Unlocking doors with 100 year old keys

Dear friends!
The journey my sister and I have just returned from, has been what I can only describe as a vision quest, a journey that was all about furthering our own transformation through visual input, by seeing symbols, shapes and colours that would act as keys to unlock some important doors for us. I think these are keys that can be of help to many of you as well, and that is why I have been guided to share this.

For when we woke up last Monday, the morning after the Gathering, both my sister and I realized that we had been through something profound, but we also realized that it was time for us to step back from our usual work and go on a journey. We were strongly guided to book a trip to Copenhagen for that weekend, and as soon as we had booked it, a sequence of synchronicities occurred that made us both realize that we were supposed to go to Copenhagen for one purpose only: to see the paintings of Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist that created her works 100 years ago.

Hilma af Klint had crossed our path briefly last year, when we saw posters advertising her exhibition during a visit to some friends in Stockholm. They had seen her work, and they highly recommended it to us, but we did not go, and we forgot about her until last Monday. But then, she re-entered our lives in a way that made it very clear to us that she was going to play an important part in our journey, something that was confirmed by Terje, a very close friend of ours who works as a healer. He gave me two important clues: he said he had seen the same TV program about Hilma that we had just “stumbled across” and to him, her paintings had the energy of something that came from a temple in Atlantis. In addition, he said that our trip to go and see these paintings would be as transformative for us as what he had experienced some years ago when he entered the Great Pyramid at Giza. Turns out he was right.

For Hilma af Klint was no ordinary painter. She said that her task was to convey information through her works, and this information came from a higher consciousness so she looked upon herself as a medium, not as an artist. In addition, she was convinced that the content in her works could not be understood by her contemporaries so she refused to show her work publicly, and most of her paintings were kept hidden away until more than 40 years after her death. Hilma said she painted for the future, and as the curator for the exhibition said ” I think this future is now”. I agree, for I am convinced that Hilma painted her amazing pictures for us, for they talk about something we already know, but cannot fully remember yet.

For these paintings are not just remarkable because Hilma painted abstract paintings in a manner that no one else did until years later, they are also remarkable because they contain so much encoded information in the form of symbols and colours. This is what we sensed when we saw her work in the TV program last Monday, and even if all of her work is intriguing, two series stood out for us. One of them is called “The ten largest” and the other one are three paintings that we found out had the title “Altar paintings” from a series called “Paintings for the Temple”. Could this be the temple in Atlantis that Terje mentioned?

On Sunday, we went to see the exhibition. It was a large one, and when we entered it, we could feel the anticipation and the energies starting to flow into us, but nothing could have prepared us for the powerful experience it was to enter the two rooms where the huge paintings from these two series were shown. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now, for they were literally vibrating in a way that felt oddly familiar, like we knew them from before, and it was such an overwhelming feeling of being flooded with light and love. And the most astounding part, was how different the energy was in those two rooms. Being in the room with “The ten largest” was like being embraced in loving arms, it was such a joyful, warm and tender energy. But when we entered the room with the “Altar paintings”, it was like entering a sanctuary, a sacred space, and the energy was so pure, so crystal clear and so powerful we had to sit down as we both started to cry.


One of the paintings from the series “The 10 largest”


The three “Altar paintings”

My photos cannot do these vibrant paintings justice, you can get a more detailed look at some of them here:


The whole experience was so intense, it is only now, looking back that I see how right Terje was when he compared this exhibition to a visit to the Great Pyramid and how the two different rooms at the exhibition can symbolize The Queen’s chamber and The King’s chamber. For to me, the first room represents the Sacred Feminine, the LOVE, the second one represents the Sacred Masculine, the LIGHT, and I see it all flowing, connecting, becoming ONE, just like Hilma depicts again and again in her amazing work.

I truly believe Hilma af Klint was a visionary and an amazing pioneer. I can only thank her for the work she did for us 100 years ago, and rejoice for the fact that now, her work is finally being seen and acknowledged by people all over the world. Not only that, what she created in solitude such a long time ago, will help to bring us all closer together in a way that truly makes my heart sing.

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

This video was made for the exhibition, it tells more of her remarkable story and I really recommend watching it:

This film is also very interesting even if the technical quality is rather poor:

180 thoughts on “Unlocking doors with 100 year old keys

  1. Quote ‘you have all been carefully prepared for just such an occasion, and indeed, you are also carefully monitored throughout it all’. I have managed to stop the voices and the attendant energy. I will not let it in again. If suffering 24 hours a day voices and being blasted by energy means I am a light worker – I RESIGN.

  2. Hi Ponders. Just wanna say I’m having my thesis defense tomorrow and I ask you all for a blessing and good luck so I can pull it off with ease and everything goes well. Thank you.
    Love&Light always xx

    1. Of course my dear friend 🙂 As I have worked with/pushed/wiped tears with many graduate students with PhDs it is a real pleasure to say good luck to you and I send you my love & light as well 🙂 Just be in your core where all knowledge and trust are. I keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂



    2. Wand tapping! 🙂 I am up and running (well, slow side stepping) again and so is the Wand — Light the way for our Annie!

  3. Marianne Williamson:

    “No matter what is happening now, events will ultimately bend toward love the way a flower bends toward sunlight.”

    So true 🙂


  4. time moves slow
    across frying-pan shoal
    I left my life there
    one starlit night where
    I discovered my self
    on that moon-lit shelf
    and found my soul
    out on
    frying-pan shoal
    yes, time moves slow
    out on frying-pan shoal
    but life goes on
    that’s frying-pan’s song

    1. I used to write down titles I would call books if I were ever to write them.
      One I called “Shelf Life”. because… i felt I was living my life on a shelf and so wanted to get off it ! Thank you… Love ~A~

  5. Eye am guided to share my experiences with you! 🙂
    first, much is going on that feels like what the CCs described as rooms of some sort.. its like in the higher dimensions there are all kinds of rooms, they represent different state of consciousness, different layers of vibrations.. if u remember what they wrote about the starts being so far away to thee eye, yet so near we could grasp them they meant that as we enter higher dimensions when we are in altered states of consciousness this rooms are actually all HEAR, there is no where else but that one HEAR, which always is there KNOW(ing), open or all who wish to join that frequency band of vibration.. as they are in the same HEAR (so to say, its all the one HEAR yet it can have different layers of vibration, and with that different experiences, so one could say they are differently HEAR(ED) ..
    know how eye wrote “here” and “now”, for it is true that even the language we all speak has been altered in ways to actually cause more confusion than CLEARity.. so basically one could say as you alter your state of consciousness, you alter the “room” youre in.. know re-member, all on the same frequency band are in the same room, so they HEAR each other.. as time is an illusion, there is only KNOW, so everyone on the same frequency band is in the same KNOW.. so imagine yourself as energy, as consciousness shifting frequency bands to enter different rooms (dimensions), and in these rooms different experiences are played out.. the point is to understand that there are no such things as secrets, for reality is one could say a play of the same one energy, which knows itself.. to see reality in a more playfull way will help many beings in the time ahead and will bring much lightness.. much you see right now seems so confusing and sometimes even heavy on your heart yet it is nothing but a beautiful play, an orchestra of colour and sound, of energy and consciousness..

    my journey is about bringing those higher dimensional concepts into the world through mixing music.. the music eye do is called G.O.A and is also known as Psy-Trance, although it has many different aspects to it.. as eye see this music as portals through which different states of consciousness can be entered, especially live it brings a feeling of connectedness seldom felt..
    there are many doing the same thing on earth right know, we are never alone and one can feel that 🙂
    we are thankful for you all being, be in love! (( ❤ ))

    1. I “feel” I understand what you say 🙂 The singing in my loneliness during the days has became so much more important the last couple of days. I raised my voice loud in the laundry room yesterday and it was amazingly wonderful as I was quite alone and I let the vibrations wash through me too, so to speak 😉 The vibrations change very rapidly too as you feel the energies from the differnt rooms you pass. I found a nice and light room today 🙂

      Thank you my dear friend for sharing your post!

      Much love & light,


      1. Yes! I have been singing too. This morning it was along with Richie Havens – Woodstock song. 🙂 We are stardust… we Are Golden>>>

      2. they change fast ndeed! eye like to sing too, sometimes rapping.. 🙂
        its also good for clearing stuck energy from the throat chakra, which comes from not raising the voice or not speaking truth in certain situations .. yet singing or musical art in any form is a beautiful way to get things moving again! 🙂 have a wonderful day!

    2. many thanks and blessings to you Tao54!
      All my life I have had dreams where ‘rooms’ appeared in a familiar house setting – where those rooms were not there ‘before’. Some of these homes do not exist in ‘real life’ even. so intersting. how we have been prepped for this~! Our minds gently expanding over our life times. 🙂
      Love, ~A~ (ps: would love to hear your music!)

      1. yep, step by step we re-member .. 🙂 had some thoughts when eye was 6 or so and just the last year or so they connected the dots.. before you know it you just get it and know something new 🙂

  6. Greetings Nancee,

    Simple way of keeping your energies centered during your journey… How about been in gratitude mode?

    Happy travels and keep shinning your light…

    Thanks Aisha for this sacred space..

    Peace and blessings to all…


  7. Dear friends!

    It feels like I’m in the joint between the “normal” world and the new, but do not feel equipped to handle any of the worlds right now. Feels an urge to just live as usual while I sometimes miss my pleasure to take part in what is happening on the blog. I feel like I do not care, I can not follow up on all the links and interesting suggestions though I would like. I actually don´t care!

    This morning, I felt a distinct anxiety, which, however, released after a while, probably due to contact with the blog 😉 The stomach reacted immediately and intestines cleaned as they usually do when something is going on (which is has long enough now!). After a few rounds I was able to get my long-awaited contact with the forest. Gratitude for nature and the brief encounters I got 🙂

    It feels tough and tiring between realities now after intensive deep dives this winter I now want to be able to live fully in the reality I actually live in. I suppose Denise le Fay wrote about this lately but I just feel that I have to give words to what I feel now – even if it is negative.

    I love you all, and I hear you Areeza, Caroline, Lin, bev~ and others. It´s just that I feel like having a time out now. Tomorrow is another day and the sun is coming as my dear neighbour always use to say 🙂



    1. I Love YOU always, B2B, whether you’re in “time ins” or “time outs”. Just rest, Dear Friend. I’m glad you got to go to the Trees… and, in fact, you have it right outside your balcony!! Blessings of Light&Love&JOY to you,
      xo Lin

      (I’m in sort of my own “time out” right now. Had to focus this a.m., too, to allow the Light in… felt as though the Light was being yanked away… wasn’t about to allow that!!! So just concentrated on feeling the LOVE big time.) 🙂

        1. yippeeee yaaaaay. IF it’s so on the 20th & 22nd, well then I’ll take a great big helping… am soooo ready. And if not, then I know All Good is right around the corner. And will just keep with the JOY.
          Love to you, B, and to you All… xo 🙂

          1. Mostly I think it is so hard to explain in words what I feel and want to share with you and others. But words can also be so amazingly uplifting – as Karen Bishops words yesterday 🙂

            Love you,


        2. Thank you, B. Perhaps it is just a lull before all cylinders kick in thrusting us all into this new world. Even though I am in rest mode, I’m still beaming LOVE knowing there is magnificent and awesome light on its way from far far away. It should be arriving in the next few days. Until then my tired High Heart continues to beam love, peace, and a gentle happiness in anticipation.
          Love, peace, and happiness to you, dear friend.

          1. Exactly Forest Joy! I agree with every word you say. Love and light will never end but will tremble on the road at times but suddenly my heart flooded by your love yesterday evening. THANK YOU! and thanks to all of you my dear friends 🙂



        3. sounds good! thanks 2B!
          Man, the leg aching was a new one for me too. that has subsided today as well. enjoy your day my friends!

    2. I felt the same as you, yesterday. I was in and out. Up then down again. Ready to quit.
      I feel I’m looking for something and I know it’s right there in front of me, but I cannot see it (yet). I feel I have the key, but I cannot find the door.
      Haha, it’s pretty funny, but also very sad.
      Thank you for sharing, B!
      All my love,

      1. It is so important to share what we are experiencing now JJ! A necessity, it feels like, though you may feel discouragement at times 😉 but I know that soon we will find our keys, each one of us 🙂

        During a massage, many years ago, I got a picture of myself standing in front of a big old door with an old-fashioned lock in the form of a metal heart. I looked to the side and saw a couple of pretty small keys in a plastic bag next to me and I tried to unlock the door, though I understood they would not fit. When I put in the key in the lock the picture vanished. During the same massage, I used my light to combat some nasty creatures that also appeared. My light was very effective 😉

        Maybe Hilma af Klint gave me a matching key?

        Love to you JJ,


      2. d i t t o that JJ — good way to explain it. much Love 2 U~!

        …and 2B: your dream was like Deja vu to me – I think I had almost the same one yrs ago! hang in there my light brothers and sisters! xxx ooo

    3. This is exactly what I’m feeling too and even I also got the intestines cleaned yesterday, ha! Peace and joy to all of us.


      1. Ups and downs – all the time. Though your thesis defense tomorrow affects probably also 😉

        Warm hugs to you my dear friend 🙂


      2. Ok…Intestines here too yesterday! good way to put it. lol. well, not funny but…
        I was getting worried. Sure is a lot of cleansing. It IS like I have a new body in many ways – eat the same but dont…p…p the same. 😉
        Dont sleep the same. dont drive the same, dont think the same…But I Do Love the same :0
        The space between we are. I look back with different eyes … I look ahead and do not see anything yet. That can make one anxious. Full throttle trust mode is needed! Now Is a strange place but the only one I can operate in.
        Thanks All for sharing! It lets us know we are OK

  8. Dear sun, this IS weird! Thank you for seeing it and sharing it 🙂 I am so glad to have my sister with me on this. It has been a long journey for us both to literally re-connect on the deep level we are now, and we have been told repeatedly that we are very much working “in tandem” 🙂 It will be very interesting to see what kind of information you will get about colour, it is a subject that is being literally lit up now. I am seeing more and more of it myself every time I close my eyes to sleep or go into meditation, and the intensity and variation of it is so much at times it is impossible to sleep. And yes, shapes/blobs of color are appearing here and there around me in the room also.
    Love and light from me, Aisha

  9. Crazy storm here in my town. We’ve had two gorgeous days of 57F/14C degree weather and last night and today a freezing ice and snow storm blew in and is stopping the city in it’s tracks. Hmmm….weather warfare????? Someone doesn’t want us to celebrate a successful Equinox. I say we rock these idiots out of our cosmos! Yeah, we’re doing it! Love to all, Caroline

    1. YES, YES, YES!!! (a complete LOVE Energy celebration—“they” will shrink to nothing in this NEW Energy, unless “they” are honestly, permanently willing to change/accept Love; if so, then “welcome”)
      Stay warm. xo

    2. hate to even say it… but I hope my boyfriend is incorrect and its not ‘nuclear winter’ we have been experiencing;… from Fukushima.
      but, thats his take. we had same warmth here.. then lots of rain yesterday (interesting to note I always feel better once the rain hits – like I am a barometer). Now, today it is blistery cold and windy here in north west NJ.
      At least my head does not feel like it is going to pop off! 🙂
      Love , ~A~

  10. A Plain Ordinary Steel Needle Can Float on Pure Water
    by Kay Ryan

    —Ripley’s Believe It or Not

    Who hasn’t seen
    a plain ordinary
    steel needle float serene
    on water as if lying on a pillow?
    The water cuddles up like Jell-O.
    It’s a treat to see water
    so rubbery, a needle
    so peaceful, the point encased
    in the tenderest dimple.
    It seems so simple
    when things or people
    have modified each other’s qualities
    we almost forget the oddity
    of that.

    1. Hi, Breezie… I, too, have been sleeping A LOT. Hang on. Smile when you can. It’s ALL good. It’s the last hurrah for those refusing the Light. Ray probably has a much better explanation… and more positive… and always welcome. You’re doing great; just rest. xo, Lin

  11. Beautiful !!! Thank you for sharing such amazing paintings! I may have to buy a poster because I could stare at these all day, but which one! I wonder what these would look like in motion. I can sense the movement in them as they are, but I would love to see the shapes floating around on a mobile. Meditating on them takes me to an amazing space….very pure. Thank you again Aisha,

  12. Hi All ! I recently found this message from ‘Kryon’ really interesting & compliments the recent chat about ‘Fellowship’ & ‘Unity’ in the eyes of Creation… so thought I’d share, here is a small section….the link for the complete message at the bottom. Love, Bev~

    What many might call the soul, you call the Higher-Self. So we will use these terms interchangeably because that is what we teach. But in esoteric belief, the Higher-Self has a personality. It is a piece of God that has your face on it. It is on the other side of the veil at the same time it is within you – and it is the prophet inside! For the Higher-Self contains the template of spiritual rules, if you want to call it that. However, these are not rules, but rather they are concepts. They are concepts of past life experience, represented by what we call the Akash.

    The template contains concepts of angels and guides around you, who you are, where you’re going, why you’re here, and the attributes of what you consider survival. It is the template of your soul. The Higher-Self is not something that is above you, but rather it vibrates higher than your corporeal self. The entire purpose and goal of esoteric belief is for the Human to take the hand of the Higher-Self and discover more about the template.

    Getting in touch with your Higher-Self will create balance within you and will also help you with others. The Higher-Self is the key. There is a benevolent system that loves you and sees you as you see your children. That is because when you come into this planet, you disengage from us. That’s your free will, and you are specialists in this.

    Oh, I can’t imagine it! I would weep as a piece of God to think that I would be separated from myself and I wouldn’t know who I was. Oh my God! What a task – yet you do it so freely and so easily, and for so long. Now you know why I am so enamored with you, and here you are at the cusp of a revolution of energy.

    The Truth About Angels….is
    (complete message from Kryon)


    1. Nice msg Bev – resonates with me.
      If it were not for my deep connection to my HS, I would be giving up. All week has been aweful – tremendous fatigue in my body. I keep thinking it will ease up but so far it has climbed up a notch each day instead. If I did not have to work it would be difficult enough. Dont even think I will see my Mom this week. I have been working, going home to sleep for 2 hrs, waking to eat and back to bed. no way to live. Praying for release from this very soon. I simply cant be down – I am the only one working in the household. Oh well… at the moment I could care less about whatever the plan is. sorry… hope to be better soon. Love to All… will see u in a couple days – wont post when I feel this negative. XOA

      1. I understand dear Light Sister !…warm hug & tight embrace to you to help you get your strength back ! I don’t have a wand to tap you with but I’ll borrow yours for a moment, re-charge it, & give you several loving taps !!!…exhaustion seems to be seeping into many of us here at the pond at the moment…I’m feeling this too…Love to You ! Bev~

        1. you have me managing a smile here Bev for I went to use my own wand on self and it to seemed defunct — so, thank u for the recharge! in all ways! 😉

          and thanks C – Love and hugs back – hope u r OK — tough times again huh.
          Saw that Susan went to those nice hot springs again — ahhh –We could really go for that right now!

          1. Dear Areeza, sending a big hug and a “cosmic spa experience” your way! Just ease yourself into the tranquil, warm waters of the Pond, float on your back and feel the love that surrounds you 🙂
            LOVE, Aisha

          2. I’m “hanging” – thanks for asking. I love that pic of Susan in the Hungarian spa, although I have to admit that there is a part of me that is still a bit jealous! I remember those days very well when I had to sleep for hours after work. Just allow yourself the rest you need and always listen to what your body desires. Right now, I’m in need of absolute quiet, reflection and rest. Breathe……….:) “C”

    2. Thank you Bev,
      I listen to Kryon all the time and just reading those words again…I feel the love right through to my soul!!
      So much heart here in the pond, it is wonderful!!!

  13. The Law of 3.
    Energy has the POWER.
    There is order or structure in the energy, hence, it has INTELLIGENCE.
    Human must be the manifestation of energy.
    Human will be gangster when he comes to integrated with the POWER(of non-love).
    Human will be arrogance or hard head when he comes to integrated with the INTELLIGENCE(of non-love).
    The problem is ‘non-love’ situation.
    If the man use his power with love, it will become Greatness.
    If the man use his intelligence with love, it will become Greatness.
    Love is the 3rd axis which connect to the higher realm.
    (I have enlightened by text written by myself now. lol)

    1. Love is the drug
      Love is the potion
      without Love as the main ingredient , nothing really mixes well.
      thanks O! Love, A

      1. The Law of 1.
        (This is my perspective.)
        The center of Human is LOVE.
        Therefore, to “use” a love is not right in the long time period. It is possible to “use” love in the short time period. It is the best way that you were used by love.
        (Of course become familiar with love will be good. Have a lot of love in the culture it is that good. Or to learn love is good thing. I say overall.)
        If you’re feeling “power is not mine. I cannot give you anythings”, you feel it’s as a problem. People will be able to connect to the center of the universe (love). Collaboration creation starts from there, needs of yourself which even did not notice by you will be manifest and filled.

        (Now Japan time is 23:10)

  14. Dear Aisha baby, So thrilled that you and your beloved sister had a wonderful spirit journey and met the energies of Hilma of Klint! Her paintings really do resonate! I look forward to exploring them more but that one in the largest collection with the intersecting circles represents the vesca pisces to me–the vessel of creation–this is where WE create through our loving intentions…simply beauitufl! Huge hugs and so happy you enjoyed yourself and much gratitude as always for the sacred seeds you have planted through your love! Alex

  15. http://highheartlife.wordpress.com (by Denise Le Fay, March 11, 2014)

    Denise’s latest blog post personally brings me much JOY. There are huge changes in every way in store—especially from her perspective—for us folks living in the U.S.A. It’s a long article. For those who follow her blog and are astrologically minded, below are cherry-picked excerpts (you will have to go to the link to get the crème de la crème information). After the powerful upcoming March Equinox (20th):

    “…Another highly important aspect of this April 2014 astrological/energetic/blueprint Shift is that Sirius, located at 13.5° Cancer, is directly involved in this 5th Cardinal Square transit…

    “…And as if that isn’t enough, the birth chart of the USA has its Sun at 13° Cancer. This means the USA’s birth chart—in particular its Sun which has to do with its national identity, its worldwide identity, its ego and sense of “self” etc.—is at the very center of the bulls-eye of this 5th Cardinal Square. Talk about a cosmic, evolutionary Ascension related “makeover” for the USA… which obviously means the rest of the world too eventually.

    “…Who else on the planet needs to evolve, to release the past, to let go of, to relinquish its obsessive patriarchal warring consciousness and way of dealing with Earthly reality…

    “…it shouldn’t be any surprise that the USA is next on the list of countries in early 2014 that desperately needs to evolve and make sweeping positive changes. It has been changing slowly over the past few years despite a lot of internal crazy patriarchal resistance, however, this 2014 March Equinox immediately followed by the April Uranus/Pluto Squares will be a USA reality and consciousness game-changer. The old elite boss & Co. can bitch n’ complain, resist and fight, plot n’ plan all they want but none of it will make any difference whatsoever. The NEW is here now and in effect and nothing and no one can stop, override or derail that Divine fact…”

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Lin! We are in for quite a ride this Equinox and I agree with Denise, this time it will be “unlike any others because it’s entirely within the NEW.” Get ready to rock and roll as the CCs like to say 😉
      LOVE, Aisha

    1. Evocative, Ray, as are photos of Hilma’s artwork. A LOT of High Energy in artwork viewing today. Lovely… personal gifts I keep tucked in my Heart for me, at least for now (lately I’ve been unable to verbalize freely)… both from the Wingmakers’ and from Hilma’s talents. Many Blessings received.

      Thank you to both you and Aisha. With Love, Lin

      1. Thank you Bev for the link.. It actually confirms a strong surge of joy happening within, which one attributed to I AM….

        Peace and Blessings..


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