A short update on the energies

We would like to take some time to delve a little bit into the expansion that is currently occurring on this planet, or rather, that is occurring in every aspect in this particular portion of the time and space continuum that you all currently constitute a small part of. In other words, this entire bubble of energetic programming that has now taken on a life of its own if you will. For it has started to act in ways that are not at odds, but rather, is starting to fall more into sync with the rest of Creation. For as so many of you are already aware of, this tiny little bubble of spacetime that you define as your universe has in many ways been separated from the rest of Creation, and so, no wonder so many of you have felt separated and at times even lost. For you have been living a life or rather, playing out an existence, that differs on so many levels from what the rest of Creation has been doing, and rightly so. For this bubble has been defined as a special place all the way from the very beginning, as a place of Higher learning, a place where the most evolved of souls have traveled to in order to further expand their body of knowledge.

That may sound counter intuitive to some of you, for when you look around you, you will find what may be described as primitive behavior acted out on all sides. But again, that has been the exact purpose of this place. For what has taken place here on Earth cannot be likened to what has been happening anywhere else, and it is all linked to the vibrational field that contains the entirety of your environment. But now, that environment is changing at such a rapid pace, it can in many ways take your breath away as we have already referred to. For you have indeed outgrown the old curriculum, and so, the collective opted to shift into a New era, one that will be forever defined by the heightened collective energy that will ensure that the old way of learning by going ever deeper into the actions governed by fear will no longer hold true. For now, you are all set to begin to fully integrate the new energetic vibrations, the ones that will automatically reset your behavioral patterns away from the old and ever limiting ones and over to the ever expanding light filled creational endeavours that will be fully fueled by love.

For the old ways of learning by being exposed to an ever increasing energetic pressure that continued to trigger more and more of the behavioral instincts fully focused on survival by allowing the impulse of fear rule your life has now come to a close, and the doors to the New World are fully opened for all those already agreeing on altering their course by aid of these newly arrived frequencies that will support your endeavours in every way. For now, you no longer need that added friction to create, for the old way of creating out of bare necessity and in order to ensure your individual survival in a very real way will be forever banished to the history books, and what will take over, is a joy-filled sense of creation that will be entirely based in the collective. In other words, a simple but profound shift from ego based to collective based existence, and one that will be acted out in a way that will serve to trigger all of the latent talents you have carried with you every single time you did arrive on these shores in a physical body.

For we venture to guess that you have all at some time in one or several of your former incarnations on this planet felt the inner stirrings from this wondrous well of unending creativity, and you have at least tried to tap into it in some small fashion from time to time. But now, it has finally come to pass that you will all be asked to do so, and to do so with the entirety of your being. For this is no longer something you can dabble in as an amusing sideline while at the same time trying to balance your life precariously on that same cliff of destiny that was your former way of life. No, in this, it is either all in or not at all, but again, your Higher Self has already chosen your choice in this, and now, the choice that was made even before you came into being in this very body that you walk around in, will begin to make itself heard. And it will do so in a way that leaves no doubts to any of you. We say this in order to remind you all that even if you still feel as if you are struggling to find your footing in these at times rather intense energetic upheavals, you will all know in your very core that you have already taken the plunge.

For this is a choice you have already taken, but it can at times be hard to listen to that inner voice underneath all of the heavy swells of energetic information that at times like these are thundering onto your shores. So again we say make sure that you give yourself ample opportunity to simply BE with yourself. For then, you will clearly hear the call from your core, the one that is already standing tall and proud out in the light, the one that has already embraced the New with every fiber of your being. For you have already arrived, but still, it may take some time before you all fully SEE just where you are, and so, it is indeed imperative that you do what you can in order to fully perceive what it is your inner voice is trying to tell you. For it has nothing but good news, and it cannot wait for you to get ready to take it all in. So step back and step into YOU, that is where all of the questions have been eradicated already, for there are no more questions there, it is all a knowing that goes beyond you and all the way into the very core of Creation itself.

355 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

    1. Wes,

      Just took a peek at your latest article, and really want to help you with the Ego.

      But before I get to that, there are a few more things I saw.

      First of all, you are still focusing on the external conditions — the people in your reality — instead of maintaining an internal focus at all times.
      In an enlightened state, you expect nothing from those around you, and whatever they do no longer affects you and is not your concern. Because you realize what they actually are.

      The people you see around you, in your personal Reality Bubble, are your own reflections. They are mirror images of whatever issue is going on inside you, that you still need to work on.
      And what is going on inside you, is a feeling of unworthiness/low self value, and hence dis-empowerment.
      You are playing the “victim” game. If you FEEL like a dis-empowered, taken-advantage-of victim, you will always attract artificial uncaring people to you who will reinforce this ongoing scenario you’ve created.

      Your lesson, Wes, is to lose your victimhood and to experience your own Power…your own Self-Worth.
      Experience it and KNOW it.
      Once you have reached that level, you can then deliver truly Unconditional Love to others — with absolutely no expectations in return.

      Secondly, you are not looking closely at, not paying attention to, your own belief systems.
      For instance, you constantly mention “struggle” and you state that,

      “It isn’t easy, and some people might have to struggle for months and even years before they can make any progress or find the light at the end of the tunnel, but it isn’t impossible.”

      This is only YOUR Belief, Wes. You believe you must struggle with it, and that it must be difficult. So that is exactly what you are experiencing.
      But this is not fundamentally true.

      I believed that it would be “easy”, and that it would take no time at all….and so that is what *I* experienced.
      For me, it was very easy to do. Easy and incredibly fast.

      Thirdly, the goal is NOT “complete and total ego death”!

      Good GAWD, man. It’s the very opposite.

      The enlightened goal, is to work together with the Ego, make the Ego feel fully supported and loved, and valid, and totally non-threatened.

      If you feel you need to “struggle”, in changing your Ego-based Belief Systems…then your next step is to work together with the Ego, by negotiating with it — by bringing in your Higher Mind to do the negotiating.

      All you need to know is contained within this Bashar video:


      My very strong suggestion is to go through ALL the Bashar material you can find.
      Doing this will take you so far, so fast, your head will spin….

      1. abundance is ability to do what you need to do it , when you need to do it period 💝relax and be effortless. Believing is seeing so bit by bit I’ve been seeing it. I have been experiencing rather hard moments past few month & i know the slightest touch of full Love can melt all dark forces. I have been doing fair negotiation. I believe and trust so I can see more and more, I don’t doubt it. I am a magician. thank you bashar thank you kiera thank you all.

    1. we are from everywhere ❤︎ arigato thank you dear oriharu-san

      the corn head people. 。。。。

      1. Good dreams.
        BTW, ancient Japanese says dream as “WIME(ゐめ)”. Now “YUME”. This is similar to English. Because of “image”.

  1. Voice in me acknowledges this place as a prison of somekind. No matter what, walls are intact. As a good prisoner, only night when lights go out, can I ever find the route out this place. It will be a sideline. None of this ever comes to my mind in the “next life”. Prison master is a genious!

  2. “Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations.

    Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out.

    Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order.

    Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences.

    Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia.”


    PS. I like the last sentence the most – and it’s the only one I really understand 😉

    1. Last sentence is lovely in being refreshingly, and non-cryptically, poetic….(“I have stretched…golden chains from star to star, and I dance.”)

      For the cryptic stuff I google the dictionaries to see what context they are presumably using the word in, i.e.

      “Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences.”

      Slavish attention to rules, formalities, details are now ignored as we Lightworker Hue-Beings change/exchange/substitute our self-imposed “prison” sentences/penalties to less severe ones.

      “Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order.”

      Making sure the latest upgrades performed on many of us and some of the rest of humanity — such as the very recent opening of the heart and throat chakras — is unlikely to fail or decline in any way….and this stability will reach its climax point very quickly.

      “Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out.”

      Beings associated with aiding the death experience communicate intensively with Higher Dimensionals, as the now lowest frequency humans leave this high frequency reality through their pre-chosen death experiences.

      “Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations.”

      Public displays/demonstrations in these current moments are no longer signs or warnings of possible “Red Flag” events (eg. dark deliberate manipulations by the PTB/Powers That Be to start WW3)…but are instead momentous signs of sudden unexpected accelerations.

      1. Thank you very much Kiera! It would be an advantage for me if GaiaPortal would use your translation skills 😉

        Much love & gratitude ❤


      2. coolness!
        thanks Kiera for translation too.
        I like to feel into the Portal Messages energetically and it matches the translation closely.
        I certainly feel the release from the prison – for me – the old Job Job held a big part of that.
        still have uncertainty of what to do to survive the cold. we can get free food from food banks. Still have to pay to keep warm though. I do not like working for money but it still seems necessary so I am not sure what to do next. I do not feel concerned much about it however.
        How is everyone else doing with this ? survival being in human form still I mean. As far as I can tell, I have not ascended to a body that is not affected by temperatures and does not need food nourishment to live. I also still take beta blocker (have since about age 18 – heart raced and skipped beats – tried 4 times since to get off of them). If I do not take them, my heart seems to race or pound and I do not feel very well. Thyroid meds too. I do not know how to release from needing these medications. I feel fine when i take them.
        Love to All,

        1. Dear Areeza,
          With no income,free health care.
          and a few more government perks.

          This is the moment you can really get the answers from HS.
          You are absolutely free to act. I bet it is wonderful, your path.
          Just do what makes you feel the most Joyful!!! 🎠🎡🎢🚢🗼🚣🎭🚜🚀

        2. 1. You have to train yourself to control your thoughts.

          You get what you think about.

          Stop thinking about SCARCITY. Stop thinking that you are NOT HEALTHY. Stop thinking about what you DON’T LIKE. Stop thinking about the FUTURE.
          Don’t worry about HOW anything is going to happen for you.

          The universe will do exactly as you are commanding it to right now, by bringing you an abundance of lack, scarcity, sickness, and conditions to generate more uncertainty.
          And because you are sending out the frequency that you do not like working for money — then all you are going to get back are circumstances in which you are working for money and not liking it.

          So change the story you are currently telling to the exact opposite. Expect only to feel healthy.
          Only think and talk about the good things that you have an abundance of. Feel gratitude for that abundance you already have. Consistently.

          Only live in the NOW moment. As Esther says, “Just be happy where you ARE. And knowing it’s coming.”

          Eg. If you are warm right now, think only about that warmth, and how wonderful it feels. Bask in the abundant warmth. Radiate a frequency of Joy for being warm, and the universe will have no choice but to continue keeping you warm — ensuring that you will always be warm. Always bringing you an abundance of warmth.

          2. Discover what you love to do most in life, what brings you the greatest excitement, what you are most passionate about.
          And ONLY DO THAT.
          Train yourself to trust that the universe will fully support you when you are only doing what you love to do. At all times.

          3. Don’t wonder about how the universe is going to deliver any of these things to you.
          It’s not your job to try and figure out how things are going to work — that job belongs only to your Higher Self.
          Surrender all control to your Higher Self, and fully trust it to take care of you.

          1. (wow. wow. wow, Kiera. I know the above is for Breezie, but many Thanx and hugs from me, too. And again, thanx for the pix of the westie puppy… I added it to my desktop favorites. Have a good sleep tonight. ❤ xox 😀 )

        3. Hey Loved Ones.
          I wasn’t focused on scarcity. just asking how to live without a job, job and about the medication if any one can relate to that part.
          I have no desire to work for money in the old way. If I have to work for it … I put it out to the Universe for a ‘match up’ of my energies with a joyful service. I know it can be no other way for me.
          wondering how others live life with no Job, Job was my question on that. Might be something I have not looked at.
          I know some have circumstances where they say they created it that way…that they don’t need to work a job, job but they, so far, have not shared exactly how. no need to answer if ya don’t want to.
          I know I want to Be What I Am Naturally and go from there.
          Yes, I do say that I do not like money and it being needed and I never have like it. I am good with that. The ridiculous set up here I have had to go along with is still ridiculous for so many. I am done with it.
          I dont worry for myself any more. I know I am ok no matter what.
          I am however living with a disabled man who is my mate and very dear to me. It can be challenging to trust I admit that. We do not have others in our family… just each other. In other words, when I thought of stopping meds and take any chances at this time…..got a ‘nope’. Heart and thyroid are functioning well the way it is now with medication. It did not work out well in the past to stop the medication for these. New space now, i know… just saying I am responsible for not just myself (and that is fine too) and I am sure there are others out there with kids, older parents, etc. who get what I mean. so
          Any one else on medication? who thinks they maybe should not be? or are you ok with taking it?
          I will continue to trust that Kelly’s disability payments will start soon and the settlement will be very fair and we will not have to work for money.
          Its nice to imagine what we want….it is not here yet….the perfect world we have always envisioned.
          I am talking practical here – What is happening Now. Cold weather is here Now, Kelly is still dealing with injury and the cold, etc. It is what it is no matter what I want it to Be right now.
          I can stay steady in the Now for the most part. We kept Warm today….yes. Do I want to care so much about it. no.
          Today, I helped him lift heavy bags of mulch on a job for a neighbor. Glad I could do it ! And that it helped him to not have to do so much.
          Imagine working with crushed back parts and legs and hips that dont work well. Drs do not know how he is able to walk so he is a miracle even if not with a totally healed up body.
          There are some who dont want to give him work since the injury… even simple jobs. Other customers are good about it, understanding and think its great that he keeps going. He enjoys his work – handyman/ landscaping. Its creative. Even his Drs say its good to do what he can still…. you cant just stop living.
          We talk much about his balancing the Doing and Being. He is listening and we are both talking about the cool stuff more. 🙂
          Today, I am not depressed and he is not either… so I go from there.
          Kelly and I both enjoy helping out with what comes in front of us so we will just keep on with that. And this afternoon, we enjoyed a free Turkey meal at a local church – though we are not church goers. I have no problem accepting these offerings and joining with others.
          It is not easy for us all here to understand what others have on their plates in the Now, I know. Practical interests here seem to a minimal….so, I am not going to ask much about this type stuff.
          I think we are good for a few months and the Universe will keep helping however it is meant to.
          If anyone wants to offer how they deal with life as is for them Now, please do answer.
          I still see a need for practicality on daily issues myself. Maybe others do to. We are not all in the same positions. Only the same Love space 🙂
          I am always available to share if anyone is interested too – in any way I can help dealing with anything.
          Blessings to All
          Love, Areeza ❤

          1. Dear Areeza,
            Just wanted to let you know that I understood and understand (I believe) what you were saying. Not everyone views your words in the same way, that is the difficulty of words :). I don’t have advice or anything – but I wanted you to know you were heard.
            With love,

              1. Love to you guys. appreciate it.
                I am just so sick of the whole thing I can not even express how much.
                I want to just live out the rest of my life whatever that means and forget the whole ‘plan’. Ascension Plan. sounds stupid to me now.
                I dont even care if its two years, two months or two minutes away from ‘completion’. I dont think there is a completion of A Plan. There is just being in the Love space again – in totality.
                All this just to get back to where we started (Living Love Consciously) and if by my going thru ‘it’ (the being away from what matters – Pure Love – the going astray or whatever u want to call it), somehow prevents ‘it’ from happening again, than thats terrific. I dont care why ‘it’ happened.
                I only Know Love and nothing else and thats perfect for me.
                To Live in a place where Love Is All That IS IS All I Want.
                Love is enough – the rest is stupid, tiresome and boring and even horrible and sick at times. It sucks every time I have to experience anything other than Love and what comes from that. I am going to just go back to living – in the moments – as they are with as much Love as possible until it IS All Just Love.
                Love Is Perfect Just As It Is. I Will Live It Forever – Wherever
                I Wish Love Was Everywhere Always

                1. Well Areeza – it is hard for me to give any advice as you have all information in yourself. However, I read what Kiera said and I totally agree with her in proposing to dive into something that you like to do, no matter if you like it now or not. Just penetrate into anything, looking at a beautiful picture,smell the aroma of your beautiful hibiscus (?) or whatever you decide. Keep the world outside and let your heart take in beauty, aromas, music, a wonderful memory that you simply indulge again and again – everything that raise the vibrations within you. It has always worked for me on similar occasions. Hope it does for you too dear Sister of breeze and Love.

                  Love ❤


          2. ❤ Dear, dear Areeza, thanks for your openly sharing about your weekdays. And yes, I´m with you on all of it. Easy for the CCs to say "let go of the old completely".

            I acted and decided to let go of the devilish system that job agencies are. You see, we have a special system in Sweden for unemployed called phase 3. An experiment. And I have nothing to replace it with. Though I always nurtured the dream of having my own company, can´t do that either, because then I´ll take part again of the system that´s old. If nothing happens soon, the system´s crashing, or something, I either have to take part of the welfare or having to moonlight.

            I think the CCs can pay for food and rent. Still need to eat and live somewhere. That´s a fact and not playing a victim-role, dear CCs.

            I also, like we all have, have a need for the practical things, and we can not just live on love alone. It´s not enough, not yet.

            When I read your post about going to the job agency, I could see it coming, I just knew. With the "NO COINcidence", the old disc from Creete and the job agency.

            Thanks again for sharing, in that way we help each other. In the meantime, I let others ponder about love a little more.
            Love and Blessings back to you, Areeza ❤

            Ps to ALL: Each and everyone in All of Creation are, and have always been, Love, Loved and Loving. Some doesn´t now it just yet.

        1. Dear B, looking for a particular post, I happened to find this from you:
          “I had imagined that you were dark haired – maybe because you once said that you had Walloon blood in you”
          I´m light brown-haired naturally, so bleached it for a few years and now dye-ing it dark red-brownish type 🙂 Tried all the most common colors 🙂
          The wallonian heritage is way back (few hundred years something). My great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, parents and grannys are swedish, but not many think I look very swedish anyway. That´s how about it 🙂 ❤

  3. TREES:

    “Number one, they are antennae.

    Stretching up off the Earth to pull down energy from the electromagnetic field and utilize it in certain ways, for the purpose of growth, for the purpose of expansion, for the purpose of communication, and forming a network — a Grid, in a sense — over the entire planet…of a certain Frequency that supports life, of all kinds.

    So they are in that sense, a matrix of Energy Antennas, that moderate and modulate a particular *pulse* of energy — that supports the ability of life, to express itself on your planet in all forms.

    They have different frequencies, yes.

    The idea of what you call the “Redwood”, specifically, carries a Frequency of shall we say, the Ambassador Energy of the tree kingdom.

    So they are the go-betweens, they are the contacts, they are the ones that most strongly resonate the idea of communion between what you call the “tree people”, the Tree World….and the variety of different life forms on your planet.”

    ~ Bashar

    1. LOL! Well done Bashar 🙂

      This relates to Sweden:

      “Birch – pioneer tree

      Birch is our most common deciduous trees and
      is spread across the country. It is one of
      the trees that were the very first to
      wander into our country after the ice age,
      together with pine, an aspen, bird cherry,
      rowan and sallow. Birch is our most
      light-loving pioneer trees which rapidly
      establishes itself on “newly opened” land
      clearings and roadsides, but also on
      abandoned agricultural land as farmland,
      moss cultivation and pasture.”

      Thank you Kiera ❤


      1. OK, this is getting ridiculous — the Birch is the very FIRST tree I fell in love with as a tiny child.
        And it was because of the “bark”.

        1. Birch is my favorite too 🙂
          been thinking about Birch since “BB” posted a pic a day or two ago.
          thanks for all this gorgeous Birch!
          and the face in the tree looks like the face of a forest gnome wizard that showed up fairly clear in a picture i took about 15 yrs ago. wish i could find it. it was a magical misty morning April day in the woods by the cottage I was moving into.
          ❤ XO

  4. Janet Jackson – doesn’t really matter (Released : May.21, 2000)
    Perhaps, character “Sugar”(on her T-shirts) means “Sugaya” that is my surname. Of course, there may be various messages to many persons.
    Why Janet Jackson picked up me is her older brother gave me attention to me. Michael Jackson – CAPTAIN EO, too. Gratitude you.


      1. Thak you for response Kiera.
        I had been asking to the channeler of ARION if the number of violent messages were from channeler’s hystery or from ARION himself. There has been no answer from that time(1991). So I was excluded from forum FARION of NIFTY-SERVE in Japan. Immediately after that exclusion, a message from ARION was issued.
        “From ARION / Jan.29, 1995.
        #04990 Jolly
        Nice to meet you, Thank you for always sincere writing.
        I think trying to one submission from my theme in response to your suggestion.
        ‘Noah does not stay anymore. Ark is not exist.’
        The meaning of this short words, consider it a wide variety, I want you to brainstorm an opinion on the results.
        May be made to the branched story from this story, but I want you to attach the opinion that showed the always practical direction in line with the conclusions and future of your way of life of your own.
        Not be considered difficult, first, Take a beginning.
        ARION created a situation as if I as Noah. Since then there start to use word “Captain”.
        Toyota Motor Corporation has put out the car called “Noah”.
        (Toyota has put out the car called “Allion”, too)
        Singer Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi released “CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP”.

        In such flow, I think I had mistaken as part of the flow.
        About the PV you linked “Janet Jackson – Feedback(Released Jan.07, 2008)” seems like at first she dancing on the MOON, at second she dancing on MILK. In my personal perspective, it seems the answer to the article as follows.

  5. Hello, light-buddies!

    I wanted to come back and express again my gratitude for the powerful, heart-felt support I received from this pond when I was going through a monumental struggle a week ago. I came through what felt like a very narrow passage, and there’s SO much light, fun, ease, and completion on this side. I want to thank Elven777, Bixie, Aisha, Tomo, Johannes, Areeza, Leothilda, Tijen, Veronica, and Lawynne for the deep and beautiful words you shared, and the hearts, :)—and thank so many more of you who sent your energetic support. Elven777, I also wanted to tell you that the practice you offered is wonderful. I wasn’t able to process words enough to do it while in the midst of that crisis,but have used it since then when things come up. It’s really cool!

    I love you all!!!

    1. Dear Sherill… I wasn’t there, but I’m very happy to see that you are doing so well. I seem to be “integrating”?? for lack of a better word, probably what we’re all doing and what you were doing, and it’s a very weird, strange, mostly quiet space to be in. Continue to be well. SHINE ON!!!!! xox 😀 ❤

      1. Never thought you forgot me!!!!!! You can’t,,,,,,I am you!!!!
        As I do a lot, as I just misplace stuff!!!!
        But eventually It appears again!!! ❤ ❤ ❤
        We have all the time in this world!!! and beyond!!!

      1. Oh, B, I didn’t mention your name above either, but I so appreciated your words and energies of empathy and support! I love Michael’s words above: there is no forgetting, and we DO have all the time in this world and beyond! I love you dearly, B!

    2. Love you too, and glad you´re feeling so much better now 🙂
      Today, I´m also feeling better (shifts from day to day), cause I know we´re protected and think (hope) it´s just my guides training me 🙂 Much love ❤

  6. I just walked into my glass patio door, sad thing was it was open, I thought the open part was the glass part and the glass part I bounced off…?its pitch dark out on the deck…idk, hopefuly this makes me cool in 5d. :d someth7ngs shifted…

    1. Dear elven-starlight,

      Strange things happen now! This morning a tealight started burning with naked flames on the stove and I had difficulties to get it out in the newly fallen snow outside to put out. Really appreciated that I have smoke alarms that went off as I sat on the patio and drank my morning tea. This has never ever happened to me before.

      Love ❤


  7. Hail kiera for the lols….comic relief is always a welcome thing.

    Last thing I got before sleep time this morning was “co pilot are you ready”, wonder who that was. As for dream memory, I was put into amenisa this time. 🙂

  8. This morning I awoke with the song, “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond”, a Scottish tune (“you take the high road, I’ll take the low road”) playing in my mind. I felt compelled to get up and google the song/words. Upon hearing the entire song sung acapella I began sobbing nonstop and my Heart opened and swelled with Love. I replayed the song several times with the same effect. As silly as this may sound to those of you who are much more “evolved” in consciousness/experiences than I perhaps, I felt I had integrated a very powerful aspect of one of my countless lives (I had requested/given permission to HS for this to happen recently… for the merge). The afterglow of that experience is still around me as I share it here 3 hours later. Also, I find it (smiling now) that I chose to rescue little white West Highland terrier dogs during the last 25+ years; this breed originated in Scotland. The Love I felt this morning was huge. Just thinking out loud as I wanted to share this experience with someone of like mind, but there are no such persons around me that know of/appreciate such things. Also, I’m working with Philip’s IS (“Infinite Silence”) constantly now. My Love and Gratitude to you All. xox

    (will be thinking of you Lys as you enjoy Kryon today! 😀 )

    1. Dearest Lin ❤

      Thank you for letting your heart open widely with this song that I, of course, had to listen to 😉 Very nice song with sorrow too. Wonderful! Thank you ❤

      Love & gratitude ❤


      1. ❤ Dearest Michael and My Dearest B… Thank you from my Heart. I bookmarked both of your contributed renditions (btw, both better than my own googled versions). And, I once again sobbed deeply in my listening to each. I didn't realize it this morning, but now as I listen, the tears come from a feeling of homecoming… and especially because they're shared with you. With my Love, xox Lin/Amyrah

            1. Thank you dear Lin!

              Nature is always full of messages 🙂 So grateful that you liked it because it is always about how you choose to perceive things 🙂

              Love you – always ❤


      1. ❤ haha That's our Dickens as a puppy!! A little white fluff ball of Lovable independent sh*t and sweetness at the same time. Thank you, Dear Kiera, for this darling pix… xox with much Love & Light energy for your physical wholeness/wellbeing. EXPECT IT & EMBRACE IT to be so! ❤ xox 😀

        1. “EXPECT IT & EMBRACE IT to be so!”

          That brings up one massively interesting point….that the “Expect it and Embrace it” formula works quite well for eliminating every other physical ailment since I experiment with it and use it constantly — but for some reason never works for the weird and wacky and completely UNEXPECTED download symptoms.

          Seems to hold true across the board, too, with the other ground crew forerunners.
          Which makes me now wonder if this is a Higher Self circumvention (according to our contracts), so that we each are forced no matter what to fully record this lovely experimental multi-perspective experience for higher dimensional posterity (akashic).

          Too bad I can’t yet test out this theory, with this Aisha North group….

      1. Amyrah, this is strange, I selected a red heart on my post to you above. I checked it before I sent the reply and it was red. On my screen now the heart is black. Perhaps with the crown and rose??? My heart is flowing with love for you.
        Love, Forest Joy

        1. That particular heart is so dense that it shows up black.On this site.
          Use any other one and they are fine.
          Hearts and flowers!!! ❤️💔💗💓💕💖💞💘💌☀️☀️☀️☀️❄️🌞🌞😄

        2. ❤ Thank You sincerely, Dear FJ… Thank You for your Heart AND your Love that I could feel. Continue to take good care and en-JOY your family. Hope your mom is doing well. Blessings & Love always to you, xox Amyrah 😀

      1. THANK YOU, LYS!! I look forward to listening to it. (Smiling here over the empty seat. 😀 😀 ) Love you, xox Lin

    1. “…what I’ve perceived as new NEW energies coming in all week from a very high level that we’ve not experienced here in physicality before.”

      Agreement. These energies burned the skin a helluvalot more, than ever before.

      “I’m far too exhausted now to know where this particular new NEW energy came in from, but what I’ve been painfully aware of is the unusual intensity of it on my physical body. Some of you will relate and some not so just use whatever is helpful at this time and slide over the rest.

      From my current perspective—such as it is at this time—this new NEW very high energy has felt like extra intense energies much like what a heavy-duty X-class solar flare causes but I sense its source is from some rather exotic location and very high level. We’ve been “prepped” for this even though it hasn’t felt like it all week! Here’s a short list of how this new NEW high energy has effected my body.

      Again, some of you will relate while others won’t and that’s perfectly normal.”

      Sadly enough…..

      ~ Denise

      Surmising that the very high level exotic location of these Energies that Denise is referring to could possibly be the Angelic level?

      Although this is an EXTREMELY high level — one step down, only one level removed from Source level.

      If anyone has knowledge of these levels, please contribute.

        1. Damn, B — How utterly PERFECT!

          Doing the same type of job….therefore will deliberately become ONE again with the tree — and see what happens.
          (Pretty sure by now that I AM a frigging tree in a few other incarnations, anyway)

          Particularly with the skin….HS is bashing me over the head with the “bark” theme, today.

    2. …”This one is increasing daily for me and I’m learning how to best talk to, deal with and have exchanges with people who exist within a lower frequency range than I do at this time. Sometimes the gap is so large that the other person cannot relate to me (to you, to any of us) and just doesn’t get me or what I’m talking about at all.

      Other times the gap isn’t as large between myself and someone else which means there’s enough in common between us consciousness-wise so we can at least talk to each other and get whatever it is done that we’re both trying to.

      This too is taxing and exhausting in its own ways and I’m really having to Master this one lately and get good at it as quickly as I can.”

      ~ Denise

      It’s a delicate art form to Master. Maximum use of EMPATHY required.

      Hurry faster with it, Denise….


  9. Glaciers, suns of silver, waves of pearl, skies of red-hot coals!
    Hideous wrecks at the bottom of brown gulfs
    Where the giant snakes devoured by vermin
    Fall from the twisted trees with black odours!

    I should have liked to show to children those dolphins
    Of the blue wave, those golden, those singing fishes.
    – Foam of flowers rocked my driftings
    And at times ineffable winds would lend me wings.

    ~ from The Drunken Boat, by Arthur Rimbaud

    1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Woke up today with this image smacking me in my funny bone!!!!!!!
      Then read why it was posted!!!!!!!!!

      Makes my day a happy one!!!!!!!!!
      Wishing all a beautiful heart felt weekend.
      And Kiera…
      ……………….May the force be with you!!!!!

      PS. for this weekend………May the odds be ever in your favor!!!!! ❤

    2. I need a super huge 7 color Love sword !!!!!!
      well , I asked for it once. now I forget.
      I am ready to have new day tomorrow 💙

  10. Somebody stop me………….

    Energy Report – November 21, 2014

    “Dear Georgi and Carla,

    I see that it has been a few days since I have written (11/17 for Carla and 11/15 for you). So I hope that both of you have been able to recover from the LBP (Light Body Process) enough to carry on at home. My attacks have been moderate except for the evening of November 18th when I experienced the most abusive and despicable of the Archon attacks.

    Suffice, it was the Archangel Michael who saved me, as I was unable to use the light sabre, being in a state of panic. It took me an entire day to realize what had happened and I even had to take a Xanax to recover my sensibilities. Other PAT members have probably had similar attacks, so I won’t go into any details, except that I have recovered.”

    With love and light,


    “Dear Henry,

    Regarding the archon attack on the 18th, I must tell you that we were also attacked. AA Michael was here too. I remember a few details, clear as day. We had just fallen asleep and I was dreaming, when suddenly I realized that I was up, naked, swinging my lightsabre like there was no tomorrow!

    I telepathically shouted to Georgi to wake up and fight with me!

    He then jumped up out of bed, naked, and started fighting with his lightsabre too. We did this for a long time, what felt like half an hour…”

    With love and light


  11. this is where the ‘subconscious’ comes in 😉
    Higher frequency beings do not sleep.
    They are always conscious.
    is it a matter of turning on or off the autopilot ? hmm

  12. Yes Vinny,
    Its what I have been talking about –
    In the complete ‘blending’ to Source as One what need is there of free will.
    It is One Will-Full-ness in the Oneness ‘game’ , but i dont like games either… so lets say it is simply an experience of Living Love Consciously with All That Is.
    expression of our essences – One In Love ❤
    no rules – Just Right 🙂 ❤

  13. Dream/sleep time took a weird turn and became a bit matrix like. The theme was viral infections within the grids, was visiting a timeline where the infection/illusion spurred a rapid clearing response.

    The important part>
    There was something to do with an “aha moment”, and a “so that’s how they did it” as certain landscapes were returned back to their original format as ‘if by magic’. Like they showed this statue in a town square and showed how some ‘filters’ applied could make it look like one thing or something completely different. It was like watching cgi on a screen lifting filters on and off to morph the shape of things on the outside, except this was to do with how our perceptions read things.

    The virus part changed some sort of language/ code at the output stage. So Messages imputed, became outputted as something foreign and the original intention was lost. The virus was shown collapsing on itself though, it ended up collapsing the very infrastructure it was controlling.

    1. Something similar happened to me during a nap earlier. Thank you for the validation! And I’m going through consistent activations again. I feel we are in for a busy weekend ……. ❤

        1. ❤ LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY DUCKY YOU, Dear Dorrit! I'll be thinking of you. En-JOY, have FUN. xox Amyrah/Lin

    2. Thank you! This is so fascinating, Elven. I was just thinking about how this viral embedment in the RNA and DNA worked….How they are attached etc. and how that changes human history. And Amyrah too! I would love to think more. However, it has been a very busy week and this ole gal is more than a wee bit tired. Deciphering your post further when I am more rested is definitely a treat for me to look forward to. This is exciting! In the meantime, I am zoning out until the mental processes are fully functioning.

      On second thought this is very interesting as these same phlegm producing parasites that have caused so many problems seems also to be part of a major healthy evolutionary change. This is all hypothesis of course, but very interesting.
      Love to you,
      Forest Joy

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