The manuscript of survival – part 267

The time has been running out for the old system, and you can already see signs of disturbance emerging. Some of them may have been expected, others come as if out of thin air. Nothing and no one can be deemed as permanent any more, and you have yet to see the full extent of this. But for now, those latest news flashing across your screens can be deemed as portents of things to come. As we have talked about earlier, sudden reversals and a need to shout out and rattle one’s weapons may become apparent in more than one corner of your world, but again we remind you not to fall into the trap of going into fear. For these are the last cries of the despots, whether they rule the minds of millions of others or just a small place on this globe they call their fiefdom. Again, even if some of the happenings may seem to dominate your media, and as usual are being portrayed in the regular doom and gloom fashion, do not fall into the trap of taking it at face value. For, as we have talked about earlier, much is happening in the undercurrent at the moment, and what you see bubbling up to the surface in only a minuscule portion of that. So again, it is important to use discernment here, and watch it all in a detached fashion. For what you are seeing is indeed the last staging of the play in so many ways, and never forget, this last round before the curtain falls on the old illusion may be more than a little bizarre in so many ways.

We do not say this to scare you in any way, just to remind you that all the hue and cry that will erupt in the most unexpected of places is only designed to try to steal your focus away from the real news. And the real news, as you have all gotten more familiar with by now, are nothing but good news. For you have already started to separate yourselves so thoroughly from this charade of the third density world, and the more dust they kick up, the further back you move to get out of the fray. For you have no part in this battle for the old, as you have already stepped into tomorrow.

So let them scream and shout and wave their arms about in any way they can, but know that they cannot touch you no matter how hard they try. For you will see through all of their shenanigans, and you will see it for what it really is, just a pitiful show put together buy a threadbare group of falling empires. For no matter how powerful and evil looking they try to portray themselves, they are nothing more than little sullen children shrieking in the playground, angry because they cannot get their hands on their favorite toys any more. For they have lost you dear ones, as you are no longer anyone’s plaything. You have come into your own now, and as such, no one can manipulate you into stepping in line with their wishes anymore. So sit back and watch as they all start to self disintegrate. They have chewed up the very core of their giant tree with their greed a long time ago, and now, that seemingly mighty creature they have so diligently nurtured is starting to topple over. Slowly at first, but then, the fall will pick up momentum, and all you will see, are all of those greedy and angered little ants scurrying every which way trying to find a new hidey-hole. That will not be easy, as the dark has been left exposed to the light, and as such, their options will be very limited indeed. So stay in the light that you have already taken to your heart, and know that no shadow will ever obscure you again. For you have chosen from your hearts, and you have chosen well, and that choice has already been rewarded with a permanent place in the sun.

35 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 267

  1. Had the best night so far. Had this dark haze surrounding my eyes but didn’t mind it and was sucked to this lucid. I was floating there and saw some trophies and stuff along the way. Tried to grap one but focused on the point of just letting go. Clear as a summerday. Thoughts were just going past one by one and just let them go as they come. Suddenly I was gazing some happy people through a window. A party or gathering of some sort. A scenery in countryside from the past. Felt this peace and happines. On the other side of the window was this old man once again, which has guided me years through dreams. Seemed like a normal hillbillie just standing on the cover. Then there were these kids which seemed to notice me and we started to slap hands. Some other people on the backside too. This is just awesome! Theres always somekind of weird “mission briefings” in the end. Short sentences in clear letters. Next goal or something. Just a player, as your Majesty says. Hehe!

  2. things seemed to have lightened up today 🙂 after lots of synchronicities last night when i decided i needed a break from the usual, so i felt an intuitive push to go to a particular mall where i live (even tho the mall scares me as a sensitive)… but it went very well and was unexpectedly the catalyst for many insights that had been sort of looming around me.. (altho, last night feels like days ago lol…..)

    following after Pupma and love-bombing you all ❤ we all have been through sooo much, and we were brave and stuck with it… and now our lives are turning into l-o-v-e as we never knew before : )

  3. Thank you Aisha & Constant Companions. This missive so resonates with me right now. The Old Evil Empire has realized that it will soon be incinerated by the full force of Divine light There is nowhere for them to hide. The salvo has already been launched. Does the incoming asteroid have something to do with all this?.

  4. Good Morning Aisha — I copied and pasted MOS 266 and inked 267 into a post, along with the latest Gaia Portal message. I think they are quite related. Here’s the link if you want to check it out. Great information and much appreciated. Love, Alia

  5. thank you for this very loving help us understand and remember who we are..
    many blessings to everyone

  6. An apt message indeed, the day after Rome shook on its axis and was struck by a bolt from the blue. Thank you Aisha for reminding us that the illusion is coming apart at the seams – and only seems disturbing!

  7. Thank you, Aisha.

    Well, recently I have seen disturbing dreams at nights. It`s like someone or something is trying to drag me into something. I wake up in the mornings feeling tired and painful, just like I would have struggled with someone every night.

    I have been a light walker almost all my life exception of a teen-age and a few years when I was married. Then I was a little lost. At the end of December and at the beginning of January I felt that I´m loved and blessed. And now this.

    1. The night time dream feels so heavy and disturbing these past few months. Waking unrested and feeling very off. Another of those back to back shifts just occured
      in the past few days , it makes it hard to be functional in 3D reality. Lots of anxiety too.
      thank you Aisha and CCs for all you do.

  8. I woke up this morning feeling this intense process of love bombing LOL I had gone to sleep last night and sometimes in my meditative state a stray thought or energy will present itself that is dark or negative. I had seen this image in a movie as I was changing the channels of bodies being piled in the holocaust and in the past that would have sent my heart spiraling down, but as I had centered myself in my heart space, the simple thought came to send a huge blast of love and light to the image and obliterate it from my view, from my field and from the field of creation, that that moment in history, which brought such great separation and darkness into being could be forever stopped dead in its tracks, never to manifest again and the exact Opposite (love and unity and inclusion and caring and more love and more joy and more community) would manifest because as I focused not on the “created reality” but on the loving outcome and light energy that feels right and amazing and of the One now, it shifts the darkness and engulfs it with light.

    Long story short, I found this process of love bombing (really sending love and light in an active way) so powerful that I was easily able to “get close” to things that in the past I would have shied away from in fear or sadness. I hope this sharing might inspire others to start love bombing anything they feel is darkness and this post by Aisha and the CC kind of fits in…we might see things that are scary, but we certainly are powerful beings and can help clear it away with our love! 🙂 hugs! Alex

    1. Dear Oystergirl,
      I love your expression, Love bombing! We are mighty love beings and we can send our love drops anywhere anytime and change it all. I, too, used to shy away from denser things but now feel only a flood of compassion and love radiating out from my heart. Liquidlovelight is how it shows up for me, flowing the ribbons of heartlight everywhere.
      We are changing all back to the reality of love that it is.
      Loving all, Linda Marie

    2. Hi Oystergirl,
      thank you for sharing this idea of love bombing! I love it! It is taking positive action (I always feel like I need to “do” something) and intensifying the Source grid here on planet Earth. Talk about win-win. Jessica

  9. I loved this post, Aisha. I not only felt it, but it created a visual in my head as I was reading along. Thank you so much! ~Amanda

  10. Did anyone else notice on the weather channel the giant bolt of lightning hitting the Vatican the same day the Pope resigned? I’m taking that as a sign that “the light has penetrated”.

    1. Gosh I have just seen this – thanks for pointing it out. Amazingly a few days ago I had read something inferring the Pope’s decision. Things are changing. Thanks as ever Aisha for the blog. I resonate with it again.

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