A short update on the energies

You have all by now completed a cycle of energetic transmissions that are unlike anything anyone has been been taken through, and as such, you are indeed not only pioneers, you are also the ones that have lifted the bar far above and beyond the limit for what anyone could be able to accomplish during an incredibly short time span. And the simple reason for this success is the fact that you all committed yourself completely to this process a long long time ago. For this is well and truly the result of a long, long line of incredible moments, moments where you have chosen to step into unknown territory again and again, and where you have willingly embraced fully the prospect of leaving behind everything you have ever known.

For what you have done has propelled you further and further from the human you once was, and taken you across the border and into tomorrow with such a powerful sweep, you have blown away anything that might have been standing in your way. Not only that, you have also managed to pry open every last remaining door within you, so that you are standing before a vast and incredible library of knowledge that now stand there ready to be taken into full use. For now, you are truly the brand new humans, the humans that act as a vast repository for knowledge, a knowledge that will be utilized to rectify whatever it is in your surroundings that do not vibrate at the elevated frequency that you are all doing now.

Again, this whole operation is a resounding success indeed, but as usual it will take time before you start to see the full scope of the majestic work you have completed during the last 24 hours. For what you did during that time, cannot be likened to anything you know from before, and now, you will all be asked to step forward and enter those rooms that you have made accessible by that impressive show of light force that you all ingested.

And as you start to explore, you will find that you are truly filled with wonders within, and when you find these treasures, you will also know why you are here. For up until now, so much of what you have done have been in preparation for this. You have been priming your physical body for this huge lift in energetic vibration, and you have been preparing yourself for the task that is at hand. And now, that task will start to make itself known to each and every one of you. And as you start to access that vast repository of knowledge within, it will not happen accidentally. For you will each and every one be guided to the right “book” on the right “shelf” and you will be pointed in the direction of the right “page”. In other words, you will be taken along a route that leads you to the information you will need in order to solve the task that you came here to do, and you will also find yourself guided towards persons or indeed places that will enable you to fulfill this task. So now, you have all entered a brand new gravitational field and it will gently but firmly guide you ever onwards and forwards to your dream destination.

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  1. Dear friends!
    I just wanted to share what I experienced last night, as it was very much connected to the Pond and to what Areeza and others have shared about the “light eggs”. I was woken up at 01:12, and as I write this, there are exactly 112 comments on this post 😉 I knew it was once again time to pick up my crystals and go into meditation, but as I started to connect with the energies, I felt such a strong sense of frustration and anticlimax. It resembled what I have experienced earlier after a powerful Gathering, like you crash down to a low after an energetic “high”. My body was literally squirming around as if it was trying to get away from the powerful energies, and it was difficult to settle down.

    But then, I remembered what you had shared in an earlier comment Areeza, about the need to “to push on thru with the Love energy .. until the ‘completion’ of this Equinox – the 24th or there abouts” so I decided to connect with my own “light egg” and keep going. Immediately, the frustration and the restlessness subsided, and I could feel how my whole body settled down into my egg and I started to breathe deeply and slowly, just like I was guided to do earlier in the week. These words from CCs came into my mind: “For you are true creators in every sense of the word, and as you take your breath, you inhale the potential, and as you exhale, you make it come into being. ” So I continued breathing deeply and slowly, in and out, and I saw that for every time I exhaled, a bubble of light came out of my mouth and drifted upwards.
    I realized that I was not alone in doing this, for suddenly I saw myself standing in the middle of the Pond, holding hands with others in a circle, and we were all exhaling these bubbles or Spheres of Light (hello Brianna and Philip!) To me, these bubbles symbolise the seeds or the potential that we enable by allowing ourselves to inhale the potential in the form of light from Source.

    For as we inhale this light, we transform it just like The CCs have talked about, and we send it out again into the world as new seeds of light, new potential. So what I saw, was new potential that slowly drifted up to the sky like golden bubbles floating out into the world, ready to interact with many, many others out there. It was such a magical sight, as hundreds upon hundreds of these bubbles were formed and started to float up in the sky like lighted lanterns. Some were small, formed by one single person, others were bigger, formed in unison by a group. Shivers run down my spine as I write this, for the feeling I got during that hour or so that I was doing this breathing/birthing of these bubbles, flows into me again. It was such an overwhelming feeling of LOVE flowing through me, and such a wonderful sense of joy and connectedness. I heard the song “I’m forever blowing bubbles” in my head, and I was smiling all the time as I lay there breathing slowly in and out, giving birth to more and more of these amazing bubbles of light.

    I know what I share will resonate with many of you, for I can see more and more how we are all coming together by the words and the visions that we share here. I feel how the wheels are starting to move faster and faster as we interact in new ways that literally speeds up this whole machinery we are all a part of. During these last two weeks, it is like the proverbial floodgates have opened, and I am receiving so much more information in the form of bits and pieces that seem to be random at first, but then starts to connect into a very intriguing picture. And judging by your comments, many of you are experiencing this same increasing flow of information coming to you in the form of channelings, books, videos, photos, people or articles on the net. This is so fascinating, and such a powerful confirmation of our connectedness. It also confirms what the CCs have talked about, that we will start to gravitate towards people and places that will help us to fulfill the tasks we are here to do. So thank you all, for every single one of you, whether you are “visible” in these pages or not, play a huge role in this ongoing process.

    I also have to thank you zorro, for something you shared in a comment to me a last week under “Unlocking doors with 100 year old keys”
    You said: ” Along these “lines” this symbol has left a strong “impression” as of late, and I was told you know of it . Algiz facing the sky with another Algiz attached to the former stem, facing earthward. Mannaz grows out of the left sky facing branch of Algiz. This is at “hand” currently.” At the time, I had no idea what this was all about, but I found out that it was two different rune symbols. It turned out your message was such an important catalyst not just for me, and you have truly ignited a flurry of activity and information with your comment. So thank you for sharing this!

    I mention this example, for I know that this is how we are all encouraged to work now. Remember the image I was given of the “light omelet” I served at the Pond, and how Philip shared his insight about “The essence of the message at that time was you have to break the egg to make the omelette… i.e. use the gift…” So yes, we are all here to USE our gifts, and as the CCs say, we will be “pointed in the right direction”. All we have to do, is to listen closely to the guidance within, and remember, we can stumble across an important key in the most unexpected of places and in the most unexpected of forms. So stay tuned, stay curious, and stay connected – and remember to share whatever it is you are guided to share. You never know when you can light a powerful fire within someone else with something that may seem unimportant to you at the time 🙂
    With joy, love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. “Allowing ourselves to inhale the potential in the form of light from source.”
      I have been having the feeling of being a tree and receiving teachings from the tree. At first I had gone to the tree to ask how he managed his life never able to leave as I have been wanting to move for years yet haven’t been able to. I was just thinking how trees are light workers. They ground themselves in the earth and send their branches to soak up the suns energy and transform it into physical energy/matter which animals eat and the energy is passed on down the chain. All plants are light workers as only they can transform the suns energy into food/chlorophyll. Now here you are Aisha discussing all of us inhaling the light and transforming it for others! Much love! Denise

      1. beautiful Denise !….always Love when anyone sees Trees, any part of Nature for what it really is !…..the glorious flow & harmony of Life !….Love, Bev~

    2. well this is a wonderful confirmation for me dear Sister !…so interesting I also dreamt of bubbles last night, but mine were 3D hexagon shaped…yes exactly like a BEE’s honeycomb !…there were thousands of them beginning to form in midair & instead of them moving to join with one another, each one began replicating, growing like a living cell organism ! I was told that these hexagons are like living shells or pockets…all part of the New Living grid of Life for Earth & it is ‘We’ that now must begin to fill these pockets with all the positive, betterment for Life thoughts & desires…& yes, like planting a seed within each one, they will grow & multiply & then manifest !…but the icy on the cake is that We can fill as many as we want to !…I seen myself standing in a radiant field with a bubble wand…blowing thousands & thousands of bubbles into the air & Mother’s breath lifting them gently high in the sky & I watched as each one replicated & multiplied ! the dream was quite intense & I woke up in a sweat !….do have a most wonderful weekend….Love, Bev~ (I need a nap I think !)

  2. Yesterday, sitting outside, I felt as though I could melt into the forest. I could be one with it. Then I sensed I was a seed pod and I exploded into the air. The seeds were dispersed. I guess it was my version of an egg. I could of floated through the trees then. It was rather sureal the melding of mind and nature. It really seems to be calling. Love to everyone here! What a joy to read everyone’s post. Thank you for sharing.


  3. “In 2005 on a public Physics and Technology online forum a thread titled The Unobstructed Universe began: “After reading recent books on String Theory and the future of Physics, this is a very interesting read because many of the concepts put forward are only now being discussed. Whether the reality of the channeling is verifiable or not, the similarity of the concepts is striking: everything is a product of vibration and frequency. The universe only exists because it is evolving and evolution is the ultimate fact of life, everything exists because it is moving in time and space. Every thing is a form of consciousness, brought about by different degrees of frequency, receptivity, and conductivity. And here is a very toned down example, that a tree might equal 2X + 2Y + 7Z (where X is conductivity, Y is receptivity, and Z is frequency), while a stone might equal X + Y + 2Z.”

    ahhh… and she had a way with critters of all types. Ok zzzz time… xoa

  4. wow. from the synchronicity stuff above I was lead to this site. Lots of reading but i am so intrigued by this woman – Betty White – not the actress.
    I feel she even lead me to this as I was about to close out my search engine but the prev site that I posted a link to above reminded me of that old magazine article I read titled “Beyond Death” – so I typed that in to see if I could locate ‘it’…and here I am on this now. So Interesting.

    “Betty described being reduced to a single point of consciousness. That essential atom of herself couldn’t be pinned down in space-time, from the perspective of which it seemed to be everywhere at once, yet nowhere.”
    Betty ‘accidentally’ becomes a medium.
    “Betty was to be fitted for an introduction into the realities of another consciousness, –that of these invisible intelligences. She was to go to them, instead of their coming to her. It was described as a “lessening of density,” and a “change of specific gravity.”
    “1937 brought a much greater adventure than the publication of the Betty Book. Betty died. Soon after her famous garden of rare plants from all over the world “that only bloomed for her” withered and died despite the best efforts of experts and Stewart (her husband) himself, an experienced gardener.”

    Note: This couple introduced the Bird Of Paradise plant to Santa Barbara area.

    “She also developed a new perspective of life on earth:

    “How could you tell anybody that all those unsubstance things we do and putter with and play with are only the shadow of what we are actually creating in this great strength we do not see? They are experimental samples of life we look over and play with for selective purposes. Ordinarily they are the only reality we recognize, but from here they seem just shadows.”

    New terminology is offered: spirits are now invisibles. The worlds of life and death are not separate, in fact, they are one. The life we know is in the obstructed universe. When we die we return to the unobstructed universe. The difference is frequency. The world of bodies is a low vibration. The high frequency of the invisibles penetrates matter, permeating it with consciousness. In fact, matter itself is consciousness.

    Betty and the invisibles give advice about better living. The lower self subject to faults like irritability, gluttony, even self-destructive thoughts, should not be treated as evil or an enemy. We are advised to think of a tennis match or other sport, a friendly game, rather than a mortal battle.

    We are told appreciation is a great force in the universe, a radiance of the power of love. Every tragic event in the news each day and all those never no one ever hears of are counteracted by uncounted acts of kindness that combine like instruments in a symphony to lift life and make it worth living.”

    With the second world war raging so soon after the first, nihilism and angst caused more people than ever to question the meaning of life. Betty offered an answer: “The obstructed universe is for the purpose of birth, of the individualization of consciousness. All matter is born in your universe. Nothing is lost. Individuality is not lost, though in its lower forms matter can be burned, turned into gas, or what have you. Yet it is all kept…the highest form, the soul, goes on undivided.”

    >>very interesting to was the accounting of her death and later what she transmitted from the other side:

    “Betty compared the obstructed universe to a black and white photograph and the unobstructed to a color photograph of the same scene. Just as a color photo provides more information than a black and white one, unobstructed souls understand more about the world.

    An electric fan is the symbol of how frequency influences obstructed senses. The blades look solid when still but when the fan is on the blades seem to disappear. We can look right through them. Yet they are there. Jung later used this symbol in one of his essays on the occult without crediting the source he got it from.”

    “So many stepladders by which to get back,” she went on. “So many stepladders the human race has accumulated, if only it could recognize them. They are recorded in all languages and in all sorts of ways; in

    folk tales and the picture writings of the savage tribes; in the various bibles of the various races; in poetry, in music, in sculpture, in painting. In fact, all humanity has been reaching toward the UNOBSTRUCTED ever since humanity was.”

    The Unobstructed Universe is a best selling book written by here husband Stewart White.

    still reading and fascinated… http://newtopiamagazine.wordpress.com/2012/04/17/roots-of-american-metaphysical-religion-2-the-other-betty-white-a-true-story-of-love-beyond-death/

  5. You want to hear something of the truly nonsensical ?
    I was driving home from work. I was still in pretty giddy mood.
    I started seeing the people in their cars as decorated Easter Eggs! yup.
    just decorated eggs with arms on the wheels. LOL. hehe. funny as hell.
    I then saw a dog inside decorated egg – legs and tail hanging out – no head – just the tip of the egg in front while he jotted along. you know what his egg was decorated with? Cats! so, i say ‘ahhh, you are ascending my friend!’

  6. For those not interested in non-sensical, please scroll down to next post (I just got to read Aisha’s/CCs’ latest missive, and I’m jumping up and down and donkey-laughing inside… thanx:

    “… For now, you are truly the brand new humans, the humans that act as a vast repository for knowledge, a knowledge that will be utilized to rectify whatever it is in your surroundings that do not vibrate at the elevated frequency that you are all doing now…”

    omg… could this be why our house plumbing went whacko twice in 2 weeks; our mac computer died (using old laptop); my Jeep battery died twice within days (ok now); had to install new computer printer; pup got temporarily sick; had huge migraine headache and nightmares last night??? On the other hand, all my life, I’ve dealt with low energy (learned to sprint when I had energy), and now I’m full of energy… and cleaning out ALL old stuff (sentimental mementos, even a few cherished childhood things/paperwork) like crazy (even started on the garage which is unheard of for me—more hubby’s thing), even pruning the shrubs/etc., outside (while saying “Love, Love, Love, JOY, JOY, JOY” in my mind). I FEEL great!!

    Once again, I’m thrilled Caroline is doing so well. I’ve just been saying, along with Love/JOY, THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK, for everything whether it “appeared” negative or positive, esp when I thought of Caroline as we didn’t have access to internet. nonsensically posted with Love ❤ Lin

    1. Lin, big hugs….We have entered Aries and the energy is frenetic and powerful to DO DO DO….pace yourself because we are still in the end of the year cycle…balsamic phase of the year–which is magical and about going with the flow–after April 1, 2014 with the new moon in Aries your body will catch up with your energy! loving you! alex

  7. Hello all,

    I hope this will be true!!! I am about to leave my old job and can’t wait to be guided in my new role!…

  8. Thank you all for being today and always in all ways ln our oneness. I love you. Sending healing love to dear Caroline from my heart. Jean

  9. My chickens were very busy and loud yesterday, my 28th wedding anniversary. (I felt the love!) Double the amount of brown, green & white eggs from the girls ((: This is cool!

    Extremely loud left ear noise today, it’s giving me a headache. tummy is like the clothes dryer, tumbling around in there. Nothings sounds good to eat to me yet however.

    Oh ponders, I appreciate all you have written above and I so wish I could go where some of you can go. (I know patience). Oh to visit with the ocean today….not likely since I’m in AZ. I

    am absolutely thrilled to hear of healing from surgeries in half the time and the great news about Caroline. I miss Susan. ):

    Maybe, I should go eat some of the eggs those gals made yesterday…

    I feel deep love and appreciation for all you share with me each day.
    Thank you all, near & far. A round of hugs for everybody!

    Blessings, Terri

    1. I dunno. Just felt this song as I read your comment. I second that emotion about the love and appreciation for everyone!!!

      Hugs to you, too.

      🙂 AH

      1. AH, picture this…

        Under Arizona blue skies, in the hot tub, wind chimes tinkling, soft breeze, watching another sunset, a cold beer with a slice of lime… listening to this.

        Could not have been MORE PERFECT! Thank you for this moment!

        Oh… hugs for you! Terri

      2. ahhh..posted this a couple weeks ago. just love it! thanks AH ❤
        I get a real high from this song – love when it comes on when I'm driving. I third that emotion – Peace, Joy, Love

  10. I had a nice experience this afternoon. I was taking pictures at a nice park area in Haarlem. There were a lot of birds, pigeons, geese and gulls. None of them seemed frightened by me, which is unusual. The pigeons were following me around, the geese looked up and then went back to sleep, and the gulls didn’t fly away at all like they usually do. It was Iike I was one of them. I was standing in the midst of them, and I just felt love.

  11. I appreciate all the descriptions about our time spent together at the Pond. Every now and then I catch a glimpse of what goes on when we’re together, but mostly it goes like it did yesterday: I go to the Pond, skooch up against a tree and slide down to the ground. I wiggle around trying to find a comfortable spot. I don’t find it. So I go to the next tree and repeat. Still no comfortable spot. So I string a beautiful hammock between the two trees, lie down on it and… lights out! When I check back later, I am in that same position 🙂 So thank you for your reports!

    I want to share something that’s new today – I wasn’t able to do this before. For some time now I have had patches of dry, scaly, flaky skin on some pretty sensitive areas of my body. It felt like it was on fire. I realized that the emotional cause was my fiery impatience and resistance to what is. I wanted us to be “there” now. Mentally I know we can only be “here” now, but emotionally being “here” was feeling very hard. So I was spinning my wheels trying to get something, anything to happen faster. And that manifested as irritated skin. About 7-10 days ago, I surrendered my impatience, resistance and irritation but the physical symptoms persisted.

    Today I did something I have tried before and for the first time it worked almost immediately. I stood as the Master of my being, brought love, light and appreciation to every cell of my body, and as my commanding, compassionate I AM presence I directed each cell in my body to align with perfect health. I gave attention to the specific areas of my body that had been irritated. I was still a bit itchy, so I directed the cellular memory to be cleared. My skin is feeling better than it has in a long time. I simply followed my inner guidance (which also guided me to share this here).

    So much love to all.

    1. Thank you Anita for sharing this. I have had dry patches returning over and over to my face that nothing seems to remove. Removing cellular memory is very helpful too. I’m not sure if my cause is the same as what you experienced but I will spend some time with this possibility. Love back to you, Nancee

    2. Glad here that you shared part of your journey and healing with us!
      I have one persistent dry patch on the middle of my low back. And a couple days later, back pain came. still dealing with it. things seemed to have settled in that area. getting better tonight. I move forward in life with ease is my mantra for it!
      Love 2 U, Areeza

    3. Wonderful reminder! I to have been impatient. Ahhhh I just need to relax and let be. Everything flows when I do. Life is much better that way. Love to you!

    4. Beautiful Anita! I do this quite a bit as well and it really is amazing how our beloved body vehicles will respond to our soul directions! big hugs! 🙂

  12. So… I must report…I was told to. On the road I see the necessity of these light filled energy cacoons (Eggs) we created the other night. I was being ‘tweeked’ – worked on all morning to hone in the new stepped up energies we received – and then slid back into the egg if i needed to – on and off. I was conscious enough of all of it to say, ‘yes I am ok now , you can move on’, etc. Many will need it (the Egg) – to stay in it longer, etc. – more than us here (we front line light workers – we top of the light house beacons!) – for when those who are still more fragile to the newness are worked on, they ‘must stay with the upward movement’ I was told – and shown. The Energy Must Hold for successful completion of this latest step up (This most important, new, never before stepped on frontier!!).
    So… hold the vision of the Eggs. Do not see them break open just yet! This, I was told is very important. We feel that ‘break on free’ energy so strongly and we here on the front lines can do whatever we are ready for… YET… others in the world need a more gentle caring during this most delicate time. All Is Well. Love, ~A~
    And… I felt a true honoring vibration from those that showed this to me… I believe we did create this light cacoon and mulitplied it – and it allowed for this next step to happen more ?? Loss of words 🙂 ! And we all held our intentions so stronly too! they are most appreciative and I feel so looked after. Like they have been so ready for this – and they are very, very busy – like lightening bugs flittering all about going from one to the next to work on! very cool. ok… got to eat.

    1. I wanted to come back to say that Caroline was so instrumental in this taking place – with the eggs as I did see her in the middle of our circle – helping with the formation in getting it ready for ‘distrubution’. It may even have been her idea! My cup runneth over with this feeling! Love you Caroline! (I hope she does not mind my being so bold as to speak of this.)

      1. Breeze,
        I was in that light cocoon the other day. Don’t remember if yesterday or 2 or 3 days ago. Saw myself standing spread eagle in golden white light with curved sides. My hands and feet were touching the sides and I remember gently rocking the egg like vessel from side to side. I pressed on each side and it would’nt give. I wasn’t concerned at all. It just felt really nice. I sensed Caroline and knew she also was in a golden light cacoon. All felt like It was unfolding as it should. The light of Christ.
        Equinox is always an unsetlling time at the clinic from the week before until a few days after. This was was definitely interesting and challenging for me. Different funny jazz in my patients and many squeezed in treatments. Oh well, keeps the world going round and round. Try Putting steel spikes on your feet breeze and anchor them into the earth to ground yourself. You’re being wisped to and fro in the spirit wind making it difficult to concentrate. I’ve had to have mine on 6 days and will need them for another 5. This spirit wind is a glorious and Almighty force.

        1. Ahhh… thank you Forest Joy! Yes. i do need those spikes 🙂
          Much more grounded this evening. Feelin good!
          Folks I work with are all over the place. My dear friend, Linda, is like me. We were real giddy later on today. She came over to tell me she felt ‘brand new’ today! Others are so tired and cant seem to get enough sleep – I tell them its planetary energies and smile and tell them not to worry. I tapped one guy at lunch today 😉

          And thank you so very much Aisha for this space for me to express all my (our) crazy energy! can never say enough of how wonderful this is for me. xxx ooo

    2. btw: no one has to take anything i say seriously. lol. I say what comes to me – if u dont know that already. 🙂 It is my own truth – if it resonates with anyone…cool. If not… cool. I know I state things rather forcefully at times. sometimes I am rushing to get it all out fast as I am usually at work and so much runs thru my mind these days.
      xx oo

  13. Why isan’t anything changing in the world…….same dark controllers, same control of the media etc. I am still heavily veiled , no abilities other than 3d ……really depressing !

    1. ~ I tap you with my wand ~ take it in ~ drink from that cup you give to yourself first – It will come from the inside out dear Tom

    2. Excellent question — one that you and I and everyone else here who have been at the forefront of this experiment, always riding the very crests of the highest waves of deliberately accelerated change — one that has us scratching our heads over the pace of this thing, and has us going,
      “What the Hell???”

      Besides the fact that the world itself does not change, YOU DO…..and then you automatically shift yourself to that parallel-reality higher vibrational world…..even though this IS happening, it still does not account for the Slow-Ass pace of change that we are experiencing.

      And those of us highest frequency pioneers, who have been ready to have our higher dimensional abilities restored to us for quite some time now, (so where the hell are they we wonder)…..what I believe is that we are very strongly cross-connecting to our other incarnations in which we have ascended with relative ease into less-physical light beings, with nothing holding us back from doing so.

      So what have we done this time, in this incarnation, that is holding us back?

      At least 2 major “new” factors have been introduced in this Earth ascension Experiment of Physical Suffering.

      1. We agreed to tie ourselves to the “Collective” of this planet, and move damn near as slowly as they do, and continue to lift their dragging asses — even though we ourselves in our individual separate realities are operating in acceleration mode.
      Yet another glorious paradox.

      2. We agreed to attempt to transition incredibly low-frequency physical bodies, into a very high frequency state……which appears to be creating the biggest Time Delay in this process.
      Waiting for our bodies to adapt to higher and higher energies can be likened to watching snails race on salted pavement.

      For those of us with the goal of being at least “quasi” physical — we can only hope that the Rubber Band Effect will kick in at some point.

      For now, the physical suffering continues even if you are operating out of Time and in the Now Moment.
      So far the only thing that can be counted on to continually speed up, no matter what, are the *Synchronicities*.

      In a reality that is operating in acceleration mode, the Synchronicities are now occurring within hours, all day long….sometimes within minutes.
      What I would love to see, is what happens when Synchronicity has sped up to the point of occurring back to back, one right after another?

      Perhaps this is when the Rubber Band finally snaps, and lets us go…….

      1. Oh Kiera, I hear you!!!! Well Written too (:
        Hold on, just a little longer.
        Blossum has asked for a sign, for those of us looking, to help us, support us, confirm for us what we need confirmed. Literally some thing/event to lift us up again. No word back from above yet. They know we feel just like you sometimes. We would love a sign…..

        You and I feel very alike, however, I do see things/people changing and damn slow for my Irish…taste to be frank here. (But happening none the less.)

        We just don’t have the game plan ( it’s not our game, we are along for the ride!)
        We came at this time, to do just this. Support and encourage the dumb asses along until they see & feel again.

        Granny always said, “Terri, Ain’t nothing worthwhile that ain’t worth waitin for!”
        Fantastic right? I feel you. Breathe (:

        With a hug, Terri

      2. Re synchronicity:
        “Ultimately, it seems that our perception of the two (synchronicity and intuition) ((>> I would add Intention and allowance as backups 🙂 )) is based on how we experience the boundary between our inner and outer environments. The more we feel a part of all around us, the more we engage in a dance of energy and input from all sides. At that point, it doesn’t matter, except as a point of passing interest, where the information comes from: it just comes.”
        taken from: http://www.flowpower.com/What%20is%20Synchronicity.htm

        >>again, I see the Starlings flying/gliding in their care free, trusted patterns – going with the flow. And I imagine with much Joy!
        >>remember synchronicity can be thwarted by cynicism and doubt.
        If those Starlings doubted what they were doing (If I Starling could doubt) it would mess up the ‘sync’ in their flight.

        Great subject ! Very useful ! Love, ~A~

  14. Ok so I threw up…it was like a forced fast. I feel fine, I just threw up. In fact I feel more than fine, I joined a group med and saw myself ground a good deal of light…an then I threw up?! Perhaps I over did it, perhaps I ate something that didn’t agree with me. But I haven’t thrown up in many years, that’s just not what I do. *shrugs*. It’s a mystery…but I am glad I have the opportunity to embody more light 🙂

  15. I won´t forget the last 24 hours. I had one of the worst hangover in decades.
    My goodness. But poison helped me to stand the ground, flat in bed. hi ho.
    Slept ´til five in the afternoon and greeted the sun at exact equilibrinox.
    Ready to leave everything behind, comme toujours.
    All in all it is E=Michilyn x Consciousness ²
    Now spring and future looks brighter than ever.

    I love my dog.

    1. The diversity of comments never ceases to amaze me….. We are all amazing… Thank You all for been You…

      Peace and Blessings to all…


    2. THANK YOU,MICHILYN… I can always count on you to make me laugh out loud (in appreciation). Namaste. xo

  16. I am stunned by the power of this CC transmission and its complement from Aisha. Clearly, the planetary energies are amping up and we’re going for the ride of our lives. Thank you all, Ponders! What a Journey this is!
    Much love.

  17. Unity
    This am in meditation my imagination is running wild. I saw myself dreaming free energy and waking up in the middle of the night writing diagrams and pulling it all together. I turned off the power to my house and this device powered the house. I put some chip in my car and filled the tank with water – I got 1000 km to a tank I water. I was teleporting-disappearing and having OB experiences visiting loved ones. How exciting oh and check out Lauren Zimmermans post on her direct ET communication- WOW. It’s in my Facebook page too
    Love to you all

    1. Dear Paula,
      I have ben thinking much on what we will do with all the ‘garbage’ – the pollution and stuff we have accumulated. U give me a vision from your own about this~ It shall be transformed! and why not ! Love 2 U, Areeza

    2. Beautiful Paula! I have many of the same visions on the edge of sleep as well and get so excited! Teleporting interdimensionally and also through various timelines seems to be the most exciting for me and also a wonderful subject of discussion with my teen daughter who is all set to travel everywhere and see everything with such joy! i have a deep inner knowing that this WILL be so and in our lifetimes! Huge hugs and thanks for sharing your wonderful view of our near future! 🙂 alex

  18. I am in tears at the time of this writing. I have not been reading much of anything for I chose not to. Yet, yesterday found me weeping due to feeling the profound Love I did and that evening, found me dancing in my living room, swaying back and forth, closing my eyes in Ecstasy. Tears have not been far from my eyes these days and they still continue.

    The Lady is transforming me. I have no other way of explaining this. And today I too have the urge to be in Nature in hopes I can find more signs of life. I am leaving a link to my blog which is titled LIFE. Please enjoy and really look at the pictures. I was stunned to see the designs and symbols, but more importantly, the Love that is felt IF you really look. It seems The Lady is becoming me, and my photography has begun to reflect this.

    May all of you know Love this day. Bless you! Love, Amy


    1. I also feel it is fantastic when the sun and spring returns, although we still have -10C here at nights. It was a fantastic feeling this morning when I was sitting out on the patio in the sun and heard the swans cry, greeted life back, probably in vain searching for open water in “my” lake. Now it’s good to be alive 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely pictures ❤



  19. Dear family of light! I have just heard from Mark, Caroline’s husband, and he says that hopefully, Caroline will be released from ICU tomorrow. I join Mark in thanking you all for the tremendous outpuring of love that has been generated here at the Pond for them both, and I know we will continue to do what we can to support them in the days ahead. Caroline’s powerful energy was very present all day yesterday, and it is wonderful to get this positive confirmation from Mark today.
    With much love and gratitude from me, Aisha

    1. Good news Aisha about Caroline and Mark. Yes I too feel an integration of new spring energies within even as snow continues to fall outside my window. We are doing a balancing here on our beloved planet and my area is helping I know with this, and stretching me within too to embrace being a lightholder here. I bless the snow and water and all living, both seen and unseen helping with this balancing and cleansing. LOVE, love, love and eggs and fertility and LIFE enhanced in all places, realms and dimensions.

      There was also a shift after engaging yesterday with a healing of the air with a group of meditators and using chants and the internet to connect about 150 folks for an hour long session. LOVE and the violet flame of transformation I send into the soup of LOVE, Monica

    2. A true blessing to feast my eyes upon these words! thank you Aisha and Mark ~ All our Love continually surrounding our sweet Caroline!

    3. THANK YOU, Aisha,for the update on Caroline&Mark. Our computer went on the blink and am using old laptop, in case it prints out weird.

      BEST NEWS EVER TODAY!!! Thank you to All That Is for this Blessed News. xo

    4. Thank you for the update and renewing the flow of blessed healing light to Caroline…may our brother Raphael also encircle her being with his divine emerald ray! Much love, Alex

  20. When I went to the doctor about my neck. They found a small skin cancer on my face. They did nothing to my neck but burned the skin cancer off. It was a hole about the size of a pencil eraser. About a 1/4 inch deep. The doctor said it would take about six weeks to heal. It was completely healed in 12 days the skin had grown back and it looks great.
    They want me to go back to do some exploratory cutting on my face but I said no. I have a good friend that looked at it. He said it is the type of cancer that doesn’t spread easy. I will leave it alone and just keep asking my body to keep it healed. Sometimes we have to know what we may have wrong with us before it can be healed. In order to focus on the problem to heal it. Life goes on and gets more interesting everyday. My mind is still sorting out a lot of things that are new to me that I won’t rush to work out. It will all equal out when my time is right to learn the meanings behind these things.
    The main part for me is to learn of the true intent of these things and the end results of them and how they change and effect the body and mind when worked out. Its all good and just needs to be understood properly. Time is going by so fast now for me. One week seems to be like 3 days now. When the mind is so active time seems to fly by. My mind seems to never stop processing all the new information coming to work out the outcome of the things coming. Each new concept adds ten other concepts and just keeps growing. I am wondering how much the human mind can hold in memory. It seems to be unlimited. Each new thing we learn we shed the old to make room for the new. It is a never ending update in with the new out with the old. I love to see this happening as long as this elevation and renewal of the human mind is for the good of all and not to have power over others. All intent must be of only true love for all. Anything less I will not accept.

    I wish all well in life as we know it and life we don’t know of yet also.

    Love and blessings to all

    1. I hear you Ray — my mind never seems to quit processing either – there Is so much information to assimilate! I feel I need to carry around a tape recorder… then i realize I have one built in! LOL
      nothing seems to get lost in the mix anymore. Its all there all the time. The good stuff that is 😉
      Glad you are Ok!
      My guy had the bad cancer on his face. 13 surgeries. I finally took him to a Dr who focuses only on the face and neck and does the ‘Mohs’ surgery to they were sure to ‘get it all’. He had 1/2 his nose removed. As u can see by his picture, it grew back – mostly. It was a scary day. He died on the table because as they had their backs turned, he sat up and looked in the mirror and saw into his brain! uggh. He became a great guitar player because of this – lol – he is never one to sit still and took up playing while healing. Blessings to you Ray

        1. thank you Denise. sweet u r. Kel sure has been thru much. He has always lived his life very fully though too. The skin cancer came from a motor cycle accident – truck pulled out in front of him – he had to make quick decision to dump the bike under the truck. it almost took his nose off (he wore full face mask/helmet). So, after skin grafts taken from his neck, the cancer started. It was just getting to the bone and then would have gone to the brain – The surgeon I got him to said he would have had 6 mos to live. When i think of all we have been thru together, it is amazing. Love gets us All thru doesnt it.
          Blessed are we who continue on In Love. xxx ooo

    2. Glad to hear you are doing well Ray. My grandfather had slow growing skin cancer on his hands at one time. He would have it removed and eventually get more. He found a skin lotion made by Avon years ago that had vitamins A,E, and D in it. It cured the cancer! 🙂 much love to you Ray,


    3. Ray, blessings on your wonderful body and knowing what is right for its complete health and balance. much love! Alex

    4. Dear Ray.
      They say correlation seems to the incidence of cancer and nuclear testing by the United States.
      They say incidence of cancer in people who reside low latitudes of the Earth where high amount of sunlight is greater. This means the amount of vitamin D is large.
      Italian oncologist Dr. Simoncini says “Skin cancer will be healed by using Tincture of iodine”.
      http://www.asyura2.com/09/buta02/msg/540.html#c42 (though Japanese)
      Dr. Arimoto in University of Okayama in Japan who found Grape juice suppress the occurrence of skin cancer. It seems action of Caftaric acid which is a kind of polyphenol.
      http://www.asyura2.com/09/health15/msg/853.html (though Japanese)

  21. ..”humans that act as a vast repository for knowledge, a knowledge that will be utilized to rectify whatever it is in your surroundings that do not vibrate at the elevated frequency that you are all doing now.”
    >>this gives me much peace this morning. I started feeling ‘disconcerted’ again last night with the state of the world and pollution. <> this is good because today I feel like I cant access my old self anymore … it IS gone and trying to be comfortable here at work and know how to talk to people… uggh! I was thinking how am I going to operate with this new system now?!….I felt nervous…and then I calmed down and came to the pond once I got to work…I find this new update 🙂 So I will trust.
    Thank you Aisha/CC’s and ALL!
    >>As far as the new gravitational field of dreams…lol… yes, I sure am in it!
    I did not know how I was going to try and explain it here. My guides are good with the visuals I ask for. On my way to work, I saw myself in a helium balloon – like the wizard of Oz – I see a man on the ground trying to ‘hold me down’ because that was the feeling I woke up with — real spacy — out there — trying to keep myself grounded — but no old to ground to! Had no idea where I was really on the ride into work. I was so spacy and wherever I placed my consciousness, I was there. Ex: I started listening to the morning show I usually do – and I realized I was in the station with those folks! I had all my senses there and I dont know how the car was being driven. Thats when I asked for a visual on what in the heck is going on. So, back to the balloon: At the same time I want that man to let go of the ropes! I want to keep going with this! I got a bit upset that I had to come to work – to the old still. That is the toughest part for me. I still dont know how to ‘do’ this — I am getting an good sense of how to “Be” this! Love to you all…. XOA

    1. >>to express it better – I dont know how to Be This in public yet. It is going to be very interesting from here on in. At the moment I feel so many ‘things vying for my attention’ is the best way I can put it. There is an excitement for me – for us – for what has transpired and I feel that too !

    2. I think it feels really luxurious indeed. I leave just all planning to CCs and their wonderful staff in the universe and they make sure that everything works as it should – because it’s already planned – right? 😉 I just need to be and love the amazing person I am, and fill me with gratitude and love for everyone and everything. How ingenious! 🙂

      Love you for who you are Areeza ❤


  22. Religious holidays are an opportunity for each of us to remember the great events that mark our sacred history , Easter commemorating the death and resurrection of the Son of Man , until his ” ascent to heaven ” . We will study Christian and semantically this festival , passing from man to mankind and its history. The most important festival of the Church will then be a harbinger of a different party, heavenly one …
    The Easter Egg
    Resurrection , the human Jesus could take the seed. Knowing that a seed is a seed , an egg preparing for a transition . Easter means precisely “passage” . We must therefore seek the famous ” easter eggs ” means eggs of a spiritual passage also well hidden in the earthly garden and reserved for children curious and greedy of creation. Well under-stood , it is re- born. ” Seek and ye shall find ” , because in the egg is contained everything needed for the development of the embryo to god. It is both the potential and the reality of it, since it is the very essence of it will grow . Arguably The Egg is the Universe considered both in its part and all. The egg is the world made ​​of a shell, the surface of things , which is a limit, but preparing for a liberating birth to transcendence, metaphysics, invisible center of all things. Night confinement, is specifically designed to (re) create our own liberator off. See digital co -incidences in this area … = MESSIAH = 135 GERM = ” EGG INGROWN ” = 135 ” THE EASTER NIGHT ” = 135 = EGG = SEED IS THE BODY = S ‘ IS A GLOBAL WORLD CREATED in = 135 , etc. ….
    ” The World Egg ” = 135 is a Grand Symbol . This is the Tri- Omphe of The Egg , all seeds SATOR Gods , The Sower Lives . It is also the key explanatory everything is renewed , reborn , evolves, Ren- OVE . A god or God is ever born , but maybe not with all deified beings Gods , so read carefully : in “re -co -Birth ” ! This is also the holistic consciousness that ekklesia , this Gathering. The World Egg is both the container and the contents of all that lives in … Rejuvenating ! ” Couple and Alchemy ” , André BOUGUENEC
    Back to childhood is characteristic of initiation, which requires humility , listening to others and messages of the divine, the Word that is in everything, everywhere . Because an open mind is naive (a word which means ” from birth ” ) . For him to be successful, and he saw beyond the limiting laws of men , necessary, but still far from the True Divine Laws , which are learned by playing with the “old” , as Albert Einstein said .
    Childhood is an ascent to heaven , because it is to lower that elevates the student to master the stage of self-control.
    Thus Jesus Man ascend into heaven itself . This is when we will understand that we are all created for the sole purpose of helping each other , supported for this creator . But we are still very far from this journey, and the land is unfruitful garden or sick human stupidity .
    Easter is the symbol of the resurrection, the victory over death , that is to say a state transition from being to another , from one age to another , from one time to another , etc. . Any change to an improvement is Easter, a treas- way. The three expressing the birth of life, cosmic expansion , necessary to the happiness of man.
    Apocalyptic and Easter 2001
    ” And there was a new heaven and a new earth ” (Rev. 2, 1 ) . A sacred treas- transition to a new world and a time that the Apocalypse , where Christ will too, but not announced by the “bells ” of the Church , for his return will be like a thief .. . Fortunately for him, for his indiscretion has been his loss … This last visit for this reason could be good , because allowing him to prepare for a real secluded unveiling of the man, his nature, its true psychology, its purpose , etc. .
    Man becoming with this new co- birth Emmanuel again, translatable as ” God with us ” but also ” We with God.” This new Hema- christmas identity expresses the initiation age of unborn human with new blood ( Hema- Christmas) or renovated Jesus. See about the Dali painting ” geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of the New Man .”
    The fate of the date of Easter and it creates divisions within the different Christian religions who want to reunite , is also troubling. Indeed, you know that different faiths not celebrate Easter at the same time already since centuries. To Father Thomas Fitzgerald, Orthodox theologian from the World Council of Churches (WCC) , the disagreement about the date of Easter is a “scandal” and said: “What kind of evidence do we bring to the world with this division? There is no greater celebration than Easter, and it is so separate that we celebrate ! ”
    It turns out that 2001 is an ideal time to set a common date because the date of Easter calculated using both methods, then fall on the same day : April 15 . In addition, the World Council of Churches and the Council of Churches of the Middle East ( MECC) , and representatives of different Christian denominations : Anglican , Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches invited to agree on a common date Easter from the year 2001.
    Time Unit is he announced ? – Finally, we dare believe it. In any case , the unity of hearts and minds , it might well not be ” symbolic ” , but real and if we consider that we germinated the ” sign of the times .”
    Indeed, 2001 was the year of entry into the third millennium , the spiritual treas- not a ” SPACE ODYSSEY ” = 162 = CONTACT CELESTE (literally and figuratively ?) = HEAVEN AQUARIUS = THIS IS THE eRA OF rIGHTS ( relieved of his bestial hand , remember: the man or beast, same number … ) . that is to say both the era and the age of multidimensional thinking , as space is holistic , combining earth and sky, matter and spirit , etc. . All men will then be directed to the same Sun …
    For this, we will offer new opportunities . It is the brain , for example, arise the thoughts, ideas and reflections , which allow to understand the creation, love , and to re- know the Creator to the “correct ” value . The Age of Aquarius is Kabbalah phonetically in Brain Age , which will be used wisely is to say as a transmitter – receptor positive and light waves. 1
    2001 may be the year where God put a somehow , when God restores harmony, order and unity of religions ( religo ) , that is to say between men – same … And if we calculate : TWO THOUSAND oNE = 147 = tHE REAL EASTER .
    Yes, it does not seem very “serious.” Because it is a ” breeze ” that make such ex -tra – extrapolations from the words and things, but see the Word and Spirit games presupposes kill the old man who is us to take the skin of Man renovated (NO -EL = New god) .
    Soon, all men will be saved from their destructive and dividing ignorance ( diaballein ) . Evil will be removed, and men purified by this ultimate redemption. And e bright, new paschal lamb will fall as children to play find Jovis Pater .
    In conclusion, we can say that with certainty , the real trépassage Rights to its renewal , the painful passage heartbreaking birth to the Age of Aquarius = 156 = The EDEN AQUARIUS = BIRTH OF THE ACT = BIRTH OF LIFE GENESIS OF LIGHT = RE = EVOLUTION
    1 . ” The” Brain ” oviforme , is another example of gestation prolonged life. ‘s Fertile brain itself through external supply of perception. DESIGNS Then he rolled ” day ” each element hatched in him . the brain is also a sigh of Easter . “

    1. “,,,All men will then be directed to the same Sun …”
      “to understand the creation, love , and to re- know the Creator to the “correct ” value .”
      I keep with this Egg experience. It is very meaningful indeed!
      thank you, Easter Blessings come early! Easter this year Will have tremendous energetic true meaning of its origin! ~ Areeza

  23. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Aisha! I wondered after reading so much lately about how great everyone was feeling or would feel yesterday because I felt pretty un-great:-) but this confirms a pattern I have noticed of feeling the incoming energies as rather taxing/physically overwhelming at first so the great part takes some time afterwards to become noticeable. Merry Spring/Fall everyone!

    1. Hang in there! Happy Spring! If u could see me dragging my new self around – I get it believe me~! Its gonna work out – somehow. I know I cant try and get in touch with the old or I would not be able to move at all. In the new, I can at least ‘glide’ somewhat. Keeping to my light filled egg I saw in yesterdays vision – its a safe place if I need it.
      Love and hugs!

  24. So gratef Itul for this wonderful message Aisha and CCs ❤
    and I am so profoundly grateful for these lines:

    " For you will each and every one be guided to the right "book" on the right "shelf" and you will be pointed in the direction of the right "page""

    because I'm so oblivious to how / what to do / be, although I am fully aware of what I want to accomplish for all and Mother Earth. But I'm B to B, am still in duty and have full confidence in my guides and know that everything will be as it is meant – and I welcome my task, whatever it is 🙂

    Love, light and gratefulness ❤ ❤ ❤

    B to B

  25. For me, it is the return to Eden Consciousness. Which has a child like “feel” to it. I am in love…

    Thank you Aisha!

  26. Dear friends!
    Never before in my life have I experienced anything like the last 24 hours. It started off with one hour of intense downloads an hour after midnight on the day of the Equinox, and it culminated in a two hour long session last night where I “saw” us literally eating, drinking and breathing in light. I was even serving out “light omelet” made from “light eggs” at the Pond – I think perhaps the eggs were SOL, Philip 🙂 In between that, I did my own Equinox ceremony out in the forest. Sound turned out to be an important element in it, and after doing a session with my Tibetan singing bowl, I felt the urge to make sound myself. I started to ohm, but it turned into a chanting that sounded very Native American while I swayed back and forth. I was out in the forest close by, and it was as if every single thing is that forest started to vibrate and shine in a very new way. I spent most of the day connected to the Pond, and it was such a tranquil, yet powerful experience to be there in silence and with so many others deep in mediation around me. But after the session where I served up the “light omelet”, we started to dance slowly around in a circle, with our arms around the shoulders of each other. Today, my body and my soul is still trying to figure out what has happened, but the Sun is shining and I feel a strong urge to go out into Mother Nature and just BE with her somewhere close to the sea so I will come back here later today and share more 🙂 I thank you all from the very core of my soul for taking part in this monumental event, I am certain we will look back on this Equinox as an important watershed in our lives.
    With all my love, Aisha

      1. Dear JJ! When I read about your experience yesterday, I felt tingles down my spine. It was very similar! After I got back in after my ceremony in the forest, I went into meditation again and I saw myself sitting under the tree at the Pond. But this time, I was a Native American shaman, a man with long silvery white hair and a wolf’s head on top of my head.
        Love and light from me, Aisha

    1. Beautiful dear Aisha… and I was dreaming of eggs last night to that I was birthing… definitely SOL for me. You may recall I was given the message that ‘I am the wolf that laid the golden egg’ (ha, ha)… so this is about our innate creative powers. Also had an omelette dream/insight once to connected with this so I am intrigued that you have had similar!! The essence of the message at that time was you have to break the egg to make the omelette… i.e. use the gift…

      The energies have been very intense for days for me but a little quieter yesterday… probably needed a rest!

      Have a great day by the sea.

      Philip 🙂

      1. Dear Philip, I love the synchronicities! I remember one thing very clearly: even if this omelet was made from eggs, it did not taste like eggs because when each person was given a slice of it, he or she could decide for themselves just what it should taste like. To me, that is a powerful confirmation that this is all about “our innate creative powers” as you say 🙂 And my piece tasted like freshly made strawberry marmalade, just like the one my mother made when we were small 🙂
        Much love from me, Aisha

    2. Dear Aisha!

      I spent wonderful, loving hours with my younger brother and his dog yesterday. Today, I realize that it was in March, 33 years ago, that my journey started – because of him. The circle is complete ❤

      Wish you a wonderful, lovely day 🙂

      B to B

      1. Dear B, what a wonderful way to celebrate the Equinox – and celebrate YOU! It is not by accident that you “happened” to be with your brother on such an important day. I am so full of admiration for you and for everyone else who have been on this journey for so many years, you have a very powerful light within you to be able to keep it shining through so much for such a long time. Much LOVE to you, dear sister, and thank you to wordpress for all of these new symbols ❤

        1. Dear Aisha!

          Thank you for your words – I really appreciate them ❤

          Yes – the journey has been very long and there was a hard struggle to get back to "normal" for a decade before the "final count down" decade.

          I am so grateful for what you mean to me ❤ ❤ ❤

          B to B

    3. oooo ! nice ! ‘flowers spinning in my feet’ ! Love that ! I agree we will like this new part.
      I mentioned an experience of being in a balloon. Well, at one point I wanted to kill that man holding the ropes – violently. I found that odd at first. I read what you said about your dream. It is making more sense now.
      Have a wonderful day Sun! Love to you and your wife, Areeza

      1. Dear sun_of_blue! No one can put this into words quite the way you do, thank you so much for adding so much clarity to this at times extremely bewildering ride!
        LOVE, Aisha

    4. Dear Aisha – I am loving the mentioning of ‘the eggs’ for it so fits my experience at the pond night before last. I saw us all creating these light filled eggs from the prizms that we were in our circle… I see u at the sea today. Love, ~A~

      1. Beautiful, Areeza, this really resonates with me. Like you, I also sensed Caroline’s presence at the Pond 🙂 The sea was such a balancing, calming energy today, even though it was so windy. My sister and I brought all of our crystals and gave them a cleansing bath in the icy water. I think I saw you there, you must have been one of the seagulls soaring and circling in the gusty wind. They looked like they really enjoyed themselves!
        Love and light from me, Aisha

        1. Very interesting. As I was on my drive, the black birds kept my attention. They were gliding with me as a rode along. I kept feeling I was soaring with them! even though It was an airy experience, it kept me grounded! (which I so needed) wonderful! I also stopped to ‘be with’ some sheep.
          >And Kelly mentioned today going back to the beach and collecting more white sea stones – to go above sink, below the windows in kitchen. 8 ft area. He and a friend finally put my granite backsplash in today ! I cant wait to see it. 🙂 i left it ‘rough’ on the top so it looks like raw granite – wavy. peacock granite is the name – it is black with silver and gold specks. The sea stone idea I had kept to myself so u can imagine my thrill to hear Kelly mention it as his idea too! Love this day!

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