The manuscript of survival – part 84

Mankind has come a long way from its origins, but mankind has a long way to go. You see, mankind is finally returning to their roots, and these roots have been buried deep beneath the layers of forgetfullness that has been put upon them by those still set on ruling mankind. You see man as a solitary species living on a little blue planet, far removed from anything else, floating silently in space. The idea of your uniqueness – and loneliness -is something that is a far, far cry from the truth, and this truth is what is slowly but surely seeping into your minds now that your hearts are starting to give away the secret that has been buried there for such a long time. You may well be aware of this already, but let us elaborate on the actual facts behind the existence of a human race.

This planet you call your own is not yours, it belongs to all of creation, and it has been set up with a very special purpose, namely as a sort of educational place where souls go to learn. And it is not an easy curriculum, your planet is considered as the most prestigious but also most challenging of schools in existence, as only here can you learn the lessons of experiencing duality while residing in a physical body. You think that living on earth is nothing if not unique, and in this aspect you are absolutely correct, as no place in creation do you have condition such as you have, where the majority of the inhabitants are suffering under the rule of a small and greedy race of rulers. This gives ample opportunities to learn of course, but let us assure you that the curriculum was originally something else and far more benign if you will, but as you are well aware of by now, the curriculum was forcibly changed in order to work in favour of a few intruders who literally made this planet their own little playground.

Much has been said about this already, so we will refrain from going into details on this subject for now, let us instead return to the origin of your species, and talk more about your future. As you might be aware of, your physical bodies have been constructed as a sort of vehicle which enables a soul to take up residence, and through this body and all of its senses experience a very different sort of life than what is possible in other dimensions. Your physical body is indeed a marvelous and extremely well put together functional system, and we are very proud of our accomplishments in this manner. You see, it has been designed by the smartest of brains, and if you have any knowledge as to what really goes on under the surface of your skin, you would indeed have no doubts as to the existence of a higher intelligence. Your scientists are still baffled by the complexities they find whenever they delve ever deeper into your construction to call it that, and there are still so much more to be discovered inside that vessel your soul inhabits. Still, that is only a minor detail compared to the real you, that is, the soul that has set up home inside one of these ”vehicles” in order to evolve one step further by experiencing one more lifetime inside such a complex construction.

You know well by now that your soujourn on this planet is seldom a singular visit, in other words, you return lifetime after lifetime in order to get ever more exposure to this sort of environment, where your species interact with another in a manner very unique in all of creation. Humanity as as species has evolved slowly from primitive groups, subsisting on hunting and gathering, into a seemingly highly developed form of society. This is not a mean feat, but as you have been told repeatedly, you have a long way to og in order to achieve your ultimate goal.

Were it not for the tricksters that came to your shores a long time ago and turned the tables in their favour, your ultimate goal would be achieved a long time ago. In fact, many of the old civilizations you today refer to as primitive were much more advanced down that road, as they still had many remnants of their old lineage still active in their minds. Therefore, their way of co-existing with their brethrens from far away shores ensured a highly developed society, with  skilled scientists and an abundance of knowledge, and an almost total lack of warmongering, diseases and oppression. But then, as you all know, the uninvited visitors came and history were turned on its head. You as a species were put on a very different track, and soon, corruption and greed – and an imposed forgetfullness – ensured a rapid decline into a society rife with warfare, sickness and powerty. You have struggled through this morass of desperation for a very long time now, and the extra luggage you have been forced to carry has certainly made its mark on your world. But now, you are about to eject all of this extra baggage, not only as singular souls, but also as a species, and finally you will be put back on the right track again.

You have no idea just how much this will alter the history of mankind, as without this forced hindrance of old lies you will be free to grow as you should have been right from the start. This will make everything new again, and you will not waste much time in taking up the slack and correct the course so that your journey will have a much more peaceful destination. You see, once you regain your memories, you will find your strength, and then nothing and no one can hold you back. All of the old imprinted patterns of greed will fall away, and you as a species will again start to work together for the betterment of all. Again, once you start to pool your resources, that is, once your free spirits starts to connect, the combined effect will be unbelievably strong. As we said, in your case, one and one will not make two, it will grow exponentially into something so powerful it will literally wipe the slate clean.

In other words, you will all be able to breathe the fresh air of freedom again, and you will start to build the society you want, a society based on love and a common interest, where ego has no place and death is not a threat, only a natural way of ending one lifetime before starting a new one. That day is not far off now dear ones, but you are only now starting to feel this power inside of you. In the days and weeks ahead, this power will grow so strong, it cannot be ignored. Not by you, nor by any other, and then you will have no choice but to set it free. And then, your whole world will change, as you set your hearts and minds to creating your new tomorrow.

That will be a day to remember for all, not only on our little planet, but also by all of your celestial families, scattered in so many places across all of creation. You see, you are not really of this place, this is a place where only those that chose and where chosen to come, may exist. Except for those few trespassers of course, but let us not dwell on them now. You are the stars of this story, and now all focus will be on you.

Although you probably refer to yourselves as humans, your origins are something else, as you are all emissaries from other civilizations, sent down to this planet a long time ago to act as carriers of information. You came down to bring knowledge back to your own, after having accumulated so much by spending lifetimes playing the part of a human inside a human body. In order to play your part well and learn as much as possible, you were put through a process that deleted much of your original imprint as you came in. Without this , you would be hard pressed to absorb all of the lessons you came down here to get. You see, life on earth has in many ways been about learning how to have shortcomings and restrictions that does not apply in other places of creation, and these lessons can be very difficult to endure if you have too strong memories of a much more carefree existence in a very different environment. So the intentions were good, but when these small remnants of home were even more supressed by those who came in and took over the show as it were, things took a turn for the worse.

Fortunately, they were not able to eradicate the last little glimmer of home completely, and it has been guarded well deep inside of your hearts. Now that little glow has started to burn ever brighter inside of you all, and the flame is burning away so much of  the shame, guilt and fear that has kept it hidden away. Now the knowledge that you harken from a very different place is  no longer something to be afraid of. It is something that gives you pride and joy, and rightly so, as soon you will all stand proud and talk of your ancestry to everyone.

Do not be afraid of the ridicule this might engender from a few lost souls dear one, it will be short lived as they too know all to well the truth in this. But you will also see the truth in the fact that many will choose to deny to themselves that this is indeed also their truth, and they will choose to stay to behind with the rest of the souls that will continue to live their ever shorter lives in the illusion they have created. They will be allowed to do this, as they have chosen to sever their connection to their reality once and for all, and for them, a planet called earth will continue to exist as long as they are able to hold it back from total annihilation set in motion by their own actions. For the rest of you, life will turn bright once again as you will see not only yourselves but also the rest of your celestial families in the true light yet again.

3 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 84

  1. I eagerly await each new post as they seem to be just what I need to keep going right now. There has been this yearning to “go home” for some time now and it grows stronger. With your messages a calm has come over me that everything will be OK. As many others I am weary of the struggle and work daily to dump the baggage. It is comforting to know I am not alone as this life has been a lonely road. Thank you again.
    With love

    1. Rhonda,

      I’ve had that yearning to “go home” for so long that I’m about to pop! I wish I knew where home is.

      Maybe it’s been the same for you, I don’t know, but this life I’m living has been filled with huge disappointments. I must’ve had enormous baggage to get rid of while I’m here.

      And I couldn’t have said it better. You’re right. This life has been a lonely road. A really, really lonely road.

      Be at peace,

      Mike V.

  2. I anxiously await the shift. Imagine the New Earth, a place of peace, love, filled with light, equity and love for the All There Is. The New Earth, in complete harmony with all of Divine Law. What a joyous occasion, when humanity reaches it rightful place, beside all the great civilizations of the multiverse. Let us all live in love and joy together….to create on a larger scale, to serve the Prime Creator in a greater capacity. Joy has announced its arrival.

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