The manuscript of survival – part 402

We have come to you today to share another important piece of information, one that for many will perhaps seem to confuse them even more at first, while for others, it will seem to be obvious from the get go. Then, we would like to take some time to delve further into another topic that weighs heavy on many a heart.

So let us begin this missive by talking about the fluctuating manner you are all starting to perceive your reality, and how you seem to float in and out of different states, without any obvious reason for it. For we think many of you can report being in an almost constant state of flux now, fluctuating between extreme clarity and obfuscation, between a surge of joy and knowingness and sense of exhaustion and despair, all coming together in a soup of contrasting and perplexing ingredients. None of them seemingly related to the others, and none of them staying long enough to let you fall into a state of permanence. Well, there is an easy explanation to all of this confusion, and that is the effect of the bleed-through of the unseen.

By now, you will all have acquired some knowledge of this universe of yours, and you will have learned that what you have learned earlier on in your life, is merely a small fragment of the truth. For what you have been told, is what mankind so far has manged to glean by looking around them and by taking in everything they can register through their senses. And, as you know, even by utilizing the most advanced creations you have accomplished so far, you have only managed to scrape a small scratch into the surface of All of creation. And so, what you have learned as facts and as an endless list of limitations, will now become null and void for you all as you have already started to let all of those unseen states percolate into your very core again after eons of absence. So what you have been, you are no more, or rather, what you once was, has been relegated to a quiet little corner of you, while the rest of you is busy at work filling itself up again with all of that long lost knowledge, and like dried up sponges, you are soaking it up into literally every single particle of your being.

For that gaping void you have all sensed so strongly within, that void where you have felt such a huge part of you have been missing, that void is now being replenished from that Source you were disconnected from as you entered the state of being human. For as you all know so well by now, becoming a human means leaving behind so much of YOU, and so, that calling from within that has been transmitted through that God-spark you all brought with you from home, that calling has been heard and so, you have made the choices you had to make in order to be right here right now. That call to become ONE again has been so strong, and in all of you, it has created a strong desire to become that single but yet fully connected being you used to be. And yes, that is also the reason all of you are here at this very moment in time. For you came in, fully acknowledging the fact that your memory would once again be erased, just like it has been every single time you acquiesced to the restrictions of being a human, but this time, you also knew that the task this time, would be to remember that you had forgotten.

And this is exactly what you have done, and that is why the call from that void has been so powerful within you all from the very beginning. For some of you, you heard that call even before you became aware that you were only a human, and so, you have felt out of place from the very beginning. For others, that call has not been noticeable until later on in your life, when it started to make itself heard in one way or the other, and you realized it was indeed time to prick up your ears and listen. And so, that decision, that irrevocable decision was made, and you set out on a journey that has taken you all through fire and rain, through hardships but also to glorious moments of joy and companionship. And so that journey, that individual path you have all traveled to take you all to this very point, that journey will now once again take on a very different trajectory than before. For now, you will see how your path will start to interact with the paths of others in a much more direct way, and you will realize that your role will once again shift from being a singular entity on a quest for becoming whole again into becoming an active part in a circle of other beings, all being called to come together in all sorts of ways, all with their own very special purpose in mind, but every single purpose closely linked to that of another.

For now, you will be called to step forth and start to truly create, not just for you, but for All of creation, and so, your days as true creators are about to begin in earnest. We know this will cause great joy in some, while it will cause even greater anxiety in others, for the questions you will be asking, are  “What is my role? And how will I know what I am to become? And what if I miss out on it?” Well, the answer to that is indeed a very simple one, and that is simply this: you already know all that you need to know, and all of the intended connections have already been established. So what will take place now, is simply a gentle and gradual firing up of all of this inherent knowledge and of all of these connections.

So do not fret dear ones, once again we will say to each and every one of you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, and the answers will come to you one by one as you become ready to receive them into your human state of mind. For some, they will already have started to seep through, while for others, the timing is not yet right. And remember, this is not a competition or a race to become the first one to know. No, this is in all intents and purposes an extremely complex operation, where every single person and every single event is closely linked to everything else. And so, the right trajectory and the right timing for every single fragment has been carefully calculated beforehand, and as such, know that it will all become clear to you once the time is right for you to take action in some way. And remember, sometimes taking action will mean to simply BE in the same place doing exactly what you have been doing. For that can also be your role, but the difference is, this time, you will know why.

So yes, you have all much to look forward to in the time ahead, but as always, it will be your physical body that at times will need to take some time out in order to readjust itself to these new surroundings. For remember, you do not exist in a vacuum, you exist in an energetic environment, and you are all closely linked up to every single section of it now. So this time, you will all feel much more strongly every single fluctuation in the energetic patterns as they rise and fall and shift about. And so, you will continue to feel off balance for most of the time, as not only will you pick up what is happening through your human sensory system, you have also started to interact with these energies in a much more complex way.

This is a subject we will return to later on, for this is all a part of your new role as multidimensional beings, and so, it is a topic of endless interest and indeed endless possibilities. But let us leave it for now and concentrate on how you might find a way to stabilize yourself in all of this energetic, mental and indeed physical confusion that you are standing in the middle of. As usual, the simple answer is this: allow yourself to let it just pass through you. For the more you resist, the more you will struggle, and we will again remind you of the old image of staying out in the middle of the river and refrain from trying to hold on to the shore. For then, no matter how fast the river flows or how often it changes direction, if you let yourself be carried along with the flow, it will bring you where you need to go without you having to exert yourself needlessly. But the moment you try to change direction by going against the current, or you try to stay put in a space that feels more comfortable for you at the moment and the need to keep going will seem to be too much to contemplate, know that this will only serve to heighten the discomfort.

For you are all being subjected to multiple layers of energetic communication now, and some of these new layers are starting to seep into your everyday life, and they are apt to create additional confusion within you. For you will start to see this whole process from that elevated point of view, where everything will become crystal clear, and you know that behind this wall of exhaustion and confusion lies a true Nirvana ready and waiting for you. In fact, some of you have already been to this Nirvana and you have gotten that first and heady taste of it, and so you can attest to the sensation of a total cessation of all discomfort, whether they be of a mental or a more physical kind. While for others, you have at least managed to get sufficiently above this energetic fray from time to time to take a deep breath that have made you feel calm, collected and ready to continue on for as long as it takes.

That is because you have literally managed to get your head above the waters in the way of leaving behind any and all old perception of what is real and what is an illusion and so, you have managed to let go of any lingering fear as to what will befall you and indeed this whole planet in the time ahead. For then, you will simply know that all is well, and it will continue to be so for infinity. While for others, the churning of all of these different layers of energetic density will have served to pull you under from time to time, and it in turn will have made you feel as if drowning in sadness, sorrow and indeed fear for the future. Again, we do not fault anyone for falling into these deep pockets of murky water along the way, for that is only as expected. For we also know fully well that these are merely pockets of polluted waters that you will soon exit, and you will start to see clearly yet again.

Yes, we know that this is a subject that may cause even more confusion and dissent amongst you, but again, we are here to remind you that even if this process may seem even more chaotic than before, this is simply because you have made yourself able to connect even deeper into this multi-layered “cake” of Creation, and so, your human-ness will still try to go in and reset the dial back to what it still may look upon as “normal”. In other words, many of you will still fall back to looking upon this whole process through the eyes and the mind of a human, and you will try to select only that single layer that you are already familiar with. And so, you will feel even more unsettled by this increasingly complex array of signals coming into your system. Be that as it may, it is simply a phase that you will soon learn to disconnect from, and as you have already been firmly reconnected to this other, more multi-dexterous part of your being, you will soon learn to trust yourself as a traveller on multiple planes.

For this is simply a process of remembering who you really are, and even if this period of true recollection is confusing, it will soon start to fall into place, and so, we have every reason to expect that every single one of you will be able to float more comfortably in this ever increasing flood of light. For you will all start to learn to raise yourself to the surface every time you sense that old layer of density trying to drag you below that crystal clear surface and down into the silty depths. And then you will truly understand that the future is indeed bright for you all, no matter how hard any outside events may try to murky up the waters in any way. For remember, what you sense through your human-ness is literally one dimensional, and as such, it is restricted to that old version of your world, and indeed that old version of you. But now, both you and your world have graduated from that old school of singularity, and you have already started to follow the classes in becoming a fully fledged multidimensional member of the multiverse again. And as for all freshmen, this first period will perhaps make you feel even less accomplished than before, but we know that before long, you will all take to this like fish to water again.

For that is what you really are, full-blown members of the advanced swimmers’ club. For you are no strangers to these waters, and even if this huge, infinite ocean of Creation is far, far bigger than your little pond, know that as long as you have all decided to start to swim again, you will have no problem navigating these high seas of endless potential. For you will not drown, you will all thrive, for the moment you dare to fully immerse yourself into these waters, it will all come back to you, and you will be frolicking there along the rest of us.

277 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 402

  1. I almost forgot. Karma wasn’t what you thought it was.

    Ever herd “do bad things and karma will make you pay?” Or “Do good things and good things come to you”. Ever done lots of good only to be finally shat on from a great height? That was karma (note was). Karma was a system that limited soul progression by making you doubt your worth. Also would bring you misfortune if you continually acted in best interests. This was how “evil dooers” managed to live so well off. By continually shitting on eveyones party, thay actually invited fortune to themselves to balance their “evil” ways. Karma no longer apllies (or at least is on it’s last leggs) Now is the time to do good and recieve the good from all others.
    This is dependent on your souls ascension progress, if things keep going monumentaly wrong for you. Either stay in the balance for longer untill you are lifted out or you can help yourself by going here: and getting a mp3 to meditate with. Which will help remove the barriers in your life path.
    Again I cannot sing the praises of enough. They have helped me so much. I am currently taking a 12 week course of meditation through them. Only starting the 3rd week and already the shifts in my world are massive.

    Love light and peace to you all.

    1. Thanks for sharing SFD. I have a picture now of “pulling our world forward.” 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been really excited as you sound and feel. (Changing physical local so often may be giving my “grounding” processes a wee challenge.)

      I am definitely receiving well though so that brings a smile. I was doodling yesterday and noticed that I was drawing eyes… a bit like your icon 🙂 I wasn’t surprised to come to the Pond and see your posts first. ~Nancee

  2. More about 4D. In case you missed it the 4th Dimension is the self. This is why meditating daily is important for ascension and spiritual growth. When you meditate you stop focusing on all the lower dimesions and focus inwards towards higher dimensions. Your mind will pick up information here and you will start manifesting it in your 3D perception. Others will see this and this will help to awaken more souls. Remember the love increases with each dimension we climb.

    At times during meditation now I feel myself with one hand on the heart of gaia and the other in held firmly in a higher dimension. I am pulling the world towards higher dimensional living. If everyone did this at the same time we would literally pull our whole world (universe?) into a higher dimension.

  3. Hi everyone. The internet was down here for 4 whole days!! So I am way behind on the news at the pond. The lack of internet has caused some ripples with my next connection as I missed confirming emails so today I am trying to make some sense of the new chaos and how best to move forward. Maria and her husband have been extremely hospitable and have toured me around. The ocean and rock colours along its shore are breath taking. The birds haven’t been at the park on the last 2 walks so on Day 2 they may have been greeting me… NO sign of any of them since! I could use some helpful support sorting out the best mode of travel… and having my Melbourne contact take the risk on putting me up without meeting me first 🙂 It is too expensive to bus back and forth just for a coffee meet 🙂 Love to all, ~Nancee

    1. Have missed you, Nanc, although think of you often. Holding you in rings of Golden White Light. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoox Lin

    2. Hi Nancee!

      So nice to hear from you 🙂 I can imagine there would be ripples in more than one way with lack of internet in a travelling situation!!!

      You really are a brave woman who live your dream now and know that everything will be OK. I wish all the best experiences on your journey 🙂

      Much love,


      1. Thank you B (and Lin). I leave for an 11 hr bus trip tomorrow to a couple’s home in Canberra. I met her about 9 years ago in a chat room… (3 of my hosts on my travels come from that chat room called ‘Tut’.) This couple actually met there and married 🙂 She does energy work of some sort… maybe massage too.

        I am looking forward to watching for LIVE Kangaroos as I’m heading into that type of countryside. I hear that road kill is common so will appreciate your prayers to embrace what my eyes and heart see.

        So far I’m still 4 days behind on posts here at the Pond and hope all is well with everyone.

        Much love to everyone, Nancee

        1. Hi again Nancee!

          So glad that I can feel you´re alright and moving on in the new surroundings. You touch my heart as you ask us to send our prayers to and embrace what your eyes and heart see. Of course my dear friend – and all my love goes to you as well.

          Love & light,


  4. I’m on break going fishing this week and next week. Taking my grandkids out riding around in a boat and teaching them how to fish. Fun time with grandkids is great.

    Love and blessings to all

  5. Wow, hope da dude is coming home soon. With new message
    for beginners in the pool, eh pond. 8 dimension minus 3 dimensions = 5d ®:-$ :-O

    1. Haha… Michilyn! I KNEW you were gonna’ say something funny today about Aisha coming home.. Ha.
      Dude, you picking up what I’m throwing down?! 🙂

  6. hellooo…. helllooo…
    I hear an echo in here — sshhhh — must be a canyon surrounding this Pond….
    anybody in here? are me and Oriharu the only swimmers today?…..
    and the fishies, frogs and tad poles of course. ok… to the hammock X O

  7. GFP Newsletter – 3/9/2014
    “We put out another original article from the GFP today, “If control is an illusion, how does the Universe work?”, the following is an excerpt:

    Previously I mentioned that Everyone Is God, and that the belief that God is in control of everything is an illusion spread by religion. I’m sure for some this is a frightening thought, as many find comfort in the belief that God has some master plan for their life. The idea that you create your own destiny carries with it a kind of personal responsibility that many don’t want to accept yet.

    God is not in control of the Universe, God Is The Universe. This is not some minor difference, if God is in control, then God must be separate from the Universe. Since you’re part of the Universe, believing God is in control also separates God from yourself, which is something we don’t recommend doing.

    The next thing to understand is that everything is made up of Consciousness. A rock’s consciousness is different than yours, and it can’t express consciousness in the same way you do, but that doesn’t mean it lacks consciousness. Don’t just believe me when I say this either, this is not something to be believed, it’s something that needs to be experienced directly to really be understood. There’s a state of Being called samadhi where the true nature of the Universe is revealed, and there is no longer any separation between the observer and that which is observed. It’s in this state that the Consciousness of Everything can truly be felt.”

    Read the full article here:

      1. yes
        God is Consciousness/Wisdom In Motion/Energy
        time to walk upon mother Earth with a conscious smile 🙂

  8. We came here to Be a dimensional bridge. I am getting all kinds of things coming in today. Hard to put into words. And very hard to pay attention to what I am doing at any given moment today. Driving for part of my living – yeah – fun for sure!

    So…’Joy and Order’ are words that keep coming to help describe this: Say I will see a dead rabbit on the roadside – my immediate thing I do is send it Love and hug its energy essence to say ‘I care’. Lately, this thing happens in my consciousness that feels like Joy and Order right afterwards – a blissfull state follows – its really nice! – Same with my Kelly and his pain or my Mom…my cat, or say anything that has ‘seemed out of order’ or could have a sadness connotaion about. This would be from my old state of concsiousness and how ‘it’ would perceive things – then, the bliss comes in.
    Does that make sense to anyone? anyone that can elaborate maybe if they are having this too?
    There is more that has to do with sliding in and out of past events that aready happened – all good ones so far – most from childhood, some are from holidays – Just feeling immersed again in that time frame as it happened. hard to explain. It is also nice though. cozy. and… I will pass houses and feel I am inside! I have always been able to ‘see’ beyond what would be considered a ‘normal range’… under ground, etc. (Graveyards could be difficult for me. I would shut it off most times but lately it does not bother me.) That explains why I do not like burying my cats, etc. ok…anyway…these days it too is joyfull when I feel this ‘home life’ of no one I know personally — its not just seeing inside — its how the home atmosphere ‘feels’. Extended Family feeling ! 🙂
    This morning, I saw a group of Deer and I could ‘feel’ what they were going to do next – eating, taking a rest in a circle together. I am all over the place but there Is Joy and Order with these experiences.
    Love to All, ~A~

    1. To sum it up: Different/Enhanced Perception, Different/Enhanced Sense of Place, Deeper Awareness of Connection; All within the new expanded consciousness. And…more Joy – Order – Bliss is the trintiy of pleasure to top it off ! 🙂 mind, u I am still confused as hell half or most the time…lol…but trusting more the new background running program if u will.

  9. EUREKA, Calif. (AP) — A powerful magnitude-6.9 earthquake struck late Sunday night off the coast of Northern California, but there were no immediate reports of injury or damage and no danger of a tsunami, officials said.

    The temblor struck at 10:18 p.m. PDT and was centered 50 miles west of Eureka and about four miles beneath the Pacific seabed, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It was followed by about a half-dozen aftershocks, including one of magnitude 4.6.

    There were no reports of any damages or injuries though the quake was felt widely and strongly…
    ~The Associated Press

    1. I felt it. My clock said 10:15 pm.
      Been a few years since I rode one out.
      Couldn’t find anything in the local news, so I checked out the ‘Seismic Monitor’…. …. Yep there it was, the biggest shaker of the day.
      I forgot how weird they feel.
      Glad there were no injuries.
      Peace beyond all understanding to you Breeze.

      1. Glad u rode it out well Sally! ride Sally Ride! 🙂
        Must be weird to feel. I only felt a fairly small one once (the one that come our way from Virginia… and a couple very, very small ones here in NJ.
        I feel the Earth Move Under My Feet….. two songs come from u today Sally! Love 2 U! May safety always Be With you and yours!

        1. “Mustang Sally, now baby….. you better slow your mustang down! “
          Ha, I DO have a mustang…. and all I wanna do is ride around. 🙂
          Wow, there’s really been a car theme goin’ on for me the past couple‘a weeks….. hmmm.

  10. Got my brain goin now on this:
    Bev – u will like this perhaps due to the mention of the firmament and its description above — I am thinking we are squishing 4D. By that I meant ‘Merging The Waters’… Heaven to Earth/Earth to Heaven.
    And THIS is what has never been done before. hmmm.
    This has my attention 🙂 Love, ~A~
    and thanks again SFD for sparking something to light me up this morning… sure needed it! dragging my 3D self around I was. xxx ooo

  11. oriharu359’s reply to my last comment got me thinking:

    0D is nothing, the void
    1D is a point, (the light)
    2D makes a line / circle, (division, mirror, opposites, etc)
    3D makes matter
    4D Now how do you describe 4D? it’s actually really simple:

    Several times I herd from different sources: If you unfold a 3D cube you get a 2D cross shape. Conversly if you take a 2D cross shape you can fold it into 3D cube. So to get to 4D you need to fold 3D cubes into eachother to make a “hypercube” or some such. This is BS, matter doesn’t fold. So you are supposed to visualise it, whilst this sets up some awakening and can lead to some intersting fractal and sacred geometry visuals it is ultimately fruitless in achieving actually knowing what 4D is.

    Take a cube and place it in you hand. What is the one thing that is the cube and isn’t the cube? What is the one thing that knows the cube inside and out from all angles, and all sides? What is the one thing that knows how the cube is formed from its lower dimensions? The answer is you! The self is 4D, that which is not your body. It is the one thing that can see 3D but is not 3D.

    I’ld like to think that 5D is all 4D working in one direction. Welcome to 4D life we’ve been waiting for you for so long.

    With love, light and peace, child of the sun, emmissary of light, your ever loving servant. I AM THAT I AM

    Soul Feather Diamond

    1. 4D is Between Space to me – the firmament.
      “The firmament is the sky, conceived as a solid dome.[1] According to Genesis, God created the firmament to separate the “waters above” the earth from those below. And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”[2] The word is anglicized from Latin firmamentum.”
      Souls that leave the body can get ‘stuck’ in this in between state/space. Its where the ‘astral plane’ exists — some people tap into it and think it is God when it may be other entities caught there playing around, etc. I think Schizophrenics live in this space a lot and freak out because they dont understand it and/or cant relate it to 3D well. 4D is not a bad place but can be confusing for some.
      5D and 6D are the Love places where there is much more peace and purity of Being. I do not think we are to spend too much time in 4D.
      This is all my own opinion anyways…
      thanks SFD ~ Interesting stuff ~ Love, Areeza

      1. 4D is a window, a point of view, where the one consciousness (5D) can discern lower dimentional consciousness (seperation)

        Once you accept your ego self is 4D you can easily move to being 5D one consciousness (the love of everything), then onto 6D which is pure light love consciousness. How we get from 6D to 22D, I can’t even begin to think. Get back to me in a few million years. I’m gonna spend some time in 6D for a while.

    2. Hi Thank you for your question! Soul Feather Diamond!
      You always create a new time line I feel.
      Today I am reading About energy. Now is part 4.
      I am surprised their explain. I’v got a new point of view.
      Following is my understanding of energy. There may be multiple way to understand. I have been opening the page which contain 4 ways. Low of 1, Low of 3, Low of 7, Low of 12.
      This issue is on the way of the ‘Low of 7’.
      “Perpendicular direction” means “a new dimension to be added”.
      0D = “LOCATION which has no size.”
      1D = “0D moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed ‘only location’is LINE.”
      2D = “1D(line) moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed ‘only line’ is PLANE or FACET.”
      3D = “2D(PLANE or FACET) moves to its perpendicular direction which drawings exceed ‘only facet’ is SOLID or SPACE.”
      About 4D.
      Is there any direction perpendicular to ‘all space’? Yes its TIME! Time is perpendicular to ‘All Space’.
      Higher dimensions is analogously understantable.
      About 5D.
      Is there any direction perpendicular to ‘all time’? Yes its INTENTION! Time is been control by intention. I myself have synclonicity which exceed 30-fold! There is an intention apparently. The direction of tiime is under controllable. Perpendicular to ‘All Time’ is INTENTION. Of course, except malice intentions. 5D is near God, Love.
      There is a horizon between heaven and earth. But it is impossible to make cross/contact heaven and earth. Therefore, various waves vibrates indefinitely between heaven and earth. Cannot contact/cross situations occur ETERNITY. ∞ of Time is the next dimension of time(4D) is 5D. You can have inspiration “5D is beauty”. And it is known golden ratio is hidden behind the beauty. If you feel beauty in music or picture or Forest and so on, you have feelt 5D. The intention is the intention of the type to follow everyone will be happy. Its BEAUTY.
      About 6D.
      Is there any direction perpendicular to ‘all intention’? Yes its PURPOSE(of GOD). All kind of beauty is leading all creatures. But just a lot of intention or will only exists in the bullshit? I think no. I convince ther are purposes(of God). 5D is under controll by 6D.
      About 7D.
      Is there any direction perpendicular to ‘all purposes(of God)’? Yes its THE GOD! The God him/her self has his/her purpose. All purposes in controllable from the perpendicular direction.
      High dimension from 5D, you will find that all is inside of us. Britney Spears express this thing. The video is inked from a point on the bottom of the page above, too.
      Britney Spears – Overprotected

      I’v been busy. It might become rude to them to say any words. But they busy, too. When I think it has been the creation of many singers cooperate, restful heart and mind a little.

      1. Nice work Oriharu! 5D Love Intention set to align with 6D God Purpose. Oh my! How nice! We Are the New Intentional Humans. We Are crunching Time (4D). With No Time (or All Time?), All exists within the Now – with all dimensions — (which is how the Mayans did their calendar thing I wonder 😉 )
        ~~ We are to Be God’s Purpose Realized ~~
        We are changing or enhancing 4D so we do not have to ‘die’ to ‘get there’ anymore.
        As long as we keep looking at things thru our 4D Time glasses, we wont see beyond nor understand it. oooppps! – I just stepped on my glasses. hehe. crunch. Did anyone hear that crunch? cause it happened out of time.

    3. 4D is like smoke in a blinder. When you turn it on you only see what is on the outside wall. It is moving all the time.

      1. I’m fairly sure time doesn’t exist in any way shap or form. Clocks only measure themselves. The passing of time is an illusion of 3D (which is only a projection of thought and also an illusion). Only the perception changes (4D and higher). As your perception changes the 3D illusion changes to accommodate the thought.

        1. Hi, SFD. First, I’m very, very happy that you’re attracting your Beloved Twin Soul/Soul Mate to you, and I hope it’s bringing you (both) much JOY. Secondly, I also hope you continue posting your perceptions of the Ascension and dimensions—I appreciate your ability for succinct Wisdom and your JOY for Mother.
          Continue to prosper. With Love,Light&JOY, Lin

          1. Thank you for your blessing. She is hard work, she won’t be won over easily. She has already reduced me to tears once and took great pleasure in doing so. No doubt she will do it again, still I go running to her for more. Everytime she breaks me down, she makes me stronger and adds to another reason to love her. She is soooooooooo beautiful, in her, heart, mind, and soul. When I think of what we can accomplish together, for the good of all, it’s amazing. All I need to do is get the thought of ******* her for all eternity while everyone else goes to hell out of my head, and we’ll be fine. JJ (noone goes to hell on my watch).

            Don’t ever forget God wants us all to experience our own little heaven. It really is as simple as knowing what your heart truely desires and asking for it.

        2. Hi, Thank you for saying me as Twin Soul, Soul Feather Diamond.
          I noticed to one thing about dimentions. And I would like to say it.
          About 7D.
          The God is existence itself. It is the LOVE, too. I think so.
          Next, there is a similarity in the 0D & 7D(LOCATION & EXISTENCE). It may be Octave.
          0D : C
          1D : D
          2D : E
          3D : F
          4D : G
          5D : A
          6D : B
          7D : C
          About 8D.
          Hence, 8D must be similar to 1D. I think by replacing 8D to line(1D). The “existence(7D)” is one end, and a “non-existence” in the other end. What is there among “existence” and “non-existence”? It may be said that there is the state “cannot be determin ‘exist’ nor ‘non-exist'”.
          Next, it can be say “High D pervades all less dimensions.”. 8D, too I think.
          Can you determin “the existence of space(3D) itself”? or
          Can you determin “the existence of time(4D) itself”? and so on.
          I think that there is a “conceptual object that can not be determined with existence nor non-existence”, as is support of the dimension 8D “penetration to less all dimentions”.
          Hence, it cannot be determin the existence of space.
          Hence, it cannot be determin the existence of time.
          I think to be able to say things like “exist” and/or “non-exist” as a way of saying at that time. Both are true simultaneously because of 8D, I think.

  12. very lazy today. too chilly to take a walk. lol- i am lactose intolerant but that did not stop me from devouring vanilla and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream…and cherry on top! Kelly has been depressed again…he can not get comfortable – sits up, lays down, stands up, repeat all day – can not do any of those for very long. Pills, coffee, repeat. He meets with his lawyers on Thursday. lets hope at least that works out for him – eventually. he said it really does not matter with the money if his body is miserable. It is what it is. Makes it worse when he is now starting to get the calls from folks he worked for – Spring is coming, they want stuff done and he can not longer work. He does not understand why this had to happen. nor do I. I’m paying all bills and now had a car repair and my car insurance due – so there goes an entire pay check. Tired of all this old way of life.
    see u all tomorrow…xx oo

  13. I spend the day at the beach. Wow, so much warmth and sunlight! Even the moon was present the whole day. 😉
    Love to all!

    1. I am glad you had a wonderful day – much needed for you 🙂 My day has been like still being on standby with headache but sun is shining through now so there is hope for a new life 🙂



      1. I guess we’re all gonna get there. Hang in there, B!
        I miss AH terribly, but I’m trying to Be… 🙂
        Love, JJ

  14. Trying to be as uplifted and aware as possible. Trying to be responsible. Trying to do well for my self and my wife. Still people getting in the way. And I mean literally screwing our lives up to the point we end up outside.

    We don’t know where we’re going to go. We’re located in Houston, TX. If anyone can help, we’re using the Manuscript to really survive….

  15. as I weave my energy pattern
    into the cosmic tapestry
    I sing my song
    of oneness
    of life
    and so it is

    1. and the cloak of light we wear upon our forms is Gods own – woven from that cosmic tapestry.
      Let us all add our Love worn threads and be weavers of his Love…. and the song never ends…..

      1. Really nice 🙂 You start a poem, another one continues and so on until the tapestry of light, love and joy is woven and embraces the whole world:)))



    1. JJ… ha!… we both posted at 20:39!
      Lovely that you’re having a wonderful day!
      Excited for you,

    2. Song bird, song bird, sing me your song
      You sang along side me for so very long,
      Never to leave me nor ever to tire
      your song touched my heart, sparked my soul to a fire
      Climbing out on your limb, I thought it would break me
      Instead I found peace in the arms of that old tree
      Ready for my test flight, my feather Light friend!
      I was a reed bent and broken, my wings on the mend!
      Faithfully you guided my spirit to soar
      The Lamb with the Lion, The whisper a roar!
      Debra/Areeza 3-8-14
      …with tears for I have not written a poem in a very long time

      1. So cool! Congratulations!! Keep it up!!!
        I had some poems published in ‘Sedona’ magazine in the ‘90’s… and I haven’t been able to write a lick since…. I bet it feels fabulous.
        I’m tickled pink for you.
        Let us know about your first book signing… 🙂

        1. ahh… u understand then Sally. U know what it felt like. I used to fill notebooks. and some on CDs. someplace. I had one published too in the late 90s. Then, I just stopped. It used to help me get things out of me – things the set my soul on fire and I just could not hold in.
          To create is such a good thing – whatever the reason. thanks Sally. Love ~A~

          1. I wonder why people stop using such creative expression which has been so important in one’s life? I myself have been practical creative (except the vocals) and sewed garments for myself and my children, made creations of dried material from nature to my own joy, making collage with photos to my grandchildren. But not anymore. Though – if I think about it, I will never home empty handed after a walk in the woods during the summer anyway;) – but then it is fresh plants that I take in and enjoy or hanging on my wood stick under the ceiling in the kitchen as I want nature to be in my apartment all the year. Soon it is time to replace last years plants 🙂

            Your poem really started me up – didn´t it Areeza?

            Love you,


            1. well u all here started me up again B!! 🙂 🙂
              you have me thinking of Being living art 🙂

              I Love when folks here share of their own home life. 🙂

              I never come back from the sea shore empty handed! I have sea stones all over the place! and… get this… only if they ‘let me take them home’. Yup, I ask and put them back if they want to stay put. Some white ones are lined up on my window sills. some in a glass bowl in the kitchen. larger ones line the front patio. I feel so thrilled to have them. hehe. I have an aunt who always brought home sea rocks, stones, driftwood. The lived on ‘Little Pleasant Bay’ – Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
              Kelly and I both enjoy bringing nature inside. He has shelves and tables made from pine logs and sticks. He has made lovely log doll houses… puts lights in them…I decorate mine for the seasons.
              Talk of creativity – Kelly has so much of it! – He paints too – not sure I shared that. well, he had brought some of his work to the house here when he moved in 3 yrs ago and when the tree hit, he removed it back to his moms. I came home from work last week and he had hung 14 paintings in the living room! One wall all a collage with 8 of them. man, is it nice! I Love it! I am surrounded by living art! And do you know he learned to paint from an artist who, in her old age, had gone blind~! yes, and she still painted~! and taught! ahhh… these are our stories and they are good! Love, Areeza

              1. I loved your story – thanks! 🙂 Yes – I forgot about bringing home nice wooden sticks and stones as well. I brought the small stones to my grandchildren at Christmas and we painted them. One of them I painted as my vortex with rainbow colors and the big eye at the top. It was left on the windowsill with my youngest grandchild 🙂

                Your poem brought out a lot of creativity 😉



      2. Mostly poems in English don´t touch me at all. This poem really touched my heart Areeza!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful ability to write poems! 🙂



  16. A song I used to listen to back in the day.
    After a divorce in “82 I moved to New England (Ridgefield CT) and this song became a favorite of mine.
    Just felt like sharing.
    Feeling nostalgic,

    1. Bummer, I’ve lost the knack to embed.
      It’s a ballad by ‘Edgar Winter’ called ‘Autumn’.
      Oh well.

        1. Haha! 🙂 ‘ditoo‘ …‘ditto’… all means the same thing… why not?!!
          We’ll probably have our own ‘Pond language’ one-o-these days anyway.

          1. ….and still the Pond language isn´t always understandable for one who hasn´t english as first language 😉 But – who cares – as often been said here – take it or leave it. Mostly the main part sinks in anyway ;))) and music always does 🙂



            1. my ex used to say learning another language is a very good thing…because for example, Italian is very emotional in the expression — English can be very analytical. so one learns to speak from a different area of the brain.

  17. Perhaps last song ‘Amazons – Swim to the 8th wonder’ used cant.
    Because Japanese sleep = suimin ≒ swimming.
    But I don’t know who with who.
    This is my 19th favourite Japanese song from
    AMAZONS – Let’s Meet in the_Dream (Released Date : Sep.21, 1989)

    Lyrics :

    === The Core of Denying is Affirming ! ===
    Why do you so deny it for affirm yourself ?
    Which is your top priority instinctively ? Deny or affirm ?
    Human(Life) always affirm.

    === You can use REAL WITCHCRAFT! ===

    Love & Peace & Thanks to all.

  18. According to studies by the HeartMath Institute, the electrical signals of the heart are up to 60 times stronger than that of the brain’s, and the magnetic field is as much as 5,000 times more powerful. Now is the time to live in our hearts and not our heads! Love it! 🙂

    1. Thank you Caroline!

      That might explain why I think it is much harder to write, express myself and even perceive what is said. It’s much easier to feel what is happening.

      Love you,


      1. Its like how we just want to ‘glide’ with the new now – like some of us said yesterday. We want to swim in its ocean – fly in its skies – glide on its breeze.
        Like right now: All the Infinite Bliss that ever was I want to explode with in all directions and just Be That. walking, talking, singing, dancing expression of Love splashin itself all over the place! 🙂 🙂
        Just doin it, bein it & sayin f–k it to anything else ~
        X Easy Breezie O

        1. Like I find everything being so fun – laughing at it all though perhaps others don´t think it is funny at all. Hey and ho – here we go :)))



  19. Interesting. My first thought upon awakening this morning was, “now is not a good time to be on a plane.” And then a few hours later, I saw on the news what has happened with the missing flight from Malaysia. Timelines are “crashing” into one another, and it feels like this is part of the “chaos” that some channels have spoken of, so TRUST your HIGHER SELVES completely and move in the direction that your heart and it’s magnetic field are pulling you forward to. I am semi-consciously moving through my own timelines several times a day now – my higher self is in the driver seat. I can’t explain, I just “know”. We truly are “doing” it! And try to enjoy the ride – and keep yourselves safe! Love to you all! 🙂

    1. Caroline!
      I’m hearing the Twilight Zone Theme song in my head! WoW!

      Our world is in such a whirl! What an exciting time to be alive on Gaia!

      I haven’t been on a plane since I quit Sky Harbor Security in Arizona, back in 2000.
      Seeing behind the scenes there, finished flying in planes for me.

      I am today sending prayers, to all those who have lost someone in this latest tragedy.

      The changes, happening so quickly lately, has me out of breath some days!

      Love, Terri

    1. My own expanded consciousness is an active bugger too. does not seem to stay on one place long. Its that ‘sliding’ thing I talk about. At the moment, I seem to have to slide ‘back’ to the me more often – the one that has to drive, work, etc. I really dont want to. lol. It may be an integration thing. we shall see how it unfolds for us. Love, ~A~

      1. …adding that each time I slide back to ‘me’ – I think I take more of the new version with me. Its like small doses. And in whatever I am doing, there is more being (awareness). Mindfulness in all the ‘doings’; washing dishes, washing/folding clothes, typing – all more a mindful, meditative experience… in the Now…having Joy in some tasks does not always happen.

        1. Thanks Areeza! I am pondering what you are saying. I can get stuck in a state or in what I do without being aware of what I do. I may even ask myself if I’ve eaten dinner or not, and may really push myself to remind me if there is anything “important” I must do.

          I’m actually surprised that life works so well as it does. As I said before, I would not be able to have a work to accomplish!!!

          Love you,


  20. A dream with one of you 🙂
    After waking up, i realized that this dream had to do with ‘testing’ prior to being chosen for this ascension venture.
    I was in a room with an angelic little girl – very smart and more adult like in her manner. She was instructing me on what to do in the ‘testing’. One part I recall is a polygraph type machine. My fingers were hooked up to it – all 5 digits inserted into cup like things into a box. It was not calibrating correctly is the best way I can put it – the ‘machine’ was supposed to ‘reset’ for me (the next person in line – never saw others). It would not reset right. It was a bit frustrating but the girl did not seem concerned. There was a sequence of two numbers, space, followed by three numbers, space, followed by two. That was how is was ‘supposed to be’ – and it was to have no zeros and I saw it was to have at least one 5. For me: it came up 00 32? 00 or something like that – is how I saw it. Anyway…do not know the meaning. I was still able to take the ‘test’. First part was a sensory type thing and I jumped a mile! lol. it felt like something bit my pointer finger and i almost wanted to pull my hand out but did not. After a few other tests I was brought to a tread mill. This is where it gets more interesting for the little girl told me to ‘sing’ and I intuitively knew the song she wanted from me. It was that “I Have Confidence” song from sound of music! I belted this baby out! I hit the high note at the end and broke glass! It was cool! I Felt it so deep and the rest of the test seemed to not matter at all at this point. The little girl smiled and who comes in the door but Julie Andrews! lol – saying, other than herself, she never heard it sung that well! Now… here is where one of you comes in and she knows who she is 😉 … there was a mirror in front of the tread mill and when i looked in it – it was not me. it was she – a different woman – wearing a silk short sleeve shirt – cream background with brown print (maybe flowers). and shorts. I tried to adjust the short and make them shorter or something. it was really weird this part. I was supposed to ‘pay attention’ to detail because it was like a new test to see the new connection we ARE making here now. ok… thats about it…. enjoy the day/night all… off to do…something. car needed repairs today… uggh. XOA


    Good morning Aisha!

    Oh my goodness!
    Denise LaFay does it again!
    She has put into words exactly what has been happening to me with my Ascension process. (I also believe, in hind sight, at least 10 years for me and 3 plus studying daily on this topic!!!) Unbelievable and so welcome & comforting.
    I thought I was going Agoraphobic! I am so relieved!!!!
    Please give this a look.

    Sharing the love & the wisdom,

    1. Confirmation gives such a nice feeling – thank you Terri!
      I used to be much more concerned (and affected) re what others said, how they said it. All so exhausting – energy sucking.
      That ‘pause’ stage has been so freeing! When we say ‘frankly, I dont give a damn’ – we are not saying we dont care – we are taking pause and giving ourselves a break from it all. We Are caring – for ourselves… and Its OK! I am doing nothing wrong! as Sun has said time and time again! That is what I have been giving to (allowing for) myself. and how absolutely freeing it is! – The releasing and detaching – ‘depolarizing’ as Denise says (Caroline!).
      ahhh…pure neutrality….the pause….as I have said – before the In breath of creation…then filling again….from a blissful state. Lovely, xxx ooo Areeza

    2. Thank u for posting this Terri, it is so true for me. At times I still kick my feet and holler about it. I want my dairy, coffee, gluten back, I want my social self back some days etc etc. But then I don’t care that much either, really it’s just a desire not to be so hard for others to deal with. They have to work with all my changing food needs and atmosphere needs and it makes me feel a little bad as sometimes my family can’t keep up with all the changes. Se la vi, and so it is. At least we r all in this together!

  22. Ray,
    When you leave to have surgery ridding you of that pesky neck irritant, know that love and light from here goes with you.
    Love, happiness, and peace,
    Forest Joy

  23. I’ve had so many insights and experiences in the last week or so it’s hard to put them into words. Indeed I’ve been steered away from words for most of this period feeling a big pull to the ‘infinite silence’ is the only way I can describe it.

    Today I have been given a nudge that it is OK to write so I am doing that now.

    To list all the experiences and insights would be too lengthy but a lot of messages about a unification of hemispheres/brain, a significant shift in consciousness, “the end of the world as we know it” not in a negative way but that change is afoot (already happening) and “Children of the revolution”…. I sense and feel there is a lot to unfold and key for is is to stay centred whatever unfolds in the outside world so to speak.

    My consciousness seems to have been taking trips or experiencing bleed through from quite a few different timelines … situations where I know I was present with people I haven’t met in this living memory yet I was there. My consciousness has taken a few trips at will to other places too. These are all hard to describe!

    Reading ‘sun’s messages’ seems to have a tie in with some of his experiences too.

    My body has felt like nothing…. no thing really noticeably for some time now and that sense seems to be getting stronger. Mind is quieter too.

    Lots of intense energy downloads and more.

    Trust this is making some kind of sense, feel I am coming to the end of writing for the day and losing words…

    Much love and blessings, Philip 🙂

    1. Oh, Phillip. You are making all the sense in the world. We seem to be here, there, and everywhere while we experience as the CCs say “who you really are”. What waves to ride and what a magnificence ride!
      Forest Joy

  24. Thank you Sun!

    There really is a lot happening with you and when I read your message I get the feeling that you accept the process more now and allow yourself to ride on the wave 🙂 Well done my friend 🙂



    1. Yes Sun!

      I almost forgot too, but when accepting and thanking them for being with me, they started to ease. It is necessary to be reminded sometimes 🙂

      Keep on 😉



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