A lesson in co-creation

Dear brothers and sisters of the light!

Even before I sat down to channel today’s message, I could tell from the energies coming in that something “new” had arrived. And when I sat down and connected to The constant companions, they confirmed that this was indeed the case, and here is the message they gave me:
“Today’s message will be given not just by way of words, but also in images, some of which will be supplied by others frequenting these pages. In other words, think of this as a truly co-creative experience, where words are being given through the usual channel, but where each and every one of your reading these words will be asked to connect with the energy contained within them and then try to open up for any additional information that will come your way, either directly into your mind or through other sources out there in the wonderful world of your electronic communication network. You see, you have all passed on to a very new level now, one where you not simply receive words like these by way of others, but where you also will carry forth so much of this information yourself. And so, look upon this message as a sort of test run if you will, one that will start to enable your inner senses in a very new way, and one that will kick start a whole lot of interactive goings-on between you and the entire energetic force field that you are an intrinsic part of.

You see, you are all so deeply connected, but as yet, you have still not taken in the full scope of what it is that you already can access. And so, you tend to sit back and wait to be given, instead of venturing out to look for the “missing pieces” to the puzzle. Do not think that this is any form of criticism, it is merely an observation, and it is based upon the process that you have already taken yourselves through. That process has been one of deep transformation, and it has brought you all here to this moment in time, all primed and ready to take that leap into what for so many of you is still the deep unknown, but that for some has already become more familiar territory. For you all carry with you the ability to venture far out into the wide blue yonder, in every sense of the word, and you are all seasoned travellers in time and space from way back when, but still, you hesitate to grasp this fact with those parts of you that still identify you with the human you see when you look into the mirror. This is indeed more than understandable, for the underlying truth has been kept hidden away from you for so long, it takes time and courage to wrestle yourself fully free from the old untruths. But that is where you all stand today, on the threshold between thinking and being it fully, between dreaming of it and fully acknowledging it, between knowing and doing.

And so, we ask you to step up to the challenge you have been given today of not simply sitting down to read these words we have given you, but to fully take in the energy that accompanies it, and then, to go inwards and let the full force of your being be allowed to step boldly forth. For then, you will start to see and hear and know so much more than the small snippets of information we have given you in all of these messages, and you will finally begin to complete the picture we have tried to show you over the years. For by now, you have all the necessary information at your disposal, and what we can do, is simply to help you to trigger the activators you carry within, and then, it will all start to roll out in all of its glory. So therefore we say try to let these words truly sink in, and see what they in turn will help to bring up to the surface in you. And not only that, look around you, and see what will be brought into your vision and into your sphere of awareness in other ways, whether that be words or symbols, images or sounds, and try to see if you can find a connection between them. We also ask that you share what you find, for this is in many ways a collective process, one that will help you all to relearn the value of connectivity, and help you to fully savour the gift it is you have given yourselves by opening up the old paths of interaction, paths that have been left neglected and have become overgrown with disuse over the millennia, but that will now once again come into full use.

For you have opened these channels within you that will enable you to fully access these old and well worn paths of interconnectedness once again, and we truly hope you will jump at the chance to do so. So once again we say go within, and see what you find, then bring it out in the open and your awareness with it, and see what comes to you from other sources out there. For by now, you all swim in so much information, you would be hard pressed to miss out on any of it, but the trick is to see it for what it is amidst all of the noise and all of the confusion.

And so once again we thank you on behalf of All of creation for what you are about to do, for you have opened the doors to your true being, and now, you will finally begin to stand proudly in this great room that is the real you, spread out your arms fully and say this is me, all this and then some, and I am here to show it to the rest of this world so that everyone else can see their own magnificence too!”

It will be interesting to see what kind of information this message will “bring out” in us all πŸ™‚ What has been shared here over the last months has shown that we as a group are already wonderful at finding and sharing information that in turn will help to trigger something in others, but this will be an opportunity for us all to try to do this even more consciously. So I will take some time to let this message sink in and see what it “brings up to the surface for me” and then I will share whatever it is. I hope you will all do the same!

Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha ❀

355 thoughts on “A lesson in co-creation

  1. Hello everyone.
    This is my 71st favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Kohsetsu Minami and Moon Princess – Kanda River (Released Date : Sep.20, 1973)

    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a001fad/l0011d4.html
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    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  2. ok, i dont talk to mutch but there was darkness and people who have a great energy, so confused, well , thats what i have to share love to all

  3. “Critter Lovers” please send prayers and energy for a financial investor(s) for the following: http://www.croctalk.com I met this couple doing work with Crocodiles (and rescuing alligators) and my heart is so touched by their story. My friend has known them over ten years. Doug is doing amazing work with his Crocs… one is responding to many words. (This has NEVER been done before as Crocs are not supposed to be able to communicate with humans.)

    They need another $500,000 (or a creative miracle?) by the end of Sept or the city can destroy ALL their animals as their lease is up and they must move. He has the land and the un-renovated building waiting for purchase. They have two investors and need a third. They feel that in the new location they will be able to quickly pay back the loans. Doug had tears in his eyes talking about these beautiful ancient creatures and the threat of their death… he has raised them for many years and communicates with them. The crocs come when he calls them (unless they aren’t in the mood… kind of like a cat).

    I hope to take my grandchildren for a special ‘show’ at Croc Talk for my birthday. Doug has invited us to come some Sunday. They LOVE these animals (and a few others) and take wonderful care of them. May love find a perfect way to bring a solution. Love, Nancee

  4. Thank You SO very much…
    The Energy shift is………
    there are no words that come close
    The Insights with Understanding
    Boggle my mind…
    “It’s gonna be fun”

    1. Dear Jonathan, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here! Yes, I do believe β€œIt’s gonna be fun” πŸ™‚
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  5. I awoke from a dream this morning and here’s the notable bits that connect with this channelling: I was in a training session with others; we learned to grow massive green food plants; we have already “come thru” and others will follow us; I looked at myself in a mirror and my style had changed significantly. Namaste!

  6. BASHAR:

    The Sassani /Shakani

    Avarage height………5 feet / 1.50m
    Name of race…………Shakani (formerly Sassani)
    Name of planet………Eshakani (formerly Essassani)
    Star System…………..Sha, in the Orion Constellation
    Life expectancy……..300 years
    Time line………………300 – 700 years in the future
    Hunanoid / Other…..Humanoid
    DNA tree………………Hybrid of Human + Orion Greys (Dow)
    Density………………..4th going into 5th
    Sleep Cycle………….Not required
    Main Ship Design….Triangular

    Part of the Association: Yes


    The Shakani (formerly Sassani, meaning “beings of light”) are hybrids from Earth human genetic stock and Grey (Zeta Reticulan) genetic stock.

    They live in a parallel timeline from us, 300 years in the future, yet in what can be perceived as our past.
    They also live in a different dimensional plane, one that vibrates at a frequency 10 X faster than our dimension.

    Their home planet is Eshakani (formerly Essassani, meaning “place of living light”).
    The name changes came from their ascension to fifth density, as they are ascending simultaneously with Earth and Sirius.

    Eshakani is the third planet from their sun, Sha.

    Males are bald and most females have white hair (there are some color variations). Their bodies are slender as their race is moving into non-physical existence.
    They live in large city ships, and use the planet for other purposes.
    They live in ships as large as cities.

    In their society everyone is married to everyone else, and at any given moment those marriage vows can be activated. There is an absolute commitment to the mate, but they recognize all members of their species as their mates.

    The Shakani possess both male and female polarity within them, equally balanced. There is no need to polarize.
    They don’t relate to the masculine or feminine aspect of the mate separately, but to the person as a whole.
    There are no stereotyped roles in their society, except for childbearing.

    1. P.S.

      Made deliberate contact with one of the Sassani, 2 years ago, overnight and in the subsequent “astral” waking state.

      The being who accepted contact with me, was a male, looked exactly like the picture above — except that his eyes were a sparkling diamond-like Grey.

      Gorgeous eyes…..freaking gorgeous, and I told him so, telempathically…told him how “beautiful” he was.

  7. When I read this post I was so excited, how fun! I love puzzle and how funny I have been looking at buying a puzzle!

    But I had came home from a bad day πŸ™‚ at the doctors after my son didn’t want to get his vac shots. But after I left the docs I couldn’t help but be drawn to a picture across the street which was a heart with an infinity sign. That was what was recalled to mind when I read your post. Similar to this one. http://bit.ly/VEgGii – haha

    “turn into diamonds” was another message I passed from hearing my son’s movie playing.

    I’ve yet to go within.. maybe this will connect the dots for me.

    I’m starting to feel or see “remembering” and it feels like its so nice. Like a precursor to the event. Like gestures.

    I’ve read a few of the comments and yes it seems to be happening that I can’t seem to make sense of it all. Things have drastically changed.


  8. image has come a number of times today — of snow white doves flying out of the top of someone’s head
    ok… goodnight/day all ❀

  9. after the incident today, the Gambler song kept running in my head:
    “You’ve got to know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away, know when to run”.
    It helped keep me focused and calm.
    I just let the cards lay as they would and I felt free in that. I did not want to say anything in any particular way to my bosses about the accident – just what happened and thats it.
    let go and let Be is bringing me more and more into the calm, serene space – like as in the song ‘for every thing there is a season….’
    Just feeling a cutting off of the old way of thinking too much and embracing a new sense of trusting real me.
    ok… i think that is it for today. πŸ™‚

  10. Hello, blessings, and deep gratitude to you Aisha, and all of the Ponders!

    My Spirit name is Stella SingingHeart, I love it when I hear people call me Stella! I found my way to you and the CC’s in February of this year, although energetically I know I have been a part of you before then. Posting in this way is not something that is natural for me. But I have felt deep gratitude for these postings, to you Aisha, to all of the Ponders, as well as the CC’s! I reach out to you energetically every time and then some! I have been immensely comforted by this connection. In the post before this one I felt a profound desire to reply, that the time was now! The intensity of my days seemed to preclude it. Now I see it was a harbinger of this post to come. FYI, I live in Oregon.

    So here I am to actually post today! As I awoke this morning and was laying in bed before arising, I was reflecting on what reading material I would like for the long hours I would spend in some airports this coming weekend. Sacred Geometry? Buckminster Fuller? ” Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden,” as told to Gilbert L. Wilson?

    After I read the post, I sat for a time, feeling, reflecting. I felt a song arising. I touched into my solar plexus then a simple song came forth, notes held long. The song brought tears, not of grief or pain, but of connection, connection at long last. Then there was the sense of being out in space, the cosmos, stars, darkness β€”more tears. After a time in space came some of my earlier musings well abed: Sacred Geometry, Metatron’s cube, Geodesic Dome, Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden; inter-planting, connected to the cosmos. Gardens: diverse, interconnected, weaving…

    There was a sense of all of us Ponders connected to the Cosmos. We, as Ponders are connected to each other on Earth, creating the grid and now the Sphere/bubble of Light that now encompasses the Earth. But beyond that we are also very much connected to coordinates within Space/Cosmos. We are true conduits, like a Tree whose branches are in heaven while its roots are in the earth; or a bridge between Heaven and Earth, between Earth and Heaven. This, to bring Heaven on Earth.

    Upon more reflecting, I felt the sense with the song from my solar plexus as well as the Cosmos in/out of my solar plexus was that my solar plexus is now connected to the Cosmos, the All that is, something far greater and vaster than our common worldly dynamics. The solar plexus, our place of expression and power, guided by the All that Is. It was humbling and comforting and joyous!

    Another piece was that in exploring what comes across our fields is to look to the principles as opposed to established and perhaps rigid techniques. To be sparked and to spark each other, to bring new Light, co-create in the NOW, in the NEW, in relationship to the NEW and the NOW.

    Thank you to you all. I am overjoyed by US and our having reached this point! Trumpets, horns and drums please! My heart swells to overflowing with love and gratitude for you all. I bow to you and honor you for the difficult journeys that you have taken, walked, crawled,… to be where we are now, to offer our True selves!

    One last thing I wish to share is that I will be celebrating my 60th birthday on Sunday. I have the good fortune to be able to spend part of that day with a small group in the presence of Ashtar, channeled by Lady Ashtar/Terrie Symons. I feel guided to share the link to His/Her website: http://ladyashtar.com/ashtar.html. FYI she also channels Ashtar while in Japan several months out of each year.

    love and blessings to you all, ~Stella

    1. Dear Stella, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for sharing these beautiful words! I wish you a wonderful birthday this Sunday – perhaps we can even call it a re-birthday πŸ™‚
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. I love reading these wonderful experiences and get filled with joy as if it happens to me. Then I realize I get so happy because it is happening to me since we are all ONE. Happy 60th birthday dear Stella! ❀

  11. just caught this: “For you all carry with you the ability to venture far out into the wide blue yonder…”
    For some reason, when I went out on the run today I said ‘off I go into the wild blue yonder’. I hesitated to say it because I never say that. funny. then, i had a fender bender . uggh. now, this is important because I remained calm. Over a yr ago when I had one with courier vehicle, it was ugly… i got really upset because they gave me such a hard time. It was a tire blow out and it was like they did not care about me at all… just the truck and thought i caused it. and my Dad was dying at the time. etc. so, this time, I backed out into a van who had pulled back off the rd for a passing ambulance. I felt ‘oh , this is a test’. I said well, if they fire me over it – I will still be ok somehow. I did get nervous but only for a short time.
    Also… it cut the tie with an old family curse if you will. Whenever we would sing ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ from the play Oklahoma! , there would be a car incident. I mean it got scary. lol. I was humming this joyfully the morning the first courier accident happened. Wouldn’t you know it, but this morning a coworker said ‘oh, what a beautiful morning!’ today before I left. I said, nope! no way! I changed it in my head to ‘oh what a really pretty day’. lol. then, the smash. I had to laugh. I really changed me – in my response to another habitual behavior involving fear. I still have the job. Still want to have a house and comforts of that type…. still not sure how to make a better job or situation regarding that…. and still on the path to knowing I can! ❀

  12. We received a symbol code for world peace, according to readings through the Akashic Records. Two separate person’s experiences gave the same result: this is a symbol code to be applied for world peace directly upon trouble spots on an Earth map. The symbol can be seen at http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2014/Ammersee/diagrams.html
    We will be conducting such an operation September 20, with about 125 people. Further details will be posted at http://NotMadeByHands.com

  13. In addition to what Aisha and Vinny said above. Both yesterday and today during a nap I : 1) was having a conversation with AH… it was very real; and, 2) today, just before drifted off, I was looking at a pretty woman with braids & freckles and round dark glasses who was smiling at me. She saw me and I her, and we happily recognized each other, but I didn’t know who she was ! and that experience was just as real. Hi to you both . πŸ˜€ ❀

    A good Friend told me she was also having conscious conversations with people during sleep time. πŸ˜€ ❀ to U

    (p.s. is anybody else still having to take naps during this process?)

    1. Naps. yes. Kelly too and he never naps… and on his back! A blessing – for this way he has less pain and was never able to sleep that way before.
      He had this sweet smile upon his face on Sunday during a nap. πŸ™‚
      And… folks at work saying they are napping lately or sleeping more than usual.
      My own dreams are pretty interesting. I will sometimes wake up saying ‘who was that?’…. or thinking I was really supposed to remember something but I dont fret about it if I dont. Last night or early this morning, in a dream, I cleared something important from the past. did not realize I still held something there. Imprints are dissolving. I feel a ‘cut off’ energy in a good way.
      Love to you Lin ❀ and AH and braided One πŸ™‚

    2. Dear Lin,

      Yep, I’m a napper now, never have been before. πŸ™‚
      Say hi to AH for me, next time you talk to her!

      Love yah,

    3. All I want to do is to nap and sleep.
      And watch the sunsets.
      And listen to the waves.
      And drink the information here, as if I’m dehydrated.

        1. I catnap every day now
          for two hours. Cat not kid.
          Then two hours reading the Pond Review.
          You make my day.
          Weather : April style.
          Daughter watched this
          Monkey planet film.
          Went there with our van
          Mercedes 208. Nice party.
          The pond hype goes on.

  14. Aisha – thank you for being such a beautifully synchronized trail blazing guide! I so appreciate your ‘staff’ (seeing the CC’s as Shepherds) too!
    And I know we are not merely sheeple being lead….not to say sheep are not fantastic creatures. πŸ™‚
    Being guided with you at the helm is just perfect though. You have prepared a True space for us. I Love how it is unfolding and being drawn upon. You are True North Aisha as I and others Lovingly have called you. Your Being so flexible and pure has brought us here. thank you, thank you, Bless you! I Love you my dear, dear Sister ❀ Love you Cc's and everyone! ❀

  15. Hi there Aisha

    I was sent this link by a friend who pressed me to read it, I have been going through many changes since I was about three four years old I just had no Idea what or why these experiences were happening to me, and only recently over the past six seven months have i began to find some answers to my many questions, it’s hard at times knowing there is more to come and not always being able to be open about it, but it is too an amazing experience I have felt many times.
    De ja vu dreams and experiences, vivid spiritual dreams, places or people feeling familiar, how I see and feel changing almost constantly, I am not certain of what is ahead if me, I just know more spiritual changes are going to keep coming, I found your messege very interesting and made some good points so I appreciate that very much so x

  16. Mark Twain’s Huck Finn (Adventures of Tom Sawyer) keeps coming to my mind. more on that later I suppose. For now, I do hear a quote of Huck Finns that I have kept in my memory since hearing it –goes something like this:
    “I did not know that which I was so I created myself”.

    1. Lovin your words today beautiful Areeza

      I’ve had Mark Twain popping into my head off and on since last night…and this wouldn’t be the first time…sometimes I feel him…’over my shoulder’…’overseeing’ and inspiring what I write…he’s a funny guy!

      Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  17. Dear Vinny, thank you so much for sharing this! I “saw” you both times (to me, you looked like a younger version of Derek Jacobi with a cropped full beard), and during the Gathering, I actually saw you stepping into the circle next to my sister – on her left side πŸ™‚
    LOVE, Aisha ❀

  18. ~You need to have a Will so strong you create your own nature~
    ….heard this just now in the movie I am watching called Beautiful Creatures. Interesting and timely.
    All my Lovely Ones here: Enjoy while allowing the most precious nudgings from HS to seep in. Let Love take over! πŸ™‚ ❀

  19. I feel like I can re-write any misgiving
    >>thats the best way I can put it at the moment. ok… back to reading the missive πŸ™‚
    >>The one prior is interesting because too I have always seem to know we could keep the Earth body for as long as we wished …while we traversed elsewhere, Consciously.

  20. Dear Aisha, last night as I was walking my dog, I saw a vortex with the naked eye. I took a photo of it which is amazing. I would like to post it here to show people. How is that done? Jim πŸ™‚

    1. Dear James Anthony, welcome to this Pond and thank you for bringing your light here! I would very much like to see your photo, and since it is not possible to attach any files to a comment, I think the best way to share it would be to post it on another webpage and then share the link to that page here.
      Love and light from me, Aisha

      1. Hi James~
        To add to what Aisha says, you can create your own web pages if you get a free email account with gmail.

        Within the suite of email options on the top right of the new email account is a little tile looking thing. More menus…
        Look in there for Google Drive. That is where I found you can make web pages to hang your photos in.

        I would love to see your vortex. For years I have seen such off and on when I close my eyes…like a little scene within the eyelids is the easiest way to describe this.

        All this new info about vortexes and snail whorls sequence and the horn of plenty and sound of the ram horn, all of this is really interesting to me.
        It explains why I love to turn and twist in the water and on top of it~ lol Monica

  21. Hi! OK, here is my first contribution to this collective ‘information party’, lol…. I have never read this channel before, though I’ve heard of her. So I have no personal ‘opinion’ of her work or information. But THIS post, which someone posted in my FB feed, DEFINITELY aligns with other ‘intel’ that I’ve recently received, AND with my own Inner Resonance (though, to me, whether the Big Event begins ‘tonight’ or ‘Saturday night’ or even next week is irrelevant πŸ˜‰ ): “This is the evening you will remember always, Beloved Ones. The last day of your former life. Yes, I am telling you that by tomorrow you will have great news, and by the day after, your life will be forever changed. You have internet sources which will keep you informed of the events as they unfold. You will be dancing in the streets, and we will be there with you, laughing and applauding you for the years you have waited and the profound lessons you have learned in the process.”

    –Via Kathryn May, here: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/08/kathryn-may-message-8-18-14-portia-tonight-tonight-wont-be-just-any-night-3013930.html

        1. For many!!! Agreed!

          That’s what I love about the simplicity of understanding Life–being a microcosm of the macrocosm allows me to be able to understand the BIG picture by understanding myself and vice versa…don’t even have to leave home to access the knowledge of ALL

          Speaking of knowledge…can’t wait to check out your other link

          Thanks again!

  22. & some Co-Creation Fun between more than just ourselves….”find the connection between them”……In the Wild ~ Robin Williams & Dolphins ~
    This inspires me !……Love, Bev~

      1. Thanks ‘Lysarbejder’ ! I think it’s important to remember that we are more powerful in our ‘Creation’ abilities when our Spirits are uplifted & laughter is always a great means to do this….a true legacy left to us by our Dear friend Robin Williams & this video combines so much of that inspirational & wonderful ‘conscious’ man that he was…more than just laughter, he truly cared about Life, about Nature’s creatures & Loved to share his curiosity & findings with the world & this video expresses this so well ! I really Love this video too….& what could BE more thrilling & beautiful than the Tropics, clear ocean blue ‘Water’, the warmth of the Sun & Being & communicating with Dolphins !

        I believe we All need to ease up & relax abit with 1st testing these ‘Waters’ of Co-Creation & have some Fun with it….& Robin I’m sure Agrees !….the serious business will come, but we will BE much more confident, better at handling & mastering it if we start with some Fun Stuff 1st & of course add a few ‘Awesomes’ & ‘Wows’ & ‘Amazings’ ! There is so much to Co-Create with & within All that surrounds us & Nature is an unending store house of treasures & Awesomeness !….& there is so much we can & need to do to Help her & Heal her back to the Glory that she Is !
        Love to You……….Bev~

        1. “…of course add a few β€˜Awesomes’ & β€˜Wows’ & β€˜Amazings’ !”

          Love it Bev! You just lightened things up for me big time! I laughed for the first time today when I saw that

          Thank you for diffusing this serious business energy in me…you have no idea how much my mind needed to hear that

          Anytime a new challenge comes up my mind always assumes that it will not be possible for me to actually accomplish whatever it is and I’m constantly having to prove it wrong

          Lately has been especially challenging as I know its all about Joy and Light now…neither one of those being something my mind understands

          And so it’s been a struggle getting my mind to realize it can’t do this one with its serious intensity and intense seriousness…not gonna work this time

          And all day no matter how many ways I tried to get my mind to just ease up and let go…let me lighten up…nothing was working until I saw your comment

          To me that is SO awesome and amazing! πŸ™‚

  23. Thank you Aisha & CC’s! This is a message you at least have to read twice before the “code” gets true πŸ˜‰
    The night before last, I couldn’t fall a sleep, I was tired but some serious awaken energy was going true me. I don’t know why but suddenly I had the mantra “I am love” going over and over in my head! At first I was like “this way I’m not going to fall a sleep”, but soon I gave over and went in the energy. Now my entire body was getting warmer and warmer and the mantra became me… I was love! So then, something said to me “now share it into the word”, so I just did… From the moment I had the intention to share it so the world would be filled with love, the energy became gigantic, I could not feel my own boundaries anymore! After some time it stopped and immediately I fell a sleep! The morning after (yesterday) when I wake up, I felt really down, in such a contrast with the energy of the night before so it really confused me… So it thought I wouldn’t share this story…

    At this moment I’m reading one of the books from the author Christop Fasching called “Program code life joy & love”, he is a channeller and also wrote books about “2015 and the 5th dimension”, “Return of Paradise” & “The Earth invents itself again”; all this books channeled true different Archangels. Now why do I speak about this book I’m reading? It talks about how we as humans are responsible for our reality and how we create it… So he says that every reality is created with the combination of beliefs + feelings + emotions. And so it is not only important witch negative belief patterns you have, but also that you neutralise them and by preference replace them by new positive ones. He points out how we as humans have beliefs that come from this life (parents, school, culture, society) but also from other life’s (gender, race…) and how all unconsciously affect and create our reality that is the mirror of our believes. Believes are for example:
    -money is dirty
    -to have money, I have to work
    -I don’t have free will
    -Being a woman, makes me weak
    So he says while you read out loud a belief pattern, feel what it does to you and witch emotions comes up… Then you have to say out loud the affirmation: “I give this believe pattern over to my hart so that it can be transformed now!” And this really works! To test it you say this belief again and will notice that it’s neutral to you, so the emotions and feelings that where in-powering this belief are now neutralised!
    Then to create a new positive belief, witch is important so that you replace the negative once with positive once (the brain loves patterns) you chose one and say it out loud, while you feel for yourself witch feeling goes with it and witch emotion. For example: “The ability to forgive all that is, is the highest state a human can get” -> this new believe comes with the feeling of Love and the emotion of Unconditional Love
    So to enter this new believe in to the brain you say it out loud wile feeling and being aware of the emotion that comes with it and than you say:
    “I connect this new belief with the feeling of …. and with the emotion … and integrate this now in to my consciousness ” (the dots have to be filled with the feeling and emotion that goes witch each new belief)

    So why I tell you all this? I wasn’t planning because my ego gave me a lot of excuses not to… But today after reading this message and reading it again, I went inwards and the first thing that it showed me was what happened Sunday night and this book I talked you about! So this time I listened to the right voice and I wrote it to you guys…
    So I don’t know if it serves anyone, I know I did my part πŸ˜‰

    Love to you all family of light and love
    πŸ˜€ Katja ❀
    Ps: sorry for this epistle πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you Katj,
      Have one,instead of just a functionary handshake make is grand.
      My handshakes do transfer positive energy, always!

    2. Dear Katja

      This most certainly does serve us!

      I am so glad you listened to the right voice and shared this

      I too have patterns that make me cringe every time I contemplate sharing the things in my heart that I find brilliant…it’s nerve wracking exposing oneself like that…the things that mean so much…the things of our Light which are most precious to us…it’s scary to put it out there for anyone to see and possibly reject…for these things are from our deepest and truest self and the thought of that part being rejected is not easy to face

      I am so excited to try the process you talk about here for reprogramming belief patterns…it’s the perfect thing to change this fear pattern of exposing myself

      I mean clearly I write here and expose myself a lot…but it’s difficult every time I do it…I think there’s a fear pattern of me being a fraud that will be found out at last now that I’m writing to people who are aware unlike most people in every day life

      Thank you Katja! Your sharing is opening up so much light and understanding for me right now

      Let us both keep listening to the right voice…this is proof that it cannot lead us astray

      Love to you my dear friend ❀

      1. Thank you Amy for your loving and understanding words! I feel like we have a lot in common πŸ™‚
        I know the feeling like somebody is going to think I’m a fraud… It is really a awful feeling to have that can be so strong and control so much your life! Let us use this energy to finally brake this pattern that inhibits us to truly shine owe light!
        Sheers to the good voice my loving friend πŸ™‚
        ❀ Katja

    3. Thank you dear Katja! I too have been processing emotional patterns, ingrained beliefs etc for quite some time.As Denise le Fey called it “ballast cutting”. I was feeling a bit stuck-like my knife was getting dull;-) and your instructions felt like bubbles of joy and “yes!” when I read them. I think maybe after a time doing things a certain way the pattern can become rote habit and then not work as well.
      I’m so grateful for Aisha and all of you here. It feels to me like all of the isolation and atomization of society and all of us is being broken down, that we are returning to a state of connection, awareness and supportive relationship with all life that was once common.
      For many years I have studied and shared decolonization- the removal of the cultural programming of the colonizers and return to our ancestral cultures, worldviews and integral relationship with the land and all living beings. It has been more academic for me than many of my fellow scholars who actually live in communities where their ancestral culture is either still functional or being revived by the community.
      The experience of this pond and the unity, group mind that doesn’t take away or limit individuals but rather makes our individuality shine as useful is exactly how I’ve always perceived precolonized and noncolonized reality.
      Unlike those who have a physical local community with the same direct group of ancestors and cultural structures, we are the ones who are building a new global community that will allow all of us whose local communities are of the “melting pot” result of colonization to connect with one another as well as all those who do have the unbroken chain of ancestral culture.
      I perceive that the new world is rooted in both/and instead of “either/or”.
      We can recognize the value and beauty in each individual, each culture, community etc instead of creating hierarchy of being, we are simply reweaving the ancient tapestry of life so that the beauty of the ancient is preserved, and the new patterns that fill the “lost bits” and torn places enhance the whole instead of erasing.
      Apologies if that was too long.
      Love and blessings to all of you!

      1. Thank you Ohnwenstya! Your words are wonderful and wise! It really brings into words how I live it all to… Thank you for this image πŸ™‚
        Blessings and love to you 2 ❀

    1. Like how CC’s say: ” And not only that, look around you, and see what will be brought into your vision and into your sphere of awareness in other ways, whether that be words or symbols, images or sounds, and try to see if you can find a connection between them.” Thank you Lysarbejder!

      1. I’m just emotional right now. I picked a subject to look deep at and with compassion. One I had block out as for not now, but later category. Internally I have changed from the limited feel bloke, to one that is lightened up, raise up in vibration and seeing what love is creating.
        Folks are suffering unfortunately Now, right Now.
        Can’t stop the feeling of their sadness.
        Better go to some happy place.
        Just thought I would share this in-case some else is connected with this sadness too. I understand it! Now.

            1. Yes so emotional. Just discovered her talent, most recently.
              Inspires me when I catch the feeling of sad, which thankfully being here at the pond is very little.
              Warm wishes back to you Monica.

          1. Brightens up my soul…Thank you dear one!!!
            Reminds me that most of my older relatives, became artists as they got older. I may go with video maker like you!!!

            1. Glad you like it. Playing with media is really fun, and I have been carrying these pieces of art work with me since 2011.
              There is a photo of staghorn sumac in my kitchen in it.
              Discerning naturalists will recognize. πŸ™‚

              Native Americans indigenous to the lakes region of NH would start collecting the hairy cones now into the winter, brewing a herbal infusion to make a wild tasting pinkish lemonade. This was drunk sweetened to taste in late summer into the fall season to build the immune system.

              My Swedish grandmother taught me this. Farmor.

              This is a very healthy specimen. πŸ™‚

              I have wild gathered some herbs common to New England.

              You will recognize them even from other countries.
              In India the staghorn sumac is used extensively in cooking.

              Anyhow Google or otherwise research this for yourself. ❀ Monica

  24. Like many of you, the past several days (insert weeks/months too) have been interesting. I don’t even know where to begin or what to write, because it is so much, lol.

    I’ll just comment on what happened with me when I read today’s channeled message. πŸ˜‰

    As I began to read it, I felt myself opening up and expanding. I felt a vision of the galaxy/universe open up in my mind and I felt drawn to it, as the seasoned traveler I AM, and my excitement was mounting as I felt this happen. Then some other emotion, worry, sprang forth and fear showed up. I have been actively processing/releasing stuck emotion for a few years now and so became very curious at what was showing up.

    When my focus moved towards looking at the emotion showing up, I felt myself pulling back from the vision of “jumping forth” into the galaxy/universe that I saw. But I KNEW I needed/wanted to address the emotion before I could go traipsing off, so to speak.

    What showed up was the fear of remembering who I AM, stepping into it and of leaving behind what I have known up til NOW. I felt the fear overcome me, so I looked at it and processed/released it. I feel on the verge of stepping into who I AM and it is so exciting!!!!!!

    We are ALL right there at that point, like never before. Woohoo!!!

    One last thing…

    I read this article right before I read Aisha’s. I felt like was suppose to post that here.


    1. Dear sunflowersmiles, welcome to this Pond! Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for bringing your light here!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    2. Dear sunflowersmiles, I totally get what you mean in your experience with the vale almost falling down and you experiencing this emotions of fear just before almost finding your true self! I have this to and until this day I haven’t gotten true this fear to finally seeing my true higher self, every time I get close and feel that I’m one step away to finally get there, the fear takes over… The fear of having to let all behind, realising really that all this is just a mirage, a illusion… And even though in my mind I already know this, actually really going true this reality, it still scares me… But in time it gets better and one day it will just happen πŸ˜€
      Love and light to you sunflowersmiles
      ❀ Katja

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