The manuscript of survival – part 266

As you have mayhaps already ascertained, the intensity has once more been turned up a notch. In other words, more information and more light is coming your way, and as this as always is being directed through your physical body, some symptoms may occur. We know that you are not novices in this, and as such, the outfall from all of this energetic uprising will not come as a surprise to any of you. However, this time there might be a few rather interesting ”symptoms” coming up. We do not speak of the usual ones, the ones that your body seems to exhibit on a regular basis when it is immersed in such a stream of energy and light as the one you are currently in. No, we speak of other, more esoteric ones to call them that.

You see, your mind and your body will start to act as if they are somewhat out of synch in the days ahead, and we thought it best to forewarn you of this lest you should think that you are actually losing your grip on your sanity. That is not what is happening, rather, what is happening is that the old ”insanity” of third density existence is starting to lose its hold on you, and therefore you will at times feel as if you and your body have become separated in some ways. This may sound strange, but we think you will all notice when it starts to happen.

So again we tell you that all is well, and even if you at times will feel that you are totally disconnected from the material world, you are not about to just drift out into the ethers. This is again one of those adjustment periods, where you are slowly being put through the transition from living in the third density world in a third density body and into the next level. You see, as it is with everything in this process, it cannot be accomplished in one fell swoop. That would not only knock you off your feet, but it would literally render you unable to cope in any way. Therefore, we will guide you all through it, and this time, the process will involve a feeling of detachment from your physical body.

Just remember, the reason you are all here in the first place is to accomplish this transition whilst still residing within said body, so you are not about to float off into space unhindered by that at times rather burdersome accomplice. For you are a team, and the spirit and soul that is the real you have been teamed up with this current body in order for you to be able to fulfill this journey together. We know that at times the trappings of being in a physical body will feel to be a burden and certainly impose some unwanted limitations to your quest, but that is now about to change. For now, you will all be led on those first and perhaps rather faltering steps on this journey towards being able to exist both within these confines while simultaneously expanding your consciousness outside it. In other words, you will be able to lead a very interesting double life in the not too distant future, and you will do so whilst seemingly appearing as just another ordinary citizen on the outside. But your life will be filled with wonders indeed, and with it, some extra challenges. For starting to live a life that encompasses so much more than what you have been able to experience first hand up until now, will not go off seamlessly at first. Hence, this gradual awakening to the fact that you can actually master such a way of life. After all, it is not by learning you will know this, it is by remembering, and as such this journey will ignite many a lost memory within you all.

So let us just repeat that you are not going mad, even if you at times will feel a strong sense of bewilderment and separation in the time ahead. You are in fact just rediscovering your freedom. So take it slow, and remember to check in with your center, and as always, breathe. For your conscious breath is what connects you to this amazing vehicle that you inhabit, and the two of you are not about to lose contact anytime soon, no matter how distant and befuddled you might feel in the time ahead.

31 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 266

  1. “Forewarned is forearmed” so the saying goes. I appreciate the heads up regarding this next step into Light Body. I read the part about feeling detached from my physical body and a part of me went Whoo Hoo! Been waiting for this all my life! I’ve definitely been noticing my “grip on 3D” loosening for the past couple of weeks. Some days, I can’t hang onto anything — just flies out of my hands or drops right on the floor. This post is so useful, I may need to reblog it. Would be a criminal act NOT to tell my friends. Blessings, Dear One, Alia

  2. since I eliminated corn from my dogs’ diet. They are doing much better. It’s hard to find and costs more. Everything Purina is corn based. My dogs don’t have the itching or scratching that resulted from corn based food. Their coats are shinier now too. The good food costs more, but they don’t need to eat so much of it. I found the good stuff at Pet-Co

  3. Comforting to know what might be coming…… otherwise……LOL!!!

    I still have 4 rescue dogs and they are now stuck to me like never before.
    I am not allowed to do anything without them in tow, ANYTHING.
    I have 2 sensitive Goldens (both male age 7 and 2 years old). The two year old comes to me and puts his head in my lap and leans against my chair until he slumps down to the floor, over to his back for tummy rubs. The 7 year old sometimes will look very submissive all of a sudden/uncertainty in his eyes, for no reason at all. It takes me a while to take his mind of whatever it is bothering him and see his tail wagging again.
    I know many animal people witnessing interesting behaviors, issues with food is a big one recently that animal lovers are seeing arise. Tummy issues and digestive issues are making money at the vet offices, along with bloodwork which usually comes back ok, nothing to worry about.
    In vet care ADR means “Ain’t do’in right”. There seems to be a rise in ADR Appointments recently in Arizona.

    * Diarrhea, use pumkin in the dogs food or by spoonful to firm bowels, up fiber content in meals.
    Constipation, use regular milk in small amounts until bowels improve & move.
    Standard Bland Diet ( to calm digestive tract) is to boil up hambuger or chicken, rinse meat with hot water to remove grease and oils after cooked. Add to brown rice or white rice, a spoonful of pumpkin and improvement should be noted within 12 hours. This is for dogs. Always check with your vet if you have questions or concerns!

    Facinating, all of it, isn’t it!
    Blessings to all of you today!!! (:

    1. Thank you so much for this, Pupma. My little boo bear has seemed extra sensitive and bothered lately, and is much more wanting to be near me, especially when I sleep. I notice he is very tied to my energy and reactions to things, and so I’m really watching what emotion I display around him. Great advice about the food, too, I will follow, thank you! Love and blessings : ))) Heather

  4. It is not confined only to people. My animals (2 dogs, 1 cat) insist on being with me at all times, no matter what room of the house I’m in, they are there with me. Sometimes, they act frightened and want to crawl in my lap.
    Late last night, I was in a “telepathic chat room”, some of you were there.
    I’ve heard it called the eighth chakra, where minds merge.
    An idea for a meditation came to me. Imagine shedding your snake skin, the minor blemishes fall away,as the old skin comes off. Then I felt like a giant, well at least larger than before.

  5. The german translation is very good and handy. Thank you Roswita. Although I didn´t have the discribed distortions, a warning is always good to have. I look forward for an enriched life inside and outside myself. Thank you Compagnions.

  6. Alex, I know what you are talking about. Yes, so very reassuring to know we are not alone and crazy. Blessings and love to you and all of us. J.

  7. I have to laugh at myself…I didn’t get to read this until the end of this completely bizarre day where I was simply not myself and my husband and daughter were not themselves either. I felt almost as if I were back to square one in my journey with a deeep deeep sense of sadness and emotion and then anger with two big blow ups today–ugh! Something much needed releasing I can tell you and now I am starting to feel the rising of my own self back into the mix. so very reassuring to have a group who knows what I am talking about and our dear friends CC sharing that we are not crazy! Blessings and love to you all! 🙂 Alex

  8. Dear Aisha,   thank you for posting your manuscripts … my english is not that good, but as the german translations take's such a long time, I tried to do my best … a little present for you … I wish you all the best … Roswitha from Bavaria, Germany …   Wie du vielleicht bereits festgestellt hast, hat die Intensität wieder zugenommen (um eine Kerbe erweitert). In anderen Worten, mehr Informationen und mehr Licht kommen jetzt des Weges und da dies – wie immer – deinen physischen Körper durchläuft, können hierbei einige Symptome auftreten. Wir wissen, dass ihr keine Neulinge auf diesem Gebiet seid, und als solches wird die energetische Aufruhr nicht überraschend für euch sein. Doch dieses Mal könnten einige ziemlich interessante "Symptome" auftreten. Wir sprechen nicht von den üblichen Symptomen, die dein Körper während des Prozesses auf regelmäßiger Basis aufweist, wenn er einem solchen Strom von Energie und Licht wie derzeit ausgesetzt wird. Nein, wir sprechen von anderen, esoterischeren, um sie so zu nennen.Du siehst, dein Geist und dein Körper beginnen sich so zu verhalten, als ob sie in den kommenden Tagen etwas aus dem Takt geraten und wir dachten es sei am besten, euch vorzuwarnen, damit ihr nicht auf den Gedanken kommt,  eure Zurechnungsfähigkeit in Frage zu stellen (oder den Halt bezüglich eurer geistigen Gesundheit zu verlieren). Das ist nicht das was geschieht, sondern was vielmehr geschieht ist, dass der alte "Wahnsinn" der dritten Dichte/ Existenz beginnt, seinen Einfluss auf dich zu verlieren, und deshalb kann es dir so vorkommen (das Gefühl vermitteln), als würden sich Geist und Körper auf eine gewisse Art und Weise trennen/separieren. Das mag seltsam klingen, aber wir denken, dass ihr es alle bemerken werdet, wenn es sich zeigt/auftritt.Also sagen wir euch noch einmal (wiederholen wir), dass alles gut ist, und auch wenn du dabei manchmal das Gefühl hast, völlig von der materiellen Welt getrennt zu sein, bist du nicht auf dem Weg in's Nirwana abzudriften (in den Äther zu treiben). Dies ist wieder eine dieser Einstellunsperioden, wo du langsam in den Übergang vom Leben in der Welt der dritten Dichte, in einem dritten Dichte Körper auf die nächste Ebene gebracht wirst . Du siehst, es ist wie mit allem im Verlauf dieses Prozesses, es kann nicht auf einen Schlag erreicht werden. Das würde dir nicht nur auf die Füße treten, sondern es dir schlichtweg unmöglich machen, diese Bewusstseinsschritte zu bewältigen. Deshalb werden wir euch alle hindurch führen und begleiten und dieses Mal wird der Prozess mit einem Gefühl der Loslösung/Ablösung von deinem physischen Körper einhergehen.Erinnere dich daran, der Grund warum du gerade hier in erster Reihe bist, ist, diesen Übergang in und mit deinem besagten Körper zu vollziehen und nicht ungehindert mit deinem zeitweise eher lästigen Körper/Komplizen in die Atmosphäre zu entschweben. Ihr seid ein Team, dein wahrer Geist und deine Seele haben sich hier mit deinem Körper vereint, um zusammen diese Reise zu erfüllen. Wir wissen, dass die Anhaftung an einen physischen Körper sich manchmal wie eine Last anfühlt und sicherlich einige Einschränkungen auferlegt bei dieser beschwerlichen Herausforderung, aber das ist nun dabei sich zu ändern. Denn jetzt werdet ihr alle auf euren ersten und vielleicht noch wackeligen Schritten auf dieser Reise dahin geführt, innerhalb dieser Grenzen zu existieren, während ihr gleichzeitig euer Bewusstsein nach außen ausweitet. Mit anderen Worten werdet ihr in nicht allzuferner Zukunft in der Lage sein, ein sehr interessantes Doppelleben zu führen, während ihr der euch umgebenden Außenwelt wie scheinbar normale Bürger erscheint. Aber dein/euer Leben wird in der Tat mit Wundern, und mit diesen einhergehend, zusätzlichen Herausforderungen, gefüllt sein. Der Start um ein Leben zu leben, das so viel mehr umfasst, als das, was du bisher erfahren hast, kann zunächst nicht völlig nahtlos geschehen. Daher ermöglicht dir dieses allmähliche Erwachen, so ein Leben tatsächlich zu meistern. Du wirst dieses Wissen nicht durch Lernen erfahren, sondern indem du dich erinnerst, und als solches wird diese Reise viel verloren gegangene Erinnerungen in dir entfalten.   Also lasst uns nur noch einmal wiederholen, dass ihr nicht dabei seid, verrückt zu werden, auch wenn ihr in nächster Zeit ein starkes Gefühl der Verwirrung und Trennung empfindet. Ihr seid nur dabei, eure Freiheit wieder zu entdecken (erlangen). Also geht es langsam an und erinnert euch immer daran, nach innen zu gehen und euch zu zentrieren und wie immer ATMEN. Der bewusste Atem ist das, was dich mit diesem erstaunlichen Gefährt das du bewohnst, verbindet und ihr beide seid nicht etwa dabei, in der kommenden Zeit die Verbindung (den Kontakt) zueinander zu verlieren, unabhängig davon, wie weit entfernt und verwirrend (vernebelt) es euch dies auch in der Zukunft erscheinen mag.

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    Aisha North posted: "As you have mayhaps already ascertained, the intensity has once more been turned up a notch. In other words, more information and more light is coming your way, and as this as always is being directed through your physical body, some symptoms may occur. W"

  9. Thankyou for this,very reassuring! I am a sensitive planetary empath and healer & I felt very out of body a few times and quite intensely the other day! felt I was vibrating at such a frequency I was not here! Had to lie down!
    These reports are so very helpful,one feels not alone in it and most of your reports are uncannily accurate for me. Blessings!

  10. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes and 3 tries around 2 parking lots to find my car. That never happens…I always remember where I park! Glad to know there is a reason to the madness. haha. ~Amanda

  11. Wow, it just keeps unfolding with greater intensity. What I see more and more is how each of us is on our own pace so that something I read here may happen to me, but later, or maybe not ever. We are indeed different, but there are many levels of understanding in this. Here is something I keep getting and feel like it is for someone here: “When you know what you ask of others, you know what you can give.” I suppose those who are meant to get this will understand (smile). Aisha, as always, thank you and hugs.

  12. It makes a lot of sence with the experiences I’ve been having last couple days. The exaustion and the pain are overwhelming, can’t keep up with my dayly schedule without excruciating efforts 😦 I hope the freedon will come with a releave of the sympyoms. Thank you for your comments Aisha, it does help to know we are not alone and what is comming ahead for us.♥

  13. Hi, Aisha, I’m really glad that you posted this. A telepathic visitor ended up mentally completely over here night before last — I thought he’d separated from his body forever. After a while — seemed like foreever — he found his way back to his physical body. I had a concern it might get worse for him, in terms of mental / physical separation. I’m deeply grateful for your post — it sets my concerns at rest. In love and light, Alice

  14. “So let us just repeat that you are not going mad, even if you at times will feel a strong sense of bewilderment and separation in the time ahead. ”

    Ohhhhhh, Aisha, OMG, Bless you! I am sobbing tears just falling. Yesterday I really thought I was insane, and it was so frightening. I questioned everything, for nothing seemed real. I didn’t recognize myself, or may life or anything around me, and I honestly thought I was going insane. Oh thank you for these words of reassurance. The huge block of terror that sat in my chest this morning from yesterday is now gone because I stood in my power and told it to leave with Gaea’s help.

    Honest to God, if I have to go through another day like yesterday, I don’t know if I can get through it. Dear Heavens, I still am crying…….oh you just don’t know the terror that was wanting to destroy me yesterday. And you just don’t know the RELIEF to know I am sane. Thank you thank you!!!

    1. PS Again, today I am experiencing this amazing Golden Elixer Energy where I don’t even think my feet are touching the ground when I walk. SO, I am saying here, when the “shifts” end, as they did for me today, it is a Dream come True. Hang in there if you are having a tough one today. What tomorrow brings? Tomorrow. I am enjoying this Golden Respite today!

      Aisha and CC, you really don’t know the relief you gave me when I read this missive this morning. (((HUGS)))
      XXOO, Amy

  15. Lol! I love the quickened sychronicity I’m experiencing these days. I woke up wondering if Im going to “get knocked off my feet” (put to sleep in midday) today. Then bam! your email rang my phone.

    Ive been “traveling” all my life, but this last year 2012-now, is different. What you sayis truth. We have lives elsewhere. The more Im there, the less I want to be here….but off course Ive got family to care for here.

    I’d say more but I’d be writing all day. Im thinking about writing a book, it’s that good!

    In the meantime, I enjoy sharing pics on instagram. People like the colorful energies I catch in the pictures, and some are surrounding me! It’s truly a blessing.

    Im on my second “dream” journal, aside from what I write in my cell notes.

    One other small thing, Im an Empath, and Ive never enjoyed others energies/vibrations in the past like I do now. What I don’t vibe with I either leave alone or transform the “object/persons” with some good blessings!

    It sounds simply but I also get exhausted, and can hold food alot. I assume its a part of the newness that we are becoming. I working on myself to stay spiritually conditioned or sometimes I just stand at the water and purposefully breathe and talk to God.

    I could really benefit with having another like mySelf. :0)

    Thank you for listening, stay blessed.

  16. I was stumbling around yesterday morning after a good night’s sleep -Not just unfocused, but actually going off course- Now it makes much more sense! Thank you so much for these messages! ❤

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