A short update on the energies

As the floodgates open, many of you will feel as if swept away by these incoming energies, and rightly so. For now, nothing will be left bobbing around listlessly in its wake, rather, all things will be reset in a very new way, and through this, new horizons will once again emerge. Again, we speak in riddles, but let us try to give you some images that will perhaps serve to lift the inner fog somewhat. You see, you are still very much wrapped within that cocoon of humanity you have been ensconced within for such a long time, and so, what is happening can be difficult to discern with the naked eye if you will. Again, we talk about the fact that you as human beings are still very much attuned to registering everything around you with the human part of you, the senses that gauge everything by way of sensory, aural and other “measurable” – by your standards –  frequencies. But now, what is happening is a shift that will bring you all out of sync with what these normal ways of understanding will try to tell you, and so, you will feel as if you are literally walking by your side instead of feeling fully centered at all times.

This may sound confusing, and indeed it will be, but this is also an important part of the process you are being taken through now. Remember, as we have already told you, there are no limits anymore, and in order to make it easier for you all to start to take that in – and yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word, you will be pushed and shifted about in such a way, you will feel as if you are being left bereft of any familiar coordinates at all at times.

And so, you may find yourself looking into the mirror and thinking “who is that”, or you may look down upon your own body and feel as if you are looking at a foreign and to you very unfamiliar object. You will have instances where everything you see around you, whether it be man made objects or even parts of Mother Nature herself, seem to be nothing more than a chimera or a painted backdrop, a set put together to serve as a mere decor around you. In other words, do not be surprised if you at times feel totally untethered from “reality”, and that includes your own being. It may sound frightening, but you will at the same time feel a deep connection to something that you know is very familiar, that you know is YOU, while at the same time you will have a hard time connecting this core to the physical attributes that they are currently being hosted within.

You see, what is taking place is literally the lifting of the veil between the world as you have known it – seemingly forever – and the worlds that lie beyond them. And you as a truly multidimensional being are already well versed in residing on multiple planes simultaneously, but as your human part will be trying to convince you, that is simply not possible. For your human part will try to confine the very essence of your being to what you already know well, in other words the world of a human, with all of the visual and sensory definitions that comes with. But now, your ability to sense will start to exceed all of these old borders and imaginary limits, and so, there will be a period of seemingly counterintuitive conflict between what you think you are and what you will experience yourself as.

For now, you will expand in every way, as your very being start to interact with more of itself in a very tangible way, and so, your sense of equilibrium will be the first one to go. For remember, every step you have taken on this planet has been defined within the frames of a human body, and as such, your perception have been fine tuned to working within these frames. But now, those old measurements can no longer be used, and you will find yourself literally struggling to make sense of it all. But again, that is simply a part of growing up and out of your old confines, and as such, all of this confusion should simply be taken as signs of awakening, the awakening of those parts that have been dormant for such a long time, but who are now slowly but surely waking up and stepping to the helm, beginning to make their presence known to you in so many ways.

So do not fret, even if you might find yourself scratching your head and thinking you are beginning to lose it all, for it is in fact the other way around. You are for the first time beginning to come back together again in a way that will set you back to functioning to your full capacity instead of running on just one small engine. So again we say, know that all is well even when everything you “know” seems to be telling you the opposite. For you are simply getting to know those parts of you that are so familiar to you, but have been kept out of sight, waiting for this moment to arrive. So welcome the unsteadiness and the uneasiness and the total strangeness of it all, for it is simply the way back to the one you used to be, the one that is much more familiar to you than that singular being within that old familiar body you have thought was you for far too long.

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  1. Yes, that was a part of the old system (i didn’t knew about these filters) causing confusion. thanks Aisha, love to all

  2. It happened in Australia…
    It was people power that saved someone from possibly serious injury. Score of passengers, together with the staff at the train station, managed to tilt the carriage so the man could free his leg from the gap between the platform and the train.( He overlooked the warning sign)
    The people come together in no time and rocked the train. I saw the clip and felt so good…
    Take care all.

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    The Aging Process is Not Necessary


    Reposting for everyone the higher dimensional secret to the Fountain of Youth — been living it, and it actually works.





    And this is the best tip yet, the major key, for not aging:

    “When you operate from knowingness….you DON’T CARE.”

    ~ BASHAR


    When you “don’t care” about aging, you take yourself completely out of the System of Belief, that the human collective is buying into and believing in. They are programming themselves to age, simply by having a “belief” about it.

    When you don’t think about aging at all, and just APPRECIATE looking younger and younger every time you look in the mirror — you bypass the Belief System entirely.



    1. Hi Kiera
      “Age is an issue of mind over matter – If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter” Mark Twain

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  5. Look what I photographed last night (I made another video from the pictures):

    First there was a golden sunset with pink clouds on blue sky.
    Then were to see all the colors that I usually always see inside: black, white, pink, blue and a little gold.

    Zuerst war ein goldener Sonnenuntergang mit rosa Wolken auf blauem Himmel.
    Danach waren noch all die Farben zu sehen die Ich sonst immer innen sehe: Schwarz, Weiß, Rosa, Blau und ein bisschen Gold.

    Heart_Light Greetings

    1. Dear Bixi, the colours you describe, i See Them some times when i lookt at trees when the sun is shining. I See the colours around the leafes, AS if the tree shines it selfe. Very beautyful!

  6. sun,wind,yellow flowers.
    The circus moved another time.
    More friends arrived. Rehersals,
    shows,preparing for a festival
    next weekend.
    “the first thing that dies in a war
    is the truth.” Seneca 40 b.c.
    “If you live in a myth, everything
    looks like a supporting fact.”
    Soundtrack – How high the moon. Love m.

  7. ok, i see , you dont want my comments on your page, but aniway all i have to say is thanks, i love the time i’ve passed here, mutch information adquiried and the support you gave me, all i wish is perseverance and good look for all , thanks and we find one day por ai.

    1. I hope you are making a joke, Eduardo, because of course everyone’s Love&JOY are welcome here, whether one comments or not. Be of good cheer… there is much to smile about now even though the NEW powerful energies may make us feel a bit uncomfortable (physically, mentally and / or emotionally). At times, some of us are called to “go quiet” to deal with the incoming energies—in one way or another. Love&JOY to you. 😀 ❤

    2. Dear Eduardo,
      im happy about every ones post here. But i dont feel to comment every single one. You got my love and respect for being that open to all of US.
      You only need your love, because your love is our love. Wer one!

    3. Dear Eduardo! For some reason, your previous comments were stopped automatically by wordpress, I do not know why, but now I have “cleared” them. This happens from time to time, but hopefully, everything will be OK now and you will have no problems with posting everything you want to share. I do hope you will continue to shine your light here, dear Eduardo, and I will do what I can to make sure that your comments do not get stuck in the wordpress comment-filter again!
      Love and light from me, Aisha

    4. Thanks Aisha, thanks Everybody, i dind’t know about that filters, i realy though that my comments were bloqued.(maybe part of the old systen)
      I dont write much but im here whenever i can and i will continue.Thanks,and love to all =)

  8. Ammm… Was just watching Netflix and miniseries ‘How Universe Works’ and how blackholes might be connected to bigbangs, actually to sevelar of them, which were speculated about being infinite numbers of them. It’s cool connecting the dots, as being in the void resembles the event horizon where time stops and in the blackhole is singularity. Last time when I asked for a guide, I appeared in front of me. I looked happy. Gotta get there!

  9. http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com (August 10, 2014)

    Extremes of Light and shadow present at the current moment.
    Gaia supports the visualization of all such contrast points, which exemplify final stages of duality.

    Light streams encompass the planet whole at this time and will remain.
    Embracing of the Gaia Higher Purpose of all visible to eyes events is the preferred mode for Hue-manity and hu-manity.

  10. I am feeling so down today; very unsupported. So tired. I wish this were over. Can anyone respond?

    1. ❤ Dear Thetawave… when I was feeling very down in the past, I always reached out and asked for assistance from the CCs (as well as my own HS/Guides). I always, always, received immediate help.

      Remember, Dear One, you are ALWAYS supported with Love here; you are never alone. With Love ❤

    2. Dear Thetaware,
      First life goes in cycles and you will come out of this one.
      Second, Who Are You, the I you speak of.
      Because you don’t have to find support out side of you self, just realize all you need is waiting to converse with you within.
      Give your giving self a chance to give and you will have created the support you seek!!.
      Random acts of kindness!!!

    3. Dear Friend!

      Just hold on – a little bit longer. Take my hand, we are all united in a steadfast circle of love and light around the Pond. Everything is just as it should be, nothing can go wrong now as CCs reminded us so many times. We are on our way now – just hold on ❤ ❤ ❤

      Love & light ❤


      1. All is well, we are all in a place we should be. Feeling of easy, gratitude and much love to all the ponders, toggether we will make come true.

    4. Never a nice feeling when it hits you, I so know this. Just yesterday I was feeling what you feel now. Hang in there!

      Love, JJ

  11. Holding with you, Ikvar…..holding all of us in the arms of Peace. Thank you, Aisha and CCs for your gift of bringing us together in this Oneness of Being. We are with you, Aisha with so much love.
    Love, Jean

  12. Dear all,
    I have no words. I am just very grateful for this journey to the awakened state, but days like today I have a need to hold on to something. I decided to hold on to you and tumble around in the fast flowing river together with you. Looking forward to explore the final destination of this river.

    1. Dear Ikvarsellhulten,

      Your (no)words 😉 have helped me greatly this day.
      Thank you for expressing them.


  13. ❤ For those of you who have had thoughts on WWI and WWII, etc., and clearing the energies of those events. It's a long article; I found it interesting, as it explained [to me] an intense bombardment of almost unshakable terrible negative energies I experienced recently. I was quite shaken, as they came upon me suddenly, unexpectedly. These energies didn't feel as though they belonged to me or my past. I worked to vibrate as high into Love and only Love as I could possibly go with the Intention to zero out all of those energies into BE-ing Love; it worked, and the energies dissipated rather quickly thereafter. But it did require a focus that is not "the norm" for me. ❤


    Shift to August & Severity of August 4, 2014
    (by Denise Le Fay, August 5, 2014)… Excerpts:

    Team Light Shutting Down most of Team Dark’s Timelines

    “…The underlying points with all this is that humanity recently reached the 100 year anniversary of WWI on July 28, 2014. Next we’re about to reach the 75 year anniversary of WWII on September 1, 2014. On August 14, 2014, it will be 69 years since the end of WWII. The reason I felt such intense depression on August 4, 2014 was due to these past negative events and energies connected to both World Wars and the ever-increasing Separation of Worlds & Timelines happening in very pronounced ways in 2014. On August 4, 2014 an energetic separation was fully reached and activated between the past energies of WWI and WWII and the evolving, ascending Earth and population on it. We reached a very big and important disconnect from that negative past timeline to both World Wars which, needless to say, changes everything in very positive ways. How you individually felt or were effected by this latest and ongoing Separation of Worlds & Timelines process is uniquely yours. What’s really important is that it finally happened and we’re all going to benefit tremendously because of it. ❤ There’s more of this coming in August and September 2014, and they’re simply more energetic Stair-steps for all of us in this timeline to traverse…

    “It’s because of these timeline connections to WWI and WWII and their anniversaries happening now and Team Light shutting down the majority of them that Team Dark is working so hard to get WWIII started. This business has been escalating tremendously this year and we’ve got some more old war machine anniversary dates to reach and pass and that is exactly what’s going to happen. WWIII can happen in the Descending world and timeline if that’s what those people want to experience. Others will just go along with it because they don’t remember anything higher than murder, violence, chaos and suffering. Those of us on the Ascending world will never allow another war or World War to happen here. Never ever. Wars cannot happen in empowered, aware, HighHeart people and their matching worlds…”

    1. P.S. In the interest of Clarity, I didn’t mean to imply I transmuted ALL like war energies, I meant only those energies that were pounding on ME personally at that time. (thank you) ❤

    2. I’ve been watching some gruesome WWI and WWII documentaries lately. I didn’t even know why. Thank you for sharing this, Lin. It makes sense now. Mayhaps I’ve been clearing some of it myself. 🙂

      LOve you,

  14. Confusion as a sign of awakening, hey hey.
    yesterday we made 100
    miles in an hour. Birthday
    party in Hamburg. 1said
    hey you are free now, he replied
    do you know how much I have
    to pay for my kids? However.
    Have a nice hyper moon.

  15. I am what

    I Am Dreaming what
    I am being through what
    I Am Dreaming through what

    I AM
    I AM what

    I am imagining what
    I Am Dreaming what
    I AM BEING through what
    I Am Dreaming through what

    I am

    1 1

      1. Amy, I got your comments on a previous post. I’ve been reading the CC channels for about a year and a half now. The notes I take on each one just help me to think in new ways and let go of the old paradigms and restrictions. I can wrap my mind around the concepts and remember and apply them better through the notes. Such as if I automatically am thinking a restricting limiting thought I turn it around and tell myself there’s no more obstacles. Because the cc’s have told us all obstacles have been removed. That was over a month ago. So now I’m getting used to believing that. I’m getting beyond that human thinking that held us back for so long. It takes a while for us to set these new thought patterns in place so they override the old.
        I will write more of my insights later . you take care. Sending you light and energy. Sunny

        1. Bless your Heart and Soul Sunny…truly you have BLESSED me more than I can say

          Thank you so very much for sharing your insights…and I wish you were here with me so you could see how much I mean that…but again–I know that you are HERE with me on other levels…DEEP withIN…and so I know DEEP withIN you are picking up on this and can feel what I’m feeling

          Your words are soothing and wise and so PERFECTLY timed once again that I am just blown away

          It doesn’t matter how many times a synchronicity happens…it’s never any less AMAZING than the very first time I experienced one…and I now realize that is because synchronicity is the visibility of the dIAMond PERFECTION of the INterCOnNEcTion of the ONE We ALL ARE

          I am beyond in love with COnnection and ONEness

          Anyway I know exactly what you mean about why you write your notes

          For the exact same reason I write mine

          For the NEW perspective to be SEEn…to turn things around and overcome old patterns and limited definitions and to make visible new paradigms

          Interestingly enough this time last year without any conscious human knowledge of what I was doing or why, I began writing all my notes in public places like fb and here etc.

          And when I say all of them I do mean all of them…everything inside me out in the open

          As I’ve mentioned here some time before, this was in large part my Soul’s WAY of taking me through the clearing periods of this Ascension…revealing to me all my old patterns and in the releasing of them the revealing of my NEW~TRUE Self Patterns

          This process is still ongoing as I speak at this very moment

          And what I have found in the publicizing of EVERYTHING…is that…whether people were reading any of it or not…it still Created an atmoSphere for me where there were more eyes to SEE…and through those eyes I have been able to SEE so much more…dimensions and endless dimensions more of myself and LIFE~God and the Relationship BEtWEen IT~US ALL

          I’ve always SEEn MUCH in my private writing…but not even close to what I have SEEn since I BEgan this…STRANGE Journey

          …and in fact…this Journey has exploded in its evolution since I started writing more here at the Pond…and this is in LARGE part because of the Beautiful Souls that CO Create this atmoSphere…because here in this atmoSphere there isn’t just my own material but the Golden Riches that We All add here

          Every day as I share of myself and receive the gifts others place here…I find more and more COnnections…Ones that are LIGHTINg up so much inside of me…and I have to say that…this is the most at HOME I have ever felt on Earth…I come from a large and loving Earth Family…but I have never felt so much a part of a Family as I do here

          Just before I saw your reply I was having a bit of an intense struggle with myself, as for the last few hours I have felt some old self pattern rebelling in me against this tremendous amount of LOVELIGHT that’s been pouring all over inside of me

          And it’s a pattern that is almost completely gone…in fact it is gone…but not yet quite forgotten if you know what I mean

          What I am feeling from it now is the wisping away of the echoes of its last desperate dying clawing efforts to stay alive…and I do believe that’s where the intensity came from…that last burst of energy that comes from the desperation to stay alive

          And what I saw just now is that this old pattern is the very…bare bones of all the fear patterns that ever grew from it…its the pattern at its energetic level without any of the thought patterns overlaying it…all the false identifies that grew up around it

          And so as this pattern began coming up through me for release…I felt the fear and anger of that pattern…not from anything it used to be associated with but just the…unformed energy of it

          And it was intense and I was starting to feel like a werewolf was going to come tearing out of me and I turned on my phone to listen to music to try to soothe myself

          And instead I was spontaneously guided here…and your reply was the first thing my eyes saw

          And as I saw your name and then what you wrote…I felt instantly loved and soothed and calmed…just like that

          I can’t thank you enough

          And I may seem a little over-dramatic and I know I keep going on and on about it

          But I can’t tell you how DEEPly AMAZING all this COnnection is to me…it’s just mind blowing…and DIVINELY Beautiful…

          What a PATTERN We All Are Together

          Thank you so much Sunny

          Your Light is BRIGHT!!! And it has TOUCHED me once again this Night…through the sharing of your comment here…and through the sharing of your LOVE~ING Self HERE

          Bless you ❤

            1. Dear B

              You are more than welcome to my love and thank you for receiving it and me and for making me feel so welcome here with the sharing of YOUR beautiful LOVE~ING Self

              It is shared love that is most beautiful and I am beyond grateful to share in it with you

              You all make my Heart Sing…and draw it out of me in such wondrous ways

              Have a very loving and blessed day my Angel Friend ❤

          1. Dear Michael, thank you for the explanation. Yes, I get it this time and I agree with you. This morning, while I was walking back from the farmers’ market, I thought the same thing. Everything has a reason and althought this result may be very difficult to accept for many of my country men and women, I know we experience all this for a reason. So I surrender, trying to stay in love and light, which definitely is more healing than desperation, hatred and fear.

            1. My dear Tijen

              Your words mean so much to me today…I’m a little…dhzh478:&@,dgh36&$$???!!! today…the latest update explains what that’s all about 😉

              It is nice to be reminded of who I am…sweet loving and caring…when things are so confusing

              Thank you for seeing me when I can’t see myself

              It’s funny that you ask about my birthday!

              Although I am having ‘birthdays’ many times a day these days 🙂 it wasn’t my actual birthday yesterday but it was my Aunt Mary’s birthday and I had SO MUCH stuff…LIGHT IN~Formation…come through me around that…

              I do believe I feel COnnection again…bless you! I can handle confusion so long as I can feel connected…

              I love you Tijen and all my Family here…and my Heart thanks you in a way that words can’t express
              ❤ ❤ ❤

      1. I’m lifting today too, sweet B to B (just like in the name of the band 🙂 )

        I must Be careful with my thoughts though; they just keep creeping in (neggie thoughts).

        Love, JJ

  16. “welcome the unsteadiness and the uneasiness and the total strangeness of it all, for it is simply the way back to the one you used to be.”

    It’s really a strange feeling, dear Aisha, but I look forward to the result when we are through ❤

    Heart_Light Greetings

  17. Dear family of light! I have no words to describe what is happening to me now, but I am doing what I can to follow the advice the CCs gave us: “welcome the unsteadiness and the uneasiness and the total strangeness of it all, for it is simply the way back to the one you used to be.” We have definitely entered the rapids now, and today, we also have the potent energies of the full moon to help to “push and shift us about”. For this full moon is also a “supermoon”, it is in fact the most “super” supermoon this year: According to http://earthsky.org “Full moon falls on August 10, 2014 at 18:09 UTC (1:09 p.m. CDT in the U.S.). This full moon is not only the closest and largest full moon of the year. It also presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of 2014. The moon will not be so close again until the full moon of September 28, 2015. In other words, it’s not just a supermoon. It’s the closest supermoon of 2014. We astronomers call this sort of close full moon a perigee full moon. The word perigee describes the moon’s closest point to Earth for a given month. Three years ago, when the closest and largest full moon fell on March 19, 2011, many used the term supermoon, which we’d never heard before. In the following years, we heard this term again to describe the year’s closest full moon on May 6, 2012, and again on June 23, 2013. Now the term supermoon is being used a lot. Last month’s full moon – on June 13, 2014 – was also a supermoon. But the August full moon is even more super! In other words, the time of full moon falls even closer to the time of perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth. The crest of the moon’s full phase in August 10, and perigee, fall within the same hour.”
    I send you all my love and my light and a big, big hug as we continue down these rapids together! I have been guided to step back and just let myself be carried along by this powerful current, so I will continue to be silent for a while, but I will be here by your side at all times. Thank you to every single one of you for BEing here with me, and thank you to everyone for pouring your light, your love and your words into this Pond that has by now metamorphosed into a rapidly flowing river of light 🙂
    LOVE – always, forever!
    Aisha ❤ ❤

    1. Dear Aisha!

      I suppose it is time to touch the moon tonight 😉

      I wish you a nice day my endlessly beloved Sister of Light & Love ❤


    2. Since we don’t worry anymore Dear One….let your river ride be as pleasant, peaceful and wondrous and blissful as you deep emotions can muster!!!! 🙂

      Run silent run deep!! On the winds of love.

    3. Dear Aisha and dear Ponders;
      At 21:10 Turkish time (which is when the moon was full), I was at the beach, Aegean sea in front of me, full moon behind, I opened my Reiki channels and prayed, sent energies, positive thoughts, love and light to all of us and all living creatures and to our beloved earth. What I imagined was that we all held hands and created a big ball of light in the circle. Then we threw the light ball to the sky. The ball turned into a net and covered the whole world with thin but strong ropes of light. Let our prayers and love heals not only us but our earth as well. Namaste.

      1. I just took some photographs of the superdupermoon; no beautiful Aegean sea in front of me, but it was very nice to be in the presence of the big moon. 🙂


          1. I’ve been wondering about these wings, it’s been just about a year ago that the CC’s mentioned our wings. I haven’t used or even found mine yet. 🙂

    4. thank you aisha ❤︎ we all came force for joy of creating to live from our harts❤︎ knowing & feeling this I still sometime temporary become amnesia forget to trust then those time I become more powerful to fill the gaps. I woke up this morning all refreshed I am ready to go again ! Life is I create in all lovely colors & beautiful laughters ❤︎ thank you brothers and sisters for your bright lights shinning so happily ever after creating all loves in me, tomo

      1. I am so happy for your words tomo 🙂 Yes – we all loose our focus sometimes and forget about our own ability to move on. But with a little help from friends here and from above – we´ll find our path, power and light again ❤

        Love & light to you ❤


  18. In the middle of the night, I woke up with the feeling that I’m in a centrifuge, spinning. I’m not sure if it was the real feeling or it is because I read the section below. But I read it at least a week ago and didn’t think about it again. I wonder if anyone of you had a similar feeling. Here is the reading:

    “When we got there he said he was dizzy. “Everything is starting to spin right now. That’s what I’m feeling in my body right now. Totally like I’m going round and around.” I gave suggestions for well-being so she would not experience any physical sensations. “My whole body is spinning like I’m in this centrifuge. That’s totally what it feels like. I’m not seeing anything. It’s like everything’s orange and my whole body is spinning and I can’t stop the spinning. It’s all dark… an orangey dark, an orange color. It’s like I’m inside of something and it’s spinning. I’m definitely inside of something.”
    D: Do you want to find out what it is? (Yes) You can do that.
    T: I know I can. I’m pulling back, and I’m in some kind of a ship. I’m looking at the ship from the outside. It’s flat on the bottom and it has a dome top and edges that come out like a bowl that’s turned upside down on its top, and there’s something underneath. Lights. I’m seeing it’s not very big. And… I’m spinning.
    D: Is the whole ship spinning, or is it something you are in?
    T: I think it’s the room I’m in. It’s starting to slow down now. The room is inside the ship.
    D: So when you came in there you looked different? (Yes) Why do you think you were in that spinning chamber?
    T: To shift back to who I am. The spinning does something to your molecular structure. It changes your molecules. I don’t know if it’s my true form, but into another form. And I’m one of the big beings.
    D: Have you finished your job? Is that why you’re there now?
    T: No, I don’t think I’m finished. I just think that I needed to come back and be in the ship for a little while. They have to tell me things, and things have shifted and they couldn’t connect with me for some reason. They couldn’t tell me things and so I needed to come there and learn more. Something changed.” (D.Cannon, same book, pp 316-318)

        1. Another way of saying , what I said was this…….since you were going through all this….the results are….all Good.

  19. Aren’t you just thrilled that there are billions of beings of intelligence within you? Cells that each know what’s best for them? And as they find what’s best for them, it is ultimately what’s best for you – unless you’re focused upon something unwanted and using that as your excuse to block the flow.

    They are asking, Non-Physical is answering. Are you in the way or are you letting it flow? That’s what this “Letting go and letting God” is all about. It’s about relaxing and no longer hindering the communication between the individual askers. Every particle gets to individually decide. And as every particle asks, it is answered–and the Whole continues to thrive.

    Abraham – Excerpted from the workshop in Sedona, AZ on Saturday, August 5th, 2000 #220

    Findet Ihr es nicht aufregend, dass Milliarden intelligenter Wesen in Euch existieren? Zellen, die alle wissen, was am besten für sie ist? Und wenn sie herausfinden, was für sie am besten ist, dann ist es schlussendlich auch das Beste für Euch – es sei denn, Ihr fokussiert auf etwas Unerwünschtes und benutzt das, um den Fluss zu blockieren.

    Sie bitten. Das Nicht-Physische antwortet. Seid Ihr im Weg oder lasst Ihr das Fliessen zu? Denn das ist genau das, worum es sich bei "Loslassen und Gott lassen" dreht. Es geht um das Entspannen und das Beenden der Behinderung der Kommunikation zwischen den Einzelnen, die bitten. Jedes Partikel entscheidet ganz individuell. Und wenn jedes Partikel bittet, wird es gewährt, und das Ganze gedeiht immer weiter.

    1. Yes bixie – and in knowing that, you can totally relax and know that everyting is going to be alright – if you just ALLOW IT to be:) ❤

      Thank you my sparkling Sister of light ❤


        1. I’m heading for the spa!!!!!!!
          Or the mineral hot springs!!!!!
          Or the warm sauna.
          Where ever my bodies skin, is one with the universe, breathing in and out with no barriers.
          Aaahhhhhh. 🙂

          1. I dreamed towards morning of ‚hot water bottles’!
            And I did not know whether I should take the larger made of plastic or the smaller made of genuine rubber, because that made of genuine rubber was open at the bottom,.
            It was said that the gap closes by the hot water.
            Not to believe physically in 3-D, but in the universe? Funny dream 😀

            ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥ ✩ ♥

            Ich träumte gegen Morgen von ‚Wärmflaschen’!
            Und Ich wusste nicht ob Ich die größere aus Plastik oder die kleinere aus echtem Gummi nehmen sollte, denn die aus echtem Gummi war unten offen.
            Es hieß dass sich der Spalt durch das heiße Wasser schließt.
            Physikalisch in 3-D nicht zu glauben, aber im Universum? Lustiger Traum 😀

            Heart_Light Greetings
            S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

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