A short update on the energies

As you all know by now, the highway lies before you ready to be taken into full use. And what do we mean by that? Simply that now it is up to each and every one of you to determine the speed you want to go at, for this time, there will be no limits at all as to how fast you can proceed into this brand new territory that lies before you. You see, the gates are open and the signal has been given, and as such, you can take off at any time you want now. And the more you allow the underlying currents to push you in the back, the faster you will find yourself barreling down this highway to the future.

For you are in the fast lane now, in every sense of the word, and once again the key to get the fullest potential realized, is by allowing the forward momentum to speed you up. For this is not about clawing yourself up a steep hill anymore, no, this is by all means a rapid current of light that has been put at your disposal, so all you have to do, is to let go and simply give in to this force of light that will literally rush you ahead to where you are meant to be.

Again, this can seem to be challenging on so many levels, for all of this forward momentum will also bring about changes, changes that may seem to be dramatic for some of you, but changes that are necessary for you in order to fulfill the plan you have made before you came in to be a part of this. In other words, this rush of light will ensure that anything that seems to clutter up the course that has been plotted out for you will be pushed out of your way, and so, a route ahead will be cleared that will make your forward momentum as efficient as possible.

And so, as you pick up speed, you will also find yourself picking up new signals in so many ways, and you will also find yourself picking up threads that have been presented to you earlier on in this journey, but now the meaning these formerly “loose ends” carry will become clearer to you. For they are not lying about ready to ensnare you like the old attachments used to do. No, these “ropes” are in fact nothing less that important connections ready to be enabled in such a way, even more of this interconnected web can come into full use. For as we have told you earlier you are all a part of an intricately woven web of energetic filaments, and now, the real power that these lines can carry will become more obvious to you all as you start to tighten what at this point may seem to be a slack line. For then, you will start to notice that this seemingly unattached line is in fact a deep connection to a field that will help to empower you even more, both as individuals, but even more as a collective.

For now, that vast sea of potential that beckons will be seen as not just a huge and uncharted expanse, it will be seen more as a defined set of coordinates that can be accessed by these interconnected strings of harmonics that you have enabled over this last period. For this collective creative process will now be put into focus in a very new way as you all start to pull on these threads and heighten the connectivity, and as such, you have a lot of interesting interaction up ahead. Both on a human level, but even more so on the levels that up until now may have seemed more like being “off limits” to you all. For now, there are no limits, neither speed-wise or otherwise, as you are all ready to go at a moment’s notice. So simply step into this fast current and let it energize you in ways that will bring out the very best from that vast repository of potential that you already carry within. For it is all there, and it is ready to be taken into full use now, and all it takes, is for you to say “let’s go!”

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  1. Amy,

    You happen to be spot on with your feeling here:

    Because to me…I feel like the 5th shape and beyond don’t ‘pile’ on as endless circle after larger Circle after larger CIRCLE…I feel like the other ‘Shapes’ expand INwardly…INto the Circle…producing the INward force…


    I’ve merged, scanned and uploaded for you 2 pics from William Buhlman’s book, “Adventures Beyond the Body”.

    He’s been able to explore the Out-of-Body state for the past 40 years (the lucky bastard), and he’s mapped out a structure of the universe thanks to his OBE travels.

    Our universe is like an “onion”, and when we expand, we move INWARD. Into the circle, exactly as you say.
    Our physical universe is the outermost layer of the onion. Farthest away from Source / the Center.

    Here’s what Buhlman discovered, by traveling through the different layers with his Energy Body:



  2. http://soulsticerising.com/newsletter.asp?NID=174
    Soulstice Rising, “Lion’s Gate 2014”, August 7, 2014. Excerpts:

    “We have been preparing for another Lion’s Gate. Energies have been pretty wild, tossing us to and fro. We have had to be grounded and centered like a tree with roots going deep into the Earth, while our branches sway fluidly in the wind. This Gateway will begin August 8 and culminate August 25…

    “Because we are all One, whatever you think and feel touches and affects all others. So this grand Purification will put you on notice to keep your vibration high by keeping your thoughts and feelings high…

    “You can flow or you can struggle. It is up to you. I can tell you though that it is so much easier to flow. Flowing is being in the Moment, in Acceptance of what is and you notice then that releasing becomes effortless, for you let go of the stranglehold you have on life. You let go of control; you allow. And all the while, you choose. That may sound contradictory. It isn’t and is how the New is. You create by letting go and surrendering, ever watchful of what needs to be let go of and what direction to go in based on feeling. No need to figure anything out or make something happen, for that is ego-control. Be led by your Soul. You already are being carried by Grace. Keep it simple and loving…

    “…If you find yourself feeling something you’d rather not, transform it using the Sacred Rose or Violet Flame. And remember that things happen in layers. So while you thought you had released something only to find it again later, this is why. It is the same with becoming crystalline and New. It happens step by step, layer by layer. Think of a Rose. The inner core (Coeur=heart) pushes a petal open one by one. And as you purify your life, you help purify others’ lives as well…with no expectation of how it looks or the outcome, for all have a choice…”

    1. Thanks Lin!


      Use Earthing so that you do not feel as though you will explode because you’re holding so much Light.
      You might also feel very amped up and receive/give small electric shocks. Know that your electric system is being recharged and upgraded. Let the Light flow through you.


      Ah, but I WANT to “explode”!


      One of the main energies with the Lion’s Gate is Freedom and with Freedom comes magical solutions and guidance.
      The way to truly access this is by being open and positive to receive and absolutely knowing that you are ready and truly are Divine.

      If, however, you aren’t ready and don’t believe that anything is possible, this could be a challenging time.


      Well, guess I’m “ready”, then.

      Since anything is possible, here is an example of the upgraded “freedom” that I was hoping we would have been able to access, by now:



      1. Thanks Kiera… I was resisting energy a bit this morning (with little sleep) but as I yielded my day took on a whole new glow. I hadn’t realized what was going on and misunderstood what I was experiencing!! It’s sooooo good to know. ~Nancee

  3. Im reading a book and feel how love floods throug my body. Form crown to root, never bin so intens and enduring. Im breathing love. Wonderful experience!

  4. The perfect song for this message certainly! Huge hugs to you all as we zoom out into the fast lane!

  5. What do you think about this:
    “Groups of people in the past have been able to shift en masse into another dimension. These are usually groups that are surrounded in mystery because they simply disappeared, leaving no clues as to what happened to their civilizations. There has been much speculation, and various theories have been brought forward by the so-called “experts.” But few have considered the fact that they simply walked off this Earth, and entered a different dimension, leaving no trace behind. The Mayans are a prime example, also some North American Indian tribes. I had been told through my work that these groups had become very advanced in their development, and had chosen to change vibrations and shift en masse. I was told this was one of the most logical explanations for the Mayan calendar stopping at the year 2012. If they, in their advanced state, had been able to accomplish this, they were able to see that in the future, the entire planet would follow and accomplish the same feat. This would be an even greater event than what they had accomplished. So they marked in on their calendars as the time the entire planet and everything on it changed frequency and moved into the other dimension, taking every living thing with it. I had been told these things, and it sounded reasonable to me” (again from D.Cannon’s book I quoted before, p. 491)

    1. Thank you for this interesting explanation about how the Mayan disappeared 🙂 Maybe we will experience that too – in the future – because I still love being a visible human being on this planet Earth 😉

      Love & light ❤


  6. ok…so I am on the road…listening to the news about the 40k people trapped at Mount Sinjar:
    >”Yazidi, also commonly spelled Yezidi, is an ancient Kurdish-based religion with historic links to Zoroastrianism, which was founded in what is now Iran. The sect has developed into a separate religion over the centuries: Modern Yazidi recognize a supreme being responsible for creating the Earth, which is overseen by seven angels, according to Christine Allison, a professor of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University in England and author of “The Yezidi Oral Tradition in Iraqi Kurdistan.” The Yazidi have friendly ties to Christianity and recognize Jesus as one of the great prophets, according to the Yazidi reference site Yezidi Truth. The Mashaf Reš, or Black Book, one of Yazidi’s two main holy books, teaches that the most important of the holy angels, Malak Taus, refused to bow down to Adam — making him an infidel in the eyes of some strict Muslims. The sect has been targeted by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, which has launched a campaign to “purify” Iraq and neighboring countries of non-Islamist influences. ”
    ok…so there is this tremendously important feeling of helping these people in me. It actually started last night when I heard about what was going on there.
    The time is 11:00AM. I feel I am on that Mount with them and asking steadily and strongly for ‘Divine Intervention’. A rescue of these people along with a sign no one can ignore. I kept hearing the news commentator mentioning the word “intervention” – in his context it had to do with Obama’s ordered air strike. I felt — no, I ‘knew’ I was able to connect with all this and help make a difference in what could happen there. I could see a large space craft lifting them up even – mainly I saw them going into a large, round light. Now that would really show the world some stuff it needs to see in my opinion.
    I see the sun head being I described to Tijen yesterday. I think of Tijen and wonder what the connection is. well, just then at about 11:08 the news man is speaking of how close Mount Sinjar is to Turkey! That is where Tijen resides I believe! so, I recall the sun head being and that it was at the top of a hill! I know there is a connection happening here. My boyfriend’s last name happens to be ‘Turk’ and yes – they even had a family crest going back to the famous or infamous Turks. more connection of some sort. Not sure what that is all about. At 11:11AM I look at that time stamp on the car clock and see the 1’s connect and turn to 0’s. interesting.
    At that time, I really rev up my intention for Divine Intervention and my hands for a triangle on the wheel. then 0s with the fingers and I think how the fingers make either a triangle or zero when joined together.
    At this same time, the radio goes silent. yes just silent. came back like nothing had happened a few seconds later. I felt vibration with my intention the whole time. and I felt very powerful with all of it.
    anyway… not sure what all happened… but I felt some of u joined in on this.
    I pray for all suffering to cease Now
    IN the name of All That Is – Amen
    ~~ Day of the 8 – Day of United Infinity ~~

     << (not sure why this symbol is here just as I was about to post??)

    1. was lead to come back to this and google more on Mount Sinjar.
      ahhh…. take a look !
      >some of it: “THE HIDDEN PROPHET : THE GREEN MAN
      40,000 people are trapped by ISIS on Mt Sinjar, if they come down they will be killed. What is mystical is that alone on top of this mountain is a single church called the 40 Men Church, so old no one knows who built it. It sounds like a story straight from the bible.
      The first lies of religion was distorting TRUTH … making THE GREEN MAN into the devil

      Future Prophecy of the Peacock Angel
      Yezidi prophecy maintains that Tawsi Melek will come back to Earth as a peacock or rainbow during a time of intense conflict, poverty, famine and distress on the Earth. He will then transmit some prayers to a holy man, probably a Faqir, who will then take them around the Earth and give them to representatives of all religions.
      The Fountain of Life
      Tawsi Melek, the “Peacock Angel” and “Peacock King,” is the most import deity of the Yezidis. But he is not just the possession of the Yezidis, he belongs to the entire world. The Yezidis believe that they possess the oldest religion on Earth, the primeval faith that features Tawsi Melek, and that all other traditions are related to them through the Peacock Angel. They contend that Tawsi Melek is the true creator and ruler of the universe, and therefore a part of all religious traditions. He does not, however, always manifest within these diverse traditions as a peacock. Tawsi Melek has taken on many other forms throughout time.
      The Yezidis do not believe that the Peacock Angel is the Supreme God. The Supreme God created him as an emanation at the beginning of time. He was brought into manifestation in order to give the invisible, transcendental Supreme God a vehicle with which to create and administer the universe. Tawsi Melek is thus a tangible, denser form of the infinite Supreme God. In order to assist Tawsi Melek in this important role, the Supreme Creator also created six other Great Angels, who were, like the Peacock Angel, emanations of the Supreme God and not separate from him. When recounting the creation of all Seven Great Angels, the Yezidis often summarize the emanation process as follows:
      Tawsi Melek was the first to emerge from the Light of God in the form of a seven-rayed rainbow, which is a form he still today continues to manifest within to them (usually as a rainbow around the Sun). But the Yezidis also claim that Tawsi Melek and the six Great Angels are collectively the seven colors of the rainbow. Therefore, the six Great Angels were originally part of Tawsi Melek, the primal rainbow emanation, who bifurcated to become the rainbow’s seven colors, which are collectively the Seven Great Angels. Of the seven colors produced from the primal rainbow, Tawsi Melek became associated with the color blue, because this is the color of the sky and the heavens, which is the source of all colors. ”

      >>still reading…. this is fascinating ! 🙂 ❤

    2. oh.. there was this part to:
      “Many of those trapped are women and children taking refuge in nine locations on Mount Sinjar – a craggy ridge which, as legend has it, was the last resting place of Noah’s ark.”

      1. Thank you Areeza,
        I observe this event,
        it is perfect,
        I see God’s love in it’s unfolding.
        The world has a chance to respond.
        Let it be glorious.

  7. 08-08 Infinity ~
    Thank You Dearest Sister & Love To You All ! A most busy time at the moment for me, but also a trying time dealing with All these transformational energies ! I hope you All can understand the totality of this concept of this highway now open to All & it is so much more than just merging to fly solo upon it ! This energy freeway requires great inner focus to maneuver not only the empty lanes but the congested ones too & don’t think that these roads are seamlessly smooth as you are sure to encounter lots of pot holes, road blocks & debris from past & occurring accidents ! This energy freeway not only consists of countless others speeding along side you, but countless others asking for help & guidance & thousands upon thousands asking questions & relying upon you & needing you to supply answers & assistance. To enter this busy freeway it also demands you become ‘1’ with it….are you ready for that ? Finding yourself surrounded in a whirling wind of noise & chaos as you try to weave through it all with only your own inner compass, strength & instinct ! Becoming a great Master you expand in ‘Seeing’ – ‘Feeling’ – ‘Knowing’….imagine that, experiencing the wonders of Life, but also the Grief & Suffering, being bombarded with knowing, feeling Creation, but also knowing hearing the thoughts of others not only around you, but for great distances, the noise of imbalance within their anger, fear, instabilities, even torment & emotional turmoil !….are you ready for that ? You must master working with, channelling all of this energy, know how to handle it, merge & flow with it & especially know how to turn it off, before you can BEcome Master of it !

    You are a Spiral of energy as is every other form of Life, & ‘All Spirals’ have their ‘Chi’ …their inner center zero point of peace, stability & anchoring strength to all that swirls around this core….with any great Master, ‘1’ knows, depends, & relies on this center, & the controlled strength of this center that ‘1’ has built & firmly, trusts, depends upon & can tap into at any given moment is the only way to survive within this turbulence ! You will come to know the truth in ‘ Know Thyself ‘ & how important it is & so vital that you do as you will rely upon it with everything ! I must agree that it is not a wonder that so many Masters of the past chose a Life of solitude, as developing & expanding ‘1’s spirit can be extremely difficult & demanding & at times necessary to shut off the noise from the outside world !….oh & ‘Patience’….you certainly need lots & lots of that !!!

    o.k. I have another headache…..have an expanding & enlightening weekend ‘Everyone’…& wishing You All lots of ‘AHA’ moments !
    Love, Bev

      1. ❤ I know, Dear Bev. Heart Blessings to you, to Mother, and All affected + wildlife. I remain in high vibrations of Love for All. Loving You with Big Hugs, xox Lin ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. ah… but dear Bev, the 1s are connecting and becoming the 0 ~!
      What I feel is the full speed ahead but not any of the chaos you speak of. ?
      That is not part of the place I zoomed to ! 🙂 ❤
      I could still choose the chaos at any given time of course. And I suppose it will come up for me as a challenge to stay centered in my zero point perfection zone 🙂
      I will tell you more down below of what occurred for me today from 11:00 – 11:18
      All Is ready to Be Transformed — intervened with if you will
      Love, A

    2. Thank you for your post bev ~!

      I can relate to whay you say about chaos among people around me, and people like to be with me, ask me for help but not to the extent that it bothers me. I can see so much chaos among people around me and I live like in an heavenly oasis among them.

      Yesterday evening I had a wonderful 8:8 evening with my friend and Soul Sister, who will move to her home areas. It was a magic evening outside on my porch and love surrounded us in all ways all the evening and the sound of a music concert farthest by the lake reached us in a pleasant way We parted an hour before midnight and I went into meditation, inspired by Kieras post about Lions Gate, and I felt the expansion in all of me, most of all my heart. So grateful!!!

      My gratitude for my life, for you and all my family around the Pond and All That Is is tremendous – and yes – I feel like I am in another dimension today ❤

      I´m sending all my love, light and strength to you bev~ and to all you are doing ❤

      Love & peace ❤


  8. Hello everyone.
    This is my 67th favourite Japanese song from ttp://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
    Kazumasa Oka – Memories with you (Released Date : Feb.01, 1996)
    Trial (30 seconds only)
    (Enable the Plug In this time.)
    Click the 1st line. Song title = “君との思い出”
    Lyrics : ttp://j-lyric.net/artist/a04a641/l0013fc.html
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! (THE TOOL) ===
    ( ttps://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/the-manuscript-of-survival-part-417/ )
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  9. Aisha/CCs said: „No, these “ropes” are in fact nothing less that important connections ready to be enabled in such a way, even more of this interconnected web can come into full use. For as we have told you earlier you are all a part of an intricately woven web of energetic filaments, and now, the real power that these lines can carry will become more obvious to you all as you start to tighten what at this point may seem to be a slack line. For then, you will start to notice that this seemingly unattached line is in fact a deep connection to a field that will help to empower you even more, both as individuals, but even more as a collective.“

    ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

    This fits so nicely together dear Amy, Aisha, Areeza. (3 x „A“)

    So far I always saw pictures, pictures, pictures.
    Now I realize that my threads go with your threads. I love it ❤

    ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

    Das passt so schön zusammen liebe Amy.
    Bisher sah Ich immer Bilder, Bilder, Bilder.
    Nun stelle Ich fest dass meine Fäden zu Deinen Fäden passen. Ich liebe es ❤

    Heart_Light Greetings

    1. (I saw the triple A when my writing in German was ready and I forgot zu corrected the Geman part.)

    2. Bixie do you ever stop!…I hope not! 🙂

      The 3 A’s…love it!!!

      Aren’t all these threads just SO AMAZING? Enough to get me goin all over again 🙂


  10. ……We

    Hope that works

    “you” is 1
    “me” is 1
    2gether they are the Third cALLed “We”
    Notice the 3rd is “One”…as in Singular…as in “We” is one word…as is “me” as is “you”

    It’s 3 things that each…embody and ‘maintain’ the ONE(ness)…literally by being 1 thing each…me you and we

    1 + 1 + 1= 3 and yet the 3 is all ONE shape (Triangle)…meaning 3 adds up to 1

    The ONE can do whatever IT wants and still ALWAYS ALL WAYS add UP to 1…which is simultaneously and synergistically 3

    To use another shape…

    If we put a circle around the “you” and a circle around the “me” and put them together so they meet…OO…we have 3 shapes not 2

    Circle (1) Circle (2)…and the shape that is the outline of them both…a sideways 8…OO (3)…

    That is why 1+1 does not equal 2 but 3…

    But if you think about it…there must be a 4th shape

    If you picture the triangle…drawn in black on an endless piece of white paper…if you look closely you will see that no matter how thin of a pen was used to draw the triangle…there is still width to it…and therefore there is an inside border and outside border around the lines that create the triangle

    Without an outside border AND an inside border…there is no width to the lines defining the triangle…and no width means there’s nothing there to see but an endless piece of white paper…no lines…and no lines means no triangle

    As to the triangle…if you think of this in terms of force

    From the center of the triangle a force pushes outward…creating the inside border of the triangle…but only doing so successfully so long as there is an inward force being pushed back at it creating an outside border…otherwise the outward force goes on forever and there is no triangle to see…to BE

    So in order for this 3rd-shape-triangle to BE…there must be something larger than it which can then define its outer border…the 4th shape…the OBSERVER of the Triangle that must exist outside of the Triangle in order to OBSERVE and PERCEIVE It

    You might argue that the space around the triangle could be the 4th…and I think you would be correct…and so endless space is what defines the 4th…and yet even ‘endless’ space, in order to exist…to BE some THING definitive outside of the 3rd that can then define the 3rd, the 4th must then also be defined…must also be a shape…

    And so you draw a CIRCLE around the Triangle to represent the endless space that is the ‘ENTITY’ that allows the Triangle to exist…the SPHERE that creates the INward Force…

    But if you keep going with this logic…if there is a 4th there must be 5th…and a 6th…7th…8th…and you stop there for a minute because the 8 represents that there must be infinite ‘shapes’…8 is the INfinite 8th…then you keep going because you realize in the center of the 8 there is another shape…a little shape in the middle where the circles of the 8 meet each other

    And I always thought this little shape…which can represent the HOLY 9th Shape (9=3+3+3) was a circle…but if you draw an 8 you will notice the shape in the middle is actually a diamond shape…

    Which can represent the INfinitETERNAL dimensionALL dIAMond CHRIST~ALL (Crystal) nature of the structure of the WHOLE THING

    Because to me…I feel like the 5th shape and beyond don’t ‘pile’ on as endless circle after larger Circle after larger CIRCLE…I feel like the other ‘Shapes’ expand INwardly…INto the Circle…producing the INward force…

    And in order to fit ALL that INfinite expansion INto the ONE Circle…it must do so ALLong INfinite dimensions…dimensions which can be looked at as Facets…like the facets on a diamond or a crystal…the FACEtS of the ONE…

    1. Yes, yes, yes dear Amy.

      I often see the diamond shape, it is shown to me in the middle of the heart consisting of an inclined black and a inclined white.
      Everything is IN the zero-frequency – there is no ‚outside’.

      Ich sehe oft die Rautenform, sie wird mir in der Mitte des Herzens gezeigt das aus einem schräggestellten Schwarz und aus einem schräggestellten Weiß besteht.
      Alles ist IN der Null-Frequenz – es gibt kein ‚außen’.

      Heart_Light Greetings
      S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Yes yes yes yes yes yes Dear Beautiful Bixie 🙂

        I am SO HAPPY to see this Dance is still happenin’!!! ❤ !!! You are SO MUCH FUN 🙂

        There is no 'outside'! IT's ALL an INward 4rce…that creates the DREAM of an Outward 4rce so that IT may BE someTHING……the Outward 4rce must be the Mirror…the THING that reflects everything we're projecting 4ward back at us so that we can SEExperience it…oh thank you Bixie!

        I just came here now to say that

        The spHERE(NOW) expands INfinitely INward

        And to fit ALL of IT in tHERE IT spreads IT~Self INto~ALLong INfinite dimensions…4kINg like LIGHTnINg through ITs endless expanse INward…getting apparently SMALLER and Smaller and smaller and smaller and smallish and small and WEe and tiny and microscopic and atomic and subatomic and…. 0….FREEquency?

        All of this INfiniTERNALL EXPANSE(ion) of WHAT IS made BIG Appear small…Light Appear Dark…White Appear Black…and Vice~Verse-a…and in the CORESEEd…wHERE the 2 4rces COllide…the 0 FREEquency…the dIAMond…the 2 and ALL BEtWEen the 2 are the REAL RA~IN*bO*W* w(HERE) the 2 are not experienced as a split but as a COmmUn'Ion…

        The Mirror! The Diamond! It's an INfiniTERNALly dimensionALL Mirror that We are Flowing through…and we're caUSing the Mirror COme to LIFE…that is we're caUSing It 2 Reflect the LIGHT of myOUR COnscioUSness back at us to Create a Relative (Relationship of S(HE)!!!) Force~Field that Creates the Bubble of myOUR Experience…of our BEING

        HOLY MOSES Bixie…some of this is what I was going to talk to you about but I'm SEE~INg SO MUCH MORE about it now

        I knew! there was a GoOD reason I was waiting…caUSe this wasIS the time

        OMG is all I can say right now

        I will definitely talk to you again soon…on this dimension…and COntinue to in the meantime in the Other Dimensions 🙂


        1. Yes, Booyah!!! Dear Amy ❤

          Right now I can't say anything about it –
          I let it affect me.
          And I'm already looking forward on further findings … ☀ ☽ ✩

          Heart_Light Greetings
          S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. It’s so funny that I need to laugh …
            I FEEL what you wrote, but it is not yet ascended to my head 😀

        1. A + B!!! I love it!
          A + B = 3…which can be two backward Cs together like a Heart 🙂

          I know what you mean about letting yourself just let stuff affect you…Allowing is what that is 🙂

          All I’m doing today is absorbing…mind is turned off for now so I can FEEL what I’ve seen so far…gotta take it in increments as the CCs say…I TOTALLY understand why 🙂

          Just wanted to drop in and say hi! And to thank you for Giving me the dIAMond (Shape)…priceless

          That one shape in the black and white heart is a priceless GEM which has added SO MUCH to my Journey and my understanding…another HUGE Piece you’ve added in 4 me

          Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤

          Before I go I wanted to tell you that we have these 3 empty flower pots sitting on our fake fireplace hearth

          We've had them for awhile now…as in at least 6 years…and something today told me to check the bottom of them

          So I did and wouldn't you know it??? They were made in Germany!!! Last place I expected as they always looked…Mexican or South American

          I have no idea how in god's name we ended up with these and neither does my mother who's the only other person I live with

          Verrry interesting…and that's not the first Germany thing I've had…recently and months ago…and the context it came up in months ago is part of a long and AMAZING story…the most amazing of my life so far…one that was and still is CORE to my Heart…Wow!!!

          Gettin more interesting by the second!

          Love you Bixie…and I love how you're signing your name these days! S(HE) BE aWEsome AS Bixie 🙂 ❤

          1. Actually we are in the fast lane now are we not?

            So does the increment thing still apply?…the absorption time?……it still applies…but it’s different…it’s changed Shapes…or I’ve changed position and I’m now Viewing the Stars of the COnstellation of It from a different Perspective which utterly trans4ms what the COnstellation now looks like…Orion BEcome a Lion

            Increments to me now speak of…what is opposite of increments…opposite of lines demarcating everything…and just seein the WHOLE Picture…

      1. And what I just noticed again:
        In this, Aisha’s blog, all communication (Tonal, white, visible light) is on the and surrounded by the invisible light (black).

        ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

        Und was mir gerade wieder auffällt:
        In diesem, Aisha’s Blog, ist die gesamte Kommunikation (Tonal, weiß, sichtbares Licht) auf und umgeben von dem unsichtbaren Licht (schwarz).

        Heart greetings
        Imploding BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. and…. in order for the 2 lines to ‘connect’ there must be the 3rd 🙂 to form the trinity triangle.
      or…. when these lines bend they can form a circle — as long as they bend ‘toward each other’. 🙂

    3. It feels like an ‚implosion’.

      Ramtha said about the ascent:
      Page 106: „You can take your thought, concentrate it on the body, and command the body to vibrate faster.
      The body will then elevate towards the ideal that the thought holds steadfast for it.
      The whole of the body will begin to vibrate at a greater rate of speed. As it does so, the temperature of the body will rise and the body will
      begin to take on a glow. As it continues to vibrate faster, the matter of the body will go into pure light and then into pure thought.
      Then that which was seen is seen no longer.“

      So the body will be first visible light and than invisible light?

      ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

      Es fühlt sich an wie eine ‚Implosion’.

      Ramtha sagte über den Aufstieg:
      Seite 35: „Ihr könnt euer Denken benutzen, es auf den Körper konzentrieren und dem Körper befehlen, schneller zu schwingen.
      Der Körper wird sich dann zu dem Ideal erheben, das die Gedanken ihm beständig vorhalten. Der gesamte Körper wird beginnen, schneller zu schwingen.
      Gleichzeitig wird die Körpertemperatur ansteigen und der Körper beginnen zu leuchten. Und während er immer schneller vibriert, wird sich die Materie
      des Körpers in reines Licht verwandeln und schließlich in reines Denken. Dann wird das ursprünglich Sichtbare unsichtbar.“

      Also wird der Körper zuerst sichtbares Licht und dann unsichtbares Licht?

      Heart greetings
      Imploding BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

      1. Implosion! Exactly!

        Our bodies will become invisible?…perhaps invisible from where we are looking herenow but IN~Visible from the “loftier perch” in the HERENOW we are heading for?

        1. My understanding is that we will be invisible in 3-D.
          It’s like ‘beam off’ from the old, dense matter.

          Today I need to buy me a new computer mouse, the old no longer works – reminds me that no longer work on the old ways 😀

          Heart_Light Greetings
          S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

          1. Now I need no more mouse, I bought a keyboard with touchpad. I know from my laptop, but I have to just get used to it again.
            The keypad is smaller, narrower, and also arranged slightly differently, but it’s fun 😀

            Heart_Light Greetings
            S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

            1. A keyboard with touchpad I had wished 5 ½ years ago, as I had bought after my laptop a normal computer.
              Thus I have now fulfilled all my desires that I ever had.

              ♥ + ✩ = ❃ ❀ ✿

              Eine Tastatur mit Touchpad hatte Ich mir vor 5 ½ Jahren gewünscht, als Ich mir nach meinem Laptop wieder einen normalen Computer gekauft hatte.
              Somit habe Ich mir jetzt alle meine Wünsche erfüllt die Ich jemals hatte.

              Heart_Light Greetings
              S(HE) BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    4. Amy,

      You happen to be spot on with your feeling here:

      Because to me…I feel like the 5th shape and beyond don’t ‘pile’ on as endless circle after larger Circle after larger CIRCLE…I feel like the other ‘Shapes’ expand INwardly…INto the Circle…producing the INward force…


      I’ve merged, scanned and uploaded for you 2 pics from William Buhlman’s book, “Adventures Beyond the Body”.

      He’s been able to explore the Out-of-Body state for the past 40 years (the lucky bastard), and he’s mapped out a structure of the universe thanks to his OBE travels.

      Our universe is like an “onion”, and when we expand, we move INWARD. Into the circle, exactly as you say.
      Our physical universe is the outermost layer of the onion. Farthest away from Source / the Center.

      Here’s what Buhlman discovered, by traveling through the different layers with his Energy Body:



      1. Kiera thank you so much for the pictures!

        I’m still absorbing them but WOW!

        I love how the 3rd non physical dimension is the 1st energy dimension…the 3 being 1 and all that…

        There’s so much more being added in here and I’m giving it free rein to…unfold

        But there’s something specific about the way that sphere from the second picture folds in on itself…I have no idea what yet…but thank you ahead of time

        And thank you SO MUCH for this Piece

        And btw lucky bastard is right! 🙂

  11. hey group..
    the only thing in common i can see,that we all share is,thank god we can speak english!
    lately it’s just been a heck of a time
    without getting too personal,well,
    you know how it is!
    anyways,maybe we’ve really reached some kind of a true tipping-point,
    i mean in a real,rather than the imaginary sense we’ve heard for sooo many years now,right?
    maybe the ‘lions’ gate’ ,which is the full moon,what,tomorrow,is the real thing…
    in which case,we’ll have some confused people,and some other clueless people still about
    so don’t lose your cool depending on where you’re at
    -always know what you’re doing and why
    if possible!
    but feel free to experiment! take discouragement as a challenge!

    1. no
      several of us do not speak English, besides, the English do not speak American
      it is true
      american english wins
      english is a lot like stew
      a little bit of everything

      1. Let’s remain to speak ‚Angel-ish’ as before on this star high level ☼

        BIXIE Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

    2. ” …feel free to experiment! take discouragement as a challenge!” Love that arctourist 🙂

      Much love, light and joy ❤


    3. Thank you for sharing this, dear Arctourist! Yes, “feel free to experiment” and try to avoid defining anything yet as the CCs say 😉
      Aisha ❤

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