The manuscript of survival – part 265

As you have noticed, there are many stirrings in the undercurrent now, and some of the light is already starting to penetrate the fog that has enveloped mankind for such a long time. At the moment, this will seem to be mere pinpricks of light in a huge ocean of darkness, but do not let that fool you. As we have talked about so many times, this layer of darkness that still seems to cover most of your planet is only an illusion, a thin film of confusion covering up the new reality. And now, this reality will start to become more and more visible. Not only to you, but also to others out there, people who look upon themselves as no more than an ordinary citizen, but who will soon start to realize that they too have the power to change not only their own life, but also the lives of so many others.

And they will do so in a peaceful way, for we do not speak of a violent upsurging, far from it. For have you not witnessed already how the power and might of an armed scoundrel is not match for the power of the light? We refer of course to the story of the brave girl who had to face armed assassins because she stood up for her right to educate herself (From Aisha: I think they refer to the story of Malala Yousafzai). If you look closely at her story, you will see how the light penetrating her has been seeping into thousands, if not millions of others already. So she is indeed a shining example on how one of these pinpricks of light can blow away a huge area of fog and darkness, and how the forces of ill intent are no match for the light, for those bullets being aimed at her did not kill the light, it only made it that much stronger.

So let that be a lesson to you all on how nothing and no one can stop the light, no matter how hard they try. For the force of anger and hatred is not match for the love and compassion that is starting to grow on your planet now. And even if these forces of the old are trying their hardest to instill the old fear into you all, they will not succeed, no matter how many weapons they fire off, or how many people they beat to a pulp. For they cannot beat you now dear ones, you are the ones who have won this battle for the souls.

For in your soul, the light is growing stronger and stronger, and with it, the power you carry. And through your example, just like the girl who took the bullets in order to let the light shine out to the whole world, the change will come, step by step, person to person. For you are also brave, and even if you will never have to face the same hardships as this girl, you too will have to conquer the world with your actions. For you are indeed the bravest of the brave, and you have walked through fire to get where you are today. And doing that, you have liberated not only yourself, but thousands upon thousands of your fellow men and women. For you have hacked a trail trough that dense jungle of fear and darkness, and following in your footsteps are the rest of humanity. With a few exceptions of course, and they will clamor and cry as loud as they can in order to make you all believe that they still outnumber you. But they do not, and that is what you will all see as the days keep getting lighter and lighter, and those pinpricks of lights grow ever brighter and ever bigger.

So fear not, as fear has been diminished to such a state it is but a shadow of itself. That shadow is still touching the hearts of many around you, but that shadow is also thinning out, and it will be replaced by light in even the sturdiest of hearts. For light has no boundaries, only the fear has that now, so light is spreading out faster and faster, and the courage it inspires in you all is growing with it. So stand tall and proud, and know that you too has been a part of that journey from the darkest abyss and to this, the threshold of everlasting light. And know too that your actions will never go unnoticed, as you have all been instrumental in this about turn of the human race. So look around, and we think you will find these shining examples starting to emerge in every corner of your world, even in the places where you least expect them to. For, as we said, the light has no boundaries, certainly not one set by any human, and no line on the map or no wall, no matter how high it is, can keep it out. So again we say rejoice, for the morning has broken, and the day is about to start. And this day is one that will last forever.

47 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 265

  1. I felt so “light’ today. I cannot really describe, but it’s like my entire system has been scrubbed clean. Lots of tangles and restructuring in my life, but as Lara mentioned above, peace of mind is the main frame of mind.

    I’m noticing a major change in people in general in the way they respond to kindness. I see people going about their day as usual, but if someone is kind to them or helps them in any way, I notice that people are almost electrified and determined to repay them and thank them. It makes me so happy to see this exchange between people. Not that someone should be ‘repaid’ for kindness, but I’m noticing how people are so thankful to come in contact with kind, genuine, human beings. To see this kind of exchange warms my heart.
    ~Blessings to all

  2. oops, I forgot to mention that she had only been in the chair for about 2 minutes.
    I wonder how I knew she needed me.

  3. I drove my 85 year old mother to the Safeway. I went in with her for awhile, then I went out, sat in the car, listening to the radio. That which women call shopping looks like aimless wandering to me.
    Suddenly I decided to go find her. It turns out, She had become faint. The store staff found her a chair. I was behind her when I found her. I put my hands on her shoulders. A burst of energy came out of me into her. She perked right up, we finished up and went home. In my evening meditation later, I remembered that several people witnessed the energy transfer.
    I wonder what they saw; a flash, glow, light body, etc.
    oh well, I wonder about a lot of things.
    I didn’t know I possessed healing energy.

    1. We are entering such a Divine Era! How Wonderful you helped your Mother. We all possess healing ability. It is simply a transference of Our Love to the other. Of course one must be connected to Source, and it is very evident you are. This is SO beautiful, it brings tears to my eyes! YES! We really are becoming ONE!!! Love and many hugs, Amy

      1. Othman, we all have the healing energy within us. It is called Love and we only need to intend to share it. And know, that which women call shopping looks like gathering food to nourish and heal loved ones to me. Keep heeding your inner voice, it is leading you forward.

  4. sending light and love truly to a part of us a brother feels so strange to start with and in the physical reality it looks so different when a man gets into the house and pushes his luck so to speak..I can see both points of view protectio of the children and also sending nurturing love light peace harmony serenity happiness joy to that “damaged unaware” part of myself…it will work but for me it was also a time when I had to set the boundaries as I saw it at that time and now I am ready to FORGIVE FROM A TRUE PLACE AND FEEL IT but for some time it could not happen so protection was the only option..BLESSINGS LOVE PEACE TO ALL PARTS OF me/us THAT ARE WOUNDED DAMAGED HURT AND INJURED SEND THE light

    1. Hi Irene,

      I guess you are also talking about my post and the replies. Look above the follow-ups.

      All is well.

      🙂 L/P.

  5. Aisah and CC, I again “rejoice” at this missive, for it is synchronistic (again) with All that is unfolding in this Light that is pouring in. Thank you.

    Something happened yesterday that showed me without a doubt, that the NEW ENERGY is here. We just have to figure out how to use it.

    While at the gym yesterday, there was this young man, whose energy was in your face rude, with a mouth oh so foul. His energy was blasting all around him, making many uncomfortable, inclusive of me. I looked at him several times, and I was guided, “no, do not say a word”. OK.

    Then IT happened. No thought involved. I just did IT.

    I found myself “speaking” to him, through thought, or my energy, telling him (now this was one lump communication, going out simultaneously) that within his earshot was a woman who he was disrespecting (me) and that now would be a good time for him to start practicing on speaking in respectful and loving tones/words so that he does not disrespect his future wife. Now, why I said exactly that, I do not know.

    I focused intently on an area on the machine I was working on, absolutely tuning him out completely and his foul language. My entire focus was on what I was doing, so I continued.

    Minutes later, I noticed that I no longer heard this young man’s mouth going a mile a minute. I actually got close enough to him and was actually taken by surprise. His entire demeanor looked different, (he actually looked different physically) and his energy was calm and contained. I actually then “heard” mySelf telling him, “Stay this way. You won’t regret it!” Hahahahahaha

    I have been thinking about this exchange, and realized, THIS is what this New Way is all about, or at least part of it. Direct Communications has begun! ENERGY is speaking to ENERGY! And the reason his energy heard me, is because I stayed in my Center, and did NOT feed into his angry self. I stayed in LOVE! IF I had gotten angry and indignant (which I did feel myself wanting to do, but I stopped it!) this communication would not have been received, for there would have been “interference”. OH! This is so COOL!

    All I can say is WOW! This is incredible! I also am feeling with each added day, a deep sense of Peace and stepping into the Shoes of My Authenic Self. Another Wow! All of my life, I have been tormented within, for so much “war” continually found its way to me. I walked where there was no Love, and now, OH GOD!, now, LOVE is all around me, a state from which I came. This is a dream come true!

    Much LOVE, Amy

    1. Dearest Amy,

      It has always been that way. Energy speaking to/moving energy. We are now more collectively aware of it and using it in a conscious way.

      Thank you for you, for him. Namaste.

      1. I for one am full of Wonder and Awe in what I see unfolding around me. I choose to remain this way, child-like and so SO grateful for the Golden Essence that I AM, here and there and everywhere. Energy “speaking” to energy yes, has always been, yet we have now entered a New Era, a Golden Age, one never experienced before, that will leave us all astounded at the Powerful, Magnificent Results we will witness. The energy of Violence has been the norm in this world. Now, now truly, the Energy of Love is the Norm, and is growing ever stronger. All of my Life, I have known this “LOVE” yet I could not find It here in this dimension. Now, I am finding It, and with It, my Innocence and my Sense of Wonder and Awe have returned to me. Now that I am again Living in a Magic Land, my Heart beats with such such gratitude.

    2. Amy, thanks for sharing your gym experience. The secret is to not confront or react to what is being spewed but to go Higher within ourselves and answer from that level. To let ourselves be guided.

      This is what you did! I am so proud of you!!


      1. Thank you, Thelma. (((HUGS))) This fumbling “Master” is re-membering! You are SO right! When one stays in the Higher Realms and acts from that place, it is amazing what unfolds. To witness this young man tied up in knots from anger to morph into peace…… jaw dropped! I love you! Amy

    3. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} AMy
      SO beautiful and heart felt was your message..
      I felt the ~Love~
      Blessings to you for adding an extra smile to the day..

      1. Thank you, Jess. Blessings to YOU for making MY day a better day! You put a smile on this face of mine! (((HUGS))) I love you! Amy

  6. Lovely messge again Aisha – particularly resonated with the penultimate sentence about ‘rejoicing’ – I had the tune ‘In dulci jubilo’ in me this morning – it still is – it stands for ‘In sweet rejoicing’ – wonderful… 🙂

    1. Wow. She sounds like a very adult and wise woman in a 14-year old body. Namaste to you Malala. I thought, when reading the missive, that she had died but I am happy she has not.
      Thank you for posting it Aisha.

    2. I watched the other videos and I am so thankful for his father’s words to the world, to his country’s “authorities”. He is so much a part of the process in bringing the awaited change. May this family be supported in all their tribulations. And again, Aisha and CC, thank you for letting us know about this magnificent story of courage and strength.

    3. Thank you, Aisha. Malala’s bravery leaves me without words. I just in no way can or even want to imagine what her life has been like. What she is doing moves me to tears, a state I seem to be in much these days. The Light I see shining from this girl’s eyes is so True and so Powerful.

  7. WOW! Yesterday was such a BIG (GIANT) day for me. I let go of the fear, the rest of it. I got a letter from the authorities telling that my ex-husband (an alcoholic narcissist) refuses to give me the sole custody for the kids. It did not move me at all. Instead I emailed him giving him few weeks to reconsider before I bring the matter to the Court in the beginning of March. I am no longer a passive victim with fear but an active warrior of light & love standing up for myself and my kids. YES!!!

    I feel so empowered and great!!!

    LOVE to you ALL!!!

    1. Dear Lara,

      As ackward as it may sound for you, your ex-husband also needs you to stand up for him in light and love. He is a part of you. He is your brother of the light, unawakened to the love that is, his heart is still sleeping, he is unaware. Do not fight agains him. Allow your heart and compassion to flow to and through his soul as you have been doing for yourself and your kids. The father of your children is probably knowing as much fear as you are, and still are, until business is done and justice rendered is it not the case? He is not a alcoholic narcissist, he is an aspect of you who needs so much love and light at the moment, as everyone still in the darkness do and more than ever are in need of all our indulgence and forgiveness. When you have forgiven your ex-husband, a new light will shine within you and you will feel the joy and the lightness you have been longing for. It has to be a win-win “battle” you see? Otherwise you are both losers.
      Ask your guides to bless you with their embracing clarity, let your heart and not your head guide your every thought and move.
      Namaste my sister.

      1. Thank you!

        I have forgiven him hundred of times. I have no negative feelings towards him. He tried to destroy me in every way possible. I am here protecting my children from his mental abuse and danger he puts them to while being drunk and “taking care of 3 and 5- year- old”. I can forgive him and wish him well. I can send him love. What I do not want that he is draining me again as he used to. With the people he gathered with him. It was like a witch hunt. I survived. Alone. It was almost mission impossible. But I am well and sound now.

        I do not see any battles here but I want to set my limits and what he can and cannot do! I let go of the fear for his actions and I am very happy about that. Maybe it sounds little to you but it is the world for me after the hardship he put me through with his hateret. I have thanked him in my mind for giving me an opportunity to choose love and light. Yes. He has his own choice. I tried “rescuing” him for years. Did not happen. Ect ect. I am in peace and my children are safe. All the best for him and everyone!

        🙂 Lara

        1. Lara,

          Always follow your heart. Always, always and when your heart says, my soul contract is complete with this other aspect of spirit and he has taught me all we agreed to before incarnating (and it is true from a soul perspective that the toughest lessons are always taught to us by the soul aspects that love us the most, but be that as it may)…your decision, your desire to love yourself enough to say this lesson is done and I am going to move on into love and light and be a safe haven for my children is simply wonderful! Blessings on you! I would suggest to you a wonderful clearing technique called H’oponopopo to clear the remaining negative energy bonds from between you, or you can simply ask archangel micheal to use his blue flame and sword of truth to sever any negative energy and release all that does not serve you. When you are clear, then listen deeply to the voice of your heart and it will tell you exactly what to do based on your soul plan. The heart always knows while the head can certainly talk a mile a minute. Sending you and your blessed babies love and light! 🙂 Alex. p.s. great message Aisha and CC!

          1. Beautiful, Alex! Just beautiful, just as you are! Lara, yes, listen and follow YOUR heart, for It will never lead you wrong. XXOO, Amy

    2. Lara, I have been thinking about you all day long. What you and your children have been through is hell on earth, and I am so happy for you that you have found the strength and the courage to stand firm, stand tall, and do what is right for yourself and your children. You are in my heart. You will not go wrong when you consistently make decisions from the Higher Place of Love. May you know the Peace that surpasses all understanding……..
      Love and Light, Amy

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words Amy and Alex!

        Yes, I have gone through hell on Earth. I crawled through it my children hanging on my neck. I found the light and my Paradise in the end.

        I have cleared and cleared and cleared his energy, our cords ect. I really have the feeling that we truly are in the end of our soul contract. He did teach me a lot – in a very hard way but yes, I am truly grateful for the lesson as it brought me to a beautiful place. However, I learned my lesson and I do no longer need extra classes!!! That I am even more grateful for!!!!

        Two wonderful psychics has helped me. The other one cut the ancient BIG FAT ANCIENT RUSTY CHAINS that were all around me and on my throat with the Archangels. The other one kept me “above the water” with her monthly energy clearings. I have received SO MUCH of the negative energy that goes beyond words ( I am very sensitive and that is why he managed to dirt my aura from the distance). The situation was that I either a) survive or b) go crazy. I chose the plan A and did a glorious job at it. I am well. I have a home now. My children are safe. I am setting up a business in a new town where we relocated. I am studying to become a life coach ect.

        I listened MY HEART and I got a clear and peaceful message. Write an email, be ready for the Court. It is not about going to the Court. This is about loving me so much that I set my own boundaries and say “no more of this s…t, thank you”. My boundaries have been tested in many ways over the years and I let many people disrespect my limits. Alcoholism is an illness that the person has very weak sense of boundaries (so he steps to other peoples space), a deep wound in their soul (no connection and usually abyss of darkness) and no sense of responsibility. I did my study deep and well!

        I am going to use all my lessons to help other people (especially women) to get up on their feet and start respecting and loving themselves. I do this through my art and life coaching.

        I love myself. I love my children. I love my live now.

        This was just “the final” push as all these missives also tell. And I am so happy. I am already “on the other side”!

        Love! L/P.

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