A short update on the energies

As you have already noticed, the heightened energies that came in with this opening up that was managed through amongst other things, your designated Gathering, will make their mark on you in so many ways. For some, the eerie quiet afterwards may be the most prominent sign of them, while for others, the sensations you feel within your physical body will count even more. For once again, what was brought in through these wide open doors through these last few days is nothing short of magnificent, and even if you will still feel rather flummoxed by this new range of frequencies, by and by they will start to show you all their true colours. And they are nothing short of miraculous, as what was accomplished during all of these get-togethers that were taking place all over your globe in itself is nothing short of miraculous.

Some of you have already reported witnessing something very special going on, and we can indeed confirm that what you were a part of, was something previously not even tried out before. For you were all part of a mass movement, and we do mean that in every sense of the word. For not only was your Gathering merely a small part of many, many other similar events taking place during more or less the same time span, in addition, you were all adding your weight to this huge shift that was brought into being by your willingness to open up to these transformational frequencies that was offered you all. And when we talk about a mass movement, that was also what did occur, for as you all know so well by now, mass is simply an illusion, created by that ongoing communication between energy and consciousness, and what you took part in during this operation, was nothing less than a huge, collective shift of consciousness that again resulted in a huge shift of the mass of humanity.

In other words, your consciousness interacted with the incoming energies in such a way, it established a whole new set of frequencies within you all, frequencies that will ensure that this whole planet of yours has taken a gigantic lap towards fully establishing itself in all of its former glory. As usual, we refrain from giving you any details, suffice it to say that if it were not for this monumental event, the whole shift from yesterday to tomorrow would be one that would stretch on into eternity. But now, the shift we have been waiting for has been successfully established, and as such, you will all find signs of an ever increasing shift on many levels in the time ahead.

Again, a sudden shift in frequency, like the enormous one that has just taken place, will take time to truly register, for as we have talked about earlier, you all will in some ways be subjected to the drag-effect as it is called. In other words, anything that is manifested in physical form, such as your body and indeed everything that has a tangible form in and around you, will need time to literally readjust to these new vibrations. So just like a huge ship on the ocean, changing course takes some time even if the wheel is suddenly spun in a very new direction. So know that what you have taken part in was indeed a resounding success, and do take time to celebrate this fact, but know that you will also need some time to truly witness the effects of it, and you will also need more time to truly digest what has happened, both on a physical, mental and indeed energetic plane. For as this shift was such an important one, and indeed drastic one, it will not only take time to truly sink in, it will also need time to truly sink in. For as you are still very much present within a physical body, you and it need to spend some quiet time together to sort out all of these new connections and levels of communication that is a natural follow-up to one of these huge adjustments.

So again we say, take time to just be, and take time to just breathe, and sit with this for however long it takes until you get your sea legs back again. For you may all feel as if more than a little off balance after this. After all, the change you were so instrumental in making come about was not a small affair, neither will the outcome of it be, so make sure that you give yourself enough space to let its run its very new course through the whole of your being.

217 thoughts on “A short update on the energies

  1. Holding hands with all of you with joyous gratitude for you being me and me being you…..as one. Thank you Aisha for giving us a way to know that truth in tangible and visible Way. Love Jean

    I miss Pink Rose


  2. Dearest Forest Joy… As I had chronic physical pain all my life, I didn’t connect to your description of Mother’s pain until I went in to meditate. Forgive me to those not of the healing field the following descriptions: I had intestinal bleeding (heavy at first) for 2-1/2 years beginning in March 2011 which stopped in October 2013. Then in mid-November 2013 I had unbearable intestinal pain for about one day, couldn’t move. Pain that felt like someone was slowly pushing a large, thick steel nail thru my intestines that was going to finally pierce them and make them explode inside of me—no bleeding. I begged for the CC’s help and received some relief and also Guidance to get the smoky quartz in the bedroom (had been turning warm) and to place it upon my abdomen, wear it during a fitful night… the quartz went from warm to burning hot. Seriously. Since that time, the quartz has never become burning hot again. I cleansed it with White Light and smudged it with sage.

    Any connection to Mother was not open to me then to advise me otherwise, so I thought it was my own gunk being released. If it had been cancer, I would’ve been gone by then, and I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t deal with western medicine’s cancer treatments anyway. I also hoped what was happening to this body were Ascension related.

    Then, two weeks later I got the 6-week “flu” which kept me pretty much “out of it”—I KNOW I traveled to other places/dimensions during that time, especially the first two weeks. It got intense. I lost five pounds quickly and when I finally came out of it all, I began craving candy almost 24/7 and egg-salad sandwiches [I don’t eat candy or bread] and pure water. Crazy. That went on for a month until I gained my weight–and strength–back. As Mother wasn’t speaking to me personally that I had the capacity to hear, I don’t for sure that I was a part of Her healing, but now I do believe I was. The pain resurfaced three days ago for two days and is now gone.

    I know I sign my name usually always with JOY, but I truly do feel that emotion fully. It came to me years ago when I was in an especially heavy period of my Life and pretty much alone. I began meditating, and It and other wondrous gifts appeared. The capacity to feel JOY has never left. I refuse to take it for granted. When I realize at shadow times I am without It, I simply open my Heart and It floods in, and I continue on my path to face whatever appears.

    Thank you, Dear One, for your openness, and also for Dear Bev’s. IF, IF I was of service to Mother and therefore ALL, then I am grateful. I by no means wish or crave to be a martyr—in all ways, I move towards the Light&JOY. I’m just glad to finally have an inkling about what was happening to this body.

    With Hugs of Love&Light&pureJOY to you Forest Joy and to Bev. Lin

    1. Dear Lin,
      There has been so much crazy stuff related to space weather and earth Qi in my patients the last 7-8 years. It could be your symptoms were associated with these or any number of things. Radioactive isotopes can cause symptoms that you related as linings are usually affected. If the physical isotopes are put in combination with certain space weather such as gama and X-rays the reaction can be even greater. Earth’s protective electromagnetic field is the weakest it has been thousands of years. Who knows?

      The various energies from Earth have greatly affected me especially these last years. During the time of sadness, however, it was not earth energy, earth Qi, earth grid lines, etc. All of Earth herself was grieving and in pain.
      There is much much more to all this. The Almightly does work in wondrous ways.

      I am so happy for you that it seems to have gone. That’s cool or should I say hot that the quartz worked for you and for Mother. Stay tuned into her frequency now and just share your joy. Ain’t Joy grand!

      Thank you for your beautiful spirit, Lin.
      Forest Joy

      1. Dear Forest Joy… whoa. what can I say. there is so much to know about everything. For now, I am, I will be grateful that any dis-ease is gone, whatever it was. permanently. I happily refuse the need to know.

        Thanking you for your very kind response and your input/time&energy, Forest Joy. The Truth is, when my role is revealed to me personally by HS, there will be only crystal-clear Clarity. No need for questions/speculation.

        That said, as a bystander, I very much appreciate the time&energy you appear to have devoted to your practice/passion. Your dedication is obvious. My Heart applauds and respects those who pursue the long, step-by-step path towards Excellence.

        In smiling Gratitude and with Love,Light&JOY, Lin

        I hope any remaining physical pain simply JOYfully evaporates from your vessel immediately. I will hold you in Golden White Light. ❤

  3. A while ago I posted that I was falling in love and hoped that some one would catch me.
    I willingly threw my heart into the absolute unknown, with only my soul burning to keep me alive in the lonely darkness around me.
    I am happy to report that I can now see a faint glow beneath me. A single tiny ray of hope, a beacon, in an otherwise empty sea of darkness. She is so fragile, so beautiful. She is drawing me towards her. My heart yearns to touch her’s. My arms long to hold her and protect her. I spread my wings to slow my descent. I have been falling for so long my speed is incalcuable. I will be careful to slow down so she has no fear when I land next to her.
    You are my soul mate, you are my true love, I have been waiting for you my whole life and each life I lived before. To say “I love you” may be disengenuous to the timeless love we have always had between us. I ache for the day we connect in this realm. There is so much I need to do that I AM unable to do without you by my side. You are my eternity. My life. Our love is going to change the world for the benefit of all of mankind and all of Gaias kingdoms and the universe beyond. I know all of this and yet I barely know you. I am no great fan of waiting. However temperence is mine. When time is an illusion and only the infinte potential exists, I can spare a few moments to ready myself for you.
    ♡ ☆ ♡

    1. Dear SFD… You have a poet’s Heart and Soul. Your post makes me feel truly happy for you and your emerging Beloved. Be well, dear friend of the Trees, the Green, Mother. (I still watch your linked Trees vid) 🙂
      With Love&Light&JOY, Lin

    2. SFD this is one of the greatest feelings a person can ever have in a life time. We all search for this and those who find it are so blessed. Now that you have found this love you will never forget it and hold this close to your heart forever. May your heart be filled with love and your life be filled with joy.

      Love and blessings to all

    3. My heart goes out to you, Soul Feather Diamond. I am sure this One is so very special, just like you.

      🙂 AH

    4. Can’t stop grinning and feeling so overjoyed for you, SFD! Very glad you checked in with us, too. Hold on to that feeling!
      Love to you, Caroline

    5. Dear SFD,,, I would offer not to make your total expression of Love and service dependent on another. I Love the poetry of your writing too! -I just felt a concern arise when u said “There is so much I need to do that I AM unable to do without you by my side. You are my eternity. My life. Our love is going to change the world for the benefit of all of mankind and all of Gaias kingdoms and the universe beyond.”
      Having a soul mate is wonderful – I offer that you are enough too 🙂

    6. Very beautiful earnest poetry!
      You is single, too.
      When the pond gathering has held, Japan was Feb.3, 05:00. My alarm was rang but I was asleep before I knew. Then I have a dream.

      When I was a junior high school student I love a girl at first sight. I have the same feeling in the dream at the time of pond gathering. But who? I did not report anything here because it was happening too personal.
      But I wrote. Maybe related to this dream?

      Now is Friday night in Japan.

  4. Great! Your assessment of K means he will be healed—already is—in order to BE part of the Ascension with you. Have been really, really tired after the Gathering so my focus on him has been off—picking up again, though.
    Keep going, BE safe on the roads. I believe your Guides are not about to allow anything now to hamper your safety. Have FUN… to you both. K is already healed, the body is catching up to it. What a great time to be ALIVE!

    With Love&Light& pure JOY, Lin

    1. oops, AGAIN! This reply was to your response on the older comments page regarding Sheldan Nidle link. (Guess Mercury retrograde is already in effect… in my brain anyway) 🙂 Got to work on quieting that thought.

      1. 🙂 its ok … I got it… I try to not miss a thing here. tough sometimes
        Have a fun day ! Thanks Lin! Love, ~A~
        Mercury retro brain here too

  5. I Am filling myself up with all you God flavoured essences here today !
    Just wanted U all to know! 🙂

  6. http://www.oraclereport.com/wednesday-february-5-2014/

    Note: This link is not about any fear—there is nothing to fear, it’s about observing/witnessing and BEing quiet. ❤ Lin

    Oracle Report: "There are two main things in operation today… Mercury stations retrograde tomorrow…

    "This month, each of us is “standing guard” on the “vast staircase” (see Archives of the past week’s reports for reference). We are in place and in position. This means that when we are emotionally triggered by events that are happening in our lives and in our world (or things that we fear may happen in our lives and in our world), we hold our ground. We remain centered. We keep it together. We build our power. We do this by understanding that we are connected, via the staircase, to everyone else who is engaged in the same mindset. We are united by our love for the planet and her vision for humanity. Each of has our own stair, our own place to be and space to hold. We stand for freedom of the human mind and the expression of beauty…"

    1. Thank You Lin for sharing this “We build our power”….connected….”Each of us has our own stair”….wonderful & True ! I have been sensing you might need a little more explanation regarding Ray’s post, so I do hope that this helps ! These abilities to know others in this way is very real, as Life is Energy & Energy has a signature as well as a projection, & you may like to think of it as a footprint. Each soul sends out an energy attachment with everything they do, they say, they feel & each person is unique with their own essence, just like their footprint….some of us can read these footprints, like a transfer of energy from one to another…& some are extremely accurate at it, like twins often know what the other is doing & thinking even at great distances ! I’m sure you’ve read about it….energy can attach itself to anything, even the words I am writing to you now….hope this makes sense…it actually is much like many animals instinctively possess in nature…All in understanding ‘Energy’ & we have it too, but so much as been lost to most people throughout generations ! Usually it is those that are more of a sensitive type tend to feel this more, but All can re-learn this ability !…whether one sees it as a gift or a curse, it up to that individual….but I can tell you, when I pick up on the negative & hurtful thoughts of others it casts a dark shadow around my soul, & when it is projected towards me, it really isn’t a nice feeling at all ! I have had to work pretty hard at accepting, then releasing & knowing much of this is not to be taken personal & most important, knowing how to control the ‘On-Off’ switch & must admit I haven’t totally mastered that yet ! I was told a long time ago, that many of these gifts from God, would require great respect, great responsibility & patience so as the saying goes…Be careful what you wish for !…..I really hope that I’ve helped in explain this with a bit more clarity, & not that I’m trying to have you see this the way I see it, just that I hope you have more of a sense of clarity within yourself !…..Sending you pleasant comforting thoughts & may you have an enjoyable & relaxing evening…..Love, Bev~

      1. You are very kind and perceptive, Dear Bev. I copied this post and put it in my “Bev37” folder. 🙂 I also will print it out and re-read it to the point I “own” the knowledge and can go on to feel/accept/read correctly others’ energies for what they are… the “knowing” and not the judgment… always in JOY.

        I was actually taught in my childhood to reject my knowing of others (perfect path somehow)… so now I will apply myself to accept/witness what I receive, but not take it in personally.

        Loving you, Bev. Life is sooo Good, even in the “off” moments. BE well, dear Sister. Hugs of Light&JOY, Lin

        1. Hi Lin!
          You may want to check out the following books: “Interview with an Alien” by Inelia Benz, and “Unplugging from the Patriarchy – A Mystical Journey” by Lucia Rene. I keep “getting” that I should recommend them to you. I’m a fan of both women – they have been instrumental in my awakening process and coming into my power. Both have free lectures on their websites, too. Use your own discernment – you’ll know right away if it’s for you (or anyone else here who’s curious). I’m being called to silent mode again – much love to you and everyone here.
          Bright Blessings! Caroline

          1. Caroline!! THANK YOU! sincerely for the suggestions and for interrupting your silent mode. Soonest I hang up here, I’ll go online and order the books and look up the websites. I feel unable to contain my Enthusiasm… so excited.

            I send this to you with great big Hugs of Love,Light&pure JOY. Lin

      2. Yes Bev one that has this gift can change the mood of others. when you see all the negative thoughts of others. You can also see the positive thoughts. Just focus on the positive thoughts that other have to change the mood of that person. Before long they will be laughing with you. Laughing and love go together for the good of all involved in thoughts and feelings. I try to pay no attention to negative thoughts from others. If you dwell on these type of thoughts such as fear anger or hate it inpowers that thought in you as well. The same works wit love and laughing it inpowers these thoughts in you as well as others. The power of positive thinking has much more power than most think. I use to watch my brother in a room full of people change the mood in a few seconds. One who hates others mostly hates himself and doesn’t know he hates himself or dislikes himself. This shows up in everything he may do such as anger fear and hate. It shows in what he may say or write or his work. You can take this person out of this hate while you are with them but as soon as you leave it will return until he learns to love himself. Then learn to love others. This releases all the fear and hate you have for yourself and all will give all around you a hint of what they need to do to achieve this. This gives all a feeling of love even if only for a few minutes. From that time forward they will know this feeling of love when they have it again and want to keep it. This is only a start for some. Just know you always relate to something that gives you a feeling you like and you always want more of it.

        Love and blessings to all

        1. I love your words 🙂

          One day I hope to be able to get on the bus and discover that everyone is happy over the feeling of light and love in their hearts, if only for a moment. I’ve been working on this for quite some time now 🙂

          Love & light,

          B to B

  7. Message from the Sirians Via Maarten Horst
    ” Dearest Children of Gaia. We come to you in the highest Love and appreciation to bring forth a message.You have endured a great test. You passed. Eons of time you have incarnated again and again, to learn and to fulfill the task at hand that is so important.

    Yes, we speak about your and our ascension. Great celebrations are at hand!

    All that had to be learned is now coming to completion. Our ships are cloaked but we smile when we look down at your beautiful blue Orb. All is One and One is All.

    Go out there and be in Love. Be friendly to everyone you meet. A friendly gesture can help raise the vibration of the entire planet. You all play a vital role in the upliftment of Humanity.

    Focus on Love. Let go of the dark ones. Give them no energy or attention. Positive thoughts create the new paradigm.

    We await you. Come to us through Love and Unity. Reach out to us. The sooner we can come to you. Don’t wait for us. Raise your vibration in Love. That all for now.”

  8. Thinking of you, Sun. Looking forward to your re-surfacing when it’s time with always lovely insights and donkey humor. Continue to BE well.

    1. Namasté, Spartakys, and welcome to this Pond! Thank you for bringing your light here, and for helping to spread this message 🙂
      Love and light from me, Aisha

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