So here we are dear ones, on this day of joy and celebration. For many of you, this day has already begun during the darkest hours of the night, as we wager that more than a few have had some visitations from some rather intense energies during your otherwise more restful sleeping hours. Well, let us just say that you will have many more encounters like this in the next few hours and days, but know that although some of these visitors may seem to be a little bit disturbing to your physical system, they are all benign. But we have to say they are nothing if not effective, as they charge through, bringing so much awakening in their wake. For this is what is happening to you all now, dear ones. Just as with Sleeping Beauty, one by one you are taken in hand, and gently, or in some cases, not so gently, being risen from that deep slumber you have been in for so long. For you have been somnambulants long enough now, and it is indeed time to become fully awake and survey your new surroundings. For you have grown to expect nothing but sad news and bitterness wherever you turn, but now, as your eyes get used to this new daylight, you will see how the sun has drawn out so much happiness and beauty all around. That is, if you seek it through the right channels, and do not depend on the mass media to enlighten you. For now you will know that they never will, as they are all still embroiled in the same old, same old. But you will know better, for you will feel the heat from this sun warm not only your face, but also your heart, and you will see a smile of recognition on so many other faces around you.

So again we say, take time to celebrate today, and take time to connect, for that is why you are all here. For you are a vast net of enlightened beings covering your globe now, and this time, it is up to you to haul that net even tighter and thereby avoid letting any single one of you fall through the openings. So know that all is well, even if your nighttime and maybe even some of your waking hours will seem to be a bit tumultuous in the time ahead. For you have just started to come to, so your whole system will feel a little bit as someone who has overslept for suddenly to be jolted awake again without much further ado. So let us just leave it at that, but not before we give you all a standing ovation. For you certainly deserve it, and it is resounding throughout All of creation. For you are closely watched by us all, and we are indeed more than pleased by your progress. So thank you again dear ones, for doing what you do and for being who you are, the bravest of the brave in All of creation.