The manuscript of survival – part 422

You have for a long time now been prepared to step fully back up to the helm and take over the rudder. In other words, you have been primed to reenter your roles as co-creators of this magnificent world of yours and now, we would like to add some additional information on the topic of said Creation. You see, you have in many ways been trained to focus in a direction that will enable you to literally overlook the obvious, but now your lenses have been corrected as it were, and it is time to once again turn your eyes to the very core. And when we say core, we mean that in a very literal way, for you have been well trained to focus on all of the fuzz and interference and static that has been brought into your line of vision, so you could not see through it even if you tried. But now the lines have been untangled and the smoke has been aired out, and so, you must once again begin to focus in the right direction.

As usual we speak in parables, but we think you will all begin to see through our words and start to connect to the deeper truths that lie there. For as you have spent so many lifetimes embroiled in all of the hue and cry that has been kicked up by those intent on keeping you away from seeing this truth, you have become habituated to look in the direction the finger is pointing instead if looking at the finger itself, and so, what has been going on behind the facade has been out of your line of vision in every way. But now, you will be asked to stop staring in the same direction you have been used to, and to tear your eyes and indeed your mind away from the obvious. For now, we will ask you to start to look into the void, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For mankind has become so used to thinking that only what they see, can exist, and so you world has shrunk down to something you find manageable and comfortable, and you have set up barriers that have kept anything intangible at bay. But now, you must start to look at the in-between, the things that seem not to be there, but that is really the space that makes everything else possible.

We have earlier referred to the fact that 1 and 1 makes 3, and now, we would like you all to focus on the space between the 1s that makes up the missing part, the active ingredient that to you so far has seemed to be non-existent, but that is in actual fact the whole point that everything else pivots around. You see, you have a brain that has been trained to classify everything it encounters through the senses by size and shape, by texture and by structure, by colour and by volume. And so, whatever does not fit in in such a system does not really exist at all, it is simply “air” or “empty space”, and as such, it has been dismissed as unimportant and uninteresting. But now, we ask you all to focus on this instead, for that is where all of the answers lie. This “empty space” is where life as you know it arises, it is where it all comes together to become, it is where the black and the white conjoins and sets itself alight, it is the spark that lights the fire, the line that connects the dots, it is where the inbreath becomes the outbreath and where the inner meets the outer so the two of them can exist simultaneously.

We know that what we say will make many a head spin, but we also know that it is this very spinning that will help to clear away any remaining cobwebs, as your whole system will still be trying to wander down the old and worn roads instead of seeking out into unknown and presumably empty territory. For you think that what you see is what you get, but now, it will be the other way around. For it is what you cannot yet “see” that will give you everything you dream of, and then some.

So look away from the obvious, and do not let yourself be ensnared by the old familiar shapes and symbols that surround you, but look instead into the spaces in between them, and then, you will begin to see what it is that is actually making up the fabric of your universe. For it is not the matter you can see that matters, it is what is around the matter that really matters, and this is what today’s lesson is all about. So shake your head and take a good look around and inside and outside yourself and see beyond the obvious and the fathomable, and start to look deeply into what to your eyes and your mind does not exist. For then, and only then, will you begin to see the shape of what is to come, and it is unimaginably wonderful, limitless and beautiful beyond compare.

209 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 422

  1. Awesome!! Looks like we’re going to start building structures, networks, groups, think tanks and the like. New tools, new access to ancient knowledge are coming in also. New places to gather and share knowledge, and expertise. YAHOO!!

  2. Hey Vinny! You make a lot of sense here. I get it. Since my right shoulder has been hurting back in November I started using my left hand. When I was young I used both hands and my parents weren’t sure if I was a lefty or a righty. Using my left hand again is easy, but like you said it gives you a different perspective. It also helps train the opposite side of the brain. 😉

  3. “…you have become habituated to look in the direction the finger is pointing instead of looking at the finger itself…” What if we have missed what we are by identifying with what is looking instead of what it is looking at? What if finally all appearances manifest as solely the sport of great bliss and emptiness? – and that all-creating emptyness is what we are.

  4. after clicking through the links, from page to page to page
    i came across another thing the elite don’t want you to know.
    I think it’s incredibly important and everyone everywhere should hear it.


    1. thank you, Otmn… important message!!

      And your post provides yet another opportunity to remain strong and radiate even more love to those in charge… and make it extra-special JOYful with Rainbows on top.

    2. Thanks Otmn for sharing this!

      can vouch for colloidal silver. It is safe. Just do your research and choose a reputable manufacturer/supplier.

      Love and Gratitude,

      1. Hi, Adam M… I googled nano silver and colloidal silver. What is the difference? The size of the particles? It’s confusing. I know you can’t recommend a brand, but would you be so kind as to reveal the brand that you use and have had good results from? I’ll do further research, but would appreciate your input, if you don’t mind. In Gratitude, Lin ❤

        1. Happy to help Lin, but I’m not a doctor so I can’t give health advice (so they say?)

          Here is a link that should answer most of your questions: (which suggests the top three brands of colloidal silver on the market today are Sovereign Silver, Meso-Silver and ASAP Silver)

          I think most colloidal silver sold nowadays is nano silver, and in my understanding nano silver is safer.

          Argyria or argyrosis (blue skin discoloration) can supposedly occur when the silver particles are too large to be absorbed by the body.

          This is where I ordered from:

          I tried the Patis 30 Silver Solution and the ASAP Topical silver skin gel.

          I would definitely recommend the topical skin gel, but I haven’t ordered any colloidal silver products from anywhere else yet, so I can’t really say one brand is better than another.

          Hope this helps!
          Adam ❤

          look into the generator and rods they sell. much, much cheaper than buying. pennys per month.
          I make my own – for about 25 yrs. good results – for me, family , pets.
          Love, A

      1. ❤ I believe you know my Heart and my deep Love and admiration for you, Dear Friend… but just in case my words expressed the opposite of what I meant (they sometimes do), I hope you allow yourself to accept and Love you as the rest of us do, to see in yourself what we all see. Ignorant people / relatives, not realizing the negative depth of their actions hurt us in all kinds of ways, especially in childhood. It just amazes me with all the Beauty that you are, that you hold within your huge Heart, that you defend yourself from your own magnificent, radiant Love Light. Loving you is hardly a task—it's a JOY and a privilege. You Shine.

        … and then again, if I got this all wrong, just give me a donkey laugh, shake your head and… whatever. I Love You. Keep your silence; I just wanted to add Clarity. (I don't drink, but maybe I should start! 🙂 ) ❤

        1. Yes I know your Heart and your Love. Your words expressed perfectly what my beseeching was all about. A couple of days ago, I had an amazingly beautiful experience (thank you, B xoxoxo I love you). I was sitting here observing a baby grasshopper who came from seemingly nowhere, alighted momentarily on the right side of my neck, then landed at my feet, just at the edge of my garage slab. His antennae were wildly flailing around, he was sort of wiggling all over, moving his front legs in different positions, his back legs in different positions, sort of rocking forward and back on his haunches. There was this tremendous tension and anticipation in my body, I was rocking right along with him and I was holding my breath. “Come on … come on … you can do it, little guy, keep trying … don’t stop don’t quit.” And then I wondered, “Wait. Is he actually ‘trying’ here? Is he really asking himself ‘How do I do this? How do I leap from here to there?’ Does he have this inner dialogue going on? Of course not. He is following his instinct.” As soon as I thought this, a stillness came over me. He went utterly motionless. And I knew. “There will come this perfect divine moment when all will fall into alignment just so. He was made for this. His body structure, the way he operates within it, his intention to jump, his entire beingness will coalesce in that instant that he just most simply IS GRASSHOPPER.” My tension melted away, I released my breath, and there he was. Grasshopper being grasshopper. I was completely astonished yet not the least bit surprised as he leapt waaaaaaay out into the driveway, to land smack dab in the center of a pool of sun light. Now, if that whole thing is not a message to me, I don’t know what is. I sat in this understanding for a little while, but at some point started questioning again, “Who am I? What am I? How do I become that? Why am I fighting it? What am I afraid of? How am I blocking it? I need to try to surrender.” And all of the twisted up blah blah blah … So. Yes, this beseeching was my realization that any and all questions, any attempt at understanding, any and all trying, any effort at this point is pretty much futile. I’ve done all I can. That perfect divine moment of alignment IS. Self, please help me fall …

          🙂 AH

          1. This was a joy to read Lori, Thank you for sharing it!!

            From years past I only remember seeing blue or blue-green dragonflies, but the other day I saw one yellow and one red, both juvenile in appearance. I got in for a close look at the yellow one, and when I turned the lawnmower back on it flew at me and hit me in the eye! lol.. I had to go in the house for a few minutes because my eye hurt, and when I came back outside that’s when I saw the red one.

            I also have a chipmunk friend or two that join me on the front stoop sometimes in the morning. 🙂

            These questions you have been asking yourself are questions on my mind as well.. I do know that surrender is key, and you don’t have to be anyone else but yourself. I wish I know how to say it better.

            Reading this really helped me yesterday:


            Love and Gratitude.
            Friends Forever,
            Adam ❤

            1. Love, love, love these heavenletters! Yes, this one is quite a propos. Thank you so much. Very interesting about the dragonflies, also because dragonflies have huge significance to me. BTW, I have received (and responded to) 2 e-mails from you, though it was a different address than the one you put on your gravatar profile in response to Ron. Wanted to confirm just in case. 🙂

              Love to you,

              🙂 AH

              1. Your very welcome Anna!

                Yep, both email addresses are mine. I set up the one on my Gravatar profile in case I didn’t want someone to know my last name, but that went right out the window when I linked up my FB account. lol.. no worries. 🙂

                So, does that mean you didn’t receive my rambling email where I discussed my financial, family and living situations?

                Adam ❤

          2. Very well said AH. We already are what we have been intending. Now we just let go and be! ❤ we are in the knowing now of what we already knew. Instead of hanging onto the river bank we just have to let go and go with the flow. You are perfect AH! Always in love, Denise

          3. What an amazingly GREAT teaching you got from that grasshopper! I really thank you for sharing it with me/us – touched me very much. I don´t know why you referred to me in a way but I´m glad and grateful you did ❤

            I had a few appreciated meetings with a snake at "my" place by the lake this summer. About a week ago I only saw his skin that he had shed, very beautiful with beautiful geometric patterns. I greeted it as a reminder for me to make – or there are going to be changes in my life. When I told Lin she interpreted it as I'm done with my transformation. I donno as you use to say 😉 Anyway both their messages touched my heart very deeply and reminds me that we need each other to understand and interpret what happens around us and I thank you very much Anna Helen for sharing your story ❤

            You are always in my heart and I wish you the very best ❤
            See you tonight 🙂


  5. What is the power behind “switching on the light?” What is in the space between 1 and 1 that causes the mergence into 3 or the HE- SHE – S(HE)? What is the force that progresses Thought to Word to Deed? What is there in the moment after the in breath that promotes the out breath? What is it that cycles consciousness between the states of energy and matter? What makes the Sound in the Silence? The Movement in the Stillness? The Something from the Nothing? What is creation? Intention.

    1. ahhhhhhhhhh… There you are, Bright Shining Star, AH, Lori, Ethyl, Anna Helen, AHF…

      sparkling simplicity in “1” word.

      (thank you) ❤ ❤ ❤ +++++++++++++++++++++++

    2. And the intention of my heart is LOVE ❤

      Thank you for your words and for All That You Are, have been and will be dearest Anna Helen ❤ ❤ ❤


    3. Awareness?…

      As put forth by God through Neale Donald Walsch in his “Conversations with God” series: Experience (Physical Realm) and Knowing (Spiritual Realm) together produce AWARENESS (REALm of BEING)

      So…If AWARENESS is the product–the end result–then it makes sense to me that IT is also the beginning result…as there is no separation between end~beginning…

  6. This is kinda random…and I think it actually has to do with what was said in the previous missive


    I was thinking about what was said about how at times we will find ourselves at the front of the pack and at other times bringing UP the rear

    And it reminded me of flocks of birds…how they each take a turn at the front of their V formation in order to remain efficient as the lead position experiences the most wind-resistance and therefore is the most tiring position…

    LOVE birds…they carry so many messages with them AS them 🙂

  7. Water is some how space in between, we consist of it. I remember having heard that water is the manifestation of highest energy, being liquid and filling even the smallest space.

    This is truly a Massage that brings spin.

  8. back to the photography book I was going to produce. yrs and yrs back, I had thought of calling it “The Space Between Things”.
    Jay Jay — perhaps u could do this for I have not time unfortunately. I don’t get how I can do anything with having to still play this stupid survival game here. seems they did not set this thing up right for many of us. In the Pleiades, we has so much time for our spiritual growth – it was wonderful.
    Love to All, A

    1. Time is the time it takes to feel the love sent from here…timeless!!
      Energy sent to you Areeza, take a cool shower in it!!!!!

  9. Dear Vinny, what a journey you have taken, but now you are DEFINITELY where you were born to be! Your light will never ever fade, fearless brother 🙂
    LOVE, Aisha

    1. Dear Vinny!

      Your words touch my heart very much, the way you choose them, the immense strength I feel in them as well as the great joy. I know you will put up your mainsail after your test runs (you leave nothing untested 😉 – and I so rejoice with you my dear old brother of light and love ❤ ❤ ❤

      See you at the Gathering 🙂

      Love, light & gratitude ❤


    2. Dear Vinny & co, thank you for adding your powerful light and your free will to this Gathering! And do not worry Vinny, you do know what to do with it, it is written in your very bones, it is the reason you came,
      to these shores and I know you will remember it all when the time is right for you to do so 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude to you and to your team!
      Aisha ❤

      1. Dear Vinny, thank you for these words! You are such a wise soul, for you allow yourself to just follow your inner voice, even when it “refrains from giving any details beforehand”, just like the CCs 😉 And by doing just that, you do so much for us ALL. And as for what my sister’s role in all of this will be, as you say – time will tell 😉
        One more thing – I was thinking perhaps I should put you in touch with Rieko, the woman who translates these messages to Japanese. Maybe she can be of help in finding what it is that is waiting there for you?
        Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  10. Hello Aisha,

    I agree with others who say that we have moved into exciting times. Thank you for bringing these messages from the CCs to us. ❤

    As I read this, 'adamantine particles' came to mind, as perhaps we will begin to see the field in which those particles exist. I don't know much, if anything, about these particles but wanted to share this thought in case it sparked an idea elsewhere.


    1. Dear Anita. Your comments have just sent me on a 30 min search of “adamantine particles.” They lead me to a couple of Archangel Michael messages that quickened me inside. I hope to return to read the articles again. I posted near the end of Aisha’s last missive about seeing tiny flashing lights amongst the creative particles I have seen for years. Was I seeing with my naked eye? I doubt anyone else casually standing where I was would have seen these sparkling lights. I was, by intention experimenting with the what the CCs had once referred to as our building blocks for creating out of chaos. (Some of you will remember that I rewrote that missive in a condensed version I was so moved by it.) Have I somehow been given a chance to “see” adamantine particles? (I think they are way too tiny to normally see with regular sight.) I don’t know for sure but I do know that what I saw excites me and have left a new joy within my heart. My strongest focus in life has always brought me back to love and it many facets. To KNOW love is the cry of my heart. Adamantine particles may be the creative force of love from what I read. So thank you Anita for giving me an opportunity to understand my experience more… and to leave for a camping weekend with this awareness. Love to you, Nancee

      1. These are what I have seen all my life too. what I called molecules. look like small, lit up sperm 🙂 Gods sperm lol – makes sense !

  11. Eyes and Heart
    On July 30th, 2014
    Adam Michael says:

    Two different sets of eyes see the same object and see it differently. Two may see the same movie and each see it in a way the other did not, perhaps even opposite, perhaps not seemingly the same movie at all.

    What is seen is open to interpretation. The same object is seen as good or as bad depending upon whose eyes see and where the eyes are coming from. You have an extra set of eyes in your head called the mind. The mind steers your overt eyes. The mind is crafty. It protects you where no protection is needed.

    Often you do not see what is before you. You see what you believe you will see or fear you will see. Built upon your past impressions, you draw conclusions before the object appears, and then you never see what is before you.

    Once upon a time you were seen in a certain way that perhaps did not do you honor, and now your eyes see others looking at you in the same way. You attached your past to your present. Your past perception may have been accurate or it may not, but in any case it is inaccurate and limiting to carry it into the present.

    Your responsibility now is to allow yourself to be seen differently. You have been telling the world how to see you. Now allow the world to see you. Change your picture of yourself so that others will begin to see. Help others to see bigger. Help others to see truth.

    Let the true you be seen and known. Let yourself up. Lift yourself up so that others may be uplifted. Awaken to yourself. Cast My light before you so that others may see you and therefore themselves. Expand your vision, and expand others’ as well.

    Eyes and heart work together. You know that what I say is true. As your eyes open, so will your heart. Like your heart, your eyes need to open without fear and therefore with the ability to see, just as the heart has to open without fear and therefore with the ability to love.


    The True Nature of Darkness
    On July 28th, 2014
    Adam Michael says:

    Darkness of soul is light awakening.
    Darkness is the mirage. Light is the oasis.

    Darkness appears, but darkness is not.
    From the illusion of darkness comes the reality of light.

    Where can you go from darkness but into the light?
    In that sense, darkness is a direct path.

    Consider that darkness is a blessing.
    Darkness certainly cannot vanquish light.

    Even in the world of days and nights, night propels the day.
    Darkness falls. Light rises. Light raises darkness to light.

    It is not that you adjust your eyes to darkness.
    It is that you see beyond the darkness.

    Light shines upon the whole universe.
    The true nature of darkness is light.

  12. I posted this once before, but I don’t know if many saw it. I don’t share this to dictate what anyone’s belief’s should be, only to offer and share freely what has been helpful to me.

    The PDF’s found at this website resonate with me probably as much if not more than anything I’ve ever read:


    CHRIST’S LETTERS are also available: en Français, en español, in Italiano, in het Nederlands, sa Tagalog, pÃ¥ svenska, auf Deutsch, em Português, po polsku, на български

    Love and Gratitude to All,
    Adam Michael

  13. July 31, 2014


    CHAPTER 30

    NOVEMBER 25, 1991


    Greetings precious little sister Druthea. I AM SANANDA. The term simply means “One With God” in earned awareness. You may know me as Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Esu, Pale Prophet, and etc.


    July 31, 2014

    GERMAIN: “You Shall Reap What You Sow”

    9/30/01 – Violinio St. Germain

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