The manuscript of survival – part 394

As many of you have already noticed, this influx of energetic transmission is pushing on a whole new set of buttons within you, and by doing this, you will subsequently start to see things in a very new light indeed. And yes, we do mean this in every sense of the word, as not only the inherent quality of this light, but also your ability to perceive it, is changing rapidly now. And with it comes a whole new sense of being not only human, but something far, far more complex than this. In addition, your ability to sense everything that lies beyond the scope of human understanding will also magnify, as you will be brought into contact with spheres of Creation you were not even aware existed. So yes, much is opening up now, and it can be easy to think of oneself as getting lost within this at times mesmerizing and complex maze of new beginnings and old departures.

For as you start to open up to all of this, you will automatically start to shut down so much of the old and obsolete systems within, systems that govern not only parts of your physical vehicle, but which also governs your entire way of being. You see, as you start to see with your new eyes, you will also stop to see what is not necessary for you to see. To use an old phrase, you will start to turn a blind eye to those aspects of human life that no longer serves you. And as such, things that have been construed as hindrances earlier, will no longer be thought of as such, for you will no longer see them. And what do we mean by that? Simply that as your whole being comes into play, those parts of you that still adheres to the old ways of thinking, acting and indeed being, will cease to function. And just as the body itself shuts off energy to those parts that remains unused over a prolonged period of time in order to focus its attention on those parts that are in use, so too will your system simply switch off anything that is no longer needed.

So by and by, you will find yourself becoming very new indeed, but still, it may not even feel like that to you. At least, not superficially, for as all of those brand new parts of you start to kick in, your focus will automatically shift, and you will switch seamlessly into your very new way of BEing. So again, those deepest and most profound transformations that you go through may not be perceived as such, for they are so profound, you will lose any contact with that old version of you, and looking back, it will be like looking back on someone else’s life altogether. Or it will be like looking at a piece of fiction if you will, a play acted out by actors, each one performing their designated part in what has been titled “your life”. And this is in fact exactly what has taken place up until now, for what you have lived through, has all been designed to give you the opportunity to be exactly where you are at this exact point in time and so, as you are reading these lines, we can only congratulate you all on a job very well done indeed.

For now, as the curtains go down on that old version of you, there will be no lengthy curtain calls, for you are all more than ready to exit this theater of your old life and step out into the real world. And yes, we do use that word with intent, as now, your REAL life is about to start, for all intents and purposes. For every thing you have done so far on this sojourn, and indeed in every previous incarnation you have had on these shores, has been preparations for what is to come now. For this time, you will start anew, unfettered by anything of the old, but still, it is thanks to every single second of your former life, and indeed lives, that you are able to stand here today, resplendent and emerging as those truly lighted beings that you are about to become. That is, you are already ALL of this, but as yet, you have not been able to fully take in the whole scope of this, and as such, the best is yet to come. For now, the doors that were flung open a while ago will start to beckon more and more of you to step across the threshold and out into the wide open spaces of your new life, in your new world, where everything will be up to you to create from scratch. That is, so much is already here, ready to be taken into use, but again, it is indeed up to each and every one of you to determine the speed at with which all of this will take place.

So look ahead, and take a step forwards the better to be able to peek through this opening towards that dreamland that awaits you. We know that for many, this beckoning freedom will still feel a bit too overwhelming, and you will content yourself with looking at it from afar for the time being. Take all the time you need, for this will not go away, but know also that in order not to miss out on too much of the fun, do not hold yourself back for too long. That way, you will be amongst the first one able to finally frolic in those fertile fields we have talked so much about, and that way is also the only way to find out what lies behind all of the magnificent words we have used to describe what awaits you. And yes, we feel more than confident that none of you will find any faults in the prior descriptions that we have given the moment you fully start to interact with these fields of freedom, or rather, you will think we have not even done them justice. For this is indeed beyond words, and it is indeed beyond what a human mind can even begin to describe itself. But when you do go there, you will know with all that you are that this time, you are finally home for good.

222 thoughts on “The manuscript of survival – part 394

  1. What is the pain, how big / small is a pain and who is more eligible for pain than others? Can you compare the pain?
    Is your reality tougher than mine?
    You know the answer.

    I am so grateful for the stimulating discussions in this forum 🙂

    Love & Light,

    B to B

  2. …and sometimes I think it is too much to bear…though as I might appear to be OK. As I’ve said before, I’ve taught myself to left go of illusion in moments, spend as little time in void as possible, gain the new ledge I require, wake up, write on it, share some, and keep it moving.

    I admit…there are consequences to doing that…consequences to not resting…not grounding for long periods. The body gathers too much energy and it becomes that much harder to release…at lease in an upright manner. The body muscles freeze in pain…and sometimes it vibrates so hard…it burns the hands and feet…or feels like a thousand needles sticking.
    …and sometimes I can’t believe some of the things I say…until it solidifies itself as truth…usually through some synchronized event.

    Not to say I don’t trust myself…its just new to me as old as it might be to the ancestral realms…it be heavy at times…the realizations. And a good amount of that time Im thinking how much I put myself through…how much I messed up.

    I rarely get upset with those who blinded us to the truth…cause then I’d still be giving them my attention…to their benefit and my detriment. I try to tell others but like myself…there are so many awakenings and realizations to go through…for all of us.

    Still others like myself are fast-tracking…I have yet to admit the realization to the reason…if I slow down I might fool myself into believing I can’t do it.

    1. I may not fully understand it right what you say but I get the feeling that you try too hard, you push yourself too hard to achieve what you want. As I use to say – YOU FIRST – before you can help or love others. Take cae of yourself.

      Much love & light,

      B to B

    2. Dear Hurit Nitika, thank you for sharing this! Reading your story, I hear the CCs saying to me “don’t DO so much, just BE”, and I think this perhaps could be of help to you too. I agree with B to B, you must focus on YOU, and when the physical body is struggling to keep up with the energies, it is so important to assist it in any way we can. The more we try to push ahead, the harder we make it for ourself and for our body, so take time to step back from everything and simply breathe, as the CCs say. And no, you have not “messed up” in any way. Remember, every single step we take on our journey has been taken to get us to where we are today, so no matter what we have done or not done, it is all perfectly OK. All we need to learn from it, is to LOVE ourselves completely for who we are. So I think you should slow down and just allow yourself to see just how wonderful you already are 🙂
      LOVE, Aisha

  3. God – give me strength!
    Kelly got more bad news from the doctor visit today. He was told his right side would go paralyzed ‘first’. ok. what? This is a dr who has known him almost all his whole life and he said the doc had tears in his own eyes – he is so concerned for Kelly and what ‘will’ happen. now, to me, I say do not make it a ‘law for yourself’ – this evaluation – you are not paralyzed now in this moment and I offer to not take in the words deterioration, degeneration, etc.
    We have to get copies of his MRI discs and send them off to Laser Spine Institute in NYC.
    As I come to write this, he is downstairs playing “Let It Be” Beatles song.
    I found the adapter for his keyboard – and this is the first song he chooses.
    I cant even bring out any more tears.
    He says his handicap car plate arrives in two weeks. You guys, I can not wrap my head around all this. I don’t know what emotion this is – its nothing I ever recall feeling. This and the brother thing earlier. Its a combo of so many emotions. For the first time, I understand how a man feels when he just wants to punch or hit something hard. I have never had this and do not know what to do with it. I asked Kelly – he said what he does is puts it in a bubble and blows it away from him. He learned this from Karate many yrs ago as he used to be an angry young man. I may have to go outside to do this as the bubble would be so big right now.
    Keep holding me my dear pond people ! Hard times right now. And, I must remain on the crevasse below the cliff. I am not to leave. Not yet. I feel Ok there with one lit candle by my side. Oddly or not, its the only space that feels safe and makes sense. I will go meditate there. Love U All, XOA

    1. I’ve had very intimate experience in this lifetime, with people like this – mostly the closest family members.

      This is the experience they want to have. It’s a lesson they are learning and a theme they are exploring. It’s all about accumulating every kind of experience, in the physical.

      What humans can’t understand (or shy away from understanding) is that the experience of physical degeneration is as valid as any other experience….in the higher realms physical incarnations involving severe handicaps, disease, deformities, and the whole emotional/physical pain-filled agonizing gamut are highly *coveted* experiences.

      Beings in the higher realms have to be literally *short listed* to gain one of these experiences on Earth.
      They know that this is the path of fastest & greatest Soul Evolution…..not only for the individual going through the experience of intense suffering, but also for everyone else closely connected to that person — those who are the soul family members.
      All of them benefit from the suffering person’s theme, as far as raising the soul to a much higher level of awareness very rapidly.

      When you step back from the situation and detach yourself from the drama and the compassion, the need to help, and the incessant human need to try to control another person in what they have chosen to do (but you can’t yet fully understand why they have)….. and you use your beyond human Higher Perspective, then you can see that the song, “Let It Be”…..could very probably be a message for YOU.

      1. Oh believe me, I know exactly what you are saying here. I have run the whole gamut of feelings about it. I have run the full gamut of all the things this could mean for me and for him. Even the ‘Let It Be’ being for me while he was playing it. For what else can I do anyways? really?
        Kelly had a dream a few nights ago. There was a little boy drowning in a river. He went in to help and he, Kelly, drowned. Then he woke up. He said that, to him, it meant his days of helping others is over. Its all about him now and taking care of himself which he is worried about.
        I watched my ex choose to not learn his lessons and end up in a nursing home – and not as a very old man. Or, what I should say is he choose the ‘hard way’. I used to tell him he was so stubborn – like a horse that would not be broken. He is broken now. Is this for his good? For him to truly know that. Does it hurt me. yes.
        I have the gift of a seer. I have felt helpless to stop what I saw coming and I have allowed for it All the best I can.
        As the years sneak up on you, you just dont want to do it anymore…see it anymore. You wonder how much you can endure. It has not gotten easier for me. Suffering is painful. I do handle it much better. I am not at the nut farm yet and dont plan to be ever again.

        1. I have “Degenerative Disc Disease”
          It only hurts under two conditions
          1.when i move
          2.when i hold still
          The 1/2 million dollar “Neurosurgeon” who performed the 4 hour Lumbar Fusion on me, {L-4.L-5,S-1, for those who know]
          told me nothing could be done for the Scoliosis.
          I found somebody else who could give me healing. An alternative practitioner who will never make $500,000 a year, and healed me anyway
          go figure?

          1. I have been thinking of U Otmn and told my guy about you. Kellys is L-3 and 4 lower – crushed discs and spinal cord – deformities as well as the pelvic deformity. He still can not straighten his left leg – his only good knee got torn up and since hip is up higher now, it stretched tendons – feels like constant hammy he says. He shrunk one inch. No surgeon wants to touch him – three opinions so far. they say wait until u go paralyzed and then surgery – right now we could make u paralyzed and u r not. All in all, it just sucks.
            Smooch to you this evening my friend and may your own discomfort dissolve in the Love that we all are, Love your light sister, Areeza (Wand tapping you and your mom)

            1. i am about 2 inches shorter than i used to be
              i can still walk
              i bought a wheelchair, i know the day is coming when i will need it.
              When the surgeon went in to remove the discs i had none
              nothing left to clear up
              no wonder i couldn’t stand up
              hey you,
              don’t let it get that bad
              seek and you will find

      2. Kiera Thanks for your interesting skills!

        If environmental / family has advantage of someone suffering (though they may not automatically belong to the same soul family?), why do people then for example say that mental health problems or physical also for some part, is inherited?

        Love & light,

        B to B

        1. I was thinking of this B
          My ex, Dave’s Dad for example had Lou Gerhrigs and both his sons got Picks Disease(frontal lobe dimentia) – in the same strain as LG. My ex’s sons will have Dave’s brain biopsied for their own benefit once he is gone. Dave strongly believed in mind/body healing and he still ended up where he is now. Who really knows. We all just keep doing the best we can.
          and yes… I know I can handle things better…today I feel so much better in my Being so that helps! Love 2 U

    2. Wow Areeza – “I asked Kelly – he said what he does is puts it in a bubble and blows it away from him”. Wonderful 🙂

      I can feel that in one way or another you can handle this better this time, and I love that feeling 🙂

      Much love & light to you and Kelly,

      B to B

  4. Hi, dear Otmn. With all that’s going on, hope you and your mom are holding strong. I’m going quiet for awhile. Be well; I’ll look for you—when it’s time for you to surface again. With Hugs of JOY, Lin

        1. P.S. Just saw your response to Breeze below. It’s none of my business, and I will stay out of the way of your Soul’s highest good, but I do refuse to picture you in a wheelchair or suffering. The NEW is here. We’ve been told that anything is possible NOW… the 3D bodies are ALIVE adamantine particles (as is everything else). They can be rearranged/realigned according to our thoughts/desires.

          I feel Lin going into preaching mode, so I’ll stop. I’ll sign off by saying I’m holding you, Dear Wise O, and Rockin’ Kelly (along with Bright Breezie) in focused Golden White Light with Hugs and Hugs of Love&JOY.

          geez, Love can do so much. I Love you.

          1. Dearest O… I unconsciously tried to make you wrong with your Soul’s choice for having this physical experience. My selfishness in wanting a Loved one (you) to be my version of “well-ness” caused me to overstep.

            I AM SO SORRY, Dear Sweet Man, my very Dear Friend who shines so Brightly, so Wisely.

            I Love the grizzled beard you, I Love your little adorable O who now comes out somewhat regularly to play in the dirt with us, and I Love you with your degenerative disc disease and wheel chair experience. I forgot there is no right or wrong. Just “IS”. Thank you for you.

            I Love You with endless Hugs of JOY&Light, Lin 🙂

  5. I wanted to share with you all something that came through last night for me very strongly and the knowing that THIS is so was so strong it almost brought me to my knees with relief and joy…

    New thoughts and feelings coming in–like last night as I was feeling a pain in the back and focusing on clearing it my higher self, which is very much present and integrating into the newness of being in a body vehicle said, hey, not so FAST! I want to experience EVERYTHING about being in a body–the feelings, the sex, the touching, the sensations, the textures, the tastes, the smells, the orgasms, the warmth, the cold, the sweat, the wind in your hair, the bird song, the energy, the emotions, the tiredness, the joy of dancing, singing, being sick, being well, feeling anxious, feeling content…Like a cat enjoying the languid pace of the day our inner beings WANT to feel it all because they have mostly never incarnated into physical on this level, sure, WE represented like a pinky sized piece of our spirit in body, and now a TON is in body–the experience for them is just as new as it is for us…

    So, I am allowing, I am flowing with being the tour guide of the body for them with the agreement that once they get the hang of it they will share with me what they are bringing to the table LOL and they certainly have been, but I am making a stronger partnership and as I say this–WE are in this together, my body, my human self and my divine inner self…my heart flies wide open in the new 3 musketeers team (triune being) that I am now…whoot!

    1. Dear Alex, what you are describing – for me – it Is God’s very Intent – to feel Everything Fully – Full Integration with its entire creation

    2. Wonderful experiences Alex! Thank you for sharing.

      Wish that I could dream more than to repaint the kitchen doors of the community hall 😉

      Love & light,

      B to B

    1. actually this is: Heavenletter #4823 ~ The Designer of the World
      Submitted by Silver on Fri, 02/07/2014

      here is a part that mirrors Anna’s conductor image:
      “You are the designer of the world. God knows, you are also the critic, the angler, the tangler, the dangler, and the very object you critique. You put your thumb print on the world. >’You conduct it’, and you affect everyone and everything. >Whether you are muted or loud, your voice is heard. You do have a say in the running of the world. The world is at your service.”

      Here makes me remember Suns TLO:
      “I see the lightning and I hear the thunder of evolution as it burgeons down the tracks. I see you standing in your true light, and I see clearly that you are the Light of the Earth. Now you will speak well of yourself and see the far-reaching light, and see that you are the one who shines that light, and that you shine it for all to see. You are a Master of Light. You are a natural. You are light that comes before light. You have switched the light on. Now >’the light is on’ for all time, and you won’t switch it off.”

      And here reflects something for me re rumors and lies:
      “You are more than a pretty face. You are an endower and the gift, and you complement the world and all the people who walk the Earth, all those who came before and will come again, and you are the protagonist who saves the day, and you save the day with your thoughts and your moods. You are the hero. You are also the villain who is a pretense, for all My children are heroes of life when it comes to the energy you give it. By golly, you are dynamic, even a dynamo at adorning the world. Now adore the world, for it is yours in the making. The Earth is your home, and you are building it. Build well. >Do not consider doom. Consider the Earth through My eyes and My ears. >I do not see fallacy, nor do I hear rumors.”

      >This is the day of reckoning, and it has come. The day of reckoning IS light. I AM, light IS, and you, My beloved you, ARE light forevermore, not only in Truth, yet now in your reckoning as well. This is a tribute to you, the Light of My Heart. Stand tall in your beauty, beloveds. Know what is true, and stand in your light before all men and women. Above all, know your own light that I have given to you to give out to the world.

      I should have just posted the whole darn thing 🙂 see link

      1. You missed out one more passage:

        “You are also memory-filled, and you base so much on the past, your understanding of the past, and rules that have been laid down and that you fed on, and, so, you predict what can and cannot be done. You are so memory-filled that you can’t keep all the memories and, so, you forget. You forget your true purpose, and you forget Me and what I say, and I say, without equivocation, that everything is possible, including that you will remember where you come from and why you are here on Earth. You will begin to remember that you encompass the Universe, and that you are A to Z. You are the fulfiller of all I have said and predicted. You are a world-maker.”

        Love & light,

        B to B

    1. Very difficult. But I have deciphered ‘grate’ and ‘carrots’.
      I didn’t have such intention. I have to use some translators. When using ‘you’ in English, everybody use next word ‘are’? Multiple?
      I read as your message is ‘to everybody’ meaning. Because there is using ‘are’.
      Then, time has passed.
      Next, different meaning appear to ‘me’ as possibility.
      Then, I reminded my experienced dream of pond gathering a few days ago.
      But of course you is free.
      More than 20 years, so has been interfering with my marriage from malicious entertainer or malicious politicians in Japan,
      I had became to feeling like handle indifferent about such things. Those in power attack only my personal aspect, because they can not attack these other areas. Surprisingly, target of their legislation is just one person. There are many circumstantial evidences.

      The Arcturian Gr…FEBRUARY 2, 2014 by Marilyn Raffaele
      “These much maligned light workers”
      Recentry Japanese crowd begun to notice me. There is a song which describe it. LUNA SEA has great courage.
      LUNA SEA – Rebellion
      I have been the thesis of Archangel ARION. This song is as follows.
      Yoko Takahashi – The Thesis of Cruel Angel

      1. Nothing so deep.

        “you” is refering to myself in the 3rd person.

        “that awkward moment when … you …” is a well known phrase on the interwebz. Used to poke fun at oneself lightheartedly.

        E.g. “That awkward moment when you post a simple musing to amuse yourself and maybe a few others but it gets taken completely out of context.”

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