A short update on the energies

By now, the acceleration will be palpable on all levels, and so, we will once more take the opportunity to remind you all that even if the pace seems to be more than a little wild at times, know that as always, no thing and no one will be left to chance. For in this, it is as always a carefully orchestrated plan behind it all, one where the light at all times is doing what it can to help the majority amongst you fully embrace the all-pervading message of love that is being pumped in through countless channels at this moment in time. For even if some of you will still feel as if you are simply awash in chaotic sequences of ever changing fields of energy, know that they are all coming from the same Source and they are all sending out the same message of “LOVE thyself – that is the key”.

For the time has once more come to shout out the same advice of stop fighting the light within and instead, release the hold on the old that some of you still hold so tenaciously on to: the old idea that you have got to “do the right thing” in order to be allowed to step into the New. Well, the only thing you have to do, is to stop disallowing yourself from fully embracing the core within you, the one that holds no secrets, but have the same single message of LOVE at all levels and in all aspects.

Granted, there are still some of you who continue to tune into the same disruptive messages of disbelief and disarray, all stemming from the old ideas of disempowerment and disintegration, and to those of you still listening in to that old and outdated message we will simply say this: let go of the old, it no longer serves you, it is no longer a part of your identity, it is merely an old sticker that used to cover up the real you. So let it come off once and for all, and let your light shine fully forth so that no one no longer can doubt the truth in these words: you are all equal, and you are all equally loved, you are nothing more nor nothing less than any single soul you see around you. Nor are you nothing more nor nothing less than all of the unseen that stand around you applauding your valiant efforts to tear this entire world away from those old limiting definitions.

For you are all as bright as the brightest of light, and even if this is a message that has been oft repeated, it needs to be said again and again. For to some of you, these words are still a necessary requirement in order for you to step through those inner words that are still barring up the entrance to your own treasure trove of loving light within, and so, we will continue to serve them up in a way that can act as a key to unlock that door. But let us also remind you that alongside these words there is an ever increasing flood of light flowing in to this planet, and that light has more the effect of a battering ram. So again we say know that the light will not stop in its tracks for anyone or anything, and so we say that the easiest way to stay afloat in all of this energy, is simply to acquiesce to that inner light that is already there. For the moment you do just that, you will fall perfectly into step with this incoming light, and together you will help to put this entire planet on an even more direct trajectory towards the New.

Again, this is a collective process, but it is you as individuals who must decide just how long time it must take for you to truly see the light of this, and so, we will once again leave you to ponder these words, and to listen well to the message that they carry within. For the inner workings of these messages resonates fully with that inner truth that we so want you to rediscover within your own being. It is here for you all to find, and it has been waiting for this moment to finally be set free. So let you heart sing to this new tune of love, it is nothing it wants more than to be fully able to join in this heavenly choir with the richness of your voice and with the totality of your being. So let it rip as they say, and be prepared to be astounded by the power it carries within its very vibration. It is enough to make even the farthest reaches of Creation sit up and listen in awe.

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  1. This is my GENESIS file which made in 2004. (Though Japanese)
    Click the button. Small window appear.
    =Now you are looking at only one person, press the OK button.
    Click the button. Small window appear.
    =Only people that can swear not to kill people and not to deprive the possibility of the baby’s birth(=Marriage interference), click the OK button.

  2. “But let us also remind you that alongside these words there is an ever increasing flood of light flowing in to this planet, and that light has more the effect of a battering ram.”

    I think, the more often we strictly, slowly tasting the words from CCs, the more LIGHT you will bring in 🙂

  3. “Star systems align for reception of final Cosmic wave package prior to establishment of New Earth alignment protocols.

    Pulses of New Energies continues in phases designed for hu-manity acceptance, and Hue-manity upliftment.

    Star patterns change to align with individual Gaia BEing requirements.

    In accordance with Unity Law, sacreds unveil as needed and requested.

    Attunement to Higher Self and Higher Mind are requested at this moment.”


  4. Dear Vinny,
    “i could feel so much coldness & deadness with-in the divinity of myself”
    Very well expressed. Ditto 😉 But that will not be a hindrance – right?


    1. thank you dear otmn❤︎ I like this & I saw myself in her especially her face ❤︎ I also liked the potato eaters, I wonder how it feels like to be there eating potatoes together.

  5. For you our Dear, Dear Vincent!!~
    This song has special meaning for me
    I always wanted a great reason to place this here~!
    Now is perfect
    ~Thank You~
    ❤ Areeza

      1. I am really glad you and others enjoyed it
        It got to me too- more deeply
        I wish I knew how to Be Alive on the new genesis 2:0 with her.
        anything of the old is just too hard to bear any longer
        all the best to everyone

    1. I´ve been in love many times. This song, one of the greatest loves of my life played for me 1985. He´s from Cyprus. Had never heard it before and just once on the radio a few years later. Until now. Thank you for the love tears, Areeza. Much love ❤

      1. love of my life … what a wonderful it sounds.❤︎

        I am visioning new versions of the moments when seized and appreciated the beautiful moments in me and those moments no word can describe.
        Vincent van Gogh is such wonderful artist❤︎
        thank you dear Breeze & dear Leothilda❤︎

  6. ~ Every day – Every moment – think of what you want to see on the canvas you are creating from Your Beingness Of Living Art ~
    Areeza ❤

  7. Morning Sun

    Sometimes I feel like I’ve been living much too long
    And I’ve wasted too much time
    I think I’ve lost the inner harmony that flows through me
    And my body and mind

    Like the shoreline that divides the sea and sand
    I’m a surface ever-changing
    I get burdened by the things I just don’t understand
    And all the mountains left to climb

    But then the morning sun comes shining through my window
    And it’s good to be alive
    It’s gonna be a golden day
    Wings unfoldin’ day
    Green trees, blue sky

    If I can only learn the lesson of the seasons
    Of a balance re-arranging
    Though they may not always come just when I want them to
    Still they come and keep me high

    And the morning sun comes shining through my window
    And it’s good to be alive
    It’s gonna be a golden day
    Wings unfoldin’ day
    Green trees, blue sky

  8. Thank you this is a great reminder that the presence of pain from ‘downloads’ indicates that there is still unresolved blocks, patterns and beliefs that still need to be released from the bodies. I have been working with my body in this way now for the greater part of the year, treating any pain or energy blockage that arises as an opportunity to love even more and release what needs released. It does work and Bashar and Matt Kahn are extremely helpful in this area too.

    But what is not much talked about is with twins. Most focus on ascension pains and the upgrades the body is going through. Add another body to this equation (twin) and when a certain stage of awareness is hit, the union becomes more than just a mirror function.

    It would be nice to hear input from other twins (twinflames, divine partners etc) who have already gone through the “conscious union with themselves” in this life, which means they have cleared enough of themselves individually as well as any joint stuff, of the process to understand the journey from the non romantic perspective. I mean this specially of those who are at the stage and level of body awareness where twins are consciously living and sharing from the same 5 bodies (mental, emotional, astral, etheric, spiritual)

    The 5 body meld is a stage of ‘union fusion’ between each twin and higher self, where simply put the nervous system, organs and meridians of the twins merge/fuse together and share a permanent consciousness energy field that becomes alive within each through their own body awareness on the physical level. Even the immune system and pain body communicates a common field between each twin. It goes beyond merging hearts, chakras, or empathy, or feeling a ‘connection’ that you may dip in and out of as your frequencies meet…..and there is little to no room for denial or false belief systems at this stage. Because it will hurt, really badly hurt.

    So other than the challenge to balance and integrate it into the human experience, which is what the soul and higher self desires, it’s going beyond belief systems such as romanticising spirituality for human experience.

    When it comes to dealing with energy body pain and resistances that may be highlighted by a download, that is one thing. Clearing your own blocks and pain is fine, but there are times when your body is still communicating pain, “twin pain”, and even organ pains that have nothing to do with a download,and there is nothing that can help with that other than to love and wait for your twin to do the same, as it is somewhere a resistance needing to be released. Things get a little easier when you take on the perspective of looking at each pain and block as another opportunity to self love and love.

    The other challenging activity that can bring pain up is traversing timelines, because timeslips / shifts occur within local areas too, so it is possible to be feeling the distortion and a manner of all weird things between your area and your twins area, if apart. Twins interface with each others environments as well as bodies, so not everything coming into the energy body as pain, is personal.

    So when the CC’s talked about harmonizing our local areas, and bringing past, present and future into an harmonious reality within the areas we live, i knew this was an exciting and significant stage to get to for all. I was lit up with seeing the potential for this as twins replicating in their fields (arc) an harmonization of whole areas between them, not just there local spots. The CC’s are reflecting that within groups, this can be potentially achieved also.

  9. What a wonderful sense of awe and joy to read all your comments this morning and the link to the gorgeous beauty created by ancient artists that Lin posted – THANK YOU!.

    It feels like standing on the doorstep and get support of the doorpost before joy carousel begins in earnest 🙂 Even so, I still feel the remnants of some sort of resistance in me, but it does not worry me.

    Yesterday I felt that I would go to one of our wonderful new museums to get new impressions and experiences and meet other people in my blocked condition. But before that I walked half the day before I became fully aware of how I really felt and that I needed to clean energies in and around me (typical me;)

    Anyway, I came to the museum, which is a center for contemporary art and visual culture (http://www.bildmuseet.umu.se/en/) and experienced how artists from all around the world communicate with us in their art. There is nothing unusual in itself, but they spoke to me very unusual yesterday albeit I felt it was not until this morning that I could fully take in the yesterday’s experiences.

    It was probably no coincidence that I would go there and actively participate in parts of the exhibition. Among other things, I contributed with a red ribbon in a weave that anyone could contribute to, and in another I found myself in a dark room with lots of built-in lights in the ceiling. There, I held two handles that registered my heartbeats and after a while the whole room pulsed of light, vibrations and sounds of my heart beats – absolutely fantastic 🙂 It was a manifestation of what we do here on the blog !!! This morning, I regretted that I was not consciously thinking that I wanted to let the heart’s vibrations move on to all the others who visited the exhibition. But then I thought about timelines – and then I was eased 🙂

    It’s so fantastic to live in this time of upheavals. Thank you my amazing family of light ❤

    Love you all ❤


  10. I was guided to an interesting page about a week and a half ago, and have been watching it with interest.


    Although my German is a little rusty, Google translate works wonders.

    Could it be that this team is measuring these energies we are all feeling?

    The numbers are a little mind blowing, but then the mind is overrated anyway, right 😉

    Perhaps one of you with better German than mine can fill in the gaps regarding exactly what they are measuring. I understand it is life force energy, and is measured in Bovis units, but life force energy of what, precisely?



    1. Dear Paul,
      yes, I think they are measuring these energies we are all feeling.

      I have read a little cross and found out that they use a pendulum to determine the values.
      They measure the life energy of everything, from food and general.
      But I also don’t know more of it.

      BIXIE 😀

    1. ❤ Wonderful!! Thank you, Dear Tomo. Loving You, xox Lin/Amyrah
      (I Love the White Eagle at the beginning–means something special to me. 😀 )

      1. Thank you dear Lin ♥︎ white Eagles are beautiful♥︎
        Make me wonder why some are like white animals , birds, natures are symbolized as kind of secret /source. How about white beings too ♥︎

  11. WARNING: What NOT to do

    Once you begin conducting the very High Frequency energies (and you’ll know it when you are) — if you have not integrated and cleared all negative/misaligned Beliefs from your Energy Body — you will experience painful symptoms within your Physical Body as the downloading energies encounter your resistant energy blockages.

    A “cleared” Human High Frequency Antenna may be severely fried/burnt out and perpetually EXHAUSTED by the incoming downloads…but s/he can certainly avoid having to experience pain on top of all that as well.

    By working on yourself to release ALL NEGATIVE RESISTANCE.

    This is what happens when you cling to negative resistance at very high frequency levels and do not release it from your physical/energy body.

    I present to you, Georgi Stankov:


    A Very Short Energy Update – November 15, 2014

    ~ Georgi Stankov

    I do not want to complain, but since the opening of the 11.11 portal I am in a terrible condition. I have severe pain due to a sore throat caused by a massive cleansing wave as I have never experienced before. It feel as if I have undergone a tonsillectomy and suffer from acute postoperative pain. I have a feeling of fever all the time with burning eyes, although there is no elevated temperature and my body aches all over like a severe flu.

    Can barely sleep in the night and feel as if I am suffocating. Haven’t had such an episode since spring this year and thought these kinds of experiences were behind me. Barely cope with the daily life.

    Today is another huge cc-wave with a severe headache, when I thought we would be spared after these three days of incessant torture. Carla suffers from the same symptoms as I do.

    We were told by the Elohim that it has to do with the activation of the 5th chakra of truth in all people as to begin finally with the revelations, but Carla is also very ill and unable to finish the message. Hope to be better tomorrow, although such episodes last usually 2-3 weeks due to a prolonged broncho-pneumonitis with chest pain, coughing and expectoration. In my case, it goes on like this since 1999 and enough is enough.

    I am indeed very much pissed off with this interminable cleansing and if you are going through the same ordeal, you have every right to be pissed off with your HS and the whole shebang. And do not hesitate to express this indignation – you have every right to do so. If some idiot intercepts your daily trajectory and angers you, forget all rosy, fluffy, tepid recommendations how an enlightened being should behave and do not hesitate to aggress him as a manifestation of the new energy quality of truth that we now introduce on this uppermost mother planet. I can assure you, you will feel much better after that, and this is what counts these days. Forget the empty soulless shells around you, they have no feelings whatsoever and there is no way how they can avoid their dreadful destiny anyway, which must start at some point in time. Why not with you? This, in case you need it and you can always put the blame on me. I do not mind taking the full responsibility, now, while we are saving the asses of so many slumbering light workers.

    ~ Georgi Stankov


    5th Chakra Advice:

    ***My advice to all who wish to avoid physical pain while downloading is to do the very opposite, of everything Georgi Stankov advises, in his last paragraph of obviously heavily loaded NEGATIVITY.

    1. Rubber band to happy places ♥︎
      ♥︎ We are love ♥︎
      This is part of me and my fun & rate of Remembering differ in each & always able to appreciate and choose happy ♥︎

      1. I love you Kiera (^O^)/your sparks of beautiful lights are so bright & always make me smile ♥︎ we are all love itself & som

    2. I saw this one to, I totally agree with you Kiera and it’s nice that you speak it out because a lot of us think it but do ‘t say it… It’s not because we are lightworkers that at times negativity can’t take over and the advices we give then can’t be wrong! Whatever happens to us, Love is always the answer and this doesn’t mean that you can’t be mad about something, but what you do with it is what makes it count! And negative propaganda, isn’t going to clean the sh*t that created the pain in the first place… I think this is a lovely reminder that it’s not because we have been flying high without the ego for quit a while that when we fall down again even for a second, the ego can not show is head again 😉 It is at times that you think “now I am there, I am not a victim of my ego anymore, I have learned it all” that in fact the 😉 ego as had you fouled! And that smak on the face, is the wake up call you need to be on track again to the higher purpose that is called Love!
      And that’s how we all learn, by knowing when we foul ower selfs because the biggest illusions are the ones we create in ower heads and the truth is that we are never done, we are always evolving, always transforming into something more and if we accept this, pain also becomes part of the illusion… 😉
      Love to you and us ALL

    3. Mr Stankov lends his focus on negative side affects. in my opinion.
      and so, there it is for him to experience.
      He also talks in terms of things being ‘an ordeal’… beings around being ‘soulless shells’ which feeds the one-up-man-ship beliefs.
      He shows a harsh attitude so I do not subscribe to what he brings to the table at this time.
      For me — 11-11 gateway has accelerated day by day. In a really positive way.
      On other words… today 11-16, times the 11 by 6 and on and on this month.
      I feel better and better for longer and longer.
      If One allowed for it, the 11-11 date had negative residue (if there was any left) going out on the first 11 and the higher light coming In on the other 11.
      and it has just gotten stronger ever since.
      At that time, I used both 11 gateways for positive intentions.
      >Stankov suffers because he still holds a belief that some form of suffering is a necessity with Ascending.
      I say suffer no more. Absorb into your beingness more Love/Light and spread that around. simple… not Always easy to not go backward… I understand that….but it Is simple when you are With the Light – fighting it no more.
      i used to say thru suffering, we learned of how not to. Better now to say thru Love we learned of how to Love Love.
      some still believe you have to ‘feel’ the energies in some way and they hold the imprint of how that should feel when these energies ‘hit’.
      Do not fear the incoming Light. Do not fear the outgoing darkness because it is really not going anyplace… it is absorbed by The Light.
      Love Loves Loving. 🙂 Just Let Love do its ‘job’.
      I learned a few months ago in ‘swallowing The Light’ – during the solar flares, etc. just what I was to do from that point on if I did not want to get the bad headaches, neck aches, eye trouble, etc.
      ‘symptoms’ : dont label them that unless you can think of them in a positive way.
      The only Ascension Symptom we truly want to have Is more and more Love/Light leading to the Ecstasy state of Being.
      🙂 ❤

  12. I Am splashing around in wave after wave of Sun Beamed Particle Love~!
    Nap? Play!
    I may be sitting here with two cats on me but I am Being and Playing all over the place!
    Ecstasy. My Love God-Goddess parts – Lets go – Lets Play! I had almost forgotten ‘Ecstasy’ Space.
    Lets create with All this space around – its been waiting for Conscious Love to Come play in it! Livin it up! We’ve got Magical space filled with Sun Beamed Sand Particles to play with. Just Do It! Pre-tend It. Love is so abundant, we can lend it and lend it and never owe a thing!
    The beings around that could be seen as naughty — maybe they just need a cooler place to play!
    and the nap. yes.
    and play with eyes closed too! 3D, 4D I’m gonna fill ya with Sun Beamed Love Particles to play with ! 5D on up is there already.
    splish splash , I was taken a bath…all upon a Saturday Night! LOL
    splishin and a splashin!
    ok…really I am Ok…… really Ok at the moment. Just sharing it cause the laptop is on lap too… with cats. 🙂 Good Day/Night All…. got to put somethin down! xo

        1. Always perfectly expressed dear Leo sweetie, in my soul’s true beingness.
          >just had a problem with taking it into the body form and the body form into it.
          It is just the beginning. I shall no longer see it as a problem.
          A Soul-lution now.
          My soul lives in Ecstasy. Human lived in part heaven/part hell:
          Hue-beings bring Ecstasy here.
          ❤ Areeza

  13. When i read what others say here I pick up on the tones within the notes. I sometimes get images.
    I feel into their offering and more comes.
    With Vinny, I am receiving a sense of how Love/God feels in wanting to Be alive with the conscious hue-mans. I felt its intent to push itself forward. i felt how this has not been done by it before.
    There was not so much an urgency as a heavy desire.
    this is no childs play so to speak.
    so go easy Vinny and everyone in the allowance of what your Love brings to the feasting table we all sit at.
    I have thoughts of so, so, so wanting to Be with God/Love So completely that I think of dying too – just to be with it again in that way and not have the dense parts at all anymore that seem to hold it back.
    I know that is not what Love wants. So I stay and say what St. Francis came to with his well known prayer ~
    starts with :
    “Make me an instrument of your peace”
    ends with : “And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.”
    This is not saying to die physically,…for why would an instrument of eternal peace die at all? It would play on and on And On!
    I cant say I know exactly what is to ‘die’. I can say I dont care much about that part anymore.
    I just want to truly, Truly Live. Live Love Consciously as a played instrument, not just one sitting on a shelf or under a bed.
    does this make sense?
    And since my first conscious thoughts here on Earth, I never once really believed I would physically die. And I always remembered the Light Body I knew was the real me.
    Up until meeting all of you here, I was almost totally alone with these thoughts….and to the main stream they sounded pretty nutty.
    Love to All
    A True Nut Job Ready To Play ~ Areeza

    1. Let us begin now with the ‘free energy’.
      that would free a lot of us up in the tie down of financial issues since we still have bodies to keep warm and feed. yes?
      thanks! for considering!
      Love, Areeza
      how to do it? put our hearts together on it !

      1. I feel/think the most potential to Steven Mark’s solid state generator.(TPU)
        I asked to “Cow head emperor”(channeler was my younger sister) whether true or not about TPU. The answer was “Its true”!
        When nobody nothing and I was going to act even myself. However, in my case it requires a lot of money before to make devices.
        But if there are some porson who want to make free energy device and having big money, the possibility is big.
        However, many channeling messages said that “free energy will be given to you all.” like. So I bacame not to concentrate about to make free energy device.
        How about you?
        Ray knows something?

        1. when i feel in the Light so strongly, I think of it ‘just being manifested’ for All. The Lights wants us to have it – wants to give it.
          The Light Is Free Energy
          the how is to be revealed in ‘accepting/receiving it’.
          Making Use Of It.
          our intentions are already there….so…. it shall be

    2. I hear you, Vinny, Amyrah, and Areeza.

      Funny that you write of being dead, of joy, and of being with God.

      Sitting in my cedar surround the other evening

      feeling the galatic Rays wash over me and enter my very heart,

      the same Rays the Angels had whispered in my ears of

      and illuminated my dreams with the night before,

      I spontaneously spoke these words out loud,

      “In the past I decided I wanted to KNOW GOD.

      Now, I learn to BE WITH GOD.”

      I meant now living on this planet Earth and all she now encompasses, hueman, human, and nonhu(e)man….doing so with abundant joy. A part of me had to die so the rest could live this life to the fullest and with great joy. Now, I AM doing so.

      Doing so while loving me, loving all of you, and loving all that was, is, and yet to come.

      Forest Joy

      1. I dont feel that. That something must die – like a trade off.
        Just wanted to enter my 2 cents on that as it feels from my beingness.
        It All just had to have the light shine on it. Become Aware.
        I can keep shining or I can shut it down, dim it, etc. Its All up to me on that. But nothing ever dies for me. I Love It All Into Love.
        and someplace in the bible I used to read the passage about the last thing to be over come was death.
        xo Areeza

        1. re-phrase:
          I can keep the light shining or turn it down, dim it,etc.
          can never shut it down. 🙂
          God/Love always shines.
          Even in the behavior of the worst criminals, the Light/Love was there. They just chose to stay in the dark (unconscious).

        2. Dear Areeze,

          There are many interpretations to my statement concerning death. Thank you for bringing yours forward as I had been thinking of clarifying my thoughts further.

          Many pathogens or the susceptibility to them seem to have been encoded in our genetic makeup, into the DNA and RNA. These pathogens or some variation of their genetic blueprint include various viruses, bacteriae, fungi, prions, parasites, crystals, and who knows what else. In my 20 years experience as a healer I have seen many as a root of physical, emotional and spiritual disease. These rascals seem to have woven themselves into the fabric of our very being. They became part of us on both on an individual and collective level. They form a phlegm in all our energy bodies preventing the brilliance of true spirit from shining forth to the outside world.

          These last few months I have observed Jarisch-Hexheimer reactions in both myself and patients as pathogenic nuclei or whatever leave their perch in each person’s genetic spiral. Jarish-Hexheimer reactions occur when toxic die debris from die off cause symptons of illness. The liver and kidneys are especially taxed during the debris processing. Upon being excreted by the urinary bladder, large intestine, lungs, skin, and bodily orifaces the debris has been broken further down. Once out of the body, Mother Nature recycles the old yuck into the new material which can be used to create new life.

          These genetic infiltrating nuclei can go back in the genetic tree many galactic cycles to prehuman times. They seem to leave the body in various groups with regressive timelines. As more love, peace, worthiness, etc. enter our spirit home(Heart), those aspects of anger, hate, unworthiness, uncertainty, untruthfulness, etc. no longer provide nourishment for rascals. Some begin to die. Others realize they can no longer hide safely and try to leave in droves. Our new enhanced immune system has laid in wait for this moment. Boom! “I I got you!” it exclaims. Now the brilliance of true spirit can shine forth spreading love, joy, peace, happiness, goodwill.

          All that old disease causing stuff embedded into our very being has died, decayed, and been carried off for recycling. It can be reformed into new wondrous beauties of art. That old yucky part of me has died allowing my true self to emerge in all her shining light.

          How the junk managed to enter and continue deeply into the body I will leave to a different discussion. Thank you again, breezy lady, for pushing me along.

          Forest Joy

          1. ❤ OMG, OMG, Forest JOY. THANK YOU for your explanation and also to Breezie for spurring on your explanation. Lately, there weren't really any negative events in my own life, but I was feeling like "shit"–no other word for it and probably most appropriate for this discussion. My JOY had disappeared. I was left clueless. And I was having digestive problems, actually both Guy&I were even though we were eating correctly. Because I used to be chronically ill, I pay attention to all health issues.

            I ALWAYS LOVE AND MOST APPRECIATE your explanations of ANYTHING. If your name is attached, I'll read it. Yep, there are times when I don't understand or retain some of it due to my lack of science training. But if you post it, I'll read it with as much brain power as I can muster. I'm sure there are a lot of us here who feel that way about the value of your posting. And especially so because you are still working and have a heaping full plate / full schedule and not enough time.

            With my deepest Gratitude&Love&JOY, xox Lin/Amyrah 😀
            Continue to be Blessed in JOY&Love. ❤ ❤ ❤

            1. Ditto, thank you for this Forest Joy, I too love your postings and look out for them. I always suspected there was this level of “phlegm” to be contended within the spirit/energy body as i could perceive those ‘things’ that were not of “us” and layers in myself and others, and its really hit me how you have put into a sense to easily comprehend.

              I now understand why i was feeling the liver and kidneys particularity taxed throughout the months of September and October, and the consciousness of the liver and kidneys communicating between my twin and I, acting as organ support for another. I know it sounds crazy and what most aren’t used to hearing yet, but i posted about organ awareness between twins myself today.

              Thanks 🙂

            2. Thank you,Amyrah, for your kind words. It helps to able diagnose and treat so many others. I also appreciate your comments. Your empathy and encouraging words go along way. I have recently downsized my practice am taking no new patients. However my plate is still full with aging parents, grandchildren, existing patients, etc. I get behind at work on the business end of things, but don’t sweat it as it always works out. Finally, I have time and energy to cook well for myself and husband and thoroughly enjoy my family responsibilities again. Also, as this huge process nears completion the forces that once seemed to be debilitating to many of us are actually working in our favor. As we have cleaned up our act, so Has Sun and Earth and all of creation. Edgar Caycee often mentioned that pathways these huge forces take are influenced by human consciousness and acts there of.
              Joyfully loving you,
              Forest Joy

              1. Dearest Forest Joy ❤

                II read and absorbed your words last night before I fell asleep. Internet connection stopped working so therefore I could not answer.

                Your explanations feels so true and clear for me and they were just what I needed. Since I can not be bothered to look up, read and take in as much other information outside the blog I would say that your knowledge and experience from your work with your patients that you convey here is like a gold mine for me.

                I've never had trouble feeling full of love and gratitude in this process, but the last few days have been tough, as if I am pressed together with a cover over my head that kept me down. I really had to work hard to keep negative thoughts away. Yesterday I had a session with Mother Nature and asked for information, what it is all about because I am not aware if there is anything I need to let go. I got the vision that Mother Nature was holding me in her arms like a newborn baby. She lifted me up to the angels of light, and thereafter I came down again in the form of a light being.

                I realize that it was a symbolic picture and I'm not completely unaware that there is rebirth going on 😉 yet the pressure did not leave me. Today I have a strong sense that it was meant that I would see the exhibitions at the museum the other day, among other things a work of art with slaughtered renkroppar in combination with light.

                I feel strong and confident in who I am, but sometimes I need extra support and that is what your message gave me ❤

                Thank you dearest Sister of Light & Love ❤


                PS. Thanks also to Lin and Areeza for this conversation ❤

          2. I echo Lin in that I always read All you say Forest Joy. I try and read thru everyone’s comments as best I can but yours and some others grab my full attention.
            so… that said… thank you….i agree…and…
            ~ Love To All Phlegm !!! ~
            (had to see that in writing)
            also, I want to say that elven777 has me thinking much on particles….has me wanting to focus on particularly that one particle of my own being/body that I like and value most. The one that perhaps feesl most healthy/happy. And…spreading that particle thru-out the whole body.
            I really like this idea! I attempted to introduce this idea to Kelly this morning. He says he does not visualize. Visualization would be of great help with this idea of course. multiply the happy/joyful particles !
            ~Live Long And Prosper Happy Healthy Particles~
            oh… now that made me look this up: it is very interesting where Leonard Nimoy got that from actually! and I see the “V” finger salute now as a Victory Salute — as well as V for Visualize. coolness 🙂

            1. Hi Areeze,

              I would say if he can not visualise for himself, then create a visual for him, a drawing or art work in your own way to show him how you can carry particles, the encoded particles you would like to transform between you, and doing it in your own way as the breeze you are 🙂

              1. Bless you elven777 ❤
                now… i see why i just wrote what just came to me moments ago before reading this…. see near the end of this page – posted at 2:12
                awesome connection !
                and…He used to paint! how can he not be visual. LoL. He paints nature scenes you just want to walk right into! Others have seen his work this way too.
                He has only looked more outward to what he can create. I see the inward canvas has been the off balance point for him.
                Thank you again
                xo , Areeza

              2. and kidneys i know represent how we are doing with ‘our purpose in life’.
                when kidneys fail for people, it could be due to having no purpose here any longer. The Liver, I forget what it represents – in Chinese Medicine.
                Forest can help on that. I know it is called ‘Liv-er’ for good reason 🙂
                I experienced a lot of phlegm most of my life. like it had to come out of me from some place… and mostly my eyes. ukk. i have been to healers, drs, reiki, anything i could think of to help with the eye thing. it is not nearly as bad as it was but has been (keeping it past tense) an issue. A healer told me I had excess of those phlegm parasites in that area but he could do nothing about it.
                Candida was an issue. and I have read that candida has to be present in the body for cancer to be. so,,, those phlegm thingies have created some big messes. I never had cancer but my sister did.
                The phlegm do, however, utilize the persons issues as their play ground I would suppose. so,,, like I have also read that cancer has to do with bitterness. If a person were to counter any bitterness they feel toward self or others, they do not give way to these phlegm to be so active.
                counter All With Love
                Love To The Phlegm :0
                ahhh…for my eyes… I will now say “I Like What I See” …naw, just skip to “I Love What I See”. “I See With Eyes Of Love”.

                1. Areeze, you remind me that kidneys also process fear and anxiety, it is where the consciousness of fear and anxiety is first processed, through the kidneys. When they become sensitive it can be because of that.

                  I know when i feel the consciousness of the kidneys pipe up that someone or something is connecting with fear through myself or my twin. I feel it within the field of our field, like an echo before it reaches physical level and does damage…our field acts and communicates as one between us. I believe particles can be worked with on this level too before it has to be a physical problem.

                  The liver i feel is more about acceptance, anything which is done to abuse the liver is about lack of acceptance on some level. But i also feel the liver has a much more prominent role than we know. Don’t know what that is yet.

                2. ❤ You bring a lot of Light here, Elven777. Thank you sincerely. (I very much enJOY your choice of 7s—says so much about you 😀 ) ❤

    3. Hi Areeza, Like me, I believe you mean, you want to die so you can truly start to live again. The deep longing of truly living is your soul´s rememberance of the state between the lives on earth. You know that already 🙂
      And maybe we should stop calling it a nut job, because it is truly the most important job ever done. Take the view from moon. What do you see? Love ❤

      1. re the nut job, i was just being playful.
        I always considered it a complement when someone called me strange. 😉
        would not have it any other way. Normal? whats that I would say. LoL.
        sounded boring. I always chose to be around strange, nutty, quirky folks – all meaning ‘quite interesting’ to me.
        I did mean actual death. When I would feel that longing to immediately Be completely with source again – minus the troubled existence here in earthly body form – thought of checking out of the body many, many times. I have no problem with those feeling I had. Very understandable to me.
        I always remembered the real me. Just had no idea how to Be that here.
        Times —they are a changin. Finally
        Love you,

        1. It´s never easy to express yourself in another language in the right way. Have a talent for spelling though and that can be misleading. Sometimes I lay to much effort on trying to getting it right, so it can seem very static and booooooooriiiiiiiiing 🙂
          Also meant actual death – leaving the body
          Love 🙂 ❤

          1. LoL… never boring…you! nor anyone here! that is for sure!
            I just sometimes feel I have to clarify too. and sometimes it helps me while doing it! and i am still shedding my ‘defend yourself’ ways.
            so bear with me ! we beat it all here – together 🙂 ❤

  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2834359/Stunning-images-showcase-beauty-Iranian-mosques.html

    DailyMail doesn’t usually have anything that’s worth sharing, but I saw this article and the stunning photographs of Iranian Mosques and thought some here might be interested in the geometric shapes/symbols (and the magnificent colors) used in Iranian architecture—symbols that are often discussed here. It gives one Hope for future Peace among all… perhaps.

    1. as my eyes feast upon these beautiful Mosque Images….my brain devours them and my heart smiles.
      I think of when I used to rub my eyes just to see images like these appear in the black space 🙂 probably not good for one to do this but I just loved the images that unfolded. I was very young and I used to think of the images as different ‘carpet designs’. weird huh?

    1. Dearest Vinny… in Truth, the last part, the last one-third has been difficult for most of us. We were taught that we were lacking in one form or another. The secret to the third part is: JOY. When one experiences JOY fully, one doesn’t think about lack or care about what others think, It/JOY just IS. It needs nothing to exist, only “allowance”, or in another word, “permission”. Once one has it, it never stops growing and rippling out into the ethers. JOY has no judgment. It will overtake everyone eventually. It’s infectious. The personification of JOY is: a little playful, smiling, goofy kid (in a kid’s body or in an adult’s). JOY gives Inspiration to the imagination, and the imagination creates something invisibly real, an Energy. JOY can be experienced alone or in public. It can be quiet or it can be exuberant and at all levels in between. When someone lives in JOY, the telltale indicator is the eyes. JOY cannot be hidden in the eyes.

      Can one be hurt if one has and lives in JOY? Yep; the Heart is open. But it doesn’t last long. Here’s an irony for you: Donkey Laughs–that come completely from JOY–originated from you. Remember? Your lovely donkey friend. I “heard” your donkey friend laughing when you would write about him. One of the sweetest memories created in Crete for me was when JJ/Great Bear, Bronnie from Oz/Tara, and myself were laughing donkey laughs late, late at night, trying to be quiet on the hotel balcony. Nothing we were talking about made sense, but the more we gave ourselves to the Energy of JOY and to the silliness of the moment like little kids, the harder and louder we laughed until our sides hurt and we were exhausted and barely able to breathe. THAT WAS FUN!!! Those two have lived in my Heart from that moment on as my Sister and Bro. Boundaries were dissolved permanently—from my pov at least.

      Long story short, Dear Vinny… as the creator of or inspiration for donkey laughs, I KNOW you will experience JOY on the deepest level. It’s already inside you (you already have the sense of humor for it!). Oh, another word for JOY?… is LOVE.

      xox ❤ U always. goofy Lin/Amyrah

      1. ❤ can you hear that clapping? That's me applauding you. You're out in front discovering. Bring it back to all of us. I'm sooo excited, my Dear Friend. Keep Going!!! Go "me"… in JOY!! wheeeeee. ❤ 😀

      2. Welcome to the Me-Club Vinny 🙂

        It is because I AM and that I can see YOU that there will be an US – including ALL of US 🙂 ❤

        Rejoicing ❤


        1. Hi Vinny,

          I am so happy to read what you write, and you certainly have a wealth of knowledge and skills that I will never even come close. When you say:

          “but i have know idea now to spin my own plates inside of myself
          so that can’t be that important, in the sceam of things”

          the idea hit me that maybe it’s like quitting smoking. Then it does not matter how much knowledge you have about the disadvantages of smoking. It is only when your own insight affects you in some strange way, that everything suddenly falls into place 🙂

          Love ❤


    2. You were always so into the consciousness Vinny.
      You fought the Love part hard.
      With intention, This part here that is known as Breeze pushed your consciousness into the Love. Breeze that blows thru the ages…. I get more of why it is here doing that for the longest ‘time’. Likes to push things – sometimes gently – sometimes with a bit more huff and puff.
      I am glad you are working on Living Love Consciously with me and All Vinny. We are all doing this perfectly even when it may seem a bit messed up.
      Do the leaves that fall from the trees just makes things looked messed up and in need of sweeping away? or do they allow us to take pause and see their beautiful ride down! 🙂 ❤

      1. No idea dear Vinny ❤︎ but sharing mine.
        All I know is I am vortex, consciousness, love with body now.
        There are no rules & missions for me.
        I just be me, some say they call themselves light workers, but for me we are all already light to begin with. I realize all has blk and white side. Integrate is the word I learned & filling gaps sometime is not easy, but I believe first so I can see and feel. Most words you say somewhat complicated for my capability but I feel you are Light and lovable, loving, love person❤︎

        1. You are so beautiful tomo! Thanks for your words ❤
          My intention when I tied the red ribbon in the fabric the other day was to bridge the gap that existed in the fabric.

          Much love & light to you ❤


          1. you know, your kind warm words always comfort me so much, and I thank you so much dear B, to be honest with you it somehow took a little courage to write to dear vinny 💖 but I am glad I did i could know about myself more. thank you dear B thank you dear vinny💖

        2. i am so excited and grateful that you took a moment to type for me & yourself. I thank you so much💖

          you see, It is truth for me all I said and will be only something I experienced on my own. Some experiences are very hard to describe such as My experiences with non physicals, grays, and some more.

          Some said I myself chose to experience this out of ordinary conscious (wake state experiences) experiences. but I don’t remember the part if I really did or not.

          Ever since my childhood I am full of these. and I was never scared or being negative about those. All are part of me like air. They always give me some kind of conclusion like answers to what I experience little earlier or later when I don’t have any resistance ( when I am doing regular things).
          it is very tough to explain, but if I say best simplest way is, I realized over many years of out of ordinary experiences had a meaning. I discovered that I am not alone, and we are all connected even multi-parable-myselves are connected.

          people are excited, it seems… about 2012, 2013, 2014, to be honest with you I have no idea. but something is telling me inside. it is time to live fully as who I am. and each moment of my life I would like to choose happy.

          I love your pureness & i love you💖

            1. I use the term, out of ordinary to explain little better.
              but what is out of ordinary is not out of ordinary.
              we are consciousness having body experience.
              not the other way around.
              so what most think out of ordinary is not really out of ordinary.

              Bunch of connected non physical me, ( some say higher selves) visited me last year for 3 month. It was all unique experienced non stop actions.
              they including myself knew that I could take the experience.
              To make me wake up from core.
              To make me understand that I am a god & there are more than we know is there right next to us, in us, and hearts are connecting all.
              well, I guess, enough of my story….

          1. well,,, professor sweet vinny💖
            I wasn’t thinking so deeply when I said it.
            My meaning is very simple, body is individual somewhat, but consciousness are connected. and heart is also connected. love you 🌏

      2. ❤ Dearest Vinny… you mentioned "creamy white color" in your post above, and those words made me remember a post from Lisa Gawlas' channelings that I had read recently. Below are excerpts from that particular channeling. Maybe it will be helpful?

        Re the "time" it takes for the deadness to come alive again, I don't know. I believe that's entirely up to each individual… in your case, with your dedication and focus to Spirit and Intention, I'd venture to say it will be very soon! Just "allow" and give Love "Intended permission" to come alive/live within you. And then, expectedly "Let go and let God" from an open Heart. Let it work Its Magic while you take your mind off it by taking a Nature walk in your Lovely part of the world. Love&JOY know what to do. 😀 Can't wait to hear what you bring back to us all. Loving U, Dear Vinny. I'm sooo excited!! whoooohoooo ❤ ❤ ❤


        …"The fullness of the 11:11 really started on the 10th, when the pure cream energy from spirit.  I have got to stop and wonder, why, of all the symbolism spirit and earth can use, why use cream?  Nothing is ever without a higher purpose in their choices.

        So lets just look at how we get cream.  When we milk a cow, the life source for their creation (baby cows) and it sits in a container, the butterfat part of the milk starts to rise to the top, it is actually less dense than the milk itself.  If, instead of letting that cream rise to the top, you take that container and shake the hell out of it, it creates what we know as butter.  The ability to form solid from liquid.  Equally tho, if you took a whip to the cream and allowed all this air into it, it actually expands it mass into what we know as that delightful thing called whipped cream.

        "So why use it in relationship to both the cream of the earth and the cream of spirit and in every reading?  For right now, we can look at it as a very special ingredient from both spirit and earth to accelerate our creation abilities as we move forward, we can either turn things into butter (solids) or aerate the love and expand its ability to be felt and tasted by created whipped cream energy.

        "WE are the instrument that choose in every given moment, what the cream will turn into.

        "So on the 10th, we were surrounded, individually, with the cream of spirit.  I say individually because I could see a tube like container around the people I was reading for, so it was not as spread out as the cream I seen on the earth.  We can look at this as highly concentrated cream/energy mass."…

        1. so… Lisa G is saying ‘whip it, whip it good!!!’ 🙂
          just kidding around
          >Hey Lin ! When I read what Vinny said, I thought of the same reference!! I had to skip around and read only some of what Lisa G presented and This about ‘the cream’ was one of the parts I was drawn to also.
          coolness !
          …and we Are… The Cream Of The Crop !
          yes, still playful today 😀
          ❤ Areeza

      3. Dear Vinny,
        Just keep the Love Light On and anything void or dead Will become part of the Love/Light. Nothing can shut down our consciousness upon it.
        I really enjoy and get much from what you share and what All share here.
        Very appreciated !
        My Love is always in the mix !
        and now, we play ! 🙂
        and there was a different tone I heard when reading your words this time Vinny — i always ‘hear’ what i think the person sounds like. I can never read words without hearing them being spoken to me.

  15. Blessings of equality in oneness brothers and sisters and heart centered conscious vibrations of humble gratitude to ashia and y/our family.

    a major activation occurred a few days ago, i know not the fullest extent of it yet, though i know there is a profoundly deep and extensive energetic flow occurring all through this weekend and ongoing as such.

    In true allegoric fashion, Crystal (skull) consciousness is building integrity of it’s anchoring as the christed state of being within the crystal matrix of the universe of 3 in true wave like fashion.

    Much love action is happening my friends on all levels 🙂 ❤

    1. thank you Magnetic Blue~!
      Now i cast a seed of Free Energy For All in that Love Wave!
      Sunbeams want to help and so they enter the wave!
      I intend to ride in my own visual sun beam capsule of Love tonight on that Love Wave! oh… thats nice!
      xx oo
      as cat just jumped up to hug me. time for a cat/hue-man nap

  16. ❤ If you are going "down" again, Dear Vinny, then know that you do so with my Love and quiet Joy to aid you as much as possible. Your extremely strong will has been an inspiration to us all, and that is probably why YOU were CHOSEN out of all the countless volunteers for "your" current job. Be well, Dear One. I do so look forward to hugging you tight nose to nose one day… or Light to Light. 😀 I Love you more than I can express. xox Lin/Amyrah ❤ ❤ ❤

    (I miss the black background as I so used to enJOY seeing the small red Hearts displayed so prominently along with the Sunshine Yellow happy faces. 😀 . Progress is a tradeoff sometimes… wheeeeee)

    1. I have been watching you Vinny for awhile and I see you circling around and around in a spiral of love expanding your self.
      As such you keep touching the same zone in the circle just with more heart each time.
      So I would say don’t worry at all, each time you come back to the same area, you will zoom out again into the higher spaces shortly!!! 🙂

      1. Got an image of us all in this ‘wash cycle’ together! it is funny and cool actually.
        Spin cycle anyone!?
        drip dry for me please!! 😀 XO

  17. ❤ Dearest Oriharu… you know A LOT more than I do, and that said, I appreciate all that you do to aid us/the Whole. So THANK YOU, Light Sister, with my Love. xox Lin/Amyrah

    1. ❤ Thank you Lin! Day-to-day in Crete you looks like it was shining such time. I had one thing trying to speak now. I will write the contents as a reply to you. Precisely because existence of request(human) was there, and there given the light from presence of give(God). Humans are vessel/container/cup. Vessel can create vessel. Human's thought is vessel, too. Whatever the thought takes forms as simple or complex, the God pour the light/water into it. Perfect as the same form.
      Humans cannot create substantial directly. (I do not know whether there is an exception) Humans only can select/make his/her way by his/her mind(and heart). Then, God will fulfil it. Human beings cannot do something substantial things, I think.
      Amyrah = Ah my Rah = Oh my God?

      1. ❤ Thank you again, Dearest Oriharu. Yes, I agree. It is about choice. Free will choice and God will make our choice(s) come alive (either positive or so-called "negative").

        A most Loving Thank You to You also for going to the extra effort to make your message perfectly clear to me. Sometimes it is difficult for me to get the gist with a somewhat dyslexic brain at times–I had no problem here!!

        Thank you, too, for the breakdown of my Soul name, Amyrah. Coincidently, "Oh my God" is what I kept saying to our Dearest Philip when he "allowed"/led my healing in Crete with his SOL / IS energies. It was the most beautiful experience I've ever participated in and also at the same time, witnessed. Btw, his new website (with videos) is now up and running, I believe, but I'll JOYfully wait (in his Honor) for him to premiere it. I've seen it… it's wonderful!!! I highly recommend that you all at least take a peek. It's soooo EASY to access the SOL / IS energies. 😀

        I Love You, Dear Oriharu. You are always Loving, kind and thoughtful, and very curious, informed and intelligent. Thank You, Dear Sister, for your most substantial Light! xox 😀 ❤ Lin/Amyrah

        1. Recently that you said it is the ideal way, I noticed.
          ===Message from the Archangel Michael===
          “if you’re really open and in the flow you allow your presence not to be created from ideas in your mind but to be generated from within. This is the ideal way of relating to your flow.”
          Still I have no vocabulary, I can not read the English if there is no personal computer of the translation. So as not to obscure I be careful.
          I have been in feeling of joyful energy in the time of Crete. The feeling was one of the best loving power I experienced. People at the scene really was time to uplift, I think. Philip’s wabsite is easy to explore. If I have time I would like to read also. I guess there is something like Lin recommend.
          I love you, too. Dear Lin. Maybe you laugh like the sun.

          1. ❤ See, Oriharu? I screwed up big time (Breezie was right), meaning I made a huge error. My sincerest apologies, as I DID think of you as a female. Please forgive my unknown slight to you. I speak only one language (and not always well) and you speak at least two, and probably more!! You do fantastic with English and your taking the risk is admirable. I wouldn't know where to begin (even with Google translator) with Japanese, so please be aware that I admire ALL your efforts.

            You showed your depth of Loving kindness by not mentioning my error to me when you had every right (I made the error twice in the same thread! geez). I'll not forget that. Yet, please, in the future, when I make unknown errors, feel quite free to correct me. I JOYfully give you permission to do so. I KNOW how huge your Heart is, and I will most assuredly appreciate it. Truly.

            I don't know that I laugh like the sun, but I do absolutely LOVE to laugh.
            Continue to be well, my Dear Friend. I wish you many moments of laughter. 😀 With my Love, xox Lin/Amyrah

            1. Dear Lin,
              Thank you for kind explanations. Perhaps avatar seems female. However, than other people, personal aspect is not so worry too much. Hence, I don’t worry about it.
              And you were not like the sun person. I understand.
              You speak only English? I had surely thought you are Italians.
              I will issue well the country name, but it is not only a mere symbol. Not yet realized also in English.

              1. ❤ Hi, Oriharu… Thank You sincerely. I've been mistaken for being Italian before, and welcome that perception (and yours). Adele from Italy was in Crete with us. I'm from sunny California in the USA (which isn't important) and speak only English, which I'm not proud of… yet we'll all be "speaking" via telepathy soon, so the language barriers are dissolving as are the barriers / the "armor" between the energies of people. I look forward to conversations soon with you and others here via telepathy because that will mean all barriers have dissolved finally = One-ness.

                Be well, Dear Kind One, my Dear Brother in Light. The subject matter of your gravatar might appear as "female", but I like it and the rich, bold colors; it's Magical. I feel your Love Energy big time. Have a great day/night. Thanx for your patience and for all you do and bring here, including your music selections. xox With my Love, Lin/Amyrah ❤

                1. Ah so. You lives in CA that governor was terminator(Schwarzenegger). Environmental regulations is the most severe. Must be return to telepathy world if caused to collapse the tower of Babel for a small number of people?
                  Thank you Lin!

        2. Dear Oh My God! (I just Love that and the story with it !)
          I still have some issue regarding ‘free will’. not sure why.
          I keep feeling that ‘plugging completely in to The One Will/Highest Mind Consciousness makes a break from free will. I still wonder if free will is only for those still desiring to be separate from All That Is in some way, shape, form. And that is perfectly Ok. So, I ask myself: what would I need with free will if I am One with Source? Free will to me, maybe indicates a desire to create something other than what Source would. Co-creating? If that must have free will along with it in consciousness then that is probably a good thing. And maybe Source desired that and that makes sense.
          I have always been confused about free will and what it really means.
          I like Being a Seraph. Doing the Will Of God is always desirable. 🙂
          The last separate choice my human-ness makes is to have no more free will perhaps. ? not sure. just pondering out loud.
          Ok… so thanks because I do see how free will is not necessarily linked to keeping separate from Source. I may just have left over resistance regarding free will – due to what it did on the not so desirable side.
          will keep pondering it.
          ❤ A

      2. yes… ‘Hue-mans’ are bottled but not contained !
        Human – of the old way were too dense. no offense to Humans.
        Light needs to take a form I guess. always?
        the space potential all around us…. that is Light also and we usually dont ‘see it’.
        Thank you Ori, my friend in Love and Light!
        Again, you ‘spark’ me to use my Light brain 🙂 ❤

  18. I was told not too much to work in a various channeling messages, but also recently I’ve been working a little bit. I started to test various conditions about my EA of MT4. Last night I replaced to the new indicator. I went the coding of relevant points. The program now works on overnight. It became a little heavier work than usual. I am careful not to become so. But I ended up devoted to CONCENTRATE more than usual last night. Maybe then, it may be that this thing has been affected? I have to NOT so concentrate from now on? May be it is better not to concentrate. If you felt it(void), there is no other reason about me.

  19. “Human beings must honour the earth or they will not survive.”
    I’m watching the story of Tom Kenyon, how he was “made” to sing the song of the new earth. The message above was given to him by a being at a cave in Southern France he says. If you want to watch the film for free, it’s available this weekend. If you want to watch it later, you have to pay for it:

    1. Thank you, dear TJ, for the link. I listen and read often to his material, both what he writes and his CDs. Just amazing. For keeping the light as bright as it can ❤

    2. Dear Tijen, thank you so much for sharing this link! I have no words to describe the impression this wonderful film about this remarkable man has made on me. So much LOVE – so much gratitude!
      Aisha ❤ ❤

    3. Wonderful movie Tijen – thanks for sharing the link with us. I have seen the whole movie but really hope I can get it with Swedish subtitles to get all the details.

      Love you ❤


      PS. Thanks for your comment from yesterday too – I loved it. I just cannot find it right now.

    4. Dear Leothilda, Aisha and B,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the documentary. There were some lines that I wrote down, thinking they’re important. Here:

      “It is time that the feminine nature to rise up and balance to the masculine in it’s expression here on earth. Earth is held symbolically as feminine, we call it Mother Earth so the feminine is jeopardized and is held in lower esteem.”
      “It we are to survive we must raise the feminine out of the ashes.”
      “Human beings must honour the earth or they will not survive.”

  20. As Star Trek lover I would say:
    “We go where no human has gone before”.

    But I am aware that we go there where we have always been:
    Back in our true divine being ❤

    Bixie 😀

    1. …..>>back to the future present!<<
      as i like to say. got that from a channeler friend – she channeled her high self known as "Father Presence".

  21. When my younger sister had been in as channeler of “Cow Headed Emperor” there was messages about George Adamski.
    2011-06-25 00:21:29
    “Actually sin of Adamski was the announcement by told a lie by the Venus Orson as caucasian. He was Japanese.”.
    2011-06-26 00:00:10
    “At that time, another Earth had come if Adamski had contact us and we should continue that it has been welcomed as a member of the universe.”.
    My sister analyzed for timing that Japan has signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty of September 8, 1951. Then, Japan has recovered the full authority. Why the United States did not make it to continue to dominate the Japan?
    Adamski has become contact for the first time to the space people in the Mojave Desert(America) in 1952 November 20. Whether this date has been commanded from US government to be after the San Francisco Peace Treaty? It might just fancy of my younger sister. I just cited.
    Recently, I think this message from Ashtar is similar.

  22. Hi Sherill, when i asked what i could do to help, this is what came up.

    This is a repost of a post katjamilants posted. After you have read this post, there is a way to take this wisdom to the next step to help you clear your space back to your centre being.

    Last night when after my daily meditation I was laying in bed I had a vision, a vision similar to one I had in the past…
    I work with the universal Love for about 3 years now and about a year ago, I was guided to use that energy/light/love to send it to every moment of my life that had traumatised me or harmed me in some way. I was guided to send my self the love that had been absent at that time and was the result of that trauma. As I deed, I started feeling more and more revived and I noticed that I no longer held grudge against others or life about certain things that had happened to me.

    So last night I had a vision of how I as a human was not the only one having a soul with free will. I saw how my organs also had consciousness, how my cells had consciousness, how the particles of my cells had consciousness. But most of all that al this consciousness in me also had free will. This got me thinking that the saying of that everything micro is also macro is more then we can imagine. We are at are selfs a universe on it’s own as we are the particles of something more. Think like fractals. So I am me and me is inside me, as you and all others are in me, and I am also in you. literally! So I was guided to use this universal Love and to send it, this time, to every form of consciousness I am and to every form I will be, and send this true every reality, space, time and universe I’m in! Because “WE” or “I” are Everywhere! Up, above, below, in, out and all at the same time and with this consciousness/knowing I can restore/bring back Love on every plane that it is missing.

    Because some how we forgot, we forgot the true meaning and power of love and in it’s absence duality came. Darkness and light are the same, love is what glues it together. Darkness is not the problem, it’s actually a good thing/energy. We just needed Love, the missing link between, so that we can remember this. Because darkness is where things get born… We are Love, we are the glue…
    So what I m trying to put in words is that my dear ONE’s, let’s start sending our DIViNE LOVE/LIGHT with intention to heal/restore/bring back the Love to all plains/realities of our existences. Again and again! Let us REMEMBER what we are, the Divine bringers of Love, the Gods and Goddesses of our own reality within and without… Because Love is all we are, nothing less, nothing more! Let’s stop being afraid of our selfs/Love. We where thought to be afraid of it, of love so that we would be afraid of our selfs, and so the illusion of duality/separateness could go on…
    Let’s brake the Berlin Walls of this illusion and restore Love in ALL/ONE so that heaven that is on earth can be seen again…

    I hope that my Anglish is understandable and that the vision I had is put in understandable words… The message is Love
    I am Love
    I am Loved
    I am Loving
    As simple as that

    Next step>

    1. Ask your self/higher self to search and scan for the core particle that is of the ‘void’, ‘block’, ‘congestion’, ‘energy’ or entity that you feel over laying you. For example if it is a block cutting you off from source/centre, ask higherself to locate a sample particle of this block for you. If you are visual, visualise this as a mini you on the particle level, now holding the tiny particle sample in your hands. This is like homoeopathy going to the micro level.

    2. Hold the particle between your hands and against your heart / core field and invoke universal love and divine light to flow to the particle (and you too if you can allow it). At the same time focus in your heart and chest that you are love, you are loved, you are loving and KNOW that this particle is divine too at its very core, as all particles are.

    3.Then call all particles in you, and all particles that are of you, ie your cells, heart, body, higherself, creator god source, etc etc across all realities, dimensions, timelines to vibrate to that of love and divine light. It only takes ONE particle to work with to communicate it to all. And the one particle that is always constantly at that vibration is in your inner core. If you feel blocked from your inner core, just ask higherself to bring you a sample of a particle from your inner core to work with, same method.

    4. Then visualise the particle between your hands transform and transmute to a particle of love and divine light too. It will be represented in the way you perceive that to be, there is no set way it should look, but for me i see the transfer happen as the particle taking on a rainbow /golden hue/aura.

    5. When you have transformed the particle that once presented the block or what ever was the void feeling, all particles that matched its frequency prior will also be transformed, and the block / void/ energy that was once problematic will now be transformed or will have been simply been repelled away.

    P.S you will be ok

    1. Elevn777, this is amazing. Thank you dearly for posting it. I have used it several times to wonderful outcome. I was struggling and came to Aisha’s blog and your post is what came up first. Maybe today I can read others, and Sherrils to see what it was in response to.

  23. I understand you, dear Sherill ❤

    Earlier, I was still thinking "it feels so scary"
    and I hold myself well on to my Prime- Creator.

    I know that I am well protected and so are you.

    Love ❤
    BIXIE 😀

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