As many of you have already ascertained, emerging from your cocoon may not always feel as pleasant as you had hoped for. For the process in itself can also be painful, as you wrestle your body free from the constraints that have been holding it in for so long. But you are free, even if your body and soul might feel more than a little pummeled by the proceedings. We say this in order to ensure that no one feels left out of this, for we do know that today, many of you will feel slightly, or in some cases, even worse for the wear. This is nothing strange, as not only you, but also the heavenly mother has been battling with the forces within these last 24 hours, and as such, you have been beaten with the rays of change coming in from above as well as battling with those inner demons still set on rambling through you. So even if this process is nearing completion, and we can see your shapes and colours already, you yourselves may still feel more than a battling ground than a finished piece. So here you are, still swaying with the punches coming in from above, whilst at the same time trying to come to terms with inhabiting something that is very, very different from the old thing you were ensconced in before you entered this womblike state within your cocoon.

So again we say, use your breath to quell any fear or anger that may arise, as you will still feel more than a little unsteady on your feet in these upcoming days. For this is a period of major upheavals, both on the physical but also on the more esoteric plane. But know that you have been through the worst, and as such, what you will be feeling now can be likened to the creaks and groans in something new that needs a little time to settle into its new form.

So do not think that there is anything wrong, even if you have a hard time of it. For the sun is already up, even if you still have not had the chance to rub the sleep completely out of your eyes yet. For remember, you have been asleep for a very, very long time, and just as those animals going into hibernation for a long time, coming out of that state is not done in a jiffy. So take it slow, and breathe, and do not try to exert yourself in any way. That way, you will ease into this brand new you in a slightly less stressful manner. And so we say, a new dawn has begun, and you can mayhaps feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face. But do not feel any pressure to get up and go immediately, for this time, the sun has come to stay for good.