Dear friends!
The journey my sister and I have just returned from, has been what I can only describe as a vision quest, a journey that was all about furthering our own transformation through visual input, by seeing symbols, shapes and colours that would act as keys to unlock some important doors for us. I think these are keys that can be of help to many of you as well, and that is why I have been guided to share this.

For when we woke up last Monday, the morning after the Gathering, both my sister and I realized that we had been through something profound, but we also realized that it was time for us to step back from our usual work and go on a journey. We were strongly guided to book a trip to Copenhagen for that weekend, and as soon as we had booked it, a sequence of synchronicities occurred that made us both realize that we were supposed to go to Copenhagen for one purpose only: to see the paintings of Hilma af Klint, a Swedish artist that created her works 100 years ago.

Hilma af Klint had crossed our path briefly last year, when we saw posters advertising her exhibition during a visit to some friends in Stockholm. They had seen her work, and they highly recommended it to us, but we did not go, and we forgot about her until last Monday. But then, she re-entered our lives in a way that made it very clear to us that she was going to play an important part in our journey, something that was confirmed by Terje, a very close friend of ours who works as a healer. He gave me two important clues: he said he had seen the same TV program about Hilma that we had just “stumbled across” and to him, her paintings had the energy of something that came from a temple in Atlantis. In addition, he said that our trip to go and see these paintings would be as transformative for us as what he had experienced some years ago when he entered the Great Pyramid at Giza. Turns out he was right.

For Hilma af Klint was no ordinary painter. She said that her task was to convey information through her works, and this information came from a higher consciousness so she looked upon herself as a medium, not as an artist. In addition, she was convinced that the content in her works could not be understood by her contemporaries so she refused to show her work publicly, and most of her paintings were kept hidden away until more than 40 years after her death. Hilma said she painted for the future, and as the curator for the exhibition said ” I think this future is now”. I agree, for I am convinced that Hilma painted her amazing pictures for us, for they talk about something we already know, but cannot fully remember yet.

For these paintings are not just remarkable because Hilma painted abstract paintings in a manner that no one else did until years later, they are also remarkable because they contain so much encoded information in the form of symbols and colours. This is what we sensed when we saw her work in the TV program last Monday, and even if all of her work is intriguing, two series stood out for us. One of them is called “The ten largest” and the other one are three paintings that we found out had the title “Altar paintings” from a series called “Paintings for the Temple”. Could this be the temple in Atlantis that Terje mentioned?

On Sunday, we went to see the exhibition. It was a large one, and when we entered it, we could feel the anticipation and the energies starting to flow into us, but nothing could have prepared us for the powerful experience it was to enter the two rooms where the huge paintings from these two series were shown. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now, for they were literally vibrating in a way that felt oddly familiar, like we knew them from before, and it was such an overwhelming feeling of being flooded with light and love. And the most astounding part, was how different the energy was in those two rooms. Being in the room with “The ten largest” was like being embraced in loving arms, it was such a joyful, warm and tender energy. But when we entered the room with the “Altar paintings”, it was like entering a sanctuary, a sacred space, and the energy was so pure, so crystal clear and so powerful we had to sit down as we both started to cry.


One of the paintings from the series “The 10 largest”


The three “Altar paintings”

My photos cannot do these vibrant paintings justice, you can get a more detailed look at some of them here:

The whole experience was so intense, it is only now, looking back that I see how right Terje was when he compared this exhibition to a visit to the Great Pyramid and how the two different rooms at the exhibition can symbolize The Queen’s chamber and The King’s chamber. For to me, the first room represents the Sacred Feminine, the LOVE, the second one represents the Sacred Masculine, the LIGHT, and I see it all flowing, connecting, becoming ONE, just like Hilma depicts again and again in her amazing work.

I truly believe Hilma af Klint was a visionary and an amazing pioneer. I can only thank her for the work she did for us 100 years ago, and rejoice for the fact that now, her work is finally being seen and acknowledged by people all over the world. Not only that, what she created in solitude such a long time ago, will help to bring us all closer together in a way that truly makes my heart sing.

With love and gratitude from me, Aisha

This video was made for the exhibition, it tells more of her remarkable story and I really recommend watching it:

This film is also very interesting even if the technical quality is rather poor: