think that you have been disconnected from source. Well, that is not the case here, as this is only a preliminary measure in order to prepare you for what is up ahead. For we think you all know by now that tomorrow is the day when the world stands still. Let us explain.

You are approaching one of those periods during the year that have always been celebrated amongst human beings. Some of you may not know why, but it is all linked to the precession of your planet in comparison to the other planetary bodies that surrounds you. And tomorrow is one of those days when your planet seems to be suspended in a precarious balance, and if everyone held still, it would continue to do so. But then, slowly, it starts to move again, and the balance between night and day on either end of your globe will once again begin to change. So this is indeed a very symbolic day, but it is more than that. For tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new phase in everyone’s lives, so today is a day to begin to prepare for that.

And no, we do not mean prepare as beginning to dig a whole in the ground for shelter and stocking it with provisions, thinking that the end is near. No, what we are talking about, is what will come hot on the heels of today’s lull, namely a huge influx of energy that will literally take your breath away. But in its wake comes something else, and that is why we want you to start to prepare for this monumental influx of energy and information today. For we want you to make sure to sit down in peace and quiet today and literally tune in to yourself, and we think you will be able to discern something new there already, something hiding behind the everyday noise, but still discernable if you listen well. And that is indeed the new you, the voice of the butterfly if you will, and if you manage to check in with that today, you will be better prepared when it starts to raise its voice in earnest tomorrow.

For tomorrow will bring in the signal for it to do so, and it will push a multitude of buttons in you all, and the result can be bewildering to say the least. So take this time in this quiet intake of breath to sit down and get to know that voice. For that is the voice you will be hearing from now on. And soon, no matter how much external noise that will be generated in order to drown out this new voice you all carry inside, it will start to ring out loud and clear. Not only on your inside, but on the outside as well. For with your new wings comes also an inability to stay silent no more. For you are indeed the voice of the future, but you have come to tell us all that the future is already here.

129 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 286

  1. scroll down the first page of that above link. there is a two part video showing the CIRCUM POLAR RAINBOW BRIDGE, through which we and our allies are moving

    1. Gail,
      thank you, thank you, thank you. The video and text from Crest 13 answers many of my questions. We are almost there. What a ride it has been.


    Here is explanation of the RAINBOW BRIDGE we have helped to co create and energize with our Powerful Magical AMAZING COLOURFUL SELVES!

    I have not commented in a long while–being in a place beyond words mostly. Moving into our telepathic experiences, too!

    more to come soon.

    1. Hi Gail, thank you for reminding me of this. I had seen it before but it must be a few years ago now. I have always felt and affinity to rainbows and adopted them in my website, meditations etc.

      In joy, light and gratitude,

      Philip 🙂

  3. The rest of the story occurred late afternoon March 19 in western North American time. Throughout the day I saw glimpses of the back of a woman in gold trimmed clothing. As I was trying to ponder with my mind what exactly would be happening in few hours, she stood in front of me laughing and full of joy beckoning me to come along. It took me a minute to get with the program. I held out my hands and she pulled me up and we danced for joy in the clouds holding hands with others. We all fell into the clouds laughing and I saw her leaving. “Wait,” I called, “I am coming.” She turned around and beckoned me. I ran to her as a toddler. I tugged at her hand and once again asked where we are going. She gently leaned down to me and pointed with her free hand. ” See that bridge over there,” She said, “that’s a rainbow and we are going to the other side. Now to you want to come? “. Oh, YES.
    She pulled me up into her arms and I became a babe. She danced and sang carrying me to the other side of the rainbow and gently placed me on a brilliant field of green grass. There was a road going thru it and a smooth flowing river beside it with that rainbow in the distance.
    “Is this IT? Is this the NEW EARTH?”, I asked.
    “Yes” she answered.
    “But where are the people?”, I asked as there was nothing else there.
    “They will come,” she said, “You must all prepare it for them.”
    I felt so alone. Then there was a knock, a door opened and out jumped first one and then another and another and another and more kept coming until all of Aisha’s Pond was there all laughing and singing for joy.
    I learned then that I and all of you when we flew from our cocoon left the light worker body behind and were brought to a higher dimension, the 10th, I was told to help prepare this new world.

  4. I am most grateful to the Cosmos for all the blessings bestowed upon me. I am loved and protected. I shall embrace the experience that I have created. My thanks to you dear Aisha & the benevolent Constant Companions. Peace,Love and Harmony to you all my beautiful sisters and brothers.

  5. I hesitated to post this but it could be relevant. I had 3 strange dreams during the past 2 weeks, leaving me with rare vivid memories, one of them already proven prophetic in a very strange way. In the second one, I recall telling my sister I would not be here on June 1rst, that in fact I would be long gone by then, not being able to mention a specific delay when I actually left. A few days later, I dreamed of entering a huge building and being told I had to go to the 21rst floor. When I got to the elevator, I had to wait with a bunch of people in an adjacent waiting room for the elevator to go up.

    In french, elevator is ‘ascenseur’ which has the same root as ascension, and the dream was no doubt a reference to me waiting for ascension. Maybe 21 was a reference to the actual event, or a pipe dream of my subconscious. I guess we’ll know soon enough.

    1. Hi Nayon, thanks for sharing I am a big fan of dreams and this one sounds important to me. Although I don’t know you it could be from the collective – 21st could be a date for you? Guess we’ll see! Philip 🙂

  6. Yes, I believe that it is near 🙂

    When the CCs or anyone else spoke about “the goal” or what we wanted to reach, I always was gripped by fear. I also was battling old fears during the last two months especially during the last few weeks, sometimes it was quite bad.

    But since yesterday I have the feeling, that those fears finally leave. And when I read this message I felt like singing and dancing, filled with lots of joy. I am sitting here with a huge grin on my face.

    So yes, a lot has changed in the last 24 hours and I am really looking forward to the future now.

    I only don’t know how my day tomorrow will be going as I will be haveing quite an intense scedule, including a funeral. In a way I will be buriying the past forever now.

    Lots of love to you all from the bottom of my heart. I really feel so full of it now.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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