The manuscript of survival – part 413

Mankind has for a very long time harboured great hopes for the future, and even if this hope may seem to be extinguished in a great majority of your fellow men, nothing could be further from the truth. For in each and every single soul on this planet lies that same dormant seed that you have managed to bring into life, and so, within each and every single soul on this planet lies the same possibility to evoke that dream into life. For you are made of the same stuff as the stars as we have told you over and over again, and so, within your very core lies all of the building blocks you will ever need to make that dream come into fruition. And even if you may think yourself outnumbered in such a way, your dreams have few chances to make it all the way to become reality, it is in fact the opposite that is true. For even if so much of what you see around you seems to be pointing towards a scenario of wars and famine, death and destruction, either by mankind’s own weapons or by mankind’s ignorance and greed, this is merely a small piece of what is truly surrounding you.

For what you see, is just the surface, and this surface bears so many old scars in addition to all of the recent fractures and lesions, but underneath that surface lies all of the true value that this entire planet holds. For underneath all of these inflicted battle wounds beats a steady and strong heart, filled with love and understanding, ready to be filled with even more light than it has been capable of receiving already. And we are not only referring to every single individual on this planet, we are also referring to everything else that exists here, and indeed, your very own home amongst the stars, your Mother Earth. For this is no longer a place made for dramas being played out in all of their simple mindedness driven from fear, this is in actual fact a place made for the resurrection of the light, the resurrection of the love that lies there waiting to be rediscovered.

For this is what you all brought with you from the very first time you came to be here on these shores, this inner gem, this crystalline form of living light that is contained within your physical frame. But mankind has tried very hard to forget this inner source of light, and it has been trained to forget this inner source of light by beings that held it as their higher truth that their best interests weighed heavier than mankind’s. And so, that inner core of light has been obscured by layer upon layer of soot and grime as you have collectively been pushed further and further into the shadows. But the truth could not be suppressed, nor extinguished, and that is why all of you stand here today, washed clean of so much of all of these obscuring sediments of fear, ready and willing to let that inner light blast out in full force as you once again stand poised to receive another huge blast of cleansing light. Light that will enable any few remaining grains of dirt to be washed away from the shining surface of that inner you, the resplendent one, the one that has finally allowed itself to be acknowledged, and as such, has allowed itself to fully come out into the light in order to make that inner light fully visible to all.

Again, we speak in convoluted terms, but what we are saying is simply this: fear not that mankind has passed a corner that will take them further down into those old dungeons of despair you only know too well from before, for this is not what is taking place now. For even if the so-called leaders of the world seem to be rattling their sabers in a way that has not been done since the last time you lived through a stage entitled the cold war, you are not about to return to the sins of your fathers. You are in actual fact abut to return to the light of your fathers, those forebears of yours that came here in the infancy of your Earth, when man was only but a figment of imagination, and all of the rest was the same. For even if those still clinging on to the old once again are raising their voices in fury and in fear, they will not be able to override the vast amount of loving light that is already washing on to your shores, and even if they try all they can, they cannot drown this light no matter how much fear they can manage to drum up both by their actions and by their words. For their powers are feeble, and they can only resort to their age-old weapons, weapons that by now are becoming more and more obsolete as more and more people start to look into their heart and find that glimmer of hope that has always been there.

Yes, you will still see many exhibiting the symptoms of still ignoring this call from within, and you will also see many, many signals of the same if you continue to search through that cesspit of so-called information that you are being served each and every second by your media. But if you look elsewhere, if you look into yourself, and if you look into the heart of anyone you might come across, we are more than certain that you will see the real truth there. For therein lies that same glittering crystal of light that lies within all, and even inside the ones so filled with fear that it seems to leave room for nothing else is there more than enough space to contain this small container of light, the light that will seem to explode outwards in a huge burst of love as soon as that inner light is allowed to fully connect with all the other light currently existing on this planet.

For make no mistake, even if the shadows are clearly visible all around you, they are in fact so because the light quotient has literally skyrocketed during this last short period of time, and as such, the distance from the outside light and into that inner seed of light has never been shorter, no matter what the noises of discontent will try to say. For this distance has shrinked in such a way, it will not take much of an effort to make it disappear altogether, and again, this is all because of you.

For you are the ones that started on this journey when the distance to that inner light was as long and arduous and as convoluted as it could possibly be, but you managed to traverse it, through the densest of forests, through the highest of passes, through the driest of deserts and over the iciest of plains, and you made it – all the way in. And as you entered that inner sanctum of yours, you also negated that old verdict that mankind would never be able to tear itself away from that inner prison they had created. And as you entered, the thick prison walls around all of your fellow men started to crumble, bit by bit, one grain at the time at first, but as you managed to start to ignite that flame within your heart, these old prison walls became thinner and thinner in everyone else also. For you have reached the source of your hope, and you have found sustenance there, and this in turn has enabled you to open up more and more to these incoming energies in a way that has helped to fuel not only your flight, but everyone else’s too. And as you have struggled and toiled to free yourself from all of the old inhibitions, for every binding thread you have severed, you have done so for all of mankind, and for this, we cannot thank you enough. For your struggle has not been just for you, it has been for All, and as such, this solitary journey you have traveled towards your own inner light has brought every single soul on this planet closer to theirs, and now, the distance between them and their light is no more than a heartbeat away. Granted, on the outside it looks as if there are more than enough armoured steel still separating the two than any missile of light could ever hope to penetrate, but again, that is very much a part of the old illusion.

So again we say that you are all pioneers, but as you have ventured where no man has gone before, you have in fact brought all of mankind’s hopes and dreams with you, and as you have succeeded in bringing yourself ever closer to the light, you have also succeeded in bringing all of those hopes and dreams ever closer to becoming reality. And now, you are about to bring it all just that much closer. For there is still much work to do, but you have to remember that even if this at times seems to be a lonely and unrewarding journey through the wilderness, it is in actual fact a huge wave of humanity pushing ever closer into tomorrow as you walk side by side, further and further into the light. So even if you feel exhausted and ignored by those around you, and that all of your hard work seems to fall on barren soil, it is not.

For as you go about your daily life, you keep on bringing in ever more light, not only into your being, but into this whole world, and now, this light will start to push on even more buttons in those around you, making that separation between the incoming light and that inner, still dormant light less and less. And we would not be surprised if you can already see the results from this sequence of ignition lighting up the light in some unexpected places and in hearts in all levels of society. For remember, even if someone has been chosen to hold an office that entails having power over other people’s lives, it does not mean that theirs is a heart permanently closed to the light. Far from it, and in this, we are expecting many of you to start to see the truth in the very near future.

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  1. “as you entered that inner sanctum of yours, you also negated that old verdict that mankind would never be able to tear itself away from that inner prison they had created. And as you entered, the thick prison walls around all of your fellow men started to crumble, bit by bit, one grain at the time at first, but as you managed to start to

    ❤ ignite that flame within your heart ❤

    , these old prison walls became thinner and thinner in everyone else also. For you have reached the source of your hope, and you have found sustenance there, and this in turn has enabled you to open up more and more to these incoming energies in a way that has helped to fuel not only your flight, but everyone else’s too.”

    “for this, we cannot thank you enough.”

    Heavenletter #601 Published on: June 12, 2002

    God said:

    Your heart is a spring from which love streams forth.

    You have allowed hurts in life to block the flow of the stream. You have blocked and diverted the course of your heart.

    You have been trying to protect the spring in your heart, and so you have maintained an earlier dam and added others. You have built a moat around the castle of your heart.

    In so doing, you have chosen isolation.

    And now, together, you and I, We unblock your heart. We dissolve the barriers that were unwarranted for a beating heart that needs no protection.

    It is like you have stuck a knife into your own heart in order to prevent the entrance of another possible knife.

    Your heart bled, and you dug the knife deeper.

    Now is the time to pull the knife out, and so let love stream within your heart and bubble up again.

    How your heart longs to be free! How it longs to stream anew and flow over the banks of earth!

    Your heart has been gasping for its life. Sludge remains, and your openness will dissolve the remains of sludge. It will dissolve itself.

    Let your heart venture forth today. It will reach Heaven. It will return to its Source, and its Source will be resurged within you.

    Do not belabor your heart. Do not make it a hostage. Let it be. It doesn’t need your feeble protection. It has had enough of dams and moats, and now cries out for its freedom. How your heart longs to be freed!

    It was never meant to be kept in a cage. A heart is a gentle thing. It is not wild that it must be fettered. Your heart has no need to be restrained from itself.

    You need only protect your heart from your protection which divides it. The way to protect your heart from division is to rest it in Mine. I renew its strength. And I will renew your belief in the viability and reliability of your own tender heart.

    You will begin to see that your heart and Mine are twinned. Our hearts were birthed together and do not want to be separated. Your heart is not to be kept back from Mine or any other representation of Mine. Your heart is not to be kept in reserve. It is not saved for a spectacular moment.

    Your heart is ready to be used. Let the love from your heart leap.

    Set it free right now. Feel the love unsheathed lap the shores of life.

    Look at all that your heart’s flow will move forward. It will erase all barriers. All hearts will float on the stream of your heart.

    Like a great wave, your heart will lift the earth. It will elevate it. Your heart — of all the hearts on earth — will do it.

    Your heart and My heart are yoked like stars that swirl together.

    Our hearts forage the Heavens. We tromp through earth. We ascend the sky and somersault the Sun. The Moon follows Us. We swim like fish in the waters, and we fly like eagles through the sky. We fly ever higher until Our hearts are blended with the universe.

    Nothing else is discernible. All love is now blended beautifully into One heart, and it is Ours, as it ever was.

    Instead of separate stars in the sky, We see that stars are holding hands. All are connected. Our soaring hearts enter a blazing light.

    We are radiant love. We are radiant unending light. Our light was ignited in your heart, and your heart flames for all.

    😉 With love for all, Always
    Adam ❤

    1. Lovely. and today I had an experience I did not know quite how to describe. It started as a steady calm – serene yet strong. Like being a perfect self expression here. I likened the next feeling to stopping breathing and starting again – in a different, deeper way. It was almost difficult the first few times I breathed in. I said to myself it was like the peeling of the egg to get to the yolk. I said it was like reaching the innermost layer of the Onion – finally!
      From above: “All hearts will float on the stream of your heart.
      Like a great wave, your heart will lift the earth. It will elevate it. Your heart — of all the hearts on earth — will do it.
      Your heart and My heart are yoked like stars that swirl together.”
      Thank you brother Adam — This 1 Loves You and her yoke is full and glistening like a star crystal diamond — many blessings for sharing this !
      For the opening and and joining and flowing of the hearts life blood does make a river of Love that will Never, Ever stop. There is no way to stop it or separate it again.
      It does take courage to be this open and pour ones heart out! and God bless All who do it in the name of Love !

  2. from my zen calendar today:
    Just as a man shudders with horror when he steps upon a serpent, but laughs when he looks down and sees that it is only a rope, so I discovered one day that what I was calling “I” cannot be found, and all fear and anxiety vanished with my mistake.
    ~The Buddha

      1. and it was a Christmas gift from Kim – along with a beautiful dream catcher that now hangs in my bedroom window.

        1. Dear Areeza,
          Wednesday’s Zen to you!

          From the evening (breeze) to this hand on my shoulder, everything has it’s truth. Albert Camas.

          Happy Wednesday!!! you are the truth!!! Being…….


          1. aaahhhhhhH1 🙂 (the 1 appeared at the end of my ‘ah’ so I put it back) cheers!! thank you my friend ❤ Wednesday feels like a good day full of Blessings for All ! And I want to tell you that in an old Pre-Eskimo lifetime I had , I was known by a name that translates to: "Stands In Her Truth". A healer told me this was very important to remember for me in This lifetime. thanks for reminding me again. Stubborn old gal i was – i can see me! still me – I – and another 1 still standing 🙂

  3. Playing with the light is fun and all, but manifesting from it to me is where the exitement comes from on this side of the matrix. You never know how and when, and alwayswhen least expected, it’s just a matter of manifesting a good flow when this place starts its journey to nirvana. Just my best guess so far. It takes a practice to feel what feels right, there’s so many choises…

  4. Thank Aisha & CC’s for this wonderful ‘Light’ lifting message & for me, there is a very interesting underlying attachment !….You see, I had been prompted by HS to post a new image to my site, but for days been side lined, distracted, you name it….never really successful to get at it or the choice of words to accompany it’s visual, just didn’t click for me (which is very important to me, ‘Words to match the image’ )… today there it was, the ‘Click’ & the lesson being… “Child, learn the value of Patience & Knowing….to know when to act, & to trust the knowing when to wait” !….& how Amazing, in waiting, today I opened this new missive ! The words from the CC’s matches so perfectly with this lesson & yes…for the 1st time for me, I’ve quoted you Aisha, the message from the CC’s with my photo…… revealing an astonishing bond & ‘Union’ of Light, Spirit, Love & the Sacred Nature of Mother-Earth ! I’m so ‘Loving’ this !!!….& hope it’s o.k. with you Aisha that I’ve used these selected words at my site !……

    Earth Love & Celestial Light to ALL !….have a gloriously creative day everyone !…..Bev~
    (I’ll try to catch up with you All later)

    ‘Severing every binding thread that held you in the shadows, You Now stand poised to Shine & Expand your True Living Light !’

    Out of the Shadows & into the Light

    1. I don’t know if these things happen with you, but I’m often poked & prodded with lessons from HS….like this important one too, a few years back….

      The Crescendo

      1. I sit here and drink birch sap and get the same feeling when I see your picture – I want to drink peony water droplets ❤



    2. Lovely picture – as usual bev ~ eagerly striving toward the light 🙂

      I realize that I miss a lot of posts here on the blog and I apologize if I do not always respond, but I’ve actually allowed myself to just let go and move on when the planting season is competing with the blog 😉

      Love & light,


    3. Bev your pictures are beautiful. The one of the fern frond made me feel odd, stirred up a memory of a forest I see in my dreamstate in some other dimension or place, but can’t quite get back to it. Wonder what that means?

    4. ❤ Dear Bev… a magnificent photo that combines both the delicacy and power of Life… (as well as the JOY of Light Energy). You have a Gift; Thank You for sharing it. With Love, 1-Lin ❤

    5. Dear Bev, thank you so much for the gift of this wonderful image, it gives so much life to the words I have channeled! It also echoes perfectly what I have just witnessed on my sunset walk – LIFE, glorious, vibrant life emerging in even the darkest, densest parts of the forest. And thank you for sharing the all-important lesson of “to know when to act, & to trust the knowing when to wait” 🙂
      Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

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    “Ma la verità non ha potuto essere soppressa, non è estinta, ed è per questo che tutti voi qui oggi, lavati e ripuliti ben bene da tutti questi sedimenti oscuranti della paura, siete pronti e disposti a lasciare che vi sia lo scoppio di luce interiore, pieno di vigore come ancora una volta siete in procinto di ricevere un altra grande esplosione di pulizia dalla luce.” … 🙂 …

    1. For me as a scholar of social and political phenomena, these are words of great hope and encouragement!
      Thanks dear Aisha and C.C.! … 🙂 …

      “And we would not be surprised if you can already see the results from this sequence of ignition lighting up the light in some unexpected places and in hearts in all levels of society.
      For remember, even if someone has been chosen to hold an office that entails having power over other people’s lives, it does not mean that theirs is a heart permanently closed to the light.
      Far from it, and in this, we are expecting many of you to start to see the truth in the very near future.”

  6. Hello everyone.
    This is my 36th favourite Japanese song from
    Shohzoh Ise – Youth I was with you (Released Date : 1976)
    === These are the most beautiful books in this world written by Maria Valtorta ! ===
    5 volumes, THE POEM OF THE MAN-GOD
    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.
    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT ! ===
    Love & Peace & Thanks to all,

  7. man, i have not thought of or heard this one in a long,long time. now it comes to me since entering the Pond this morning… supposed to share with lyrics I am told. Enjoy ! X O tears! of joy of LOVE !

    1. part of the lyrics:
      “Ooooh-ooh-ooh, whoa-oooooh
      Sweeter and sweeter love grows
      And Heaven’s there for those
      Who fooled the tricks of time
      With the hearts of love they find
      True love in a special way

      The closer I get to you
      The more you make me see
      By giving me all you’ve got
      Your love has captured me

      Over and over again
      I tried to tell myself that we
      Could never be more than friends
      And all the while inside I knew it was real
      The way you make me feel

      The closer I get to you
      The feeling comes over me
      Me too
      Pulling closer sweet as the gravity ”

      God – how beautiful! thank your for this song Uni-verse!

      1. ❤ (me, either)… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMY, & wishing you a wondrous birthday year ahead filled with all sorts of JOYful Abundance. ❤

      1. oh – are u the one sending those wonderful scents ?! for the second time now, I have received this and there is nothing like it~!
        The last one was something like honeysuckle but better
        many blessings of Love 2 U dear One

  8. Dearest Amy,
    Wishing you a happy birthday!

  9. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    I am seeing a lot of parallel expressions reminding us to look beyond the surface illusion to find the shining jewel of hope, to tune into the love and notice the light that is transmuting all, to go withing in order to discern.

  10. Ah Kiera, some find work both playful and joyful. Work definition: an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. While “work” may at times be trying, exhausting, and frustrating, it can also be intriguing, fun, rewarding, and much more on the positive note.
    There was a few months a few years ago that I had to take a reprieve from my day to day “work”. It was at that time I realized that my “work” was indeed a privilege. To paraphrase Gandhi there is dignity in all work.

    1. I was told in a channeling years back that my Grandmother on the oher side Loves her “Job” there — and the channeler did make a motion of quoatation. Her “Job” at that time was helping new young souls (mostly babies I believe) who crossed over. That would be sooo her! When she and my Granpa were in a car accident, she was very hurt – but was insistent on helping the children who were in the other car. They were ok and she eventually recovered but that how we lost my Grandpa. He refused med care and ended up bleeding in his brain.
      Now, btw, when I got a reading on my Dad after he passed, I was informed Gram was more of a ‘teacher’. She would be good at anything!
      Beautiful, joyful soul. While alive here… they called her ‘Sweet Marie’. I am who I am because of her helping to raise me. LOVE to her and All on this day. now – to work – lol

    2. The most difficult part of my recovery right now is being away from my “work”. Really missing those dementia patients and their caregivers. Not sure if there is return on the horizon. That’s Okay – It’s been an honor to have “worked” with those souls. Thank you, Forest Joy!!!! 🙂 Caroline

      1. Whatever is perfect for you I trust will unfold Caroline. Delighted to see you back here and posting. I am taking a break from the Pond but wanted you to know you’ve been much thought of and love and SOL sent your way. Philip 🙂

        1. Thank you, Philip, from my heart. Allowing this to unfold on a daily basis. I understand we were quite successful on March 17 – makes it all worth it. Blessings to you with your continued endeavors, 🙂 Caroline

          1. Indeed it does Caroline… what a star you are! I certainly got the feeling/message it was done. Still focussing on the steps for new site… I will get there when the time is right!! Ha, ha… Philip 🙂

      2. There is a large and difficult adjustment and mourning process to “lose their identity” in the labor market. It took me many years to realize that I could not go back to the open labor market as I had been in the past 33 years. I did not want to give up in. Today I realize that there were more important things I would do – but the road has been long and stubbornness strong 😉

        Love you ❤


        1. Yep! Certainly feeling some of that, but with an underlying sense of peace. It’s just time, again, for another change. Love to you, my stubborn friend! :-):-) 🙂 Caroline

      3. Dear Caroline, it brings such Joy in my heart that you are able and willing to converse with us at the Pond. We have certainly missed you. Although you are needing some well deserved rest and recuperation, I would bet you are still “working” in some form or another. Maybe it is in prayer or perhaps just thinking happy thoughts. Both are so powerful. It is prayer and happy thoughts I’m sending your way now with all due speed.
        Love, peace, and a bit of Heaven coming your way!
        Forest Joy

        1. Yeah, I’m still “working”, Forest Joy, in this dimension and most definitely in the others. Loving you right back! 🙂

  11. “So even if you feel exhausted and ignored by those around you,”


    …it’s because we ARE. The illusion continues to fully support & reflect this experience.

    Apparently, the most consistently accurate Higher Dimensional Intel tells us that we won’t find ourselves in an Earth reality that contains only others like ourselves, of LIKE FREQUENCY….for quite some *Time* yet.

    Best guess from what has transpired so far, is that this will still be years before we have shifted ourselves to a high frequency Earth reality that holds a VERY REDUCED POPULATION.
    All low frequency individuals will be invisible / will have disappeared.

    At that point, instead of being “ignored” by the masses….the only masses in that population-reduced parallel reality will be our own kind.
    And at that point, we will truly be a Functioning Collective.


    “.. if you continue to search through that cesspit of so-called information that you are being served each and every second by your media.”


    I don’t . Haven’t paid attention to ANY media for years. Basically don’t even know what in the hell you are taking about, because I turned off the external a long time ago.
    What “rattling” of sabers, what “fear”?

    The only interest I would have in this external illusory fear ‘play’, is the excitement of CHAOS that it would bring, to ignite a rather instant CHANGE to this boring monotonous, so-far suffering experience of slow process and torpidity of inaction.

    So let’s all focus on at least SOMETHING happening, whatever the hell it is — it’s ALL good….


    “… even if the shadows are clearly visible all around you,”


    Not really — I *contain* the shadows…I AM the shadows.
    I don’t see them around me. I don’t need to.


    “For there is still much work to do, but you have to remember that even if this at times seems to be a lonely and unrewarding journey…”


    Why is effortlessly shifting oneself from one lower frequency Parallel Reality, to higher and higher Parallel Realities, defined as “work”???

    What “work”? Why is this Belief System still being used & propagated?

    If you do not DEFINE IT AS WORK, you can treat it as a playful experiment — automatically shifting yourself higher, as you change YOURSELF.

    You never, ever change your current parallel “reality”.
    You simply shift yourself out of it to another already existing one, as you continue to evolve to higher vibrational states.

  12. I really like the ‘ignition of the light’ part. And how perfect that we kept our hopes and dreams alive – our idealistic views intact (how many of you have been told you ‘dont live in reality’?) 🙂 —and how at the same time we drew the light more and more to us – to All. Therefore the ignition of it all could occur! wonderful indeed. Love you all – good day/good night

    1. ❤ always you "don't live in reality"… my hand's up!
      (hurtful then, JOYful now)
      happy dance… happy dance ❤ 😀

  13. The best parts of my day today:
    A sweet kiss from a 9 month old dog 🙂 🙂
    a passer by walking two dogs… they were so joyful and actually pulling her along!
    I was just reading the new missive and realize I can still feel that kiss.
    And, the sweetest aroma I have ever experienced to date. When I was taking my laundry off the line – kept thinking it might be the fresh, clean clothing – yet it was not from that. If you could smell Beautiful – this was it. 🙂 ❤

    1. can I get kiss from the pretty poppy! (…some of my favorite smell is
      dawny softer & crystal pureness feeling and smell of after rain by the crystal clear ocean.) wonderful day breeze !it. 🙂 ❤

    2. I love the best bits of your day Breeze!
      My best bit today involved a dog too!
      I help look after rescue dogs waiting for a home. One that I was losing hope would ever find his forever home got his new family today and went to live with another rescue dog with a bed by the fire and a pool in the yard.
      A great weight is lifted off me. (just need to manifest 23 more wonderful homes for 23 more wonderful dogs!)
      PS adopt a greyhound!

      1. Oh Simmy!
        That just brought me a huge dose of joy! Sending love to your 23 other friends. May they find their forever homes soon, along with all other rescues!
        Much love to you, Caroline

  14. Dear sun_of_blue. The I is on the way out now, but it seems that in order to leave, the I tries to be as many I’s as it can. Perhaps it is to confuse one, or perhaps it is the other way around, for the more I’s there are, the easier it is not to get stuck with any one of them, and then, one can simply BE the 1.
    Love, Aisha & co

  15. Thank you Aisha and the CC’s. I have been a long time follower since part #180 or so. I am not much for commenting, but wanted to send my Love and Blessings to you and all at the Pond. I haven’t missed a “Gathering” yet and I will see everyone next Sunday! Love and Light, Luther

    1. Dear Luther, thank you so much for being a part of this family of light! Your energy is very much present here even if you do not feel guided to share so many words, and I am looking forward to connecting with you again next Sunday 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  16. I am again reminded of how many stories we are told in life where something wonderful and beautiful is hidden behind a seemingly impenetrable wall. Think of the Wizard of Oz….the man behind the curtain…in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand a beautiful valley filled with all the blessings of the future is hidden behind a simply radar reflector showing those flying over barren rocky peaks…how many hidden doors and passageways in castles? Many things of value are hidden behind booby traps, false doors, seemingly frightening apparitions…

    The closer we get to the end of the illusion, the more the illusion looms in front of us…and the only way to walk through the illusion is to know that all is well, all is occurring in perfect divine timing…did anyone see the matrix? the scene with neo and morpheus where he places him in a training program and shows him that the rules of the matrix can be overridden simply by trusting ones self and knowing that it is so–when neo really got it and really trusted he could do more than anyone else…

    We are like that–the more we open our hearts, trust our divine paths and allow into our fields ONLY the energetics that we want to include in our lives, the more we will be creating our own lives with intention and focus and great joy!

    Huge hugs! Alex

    1. Dear Alex, thank you for sharing this! “The closer we get to the end of the illusion, the more the illusion looms in front of us…” – what a perfect description! It is like this huge wall we have been walking towards, and close up, it looks impossible to scale because of the size and the perfectly smooth walls. But if you close your eyes and take a confident step forward, you will simply go right through it 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

  17. I really wonder what the good work is that CCs refers to when it comes to me. This weekend I have been so annoyed at people around me and it’s not because I worked hard in the garden, but for some reason that I tried in vain to understand. I keep trying to look at myself to understand what caused my irritation, but without result. Luckily, I read the Oracle Report this afternoon and understand that it actually “is something in the air” that caused the irritation that I scooped over my best friend. Fortunately, it’s a new day tomorrow 🙂

    Thanks Aisha and CCs for this message.

    Love & light,


    1. Dear B to B,

      thank you for yesterday message, I just saw it today and I would like to say how wonderful & I am grateful to you I wanted to thank you all along.

      You spoke to me a very first day here when I peaked here, you were just like a soft kind breeze going through your beauti-Full garden & said “ to me before that “so you wanna tell me how delightful you feel under the sun & would you like to have little more water for you? you are growing like every other flowers shinning, so would you like to speak to me”

      How many amazing, extraordinary beautiful things of momentous are going very well, we all come to acknowledge, and I am so grateful to your beauty & your garden must be so happy ! plants are always making me feel good. thank you B to B, I so appreciate you, Love tomo ♥

      1. Dear Tomo I ❤

        Dear friend – you really touches my heart ❤ THANK YOU! I am always so deeply touched when someone, like you, give me honest appreciation for who I am – totally unexpected.

        My garden is simple and not at all pompous in any way – on the contrary – but it is very dear to me and it gives me great love back. Just like you do now 🙂

        Thank you again my dear friend – you came to stay in my heart ❤

        Love & Light,

        B to B

        Seeing that you posted the message at 2:20 and maybe it was because I woke up a while tonight 🙂

        1. “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.”
          — Plato you taught me that B to B , Love tomo

    2. hope this day/night greets you with all the beauty you are dear B!
      I understand – about the people issues too! I never used to have road rage and I was wrestling with that lately too! geeez.
      The stirrings in this soup pot are strong beloved sister. we are OK – as One ❤

      1. Thank you dear Areeza ❤

        You are so right my friend! The stirrings in this soup pot are strong and after the irritations wuring the weekend I have today been so effective, handled a lot of things from the tax authority to negotiate free topsoil to my plantings. No stress, but full activity anyway and I recognize what has been spoken of here that I am several different people at once. It really is true! I'll probably take an extra Soul and Body Fusion to unite "all me" tonight 😉

        You are in my thoughts when going to the funeral Areeza ❤

        Love & light,


        1. to share: I got a new Tablet (Freelander is the brand -getting into the tech stuff again – got out for yrs, yrs). good for trips and it has built in GPS, smart phone (IF i want that) and HDMI port and camera. all the goodies. real great price on ebay. so, it arrives fast but it has the Europe plug adapter. uggh. so i am fretting… Then I feel its good to just relax and trust. did not feel an urge to go out driving looking for one at a store, etc. my brother in law (Kims Dad) comes over Saturday. (Kelly had clothes and jacket for his son). well, guess what? he had an extra adapter ! and, it charged my tablet fine. no worries. trust, trust , trust. ~This 1~ must do this more and more. and… the company who sold it is giving me 5.00 credit for my trouble. 🙂
          All my life I have fretted way too much – and things usually work out fine. time for a big change. big release and huge embrace of new. Love you!

          1. Sometimes. especially when occupied with many things, I forget about my trust skills too….just have to take a step back and recollect what I have experienced/learnt lately 😉



    3. Dear B you are not alone in your irritation. I am acutely aware of all my annoying thoughts which go on and on and on and instead of allowing them to pass through I resist them and use more annoying thoughts to argue with them, a quite pointless and very annoying exercise.
      You might be interested in The Grumpy Master by Geoffrey Hoppey

      Click to access Shaumbra_Monthly_May_2014.pdf

      Thank you for sharing ❤

      1. I also realise my mind is trying frantically to cover and protect me from these incoming energies it cannot understand or control in any way. I have to practice stepping away from the mind more often than ever to remain centred.

        1. It makes you really frustrated – it’s so important how we think! I do not think evil, unsympathetic thoughts about others – I do not really know myself. Today I feel really fragmented …



      2. Great Simmy!!! Exactly :)))

        Yesterday two of my neighbours talked about another persons behaviour in the laundry room. I have heard it before and inside of myself I yelled “How do you think you will change it? For heavens sake – DO something – SAY something to that person you talk about”

        I just left them – I couldn´t stand it all.

        It really isn´t a nice picture of an awakened person (are we still lightworkers?) – is it? Holly Molly – I think there will be an interesting week starting on Friday when my very 3D sister comes to visit me for a week….

        Thank you Simmy for you share that was most needed for me ❤

        Love & light,


        "Our challenge as embodied Masters living on this planet is two-fold.
        First, can we tolerate the annoying things about human life, the things
        that are becoming so much more evident as we allow our divinity? And
        second, can we bring the higher-consciousness attributes of New Earth
        to this Old Earth? Is there a way to be in this world but have the grace
        of the New Earth around us?"

        A very good question!

        1. ❤ Dear B… With your great, wonderful, quirky sense of sunshine humor and ready laughter combined with your abundant Love, the coming week with your sis will be a piece of cake for you and… PLUS sharing with her your birches, your lake and your new garden… ?! How could she NOT appreciate a week of JOY with you. When in doubt and grumpiness steps in, just step out and bear hug her and then plant a big 'ol Loving kiss square on her face.

          (… and then RUN!) 😀
          Loving you as always, Dear B ❤

          1. hahahahahaha – Lin – you are just amazingly lovely – “quirky sense of sunshine humor ” – just LOVE it – as I love you dear Sister 🙂 Wish we could share some quirky humor IRL :)))



        2. From the heart B and Sim! from the Heart!
          This is how I speak to people now (well most of the time or maybe 1/2 the time… LOL). working on it.
          Mind to mind just does not work well.

          The lady who will be taking care of my Cat – she is a real church lady – I mean that in not such a great way. she is VERY oppinionated too. She said some stuff about our Kimmy – and her parents and parenting she got or lack there-of, etc. – that I could have gotten upset about. Then, I said to myself ‘she means well’ — she does not mesh with me perhaps in her thinking and her views… BUT our hearts are One ! and what she says is saying to me that she cares.
          Well… let me say… this is The Way from now on….
          It is the allowance… the coming from the Heart Center… and you guys: say this to yourselves in times of difficulty:
          ~~ Everything and Everyone Is Always FOR ME ~~
          or you can say The Universe Is Always FOR ME or ~FOR THIS ONE~ …. something like this. see how it makes you feel and what it does !!
          🙂 🙂 Love, A

            1. and you would not believe the number of people who are just plain nosey and want to know how Kim died. they dont first say “I am so sorry”…just ‘so did u ever find out what happened?’ ‘was it drugs’?
              it is unreal sometimes what we sensitives put up with.

          1. Thank you for the reminder, I should write it on my forehead and look in the mirror a lot! The fog of forgetfulness still lingers…still it’s not what it used to be thank goodness.

            1. the universe and everything is ALWAYS FOR ME,
              there is nothing working against me however it seems

            2. Simmy, I used to have a tee shirt that said “take my advice, I’m not using it”. LOL how true that can be! I say what I need to hear MOST of the time! 🙂

              1. “take my advice, I’m not using it” Ha Ha that is a great Tshirt! Breeze, I wish I had one. Funny how we can constantly forget the most important things. 🙂

        3. Dear B!
          I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your 3d sister! My 3d ultra, ultra, ultra 3d mother nicely surprised me during the 2-week stay with her upon release from hospitalization. I truly saw her loving ways, although pretty harsh at times. It’s my perspective that has changed over the years. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how much you have changed since your last visit. If not, just throw a snowball at her. Oops! It’s Spring – shower her with flowers and love. 🙂 Whatever happens, remember you are both where you’re supposed to be. Much love to you, Caroline

          1. Thanks Caroline! Much appreciated 😉

            As a matter of fact I once inspired her (as well as my daughter) to take a course in Reiki but the scientifically proven is still her first choice 😉 Still I think that LOVE is the first and best choice 😉

            Love you ❤


  18. (THANK YOU!!, Forest Joy, for a JOY-filled message. Thank you. xox ❤ )

    ❤ Sincere apologies for the length of this post. Lately, 1 has been silently bemoaning the fact that 1 has to travel a couple of hours by car to visit Nature/Beloved Trees whereas 1 grew up living in Nature in a small town and looking up at Mt. Whitney thru the living room picture window.

    Whether the crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened or not as described in the bible, the following words (pages 85/86/87) are offered as part context from the book, “Walking In The Light and The Love,” The Wisdom of White Cloud, Channelled by Blossom Goodchild, opened up a “miracle” for this 1 regarding Nature. One adds that 1 was also practicing the drawing of the Flower of Life at the time after reading this chapter.

    White Cloud on speaking of the site of the crucifixion: “I show now that many, many, many years later, when the existence of that time was erased from the place, if one was to look with their spiritual eye, they would find that the entire field is covered in these little [white] flowers. It is like many things my friends, one soul could go there and they could use their spiritual eyes and being and they would in turn shed their own tears for the beauty they beheld. Another soul could stand in t exactly the same place, but that soul, for reasons that only itself can deal with, has decided not to open that spiritual eye. It shut if off many, many, many moons ago and has not yet had the courage to open it to see what it may see, so it stands in the spot and all it sees is barren land. For this soul it does nothing. Perhaps in turn the tears are shed by that soul because its heart is empty and can see nothing…

    “… Think also, when you are outside in nature, of beginning to be aware of this spiritual eye, even if you do not yet know how to use it. Begin to practice using it although nothing is happening at the moment…

    “… You can be anywhere, inside or out. You just learn to tune in to the spiritual side of what is occurring at that moment in this space of your life…”

    One has always KNOWN the Magic of the ethers/dimensions although 1 couldn’t “see”. One is Intent on remembering this sight, yet in the meantime, 1 created/saw/smelled/FELT/slept within and under a magnificent giant Redwood Pine in 1’s bedroom/entire house/property. It was shimmering with electricity and JOY. It was Glorious using 1’s new Heart Eyes. Today 1 is living within the space of a giant Redwood Pine. And as 1 runs errands, the Redwood will still be all-enveloping. One-ness is coming more and more into 1’s experience and remembrance.
    And… 1 doesn’t need to travel hours any longer to visit the Trees. One now lives amongst them, and all sorts of animals and be-ings. 1-Lin is deeply Grateful, at Peace and Happy. 😀 ❤

    1. I thought of this last night and early this morning…and I allowed myself to be ‘held’ in a giant redwood’s embrace. I was in a branch that was carved out like a cradle. thank you Lin — peace and blessings of Love be upon you and All 1’s always

    2. Dear Lin,
      You never cease to help me smile daily. What a beautiful gift you have to give by simply being you! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Much gratitude and a HUGE hug coming your way from this heart. Love you, Caroline

      1. ❤ HI, CAROLINE!!! So glad to see you!! 😀
        (and Thank You for your very kind comment—you fill my Heart)

        Continued Blessings and JOY to you&Mark&pup.
        Always with My Love, xox Lin ❤

  19. Today, today is the day of Divine Mercy throughout the world. Thru mercy, with mercy, and in mercy the Light, the Christos has entered the gateway to and found a seat within each and every heart. My, oh my! Such flames of love have been ignited this day in all hearts in this earth in this solar system in this galaxy in this universe in this entire creation for All and for All time.
    These arms are raised in gratitude and praise to All and All there is.

  20. Thank you ♥ Aisha , Ron ♥ ,everyone♥

    Tension is who we think we should be…Relaxation & feeling good is who we really are ♥

    Each tree contains its own seed, our knowing are connected and know always to be creative ♥

    I just started to make my first web & blog expressing my fun.
    I am telling myself it is already done and beautiful and seeing smiles everywhere !! …….. creative enough? fear is my friend, & fear is in at far end of my dictionary.

    Love to you all ♥

          1. yes indeed, truly my love and appreciation to you aisha and everyone who allow me to be myself, allowing myself to be me, thank you thank you thank you, most words I tell myself speaking to myself, this time I am not alone.

                1. It seems so close really Aisha! This feeling I have communing with you. A Light family~ I can’t believe a year has gone by already! The Pond sustains me, you all do in so many ways. I am empowered by your stories and music and love, and the experience of losing people and beloved animals in death, while losing dogma and judgment and expanding awareness of Spirit led dimensions eases both the process of Light bearing, but the inevitable human tears of loss when a beloved transitions out of one human form back to invisible loving places in infinite spiritual realms. I am comforted by the mother/father love comforter I FEEL here. Love and Light to you all, and blessings as we brave onwardly within the bodies we keep Becoming in. I too Aisha have changed massively, in my interpretation of bodily sensations and ride them with far greater ease and grace reading your messages; one and all~ ❤ Monica

                  1. Dear Monica, thank you for sharing this! I am in awe of all of the love and wisdom that is constanly pouring into this Pond, an endless source of light that just grows brighter and brighter. What an amazing community we have created 🙂 Thank you so much for adding your light to this pool of love!
                    Love, light and gratitude from me, Aisha

  21. We are One together. Thank you Aisha and CC’s for making it possible in this tangible way through the Manuscript of Survival. Hugs and so much love, Jean

    1. Cosign!!!!!!

      Thank you Ron for everything!!

      For sharing your wonderful blog,
      For introducing me to all these wonderful people,

      And for all that you do for love of All-One/s.

      In Love and with Gratitude,
      Adam Michael

  22. Dear friends!
    Time seems to once again be speeding up, and this upcoming week we exit April and enter May. With a new month comes a new Gathering around the Pond and next Sunday, May 4, we can come together and celebrate the fact that it is exactly one year ago that we had our very first Gathering 🙂 I find it hard to understand that twelve months have gone by since then. In one way, it feels like a whole life has passed by, but on the other hand, it feels like only yesterday. And I have to say that looking back, I see a whole string of different Aishas inviting you to a new Gathering each month. For one is no longer the one I was back then, and neither are any of you. Like the CCs say, on the outside we look much the same, but when you go within, so much has changed and is still changing it is difficult to describe the “who, what, where of it”. But no matter what happens on this journey, I know I am never alone, I am always ONE with everyone around this Pond, and that has become clearer and clearer to me after all of these Gatherings we have been through. So it is with much gratitude and even more JOY that I can once again invite you all to connect even deeper next Sunday, May 4.
    With all my love, Aisha 😀

        1. I have no idea why this song just came to me, but I’m dancing and giggling to it out in my driveway at 1 am. Party of ONE!!!

          😉 AH

    1. Hello, One and All, it is extraordinary how much has happened over the past year, and this one continues to be in awe over having been led here to the Pond. If time is speeding up, then events and change will continue to accelerate, and am encouraged to see so much coming to light on this planet. Thanks to everyONE here whose beingness and expression of beingness keeps this one uplifted.


    2. Eagerly awaiting this Gathering, after being a bit indisposed last month! Love and bright blessings to you, dear Sister, and to All! 🙂 “C”

      1. Dear Caroline, you were very present during last month’s Gathering, even if you have no recollection of it yourself 😉 But I am really, really looking forward to seeing you there this time, shining brightly and adding your magic 🙂
        LOVE, Aisha

        1. That’s so funny, Aisha, because there seriously is no recollection of being there! 🙂 Caroline

    3. Whooot whoot! One whole cycle of 12….amazing~ what a wonderful gift to all of us and to all that is!!! we enter into the 13th cycle…how fitting~ Hugs and thanks for all you do–all we do! Alex

    4. Thank you, Aisha. I will join you at the Gathering. May 4th is Memorial Day here in Holland.

      Love always,

    5. dear Aisha and pond family
      May 3rd I will be in Northern CA at a gathering for my niece who passed away. This special celebration will be from 2-5pm Pacific Time. The 4th I am not sure what we will be doing. we may be visiting the Redwood Forest or Fern Canyon or Moonstone Beach – another place I found that turns our to be a favorite spot of Kim’s too. Since I am a true beach comber, I am sure I will find the perfect ‘gift stone’.
      Will be thinking of all of U – as One we will all be together.
      Love, Areeza

        1. being there will I!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          I could do nothing less.
          Bbursts of warm infinite light embrace you on your path.

          many blessing, 🙂

      1. Breeze! Came here now to ask when you would be leaving for California and here’s the answer – Thanks! 🙂 “C”

      2. My heart embraced all his young friends who were just starting their adult lives. Seeing the pain in their eyes was heartbreaking….

        My heart and love is with you Areeza ❤


      3. Hi Areeza,

        I am so very sorry to hear about your niece.
        I am at a loss for words..
        but I am holding you all in my heart,
        and sending unending love to you and yours. <3<3<3

    6. Aisha dear, that even if you do not say that I am immensely grateful to you and Constant Companions?
      For me as a scholar of social and political phenomena, these are words of great hope and encouragement! … 🙂 …

      “And we would not be surprised if you can already see the results from this sequence of ignition lighting up the light in some unexpected places and in hearts in all levels of society.
      For remember, even if someone has been chosen to hold an office that entails having power over other people’s lives, it does not mean that theirs is a heart permanently closed to the light.
      Far from it, and in this, we are expecting many of you to start to see the truth in the very near future.”

      1. Dear Adele, thank you for sharing this! I have already seen som faint glimmers of light in some unexpected places, let us hope that this will start to grow in intensity now!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    7. Thank you Aisha and CC’s

      “For you are the ones that started on this journey when the distance to that inner light was as long and arduous and as convoluted as it could possibly be, but you managed to traverse it, through the densest of forests, through the highest of passes, through the driest of deserts and over the iciest of plains, and you made it – all the way in.”

      I can’t imagine how, but we did it!

    8. In the beginning of creation. There is a family of particles that contain all the knowledge of the creation of elements that each has its own life forms. They all come from the same source of knowledge. The particles that contain the knowledge of all life. The fire, water, air and earth. These contain all life forms that can be created that we know of. Each has its true life form and many different created life forms that come from them all working as one thought in the creations. We as humans are a part of Fire, water, air and earth. All these elements worked together in the creation of the human body. The breath of air gives us life. The water gives us the fluid motion of the body. The earth gives us the elements of the body that lets us stand on two feet. The fire gives the mind the sparks that control the movements of the body. All these join together in the heart and mind to give us our senses. Many never include the spirit of creation as part of creation that is always with us in all things as knowledge and the laws that came with creation.

      All of theses particles of the elements come from one source. Within dark energy is the creator that has the knowledge of how all elements and how they are created. Dark energy is just a name given by humans to this family of unseen particles that has all the knowledge of what we know as matter and life. It is called dark energy because its light can’t be seen by humans. In its center it is full of light that has a membrain that protects it from its outer shell that has a negitive charge. Within the center of this there is a yet a smaller particle has a positive charge. That has a lining of protection to keep it stable. I know there is no proof of this that is known by humans. I am only saying what has been told to me by the spirit of these creations known as elements that make up all life forms, suns and planets. This comes to me in the form of a voice. Where this voice comes from isn’t from any of these elements. Its seems to come from something that knows about the elements creation. Communication with elements is much different. It is a type of communication one at a time with each of the elements and how they interact with one another.

      I know this communication may seem strange to many it is strange and new to me to. All I’m doing is trying to tell what is being told to me by a voice that comes to my thoughts when I ask a question about something. One might say I’m talking to myself. It is much like talking to myself when trying to work out answers to something I don’t know about and want to learn more about and understand more about its creation. I have no ideal where this voice is coming from. I just know it is from deep within dark energy. That at one time interacted with dark energy that formed all creation. I know some may call this voice universial knowledge that any and all have access to in their thoughts. To me universial knowledge is a collection of all of the human race known knowledge. This voice seems to be a step higher than what humans know as knowledge. This voice has no judgement but I can only access this voice with a intent of love for all without harm to anything and no fear of what might be told to me.

      This voice seems to be pure knowledge with love for all things. It shares its knowledge with any and all that have this same love and seek its knowledge. The knowledge seems to have no limit as to what it will share with me. It is a sharing of love for all things. It is asking with love and receving with love knowing that what is recieved will never be misused for harm to anything. Its funny that this voice has ask me questions about what I might like to do with some of the knowledge it is sharing with me. The only answer I could give back is that what ever it tells me I have no problems with as long as it leads me and teaches me what to do with its love for all things. I have told this voice I would always ask it for advice as to what to do with what it teaches me. Any and all knowledge it might give me would only be used to help Mother Earth and the life forms on Earth and anywhere else in our universe with love and mercy for all things.

      I have learned to live within the spirit and have learned the difference between thoughts of spirit and thoughts of the human mind. No one can live within the spirit all the time at our stage of advancement of life. We can all put forth the effort to try. The spirit speaks only to the heart and the mind accepts what the heart says. The mind can do no different when the heart has a love for all things. The mind of humans with its fear has been in charge for long enough. The time for the spirit of the heart to awaken and comtrol the mind has come. Let this spirit of pure love grow within each of us to over come all the problems of our world as we learn to work together as one and live in peace always helping others to do the same. Forgive me for being long winded with my post. I know I’m old but I have a very active mind and heart. I only post a fraction of my thoughts here. I love to come to the pond. I feel the love that all who come here send out to embrace the world. This puts a smile on my face. It is said ones love is also ones pain. The desire to reach out and hold those that are suffering is a love and a pain to my heart to see others suffering. I feel the pain many have that come here. The pain of the world can only be over come with love and mercy for all things.

      I give my love and blessings to all not only here but throughout the world

        1. So very important:

          “You serve, yet you can’t take everyone’s difficulties into your heart. Be compassionate without tearing yourself apart. What difficulties belong to another do not belong to you, and, yet, you are not heartless. You cannot take on others’ problems as your own because that helps no one. If someone is lame, you are not to become lame too.”

          Love ❤


          1. I always maintain self control over my body mine and heart. I always try to raise up the level of others thoughts. This doesn’t mean I don’t understand others sufferings. I have had my own sufferings in life like everyone else. I have seen many come and go in life many very close to me. I have a heart of compassion and always will have this. I will keep this all my life and under control. Compassion is what it is a desire for all to live in peace within and without. To rise in understanding of life for all. I went through a time in life when I thought I had a heart of stone only to see it crumble when I found compassion for others. I have been through times when I could care less if I lived or died. I know what pain is in all forms. I know what it is like to be one of the walking dead without compassion or love for anything. This is of my past I will never return to this way of living life. I have been homeless and lived around others who were the same. I have spent my time in hell on earth. I have been alone with nothing but my thoughts to torment me while in this state of being alive but dead. I will spend the rest of my life trying to help others rise out of this state of being. They can learn there is more to life with the help of others. I am now one of the others that can help and will remain so. I look at my life in a way that I was picked to go through this to deepen my understanding of this way of life and to over come its hardships to help others do the same. I don’t think I am better than anyone. I can also stand up to anyone who places themselves above others and show them the dream world they are living in is nothing but self ego that looks down on others. I feel the pains of others because I lived with pain in my younger years. Pain was the only friend I had and I know what it is like to live a life like this.

            Love and blessings to all

            1. My wonderful neighbor, who lives next door to me, has lived a life as you describe. He has an amazing life experience, humility and understanding of people, reading with a glanc of how one feels. He knows right away if you are honest or not, and he has meant so much to me just by being there – even during the years that he was left in his alcoholism and without having met sometimes for weeks. He has struggled with his problems and I with mine and it has been a great deal of respect for each other. We have been sitting out on my porch and had conversations for hours about life over the years and it has been extremely valuable for both of us. Despite the language difficulties, we understand each other very well.

              He is an important healer, especially for many of his abusing buddies which he can start to realize by himself now. This winter, his anxiety was much less noticeable and my heart rejoice to see that his life lands slowly but surely on firmer ground. I never cease to marvel at the amazing people I have faced in my life and he is a person I was terrified the first time I saw him 😉

              I thought I was going to say something about compassion 😉

              Love & light,

              B to B

        2. “Some people over-indulge in eating. Some overindulge in compassion. Compassion means to rise to a higher level. It does not mean to adopt others’ suffering as your own….If you are to alleviate suffering, you must alleviate suffering, not take it on.

          Have empathy and not be consumed in empathy.”

          I believe this is one of the great lessons of moving to 5D but I still have major trouble applying it in relation to the seemingly endless suffering of animals.

        3. taking the ‘middle pass’ : not getting too high in the highs nor to low in the lows. goldy locks zone – oh yeah – not too hot, not too cold 🙂
          juuusssst right ! temperate in the tempest of the temple

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