A short update on the energies

You have all by now completed a cycle of energetic transmissions that are unlike anything anyone has been been taken through, and as such, you are indeed not only pioneers, you are also the ones that have lifted the bar far above and beyond the limit for what anyone could be able to accomplish during an incredibly short time span. And the simple reason for this success is the fact that you all committed yourself completely to this process a long long time ago. For this is well and truly the result of a long, long line of incredible moments, moments where you have chosen to step into unknown territory again and again, and where you have willingly embraced fully the prospect of leaving behind everything you have ever known.

For what you have done has propelled you further and further from the human you once was, and taken you across the border and into tomorrow with such a powerful sweep, you have blown away anything that might have been standing in your way. Not only that, you have also managed to pry open every last remaining door within you, so that you are standing before a vast and incredible library of knowledge that now stand there ready to be taken into full use. For now, you are truly the brand new humans, the humans that act as a vast repository for knowledge, a knowledge that will be utilized to rectify whatever it is in your surroundings that do not vibrate at the elevated frequency that you are all doing now.

Again, this whole operation is a resounding success indeed, but as usual it will take time before you start to see the full scope of the majestic work you have completed during the last 24 hours. For what you did during that time, cannot be likened to anything you know from before, and now, you will all be asked to step forward and enter those rooms that you have made accessible by that impressive show of light force that you all ingested.

And as you start to explore, you will find that you are truly filled with wonders within, and when you find these treasures, you will also know why you are here. For up until now, so much of what you have done have been in preparation for this. You have been priming your physical body for this huge lift in energetic vibration, and you have been preparing yourself for the task that is at hand. And now, that task will start to make itself known to each and every one of you. And as you start to access that vast repository of knowledge within, it will not happen accidentally. For you will each and every one be guided to the right “book” on the right “shelf” and you will be pointed in the direction of the right “page”. In other words, you will be taken along a route that leads you to the information you will need in order to solve the task that you came here to do, and you will also find yourself guided towards persons or indeed places that will enable you to fulfill this task. So now, you have all entered a brand new gravitational field and it will gently but firmly guide you ever onwards and forwards to your dream destination.

241 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. “I saw a round window? a hand and arm reached thru and handed me a fish
    wha’ the?”
    is what I posted after the last gathering.
    It has been weighing on my mind ever since. I haven’t had much to say lately, only because I had no words for it. I still don’t have many, but i found some from Kryon which help



    “Some of you wept, not from the information, but from the perception of remembering. Old souls, listening and reading, you have spent lifetime after lifetime on this planet and you’re used to it. But there was another planet before this one, and before that, and before that. You’re a part of the creative source, and a beautiful system – every single one.”

    —–perhaps that explains why I cry at some mundane ordinary things, for no reason I’m aware of—–

    “In traditional mainstream beliefs, the soul is a singular entity that belongs to the Human whose face is in your mirror. When you die, the soul goes with you to somewhere else. In some belief systems, it then comes back. It’s simple, incorrect, but it’s OK, very OK. If I said to you, “You have to walk before you can run,” you would understand this as logical common sense. The same process of understanding spiritual truth is part of a spiritual evolutionary process of perception. It’s not necessary for you to know all the details of something to use it or to feel it.

    The Human soul is part of a multidimensional energy and is not singular. It also is not attached to one body. It also can be split and in many places at once. In the New Age esoteric belief system, it is the “Higher-Self”. It represents a true quantum energy.”

    —perhaps this describes my feelings of being on both sides at once.

    I/we handed the fish to my selves, who were handing it to me/us.

    At this point I can visual the first 12 planes, and I am living in all of them at once. 11 others plus this one that we all share. Each of the eleven others also has eleven others, repeat, etc. I’m not ready for that bit of god soup just yet.
    The one other dimension which I can see most clearly has a pinkrose colored sky and all the vegetation is sort of blue. We have a few, The Colorado Blue Spruce comes to mind. In that other place blue is predominate. I’ve glimpsed some of the others. I realize that one of the 12 of me has just died, (again). [what’s really weird is that one is now going through his/my life review, where he/i remember everything while the rest of us continue to struggle to try to remember]
    So something has opened and I know it will ]open wider between the dimensions. I suddenly don’t care if I am 3d, 4d, 5d 678910 or 2d. I exist in all of those places all the time, I just don’t know it. funny how we cannot see what is directly in front of us in the mirror, until we get the idea that such a thing exists. I am not a singularity. There is lots of mes. Now that I know that I’m over there as well as all those other places at the same time, I expect to see more of it/them soon.—–

    “The term New Age can often mean cult in certain cultures, so we often use esoteric instead. Both words mean a belief system that is unique on the planet and has no structure or doctrine. It has no central book. It has no prophet to worship and there’s no place where there is a central headquarters. There’s no place to report to and there are no rules. There is no membership and no record of who started it. What a system! It’s out of the perception of any logical, organized system, because it has no organization.

    —sheesh no wonder it is so hard to find words to describe these things.

    it’s not that the world will not change.
    It is just that ‘Nothing” is going to do it.
    no structure, no doctrine, no book, no prophet, no headquarters,
    no rules
    trust “Nothing”


    1. My dear brother of light!

      Yesterday frost swept across the ground and I was grateful that my bud was covered by light.

      When I woke up early this morning and once again asked the light redeem my muteness and pain I suddenly felt the joy return, my body and soul thawed out again and light and love flowed. I saw us all indulge in life and we are dancing, singing and laughing like the water, the light, the trees the ground and all that lives.Then I go up and read your post, which is like balm for my soul. Your words comforted and you are sharing something that my old soul knows but that I myself can not explain in words. I planted them in my thawed soil.

      Thanks Otmn – I do not like either the laws, regulations, structures or operating instructions πŸ˜‰ and I’m so grateful for the fish that you so willingly share with us ❀

      Yet we have frost in the nights but spring light is amazing πŸ™‚ Today will be a good day to replant my flowers on the windowsill. They really need more fertile soil now to grow when the light has returned.

      Thank you for being who you are ❀

      Love & light,

      B to B

      PS. I hope all crying is refreshing to us πŸ˜‰

  2. This is my 24th favourite Japanese song from http://oriharu.net/jhyo1.htm
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    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

    1. Dear Tomo, I think like this too sometimes. When I used to get into books (have not picked on up in yrs). Seth especially! Love Seth. – Nature of Personal Reality. Great stuff. I have read others too that made me feel like u – that ‘this is me’. Well, it IS all Us! God in different forms writing about itself. When i read the other day an hr or two about that Betty White – psychic medium from early 1900’s, I am thinking… hmm she died in 1935. I was born yrs later… could be me. I so resonated with her – her essence lets say… and we all have similar essences we resonate with.
      All good Tomo — We are accelerating As One together — and a fine mix of stuff we are! Love, A

      1. …..my mind never quits lately: I want to add that when I feel a high from others around me, I say ‘oh how nice that being/creature is expressing us!’ πŸ™‚ Tome – how nicely you are expressing Us!
        ~ All That Is forever and always expressing All That Is ~

        1. Dear Breeze,

          I am grateful ! so grateful to hear your pure thoughts
          Thank you I am so glad so glad thank you for sharing.
          we are all accelerating together.
          All together, and each unique ones making together one heaven.
          All that is all that is …in all !
          Thank you again & again

          Love Tomo

  3. With love & appreciation I now am taking full control about to start sharing.
    I think I have ” but so on & on” left in me anymore. I have few ideas still but not much in details yet. I just know I am already co creating with all now in harmony before I even start to thinking about what to express.

    I am in heaven with all love around me in me & am grateful. So I just do it !

    Books…. I understand so many books people resonate with. I am not claiming anything here just want to share just want to talk about I hope it is ok.

    I found myself in 3 books, one huge unknown book I was shown was written all what I am going through now. One is in aisha book that I am so grateful I wish word can express. Thank you aisha. And one is in Seth. It may sounds odd coming out from me a non native but every pages I read 3 month ago I found myself in there which made me feel so home so relieved so all ok that I have experienced in all my life.

    I am just wondering Is this the similar feelings that some people experience? I know I create own reality but I feel I co created the Seth book now went back then to live myself to realize here now.

    Strange but I felt so much appreciations & infinite love.
    (this is helping me to put in word. I thank you so much.)

  4. My cold does not heal easily. Cough does not stop bad mood heat out.
    The other day, files of Dr. Keshe has been released. 4 days(Mar.18~21) only could download.
    I think why it would to that ambiguous like this.
    I have successfully downloaded only once in 3 days.
    It is recommended to publish to the world, I also exposes from my domain.
    This is the explanation file.(Though Japanese)
    Truth to the world!

  5. 11:11 – the ceiling fan light automatically came on
    we have a remote for it. I never use this light – no dimmer and i dislike bright lights. It has happened before and woke us up – never took notice of the time. happen to be up when it happened a few minutes ago. Kelly always says its when someone else probably uses their garage door opener. I can buy that… but the time stamp caught me this time! some one up there has a nice sense of humor.

  6. I need some support, though I am not sure what kind. I know this is something I have to find within myself, so maybe I am just needing to talk about it. On the day of the equinox, I found myself floating in the middle of the pond on an inner tube, just soaking up the Sun. I heard the sound of tinkling, laughing water off to my left. I looked over and there was a nice, refreshing waterfall. I moved toward it, stayed under it for a while, then drifted through to the other side of it. There I washed up to the opening of a cavernous darkness. No fear, no threat, just a sense of a great field of potential. I started inching my way forward, but I felt so heavy. Emotionally and physically. The more I tried to move, the more I felt stuck. Then I heard the Divine Mother say, “Look behind you.” I did so, and I saw a thick rope leading from my back to a vast multitude of people all sort of tangled together. They appeared to be unconscious. She said to me, “You must release them. You can not drag them along with you. This part of your journey must be done by YOU. Not alone, never alone, but in solitude. Do you understand, child?” I did understand, though I found it to be a very painful realization. As you all can relate, I’m sure, it felt like I would be leaving them all behind. She assured me, “No, not leaving them behind. Helping to make way for them.” So up until just a little while ago, I have been slowly making this thick rope thinner and thinner. It became a mere filament and finally released with an echoing PING. As it did so, I fell forward to my knees. My legs are all cramped up. My spine feels compressed. The toes on my right foot bent forward so drastically that I wondered for a moment if they would break. There was a searing pain and pressure in my throat and jaw and behind my eyes. I knew I was holding back a scream and a flood of tears. So I let them go. I screamed and sobbed, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! So sorry. Please forgive me! Please forgive me.” God, it was so painful to let those people go. And now I am stuck again. Even with the Mother standing right here beside me. I can’t move forward, because I feel so sad about it, even though I know it had to be done. And because I can’t move forward, I feel like I’m failing them, everyone else, myself and the Divine Mother in a whole different way. I don’t know if that even makes any sense, but there it is.

    Big sigh. I think I need to rest and cry some more. Just go through it.

    And I remember to breathe. Think I’ll watch Paul’s Suni Ai video again and find some peace and inner wisdom, some joyful sound vibrations.

    Love you all.


    1. Dear Anna Helen,
      We are all with you. No, you are not alone and the load was not for you alone. There are many more to help. But There is only one You. It was time for you and perhaps for your health to let go…an extremely difficult process. By releasing you have set them free, free to wake up and smell the roses. And you dear are free. Free to rest a weary body and spirit. You will fly onward, For now you can fly freely and if they choose they will follow in your wake. Let us help to lift you up. Can you feel us…the wind beneath your wings. Look towards the golden light and follow it wherever it leads you. For this your quest to follow that star.
      The sweet fragrance of wild rose I send to you. Let it envelope you and empart peace to your beautiful heart.
      Love, Forest Joy

    2. Dearest Anna Helen… I echo Forest Joy. You did the work as Guided, the painful releasing. The after-effects/emotions follow, and then you’ll be FREE. wow. The burden you felt you had to carry. You could never disappoint. You are sooo Pure of Heart. We all simply must do our own work, we must have the privilege of doing our own work in order to become strong/stronger.

      I will hold you in warm Hugs of Pure White Light, Golden White Light and Golden Violet Light. You are Loved and Treasured for simply BEing. My Life is better for having you in it—even via waves of virtual energy.

      Give yourself a big Hug… that will be one of the sweetest hugs you’ll ever receive. You radiate Purity. I Love You. Rest. Be as good to you as you are to everyone else. (and eat some ice cream!!) ❀ Lin

    3. Dear Anna, We cant grow people – they have to grow themselves. We can tug and pull at the shoots all we want and that only serves to disturb them more it seems. They all need to germinate, grow and bloom in their own time – in their own terrarium that supports their individual growth. these are word thoughts that just flew onto the screen here for you and me and others.
      I was actually thinking of coming back here because something was tugging at me that Lin said. I felt something unfinished in my response. I was thinking of my family and letting go and I wanted to say how much I realized the energy it was taking to ‘not be the real me’ around them. It was stifling. We cant be in that space anymore and thats just the way it is. We cant be even 1/2 of what we truly are anymore.
      I feel very comfortable with this and I so pray that you will to. I am not sure what people u wanted to take along and not cut off – if they are family or friends or everyone! πŸ™‚ I wonder lately if the ‘all encompassing ascension program’ is Not able to go thru…and we are back to the other plan. We tried. Something confuses me about another shift that took place a bit ago.
      All in all, we are One and what you do with your beautiful Essence dear light sister Does affect the whole. take it and run with it baby ! u got the right stuff ! We keep building it (the Love – the Light) ,,,they will come and enter into it fully too…in their own way… in their own time. And time is an illusion so it matters not when, where, how…. their process is none of our business so to speak. If I feel I have to take them with me, I am not trusting in them, in their process and whatever it entails for their growth experience. Same as if father/mother/God felt it had to just come and take me – save me.
      Just like a mother wants to keep her child from being hurt – but if she is too protective, the child never grows up on its own. (had that discussion with a friend having trouble with her 12 yr old son last night).

      And all thru it – no matter how long we think it is and what hardships are still going on – we Allow and Embrace All with Love…and Trust just like our father/mother/God.
      Love you!

      1. and what Kelly said to my friend last night echos for me now: ‘you insult the kid by not letting him learn what he needs to on his own.’
        ‘He feels you have no belief in him and then he retreats even more’. Had to add that.

        1. ….sorry,, I am remembering my friend’s response to Kelly. “But I know whats right for him”. “I am saying what makes sense and he is ruining our special times we could be having together”.

          All my brothers – All my sisters are doing the best they can at any given moment. I Believe in them and I support their journey.
          This is my own re-affirmation. thank you All !

      2. Anna Helen, when my ex and i split up in 2010 his higher self came to me and said I needed to send him healing energy and work with him etherically. So I did. Six months later , his higher self came again And said I was done. I had done my part to help him and now it was time to let go. He had chosen not to heal and do his inner work to evolve and I couldn’t affect his choice. Divine Mother is telling you by letting them go you give them room to grow or remain stagnant. It is their choice what to do. But be assured you did your part for these people and your role is complete. That thought that was nagging at Breeze – I am wondering if your experience was symbolic of letting the people on the lower rungs that Karen bishop refers to – letting them go and not feeling responsible for trying to save them. They have to save themselves. Maybe it was people in your soul group you contracted with to help. And now your job is done. We all have eleven other YOUS ( Steve rother and kryon say this) we have other pieces of our soul or other YOUS that are each having a different life and experience elsewhere or in another dimension. You mAy have been holding the energy for a specific group , or for your ancestral line in general, giving them potential to grow and awaken and ascend. But now your role is complete – think of Jesus when he said WELL DONE THOU GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT. Perhaps another human will take over the role Mother had you let go of. We are all receiving new assignments and being upgraded.

        I just want everyone here to know how much of an inspiration and strength and holding force you all are for me as I read the cc’s channels daily and everyone’s comments. You all help me so much – Ray, for your faith in healing the skin cancer, Nancee for your manifesting seeing the mom and baby kangaroo Anita for your use of your I AM power to clear the skin rash , Breeze for all the comments you make daily that hold this pond together and give us strength to weather these ascension woes, and Aisha for providing the space for us all to share grow and learn.
        I don’t post much as technology seems to overwhelm me these days, even typing a sentence seems more than a chore, but I am strengthened daily as I read everyone’s comments and the cc’s wisdom.
        Amy, so glad spring is here for you and I read your blog LIFE and marveled at the photography and magic of nature. You capture it so well with the camera.
        Anna Helen, feel the pain of having to let go, and allow it to pass when the grief is complete. Be thankful you have Divine Mother to guide your life so you are not alone. Do everything she says and you will find peace. Our guides are ever so close as we go thru these challenges.
        We will all make it .
        Love overflowing to all of you here.

        1. ditto my sister in Love and Light – I wrote similar and I too am ever grateful for YOU – for Everyone here. Such a wonderful support system – strong Light grid of Kindred caring souls – we have set up here! And yes, we all maintain it so well! Its awesome!
          Love, ~A~

    4. Letting go… That’s what’s been going on with me too. I feel more seperated then ever from my family. They do not vibrate with my frequency anymore. My sister, my wife, my parents. I have been leaving them behind, and I’m still doing it now. They want to hold on, I don’t. A lot of anger comes forth from frustration, because they don’t see that’s it’s all being done from love. They don’t see/feel the love. All they do is hold on to their controlling thoughts. I don’t judge them. I merely see what’s going on.

      1. What we need to do now, JJ, In my Opinion – is really believe in everyone. If we are thinking we have to save them, we are taking pity on them and not seeing them as the true light they are in their own right. I have been giving this a lot of thought. I am not saying everyone here does this – sees people this way. I am saying what came strong for me is this:
        ‘ Everyone Is Always For Me and I Am For Everyone Always’
        It has been very powerful every time I say it and feel it!

        Kelly reminded me of this: ‘Give a person a fish, they eat for one day – teach a person how to fish – they have food forever.’

        We are the way-showers and for this whole process to work out well for All, we have to stop feeling like we are responsible for All of it (that thought was motivation to get us here perhaps) – we need to have faith in our fellow men/women as God does. I take responsibility to Be All I Know I Am.,,,as best I can in any given situation,,, I trust in my growth process and I lead by example.

        I was told in my first incarnation on Earth – by Arch Angel Micheal: “Go forth with gentleness and strength and help them remember who they are”.

        Love, Areeza

    5. Dear Anna Helen!

      It’s very difficult and bewildering to cut the umbilical cord to the people who have meant a lot to one’s development on this journey … I was with it the first time a year ago and I might get to experience it once again today, in a few hours. I do not know. The only thing I know is that I’ve worked with all the light available to heal what happened between us the night before the vernal equinox, but I feel we must speak out openly, with respect, love and light and without judgmental to see where it leads. It feels like I can not move forward otherwise.

      It is time for us now Anna Helen to be strong in our own light and to release free others who also need to test the path they chose to follow and they need to go it on their own. Our love and gratitude will always be with them.

      Hold my hand my dear Star Sister ❀ ❀ ❀ Together we´ll make it happen!

      My love is always with you!


      PS. http://www.karinboye.se/verk/dikter/dikter-mcduff/of-course-it-hurts.shtml DS.

      1. It feels like I’m walking on a totally unknown, unbroken path now after having talked with and maybe left, the best friend and soul sister I ever had. There was no alternative for me but to put all the cards on the table and talk about the interferences I felt in the energy between us in the past year. We know each other so well, we have really shared our innermost self, she is a healer and a wonderfully empathetic person re energies too but she had not experienced that there was fly in the ointment so to speak. It came as a total shock to her.

        It really feels like I ‘ve cut the cord now while I could not do otherwise. There must be full honesty on my part, otherwise it will not work. I just wander around and try to understand what happened and I ask, as I also told her that there will be something positive out of it. But right now it feels very empty and desolate. This I had not even in my wildest imagination could have dreamed of. WhatΒ΄s next?


        B to B

        1. awww… B… I can feel what you are going thru. Hang in with it and there will be more truths revealed. Love is what you are and you are right – there can be no compromises. Not anymore.
          Much Love and hugs, A

        2. To Live authentically is difficult as much as it is Free-ing. It’s part of the straight and narrow. It’s hard to even imagine you as anything but authentic. Again, your actions/words “appear” cold, but are filled with Agape Love.

          In the recent past, I’ve had to leave Loved ones/friends, and also Loved ones/friends have left me. Neither one feels good, but is necessary. A whole NEW beautiful world filled with Light has opened up. It’s exciting and filled with JOY. I’m/we’re with you, my B, as you walk your path. You are much Loved and much Treasured. I LOVE your energy, even virtually. Hugs and hugs and hugs of JOY&Laughter to you. xoxoxoxxooxoxxo Lin ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ˜‰

          1. I suppose it would have been easier for me if it had been a 3D person who could not understand the work of energies. But it is not, but rather a wonderful loving and empathetic person who works in energies. First shade in energies between us came a year ago when I enthusiastically told her about Aisha’s blog and the amazing that happens here, then I have felt resistance from her every time I share with her, which she admitted.

            We are both in a vigorous progress phase and I hope that this event will help both of us in our respective growth. I send love and light all the time to her, and I envision that we will soon meet in gratitude and love for who we are and what we have given and meant for each other as it is in micro that macro will manifest.

            Thank you Lin for your support and love ❀

            B to B

    6. You are not failing them. They must go their own journey.
      You will go on yours when you are ready for it.

  7. somehow I got to reading interesting facts about Teddy Roosevelt – our 26th US President. No idea what the link up may be with this. anyone here ?
    Ya never know! πŸ™‚

    1. Maybe you breezed over my way not far from where Teddy Roosevelt roamed in the West. The area is now a national park. He credits his time here as a young man in the badlands to restoring both his physical and spiritual health. It’s a beautiful and wild land.

      1. always have I been intrigued by the Badlands too. coolness thanks FJ πŸ™‚ He sure was a funky tough guy – never backed down from anything.

  8. Just cause it made me smile:

    Spring Comes to Murray Hill
    by Ogden Nash

    “I sit in an office at 244 Madison Avenue
    And say to myself You have a responsible job, havenue?
    Why then do you fritter away your time on this doggerel?
    If you have a sore throat you can cure it by using a good goggerel,
    If you have a sore foot you can get it fixed by a chiropodist,
    And you can get your original sin removed by St. John the Bopodist,
    Why then should this flocculent lassitude be incurable?
    Kansas City, Kansas, proves that even Kansas City needn’t always
    be Missourible.
    Up up my soul! This inaction is abominable.
    The pilgrims settled Massachusetts in 1620 when they landed on a
    stone hummock.
    Maybe if they were here now they would settle my stomach.
    Oh, if I only had the wings of a bird
    Instead of being confined on Madison Avenue I could soar in a
    jiffy to Second or Third.”

  9. Don’t know why—and it doesn’t matter (to me)—but I’m compelled to say:
    “I LOVE YOU, DEAR OTMN”. right now. I KNOW you’re being Blessed.

    On another note to anyone interested (or not), something interesting is happening and releasing without my doing ANYTHING! Feelings, behaviors, thoughts from my childhood are leaving—like it’s all happening or has already happened TODAY. πŸ™‚

    I don’t say this in judgment—there is minus judgment—it’s REALLY weird.
    I haven’t been around my birth family for months (and it’s easier because I live a 3-hour drive away), but it’s as though Spirit is saying, “ok, that mission is fulfilled for everyone involved (not just me). It’s time to step away, move on.” It sounds “cold”, but there is sooo much Love in that. I finally “get it”… they’re not my energetic family, they were my teachers, and I, their’s. It would be harmful for all for me to remain. I’m not speaking for anyone else; this is what’s happening in MY “now”. I’m feeling butterflies of excitement and Love… for everyone here and there. ❀

    1. Dearest Lin, I echo that. And it is not a sad thing to come to. I feel like you do with no judgement. Had a dream with my Dad last night. He looked disturbed in it (I think he was looking at a TV -news maybe). not sure what he was really concerned about. Other family were in it too but not with him – I was the only one who saw him. Funny too because my sister was with her ex – I think of him still as my brother in law (I do still resonate with him and he lives just up the road from me). They split up around the time I met Kelly – 9 yrs ago. So the dream was all over the place in emotions, settings etc. I could not pin down what I was to get from it. Then, a was stirred awake by what felt like a small earthquake. I got real still and surely felt tremors/vibrations from Earth – slight ones – for 15 or so seconds. Have not experienced that in awhile and never in this house. Went online, no earthquake activity near me so who knows.
      I also echo what AH said a day or so ago about high energy filled dreams with family – lots of yelling. I had that too a few nights ago. Had to let go of any residual energies I was still harboring about past ills.
      But…anyway…I get you! I’m with ya kid! We Are Family !!! xo ❀

      1. yes, Breezie, we are family. Blockages that I couldn’t even put a name to are gone or leaving. I’m sure tossing out almost everything in sight (cherished and all) has something to do with this as all is energy. My willingness to do so for the first time ever (regarding cherished items) is probably what “spit” the cork out of the bottle. Things are flowing now… and i’ve just begun.

        I hold you in the Golden White Light as you untangle your own energies in your own birth family. It all can most probably be done with a simple/final decision to release, but I guess I had to take the step-by-step method to finally get to the point of my own permission.

        wow. Thanx for sharing all you do, Breezie. It helps on many levels. With Love, ❀ (love those little hearts, even though I am unable to see them manifest right now—I know they're there) πŸ™‚

  10. coming back from my rest because I just got a ‘late msg’ from the bamboo. I was straightening them out — they got a little bent this winter – leaned on each other (how lovely). How determined I was to ‘straighten them out’… how angry I got today thinking about life’s ‘tasks’ I still have to do…how I want things a ‘certain way’.
    >Learn to Bend say the Bamboo! Let the ridged thinking go. Trust. Be. You are strongly rooted/grounded with a network of others like you….trust in where u ‘shoot up’ upon the Earth. You are supported.
    Then, I go to view my emails and there is one from Susan with a very similar msg she received for her self! LOL
    Fun we are having…. enjoy… see u all later

  11. Hi All ! How wonderful to come here and see all the confirmation of what is happening with the Eggs, the Bubbles/Seeds of Light!
    In reading what Aisha wrote about it too, I was remembering more of that Egg Pond Gathering Experience I had a couple nights ago.
    When you mentioned the deep breathing Aisha, I remembered that my experience started that way. I was not in a good space before it either – like u. Once the heavy, deep breaths in and out started, almost immediately the circle formed at the pond and the rest unfolded.
    It is just so good to hear that what we created (and I am so honored to have witnessed and taken part in it!) – is moving at lightening speed! Glorious!
    Aisha – you also mentioned the mechanical part we have experienced in other gatherings and experiences – and this was something else I did not share at the time: I saw not only the organic ‘birthing’ taking place in the center of our circle that was to be ‘multiplied’ outward in all directions around the globe (by us – the prisms of light deliverers I saw us as) – but I saw us also as the ‘rim’ of the wheel – that mechanism – not the cogs in the wheel. We were spinning in one direction and the inside of the circle was spinning opposite. Did not think it was that important but I am mentioning it now as you sparked that memory/experience.
    Forest – I feel yours and others Joy! πŸ™‚
    Today, I am more like others mentioned in having the ‘blahs’. Even angry on and off – very touchy.
    I had a lot of work to do to get my home ready for appraisal (refi that I wish to go thru to help us financially). I feel good now with all I got done – got outside work done and hung out with the bamboo πŸ™‚ holding the strong feathery stems and cried with them again for how their ‘buddies’ – ‘family members’ – were hacked off by my careless neighbor. I wished them speedy new growth – along with myself! – And to stay more in my area as I do so appreciate them and will keep them happy as they do me! Love to all… back to resting xxx ooo

  12. So many beautiful sharings here in the comments and the message of course is so powerful. I had a reading with Lisa Gawlas on the Equinox and some very powerful information came through that of course dovetails with this message of the CC and your bubbles and eggs sweet aisha and everyone…


    The first part of this article is about my reading, and i am reminded that since i have effectively been using my manifestational skills and my intending of creating a life that is a masterpiece of joy, on my birthday I realized that all the dreams I had desired had come true in my own space of love–everything that I had dreamed and desired was made manifest and this last month, amazing things came into play to deliver all my heart’s desires, abundance, health, joyful work, full time employment for my husband, increased loving relationships, college acceptance for my daughter and crocuses blooming in my garden…Every day brought shifts and new wonders…of which I am most grateful…

    So going into my reading, I was happy with my life–it was as if I was on a different timeline than others and those experiencing the density and drama of 3d simply disappeared from my timeline…

    With all the new energy, contentment can breed complacency…we become either satisfied with where we are or we simply accept it for what it is and do not reach for more–the new energy desires direction….we are at the point where we are getting that we have a direct effect on our reality and getting more and more comfortable with that–now we have to, or at least I have to, start dreaming big again–living in the now certainly but dreaming and imagining and visioning a sky’s the limit future with passion and joy!

    What are all those little bubbles of light containing? Pure undifferentiated potential==this is the father….add in the mother’s creational energy…make a wish! I intend for free energy for all! I intend for complete and balanced health for all! I intend for lives that are a masterpiece of joy for all! I intend for a completely balanced and harmonious Sophia-Gaia! I intend for abunance for all and all to experience joyful daily activity, filled with excitement, peace and innocent curiosity! I intend for the creation of a joyful society where angelics and galactics and humanity and all species are welcomed and loved and communicated with! I intend for teleportation, time travel, instant manifestation of all needs and 100% portable, sustainable and off the grid living for all beings! I intend for divine sovereignty and personal responsibility for all beings through their free will choice!

    Yes, i could go on and on…this is what had been missing in my life–I created within my space of love with the energy available at that time–the new, big energy is here for NEW big pie in the sky things…lets get busy!

    Hugs! Alex

    1. just perfect Alex !….Thank You for this & also your thoughts on the bubbles !….your Light always brings even more Lovely warmth & glow to the pond !…LOve, Bev~

    2. Thank you Alex! I’m thinking – maybe I’m naive but my desire and goal have always been an overall vision that people should get to feel good and realize their full potential and work with Mother Earth. I do not know how it will happen all the times but I have the target image in front of me and I ask for and assume that I will be guided to know what to do. Is not that enough? I mean – do I have to specify more?



      1. Dear B — I received an answer from nature today and I did not even think I had a question – lol. Go in nature and pose your question there. Love to you this frustrating day! πŸ™‚

      2. B–the miraculous wonder of it all is exactly YES…if what you are intending is what you feel and you are pouring loving energy into it the results will only magnify…my feelings over the past few weeks have been those of “wanting for nothing, being completely supported and in deep gratitude”…those are almost “finishing” energies and with the amazing creativeness and reactiveness of the new energies, a finishing energy isn’t going to create MORE…its like the statement to the universe is THANK YOU that is all when it should be for me personally–thank you MORE PLEASE! πŸ™‚ I would also note that i was sharing my process on my path which is unique to me and your process is unique to you and much blessed….hugs! πŸ™‚ Alex

        1. I did post one pic today….but I’m having ascension sickness past several days, don’t always like to discuss (that’s just me)……hope to get back in the swing of things soon…we’ll see ! I have to tell you I’ve never felt this particular body & brain pan frying before…most difficult & exhausting !….Love, Bev~

          1. Hang in there, Bev. Lately I don’t think I will make it due to the energy that just wants to rip me apart. I’m getting really done with it all. I’m seriously angry today. (sigh) I really hope this is almost over. (((HUGS))) Amy

              1. Thank you! Something “gave” for the resistance that I was up against, just melted in the past hour or so. Bless you, Birgitta!! I can breathe again! Love, Amy

  13. Dear All,
    It is with heartfelt gratitude to “you all” that I post today. For all you have each said, thought, imagined, encouraged, and shared has given much to each and all of us. Aisha, thank you so for your latest post of encouragement. Today, I have “broken the shell”, “pushed thru”, and “unlocked doors with hundred year old keys”.
    For Today, I Became A Rose.
    As morning was breaking thru my nights sleep I heard these softly spoken words…
    Who could have known
    That this furious longing to be YOU
    Would have
    Transgressed to be ME?

    Later after fully awakening, breaking fast, and getting ready for the day, I lay back in the chair for a breather. Like Aisha, I was unsettled and so entered my golden “light egg” cocoon and immediately calmed. I breathed in and out slowly with my heart’s rhythm. As a hatching chick I gave a quick peck on the outer shell. It broke open……revealing an oval half shell with me a sleeping embryo curled up in a nest. Awakening, I began to unfurl slowly pushing thru with arm and hand. With each push my arm became an exquisite Rose petal..soft like velvet…..fragrant….so delicate….unfurling many again and again in a slow spiral with changing hues……all kissed with droplets of morning dew…….a blooming completion. Moving inward I was into the center feeling the filament hair’s whisper touch as I passed by. Moving further down into the center I entered the receptacle. From there to the peduncle firmness and a sturdy green stem which placed itself into rich brown earth shooting out roots in many directions. Up grew more stems and branches decorated with luxurious green leaves. Out popped radiant blossoms bobbing in the spirit wind. A complete Rose bush.
    Many more sprung from the richness of new earth further than the eye could see……spirit wind spreading seeds of love, peace and happiness throughout the land.
    A new land is unfolding. A new Earth is unfolding. A new Universe is unfolding.

    Today unfurled a Rose…..Me! You!

    All kissed by the new waters in the morning dew!

    My all to You,
    Forest Joy

      1. It is you B who is amazing for you too have experienced this. I see you as you have blossomed into a wondrous light bouquet.this new Spring flowering. Congratulations on such shimmering hues gathered into completion in this New Spring flowering…….You!

        1. Me???

          As usual I am the last to understand what is happening ….. I can only say that I currently feel so fragile and weepy and actually a little lost and abandoned as well. When I read other people’s messages that have hatched from the eggs I can say that today it feels like I cracked up and fallen out in the real world without understanding anything at all, as if I forgot to prepare myself for what’s happening now …. Not nice at all …

          Love you anyway dear friend ❀


          1. Keep pushing thru, Dear B, keep pushing thru these love energies. You have prepared very very well. Sounds like you cracked the egg and gave a big push…bursting thru so fast you were stunned. You don’t have to understand. Just Be, B. Just enjoy! YOU have broken through.
            Giving you a push with love,
            Forest Joy

            1. Thank you my sweet friend! I hope you are right. I thought it would feel like if I wanted to play the song “Happy” – but not! But – maybe I would – in any case …. It can not hurt πŸ˜‰

              Thank you for your push and love :))) ❀


              1. Dear B, in another literally waking moment 2 mornings ago I received a message. Perhaps it is for me, you and others. There is a school of thought among some acupuncturists that “the point” must be found. That each individual has one very specific point that will cure that person at that time. The practitioner’s job is to find that point. I had been dreaming of finding the point on the outer shu meridian of the upper back. Now this meridian is thought by some to connect us to other dimensions. “Where is this point of entry and exit,” I asked. A soft strong voice answered, “You see it does not matter if there is an opening. What matters is each heart, what is in each heart. All hearts are open. I am coming to each and all hearts. None will be left out.”

                Who was answering me? CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. Acupuncture works on many levels and I have been helping others open their hearts for years. I KNEW Christ consciousness was coming back to Earth at this time… At this Equinox. I had known and felt the powerful force coming from far beyond our universe for several weeks. In my dream I was still trying to find “the point” to help open others to this love and light. What a beautiful answer.
                It doesn’t matter if you see or feel or hear like some others. What matters is already in your heart. It is already there. My dear, what could be more beautiful.

                1. omg. Nothing is more beautiful! wow. Thank you, FJ. You are having an amazingly Lovely day. πŸ™‚ ❀

                  B2B… everyone else can see YOU!! Loving you so much. ❀ Lin

                  1. p.s. B… unable to use email right now. ❀ (little icon doesn't appear on the laptop, but it appears brightly in my imagination—so I'm having FUN anyway!! Love you, B

                2. I’m basically secure in that conviction also, and always has been. Yet it feels so different today than before the spring equinox. Feel loosened as the ice on the lake is getting πŸ˜‰ With a night’s sleep now so maybe it feels better tomorrow. Thanks for your response my friend ❀

                  Much love,


                3. when I started to read this from you, I knew I wanted to mention how one acupuncture treatment blessed me with “Christ Pulses”. Perfection. You know what this is. Then, I read on…. oh boy! oh yeah. I wish that acupuncturist had been closer – she was wonderful. name just came to me: Janice Mackenzie, New Hope, NJ. nice to put her here in the pond ;0
                  Love you FJ! Miss the treatments – I was always so attune to the rush of energy to the point of entry…oh, How I Loved it! and the release just at the right moment! oh….the water duct open for the rivulet to carry its pure flow again. aahhhh

          2. “Become the Lake”…….see Oprah’s message, I felt I needed to share with you today….don’t really know…just felt it !……..Love, Bev~

            1. Thank you Bev for the reminder.
              Love the communication we have with water. As we are giving and receiving our memories through the medium of water…water everywhere. Happy water day.

    1. The gentle, delicate Energy expressed in your words, Dear Forest Joy, allowed me to feel what you felt—not your momentous Lovely Experience, that alone is yours Blessing—but the Energy. The words came straight from your Heart’s Center. As many here have said, YOU are a poet.

      I celebrate you today, an auspicious day (nod to Bev), World Water Day.
      Namaste. ❀ πŸ™‚ Lin

        1. yes, Dear One. I “think” I did not want to feel too much as I didn’t want to intrude on “your” experience. Thank you, FJ, for opening my eyes to see and really receive. Much Love, Lin

    2. A new variety of Rose is born! It is called Forest Joy πŸ™‚
      You bring the Rose to Bloom in the Forest – the light to shine in the darkest corners of the shadow lands. Lovely — the Forest Is In Joy with this gift it has so longed for! the Light can now Be anywhere – all the time – therefore beauty can bloom – everywhere. xo

      1. Oh Breeze, more tears with more love, ‘morrow’s dew in dawning light. Again and again and again. Never to fall short. What a wondrous Forest we all make.
        Forest Joy

    1. “Water”….so much more than we know…we are Water…70% of our body is Water…All Life needs & depends on Healthy Sustainable Water ! “Love & Protect the Living Water of Life”

      “Water is the Driving Force of ALL Nature”….Leonardo da Vinci

      Last Call at the Oasis

      Water Memory ~ Structured Water

      1. I had a ceremony with candle, prayer and music for the water that I for a moment ago poured out into the lake. It was a healing ceremony.

        Love & light,


        1. Love this sooooooo much ‘B’….& this truly matters. more than we all now know ! I actually spent my ‘Water’ day at the beach last Sunday & a really nice drive with hubby along the N.S. eastern shoreline… cold but absolutely Loved it…packed a picnic, but had to eat in the truck !!..brrrrrr……..I came across this a few days ago, loved it & thought you may too…from Oprah’s super soul Sunday !….Love, Bev~

      2. Thank you Bev! I will have to finish watching these later! Interesting…..a thought just popped into my head of people being baptized in water. I wonder where it will take me today. The energy has been flowing very freely again with me. I feel I can breath again. πŸ™‚

        Love to you and all here at the pond!

        XXOo. ❀

  14. It’s difficult to read on our little old laptop (which we’re mighty grateful for), imac is in the repair shop, will be buying another “backup” (mine) computer this weekend. yaaaaaay! I’ll have much reading to play catch up on…

    Welcome Home, Dear Caroline, and Blessings to you both (Mark) as you safely fly away from a most energetically challenging “time”.
    Warm Hugs of Love, Light, JOY & quiet giggles as you return Home to wet nose kisses from your pup. ❀ Lin

  15. My stay with Kathy and Peter has been a wonderful experience. She and I talk about things and seem to quickly manifest them! Basically “strangers” until I arrived I marvel at the flow. Today after a long walk at the Nature park and as we were driving out I said, “The one thing I haven’t seen yet today is a Momma Kangaroo with a baby in her pouch.” About 1 to 2 mins later there they were sitting on the side of the road as if waiting for us! We were both able to snap many pictures. We’ve had a week of such things.

    Aisha I really enjoyed your comments at the end of the first ‘page.’ I will go to sleep now, consciously breathing in and breathing out the ‘bubbles.’ Thank you. Dear B to B thanks for viewing my pics on Facebook and commenting πŸ™‚

    Leaving is always difficult for me and that time is approaching quickly on ‘my’ Monday morning. (I’m 10 hrs ahead of the Pond) One more day here then off to Sydney. Love to all, Nancee

    1. Thanks for sharing, Nancee. Great stuff you’re doing down under. My youngest daughter, Lara (11) wants to go to Australia too. I have no idea where this desire of hers comes from, it is just there. πŸ™‚
      Love to you, lightsister!

    2. Loving you, Dear Nanc. Love, Love, Love, JOY, JOY, JOY, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for you, for BEing you. Continue to enJOY your dream. See you in Sydney! ❀ πŸ™‚

  16. I agree with this, I have no vision in my meditations, I am directed otherwise, whether through my readings, my dreams, my thoughts, events …
    I feel things and people, and sometimes it can be painful, but I continue to move forward because I know that the purpose of this is so important to me and to us all.
    I love this pond, visible and invisible, energy is beautiful and I must say that I feel more and more, it’s like a huge wave that unfolds and is constantly growing each day …

    Thank you Aisha, CC at all, for this ballad that never ceases to delight me to so much love and brotherhood …

    Love to you all and enjoy every inhale and exhale …

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