The manuscript of survival – part 85

Today will be a day almost like any other, but only almost. You see, the heightened levels of energy have started to make their mark not only on you, but also on everything that surrounds you. For many, this has started to show itself as increased levels of aches and pains, especially in the bones, and also in the activities in your brain during your sleeptime. Let us explain.

As you know well by now, your physical body has a hard time accomodating all of these new energylevels, and because of this, it will at regular intervals sound the alarm bells as we have talked about earlier. This is not dangerous, only varying degrees of annoying and at times almost debilitating, and it is also something you in many ways have gotten used to. But now, these levels of energy will start to make themselves known at an ever increasing rate, hence the pains in your bones. The bones are the densest parts of your human body, therefore they have the hardest time adapting to these new frequencies. It may be very painful at times, but again we repeat it is not detrimental in any way. Take it as a signal that your body is indeed adapting to these new frequencies, although at a slow and rather uncomfortable rate.

Your bones are literally becoming less dense, but not in the way that those suffering from a disease called bone loss experience. No, they are only adapting to the new lifeforce that is surging through you, and as such, it is indeed eliminating everything that does not need to be there anymore. You are starting to lighten up – literally – in so many ways, and this process is causing especially your bones and your joints to protest. For some, this can at times be very painful, but again we assure you that nothing untowards is happening to you. You are only preparing to fly as it were, in other words, your body is starting to develop into something that will in many ways be able to override many of the physical laws that govern the rest of your fellow men. This does not mean that you will suddenly float away into the ethers, but it is indeed an important preparation for the time when you will be able to switch between this more ”solid” state and a much more fluid one later on. This will not make much sense to you at the moment, but we will fill in the gaps as it were on this theme later on when you have all started to approach the next level in this physical development of the ascension process.

Your mind is also working extra hard at the moment, and we venture a guess that the nighttime is no longer a relaxed and blissed out time for many of you. Rather, it has turned into the time for work, as this is when we can access your whole system fully and do most of the rebuilding work that needs to be done. This does not only entail to your physical body, but also your mental capacities, and therefore you have very strong memories of both visual and other sensory experiences whenever you wake up from a period of ”sleep”. We use these marks here to signify that you do not in fact go into a regular sleep any more. What you do, is to switch over to another state of awareness, and it is indeed a state of the utmost importance. This is when you are  relieving yourselves of so much of the old, by sifting through all of your memorybase and letting go of so much of the accumulated baggage you carry from all of your lifetimes on this planet. In addition, you get a hefty refill of information and energy via us, and this will also make its mark on your subconsciousness.

For many of you, this period of ”sleep” is also when you are being transported into many other realms, either for educational purposes, for medical proceedures or for various meetings with important personell and maybe even family members from home. For some, clear memories of these nightly soujourns are starting to linger in your mind also after you have awakened, and we know that this is a source of joy for many. It makes this process easier to go through, as you have  a clearer picture of just how vast and all-encompassing this journey of yours really is. But never forget, you are only given small glimpses of all of the glory you have waiting for you behind the curtain, as it is indeed imperative that this does not take away the focus from your main objective, namely the work you have come to do on this planet called Earth. As we have discussed earlier, memories from home can make you want to leave this job altogether, and that would not do, therefore as a precaution you have all agreed to be kept in the dark as it were to the remainder of your memories from home, at least until it is deemed not to be detrimental to your work. That is the reason for all of these jumbled and confusing dreamlike sequences you have in your head whenever you come out of such a nightly journey, but now these memories will come through ever clearer as you are preparing for full disclosure, to use a term you might be familiar with. In other words, the curtains will be pulled further apart, and you will be allowed to bring back ever more detailed descriptions of your nighttime visits, as now these will only help you to continue on your way towards fulfilling your purpose here.

We hope this will give you some release from the physical discomfort you are currently being exposed to, and that it will also help you to get through this next intense phase. As always, we do not intend to cause you any discomfort, but it is indeed an unavoidable part of this upgrading process. As usual, patience is the most useful virtue for you all, and we hope we will be able to alleviate some of the downsides of this process by giving you tools that will help you combat them. Sharing our words and our energy is only a part of this toolchest, and now these surfacing memories from visiting other dimensions will also start to be an important part of this aid package. As always, we also implore you to reach out to each other, as you all will benefit from connecting with those around you experiencing similiar states. And never forget, laughter is the most powerful tool you all have in your toolbox for this journey. Do not take yourselves too seriously, this is indeed a time to lighten up in this aspect too. That is all from us today, but we will return again with more on this and other subjects soon. Thank you for your patience dear ones! We are all in awe of your contribution to this work, and we could not do it without you!

11 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 85

  1. Sometimes I do remember my “dreams”… One of them was definitely an “action” one, and all I can tell you, is that where the scene was, well, it was somewhere, but not on the Earth, for sure. I was in a women’s body/mind/soul, who was a human being, but not exactly the same as us…she was a fighter/warrior/leader, I’m not sure of the correct title, anyway, so she has tried to bring two different nations together by making a pact with the other side’s leader. These two nations had problems with each other and constantly fought with each other.. There are so many other little details I could tell you about, but long story short, I think (not 100% sure) they have finally settled. And I’m telling you, this wasn’t my imagination, it was something more, something that maybe our Friends have just described above, as after I woke up, I had such a bad feeling not being there anymore, I -kind of- wanted to go back there, don’t know why. Interesting, isn’t it?

  2. Few years ago, a chaneler from Australia posted a prediction about a masive UFO apperance, it did not happen. Georgi Stankov predicted half of the population “assending” on 11-11-2011, it did not happen. Reading your manuscript, wonder why is it taking so many sesions to make a consise point. Benevolent beings, lead, follow or get out of the way.
    I am going to have a beer…

    1. That channeler must have been on the wrong channel! I do know where your coming from David and I feel the same but no one is going to make me throw in the towel…ever! Can’t we all just give one big push and speed this thing up?

  3. I’m ready to crawl into a cardboard box and just wait until it’s over.

    The fatigue, the Morse code in my ears, the dizziness, the loneliness…

    On top of all that, my family thinks I’ve lost my mind.

    What a ride…

    Mike V.

  4. Dear Aisha,

    Not so many channelled messages tell this debilitating body process we are going through and these relentless incoming energies.

    Thank you for this valuable message.


  5. Thank you. I do not remember dreams hardly at all. The veil is very heavy for me. Prehaps it will open just a bit for me very soon. Patience, patience.

    1. You’re not alone. Each night I ask to remember my experiences, then in the morning my full bladder knocks it all out. A bit exasperating. Persistence will pay off.

      1. Thank you David. I think that for me, I’m at the point that a little validation in a remembered dream would be of tremendous help. I hope it will all be over soon.

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