The manuscript of survival – part 83

Let us begin this missive by saying that although things may seem to be a bit quiet at the moment, nothing could be further from the truth, as you are all going through massive changes. For some, it will feel like they are indeed almost sleepwalking most of the time, that all sense of belonging and participating in what the rest of the world is doing is almost non-existent. For others, it will feel like they are under water, like they are almost drowning in an overwhelming feeling of almost eerie calm, and that they are being smothered by a heavy feeling of silence. This is just a precaution dear ones, as you are in so many ways sheltered from the actual goings on, as they would seem to be almost too much to bear.

Let us explain. You are aware that there have been some very, very intense bombardments of energy during these last few days and weeks, and they have set off a sort of a chain reaction, not only in your bodies, but also in everything and everyone around you. Compared to you, the rest of the world is totally unaware of this process, but they will certainly feel the effects of this. Witness the unrest, violence and heigthened tension that is currently being manifested in so many parts of your planet. You see, what seems to an untrained eye to be the destruction of  many seemingly hitherto unchangeable parts of you world is not a mistake, it is indeed done with a very good purpose in mind.

We have referred to this earlier as a very thorough spring cleaning, and although it might seem at odds with the actual time of year, let us just say that this year, at least in this aspect, spring has arrived early. It will not be a spring of total bliss and peaceful activities all across your globe, far from it, but it will be a season of manifestation of the presence of so many layers of new and very, very vital energy. You see, in order to rid this planet of all of the accumulated layers of  choking dust and grime, you need a good stirring up, and this is indeed what has just started in earnest.

This will only increase as the weeks go by, and that is indeed the reason for the sense of being almost tranquilized that so many of you feel at the moment. It is almost like when they give you a mild form of anesthetics before a minor operation. Not enough to put you out completely, just enough to dampen you senses and remove any anxiety you might harbour. We hasten to remind you that this is not done to make you totally senseless and devoid of feelings in any way, but we think you have already gotten to the stage where you are able to witness all of this turmoil in a much more detached way, and that is indeed of importance. You see, in order for you to succesfully plant your roots in the new world of a higher vibration, you also need to retract all of your old roots from the not so fertile soil still covering the old Planet Earth, still fully ensconced in its third dimensional clothing. This may sound strange, but if you are not able to fully free yourselves from all of these old emotional connections, breaking free will not be possible.

Again, we do not by this imply that you wil be turned into cold hearted and unfeeling people, only that you will be better equipped to see the rest of the world and its inhabitants for what it really is, namely an illusion set up to favour a few greedy people safely tucked away in their hideouts. You have nothing to gain by continuing to involve yourselves in this messy play, so therefore we will assist you in so many ways so as to make you more than capable of severing all of these old connections once and for all.

As we have discussed earlier, this will not and can not be done in one fell swoop. It takes a lot of hard work and involves many steps, but the most important one is your mental release of all of the old. Therefore, you will find yourselves more and more watching as detached spectators as world events unfold in an ever more dramatic fashion.

To many, this sounds like you will all be turned into some kind of mentally inhibited zombies, but nothing could be further from the truth. It only means that your emotional capacities will be turned towards a more sound way of living. In other words, you will release yourselves from the stranglehold this illusion has had on you, where you have been held down by generations of fear and feelings of powerlessness, and you will refocus all of your emotional strength towards the coming of the light. You will still have strong emotions, but you will se how they start to manifest themselves in new ways, where your sense of love and connection will literally drive you to tears of gratitude.

You see, you are all beautiful sentinent beings, and now you will be able to access the full scope of your capacity for love and compassion, but it will not be wasted on the infertile ground created by those set on subverting others. You will be free to love with all of your heart, and you will finally see just how powerful this love can be, but first you need to liberate your own hearts from the heavy weight of  the old. It is not an easy process, as we have touched upon earlier, as it also means a separation from much you have held dear for a very long time. But remember that this process is something you all need to go through in order to set your own light free. Only then can you be able to light the way for the others, and if they choose to do so, they will follow you through that door to the freedom that awaits you on the other side of this dramatic portal.

But we do feel the need to remind you yet again that it is not your job to ensure that they too step across the threshold, that is entirely up to them, so you cannot be held accountable for anyone but your own heart.  You all know this so well by now, but it bears repeating as now the time for tallying up the members of the tribe of the awakened is coming ever closer. Do not feel despair at this sweet ones, as the outcome will come naturally for all. Remember, you all have a choice in this, but this choice only pertains to yourself, not to any other, therefore the burden of choice is so much lighter than many of you have set your minds to.

Leave all of the heavy baggage of guilt behind sweet ones, it does not belong to you, nor to any other. You must all be sure to only carry yourselves across this threshold, it is all we ask. Still, this is not an easy task, as you have all picked up some extra luggage along the way, and rightly so, as most of you are very far from being solitary beings. Just remember, now the time has come to sort out once and for all what is truly yours, and what belongs to someone else. We think you will be very surprised – and relieved – by the answer you will find in your heart of hearts.

7 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 83

  1. I too have has some weird dreams. Only mine are being in an old house and knowing that some bomb is about to go off, I run to a closed off room. I know I am ok and when it is over everything looks anew and I have a feeling that it needed to happen to make way for something better. Glad to know that other people are having these types of dreams too! 🙂 Also, I have had the feeling that I didn’t really need all of the “stuff” that I have accumulated in my life.? Like I just want to purge all of the crap and start over! Kelli, my thoughts on detaching from your children are that maybe you shouldn’t think of it like that. You will always be attached to them because of the love that you share. You are right that they are their own person and will follow by your example. You should rest assured that at some point, if it is their choice, they will know what to do and make that decision. Continue to be there and show them but at some point, as all mothers do, you will have to let them step out on their own two feet and have faith that you did what you could to prepare them. 🙂 Just thoughts.

  2. Thank you for this message, it resonates with me and brings peace to my worries. I have felt this same sensation of taking a step back from the drama of the world around me. I have a keen sense of no longer being (unhealthily) attached to my stuff or even a lot of the people in my life, though I am grateful for them. This idea of working on my own transformation or stepping over the threshold, on one hand totally makes sense to me and on the other hand is extremely difficult as I have young children whom I’m very attached to. I know they are their own people, on their own journey and every day I try to honor that, but detaching from them doesn’t seem possible for me! I read a lot of messages like this one, but none really address the difficulty of this situation. This weighs heavy on my heart . . . and I wonder if it holds me or them back! Does anyone else feel this way?

  3. Thank you, Aisha, for this message.

    Feeling very odd that I’m becoming more and more apathetic, detached from what’s going on outside the world. It’s like I’m losing an ability to sense the other people’s pain walking their path. Fears, anger and frustration seem to be fading away despite the fact that the life goes on with no improvement. I find it very strange.

    The more I find calmness in me, the more I have strange dreams. Flood, fire, entering into an old crumbling house and felt I should be getting out of there, little ugly animals running away…. Not pretty! Looks like my ego self tries to keep me in fear.

    Thank you for your contribution!


    1. Hello Emi!
      I have it in exactly the same way as you, both with the feeling of detachment and the strange dreams. I have lost count on all of the dreams I have had of flooding, there seems to be water everywhere… It´s really good to know that this is something I share with others! I also think that it´s only a symbol, not a “forewarning”, but a strong sense of everything old being washed away.

      Love, Aisha

  4. Love and sincere thankfullness to the All There Is, to the Constant Companions, to all the benevolent beings helping us and to you Aisha. These messages are like cool, sweet water quenching my thirst. They lift my spirit and my heart sings. May each of us realize that as this incarnation is but an illusion, so too is the accumulated baggage therein; an illusion also. Love to you all.

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