The manuscript of survival – part 430

For now, what has been set into motion can no longer be negated, and as such, all of the consequent reactions will come about from a positive energetic charge, even if some of the outcome of it may be labelled as negative by those still set on maintaining status quo.

Let us elaborate. You see, this whole chain of events that is now in the middle of being activated is one that will have far reaching consequences, and as we have already informed you, the rippling effect from what is taking place on this little planet of yours is far greater than you at your current level perhaps can even begin to understand. And when we say current level, we simply refer to your ability to fully tap into your very own reservoir of inherent knowledge. In other words, we are not calling you incapable in any way, simply reminding you that things will become clearer to you at a pace that will make it possible for you to literally digest it. For when we refer to mankind’s choice to truly take the required quantum leap that is absolutely necessary for this whole operation to come about, it is also implied that this quantum leap will come about in such a way, it will serve its intended purpose, namely to shift the entire region into a frequency that will be beneficial to all that inhabits it. And so, everything needs to come about at the exact right time frame and in the stipulated sequence so that all the chips may fall in their designated directions.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but again, it is simply to allow you to better take in the underlying message in this message. For as we have already repeated repeatedly, what this contains is something that far surpasses the mere wording of it, and as such, we need at times to make these rather circuitous routes in order to better help you to get the gist of the message. And the gist of this message is simply this: you are no longer where you used to be, and neither is this planet that you live upon. And the same goes for your immediate surroundings. For you have already changed the very fabric of the Universe to such a degree, nothing can ever be the same again. And remember, these changes come about in a way that will be hard to define from a human’s standpoint, but it will be very easily identified when you look upon it from our point of view. For we can see that the very basics that your world has been build upon has already been changed, and so, the algorithms are indeed brand new. On the outside, it may not look like much, merely a few scattered numerals that have shifted ever so slightly over a period of a few days, but what these slight changes will in effect do, is to set off a cascade of rippling effects that will tear away all of the old and restricting cocooning material that you have been swaddled in, almost like the ancient peoples used to do to safeguard their deceased.

In other words, the ripples will spread out from these minuscule gashes in that old fabric, the fabric that was woven with so much care in order for you to strain and struggle against it until the day you finally opened your eyes and opened your hearts and realized, that the only way to end the struggle is simply to surrender to the powers that you carry within you, the ones that have been there all along, waiting for you to rediscover their presence at the very core of your being. And then, this process of unraveling the old illusion in order to fully set free not just you, but the whole and glorious truth of who ALL of you are began to come alive in such a way, there is no way now anyone can stop this old cocoon from dissolving completely.

But again, when something dissolves, it inevitably leaves a gaping hole in someone’s armour, as in the walls that so many of your fellow men are still busy keeping intact. For not all are ready to face the reality after living lifetime after lifetime enshrouded in a wall of make believe, and so, to them, there will be much anguish, pain and indeed anger erupting within. For with this new clarity also comes a new insight, and that is that you are no longer beholden onto others to make your life a good life. But with this realization also comes another realization, namely that you can no longer blame your misfortunes on anyone else either. And for some, that realization will perhaps to them be perceived as the heaviest burden to bear. For with freedom also comes responsibility, and this is not as easy to embrace as the idea of freedom. For freedom means that you are once again aware of creating your own lives, and so, there is no longer any outside source that can or will be blamed for any perceived “misfortunes” that may befall you along the way.

We know that this will not be news to many of you, for you have stepped into this truth a long time ago, but again, we want to remind you that you are not yet amongst the majority on this planet, and so, what you have seen as the dawning of the New, they will simply see as the disintegration of all that they have staked their very existence upon, and so, they will rebel in any way they can, and the range with which they will display their dissent will vary, from anger to sadness, from fear to downright terror.

But again, this will simply be the final nail in the coffin of the old, if we may use such blunt words to describe the shift that is taking place now. For remember, you have already pushed the buttons that activated this whole operation by your willingness to fully embrace your inner light, and so, what comes around now will be a change that will affect all, and it will do so because you as a collective have come to a place where a decision was needed, and the decision was to say a resounding YES to the New. And so, the wheels of change will roll faster and faster now, and as such, more and more of your every day actions will be governed by this new light that is imbuing every sentient being on this planet.

And yes, enough of you have already chosen to open your hearts to this light, and this in itself is more than enough to set the wheels rolling. And so, what took only a small number of the population of this planet to make come into being, will give every single one of the souls currently inhabiting this little sphere the same chance to take part in the process of recreating your world. And so, the call has gone out, the call to join in on this magnificent make over, a make over that far surpasses anything ever accomplished anywhere else in All of creation. And make no mistake, you do have a lot of things that needs to be rectified before this whole project is over, but again, there will be no lack of willing hands nor of inquisitive minds that will join forces with you, the true vanguards. For as we have told you again and again, you already possess everything you need in order to fulfill every single dream you might carry within of the paradise you so long for. There is no lack of skills, nor of manpower, nor of resources, and as you have finally allowed yourselves to re-enter the ancient halls of knowledge that has been kept safely hidden away until you as a collective were once again ready to enter them, there is no longer anything nor anyone standing in your way for this whole thing to become a success beyond compare.

And so we say again know that all is well, and take every single eruption of fear, anger or hatred as clear signals of the advent of the New World. For you have felt it already, and now, it will begin to seep into the consciousness of every single individual on this planet. For some, it will be such a welcome sight, they will instantaneously know just what to do in order to fully embrace the New. While for others, the very idea will still provoke their old gut instinct to safeguard the very last piece of “security” they can cling on to, namely the very idea itself that change must be avoided at all cost. And so, they will dig in their heels and protest in any way they can. But we can confidently predict that the latter will be the minority this time, for remember, on a higher level, it has been a decision that was made with an overwhelming majority, and the answer you gave back when the question was raised, was simply this: “yes, now, we are finally ready to step away from the old and fully embrace the totality of our being and to re-enter the prosperous sea of love that we for so long have turned our backs to.” For you as a collective are more than ready to take to these shimmering waters yet again, and it is you, the forerunners, who have been given the wonderful task of being the first ones to take the plunge.

And so once again we thank you all on behalf of All of creation. You have chosen well, and you have already set your actions behind your words, and the actions that have already been accomplished by what may seem to be only a small handful of individuals scattered all over your wold, will have a far reaching and wondrous effect on All. And for that, we can only once more extend our greatest gratitude, and we would also like to add that from now on, the pace of this ripping apart will continue to escalate at such a pace, it may at times literally take your breath away. But for you, we know the breathlessness will come out of pure and simple joy and the knowledge that what will come apart now, will do so in order to make it all come together again in a way that will bring joy into the hearts of ALL.

338 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 430

  1. AhMiya/Caroline, or maybe it was someone else…..that recommended a mercury homeopathic a couple months back. I wrote it down somewhere, but not sure where (ha), but I am ready to try it, and also need a candida homeopathic – both for toddler. Thoughts? (Will work on me later)

    1. Dear Veronica!!

      I’m sorry, it was not me. However, I remember the postings but cannot recall which other Ponders were involved!! Perhaps you should post this again in the new energy update??
      Love to you! πŸ™‚

  2. What i experienced last night / early hrs was mainly in sleep time. I remember becoming conscious a few times without breaking connection / projection that we had passed through something significant. I felt a team effort and it was as per usual thoroughly understood in that level of consciousness but the waking memory retains only a tip of the ice berg. But the new bench mark was a big deal.

    I remember the sensations of passing through something into the most golden light and freeing space i can think of to describe, it felt like what we, without a doubt still remember deep within us. The difference this time was the conscious mind was taken with us to experience it this time.

    There was also a contrast of slight confusion (not fear) with something else going on, it felt like a rearrangement.

    After then it seemed like a level of energy that failed to press buttons where it normally would have succeeded in a neg way, that’s the closest i can come to describing it.


  3. On β€œErstkontakt Blog” ( I often find articles that inspire me so much.
    But it is always in German and sometimes below is a link to the English website.
    A few days ago I was looking for an English version of the Comet, but I didn’t find it.

    Here I found an amazing site about β€˜living Water’ and the 4th state of the water, but unfortunately I could not find it in English.
    Maybe will help Google / Bing to translate it well?–universitaet-lueftet-geheimnisse-um-wasser.html

    BIXIE πŸ˜€

    1. I was just thinking of the fourth state of water last night and could not remember what it was then. My brain isn’t functioning these days. On again off again. I need a vacation. πŸ™‚

      1. Amazing, i just went through his explainations of the main spiritual issues and the basis of all that i just experienced last night.

  4. Yesterday I was shown with my closed eyes, someone who gently with a finger touched someone in the face.
    A voice said: β€žThat was Bernie”. ~ giggle ~

    This morning I felt – as so often – once again a touching my face. It always feels like a short, slight tingling sensation.
    Probably that was Bernie?

    Laughing BIXIE πŸ˜€

  5. Last night i experienced the first time how it feels to be truly at my self. My conciousness was all in my body and there was no thought at all. I felt every thing is just perfect and needs no change. What an amazing experience.

  6. The one from Joyce Meyer is good but the situation is better presented by another three…/

    1. Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gear. (Barbara Johnston)

    2.Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it’s cowardice. ( George Jackson)

    3. All commend the patience but none endure to suffer.(Thomas Fuller)

    1. Thats so interesting and so true.

      I often say: β€žIT breathes me” and I feel like my breathing IMMEDIATELY is much deeper, I feel my breathing the way down into my stomach (where actually are no lungs).

      And I had already several times ,critical’ situations in which β€šI’ had incredible reflexes and nothing happened to me.
      I remember spontaneously at 3 experiences that could not be controlled by me because β€šI’ had not got the danger.

      My Godself had controlled my body. Thank you ❀

      BIXIE πŸ˜€
      β€žI don’t talk to the curtain" πŸ˜€

      1. our thoughts minds actions can make a difference πŸ’“
        I don’t talk to curtain yet, but I do to many things including, nature, PC, vacuum.❀︎

        1. Where is that mosquitoe!!!!!!!
          Happy happy thoughts for all!!!
          Starry Starry night song comes to mind!!!

  7. Brother Vinny!

    God, how I love you! We are so damn good at what we do! See you in the morning/afternoon. And try to get some rest. πŸ˜‰


      1. the dandelion… I was looking for this image with dandelions to post before. I couldnt find it. but here it is. I grew up in city & always dandelions from asphalt made lift my head up to sky❀︎

  8. would it be nice if we all suddenly remember everything πŸ’–
    rather than climbing up ladders or sifting realities, just be like non physicals.
    but they say it is so delicious to be alive with bodies filling gaps, creating, manifesting all, and I am a god/ a student in the magic school of experience.

  9. ~ we have rhythms – not time ~
    think about that
    the tidal patterns change – corrosion happens – erosion happens – things become solids and liquids, etc. etc. etc.
    Why Did we put ‘time’ in the mix? why the measurement of these rhythms?
    we stepped out of the rhythm in order to measure it perhaps. But why?
    What happens when we enter into a rhythm.
    Take dreaming and the Rem State of Being:
    In our dream spaces we create our own structures in space and time dont we? come to think of it, time does not enter the equation in my dreams.
    how do we create the things we do in our dream space?
    The things we fill our sleep space with come from our consciousness even when we are not awake in our body forms.
    What is it that is ‘viewing the scenes?’. Same Consciousness.
    Why does it want to do it?
    We use particles around us to form a reality in waking space. We put to use the tool known as consciousness to create – this we know.
    What about the particles?
    ok…so I am seeing the particles (I have always called molecules) in front of me. Are they simply there awaiting our intent to create? Our instruction?
    I have always seen them mostly in sun light. why is that? What are they really? Are they just ‘observing’ and/or Doing what is expected of them?
    How do we make things solid? Or appear to be solid?
    ~ Particles are Possibilities ~ Wave Potentials waiting to be put into a certain action.
    ~Desire and Belief~ desiring and believing our own conscious intentions/potential potions we created ? Basically, Information (Ideas) we choose to make real. Thoughts we choose to Form.
    God chose to make us real. Love wanted more to Love ? more so…wanted to see itself Loving itself? Just plain wanted to see Love In Action / Matter-Energy in motion. And so We Are.
    I always said we are God’s tentacles / Feelers….so God could be everywhere in its creation. So there is Observance because it was Desired To Be.
    ~Observing~ this is where we push to see beyond the wall πŸ™‚ with our conscious intent. Intentional Hue-mans we are now.
    This is where we get out of the box of the old system and choose to follow our dream rainbows to their Golden end. πŸ™‚ ❀
    When not actually observed, things are still just potential uncertainties.
    God made us certain in its image. Was it God's certain desired intent? Then why did its image begin to question itself ? – and why or if it existed in the first place? Is that how it allowed something else to lead it – something with misguided/off center intent? because it lost/forgot its Source Center Point? A wall/veil went up and Separation happened. Duality happened to keep the old game going.
    Back On Center… ok …..maybe my consciousness does not need to question….yet something feels held back from taking off on the freedom flight~
    just pondering out loud again. :0
    Kelly just asked if I want a White Russian. LoL. sure, why not.
    see you all later.
    Love, Areeza

    1. from CC’s/Aisha new update:
      “So step back and step into YOU, that is where all of the questions have been eradicated already, for there are no more questions there, it is all a knowing that goes beyond you and all the way into the very core of Creation itself.”
      Ok then ! πŸ˜€
      onward from back to the center present! ❀

  10. Hi Kiera
    I don’t know if it will help but I witnessed first reaction of my husband to the energies. It was something I wouldn’t want to see again.He just began the process of balancing and if all to come will have that effect…
    OMG, I have to cook very special meals to help him. All of the sudden he got white, experiencing head aches, vomiting. All body in fire, he said… All weekend he was in bed and the next two days slowly getting better. I’m glad he is going that way but just if it could be more gentile!
    Just a cry from me…that is all.

  11. WOW!!! A strong tone just went through my home that almost knocked me down with the dog & cats. The vibration was enormous and yet beautiful!! ❀

    I've never heard this sound. The intense vibration made all of my crystals in the glass cabinet move toward the middle. Lasted about 15 seconds.

    Forest Joy – are you OK??. It felt like it was heading your way and north.

    And it made me SMILE!!!!! πŸ™‚ Cool!!

    LOVE to All! ❀

      1. Breeze, you mentioned light cocoons earlier. In my spirit dreams, I have been helping to surround some in a golden white light cocoon like ballon, tied the bottom together. From there each with a person inside floats upward. Moving on up! Moving on up!

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Wow, that was some WAVE you experienced. I have wondered how you were doing today also. Are you ok? I think your wave missed me by a couple hundred miles. About that time I did feel something and yes, there was a new and cool auditory sensation. I was not sure just exactly what it all was except it had to do with cosmic waves. I was unsettled and antsy. I was lead to literally cross to the other side of our river and stay there for about an hour. There has been lots going throughout today. Yes, there is a difference from some of the previous ones. In this area it Seems like there are wow incoming cosmic waves(beyond the universe) and some interesting but not fun waves emanating from subterranean earth. The grid lines have also been lit up. My legs are tingling and painful today like I am a connector between intense Earth and Cosmos energies. I have been in my cedar surround again a few times. Even there the waves have been very strong. Also I have frequently been touching or staying close to wood to stay grounded.
      Every morning and evening, I check to see what I should put in my phone reminders. There have been many entries for prayer for People and happenings in Syria, Central Iraq, and Isreal at specific times the last two days and nights. And not just a few prayers. I have been praying while driving, going from patient to patient, making dinner, shoveling snow, and waking up 2-3 times per night to pray some more. I am told it is very important.
      Yesterday and the day before my work was very busy with persons needing very strong clear toxic heat, phlegm, etc. formulas. The toxins seem are both internally and externally generated.
      There seems to big stuff happening. For some reason I seem to be holding back deciphering the various signs and putting the puzzle pieces together. It will probably all be made clear soon. Any ideas?
      Loving you all,
      Forest Joy

      1. A little over an hour ago, a different sound began from the opposite direction. This is also completely new to my ears, also and seems to be coming from below the earth’s crust. Like a large steel structure bending and then breaking. Now there is a consistent “pinging” noise. The past 48 hours have been quite eventful! πŸ˜‰ Too much to put into words, but I agree – I’m having trouble keeping up with all of the puzzle pieces fitting together. Seems that more than one “event” is occurring simultaneously.

        And a few minutes ago, I heard champagne glasses “clinking” together and a roar of laughter! Someone said, “the marriage has been consummated” in a low whisper. This is going to be an interesting night …….. and days leading up to the weekend.

        Stay grounded and centered and balanced, everyone.

        I think we have lift-off, Houston!

        See you in the morning! ❀
        Caroline ~~ AhMiyah

        1. Hi, also heard the steel structure sound yesterday. Last eve went from light and praying for the air over the 3 Mideast spots to south and west and earth and water where a few others joined me in the heart of it all. Tough work, but the job got done. Now a few days of rest before the weekend.

          1. Thank you for this powerful confirmation, dear Forest Joy! I saw how the newly re-activated “pyramid mountain” on Crete was used as a hub to channel enormous amounts of golden light to the whole Middle East region by way of the seawater πŸ™‚
            Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

            1. Dear Aisha, sorry I hd to leave my above post unfinished. The light was shining like a birdcage umbrella over the 3 “Holy Land” areas yesterday. In addition layered umbrellas were added overhead reaching to the stars. We worked to relieve pressure within the earth about 10-11 hours ago in central Africa. There was a big belch like pop with an irredescent green and black watery fluid bursting upward from within the earth. Then I saw against a white skyline with golden hues a mountain pyramid with a side cone on the east. Gotta go

      2. I can just say WOW for yours, Carolines, Vinnys, Aishas, bev~ and all and everyone else that are doing a great job for Mother and Universe now.

        Yesterday I was back out on the frozen mire in amazing sunshine, remembering that it is now about a year ago when I had great experiences there and I prayed for you all, Mother and for All That IS.

        Blessings to all of you ❀


        This is for you to enjoy ❀

        1. Oh so tranquil and pristine!!! A most precious gift, Birgitta!! ❀

          Looks exactly like my lake in northern Ontario! Thank you!! πŸ™‚

          Love to you, dear Sister! ❀

    2. I love your clear descriptions of what happens with you Caroline ❀ For me it is today, as usual, just a headache that makes me understand that things happen πŸ˜‰ But I still enjoy the outdoor experiences from yesterday morning πŸ™‚

      Much love ❀


    3. Thank you for this confirmation, dear AhMiyah – the time you shared this matches EXACTLY when I experienced a HUGE energetic connection πŸ™‚
      LOVE, Aisha ❀

  12. ~We Are Consciousness Conductors~
    by taking in higher information and focusing and intending with it by use of our consciousness, we are changing the structure. And with Love as our main ingredient – our main building block – our corner stone – the glue – well….oh my, my…..
    I recommend watching this one. It brought my consciousness even further along. Enjoy ❀ Areeza
    I'm not even finished viewing it yet…but wanted to post it now.
    Tomo started my guidance to this one πŸ™‚ TU Dear! It has me looking to travel the Universe in these amazing videos which open me up more and more. Consciousness can go anywhere you know. πŸ˜‰

    1. Naaaaiice, this is. Thank you so much! This evening had some deep deep insights for me.

    2. ✑


      Sent this video gem to my dead father, years ago.

      He had only a “Golf-Ball” sized awareness & understanding of it initially, which then proceeded to rapidly shrink to the size of a Pinball…

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