A short update on the energies

We would like to talk a little bit about the topic of your brain, and about how it has been hard wired to resist the changes that you are all going through at the moment. You see, your brain has a natural way of functioning that leads it to take the way of least resistance, as it has been designed to ignore any byways and go for the easiest access in any way it can. And so, as you grow up and develop, your brain lays down patterns for everything that is being learned, and so, the next time it encounters something similar, it will automatically shift into the same patterns it has used once before, and what has been learned once sticks forever. It is a magnificent way of handling all of the incoming data in the most efficient of ways, shunting aside what is deemed as unimportant, and instead going for what it considers to be of most importance. And so, as the years pass by, much of your actions will be governed by these previously acquired modes of reaction that has been literally programmed into your being.

But your brain is also a wonder of adaptability, and if it has been damaged in any way, it will try to find a new way of going about things. For your brain is not a dull object, even if it at times seems to be more than a little reluctant to leave the old tried and true in ways of processing the signals coming in, and so, you have at your disposal a formidable tool that awaits being taken into fuller use. For we think that most of you already know very well that your inherent abilities – also as a human being – are far from overtaxed, and even if you at times like these feel as if you are toeing the very limits as to what you can process both intellectually, physically and mentally, you have so much more to tap into, but now, as the floodgates have been opened even wider, you will all find yourself literally flailing about at times in this seemingly unending stream of information.

Be that as it may, you brain is ever so busy now, trying to literally figure out just what to do with all of this new, and as so little of it seems to fit in to any of those old and familiar grooves it has gotten used to sending everything around in, it will at times create quite a considerable feeling of backlog that will literally spill over into your everyday life. And so, the usual “symptoms” will arise, in the form of confusion and bewilderment and an inability to complete the simplest of tasks. For now, not only is there a whole lot of extra information coming in, the speed with which it arrives has also increased, and with it comes an ever greater challenge to simply let it all pass into and through you without seeming to stand in its way. For the brain also has a way of complicating things at times, and now, what it will try to do in order to process it all will begin to make even the simplest of tasks seem to be almost too complicated to even contemplate. And so, we venture to guess that many of you will at times simply just stop and stare, unable to remember what it is you were about to do, or perhaps without even remembering what it was that brought you to this place in the first place.

In other words, prepare to become perhaps even more like a sleepwalker at times, for you will be kept very busy handling all sorts of energetic information being buzzed into your very being now, and as such, the ways of living a so called normal life will now seem to become even more foreign to you all. For as you are literally being pushed out of many of these old and well-worn passages and ruts that your brain has created in order to make all of the normal activities in a “normal” life take place as effortlessly as possible, you will at times be left with little or no clear way of understanding just what to do at a certain time. So to many, this confusion can be somewhat more challenging, for to them it will seem to be that they are literally going out of their minds, and from a human perspective, that is perhaps the worst thing that can happen. But to the likes of you, “going out of your mind” is exactly what you want to achieve, for by that we do not mean it as in “going mad”, it is simply a way of describing the process of breaking out from the old mold in every way you can.

So as your mind – and your brain – is forced to literally step away from the old patterns in order to retune itself to the whole new vibrational setup you have acquired, you will also step away from the old limitations that kept you going around in that same habitual rut you have been in for such a long time. This process in itself can be challenging on so many levels, but again, as soon as you manage to step away from the at times frantic signals of distress coming from a brain unable to find a clear way in this new and unfamiliar landscape, you will sense deep within you that you have actually finally entered what you have always known. For what to your human mind seems inexplicable will to the rest of you seem like coming home, so it will not take long before this feeling of being untethered will feel like the wonderful buoyancy it really is.

You are becoming as if new every second now, and so, you will be kept in a seemingly ceaseless state of flux, and even if it will seem to be a challenge to keep yourself together at all times now, know that it is not an accident if you do find yourself falling apart. For what is coming apart is just the old framework that used to define you, and now, you have been put on a quest that will help you to set yourself above any of these old ideas, and so, you will be encouraged to let yourself go in the way of opening up for all of the potential that awaits within you. For there, there are endless new ways of combining not just the abilities you came in with, but also to connect to others and the vast amount of similar yet individual potential that they carry. So let yourself go across that line that defines YOU as you in the old way, and allow yourself to go on a quest to find out just how much more of YOU there really is. And even if your brain will put up a fight from time to time, trying to keep it all in the old and familiar ways, it too will start to relish the fact that it can stretch and expand and evolve in so many ways that up until now has been unthinkable – in every sense of the word. For you and your body are capable of feats that no one on this planet has ever thought possible, and as we have said before, the two of you are truly a match made in heaven. And we are certain that after this period of confusion and a seeming lack of communication, you will indeed get along more than well.

277 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. I think how long a person lives is greatly increased or decreased by how stable the mind is about how a life should be lived. The thoughts of the mind can kill a human if it gives up on life. It stops healing the body and can even start a decay of the cells in the body. This starts a chain reaction that sends out a vibration to each cell in the body that is telling the cells its time to die. This can also go the other way if you live a life of helping others and yourself with love for all life. The mind tells the cells to keep healing instead of start dieing. There is a few studies on this and how it works. Our dna has a timeline built into its cells. This does not mean life can not be lived longer or shorter. It has a lot to do with living a positive life and not a negitive life. Negitive life kills cells positive life heals cells. All healing comes from loving positive thoughts.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Ray thank you. I always enjoy your posts but this one had me stopping to have a talk to my own body. I reminded it that I love living… I love and delight in things of nature, the trees and plants, the clouds above, the splash of waves upon the shore line; the power of thunder and lightening when it graces us. I love the laughter of a child at play or the joyfulness of animals doing the same. I reminded my body to remember this and not the sadness of humanity I carry within and let overwhelm me at times. Thank you. I know there is a new missive waiting for me to read and that this entry may go unread. Your comments however have touched me deeply. Love to you, Nancee

  2. I awoke early today even after taking allergy meds that make me sleepy. When I awoke I had a dream that I was laying in a bed of plants…lots of vines and leaves around me. I felt I was being healed by them and given information for further healing, but it went farther then that as this information was to allow the body to live for hundreds of years! I had an over all feeling of being cradled and held up by the green family kingdom!
    Green blessings to everyone today! 🙂 ❤

    1. A very wise dream indeed Denise! I think your dream was telling you it’s the plants that you’d get healing from, not the medicines (unless of course they’re herbal). I think even having a dream like that healed you, don’t you think?

  3. After many years of absence, I finally had a dream (last night) of me flying in it. I don’t remember the whole dream, just the last part of it, in which I flew really high to the top of a dark brick building, and to come down to a few people standing below (on the street beside the building), so they could see my descend, so as to prove to them that I COULD fly. I didn’t dive down or anything, I was in a horizontal flying position and just let myself glide down, almost like an elevator would. It was very contolled and VERY cool. I landed right in the middle of them.

    I also had another dream, but it was probably part of the same dream (could be before or after the flying part) where I was cross-country skiing on a street/path/trail that apeared to be paved, but it was also frozen with ice, I’m not sure how. Anyway, I was just “flying” along on my skies, using the poles with the utmost precision and effectiveness. I remember there were people behind me who were in my wake so to speak.


    1. Cool! I haven’t flown in years that I can remember. I remember the feeling of freedom! Sounds like you are on your way! Zooming fast! 🙂 ❤

    2. Hi JJ. I smiled at your dream and was vain enough perhaps to think the following. Last night I slipped into a pit of despair for a while. I remember thinking, “I know how JJ feels some times when he posts.” TODAY I wonder, “Did I help carry that ache within JJ for a while with me so that he was light enough to fly?”

      I had a lovely note from a NZ writer on f/b this morning about considering that the sadness I carry within is simply the sadness of humanity… no particular story attached to me. To go within and sob for my own sadness then sob for humanity. This is so profound and healing for me. Maybe tonight I will fly 🙂 Love, Nancee

      1. Very profound, Nancee. We are releasing a this stuff for humanity. God, you make me cry, Nancee. I love you.

        Love, JJ

  4. Pondering today on why when you lose someone you love but share the news from a place outside of “pain body” people rarely send condolences? If someone goes into great sobs and neediness (which I’m not trying to criticize) they get all kinds of empathy etc. Basically if I remain in strength (yet inwardly grieve) I feel unsupported. I share my loss rather than try and hold it all in but still observe that people just don’t appear to know how to handle that. That said… my daughter did give me a hug before she left me rattling around in this big house on my own for the night 🙂 Maybe I’m just over tired. I really am grateful to have you all and I know that I often take liberties to share my personal life and if we all did that no one would have time to read the comments. Thank you… I really do deeply appreciate it. Love, Nancee

    1. I have noticed that people sometimes took a detour around me instead of coming forward and condolences after my sons death. It’s probably because they do not dare drop the veil, so to speak. It’s always a pain to open the floodgate that hold one’s own grief also because you never know what that leads to…

      Thank you for choosing to share your life with us in the way you do. It was probably thought so. You heal your way just like Robin Williams did it in his way. We all have a role in our journey on this planet. I very much appreciate to take part of yours 🙂

      Love & light ❤


      1. Dear Nancee and dear B, sometimes people just don’t know what to say. My dad died when I was 14. When it happened (which happened after being paralyzed at a car accident and hospitalized for about 14 months) my school teachers and friends tried saying things to me but I always wondered: “how would they know how I feel? what they’re saying doesn’t help with the pain”. Since then I had to express condolences to many people which was always very difficult to me. I’d do everything not to say it just because I knew no words would help. Love to all of you, from the depth of my heart.

        1. I have heard that grieving is individual , an unique in it’s length.
          Be gentle with your self and I would say ….something just came to me. Embrace the part of you that knows all the answers for you. As each of us does this suffering will diminish. Just not the pain.

    2. I really don’t think society knows how to support those grieving. A friend of mine just finished her degree in social services and she was helping me understand my sister. My mother and I were talking and really feel this is a topic that needs more discussion in society. ❤ Thank you for sharing Nancee. We all learn so much about ourselves when we are together. ❤

  5. Big hugs everyone. I have to laugh at this message as the next two weeks, preparing for both of my girls to go to college, my best friend coming to visit and finalizing and producing a local student film festival all fall into alignment. What is important to remember is that IF you have to participate in 3D activities and feel out of sorts in the brain and in the “doing” realm, you can ask for assistance from your angels and guides. That is what I am doing and setting the strong intention to have ease and grace in the flow of my daily activities and allowing this processing and new alignment of the brain to occur during my sleep time. After the 25th I can then allow it all to flow peacefully at any time. This has been working wonderfully for me, but I definitely have noticed signs of this “disarray” happening, even in the simple process of reading this message! I feel strong and sure and trust that we will get through this process eventually and I even notice myself “solving” problems I have had for a long time with my inner being showing me exactly how to do this, in a full knowing, with little in the way of cognitive problem solving. Its quite wonderful! Loving you all! Alex

    1. whats cool Alex is that the veil being lifted… the Earth un-quarantined… new grid set up…..has set us free to actually create what we have previously only dreamed of.
      We always had the intent… but not the means. And, yes, we do have so much Loving assistance available here and with our guides, star families and such.
      We were all tangled up before. Entwined in duality and density.
      I know I felt very trapped here before the great release. It was so hard.
      I may still wrestle with the ‘fact’ that I Am free due to what I still seem to have to deal with in daily life…. and may not know exactly what to do from here… but… I do not have a doubt left in my brain for what I know of this new freedom bestowed upon us.
      Love you back soul sister – with much gratitude for all you are
      Joy for our re-union on Earth

  6. Lin1 — ah… Lin with the “1” makes its presence 🙂
    my dear Lin, I love that you wrote about WWI and WWII because…. I have had WWII on my mind for days and did not know why?! I mean I was looking at my Dad’s photo’s I found recently in his closet. He always said he did no combat and it was like a Caribbean Cruise! (He was stationed at Panama Canal). so, these photo’s sure do reflect that! can u say daily beach party?! 🙂 🙂
    so… anyway…. I have his letters to/from home to go with them now. cool. can match them up together for a complete story. was wondering why I was so transfixed on it though. really studied the guys in the pictures and thought about them all and their lives. Somehow I think it helped them transmute residual energy or something.
    thank you so much, Love A

  7. I don’t know about you guys but I feel like a body with two heads. They are one but different in some thoughts. Its like one head is always correcting the other when a negative thought comes form one head. One head says I am you and you are me so we watch the whole body and both minds to make it better for both heads. I correct you and you correct me because no one knows us like we do. We will advance together in life as one. Does this make any sense to anyone out there. No mater which head speaks its me its talking to and trying to help.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. Thank you for sharing about your both heads Ray 🙂

      My head feels so light today. It was the first thing I noticed this morning. It is easier to deal with things and I move between different circumstances all the time very easily, just as if a resistor has released. I have also noticed recently that my heart responds very significantly, in a physical way, when I hear / see / read / talk about both positive and negative things. I am simply more tangibly present now 🙂

      Love & light ❤


      1. Sounds like Zaphod Beeblebrox. Two brains, an old and a new one.
        Here sidestepping is the issue. The path of least resistance, habits, old school processing. Data overflow. Solution : Dancing. Duo Acrobatic. Why 1
        Wrote this? Already forgotten in da first place. Hey.

      2. Hi Ray,
        I have read that the soul has at creation two parts, one male and one female. One is in 3d density and the other on the other side of the veil. Folks a lot of times have as children the knowing they are twins. but parents say no. Maybe what you are experiencing is the awareness of the both of you. With no veil in the way.
        Or you could be raising your vibration now, to meet your higher self!

    2. Are you speaking of your conscience and the two sides of it or are you speaking of perhaps two separate selves in different vibrations or timelines. Perhaps you are integrating all of the yous!

    3. yup!
      and I know others have mentioned it here about the ‘self-correction’ going on. Like u cant hold a ‘bad thought’ for very long anymore, etc.
      I have always felt ‘beside myself’ so to speak. the trinity: the ego one in the body, the wise soul in/around the body and ‘The One watching it All 🙂 🙂

      1. had a vision or dream a long time ago with the ‘three’: two battling it out in a boxing ring and ‘the one’ watching in neutrality. I think now the one watching has become so bright and shinning that the other two cant help but notice and by noticing, they become changed. New awareness creates a new integration- a divine intervention makes its way in with our welcome to it!

    4. I get this Ray! You described this it very well!
      Constant talking going on inside my head, just like 2 different people.
      A negative thought comes up and the stronger, brighter one shows up at the party and says, “No Way”. Then, we change that negative thought into a more positive thought with light & love. This has begun to be a game with me and I am getting Good at it!

      Stopping Stinkin Thinkin is not an easy task at all!

      I feel you Ray,

  8. ❤ Perhaps this article will be helpful for some of those questioning certain illnesses, Ascension symptoms, new beliefs that will allow one’s body to heal, regenerate, even grow new limbs, new teeth, etc. (hat-tip to Kiera). The article includes info also on the illuminati, Aids, food / allergies, relationships, karma. This article may / may not prove helpful. At the least, I hope it gives you a smile or a Light-filled laugh. ❤


    (channeled by Matthew Ward, August 12, 2014).


    “…Possibly media focus on Ebola is behind the number of emails about other health issues, and we shall address those most frequently questioned. How can we know which symptoms are ascension-related and which aren’t; to what extent are GMO foods adversely affecting health; how much are toxins in chemtrails affecting us; what can we do to strengthen immune systems; what causes chronic low energy and fatigue; when will illness of all kinds disappear?

    “In all of those situations, the answer is light—the “one size fits all”—and we happily offer information that can be helpful in absorbing light. Always the purpose of our messages has been to offer enlightenment, guidance and encouragement during these transformative phases that the planet and all of her residents are going through; and especially in the prevailing vibrations, where “good” gets better and “bad” gets worse, proper care of yourselves in mind, body and spirit is vital! Sound health makes it easier for messages from the soul to reach the consciousness, and your souls are telling you to look beyond the illusion, to open your minds and hearts to the reality of who you are—this is what ascension is all about!

  9. I’m not just a star-gazer in the night but also a cloud-gazer at daytime.
    Just now I have seen anything so beautiful, a single cloud that looked like the Lamb of God, it was in the sky right above me and looked down at me.
    It lay there with its legs pulled up and had a real lamb face with eyes, nose/mouth and lambs ears.
    It looked so nice that I’m still very touched by it.

    ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

    Ich Bin nicht nur ein Sternengucker in der Nacht sondern auch ein Wolkengucker am Tag.
    Vorhin habe Ich etwas so Schönes gesehen, eine einzelne Wolke die aussah wie das Lamm Gottes, es war am Himmel rechts über mir und schaute zu mir herunter.
    Es lag da mit angezogenen Beinen und hatte ein richtiges Lamm–Gesicht mit Augen, Nase/Mund und Lämmchen–Ohren.
    Es sah so schön aus dass Ich immer noch sehr berührt davon Bin.

    Heart greetings
    Star–Gazer BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    1. ❤ Dear Bixie… a large lamb's face / head appeared in my inner vision during the last Gathering… it remained for quite awhile. With Love, Bixie, Thank You. ❤ 🙂

    2. I know this is controversial, but here it comes Bixie.
      Water has memory and when we observe anything we change it’s vibration.
      So you have been projecting a lamb in the water droplets of the clouds, weather consciously or unconsciously.
      Thank you for sharing your creation with us!
      Some day I will get together all the animal cloud pictures I have taken.

      Love and bright light. ❤

      1. Michael I too am interested in your cloud pictures. Cloud gazing for shapes fascinates me. Some hold their shapes a long time… maybe you’ve just explained why. ~Nancee

        1. Hi there Nancee,
          These are not shapes only, they are full representation of the life you have encountered. At Easter time the sky is full of animals as children’s imagination of animals permeate the atmosphere. But I could be wrong . I only know absolutely that I can record images, digitally, and make clouds disappear.
          Which is pretty amazing!!!! You can do it too.
          Peace and love.

          1. Michael this time last year I first discovered I could erase clouds…with my mind I guess…one time I took a chunk out of the middle of a chemtrail

            Something about the way my eyes felt when I did this felt…weird I guess…it was almost like I was focusing…REALly focusing in the HERE and NOW for the first time in my life…and simultaneously it almost felt like I was seeing into two worlds at the same time

            I was reminded of this when the CCs were talking about seeing past the obvious and into the space between the 1s

            All this talk of clouds reminds me too of why I call the sky the IAMagicALL skEYE

            I feel MUCH COmmU~N’~IcatiON COming from the sky…I can feel IT speak tHERE in the sky but like ITs COming from INside me…like its…COming from INside me but being AMplified in the sky…like I’m feel/hearing my HIGHer Self speak ThrOugh me from withIN and with’out’…showing me that though WE are ONE…WE still have an experience~able Relationship…wHERE WE can COnverse

            I almost feel like sky is a reflection/symbol for the Viewing Screen/Mirror that we Project LIFELIGHT onto that Reflects the LIGHT back to us as the LIFE we experience…

            Can’t wait to SEE what today’s skEYE shows 🙂

            Thanks for the wonderful cloud conversations everyone!

            1. Hey Amy !
              I used to think of the Sun as a movie projector when I was a kid.
              Was just telling my guy about this last night 😉
              I also used to imagine there was ‘nothing’, not one thing outside my house…. like it was all just darkness outside the windows… used to creep myself out! LoL
              you are terrific kiddo ! So Love your energy here! down to earth, yet etherically energetic and fun as well !
              Love , A

              1. Hey Areeza!

                The sun as a projector eh? Sounds about right to me 🙂

                That whole thing with your house being the only thing surrounded by darkness around it–I totally get you on that…I myself have had that same sensation…like my house was an island in a sea of black nothing and if I stepped out of my doorway I would…fall into the VOID…wonder what that’s telling us 🙂

                Thank you for what you said about my energy here…I too love yours! And my energy here would not be what it is without you all…my energy here is different from my energy anywhere else…in other words my energy here is co created by the lot of Us

                And I SO appreciate what I can BE with you All

                Love you my dear sweet Friend ❤

                1. “And my energy here would not be what it is without you all…my energy here is different from my energy anywhere else…in other words my energy here is co created by the lot of Us.”

                  Wow, so true, Amy! I feel the same. Sometimes my words come just pooring out when I “say” something here on the Pond, like you guys just draw them out.


                  1. Exactly JayJay…we draw from each what can only be drawn together

                    I have noticed that when I write without thinking about it stuff then flows freely from both my subconscious and my superconscious…letting me see what I need to see that is still hiding in the darkness of my subconscious and I know that my superconscious is connected to the ALL…so what streams from there is in part coming from everyone…from the part of me that is everyone…such as yourself 🙂

                    So thank you for my and your aka myOUR COntributions to myself as an individual and to myOURSELF as a WHOLE

              2. Oh yes – so it is!
                A few years ago I visited my “larger ME” in the sun. The black being opened the door for me and my white I lay on a sloping lawn and looked in a monitor. It did not notice me because it only looked at the monitor.
                I think it is the white being that I see for a few days.

                ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

                Oh ja, es ist so.
                Vor einigen Jahren besuchte Ich mein „größeres ICH“ in der Sonne. Das schwarze Wesen öffnete mir die Türe und mein weißes Ich lag auf einer schrägen Liege und schaute in einen Monitor. Es bemerkte mich gar nicht denn es schaute nur in den Monitor.
                Ich glaube, es ist das weiße Wesen das Ich seit einigen Tagen sehe.

                Heart_Light Greetings
                FLYING BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            2. Nice to find another cloud disappearer. Not many folks want to believe they can do it. At first I had no confirmation that it wasn’t in my mind only. But found family members who thought I had finally flipped out, go along with me. And they saw it too, happy day!!
              I have noticed that fast moving clouds are hard to stop totally but can get a peace off one. But soft fluffy slow ones I can get the whole sky to stop moving as if they were in an entangled state with each water drop.
              I believe with intention the clouds can give many of our feelings physical images.
              Hmmmm we can be sky writers.

              1. Happy days!!! Lol! Congrats on getting your family to see it too…I have yet to try that…I think at this point you may be a little more of an ‘expert’ cloud disappearer 🙂

                I’ve only done bits of clouds and only the slower moving ones

                I usually go for the small clouds but I have tried big ones and managed to put small holes in them…and I have noticed that the white ones are easier to deal with than the grey ones…interesting…my perception thinks that the grey ones are more…substantial and harder to affect…hmm

                I find it very interesting what you’re saying about getting the whole sky to stop moving…I never perceived it that way before…it’s triggering something for me…

                Anyway I love! the skywriter thing! Talk about a way to make writing a whole NEW thing 🙂

                Guess we won’t need those airplanes that stream signs behind them anymore…I’ll just write you a message in the sky and then watch for your reply 🙂

                Thanks Michael…this has really set a dreamy tone to my day

                1. Always a pleasure to communicate with like gifted folks.
                  Here is how I do it. I just observe the clouds edges which will either slow down and then stop entirely or expand a little into wisppiness and then with time vanish. usually in 3-5 minutes the small cloud will be not be visible any longer. Will the water particles still be there……..?
                  Haven’t found out exactly what is really happening. But I believe I create maybe a vortex or mini wind that holds the clouds in place. because sometimes I feel the wind blowing from the opposite direction from the main wind system.
                  Life is a mystery that keeps me on my toes…always!!!

                  Love to you Amy, if you lived east of me you would see the clouds I can create, or I could see the ones you do.
                  a friend of mine sometimes see the same patterns in the clouds hundreds of miles away to my east.

                  I remember when I was young and my brothers and I would point out shapes that reminded us of stuff. We always competed!!!

                  Love and light, and sweet dreams.

                  1. I got up this morning and remembered the cloud posts. 🙂 I remembered later that a few years ago I was taking my dog to a competition out of state hoping to finish his title. The night before I took the trash out and the moon was large and bright and a huge cloud passed over it that looked just like my dog! I took it as a good sign as it seemed to follow my already good feelings. Two days later he won and finished his title! So this idea of creating clouds is a wonderful new concept to me. I never had thought about it before only observed shapes in the clouds that I liked. But memory in water and clouds holding our thoughts…really awesome! Hope you share your cloud pics soon. 🙂 ❤ Denise

                  2. That’s super interesting Michael…we kind of do this in…oppositish ways 🙂 I tend to ignore the edges and just…see the whole thing which I then…blur out my vision until I can’t see the cloud with my eyes…and as my vision blurs in and out the cloud wavers in and out of ‘reality’ along with my vision until I finally…hold my vision in the state where there is no cloud and after a few minutes I…’win’ and when I let my vision go normal again the cloud is gone

                    It makes me laugh to think of anyone who might be paying attention to the cloud I am looking at…wondering if they notice this cloud flickering in and out of the sky 🙂

                    I’m not sure if I would be east of you…I live in western Canada…not sure where you’re at…but I’m guessing I’m probably not east of you

                    However…there are no limits right?! So if we use the Inner skEYE perhaps our cloud messages can go in any direction 🙂 I’ve been thinking of ‘posting’ messages on an Inner chALLkboard that I’ve hung up in the sky and just leaving them there for anyone to find :)…maybe one day I’ll wake up and find the outer clouds reflecting what I’ve written within 🙂

                    Much love to you my Cloud Adventurer

    3. With Clouds I also have my experiences, I watch them for years and found out that they are communication and possibilities of a game.
      We can play with them, but we also receive messages through them.

      A medial friend once read in my ‚I AM’ that I once was a ,cloud former’. I went on the clouds and made shapes from them.

      If I see ,chemtrails’ I only say short „deleted” and they disappear. Then I can see again the images and figures and enjoy to it.
      The day before yesterday was a white feather on my balcony and in the sky were repeatedly spring clouds’. ~ Wings? ~

      (And let’s not forget our light siblings in the spaceships in orbit! They also love to play.)

      ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

      Mit Wolken habe Ich auch meine Erfahrungen gesammelt, Ich beobachte sie seit Jahren und fand heraus dass sie Kommunikation und Spielmöglichkeit sind.
      Wir können mit ihnen spielen, aber wir erhalten auch Botschaften durch sie.

      Eine mediale Freundin las einmal in meinem „ICH BIN“ dass Ich früher einmal eine ‚Wolkenbildnerin’ war. Ich ging über die Wolken und bildete Formen aus ihnen.

      Wenn Ich ‚Chemtrails’ sehe sage Ich nur kurz „gelöscht“ und sie verschwinden. Dann kann Ich wieder die Bilder und Figuren sehen und mich daran erfreuen.
      Vorgestern lag eine weiße Feder auf meinem Balkon und am Himmel waren immer wieder ‚Federwolken’. ~Flügel?~

      Und lasst uns nicht unsere Lichtgeschwister in den Raumschiffen im Orbit vergessen! Auch sie lieben es zu spielen.)

      Heart_Light Greetings

  10. thanks as always for your love and for the message, aisha.
    it’s been quite possibly the worst 11 months of my life. i read your words and want to believe them, but the “challenges” … i could do without them anymore. one can only handle so much and i’m at my limit… have been for months now…but it seems to get worse… it’s hard to see or feel any light at all… i feel like i’ve been forgotten about.

    1. Dear Audrey, I haven’t forgotten you. You’re as beautiful and as special as before. I see the light within you. You are shining sister. Just look at the mirror and see what is beneath your skin.

      1. oh how sweet you are, tijen. thank you for the kind words of encouragement and support. sometimes the littlest things stretch the farthest and longest. it’s just hard, feeling like you’re doing it all alone. i’m grateful for the internet so i can connect with other souls who see life how i do… but i admit it is also hard because in my “reality” of my day-to-day life i do not always get the support i need… i’m hoping that will change very soon. sometimes i just worry my light has burnt out… but i’m glad you can see it.

        thank you ❤

        1. Dear Audrey, I think having a wonderful family of light around here helps all of us. I understand you (we all do) need supporting people around, which is normal, very human. We’re emotional beings and we need the support of other people, especially people who are dear to us. I’m also a foodie, or I shall say I was. I have ten published books, I translated some books, wrote for newspapers, magazines, hosted a tv documentary program on food but some years ago I had a court case because of one of my books and it was from someone whom I loved dearly. It was a shock of my life. In the process, I didn’t get support from my colleagues, even from people I thought were close to me. It was very heartbreaking. I think those years were among the worst years of my life. I kept thinking that it wasn’t fare, I didn’t deserve that. I think it was last year, I did a self regression session, through Brian Weiss’ video. I did few of those but in that particular one, I saw a life which ended cruelly. The girl (I think it was me) died in the arms of a guy saying “this is not fair”. And I heard a voice saying, “there is no unfair”. Now I believe I had that experience to learn something. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. Perhaps it’ll touch something in your life. I don’t know. If you want to write me in person, pls let me know. I’d love to support you in any way I can. (Oh by the way I love your tiny house. I posted it on my facebook page if you don’t mind me. Not the photo but the link on your website. I’ve always wanted to live in a tiny house like that. Our summer house is also tiny but I stay here with my mom and I don’t enjoy this place much because of our neighbors. Although I own this house on paper, I don’t feel like it belongs to me or I belong to it.)

          1. wow, jj. thank you for sharing so freely with me.
            i appreciate that you are a foodie {seriously, sometimes i just cry when i look at beautiful produce} and have experience with it! and i appreciate your transparency in sharing your experiences with me. i can only imagine how difficult that must’ve been to go through… court and all. please do send me an email {it’s on my blog} and i would love to keep in touch. i don’t want to bombard aisha’s page with comments 😉

            i have been struggling lately because i keep saying {or yelling} that, too. “it’s not fair!” and although i’ve never done any regression work, i have this tugging voice that constantly tells me i was joan of arc in a previous life… and it’s not just like i’m a obsessed fan – there is something about her life that i feel so very very drawn to… i’m petrified of fire and everyone tells me i look french 😉 not to mention my destroyed throat chakra {i also believe i was hung in a previous life.} i know i’m a very very old soul. based on my natal chart, my challenge in this life is to let go of the feeling of having to “save the world” and to just fall in love with every day life… and it IS a challenge to do that, for me. probably because in so so many of my previous lives, i fought till the death. my “life experience” goes far beyond my 34 years. i just wish this one didn’t feel so… CONFUSING!

            and thank you for sharing my blog with your facebook followers!! that means a lot. the tiny house movement is picking up steam and taking the internet by storm. i don’t know if i’ll be able to stay here much longer, but the experience has been so memorable!

            talk more soon… xxoo ❤

            1. The Joan of Arc experience has kept with me all my life to Audrey. Maybe many of us fought that fight with her. I used to see myself in the front lines. In this life, I like being in the back – behind the scenes though people always seem to want to bring me out front again.
              So many similarities we all seem to share here. Its really quite groovy 🙂 🙂
              I have had a life struggle this time around and can relate to you in that very well too. The fair thing has come up over and over. My ex had an ex who was like a demon from the depths of hell! That woman wanted his head! and anyones who was with him! It was such stress for 17 yrs. It got to him and he is in a nursing home with dementia. he always had such a strong mind to. He created a program called “The Language of Healing”. I helped him develop it. We tried so much to do our good works and were dragged down again and again in the court system. His ex stole their childrens trust fund… had him locked up a couple times when he could not pay… court was very ‘unfair’ and it all got to me terribly. I ended up in the nut house for a week… thankfully only a week. Decided to get divorced because it was all affecting him and me too much.
              Always seemed to have financial troubles. Had Lymes Disease that got me real low for about 6 yrs. Suicidal thoughts my whole adult life…. but… thinking of Robin Williams, I think you really have to have that self loathing thing to do it. I don’t have that. I do Love myself 🙂 So… I am still here. With you my friend! We get it here! and we have the main ingredient which is Love and it truly is all that matters in the beginning, middle and end. ❤ hang in with us! Love you! Areeza – very old soul too 😉

    2. ❤ Dear Audrey, I haven't forgotten you either. Was wondering where you were. I have no helpful advice to give. I offer only that you are always enveloped in Love&Light&JOY here. (It does get better, Sweet One) With Love, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. sweet lin, thank you!!
        i don’t always need to advice, but just having someone{s} there to listen, relate, and understand, means so much! i want to be as positive and happy and uplifting as i can… but as i said, these “challenges” have taken a toll on me.

        somehow i keep getting up out of bed and starting over each day… again and again. i guess for now that is all i can do.

        xxoo ❤ ❤ thank you again… for being you.

    3. This last year was hell and I thought the last ten were difficult. I take each day as it comes now. Nothing planned, only tentative plans…if it happens it happens. So much has been breaking down, but some foundations were being built at the same time even if we couldn’t see them. All things have their time and place to happen. The energies are really pushing us now. It is going to get better even if things don’t seem like it…even if they get worse. Keep telling yourself this I do. I think we have done most of the hard part. The good that is coming will be so worth it all! Sending you hugs! ❤ Denise

      1. hi sweet denise, thank you for your kind words!! ❤

        i hear what you're saying and i feel it, i just struggle so hard because i'm told my life is valuable and important, etc… but yet i feel like people literally don't see me or hear me and i feel like a fish out of water and just… overlooked and under-appreciated. i feel a lot of physical and emotional pain and it is so taxing. i know we are told we aren't given more than we can handle but seriously at what point does it stop pouring in?! i just need to feel like something is flowing… and yeah as you said, sometimes it's hard because we can't see it happening… i need to know something is happening!!!

        sigh. thanks for letting me vent. and thanks for the love and support! i always feel safe at the pond. ❤ xxoo

    4. Sending Light and Love, Audrey. I just visited your website and I was amazed to find a fellow photograper, so nice!
      I don’t know if this will help, but go within yourself, into your heart, that’s where the Light is. Anyway, I don’t know your challenges, but maybe they are not challenges at all, but simply changes. Changes necessary for You.


      1. hi jayjay!

        {one of my best friends in the whole world is a “JJ”}

        thank you for your kind words. they mean a lot to me. i look within all the time… but sometimes that doesn’t work or give me the answers i need… as usually the answer is just “more patience”… i’m still a human living on planet earth. 😉

        i will go check out your site right now! happy to meet another fotographer and love that you’re in the netherlands!

        thanks for the love – right back at ya!

        1. Cool, Audrey. I’m not very good with patience either. Everytime there is a new missive with “news” I think: WHEN????? When is there finally going be something substancial, some evidence, some proof, something to SEE? Ahhhhh…
          Cool that you know another JJ. 🙂


          1. so great to connect, jj! thank you again for reaching out. aisha has a way of bringing us all together, doesn’t she?! i just love this blog. thank you thank you thank you – to all of you ❤

  11. Hi All~

    Well I have really been enjoying reading this batch of comments after these last CC Short Updates and eureka!

    So much has tumbled into place for me.
    First let me say I find it a huge comfort you all are on the planet Earth with me. You/me US!

    My feeling about you Aisha, and your sister that you write about, and your journey are DEEP. I feel a really profound soul sister connection to you.

    I have “tuned in” to channelings in general awhile back. Time is so subjective and flexible really, isn’t it? Our perspective of it shifts with our emotional states.

    I remember a great ad I thought at the time…of a little boy standing in the rain after school, waiting to be picked up, as everyone else around was and he wasn’t. He was in a slicked down raincoat and the narrator intoned ” Time drags for hours when you are waiting…” something like that.

    I think it was an ad for a watch business.

    Point is, the advertisers were clever, using emotional imagery to give a universal audience a human experience all could resonate with; the feeling of time dragging when you are worried and left out in the cold and damp.

    That time seems to slow down, to drag its feet.

    In contrast to the saying “Time flies when you are having fun”.

    I say this because in my own pov which is short in script writing circles for point of view, we all are mental/emotional/embodied critters. And when we look at others we see ourselves within them too at some level.

    Well here we all are now collectively; us Ponders.

    We have gradually grown as a group through Aisha the human sister’s guidance. Everything about you Aisha rings true. That is why I think of you fondly as True North. 🙂

    Aisha has been at the forefront of true blue channelers in my book.

    You Aisha alongside a handful of others. I think that is because you apparently channel your messages in a very pure and powerful way in English, which from the internet vantage point looks to be expanding exponentially.

    So second, I want to observe that the kinship I feel for you and the CCs is likely not at all an accident, although I can not track back to the exact time or place I came upon you and your and CCs messages.

    But I know it was through the Lightworker.org association of channelers and so it was reposted there within their format.

    today I can see so much coming together. I see very intelligent, seeking folks here from all over the globe, the planet, in LOVE, in real true love with one another.

    For me it is akin to a wonderful group circle where we share our most intimate and vulnerable thoughts and feelings in a way that ultimately supports and enhances each other.

    I am a nurse. I was trained, my brain was trained laboriously and carefully over 59 years. First in my biological family I was born into in Middlebury, Vermont, then in 5 years of travel as a Navy brat to several States, then in Massachusetts as a public school raised kid through High School. Then at Simmons College in Boston for 4 years as a nurse.

    Then more travel as wife and mom and nurse to New Zealand for 6 months and on to Australia (Sydney), Thailand, Europe, and home to Concord, Massachusetts again. To give birth again, this time to a baby girl. Raising aforementioned baby girl and toddler boy through the eighties to now when they themselves are over their mid 30s already and number one son and wife have now had their own baby girl, now a year old plus, traveling and starting off life in a pack pack, seeing the the wild beauty of Earth. Ayla is my first grand daughter’s name. Pronounced Eyela. She sees. She rejoices!

    I also spent a year at Harvard Divinity School while these two were wee ones, cookie crunchers as my New Zealand friends would call them at that age.

    After returning from globe trotting for a full year.

    And later still, when offspring were heading into adolescence, I attended Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire in the Master of Arts in Liberal Stuies courses.

    This is long winded. 🙂

    But in order to get this, what I want to convey here to this group is my mind was trained academically amongst some pretty elite institutions in the usa.

    That being said I appreciate from my own life, from my very own lived world experiences what resonates at a universal human family member kind of way and what does not.

    And Aisha’s messages from within herself and what she channels rings true.

    They are in synch with teaching our planetary physicists tell us about string theory and the loopiness of time.

    Seeing time as a ball of yarn for me works well.
    Getting back to feeling states and elasticity.

    It feels like “no time” has passed since writing any comments here.

    Yet not so! So much has passed and changed in one month between the July and August Pond Gatherings that to me it is truly amazing!

    My main squeeze is Tim.

    Tim and I moved. We moved from northern Vermont to the lakes region of New Hampshire.

    We moved and in our extended family as grown daughter Syd coined it, set off a shit storm of reaction within our extended family. lol

    My parents have been married now for over 60 years! To each other. 🙂

    My father was born in Stockholm, Sweden and my mother is from Washington, D.C.

    In the process of moving this month, Tim and I wanted to assist the whole extended family to come together in a different way this year. Yes, we celebrate birthdays and Christmas and other holidays.

    Now we hope that the physical gatherings will be more easeful and graceful for all in our family.

    Also though, the anxieties, perplexities and confusion our brains feel when this is happening are real too and it is so helpful to know, to “hear” to see that others are experiencing similar symptoms is very helpful to me.

    So the resonance in my blood I feel with Aisha I think (and this is a classical hypothesis) comes from biogenetic resonance; that of Nordic shared origins with Aisha. Coming from Scandinavian roots so to speak on the paternal side of my family tree.

    On the maternal side are Celtic and likely again on both sides pagan ancestry. Hence the glee and delight with shamanic rituals and processes; burning old dead limbs and brush in season, seeding, planting, cultivating, harvesting…hunting, gathering, telling stories and sagas around the camp fire at night.

    Repeatedly plunging into wilderness to rebalance and calibrate with the nature spirits, fairies, wee ones, invisibles who guard our collective earthly inheritences of all that is magnificent Earth!

    Whew! What a mouthful. Anyhow you all have already shared so many joys and sorrows, groans and moans with me, and now I feel the lightening at last.

    I fly frequently in dreams in the dream state too.

    Like other commenters here, familiar voices now to me. And hop into real jets to haul my physical body from place to place too, still.

    But I am finding the very heaviness or lightness of items brought along the journey show me their ideal properties in a given situation.
    For manifesting. I arrange stuff. To be cozy or to fall asleep for the night. Sometimes it stays that way. Sometimes something put up high falls down. So I rearrange that. Design flaw. Make it work. Simply. Peaceably.

    Cycles of washing and drying. Wind and stillness, sunshine and moon shine. Rest and recreation. Motion and stillness. Hot and cold, joy and sheer exhaustion. Body wisdom and common sense. We all experience. we all go through, with more or less resistance.

    So a hearty thanks to you all for being here. BEing and BEaming. Thank you. Thank you all sooooo much!
    Love and Light from me, Monica, happily and breezily floated into a new home near Angels Landing in Milton. New Hampshire.

    With plenty of room for Ponders who would like to visit and possibly resettle here in an intentional, grace-filled living viable community of like minded and souled folks. ❤ Monica King 🙂

    1. Gosh, Monica. I am sort of speechless after your wonderful words. All I can say is that I too feel so much love for All Gathered here. This Pond is truly a very warm, loving place to Be. I too have ancestors from the Nordic: from Norway. I don’t know if that is why I feel such kinship with Aisha, but I do see her (you Aisha) as a (Light) Sister. It just feels that way. I too visited New Zealand (3 months) and Sydney, Australia, and many countries in Europe (I live in the Netherlands). I have visited Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (Lapland), but I haven’t been to Norway yet, but it is one of my great wishes to visit that place one day (don’t know if I ever will).
      Angels Landing sounds like a great place for you to settle, what an appropriate name, and thank you for the invitation to visit or resettle (!).
      I don’t have much room in my apartment, but I would like to welcome any Pond visitors too! I live in Haarlem, which is near Amsterdam.


    2. Sounds wonderful Monica! I would love to gather round an evening bond fire with you and listen to stories of your travels! Sending hearts your way ❤ Denise

  12. Look for things that you appreciate where you are. It will put you in a place of perfect allowing, even when you are not yet manifesting all that you want.
    “There are many people right now experiencing the dream that is coming for me, who were at one time standing right where I’m standing. I’m right on track. There is not anything amiss here. Everything is unfolding perfectly. I am perfect where I am and gravitating to something that will satisfy me even more.”
    That’s the attitude that lets it expand.

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Dallas, TX on Saturday, November 11th, #222

    Schaut aus nach Dingen, die Ihr dort, wo Ihr Euch befindet, wertschätzt. Es versetzt Euch in den Zustand des perfekten Zulassens, auch wenn Ihr noch nicht all das manifestiert habt, was Ihr wünscht.
    “Es gibt viele Menschen, die genau jetzt den Traum erleben, der auch für mich kommen wird und die irgendwann auch einmal an dem Punkt standen, an dem ich nun stehe. Ich bin auf dem richtigen Weg. Nichts fehlt hier. Alles entwickelt sich vollkommen perfekt. Ich bin perfekt, wo ich stehe und gehe in eine Richtung, die mich noch mehr zufriedenstellen wird.”
    Genau das ist die Einstellung, die Ausdehnung zulässt.

  13. I have very pleasant experiences, but I can not really describe it.
    Since Saturday I see unicorns and a white being that smiles at me, send me light rays (like the horn of a unicorn) but I do not really know who it is.
    When I found out more I will write more about it (I’m not to keep away from) 😀


    Ich habe sehr schöne Erlebnisse, aber Ich kann sie nicht so recht beschreiben.
    Seit Samstag sehe Ich Einhörner und ein weißes Wesen das mich anlacht, mir Lichtstrahlen schickt (wie das Horn eines Einhorns) aber Ich weiß nicht so recht wer es ist.
    Wenn Ich mehr herausgefunden habe werde Ich mehr darüber schreiben (da Bin Ich nicht zu halten) 😀

    Heart_Light Greetings

    1. like my sun headed being Bix! I saw it again last night – on top of the hill – in a vision – and his or its body was like a playing card. not the numbered/symbol side but the picture side. I just remembered this thanks to you 🙂 hmmm. Is it saying to me: “play with me more?!”

        1. I feel the energy of the lion gate and full moon.
          I read this from Franheal at wordpress .com.
          The coming together of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene in one channel. Love everlasting.
          “We, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, come as a unit now to demonstrate and depict and convey a feeling of Love that you all are beginning to tap, that you all are ready to tap into more fully. It is a deeper sense of Love that is connected with your True Being, your True Core, your mingling with Source and all its glory. This exalted state of Love is becoming more available to you as you raise your vibration to a higher level, brought on and instigated by these lovely energies* of late and of Now.”

          If that is not a balanced channel I don’t know what would be.
          Hope this helps folks feel the love.<3 ❤ ❤

            1. “Oh beloveds, you are merely scratching the surface and the depths of possibilities that Love can bring you – that Love can bring you to such a High State of Being that you float amongst the Stars and pure Bliss. Yet because you are Lightworkers on this planet to bring in and magnify and share this Love from Source, you will naturally ground this higher state of the Stars and Bliss into Mother Earth and Humanity.

              That is your purpose. As you blend with your Higher Selves and all your aspects, as you mesh and mingle with Source and bring it into, and recognize it in, your very beings, you not only raise and elevate your condition to the natural state of your Divinity, but you also bring it to others and to sweet Gaia.

              And our beloveds, we are here as an example of your very potential to do that. As you integrate and blend and anchor your merging of the masculine and the feminine parts of your Being, you become whole and complete, and privy to the full onslaught of Love Everlasting. You bring it to Earth. You bring Heaven to Earth while you are exploring the depths of your very Divine Being and the depths of what Heaven on Earth really means and is:

              It is the merging of your divine qualities, the blending of all your aspects to support the higher realms and to support the Earth and all Galaxies and Universes and the Multiverse in this beautiful undertaking of becoming Love Everlasting, of becoming One with All That Is, with becoming once again the Light of Source, here on Earth.”
              Your wish Lin is my command!!!

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