A short update on the energies

As many of you have already surmised, the mysteries keep getting closer to heart, in a very literal way. And what do we mean by that? Simply that you are finally starting to unravel the cocoon that has been hiding so much of you from you. In other words, you have started to tap into that reservoir of light that you carry within you in a very different way from before, and as you no longer feel any restrictions as to what you can or will find there, you have also found a way to bypass your former limitations and started to go exploring. And, as many of you can testify to, what you find at first will perhaps baffle you more than enlighten you, at least, that may seem to be the case, but it is not. For what you are uncovering, are still merely small fragments of the whole, and as such, you will find one piece of information here and then one there, and they may seem to have no connection at all, and so trying to make up the whole picture seems impossible. But again, this is all about recovering the lost world if you will, that inner world that for so long has been buried under eons of accumulated dust, and just like your modern day treasure hunters, the archaeologists, you go about this in a very careful manner now, and you take your time as you slowly scrape down through the sediments to uncover it all. This may sound like a lengthy process, but it is not, for it is simply tailored in this way in order to lead you into this vast repository of light in a way that will benefit you the most.

You see, if all of the lights were turned on to full blast in one go, you would literally be blinded by what you saw, and so, it will be carefully monitored at first until you get your bearings, but it will not be long before the tempo is increased considerably. And for some, it already has, for this is in all ways an individual journey you are all undertaking. So again we say do not think that you are lagging behind in any way if you see your compatriots exchanging information that seems far and above your intellectual capabilities at the moment. For even if this is an individual journey, it is also one of interlocking paths, where each and every single one of you is moving forward in sync with so many others. For you all play an important part in this complicated process, and it is not one where you will all follow squarely in the same footsteps. Not so, for you will find your own way into this, and as you do, you will find yourself running parallel to others, and at times, you will find yourself seemingly either at the front of the pack or making up the rear guard, but again, this has nothing to do with prowess or capability, this is all about your individual tasks in this huge machinery of light now picking up speed daily.

So again we say do not compare yourself to others in a way that will make you feel less than others for you are not, you simply have a slightly different trajectory to your path than others, and for a very good reason. For the whole that you all make up is sewn carefully together by individual pieces, all tailored to fit exactly into their designated compartment, a compartment that is designed according to the part you are here to play out. So for some, the secrets still hidden behind the door marked “science” will be more alluring than for others, and so, they will have a natural inclination to seek there first. While for others, the topic will simply be this; Love, and so, they will have a natural inclination to explore these halls first. And so the list will go on, for this is not about your own personal journey into you any more, this is all about you seeking to recover all of this hitherto hidden information that you will be utilizing to help the rest of your fellow men and women attain the status of resurrection that you have all attained by now.

For you are the vanguard, the ones that chose to break down the barriers and hack your way through the dense jungle in order to set not just yourself free, but to help so many others to be able to follow in your footsteps. And now, that is what you have started to take to your heart in every way. And so, you will once again find yourself inexplicably drawn to a subject or to a region or to a group of people or to an individual, or you will find yourself stepping back to go even deeper within your own well of knowledge the better to find your own way in this. For the tasks are as varied as you are dear ones, and it is up to each and every one of you to follow that inner light that will show you just how you must navigate in order to fulfill your part of this great undertaking.

For you all know fully well just why you are here, and now, that will present itself to you more and more. But again, it will do so in increments, for it is not by accident that all of this is done in stages. For you are still humans too, and your human mind still have a mind of its own, and if you dive too deep too fast into this well or were given detailed instructions beforehand, you could be apt to get a certain kind of idea stuck in your mind, and then you could suddenly find yourself heading up the wrong creek so to speak. Again, this is not said in order to make you feel less than able, it is simply a reminder that we do not “hide” things away from you in order to make you feel like we are playing a game with you, or that we are pulling your strings for some kind of amusement. No, this has been set up in accordance with your explicit consent beforehand, and so, you already know what to do and how to do it, but it has also been agreed upon beforehand that in order for you to be able to carry out all of this to the letter, you needed to be made unaware of the details as you entered your guise as a human. Again, this is not in any way to suggest that you are not capable to handle this, this is is simply a necessary precaution to help you to succeed in the best way you can, unhindered by any human traits that still may raise their head at this stage.

For you have all come a long way dear ones, in more ways than one, but you are still very much a part of an ongoing process that needs to be taken seriously in the way that nothing will be left to chance. We know that this will make us sound more than a little patronizing to some, but we do hope you will see that we are simply reminding you of something that you already know, and not giving you any instructions for you to follow. For you are all in on this, you are all well informed of every single detail of this undertaking beforehand, so what may seem baffling or even downright irritating at this stage, is all a part of the plan that you have all been instrumental in setting up. So we do not know anything you don’t, our task is simply to be the ones to assist you so that you can fulfill the plan you set up before you came, and as such, you are the ones in charge. For you are the ones making the choices, you are the ones taking the steps, allowing the light to bring you ever closer to attain the goal you set for yourself and for the collective even before you set foot on this planet this time around. And as you have all proved beyond any shadow of a doubt – hopefully also to yourselves – you are all doing a formidable job of it.

And now, as you have all agreed to get this ship moving at an even faster speed, we will do what we can to accommodate your wishes and furnish you with all the necessary tools you may need in order to make this as speedy and as fruitful as possible. Again, this will be done on an individual basis, and so, the tools will be varied as well. Some of you will find that you will get a kind of prompting of some sort, either a subtle one or a more direct one, depending on where you are at at the moment. Others will find that situations will arise that will enable them to jump even more fully into their new “assignments”, while others again may find that obstacles may be removed from their path in an unexpected way.

Again, remember that all of this has been defined by your higher self, and as such, the human part of you may see this is in a very different light. For as we have talked about earlier, mankind’s concept of change differ from what others may see this as, so what to your higher self looks like a much needed aid in order to propel you even faster forward may for the human part of you look like a dramatic and even perhaps unwanted upheaval in some part of your life. This is not the case for everyone, but you will all in some way experience the wind starting to push you in the back as it were, so do not be surprised if you get a surprise or two in the time ahead. And remember, whatever happens, it will be for your benefit, for it is all here to help you to move forwards, and to help you to set yourself free from anything that may still be holding you back or slowing you down. So know that all is well, and listen to your heart at all times, for that is where you will hear the voice of reason, and this is where you will know why you are here and what you are here to do. And know that you are the ones making this change happen, for you are the ones who have said “no more fear, no more pain, no more separation”. For now, it is all about becoming ONE – with all that you are and with All of creation.

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  1. Aisha that was just so comforting. I wanted to look for a fancier word, but it was simple, reassuring, and comforting. I reblogged it on one blog, and I am going to share and link on my other. Just Wow, and thank you.

    Also thanks to Fran~


  2. Oh my, another missive that exactly matches my recent experiences and inner knowings! What a team we all are, Aisha and CCs and all at the Pond! I’m honored to be among you, and SO excited about what’s happening in this now moment and around the corner.
    Love and gratitude to all,

  3. Surprise surprise got a new pillow shoulder pain gone.
    Feels extraterrestrial fine.
    Is this love or science?;-)
    Holidays started, our little circus
    is in a public swimming area.
    Vanguardians do exerzises daily
    by now. Muscles.
    Sountrack : Peter Fox
    Higgs and Huggs

    1. 🙂 smartypants, you—new pillow!
      yay! Vanguardians up and running. Googled Peter Fox and translated. FUN stuff. Light&Hugs&Laughter&JOY ❤

  4. Tonight I sat on Dave’s porch here at the Apple/fruit farm staring out over the lake below as the sun set and the crescent moon lit up. I noticed those little squirming bits of energy particles and thought of Amy. As I stared into them bright white tiny lights started sparkling and shooting all over. Some had little comet tails others just flashed about. They reminded me of what fireflies might look like except we don’t have those here. If I can stay awake I’m going to try staring into the dark tonight to see if they will reappear :). Tomorrow is my last day I think picking berries. Friday I go camping with my daughter and two other women and their children. I even found my tent in my storage pile today and my jeans!! It was like Xmas in July! I resisted opening the other boxes since I still don’t have a place to set them up.
    Love, Nancee

    1. So amazing to see these energy particles 🙂 I see nothing at all of the “invisible” as other reports so maybe I’ll try me too 🙂

      Wishing you a lovely camping with your daughter and friends 🙂

      Love ❤


  5. I’m baffled. I commented on the OLD post and JUST discovered it… 25 hrs later! I kept waiting for responses. Thank you Breeze for finding me lost there. This new missive came in 12 hrs before my comment so I’m not sure how I missed its arrival. I will try posting again 🙂

    My dear friends at the Pond… I have a favour to ask of you. If any of you get any insight about me in the next few days will you please share… no matter what it is. I have an opportunity in the air that I’m needing clarity on… have I created it for my best good etc etc. I will be asking for more information about it today. It is temporary… but my trips were “temporary” and life changing at the same time. Thank you in advance. ~Love, Nancee
    nanceeshares said this on July 29, 2014 at 22:35 | Reply

    I was just thinking of you this morning Nancee. It had to do with how u dont really have a ‘set safety net’ and yet u always find a way to be OK and taken care of — just by setting your intention. 🙂 ❤
    Breeze said this on July 30, 2014 at 14:14 | Reply

    Love to you all, Nancee
    p.s. Otmn I'm so glad to hear the bee stinging experience was for the 'better!' I will have to catch up on the two other pages I missed reading!

    1. It is my personal belief that every opportunity we create for ourselves is always for our highest good, no matter how we respond to that opportunity (either taking it or leaving it), or where our choice leads us. There are no mistakes, though they may sometimes “feel” that way at first. We are in the process of learning to trust our own instincts and guidance. If we never take chances, we will never learn how to interpret our own inner voice.

      That being said, I would like to share with you an experince I had a week or so before the July Gathering. Whether or not it will mean anything to you, I have no idea. JJ and I have a special place of our own (a cabin in the mountains) at some vibratory NOW that I often access. This particular time, I was there alone, looking out into the beautiful twilight valley that stretches down behind the cabin. Suddenly I noticed a long line of lights coming toward me from a distance. At they came closer, I became aware that it was the whole Pond, each person carrying their own lantern. As this procession neared, I was overjoyed. “They’re here!!! They’ve all come!!” This was quickly followed by a moment of panic. “Oh gosh. How am I going to feed them all? Where am I going to put everyone?” And you, Nancee, were at the head of the line. You came up to me and hugged me, and said, “Don’t worry, we can take care of ourselves.” Then you proceeded to instantly manifest a pretty little cottage for yourself. Then others followed your example by manifesting their living spaces, each to their own taste.

      So much love to you, dear friend. I trust you.

      🙂 AH

      1. My dear anna helen. I cried for a moment when I read your comments. I have missed you tremendously here at the Pond but perhaps I visit you unawares at other times. I’m reading a “fantasy” book right now that crossed my path (“Eldest”) and the Elves sing to the trees and the trees grow their homes in the trees. This fascinates me big times 🙂 Now I feel, from your insight that I too have learned this skill at some level.
        My greatest request to the universe, besides learning to love more readily and deeply, is to find the confidence to see myself as more than just ‘this’ human form. When I am able to be that… I will no longer falter so much in my decision making.

        Your cabin and special place sounds so beautiful. You have encouraged me greatly both with your words and with you choosing to comment. I’m usually pretty independent in my decision making but I keep reading about including family/friends in support lately. Ultimately I will make the decisions… but it’s kind of fun learning to let others be part of the process. So much love to you! ~Nancee

        1. Thanks Nancee!

          “…to find the confidence to see myself as more than just ‘this’ human form. When I am able to be that… I will no longer falter so much in my decision making.” I work with it too.

          I love your sharing and agree with what you say – especially missing Anna Helen so much. She has taught me so much about being free to express yourself and your feelings – in all respects ❤

          All my love to you and Anna Helen ❤ ❤


    2. this probably sounds goofy, but just flip a coin
      in the first instant (.01 of a second)
      you will know in your heart if you agree or disagree with the results.
      it’s heart over mind.

      1. Brilliant Otmn… I’ve never favoured coin flipping… but I never considered looking beyond the results to my own heart’s reaction. I have stalled off getting more information… tomorrow I will do so. Then I will use the coin if the door is still open. Hugs to you ~Nancee

        1. Let your heart and your intuition (if there is a difference between them ? 😉 choose. I don´t know what it is all about but sometimes, if I speak about myself, you try to get a fully complete solution with all intellectual aspects so it is almost impossible to make a choice. Especially if it is a long term decision, but even the smaller ones I can say 😉

          Much love, light & joy to you in your decision Nancee ❤


  6. i am actually better now than before i was stung, however, i continue to get even better than that.
    i think, even though i paid a price, it is starting to look like a good deal, after all. i am releasing so much gas, it’s funny. most of the time a fart just pops out. i have had some that blow for a couple of seconds in the last several days. while asleep i learned that it is helping to adjust my dna, hmm

    my family has decided that they are afraid of me. it made me sad. i just got the insight that they are really afraid of fearlessness. they are all clinging to the shadows.
    here is the secret to being fearless.
    understand that death does not hurt. in fact it is nice over there. it does get to be a bore after awhile, so we come back to a body
    understand that if you give unconditional love to anything, whatever it is can only love you in return, and may not harm you. i have examples
    one time i was prospecting for gold in Idaho, about 85 miles West of Orofino.
    on a map you can see the Eastern part of the border between Oregon and Washington becomes a straight line beyond where the Columbia river turns North. If you follow the line across Idaho about half way to Montana, that’s where I was. So i was crouched down just off the trail, examining a rocky outcrop when I heard footsteps. i figured it was my partner. the footsteps started to pass me by. I realized he could not see me from the trail. I stood up, turned around, took a few steps back toward the trail, only to see a cow moose about 20 feet away with only air between us. I heard another sound, turned to look back up the trail, only to see twin calves, that were barely 4 feet tall, I’m over 6 feet and only came up to momma’s shoulders. her neck, head, and ears put her up around 8 feet tall overall.
    so there i am standing between them.
    i had no fear, only love for them. she could have easily turned me into a small puddle of red mud. but her fight/flight response was not triggered.
    after a moment they moved off the trail on the opposite side from me and i survived. if i had been afraid it would have triggered her response and would have switched sides 32 years ago.
    my mother has stories from when i was 3 years old, about how fearless that little boy was.
    btw, it took me lots of lifetimes to truly believe in fearlessness.
    it won’t work if one has any doubt at all
    btw, my fingers are working better now than they have for a decade.
    even after writing the above “book”, they still don’t hurt.
    thanks honeybees

    1. I have seen lots of mooses in my life but never met them like you did 😉
      However, I have a lot of experience of farts;) During the time when I had a lot of anxiety, I could never stop a fart – I was full of gas!!! Seriously! Very embarrassing sometimes. I wonder if it helped to change my DNA ;)))

      You never stop learning things here on the blog 😉

      Thank you gorgeous man who seems to have survived the most ❤

      Much love, light and farts ❤


        1. I think the massive thunderstorm in the evening changed my energies into laughter mode 😉 OMG!!!! :)))))))))

          Thanks God, Otmn – and you too dear Lin ;)))

          Love you all ❤


            1. Yes Lin – I´m ok – or am I ??? 😉 Just laughing a lot (not normal 😉 Slept earlier this evening but now I´m going to bed.
              Take care – see you tomorrow ❤



      1. ❤ … and Thank You to the honeybees from this one, too !

        You're very dear to me / us, Dear Otmn. I'm glad to learn, and feel, that you are doing so much better. Respectfully with Love, onward and upward, Fearless Warrior. Thanx, also, for the long post—informative as usual and interesting story re the moose and babies. Your Pond family welcomes you with open arms,—always. Continued Blessings of Love&Light&JOY. Lin ❤ 🙂

        1. Dear Otmn!

          I understand – and I also want to correct what I said earlier. I have never seen a “moose” in my life – just “elks”, which are smaller, but they are enough respectable in their power, dignified appearance and motion patterns.

          My laugh attack was not meant to belittle or ridicule the fantastic you told us about the effects of bee stick or meeting with the moose – not at all. They both are amazing stories that I really appreciated to share – both equally fascinating – although in my opinion the bees were a little too intense in their eagerness to heal you, but I suppose they know better than I do 😉 !!!

          “The little ones look at me with longing in their Eyes.” Children and animals are sincere in their appreciation and I appreciate your honesty, even if it is tough at times – I know 😉

          Much love, light & gratitude ❤


      2. Ah so we are sharing moose stories or is fart stories!!!
        Mine was on an Island that only lived moose and wolves period.
        Ile Royal is it’s name, northern most part of Michigan.
        Leading hikers numbering of about 12, I came upon a moose and calf. 5 feet away. No fear, just wonder. They are big creatures.
        Thanks otmn for the reminder.

    2. popping in again. Re the gas / farts, I believe Alex said something similar not too long ago about same changing the dna… unless I’m mistaken. ❤

    3. maybe, Otmn, to your family, fearlessness translates into someone who is unable to be manipulated (via religious dogma, guilt, shame+) so therefore they can’t relate to you and say they are afraid. you’re so open on so many levels and unapologetic about who you are and what you stand for, they might just feel totally naked / exposed in front of you. I don’t think you are capable of lying, so you can probably spot a lie a mile coming—and they subconsciously know that. Most people have never met a FREE man or woman. I’m still working on allowing / accepting that level of Freedom for myself… 😀

      Be well… Continued Blessings to you. 🙂 ❤

      1. i think you are right
        I am the worlds worst liar, i could never get away with one, so i gave up lying long ago.
        but as the cc’s keep reminding us
        there is no escape from the light.
        and to your next comment, below. the older ones are teaching the little ones to be afraid, i suspect some of them will rebel against the fear control, when they get a chance.
        I’ve seen the little ones look at me with longing in their eyes, but then shy away back to their parents. no blame
        however, as you probably already know
        i am provocative and encourage independent thought. So at least they see that not everyone concurs with what they are being taught.

        1. in the long run, your Energy and the memory of it will reveal more to the little ones with longing in their eyes than the lies. your Love will Bless them. stay well… ❤

    4. +++ the little ones under 2 feet tall in your family probably adore you along with all the animals / pets.

  7. this is why I Like ‘8’ 🙂
    no sharp points
    no sharp polarity – yet still two circles.
    I was seeing the Yin is one triangle – the Yang the other – tips meeting in center and you ‘smooth the edges’ and have the 8 of infinity 🙂
    or you can see Earth joining Heaven and u have the infinity of All That Is consciously merged as well.
    One day… the 8 becomes the 0 – zero point perhaps again – no polarity ? or is it always needed.
    just voicing my visuals.

  8. Escalating Attacks from Strangers (by Denise Le Fay, 7/29/14)


    “…Wowza fellow Ascension travelers, it’s been something lately hasn’t it?

    “…(Because it’s been rather intense lately, to cope with the extra difficult topics I oftentimes HAVE to laugh at and over them, make fun of them, and joke about it all. Sometimes I’ve got to, we’ve all got to just have a good, honest laugh over the sheer insanity and way over-the-top ridiculous bits, events, actions/reactions, characters, egos, and plentiful happenings that simply are part of the Ascension Process and evolving beyond Duality reality and consciousness… or not.)

    “…Those traversing the Ascending path are effected by every Energy Wave, and now every NEW Energy Wave that arrives. We feel each of these in our bodies,  consciousness, emotions and so on as we embody them and are evolved, “ascended” a bit more each time by them. This Process in 2014 is driving each of us to discover more aspects of our old lower selves which we’re able to remove faster now than ever before via this ongoing Divine Striptease. See whatever it is in yourself now (those mini revelations) that you must, peel it off and let it fall away so you’ll have cleared space within to embody more of the Higher, Greater YOU.

    “Those traversing the Decending path, and/or those who’ve chosen to not live the Ascension Process in their current bodies but continue embodying the old patriarchal energies and consciousness for as long as they can, are people who feel every NEW 2014 (and beyond) Energy Wave as a big “negative”; as increasing horrible pressures and personal restrictions which are causing them rapidly growing frustrations.

    “If you have trouble relating to this, just think back to before the start of the physical Ascension Process when the planet was entirely Dark/Negative and contained only miniscule specks of Light that was undercover here and there and how it felt to you to be living in that Dark energy/density/negativity. Well the energy shoe is now on the other foot in 2014, and the people who prefer the old Dark energy/density/negativity are being increasingly pressured by the continually growing NEW Light Energies, and needless to say, most aren’t coping well at all. Hence, attacking low folk coming at those who do embody the NEW Light within themselves.

    “…The trick for me (and for you) is to learn from and eventually Master holding, keeping, maintain higher frequency Neutrality or “Unity” and not allow myself (ourselves) to energetically “fall” or be manipulated back into lower Duality frequency and consciousness when these human triggers/tests/lessons suddenly land squarely on top of me. I’m getting there, and every time it happens I’m not as emotionally effected by the attack/attacker/attackers and am able to hold the higher space for longer periods. I compare this to learning to walk on water!…”

    (from Lin: personally, I like the 2nd paragraph about laughter vs. insanity… 😀 Here’s my Love to everybody as we laugh and hug thru all this “stuff”. ❤ )

    1. when I can get past the ‘how dare you add to my burden!!!’ feeling, I am good. lol. then… I also realize these folks have a way bigger burden they are carrying to be that negative in their behavior.
      and its a good sign actually – that it is coming to the surface – And, we are still here so we can handle it.
      Feed the fires we wish to feed. I have said it over and over. I now have to live it completely. It is getting easier each time too – to rise above it. I had thought the mailbox lady ruined my vacation – but it depends on how u look at it. She has given me a more permanent vacation from stressful dealings in the lessons she presented. Thanks be to All.

    2. I assumed that you would love the laughter-paragraph ;)))
      Thank you for sharing this information – you Queen of Laughter & Joy ❤

      Love & light ❤


  9. the ‘3’ is the Christ (crystal clear) Consciousness created by the ‘2’ (Yin/Yang or any polarity actually) unified as ‘1’.
    ‘where 2 or more are gathered in my name’….. Christ said. 🙂

  10. Dear brothers and sisters! It has been – and still is – an extremely intense day energetically, and I see I am not the only one being affected by it so a group hug goes out to you all! I have been like a sleepwalker today, difficult to think straight and even to walk straight too at times, but I guess it is all a part of the wild ride, Denise 😉 The floodgates have indeed opened, so let us just go for it with all that we are. It can be challenging at times, both emotionally and physically, so remember to give yourself time and space to just BE in this ever-changing rapidly moving flood of light!
    LOVE to you all – always, forever!
    Aisha ❤

    1. Much LOVE to you Aisha – and ALL<3 I have put out life buoys of light and love around the Pond. Might be needed now when the floodgates have indeed opened. I´m joining you in a big group hug ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Yes – so glad we have clean water to drink whenever needed 🙂 It´s still warm here though it seems that the heatwave is over for this summer.
      Thank you for this beautiful song – I love Norah Jones ❤

      Much love & light and summer feelings ❤


  11. Well, I start at the bottom, I start at the top, I start in the middle, and some days I start where I left off if I can remember. No wonder I don’t know which way is up and what direction I am going in these days. 😉
    Big hugs to everyone here! Thank you Aisha for another guiding post from the CC’s. There was much in this one. I am in somewhat of a quiet mode of inner contemplation. This last month has left me with a flash. I only feel lately that summer has begun and yet school is about to start again here and the temps are unseasonably cool for Atlanta. It was 58′ F this morning!
    For several weeks when I went to bed as soon as I shut my eyes I was seeing signs and shapes flowing into view one after another as one came in a stream of fading in and fading out. I could open eyes and shut again only to see them flowing in again. Don’t know what they meant. Saw a large golden owl in waking dream sitting in my front lawn and our river was also conveying what I already knew that all of us living on this river chose to be here because of its protection. It also has been a stream of information. It flows with all the knowledge we need of times past, present and future for this change. We are to immerse ourselves in this water either physically or ethereally as we will be raised up by it. Water in all things has the message to bring us upward in ascension as well as healing our physical bodies. The plant family has been showing me as well that what they carry by way of water ( chlorophyll and their own knowledge ) can also be used for healing and the ascension process. So I have been making green smoothies in my blender to take in their healing. It has helped my attitude by consuming these joyful plants. LOL! We are all divine and we are all intertwined! Heads up everyone the flood gates opened and that water has just been gushing through! The path is getting wider! Jump in for a wild ride! The greatest love to everyone!
    Denise ❤

    1. Ditto re getting around to reading and posting here. and the time passing… and feeling of Autumn in the air already….and so much more I don’t even know how to share – what comes and goes.
      Keep sharing when u can Denise… I Love your input…and the feeling from your energy ! ❤

  12. want to share ending of mailbox saga:
    I thought I was ‘being taken care of’ by the post master and she was flagging the neighbors mail until she put my box back on the pole as ordered (for those not knowing the story – she decided it was time for mine to be removed and put it in the woods – we only have mail pick up/delivery on her side of street – she does not own that part but made huge deal of it being ‘her property’, etc etc.).
    Well, come to find out that post master left for another jurisdiction just the day after saying she would take care of it! interesting. there is no new post master – only a general manager. she was total opposite in her demeanor. said she knew nothing of it and I should give her the neighbors phone number. stupid stuff all over again, etc. Postal Inspectors never came – I called again and they simply are not interested. Just more proof of the broken system and jobs that are in place but no one really doing them etc.
    Anyway….. we ended up putting our mailbox on a nice mail jug. Kelly had it from a job he did. nice, bright silver. I am going to get a mailbox cover – pretty one. and then you look next to mine and see her large black box on the black pole and I think to myself – hmmm, the dark lead me to see how much better it is to be in my own pretty space in my own expressive way! Time to get off that dark pole anyway!!
    Allowing the dark to do what it chooses – (and it sure does bug her) – that the box is still there near hers — and now full of light next to the dark ! She has a locked box and I find that interesting too. how insecure she must be feeling. And… a tiny black no trespassing sign appeared the other day next to it — lol, I felt like saying ‘go up five steps cause that is where your property really starts’ — I refrained 🙂
    send Love to her true Being – ignore the rest.
    Have to catch up here. Love to All

    1. Oh, yes…send her peace! So sorry for you. We have been there with neighbors like your mailbox lady. Sooooo glad when they moved out! We have had the nicest neighbors ever since. Hugs to you Breeze for seeing the light in it all! ❤

      1. took awhile to see it! lol.
        hey… and I baked this woman cookies when I saw her moving in. I so wanted a good neighbor as the last guy was mean too.
        you get what you get – and it seems there are reasons for it all even if we don’t like it.
        The ‘Milk Jug’ – as I meant to say – looks cool 🙂
        Love to you Denise – enjoy your day !

        1. Sage the place next time, plant some quartz in the yard…..maybe that will help! ha! Enjoy your new mailbox! Hope your day is a bright one dear Breeze! Much love to you!

    2. oh and when Kelly put up our new mail jug, he noticed the old black metal post is corroding at the bottom. 😉
      so many interesting signs and metaphors.

    1. Summertime sadness….when the height of summer is past, some have started to work and in a few weeks schools are starting again. But still the heat is retained 🙂

      Love ❤


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